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#Grandmaster Yoda
Mace: Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole, truth, and nothing but the truth?
Maul: No.
Mace, turning to the rest of the council: What do we do now?
Yoda: [shrugs]
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kittystargen3 · 5 months ago
Summary: A time traveling Grandmaster, to the Prequel Era, trying to fix the mistakes the Jedi made, and get rid of a certain Sith too. Only Time Travel is not that easy, as Yoda will soon learn.
Happy 4th of July! I added chapter 10 to Time Travel: To the Past Yoda Goes. Below is a small selection. Please click the link to read more.
Chapter 10 - Yoda’s Holiday
It had been about a week since the Night Shift of Doom.  Which was thankfully not as dooming as it could’ve been.  Qui-Gon had taken his friends out and bought them a drink to thank them for their help.  The only ones he really had left to thank were Obi-Wan and Anakin.  Qui-Gon wasn't sure what he could do to show them his appreciation.  'It's not like I can buy them a beer.'
For the first, Obi-Wan was still freshly knighted, and they hadn't yet formed that casual friendship where they could just go out to a bar together.  Qui-Gon still saw Obi-Wan as a Padawan.  And he still called Qui-Gon Master.
For the second, Anakin was underage, and Qui-Gon didn't need Creche duties, or a child development research paper, ‘Thanks Master Dooku,’  to know that'd be a very bad idea.
'Still, there's got to be something I could do,' he thought.
That's when Qui-Gon looked up from his meal and saw the pair in question.  Anakin sat down with a group of Younglings his own age, and Obi-Wan sat a few tables away with a couple of his friends.  Obi-Wan was nervous for Anakin's sake, and he watched the younglings closely.
Anakin was nervous too, and he kept glancing back at his Master.
Qui-Gon tapped Obi-Wan through their training bond.  'Relax boy.  You're Padawan can smell your fear.'  It was the same advice Dooku once gave him.  This got Obi-Wan's attention, and he quickly returned to a balanced state of mind.
'The poor boy,' Qui-Gon thought to himself.  'He's barely a Knight and they have him practically raising the kid.  ‘Ooh, I know!  I know how I can thank them both for their help that night.'
Qui-Gon got up and walked over to Obi-Wan.  "You know, I was thinking.  The Younglings have their little Push-Feather tournament, for the twelve and unders, in a couple days.  I could take him for a while and give him some coaching.  You can spend that time with your friends.”
Obi-Wan winced. “I don’t know about that.  Push-Feather is a little advanced for him at this point.”
“If I coached him, he’d be able to compete.  And think of the friends he’d meet at the tournament.” Qui-Gon just knew his plan was a good idea.
“But he’s still on the first two tiers.  Master Yoda wants him to be a bit more balanced before he starts the rest of the training,” Obi-Wan argued.
“But those are six year old’s lessons,” Qui-Gon tried.
Obi-Wan stopped him with a hand.  “His training is being managed by the Council.  They know what they’re doing.  I think it’s best that we trust them.”
“Fine,” Qui-Gon breathed out.  If you asked him, he’d say that the council was stunting Anakin’s training.  They wanted him to study everything in order, and master each lesson before moving on.  But Anakin was not a four year old.  He was nine.  His peers had mastered Push-Feather and more by his age.  If Qui-Gon had been incharge of his training, they would be studying all elements at the same time, to get him caught up faster.  And they would’ve started lightsaber combat already too.  But it was clear, getting Obi-Wan to go against the council was a game of Push-Feather all its own.
Suddenly Qui-Gon remembered Master Don’s warning, from his first day in the Creche, against teaching the tenants of the Force out of order.  ‘If they get to throwing things around the room with the Force, before they've learned Control, that’s bad!  You don’t want to see that,’ he had said.
‘Surely it wouldn’t get that bad.  He would learn balance eventually… Right?’ he asked himself, and got no answer.  The Force was silent.  ‘ Maybe for the other younglings, but he’s the chosen one.’ Again, it was silent.
Grandmaster Yoda walked up on Qui-Gon when he was deep in thought.  He took his hand and led him away from his former Padawan.  “A project, I have.  Qui-Gon’s help, I shall need.  With me, come.”
Qui-Gon didn’t have any options, but to follow the Grandmaster out of the Refectory.  “Master?... Yoda...  What is it?”
“A holiday, I would like to plan,” Yoda said.
“Holiday?”  The Jedi knew about the galaxy's tendency to celebrate days of every year.  Just, most of the time, the order didn’t celebrate with them.  Jedi preferred balance, and what was more unbalanced than deciding one day meant more than the rest.
“Yes.  Lineage Day, we shall call it.  A day for padawans to visit their grandmasters, it will be.”
"And you want my help with this?" Qui-Gon inquired.
"A grandmaster, you are. Hmm?" Yoda hummed
Qui-Gon shrugged and shook his head.  "They do call me a maverick.  Alright, where do we start?"
