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Porsche 356A Carrera GT coupe, one of 93 of these four-cam cars to be built.
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Ford Falcon XYGT in Nugget Gold
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Here’s a ref sheet of my giant mob boss! I don’t have a name for him yet so he’ll be called Jefe (which is Spanish for boss in case you don’t know) I hope to do another animation part with him soon!
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borrowers who are scared shitless of humans are lame i need borrowers who think humans are useless and embarrassing, you're telling all of your young-adults-living-alone ocs are gonna watch their UNMARRIED, CHILDLESS, ( for no good reason too there's so many other humans outside ) HUMAN know: how to cook like 3 meals at most, not know how to mend clothes or any sort of craft, do fuck all on the couch all day and think " wow they're so cool and hot and powerful 😍"
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AN: 2100 words! The last one of gargantuary, I wanted to do a little erril and thalin stuff for old time's sake with wild magic mishaps!! just a bit of fluff and tenderness, the tables are turned as Erril's not the one intrigued for once lol
A Bed That's "Just Right"
Thalin sat.
“…Can you move further, please?”
“Oh yes, of course.”
Much better. The bed was meant for one person, Erril liked his space.
It was too scratchy. He liked scratchy wool, it always felt like hugging a sheep but now, on his feverish skin, it felt like it was pinning him to parts of the mattress while his limbs were too cold. Hot and cold. His chest felt tight. Sore. He rubbed his leg against the mattress as his pant leg rolled up.
Erril furrowed his brows. It was frustrating, all he wanted was to sleep. A groan came from his nest on the bed.
“Hold still now…I think this should be over in less than a minute…”
The man had been ill for the last several days. The typical sort of sickness that came with muggy weather, though, the slushy storms paired with seaside gusts had made this a particularly bad run. It was a head cold that felt heavier than usual, hurting his sinuses to the point it was testing just to sleep. Thalin had gone out that morning, braving the chill to find some sort of scrolls or quick fix to whatever this was. Just his luck, he found one quickly, a potion, and was home within ten minutes. It was so convenient. Almost suspiciously.
“It is meant to be cast with sorcery,” He read aloud the text on the information card as he prepared a few additional ingredients, “And while it may not cure you, it should alleviate your symptoms. Some sort of fey nectar, as I have heard…”
Erril took it in both hands and read over the card. It seemed genuine, from what he could tell. A sturdy cardstock with brown ink that scrawled in sylvan. A fine powder lined it too.
“Fey would be…would be correct— hhH’esshHHuhhw!”
“Bless you.”
"Thank you..."
After Thalin had prepared it into a small drinking glass, along with other herbs from flavour and whatnot, Erril had taken a sip. It wasn uneventful, admittedly. And he wasn't much of a connoisseur, but it was sweet, somewhat thick and it went down smooth. As any doctor would instruct, medicine first and then bed rest — being a doctor of sorts himself, he would be asleep within minutes.
The sensation Erril felt when he awoke was one of suffocation. A mild form of it. His head felt stuffy and his face was warm as if he wasn’t getting enough air. He could hear Thalin calling for him in the distance. He must have slipped under the covers sometime during the night-
Oh, these threads. So itchy and big. Very big. Where was he? Where were his clothes? It was so dark?
Erril shook his head. It was incredibly dark and warm and he was indeed in the nude. It felt like a bed though, the surface he had been laying on had that bounce to it.
May as well go towards his-
Something rustled loudly. The sound made him cower. Light spilled in, followed by Thalin’s confused voice going “…ah?”
There was a yank. Then, like a rug, a force shifted the ground beneath him and he found himself caught and tumbling over fibres much looser than he remembered. It wasn’t until then did he realize that scratchy texture was that of his shirt.
No matter! He was falling and falling and falling until he fell back onto the mattress. And then Thalin screamed.
