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darklings-simp · a day ago
"both ships are totally valid and I think people should be able to like what they like" - Jessie Mei Li
say it louder for the people in the back and the author
it's not that difficult to understand is it?
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fernwehandfandoms · a day ago
Jessie Mei Li getting emotional over a fan asking for advice in regards to gender identity | Comic Con Stuttgart 2021
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manikas-whims · 2 days ago
Freddy Carter, Amita Suman & Kit Young at the Stuttgart Comic Con
not Kit third wheeling 😭
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kit looks like: do you want the tea or not?
Tumblr media
Freddy's big smile 🥺
Tumblr media
Freddy's like: 🧍‍♂️
Tumblr media
Honestly they're all so fine ♡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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kolarpem · a day ago
Morning Doodle: “While Zoya and I were away, the monster took hold of me again. I broke free at the duke’s estate and made a delightful sojourn to a local goose farm.” Leigh Bardugo's King of Scars CH 6
Tumblr media
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wylan-van-eckk · 2 days ago
the feminine urge to scream when kaz calls inej "lovely girl" "darling" "treasure of my heart" "my girl" "my wraith" and then plays it off like a joke like the idiot he is
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My favorite book tropes
- totally unrelated to a specific book -
Investment to lover
The - stab her and I’ll rip your eye out and toss you in the ocean- trope
When character A buys character B a ship and finds ones family after they have been separated because character B was sex trafficked
Drüskelle/Drüsje to lovers
When they say that they like each other’s stupid face 🥺
When 2 people are incapable to touch each other due to severe trauma but they try to make it work
When he fights half a gang on a staircase and then becomes their leader
When she threatens to kill each and every one if they murder him and pile up their bodies.
The very famous “just girls?”-trope
And my favorite the - I’m not gonna spend my whole life trying to fix him and let his darkness consume me but I make him work on himself to overcome his trauma bit by bit while I’ll go after my own dreams and goals - trope
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ilovemarvelanne1 · 2 days ago
Okay hi so I was wondering if you could do a kaz x reader where the whole thing with the hesit to kidnap alina happens but with the reader and also maybe the reader is an inferni who escaped the little palace so the darkling and her have some sort of past. Haha sorry for the extremely specific request but if you don't feel up to it it's fine too
Firebird-Kaz Brekker x inferni!reader
Thank you for requesting love! this has a lot of big timeskips, I hope you like it! please comment! This is more of a crows x reader, with some kaz x reader sprinkled in and im not very proud of it :/
Summary: You’re the FireBird, and Kaz needs you on the Heist to the Little Palace where you have to face your past.
Taglist: @messers-moony-lupin @mrs-brekker15 @scandalous-chaos@confuscita @sirisuorionblack @staytrueblue
Tumblr media
“Kaz, I know that I’m valuable member of the Dregs but I don’t think I’m needed for this heist!” you argue with the boy who is hunched over a pile of paperwork in front of you.
“ You know your way around the Little Palace, and you can blend in easily, added to that, your’re a good inferni and as you said, you’re a valuable member of the Dregs.” he answered.
“ Kaz, you also need Inej, she’s a better Dreg than I’ll ever be.”
“ She is a better Dreg than you, but she’s isn’t a gifted Inferni, and she doesn’t know her way around the Little Palace.”
“She’s the Wraith! and I don’t remember much about the Little Palace” you countered, you did not want to go to the Little Palace, not to him.
“And you’re the Firebird. Now get out, I have work to do. Make sure Jesper doesn’t go gamble his money away again.”
You shook your head and left the room, closing the door with much more force than you intended, regretting it immediately as soon you were out.
Kaz’s eyes lingered on the door after you left. Maybe he shouldn’t have been so harsh, he’d already pissed of Inej, and now you too.
But he couldn’t waste time thinking about you, there was work to be done. If he wanted the million kruge, he couldn’t waste time.
It was freezing.
You shook as you stood next to Kaz in the cold, outside the Slat. Waiting for Jesper to come. Inej had gone to get some supplies for the journey.
Kaz noticed you shivering and took off his coat, laying it on your shoulders, not noticing the look of absolute shock on your face.
“It seems the Firebird doesn’t do well in cold weather.” Kaz said, not looking at you.
“Yes, I’m the Firebird, I’m not a fan of cold weather. I prefer the rains.” you replied.
“Hmm. You have your supplies?” he asked, smirking at the way you snuggled into his coat.
“Yes. How long is Jesper going to take?” 
“You know how he is, he’ll be here.”
“Jesper isn’t here yet?” Inej asked from behind you, making you almost shriek.
“Inej! God I have to be more aware of my surroundings.” you breathed heavily, missing Kaz’s silent snort of laughter.
Inej grinned, “Well, if the Firebird can’t hear me, I know I’m doing my job well.”
“I’m here!” Jesper announced, finally coming out of the Slat in a beige coat, his hat and his signature gold revolvers hanging from his belt, he eyed you in Kaz’s coat..