Yoda pulled him into his own quarters where he retrieved a green flimsy notebook from a side table drawer.  “An inquiry for the council, we will prepare.  First, interview other grandmasters, you will.”  Yoda handed him the notebook.  He opened it and saw several open ended questions listed, with space to take notes.
“Interview other grandmasters.  I only know a few.  It would be odd to just walk up to them with the notebook and start asking questions,” Qui-Gon complained.
“In the Grandmaster’s lounge, you should start,” Yoda suggested.
“We have a Grandmaster’s lounge?” Qui-Gon had never heard of it.
“Of course we do!  Tell the younglings about it, we do not.  Steal our cookies, they would.”  Yoda led him out of his quarters and down the hall to another room.
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jcalvinist · 7 months ago
Star Wars: The Clone Wars was cancelled in 2013 after 5 seasons but was revived for one last season in 2014... But was revived again for one last season in 2020. Essentially giving this show three series finales, so which one was best? Happy Star Wars Day Eve everyone!
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yulerule · 11 months ago
Star Wars Prompt
Please, take it and run with it. Just remember to tag me!
Once Yoda the Force Ghost fades into the Force, he is reborn as himself, 900 years earlier. So, over the next 900 years, he forgets.
Which turned into Groundhog millennia time loop.
So basically, Yoda is reborn every time he dies (every 900 years) but he forgets, just due to the regular passage of time. And also because he's a toddler for a century. That doesn't help.
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notmystarwars77 · 11 months ago
Grand Master Yoda Teaches Us the Force is Everywhere!
Grand Master Yoda teaches us that the Force is everywhere during a walk in the city.
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jedi-grandmaster · a year ago
*Mace Windu, with his overly competent former padawan Depa and grand padawan Caleb, close to tears*: plEASe
Yoda, with his steaming pile of a lineage, the absolute dumpster fire of the order, watching as Obi-Wan tries to get Anakin’s head out of a flower pot Ahsoka bet him he couldn’t fit in while Dooku runs the majority of the separatist side of the war while dramatically posing because google Coruscant always taking pics and Qui-Gon’s force ghost wearing a unicorn onesie who somehow has a smoothie nods sagely: luminous beings are we
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gch1995 · a month ago
"how much of a sellout George Lucas is" I mean me personally, I do find it weird how the fandom has done a total 180 in their attitude towards him and generally treat him like a saint, but what do you mean by sellout?
I mean, the Disney Star Wars sequels are the biggest insult to the lessons of the first generation into the second generation of the Skywalkers. The Republic and the Jedi Council started off as a corrupt system. They had good intentions, but they enabled slavery in impoverished communities. They treated their Jedi soldiers like emotionally repressed cult members who were allowed no personal lives or close connections outside of their organization. They took in infants they started training at 4 as recruits in the Jedi. They had the shady Emperor Palpatine under their nose for 14 years as a politician and suspected nothing when fully experienced masters who’d been with the Jedi for a long time turned to the dark side, like Count Dooku. The Jedi Council had no idea how to raise these children to be emotionally/psychologically healthy functioning adults at all, and they weren’t trying to. They were grooming them to be compliant soldiers to their Order.
While all of the members in the Jedi were mistreated by the elders in the Council because of Yoda’s system, they particularly emotionally/psychologically abused and neglected Anakin Skywalker because he was older than their other recruits when they took him in at 9 years old. He came from a traumatic background of slavery and oppression, they treated him like the black sheep of their cult, he got the brunt of the council’s abuse because he was ambitious and emotional, and they didn’t do anything to help free his his mother and the other people in his home planet from slavery. This gave him completely valid feelings of anger and fear that they kept telling him to just get over because they made him “dangerous” for having, rather than encouraging him to talk about before handing him a lightsaber. They allowed Palpatine access to Anakin Skywalker alone from the age of 12 for “political reasons,” giving him opportunity to groom this kid for the dark side from right under their noses. This all culminated in Anakin Skywalker finally losing his shit at 23 years old by turning to the dark side and pledging himself to Sidious in his desperate fear over losing his wife.
Was Anakin a very selfish man in his fear who holds a level of responsibility for the terrible choices he made as an adult in his intense desperation to avoid potential abandonment? Absolutely. Did he become an addict who gave up fighting when offered the chance for redemption by Padme in his fear of abandonment and blind anger at a misperceived sense of betrayal when he saw Obi Wan walk out of that ship with a look on his face that made him sense he was ready to kill him? Absolutely. He may had untreated trauma, mental illness, and it is understandable why he got addicted to the high of the new dark power. However, that still doesn’t make it okay to murder children, destroy the majority of the Order/Republic, or to recklessly force choke Padme in a blind rage and frantic effort to avoid abandonment. That is still not an excuse to not even try to take the risk to stand up for himself and make the right choice out of fear and uncertainty of unknown from the beginning of ROTS when faced with the choice between Mace and Palpatine, though. I understand why he felt like he had little to no better choice in his desperation when his support system and options for escape from such a toxic environment were pretty limited to nonexistent, but he still ultimately realized that choosing Palpatine over Mace was a bad idea.