To put things briefly, he was laying on his back, fully exposed, to Thalin who looked to be a mile taller than he was. Not that the drow had grown, it was the opposite where he had shrunk. Ever the gentleman, Thalin had produced a small washcloth to bundle him in whilst trying to collect his thoughts in a bout of frantic pacing around the room. It was magic, some sort of hex or jinx or whatnot, he'd claimed. They had been 'hoodwinked', or some silly term. The man even consulted his old enchantment textbooks on the matter, flipping through three at a time.
Probably the fey properties, you could never really tell with that. Erril watched from the bedside as Thalin scrambled to recollect his books. He estimated himself to be six inches tall, based on the measurements he jotted down in his journal. His vision was a little worse, his eyes adjusted better to the light. He also had to crane his neck to read his journal. It was massive compared to him, each page was heavy like a blanket.
“You sneeze like a little mouse…” Thalin commented once the shock wore off and his congestion settled back in. Erril shook his messy bangs from his face and sniffled. The soft pink must have made him look more like a mouse than ever…
Cold, confused, and tired, he sat down on the pillow wrapped up in the washcloth and tried to sit out the rest of a coughing fit.
“I think I could fashion you something more comfortable…”
“Such as? Snff…c-comfortable…?”
Thalin’s ear twitched. Both of those red eyes, like buffalo berries in their coloration, stared.
“Oh! Ah, I can hear you relatively well…I am simply surprised, pay no mind to it. Uhm, right, hold up your arms, if you may?”
Thalin brought forth a handkerchief. A large white one, his decorative one. It was draped over him multiple times like a sort of robe or toga and finally tied off with a small piece of thread. It wasn’t warm but it was something.
His headache was still present, though his temperature felt lower in comparison to the bed. All the usual symptoms still persisted, what an awful cold in the head…
Thalin’s large, soft finger ran over his forehead and brushed back his bangs. The motion caught him off guard and he stiffened, but that was responded to with a pat in the back. A…a massage? This was strange, being poked at, at this size. He felt so weak despite his physical strength.
A breathy sneeze pushed past his chapped, apple-red lips.
Oh dear. No handkerchief to remedy this with. His hand will have to suffice-
“Erril! Please, no need to, ah, how would you put this...deprive yourself of pleasures. I am sure it will wear off and if not, I think I have a spell to fix it. Do move your hand.“
His massive finger was wrapped in another handkerchief, a tactile one. Thalin moved it under his nose, angling it with his nail to get it into the groove between his lip and nose.
Not as absorbent as he thought it would be but…he would have to settle. Thalin cupped a hand behind him, pausing to make sure he was comfortable before scooping him up like an animal. Erril curled up. His limbs were so tiny in this makeshift robe, sticking out like twigs.
“We can get you something warm. I doubt the bed is a comfortable spot for you to rest, now that you are so…small. Perhaps a cushion by the fireplace?”
That didn’t sound all too bad, though the fireplace, he assumed, would be akin to an inferno. A massive, gaping portal to the nine hells. He nodded and was taken at a surprising speed downstairs.
Thalin made a stop by the kitchen.
This was fascinating, Erril pondered as he sat on the edge of a wooden cutting board. The instruments were duller up close. He watched as Thalin sliced several times through a lemon, each cut of the knife spilling out an unforeseen amount of juice. The seeds were the size of melons, the rinds were as thick as bedding. It was so textured too…
It made him squirm.
Erril huddled into his temporary bedding, snuffling to himself as he tried to settle himself. Everything was rough and loud and overly bright with a fever.
He watched in his peripherals as Thalin set the slices into a cup, spooned in a dollop of honey and began to boil some water over a small fireplace.
“What about something to eat?” He asked, lowering himself to meet him at eye level, “Of course…that drink is too much for you by yourself. Ah-! What about some bread? If I pinch off some it will be the size of a bun to you!”
Thalin sounded intrigued.
It was good to know he was at least…invested. By the time he was finished deducting Thalin’s thoughts, the man in question had presented him with a few crumbs. A little larger than a crumb, it was a piece of sourdough with a bit of the crust and spongy soft bread underneath. In his hands, it was the size of a loaf.
