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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.
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 I want to share with you my mushroom adventure 🍄 I know that some of them are poionous but btw they are so pretty just check it out ❣

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Hear her calling you, follow her, it’s your time….bring muffins

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What I miss the most is the cafe shop, run by three ladies in their 60s. The coffee and a self made sweet dessert costs only 1 euro, and the atmosphere is always so calm and safe. 

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What’s your favorite wild flower?

Mines Indian blankets!! I have sum funny stories about them ^.^

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i feel like i post too much & for that i feel bad. i don’t want to spam the people that follow this blog.

then again…

i didn’t sick my demon hound on you and force you to follow me so why should i feel bad?

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600 followers, I shall share my cinnamon spice muffin recipe for this special occasion

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Some autumn Linncore things to do:

- Take a walk to look at the leafs changing colours

- Drink hot chocolate with whiped cream

- Go to a cafe and to sitt and read a book

- Find colorful leafs to press and dry them

- Feed the birds with safe foods! ( like corn )

- Go to thrift stores to look for cozy cloths

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🕊 Breton Grandparentcore 🕊

🌅 Taking long walks by the sea side during storms

🌅 Putting on raincoats to walk in the country after the rain

🌅 Baking crepes

🌅 Mushrooms hunts among the granite boulders

🌅 Tales of korrigans and farfadets

🌅 Mossy rocks and seafoam

🌅 Playing among the megaliths

🌅 Fish and crepes on Fridays

🌅 Knowing that your country’s the sunniest, because the sun shines 3 times a day!

🌅 Picking asterias and cattails to make bouquets

🌅 Knowing how to swim as soon as you can walk

🌅 Falling asleep to the sound of the waves

🌅 Always having a pot of coffee on!

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