That being said, I also can’t completely hold all accountability on Anakin for his fall to the dark side because the level of privileges he held to escape out of the Republic safely were so limited to nonexistent since he had no fortune, family, friends, or connections outside of the Republic and the Jedi Order. He came from slavery and poverty. His wife had a job as a Senator in the Republic. The Jedi Council were shitty parents/guardians and shitty at their job as “space therapists.” Yes, absolutely meditation can be helpful as therapy for BPD and C-PTSD sufferers, which are the mental illnesses that Anakin Skywalker has the most symptoms of, but you also need to know that it’s okay to talk about those negative feelings without being judged. You need to know that people will allow you catharsis to deal with those feelings. You need to know that you have a shoulder to cry on and a sympathetic ear to listen if you open up. You need to know that your negative feelings are going to be heard without being told you’re “evil” or “dangerous” for having them.
Anakin really only got that from Padme in the prequel movies. At least, somewhat. She was willing to give up that life to run away with him because she loved him. However, she was also a senator of the Republic, who never really tried to do much to help the poor, or understood just how rough it was for Anakin to constantly feel terrified about being forced into poverty and slavery again. Yeah, Obi Wan tried better than most of the Council, particularly in Revenge of the Sith, but he usually just blew off Anakin’s fears as insignificant when he tried to open up to him about them. He was still a member of an emotionally repressive cult who had been indoctrinated into it from birth, he wanted to let Anakin know he cared, but he was way too dedicated to the Order. He saw this boy as a little brother, rather than the father figure Anakin expected him to be. In AOTC, Anakin tells Obi Wan how he’s the closest thing to a father he’s ever had and he loves him, but Obi Wan says nothing in return. Then in ROTS, Obi Wan tells Anakin “You were my brother Anakin. I loved you.”
Obi Wan Kenobi and Padme were the only two somewhat healthy emotional support systems that Anakin had in the prequel movies and their roles were still both planted in the broken system of the Republic. Yeah, Padme was willing to leave with Anakin after she found out he turned to the dark side and offered to run away from it all with him after she heard about his crimes, and yes, Anakin absolutely did take the coward’s way out by refusing the offer, though I highly doubt he intended to kill her when he did that, or that he have would have force choked her at all for simply refusing to go down that dark path with him if he hadn’t been under the wrong impression that she brought Obi Wan Kenobi to kill him and they were having an affair behind his back. Not an excuse for his crimes or the force choke of Padme at all, but I can understand why he didn’t want to give up the power at that point when it was all new to him and he would have been in poverty, on the run, enslavement, or cult-like enslavement if he had agreed to her offer to run away together when he’s constantly been trying to escape the effects of it in a broken system that did nothing to help the poor.
The Republic and Jedi System were abusive, classist, corrupt, and hypocritical systems, in spite of its good intentions, that prophetically needed to fail Anakin Skywalker, so he would feel influenced to turn on them to become Palpatine’s accomplice and help him destroy it as Darth Vader because he had this really cataclysmic strength in his power with the force. Did all those innocent people actually deserve to die? No, of course, not. It should have gone far better than the near-extinction of the old Jedi and Republic. Everyone should have been less afraid to speak up for what was rush. However, this kid growing up to help the Sith destroy the Jedi Order was the only thing that finally made most people realize that they fucked up in their negligence and complacency with a system that was messed up, in spite of its good intentions.
So for the next two decades, the Empire terrorize the galaxy with Darth Sidious using Darth Vader as his killing machine. We meet Luke Skywalker, and he’s the neutral good hero everyone needed to save the galaxy all along. Unlike his father before him, he had a good childhood, he had a healthy support system that’s fostered a strong sense of faith in his moral compass, so he is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in and fight for what he knows is right in regards to other people, no matter how much Obi Wan Kenobi, Yoda, his father, and Darth Sidious all try to convince him otherwise. He’s willing to murder a lot of people in self-defense. Luke’s biological father kills his aunt and uncle in cold blood, he hurts him, his friends, kidnaps him, cuts off his hand when he refuses to join the dark side recklessly, and offers Luke up to Sidious to kill when he continues to keep refusing to join the dark side. Luke would have absolutely every reason to despise his father Anakin Skywalker, and want to kill him in vengeance or self-defense.