Erril silently ate, nibbling at it with both hands wrapped around the morsel. He could feel Thalin’s stare. Not something he was unused to, but the drow was just so big. It was hard to ignore.
His finger began to brush back his hair again, wiggling slightly as if petting him.
“You are so precise…” He whispered, trying to hide a laugh, “Your little hands.”
His hands were the size of Thalin’s fingernail. Instinctively, he held it up, his palm meeting Thalin’s fingertip. Goodness, what was-?
“Bless you!”
“HuH! HdsHhhuhhw!” Oh dear…he could smell Thalin’s perfumes on his wrist. So rarely was he this close, but now, it was almost overbearing, “-essHHHheeww!”
Goodness. Erril sniffled wetly, rolling back to rest his head. He tucked his knees to his chest, laying and waiting it out as the water finally came to a simmer. From it, Thalin spooned out a ladle into a cup, then a bit into a dipping dish, and another from that for him.
A… bowl-sized portion was given. It was dripped into the shell of a pistachio, which Thalin took out from the pantry and ate the seed of.
The tea was already cooling. Must be hard being small, your tea would always be cold.
Erril sat, curled up, sipping slowly.
“Do you want to go to the library? I can set up some cushions for bedding!”
The library...he was always fond of Thalin's library.
The shell was gently placed on the counter as Thalin cupped his hands, letting Erril step and sit down. His finger, gentle and delicate, wrapped under his arms like a safety harness as he was carried. The ring on his pinkie was large enough to be a collar for him!
The library came into view, massive as ever. It had high ceilings to start with, double-storeyed, but it was terrifyingly high now. Like a cathedral, the one he had at home which spanned the height of an island’s base or so. The books were packed in like massive, narrow houses on an endless street; shelf by shelf, they were dizzying to stare up at. He continued to look as Thalin set him down on a small, round cushion with a divet in the middle. With a strike of a match, the fireplace was suddenly ablaze, crackling and hissing as arcana and cedar fueled its core.
Erril folded himself up in the divet, the blanket- er, washcloth, on his back. A small bird-like sit. Or a cat. Or a rabbit. A loaf-like pose which was very warm. To his surprise, Thalin set down a few of those books in front of him.
“Should you find yourself restless,” He whispered, opening up the first and setting it on the carpet. The print was massive, the paper’s grain came up in ridges and bumps which disturbed the fine ink. Erril slid a hand under the page and heaved it aside.
“It is difficult to read…” He mumbled, “The book is taller than me by a few feet…inches,” A correction.
“Oh, I suppose. You do look very quaint beside it. So miniature!”
Erril flopped his chin against the book’s edge and breathed in with a crackle of congestion. His nose was still so blocked, and his eyelids were growing heavy again from the comfort of heat.
“Are you going to rest again…?” Thalin’s voice softened, falling back slightly with a tone he couldn’t pinpoint. Both hands wrung together.
To that, Erril could only nod. The cushion made for a good bed — firm enough to hold him upright, soft enough to be comfortable. Thalin followed up with a sigh but he nodded nonetheless.
A hand came to his back. A finger, actually, gently massaging between his shoulder blades. He would fall asleep there, with his face pressed to an open book. Waking up, well, there was a good chance he would be back to his normal size, nude, laying on the floor of a library.
But that was an issue for later. For now, he will rest.
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I’m Here
Nikolajs was incredibly nervous, to say the least—it would be the first time he’d babysit his step-siblings—when he heard the news he immediately found himself stumbling over his words. There were a million emotions that ran through him—he was excited, happy even that his step-dad, Leonid, finally trusted him to babysit them!—but at the same time he was frightened. It wasn’t because he was an awful babysitter—he was the best! At least around his neighbourhood! He loved babysitting, he always had fun playing games with the kids and the parents adored him every time he babysat—but he had never in his life babysat humans.