“Finally, we’re going to be late.” Kaz checked his pocket watch, “Let’s go.”
“Nina?” you asked the Conductor, “Nina Zenik?”
“You know her?” Kaz asked.
“I mean, we’re in different Orders, but yes. We were partners for an assignment once.”
“Good, maybe she’ll recognize you and help.” the Conductor looked pleased with himself.
“She was a spy then, she knows at least five languages, and is a heartrender so she can slip away easily.” it had been years since you’d seen Nina. But from what you remembered, she loved Ravka and would never betray her country.
“We have to be careful.” you looked at Kaz.
“Y/n and I’ll get the goat. Jesper, just the coal.” Kaz handed Jesper a paper and he nodded to you. Inej had to get the jurda.
“Aww that goat’s adorable Kaz! Let’s get that one.” you pet a small white and black goat who kept bleating every few seconds.
“I brought you with me to help carry the goat, not fawn over it.” Kaz’s sharp voice rang out among the shopkeeper’s voices.
“Oh poo, you’re just a big old grump. We’re getting this one. and I’m naming it Milo.” you picked the goat up and Kaz payed the rearer.
As you and Kaz walked to the meeting place, you spied the Conductor talking to the general, and nudged Kaz’s cane, nodding towards the sight when he looked at you.
Kaz scowled, making the hairs on the back of your neck rise. Kaz looked terrifying when he was pissed.
“Keep an eye on him.” he gritted out.
You nodded, clenching your jaw. What was Arken up to?
“WE ARE GOING TO DIE!” you shriek, hiding your face in your hands, pulling strands of hair out.
Kaz gulped, he hated seeing you panicking. The Y/n he knew would never panic. This was serious.
He breathed deeply and placed his gloved hand on your elbow, pulling your hand away from your hair.
“We’re going to be fine.” he breathed slowly, “Follow my breathing.”
“Kaz, in case we don’t make it!” you say among the chaos, “I wanted to say-”
You were interrupted by Jesper getting up and rolling his shoulders. His face looked focused and his demeanor calm.
He twirled his revolver in one hand, the other holding Milo, as he shot the Volcra one by one.
Soon, sunshine streamed in through the wide holes, making all you sigh in relief.
You then realized that Kaz was holding your elbow and he seemed to realize it too, because he immediately brought his hand back and cleared his throat. 
After a series of events which involved breaking into the Royal Archives, Inej being airborne, Jesper kissing his guns and you offering to be a fire-dancer in the group dance of a Circus, you were in.
You had managed to sneak inside the Little Palace through a shortcut. At least being taught by the General himself paid off.
You suppresed a shudder and walked quietly to a familar hut. Opening the door and rushing inside.
“ Baghra?”
The old woman’s eyes widened, “ Y/n? what are you doing here?”
“ I can’t explain, what I need is a Kefta, I don’t want to be seen by your son. He’ll only try to take me again.” you said., feeling uncomfortable.
Baghra produced a blue Kefta with red and orange embroidery, the Inferni’s Kefta.
“ This is yours, I don’t know why I kept it. Take it with you this time.” she threw it at you and you put in on.
“ Thank you Baghra. I’m grateful.”
“When you try to take Alina, try not to bully her. She becomes defensive, a lot of unresolved trauma.”
“I’ll take the advice. Thank you again.”
“ Why don’t you call me what you used to?” she asked as you turned around to leave.
“ Because if I do, I’m afraid I’ll want to stay.”
“ Fair enough. Go child.” she whacked the back of your legs with her cane, making you jump and leave.
He was right there. It had been three years since you had seen him.  He had done so much damage, yet you missed him.
The Darkling was your adopted father. He took you in, taught you to fight. Baghra helped you with being an Inferni.
You were happy for the first time since forever.
But then he tried to use you. Making you a powerful Inferni, able to to conjure living beings, just like the Volcra.
You had to run away, for the good of everyone. That was how you ended up in Ketterdam, into the clutches of Kaz Brekker. 
Slowly but surely, you learned to trust him, and told him most of your past, leaving out the part where you were the Darkling’s adopted daughter.
Kaz was dressed as a guard and was talking to Inej, who was beside him. She was looking straight at the target.
Alina Starkov. Who was currently giving heart-eyes to Kirigan, making you grimace.
She didn’t know how evil he was and it was best if she never got to know.
Your thoughts were interrupted when you saw Kirigan dramatically clap his hands and separate them, summoning his shadows and making the room dark.
What a drama queen you rolled your eyes.
Alina raised her hands and orbs of light formed instantly, moving from one hand to the other. She directed the light to the other end of the room and back. Brightening the room again.
Murmurs and whispers of ‘Sankta Alina’ were said by the audience as some bent down and kneeled, others holding their chest.
You stole a glance at Kaz and saw him already looking at you, before looking away.
You curled your hands into fists, taking a deep breath.