However, much like his father before him, Luke does really value close attachments, family, and friends so much so that he is willing to believe there is good in them and sacrifice his life for them, so when he has a force vision that Han Solo and Leia are in danger he lets Obi Wan and Yoda know that he’s leaving training to go save them. When Darth Vader tells him that he is his estranged biological father Anakin Skywalker, he’s rightfully angry, in denial, and terrified at first. Then, he confronts Yoda and Obi Wan about not telling him that Vader is his father Anakin Skywalker, and refuses to kill him. He can now recognize in that moment in ESB when Vader kidnapped him, told Luke that he was his father, and asked him to join him so they could kill the Emperor and rule the galaxy together, that in his own broken, dark, and twisted, way the good man that Anakin Skywalker was beneath the mask of Darth Vader was trying to reach out for his son’s love and companionship for help because he was tired of being Sidious’ slave to darkness after so many years. He only wanted power to rule the universe if he had someone from his family he felt he could love and trust to do it with him because he was afraid of being abandoned and lonely.
This is what gives Luke the empathy and strength to keep insisting that he knows the good man Anakin Skywalker is still under the dark shell of Vader in there in ROTJ, even after every awful thing that Anakin has done to him, his guardians, and his friends. He doesn’t have to feel afraid anymore, and he can make the choice he knows is right by just being true to what he believes to be right as Anakin Skywalker, not a Jedi, not a Sith, just the man who loves his family enough to turn back to the light to free himself from all the darkness, fear, anger, and self-hated consuming him, so he can save them instead. Thus, Anakin finally does find this inspiration to do so through Luke’s compassion and empathy for him by sacrificing his life to save him from Sidious after offering him up to him at the end of ROTJ because he realizes he’s tired of living in constant fear, anger, and self-loathing.
However, while Anakin Skywalker finally dies happily at peace with himself after years of being a slave to someone else with authority over him in his fear, the legacy of Vader lives on for pretty much everyone else, but Luke who knows that his father died by turning back to the light to save him because he offered him compassion and understanding when Anakin was lost in the darkness, rather than killing him, or turning against him in hatred.
Thus, the cycle of abuse and corruption in the galaxy is finally broken after two decades of the Empire ruling through Luke Skywalker convincing his father Anakin Skywalker to turn back to the light and kill Sidious by pretty much doing what he knows is right, rather than deferring to anyone else who tries to make him compromise his morality.
We didn’t need more of a story to tell after the OT and PT movies. We really didn’t. Yeah, there were certainly parts of the PT movies that could have been a bit more fleshed out, such as Anakin’s and Padme’s romance, Anakin’s childhood of slavery, and Anakin’s days in the temple as a Jedi padawan. However, I don’t think we needed to spend seven seasons focused on the Clone Wars with Anakin. I really don’t. Then, there’s also the fact that Anakin, Padme, and Obi Wan aren’t even the same characters anymore. Anakin’s more endearingly awkward, boyish, conflicted, emotionally unstable, and traumatized side have been undercut. He seems to act more like a man in his 30s. His, cocky and possessive side have been flanderdized. He doesn’t strike me as much as that emotionally vulnerable and sincere 19-22 year old young man he was in the prequel movies, which makes him less sympathetic. Padme is a snarky two-faced bitch, rather than kindhearted and loving. Obi Wan is too much of a hypocrite. Ashoka makes no sense as Anakin’s padawan when taken in with his reaction to the Council rejecting him the position of master as a knight after four years on it in the context of ROTS.
He’s not nearly as intelligent, nor does he look or feel sincere anymore when he says anything, whereas with Hayden Christensen’s Anakin I did get a sense that he still expressed his feelings and reacted genuinely. Those occasional outbursts he had before going to the dark side sincerely felt like someone who was slowly breaking from the inside out after being told over and over again to get over it every time he had valid feelings of anger and fear that he never got encouraged or taught how to release healthily.
While not an excuse for his crimes at all, part of what made Hayden Christenen’s version of Anakin (you know, the one that George Lucas originally envisioned) so tragic was that this young man still felt like a boy who was way out of his depth and trying his best to stay afloat for 14 years with the limited resources he had to survive in such a toxic environment. Then, he finally went haywire when he realized how easily this new power could be used as a release for all those pent up negative emotions of anger and fear recklessly in the heat of the moment because he couldn’t handle dealing with the guilt and shame of the horrible choices he had just made to try to learn that new power to save his wife. We know that Anakin has always been triggered by fears of abandonment.
After cutting off Mace Windu’s hand in a selfish impulse to learn this new dark power that Palpatine who has groomed from the age of 12 says can be used to save his wife, he’s like “What have I done?” He looks fucking exhausted! He looks broken. He looks physically ill in his submission towards Palpatine now that he realizes this guy is a Sith Lord, but he’s willing to sell his soul to him because the odds are against him trying to do the right thing anyway. He is afraid, he is tired of trying to fight to be good in an order that has always treated him like a black sheep of their cult since day one and offers little to no emotional support when he tries to reach out most of the time, anyway. His impulse control over his emotions had been weakening since slaughtering the Tuskens in AOTC for killing his mother, and after getting this new dark power he gets high on the feelings of false invincibility it gives him, and snaps.