The first time he met the twins, he was just absolutely afraid, as ridiculous as it sounds. He was aware they were small but—not that small. They reached the height of his thumb!—anything could happen to them, one move and they could be knocked over or if he breathed too hard they’d probably get blown away! He remembered seeing their small forms on the table, the way Taisiya ran immediately to him to the edge of the table and started squealing about the fact he was a giant, and as flustered and prideful Nikolajs had become, he was immediately focused on pushing her a little bit back. She was right on the edge!! Wasn’t she aware? Frightened, even??? It was worse when she giggled and climbed on his finger and started crawling to his joint, his heart raced at how high she had become, with her only ground being his finger which he saw was making it difficult for Taisiya to move. He had to move his hand further onto the table so if she ever fell she’d hit the table in a second, and not the hard wooden floors. He shivered at the thought of it.
And when he saw Konstantin—the poor boy was shaking in his shoes, knocked over with indecisiveness on whether he should follow his sister or stay away. The closer Nikolajs moved the more Konstantin started shaking, barely even able to move back. If Nikolajs squinted he could see the small shimmer of tears that threatened to spill from his eyes. He wanted to say something—to comfort Konstantin and to make him feel more welcomed to their home—but had shut his mouth in fear of frightening him even with his voice. He couldn’t even imagine what it was like—his voice could deafen him in seconds.
Throughout the few months of the humans living with them, their relationships slowly started to grow. Of course, it first grew with Leonid who often spoke to him and helped him with his homework—he was kind, though much more strict when it came to education than his father, Aleksandrs. Even so, he admired Leonid quite a lot and saw him working almost daily, the way Leonid would push himself further to study different cases and would rarely come home early because of the workload he has. And even then, Leonid still managed his time to help Nikolajs with his homework and take care of the twins!
Speaking of the twins—he found their bond to be quite…he wouldn’t say unstable, but it was jittery. Taisiya adored Nikolajs, and would always start climbing on him whenever she could, messing around and tugging at his shirt, pleading for Nikolajs to play with her, or asking what he was doing. And he loved her for it! They both had immense energy, although due to their very different sizes, he had to control a lot of his energy around her—she took no mind to it. Regardless of how dangerous each of her climbs is or how frighteningly close she was to falling whenever she tried to climb Nikolajs face or even running up to Nikolajs while he was walking! Without warning, even!—she still did it. It was scary, how much Taisiya trusted Nikolajs—how she took no regard for the millions of ways Nikolajs could hurt her with his size. He was overwhelmed with joy to see her warming up to him already—but at the same time, he also found himself nearly having heart attacks with her reckless actions and even lecturing her a few times.
And there was Konstantin—where to even begin?? Every time Nikolajs and he were together, the boy always was frightened and hid behind anything, condiments, tissues, any object that was near him he would hide behind. When they all had dinner together, Konstantin sat far away, he couldn’t sit near his sister or his father because they were both close to Aleksandrs and Nikolajs. And he felt awful for it—he’s tried to come close to Konstantin, tried to comfort him and there were few moments where Konstantin came close before he got way too nervous and moved away. Even now, Konstantin would sit near him but if Nikolajs were to move closer Konstantin would let out a whimper and move away.
Both twins were in his heart, and he dearly loved them, but to babysit them—to not have his dads help him with his siblings—with Taisiya’s over-energetic antics and with Konstantin’s nervous escapes from Nikolajs—he didn’t know how to handle it. They were so small, so fragile, he wasn’t sure if he was ready to take care of them. But he had to try. Surely it can’t be that bad right??
“Taisiya! Konstantin—come on—where are you guys?? Seriously- I told you guys to stop hiding! You know it’s not funny!-“
He regretted his optimism. It was 20 minutes into this new challenge he had faced and already he couldn’t find the twins. He was already panicking—checking the floors consistently, eyes scanning the wooden floor the best he could, and whenever he knelt to check the shelves or the underside of furniture he would announce it and shakily kneel. He had never been so nervous and cautious when babysitting before, and it’s mostly because it was the first time he’d babysit humans.