This was where the real work began.
“ Do you know what my sister and I do to spiders?” you could hear another Inferni say as he hopped from one seat to another, taunting and looking for Kaz.
Kaz creeped up from behind him and knocked him down with a marble object, making him fall on his back, before slamming into his shoulder, making the Inferni scream.
“Unlike a spider, I only need one good leg.” he twisted it, and whacked it across the man’s face, knocking him unconscious.
You appeared from behind a pillar and immediately went to Kaz, who was limping away. He looked at your expression and nodded. I’m okay, don’t worry.
You clenched your jaw and nodded, walking with him.
“ I only need one hand.” the Inferni’s voice came from behind you as he made an arc with his hand and sparking a fire.
You did the same and he almost tripped, his face in shock, before turning into a scowl.
“ Traitor.: was all he said before a knife lodged itself in the back of his head, killing him instantly.
From above, Inej looked distraught, her hand still stretched outwards, she was breathing heavily.
‘Oh saints.” you swore as she jumped gracefully and walked over to the body, her eyes filling up with tears.
“ Inej.” you slowly brought your hands up and cupped her face, looking for any signs of discomfort before hugging her as she sobbed into your shoulder, stroking her hair and calming her down.
“ Inej, you saved our lives. You’re a hero. We have to go now, before you’re forced to kill more people.” you held her hand and squeezed.
She looked grateful and nodded, before turning around and walking away.
You looked at Kaz, “ Come on Brekker. Night’s not over yet.”
```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` another big/huge timeskip.
The skiff was being boarded as you and Jesper pretended to be husband and wife. smiling extremely fake smiles.
“ I know, I look amazing for my age.” Jesper grinned to the guy who was checking the papers.
“ I thought you looked older.” he replied as you bit your lip to keep yourself from laughing.
The four of you went in and immediately you saw him again. And you saw the chains that Alina’s dress covered and you scowled.
“Why do your eyes always go to the general?” Kaz asked you.
“ You’ll kill me if I tell you.”
“ I wouldn’t kill you for a million kruge.” he replied.
“ I don’t believe you.”
“ Tell me.”
“ Kirigan’s my stepdad, he used me for my power. That’s why I didn’t want to come.” you sighed and lowered your head.
Kaz’s eyebrows were raised, “ You thought I’d kill you for that?”
“ With you, you never know.” you chuckled, looking at the general, “ Kaz, I’m afraid.”
He breathed deeply and stood next to, facing the fold. He let his gloved fingers brush against yours, slowly intertwining your hands with his, his thumb slowly rubbing the back of your hand.
“Don’t be, you’re the Firebird.” he said.
You faced him, his blue eyes were filled with sincerity.
“ And if I wasn’t?”
“That doesn’t matter, you’re one of the bravest people I know. But I’d always be there, next to you, fighting our way out of whatever mess we get ourselves into. We protect each other. And I’ll do my best to protect you, just as you’ve done for me, for all of us.”
You squeeze his hand lightly, looking at the Fold in front.
“ If I die, make sure I have an open casket.” Jesper said as he and Inej walked over.
 “ No one’s dying today.” Kaz said, looking at you. “ No Mourners.”
“ No Funerals.”
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fernwehandfandoms · a day ago
Ben Barnes at Comic Con Stuttgart 2021
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kazbrekkersdekappel · a day ago
Nikolai: I think I speak for all of us when-
Genya, Tolya, and Zoya, simultaneously: He doesn't.
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ssardothien · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Had too much fun with this picrew today, so I made the whole gang, Six of Crows, ladies and gentlemen ✨
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youdonwantoknow · 21 hours ago
As much as I love Leigh Bardugo and the Grishaverse I feel like they did show!Darkling SOO dirty. The name reveal? No tension. The name GENERAL KIRIGAN? personally haven't seen it in the books until RoW. They even made him look like he's not that bad of a person (which I might understand bc the whole point of his character is that he's a manipulator and he attracts women and their trust but still!!!) I really hope season 2 will be more book accurate or atleast the characters will seem more like themselves. Still love the show tho<3!
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kolarpem · 2 days ago
Morning Doodle: "He had known that Nikolai relied on his mind, his talent for thinking his way out of any situation, so he’d let the demon steal Nikolai’s ability to speak and think rationally." Leigh Bardugo's King of Scars CH 6
Tumblr media
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chaotic-artsy-fangirl · 23 hours ago
I don't know if the Nikolai actor knows the power that he holds, like he could literally decide to destroy the moon and the fandom would still worship him.
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manikas-whims · a day ago
So at the Stuttgart Comic Con, there was a question about what are their fav Book quotes..
Kit: “Maybe i liked your stupid face.”
Amita: “I like it when men beg.”
Freddy: “I would have come for you.”
Also Freddy: *proceeds to reach out and hold Amita's hand*
(totally forgot to share this yesterday)
via: iEmzy on twitter
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