Anakin came on rather awkward and too strong with Padme at first in AOTC, but it didn’t seem like he was intentionally trying to be cringey or too forward. It’s just that he lived in a cult with emotionally repressed monks who never let him talk to form relationships with other people outside of the temple. He was socially less mature for his age as a result. He still allowed for Padme to make her own choices, though. I do not understand how people don’t have the ability to get this.
TCW’s and Disney’s version of Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader were written to appease the venomous and entitled fanboy bullies in the fanbase who could never accept the fact that this character got written to be emotional, relatable, and sympathetic. They are the same ones who constantly bitched about Luke Skywalker being too much of a soft, emotional, and moody teenager, unlike the gruff, rugged, and emotionally reserved swashbuckling Han Solo action hero type. Sure, Luke and Anakin had angsty teen moments, though I’d argue that Anakin had more valid reasons to complain about life sucking than his son when he was growing up because his life genuinely was a constant tragedy with little to no relief in between, but their relatability and strengths were in how emotionally driven these characters were. They were led by their emotions of compassion, anger, love, naïveté, deference, and fear, for better or worse, and fanboys can’t stand that in action heroes. They weren’t driven by rationality, duty, or a desire to push away love.
These were the types of male lead characters that George Lucas originally envisioned for Luke and Anakin to be, but he sold them out to appease the entitled fanboys who kept bitching that Darth Vader needed to be this entity of pure evil who was completely responsible for his fall to the dark side, was always destined to be that way because he wanted to be, and keeps choosing to reject redemption for twenty three years every time a retconned survivor of Order 66 shows up who offers him compassion after recognizing him, he confirms he’s Anakin, has a brief flash of humanity, and then mercilessly slaughters them because he likes being evil, enjoys staying with his abuser as his killing machine. The strength of Luke’s character in his father’s redemption arc now has been undermined in Disney canon and TCW since he’s no longer one of the few people out there to recognize that Darth Vader was a shell of a monster that everyone else saw to cover up the deeply broken and twisted man Anakin Skywalker underneath it all.
My point is that if George Lucas really had any integrity at all, he wouldn’t have signed over his franchise to writers who he knew wanted for Anakin, Luke, Leia, and all these other characters to be more one-dimensional tropes. He wouldn’t have caved in to the bullying of the whiny fanboys in the fandom who kept insisting these characters had to be generic action movie heroes and villains by letting them be rewritten.
#anon answered#star wars meta#anti tcw 08#anti disney star wars#anti George Lucas kind of#like I both appreciate that he came up with these characters and stories in the ot and pt series but hate him for selling out#pt star wars#jedi critical#luke skywalker#anakin skywalker#padme amidala#darth vader#you had a good story going on in the ot and the pt movies with Luke and Anakin as the leads#we didn’t need to see any more than that#hayden christensen#also I know a lot of fans like ashoka tano but her character doesn’t make any sense being assigned as Anakin’s padawan#she just does not make narrative sense at all when you consider the fact that yoda wouldn’t allow him to be a grandmaster in ROTS#why would yoda give Anakin a padawan but not a position as grandmaster on the council four years after being knighted?#that doesn’t make any sense#also like the pt!movies and novelizations Anakin worked really hard to please the Jedi council#to be honest he cared too much about their validation rather than sticking to his own moral compass because he wanted to be a ‘good Jedi’#if pt!movies/novelizations Anakin ever rebelled it was in secret from the council and he still beat himself up over it#whereas TCW 08’ Anakin really is that lazy and entitled brat who thinks he’s safe because he’s ‘the chosen one.’#and that wasn’t who anakin skywalker was with the Jedi council in the movies or novels#he tried really hard to fit in with the Jedi order even if his gut instinct told him he was wrong#and it was this deference to authority figures with power over him in anakin that led to his undoing#pt!movies/novelizations would have been honored to be given a padawan
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Kit: Something you hate, something you despise, no holding back- c'mon, get it out.
Obi-Wan: Injustice.
Yoda: Prejudice.
Cin: Dooku.
Anakin: My own socks.
Ahsoka: The fact that people here use the word "wee" to describe things that aren't actually that small.
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penguinkiwi-writes · 3 months ago
Welcome to This Ugly, Maddening World in All Its Beauty
Fandom(s): Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars (Prequel Trilogy), Star Wars Legends
Rating: Gen/K
Summery: Rumors followed the Battlemaster, with eyes too green and too knowing, with footsteps too silent, and a presence that drew people to fear him.
Faerie AU
Hello :)
This was inevitable if you know what happens on my main account
There were whispers that gathered when people talked about the Battlemaster.
They were not always good ones.
Full of superstition, and to some, it seemed right. 
Cin Drallig had always been a figure within the temple for as long as many could remember. But humans had long lifespans, so that wasn’t the weird part.
There was just… too much about him that was strange.
Rava Hark, a Kel Dor Watchman, had brought the young Lavisarian to the Temple after their siblings tried to kill them.