“Come on guys—this isn’t funny!—we can watch—we can watch a movie—I’ll let you guys have some snacks—just come out please.” Nikolajs pleaded—looking around for any form of noise he could hear, but all he could think of was what could happen to the twins. Were they stuck somewhere? What if some—some bug got them?? What if he already crushed them and he didn’t know??? What if some—some big bird grabbed them and took them away?! Wait—that doesn’t make sense—he’d know if there was a bird. He tensed his shoulders with every illogical thought that ran through—that was until he heard a giggle pierce through it. Immediately, he whipped his head towards the direction of the noise, looking at the cabinet below the tv. A small giggle once again came through, the boy sighing in relief and walking closer, his worried expression washing over with a more amused one. “Huh—I guess they aren’t here!—what a shame—and I was going to give them my cheese puffs too—oh well-“
Nikolajs smirked when he heard a gasp from behind the succulent plants that littered the cabinet, listening to the soft patter of feet immediately running closer to him. Nikolajs knelt carefully and prepared himself, pressing the side of his hand against the table and seeing Taisiya running over, her breathing rapidly increasing as she saw Nikolajs and excitedly jumped off the edge of the table and into his palm. “I’m here! I’m here! I want cheese puffs!—“ she exclaimed, her brown hair disheveled in a messy ponytail. Nikolajs laughed quietly and moved his finger to ruffle her hair up even more.
“Yeah yeah—you’ll get them, okay? Just stop running and hiding for tonight—I have enough to worry about—“ he sighed as he watched Taisiya pout and flop her back onto his palm, spreading her arms in a defeated manner as she exhales a ‘fine!’. He booped her nose gently with his index finger, hearing Taisiya let out a giggle and bumped her head against his finger to boop him back, Nikolajs grinning before looking back at the plants. “Konstantin? Are you going to come out?” He asked quietly—he didn’t have to look too hard for the boy—where there was Taisiya, there was Konstantin—considering the massive change of environment it was hard to not see Konstantin with either Taisiya or Leonid. “You can come out—you want cheese puffs too, don’t you?” He asked, keeping his hand against the table and feeling Taisiya shift herself up, folding her arms on Nikolajs’ finger which stayed on her lap.
“Konstaaaaa!! Come outttt!! We’re gonna have cheesies!!—“ Taisiya exclaimed, Nikolajs feeling her legs kick his palm slightly in excitement as the two looked at the plants. He could barely hear the soft whimper before seeing Konstantin peek his head out from the side of the vase—Taisiya grinning excitedly while Nikolajs gave a warm smile, making sure to still his body as to not frighten the human. He watched as Konstantin slowly shuffled closer, hands gripping the end of his shirt and soon reaching the edge of the table. Nikolajs had held him a few times—but it always lasted no more than a minute, even so, getting Konstantin on was…a little bit challenging. And it was time-consuming with how nervous Konstantin got, but that didn’t worry Nikolajs—what worried him was that if he didn’t help Konstantin get over his fears he would never adjust to their home and would always fear them—and he didn’t want that. He didn’t want his brother to be scared for the rest of his life living here. “It’s okay—you can get on, I promise I’ll hold you close, yeah? I’ll protect you.” Nikolajs whispered and watched Konstantin tense before he slowly stepped onto his palm, stumbling over the warm squishy surface before he moved closer to Taisiya.
Nikolajs smiling and moving his index finger from Taisiya’s lap to nuzzle Konstantin’s head—until he saw the boy flinch and move closer to his sister, who was confusingly staring at her twin brother. Nikolajs frowned a bit and sighed, pulling his finger away and curling all five of his fingers slightly to encase them so they wouldn’t fall, soon pressing his hand against his chest and feeling Konstantin bump against it slightly. “Alright—I’m standing up “ he breathed out, Nikolajs gradually standing to his full 5’9 height, he could feel Taisiya excitedly moving to his fingers to look over at everything—he looked down at her and grinned at her excitement—listening to her squeals as the air blew rapidly past her hair and messing it up even more. But immediately his smile fell when he saw Konstantin being frightened and trying to pull his sister back so she wouldn’t be hurt. He watched the boy shift back to lean against Nikolajs’ chest when he saw Taisiya not budging from her place and laid against the palm, nervously gripping the giant’s shirt and closing his eyes, waiting for the movement to steady. With each step, he watched the boy tense—while his sister squealed even louder and tried to crawl on top of his fingers, which made Nikolajs playfully push her onto his palm and scold her slightly to be more careful.
He reached the couch, carefully pushing one of the navy blue pillows down flat and placing his hand on top of it. He watched Konstantin scramble to get off, tripping over and stumbling into the soft cushion with a quiet yelp while Taisiya excitedly hopped off Nikolajs’ hand and giggled when she bounced off the pillow slightly and fell on her back. Nikolajs moved a bit closer to help Konstantin up but saw the boy getting up on his own immediately once he heard Nikolajs, who had simply sighed in defeat and moved away. “Okay—I’ll go grab some cheese puffs—you guys just sit on this pillow—and don’t move. Okay? Or else no cheese puffs for you.” Nikolajs instructed, his dark brown eyes resting on the twins for a moment, hearing Taisiya grumpily promise to not run around the couch and Konstantin nodding his head quietly.
He smiled and ruffled up Taisiya’s head with his finger, listening to her burst in a small fit of giggles as she tried to latch onto it, arms wrapping tightly around his joint before he gently pried her off, her giggles continuing to erupt as he grinned and walked away. Cautiously looking back now and then to see Taisiya and Konstantin talking—he saw Konstantin relax around her, in all honesty, it made him envious. He wanted one day to see Konstantin trust him—and perhaps this was too much to hope for—but he wanted to one day see Konstantin even play with him as Taisiya does—hug his finger, excitedly climb on him, bother him whenever he tries to study—he wanted that. He wanted Konstantin to see him as a brother and not some frightening giant he has to live with.
Nikolajs sighed softly, entering the kitchen—it only took a few minutes to prepare everything, with the cheese puffs for him and the twins and some drinks—which he had grown accustomed to making for his human family. He remembered how utterly thrown off he was at how minuscule food was for them—to see apple juice barely reaching a joint of his fingers—he found himself constantly cooing at how tiny cups were or furniture was. That was until Aleksandrs scolded him to not coo about it so much (even though he does the same), considering it was degrading. But, much like now, when Nikolajs was alone, two apple juice cartons in his palm, hr couldn’t help but beam at how adorably small it was. He went back into the living room, seeing the twins obediently waiting before Taisiya saw the snacks in his hands and gasped, the girl getting on her feet and bouncing excitedly. “Can we have a big one please please please!!!” Taisiya pleaded, to which Nikolajs responded with a soft ‘nah’
“You know you can barely finish the half I give you—“
“But I will I swearrrrrrr!!”
Nikolajs hummed as he placed the folded tissue on the pillow, watching Taisiya and Konstantin get at either side and wait eagerly for his answer. It was so cute how anxious they got—to see if they got their way with snacks, he continued to playfully hum in thought as he opened the back, grabbing one cheese puff before snapping it in half and placing it between the twins carefully. “Nope.” He laughed, an audible pop rang through as Taisiya whined a bit, complaining how unfair it was “Hey—look I just don’t want you guys to get stomach aches! Besides it’s not like you’re not having the cheese puff.” Nikolajs retorted as he watched Taisiya pout slightly, eyes falling on Konstantin who ignored his sister and started grabbing chunks that were bigger than his hands and nibbling on it—which made Nikolajs cover his mouth to hide the growing smile and muffle the coo that threatened to escape him. He gently placed the two apple juice boxes next to them and leaned back into the couch, watching Taisiya finally start eating the cheese puff and grabbing the apple juice. “What movies do you guys wanna watch? Disney??”