They did not cry, the Watchman would murmur to his Kin, to the other Kel Dor within the Temple. And they all knew because they too had instances of similar things happen to their own Children. They knew and they watched the child silently.
The other Children were perceptive. Within the Crèche, the child was avoided.
A strange feeling, something that was like a warning, Master Tholme would later tell his student, Quinlan Vos, when questioned.
No Master wanted to train this child, rumors would say. A youngling who none wished to train because of their eyes. 
Too green, too knowing.
The Grandmaster took them in.
And his other students were afraid.
Frightened Dooku of Serenno to the point of violence, frightened Ki-Adi Mundi to the point of physical pain, those eyes that were too green, too knowing.
There were rumors that followed the Battlemaster before they were the Battlemaster. Whose footsteps never made a noise. Whose eyes seemed to follow things that were not seen.
There was something off about them, as they reached their majority, how the soft and gentle features hardened.
But despite that, the Temple Guard opened their arms.
But there was something off about them too. There were those who had eyes that were too knowing, who moved with silent feet, who could come from the shadows without a hint of being there before.
But none like him.
And Cin Drallig’s eyes were always knowing, the Force around him wrapped in a way that felt wrong, felt dangerous, and if one stared at him for too long the feeling of an Uncanny Valley would well up in their chest.
Those too-green eyes that knew too much, saw too much. The feeling of power being restrained whenever sabers crossed in a spar— even the strongest of Councilors were uneasy after a spar.
Those silent footsteps, the ones that the Guard emulated, but even they made noise. Even they could not easily appear from out of nowhere, they could still be seen if one looked. But Cin Drallig was able to vanish.
Yes, there was something wrong about the one with the name Cin Drallig.
And the shadow that was too deep, stretched too long. The sweet scent of the forest that followed him, even though he rarely left the Temple, even though Lavisar had no forests that were lush.
The children called him “The Troll” when he reemerged as the Battlemaster.
There were those who were afraid of him, those who were wary, and those who were not.
And then his student came.
Rumors followed Serra Keto, the wild and untamable child who fell silent and in line when Cin Drallig gazed at her.
The child with too-blue eyes.
The child who was too skilled, too powerful. The child who picked up on things too fast, who emulated her Master too easily.
Rumors followed them, Master and student.
One with too-green eyes, with the scent of flowers and forest, with footsteps that were silent and a shadow that was too dark and long. One with too-blue eyes who was wild as a beast, but kept herself restrained.
The sense of wrongness followed them, Master and Student.
Cin Drallig never changed after that.
For no matter how many years passed, the Battlemaster never seemed to age. At first glance, he would seem to be middle-aged, or older, but there was a sense of wrong.
But that feeling… was just a feeling, right?
And the whispers were just rumors, right?
For Cin Drallig could not be anything sinister. The Master who ensured their Children’s survival as the war raged onwards, who gave them the skills to fight.
Who took in the young child Bene McCallum (with eyes as brown as the ground under their feet, and holding just as many secrets), who trained her as well.
Who would laugh in an embarrassed manner when caught sneaking padawans out of the Temple to see the few stars that could still be seen on Coruscant…
After all, Cin Drallig was a Jedi, just like them… but a word of warning would go through the initiates as they walked together to the Training Hall—
Don’t offend the Battlemaster. Don’t question why his shadow is too deep, too long, or why it seems like sometimes there are thorns curling within it. Don’t ask. Don’t offend. And don’t break any promises made to him.
So technically it seems like Nick Gillard (cin's actor) has blue eyes, but also like. 90% of the human cast who aren't POC have blue eyes and tbh I saw Cin's eyes as Green when I first saw it. So Green-eyed Cin, at least for this!
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luciapplebottom · 6 days ago
Okay... So I think I figured out something that may be really obvious to everyone else, but I'm old
Yoda is a giant baby.
Like a literal giant baby.
He may have a deep knowledge of the Force and be a Jedi Grandmaster, but that dude is a giant baby.
Why do you think this? you may be wondering.
I'm watching the Empire Strikes Back.
I may be kind of obsessed with Star Wars anyway and be in the "let us overanalyze a thing, shall we?" mode.
But I get to the part where Luke gets to Degobah and meets Yoda for the first time.
Now mind you: I AM OLD.
My first experience with Star Wars was the original trilogy, so this was my first ever experience of Yoda and therefore it is still who I consider Yoda to be. I also consider it to be Yoda's truest self for another reason: He's in exile, living off the land, and has kind of gone a bit feral. He's living like one of his people would live.
And how does this Jedi Grandmaster act?
Yes, he has his moments where he's very astute, calm, and precise with his presentation. He is clearly a master of the Force. But he also is very child-like in some of the things he does. Kind of giggly and almost playful at times with some of the things he says.
This also relates back to the other, smaller, adorable member of his species in the Star Wars Universe: Grogu. The 50 year old baby who is also very strong in the Force in ways that are clearly beyond what he shows unless under stress. The way the little tyke throws around stormtroopers like they are nothing is disturbingly impressive on top of the healing and deflecting flames. Little superhero!
But he likes to be carried. He gets all kinds of places he really shouldn't be able to, but he's always being carried.
So is Yoda. Luke is constantly carrying him.
I wonder how that conversation started.
"On your back, I ride."
"Say what."
"Me you will carry. Yes, mmm."
"Is this really part of training?"
Just imagining how strange their lifecycles have to be? Because if Grogu is still an infant at 50 and Yoda completed his lifecycle at 900, then their mature years were... when? And how long? And what were they like during them?
Because Yoda's maturity seems very odd to me now that I think about it.
He HIDES his capabilities. That is shown in the prequels with his duel with Count Dooku. Grogu does the same with the aforementioned stormtrooper Force crumple.
I'm honestly not sure where this is going other than I had this idea that Yoda was actually a giant baby.
Also, there was likely someone at the Jedi Temple who carried him around a lot. It probably was a very important position because they were important to Yoda. I developed this entire headcanon around the idea of Yoda needing to be carried around sometimes because his people were somewhat symbiotic about touch, but there's so few of them they make due with other sentients.
Now Skywalker has the second of these beings because the Force works in mysterious ways or whatever, so he should know by now that Grogu is going to need to be carried all the time.
I had to share my ridiculous thoughts with the Void.
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hellowkatey · 7 months ago
Okay, today I'm thinking about the fact that the Clone Wars is canonically just like, streaming live on the Holonet at all times. Like there are these excerpts from the ROTS novelization:
"Across the remnants of the Republic, stunned beings watch in horror as the battle unfolds live on the HoloNet...Because they know that what they're watching, live on the HoloNet, is the death of the Republic."
So basically what I'm hearing is the Republic is twitch streaming this war on the internet, and people are just tuning in like it's a damn sitcom. And if these battles are live, are the Separatists... watching it? But that's not all:
"Across the Republic--in words or pheromones, in magnetic pulses, tentacle-braids, or mental telepathy -- the message from the younglings is the same: Don't worry. It'll be all right. Anakin and Obi-Wan will be there any minute.
Anakin and Obi-Wan. Kenobi and Skywalker. From the beginning of the Clone Wars, the phrase Kenobi and Skywalker has become a single word. They are everywhere. HoloNet features of their operations against the Separatist enemy have made them the most famous Jedi in the galaxy."
This just... makes the entire show so much funnier when you think about it. People across the galaxy were just as buckwild about Anakin and Obi-Wan as prequel fans. Everyone knows who they are and what they look like.
Obi-Wan is the star of their elementary school's nutrition and fitness holofilm. Anakin has numerous thirst fan pages and 30k results for mature Reader x Knight Skywalker results on galactic AO3. There has got to be some shipping going on there-- people taking recordings of the holonet and making unhinged fan cams. There are absolutely fights over whether Skywalker or Kenobi would win in a fight against each other (oof) and anyone you talk to would have strong opinions. Hell, people probably claim different battalions like we identify with Hogwarts Houses.
I'm just obsessed with the idea that the galaxy is also watching this war and are completely invested. Like I bet a bunch of normal programming got canceled because of the war so now people are latching onto whatever escape they can... and obsessing over a bunch of hot Jedi kicking droid ass is absolutely what people would fixate on.
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What Type of Person Gets to be on the Jedi Council?
There are a lot of thoughts in the fandom on the Jedi Council, many very negative and some a little more positive. There are even more thoughts about individual council members. However, I haven’t really seen people discuss what actually qualifies a Jedi to be on the council. Are there specific qualities that are looked for? If so, what are they? This is the first in a series of posts where I will be looking at who each council member is and what the commonalities are between them. My hope is that this could reveal what the Jedi believe a member of the Jedi Council should be like.
To start off, let’s look at the Grandmaster of the Order himself, Yoda.
In TPM, Yoda says that Anakin should not be trained as a Jedi because he is full of fear and unwilling to let go of people he’s attached to (”afraid to lose her, i think” “what does that got to do with anything?” “everything”). Later in the movie, he argues that Obi-wan should not take Anakin as his apprentice. However, after Obi-wan makes it clear that he will, Yoda tells him that the Council had decided to allow Obi-wan to become Anakin’s master. Yoda never again tells Obi-wan that he shouldn’t have trained him, even after Anakin has helped commit genocide against the Jedi. Yoda never tells Anakin that he shouldn’t have been trained once he’s accepted into the Order, even though he makes it very clear in TPM that he didn’t think Anakin should be trained.
In AOTC, he joyfully teaches a class of younglings, pokes fun at Obi-wan in front of them (”lost a planet, Master Obi-wan has. How embarrassing, how embarrassing”), asks the younglings to solve the problem, and praises the children when one offers an idea. He expresses concern about how many young Jedi are arrogant. He is also the one to sorrowfully point out that battle of Geonosis wasn’t a victory, but the beginning of the clone war.