“Let’s watch something scary! Like Coraline!! That’s my favourite movie!” Taisiya exclaimed before stuffing the small handful of cheese puff in her mouth. Nikolajs hummed quietly, opening his can of coke and taking a sip as he grabbed the remote.
“What do we say?”
“O-Oh! Um—can we please watch Coraline? Please?”
Nikolajs looked back at Taisiya who stared at him with a pleading and apologetic pout, even though she was so small he could still see those puppy eyes that he could never find himself resisting. He smiled and started to set up the movie, before looking at Konstantin who was quietly munching on his snack. “What about you, Konstantin? Are you sure you wanna watch it? It might be too scary—“ Nikolajs stopped himself when he saw Konstantin nod quickly. The giant raising a brow before shrugging and playing the movie. “Alright, then~ Coraline it is!” A loud cheer erupted from Taisiya, which made Nikolajs laugh a bit before nestling into the cushions of the couch and watching the film.
Throughout the movie, Nikolajs could hear the very audible reactions from Taisiya, gasping, laughing, and screaming at some of the frightening bits. All while Nikolajs simply ate his snacks, he enjoyed the movie but just wasn’t scared of it, at least not anymore. He remembered the first time he watched it since his father wanted to—he was frightened—perhaps similar to Taisiya with reactions where he cheered when Coraline had won. He continued to munch on the snacks that lay on his lap, making sure to check his phone in case either of their dads called. After a while—the movie had finally ended—with Taisiya loudly cheering as she bounced in her seat. “Let’s watch it again!! No no, let’s watch another one!! Like Corpse Bride!!”
Nikolajs snorted a bit in amusement, turning his head to see the half-eaten cheese puff, his chest swelling with a bit of pride as he knew he was right about the snack. However, it quickly faltered once he saw Konstantin’s nervously fidgeting in his seat, hands gripping the apple juice box and his whole body tensing. Nikolajs frowned—wanting to comfort the boy before Taisiya’s voice erupted once more. “W-Wait I gotta go to the bathroom!!—Nikolajs, is it okay if you drop me off please??” She asked, wiping her hands on the tissue surface before walking over to him, sitting at the edge of the pillow, and sliding down. Instinctively, Nikolajs pressed the side of his hand against the pillow and let Taisiya slide into his palm.
“Yeah sure—you okay on your own Konstantin?” Nikolajs asked as he curled his fingers around Taisiya slightly, pulling her close to his chest once more, and saw Konstantin softly nodding. He sighed a bit and stood up from his seat “I’ll be back soon okay?” He mumbled before walking away, going into his room and dropping Taisiya off at the side railings gently. Seeing her thank him immediately and run to their room that was embedded in the wall. Soon seeing Taisiya turn left and shut the door to their bathroom, Nikolajs moved away and looked back at their room. “Are you okay with coming back alone or do you want me to pick you up later?”
“I’m okay!! Besides I have our cool car if I don’t wanna walk!” Taisiya exclaimed, Nikolajs’ eyes immediately following down to the human door that nestled itself at the bottom of the wall, and just by the side of it was a toy car gifted by Aleksandrs—he grinned at how cute it was. Painted in an array of bright colours by Taisiya and Konstantin, their adorable handprints littered it—looking back on it, Taisiya was always a decent driver—well…as decent as a 7-year-old can get. She bumped into a lot of furniture, but it lessened over time—she still bumped into the side of his foot but he began to think it was done on purpose.
“Alright~ you know my number though if you need me to carry you, okay?”