In the Clone Wars, he spends the entire first episode mentoring the three clones who are with him. He tells them what flaws he sees they have and what he thinks they should do to become better (look to yourself, use your mind, don’t rush in). Right after, he trusts them to do those things, and they don’t let him down. He seems fairly proud when asking them if they’ve learned something. He also tells those clones that he very much does see them as people and individuals, and his actions show that he means it. He also happily allows a butterfly to land on his finger.
We see that Yoda is someone who ultimately respects the choices of others, even if he doesn’t agree with them. We see that he is willing to criticize the Jedi. We see that he loves children. We see that he loves teaching anyone who is willing to learn, whether or not they are Jedi. He especially likes seeing people learn. He treats living beings with respect.
But Yoda is just one Jedi, and the Grandmaster of the Order! He’s an exception!
We’ll see, there are the other Jedi on the Council to cover.
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bisexualmikisayaka · 9 months ago
can’t stop thinking about ki-adi mundi. anakin must have fucking hated that guy. the republic probably pays for his child support because he clearly wasn’t spending time at home and wookieepedia explicitly says he tried to avoid developing attachments to his seven children and five wives. this is literally anakin’s walking nightmare, because here his attachment-prone ass is, in a semi-secret marriage with a fucking senator who’s got kids on the way, and he’s got to hide it from every person who knows him with varying degrees of success.
he’s also got to deal with all of that on top of being a general on the front lines in his 20s who’s been saddled with a 14 year old, a dadbrother he is incapable of communicating with, a fuck ton of soldiers under his command, and trying not to die every day of his life! and then ki-adi mundi is just allowed to have a family because of yoda and his species i guess! do you think he was mad that the 21st got to ki-adi before he could during order 66? because i feel like darth “just murdered a bunch of children for the second time in my life because this will save the wife i’m going to force-choke into unconsciousness during my mental breakdown” vader would really like to kill the only man with an order-sanctioned marriage
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Kit: Vegetable oil is made from vegetables, coconut oil is made from coconuts, so baby oil…
Cin, slamming his hands on the table: Can’t we just have a nice dinner for once?
Yoda: Have nice things, we cannot
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penguinkiwi · 6 months ago
I kinda have started obsessing over the Temple Guard thanks to you, and of course my brain came up with an OC. And I would really like more content for my hamster brain to absorb. Would you consider writing more head cannons for the Guard? Please?
I always have more headcanon content for the Guard
First of all, it should be noted that they are not an overly large section of Jedi. They number at roughly two-hundred to two-fifty Jedi at most and only a fourth of them are on shift at once— unless there are certain circumstances.
These circumstances vary, though usually in the event where a Guard is called to the frontlines (due to some reason or another) all the others will refuse to rest and remain on Vigil. This includes Cin, and he remains at the front stair the entire time— be it hours or days on end.
Other Circumstances are in the event of a break-in or an attack on the temple: When either of those happens, the number of Guards on shift double, meaning that half the Guard is on shift at one time.
It should be noted that both the Holocron Heist and the Temple Bombing both had the Guard on edge and also morale dropping because how did they not notice?
The Guard is divided every shift into groups— Patrol and Post. The Patrol walks a specific route through the Temple, while Post are stationed in various spots and they have since divided up the Temple into sections for patrol and posts. Major points in the Temple such as the Archives, the Front Stair, the Gardens, the Council Chambers, The Crèche Halls, and so on all have Post Guards standing out by their entrances, while Patrol Guards move around and through the halls silently.
In fact, the Guards are almost impossible to make out unless you’re looking for them specifically, due to them all training to suppress their Force Signatures. The Instructors actually turn this into a game for initiates so that they can practice picking up things in the Force.
Because of this, and the Guard’s training in Shadow Walking, the Guard are also considered to be the stealthiest branch of Jedi on top of being some of the strongest. They blend in entirely with the Temple more often than not, which leads to them being able to witness some very interesting things— and collecting blackmail.
It is rare for anyone who isn’t part of the Guard or isn’t part of Cin’s lineage (such as Serra Keto) to hear the voice of any Guard without the modulator. All the Guard’s masks have a modulator that makes their voices sound the same, however, it is rarely used due to the fact that the Guard keeps the voice mufflers on in their masks. Outside of the Guard’s Halls, they remain silent unless talking over the private Comms that link between the Guards.
The Jedi who know what any of the Guards look like/sound like are few in number, with Mace Windu and Yoda being two outside of Cin Drallig.
Aside from the Commlink, Voice Modulator, and Voice Mufflers, each mask also has an in-helmet scanner, along with an audio recording function. Cin Drallig would later commission and add in a visual recording function and a hud system to share visual files in the event of an escaped prisoner, this came to head as useful during the chase of Barriss Offee.
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