Nikolajs smiled a bit and began to walk back into the living room, running a hand through his hair in a slight relief that things weren’t as bad as he thought it would be. It was easy—easy peasy, just throw a movie on with some snacks and it was fine! He looked back on the couch and saw Konstantin still sitting in the same spot, tense as he saw him earlier. He let out a soft curse—he should’ve looked at Konstantin—he knew the boy was sensitive, so he should’ve kept an eye on him. “Konstantin? You okay?” He asked, still seeing Konstantin not budging, “I’m kneeling, okay?—I just wanna see you better.” Still no response. He knelt gently before the pillow and looked at the boy—seeing him hugging himself and moving back. “You wanna talk about it? You know I’m always here right? Nothings gonna get you when I’m here.” He whispered before seeing the boy simply shift himself and hide behind the nearly eaten cheese puff that was the size of his torso.
Nikolajs had let out a defeated sigh, eyes lingering on the boy before he quietly mumbled. “Right—um…I’ll just head out for some fresh air—I’ll be back soon. And Taisiya will be too—you sure you’ll be okay alone for a bit?” He asked—and still, unsurprisingly, no answer. Nikolajs stood up slowly, watching his own shadow engulf the boy who cowered because of it, quickly Nikolajs moved away to give his brother some space. He didn’t know what to do—what to say—how to make Konstantin trust him. He wanted to comfort him so badly but Konstantin’s fears prevented him from doing so—and he knew he couldn’t be mad or irritated at him for it, he couldn’t imagine what it was like to have someone 100 times bigger than you, to live with them, sleep with them, eat with them. He wanted to stay with him but he couldn’t care one more second of seeing Konstantin being so afraid. He walked out to their backyard, shut the screen door, and rubbed his face with his palm, leaning against the wall and groaning quietly. “Fuck—“
He pulled out his phone and went into his contacts—seeing his dad’s name, thumb hovering over the call icon. He needed help—he needed advice—and Aleksandr was always good with it. Besides he couldn’t let Leonid know or else he’d get concerned and probably not trust him with the twins anymore. He sucked in a deep breath as he called his dad, the phone answering after a minute.
“Hello? Nikolajs? Is something wrong??”
“What? No—no everything’s—it’s fine. How’s your date?”
He could hear Aleksandrs smiling from the other side—the same smile that he shows to only Leonid. The sound of what he could assume was from a restaurant, with the loud chatter and music playing in the background, with the occasional clinking of utensils. “It’s going great!—I was just about to call you, check if you’re okay—you are okay, right? Are the twins okay?”
“Um…yeah—yeah I’m okay—they’re okay too—“
“What’s the matter?”
Nikolajs internally cursed—he needed to work on trying to hide his discomfort. But even if he did so, Aleksandrs would know, his dad always did. He fiddled with his fingers as he sighed out, “Dad—everything’s fine, we were just having a little movie marathon—“
The giant looked back at the door, eyes scanning the floor, cautious if Konstantin or Taisiya could hear him. “I-I don’t know what to do. Taisiya and I are okay but—but Konstantin—Dad he can’t even look at me—what if he never comes around to liking me? What if he hates me??” The boy was exasperated as he ran his free hand through his hair, looking up at the sky and catching glimmers of stars shimmering—he noticed the clouds were dark—and caught the sight of a streak of lightning that bolted through the clouds.
“Konstantin loves you as much as you love him-“
“No he doesn’t—Dad you and I both know he’s afraid of us—he doesn’t even want to be in the same room as me! I just—“ Nikolajs sighed as he sat on the bench, rubbing his eyes and gripping the phone tightly as he hears a thoughtful hum from the phone. “I-I just—want him to know I’m not going to hurt him—I want to be his brother but he won’t even let me closer to him—“ he mumbled before ruffling his hair frustratingly “Fuck I sound so stupid, don’t I?”
“No, you don’t. Look—mīļā—everything comes with time. You know this—it’s not going to be easy to make Konstantin trust you, believe me, I know. But as long as you show you’re trying, that you aren’t giving up on him, gradually he’ll warm up to you. You and I have seen it, remember? He started sitting close to you—never used to do that a few months ago.”
Nikolajs let out a breathless smile, remembering how excited he had become when Konstantin had moved closer one night—it was the first time the giant had gone completely silent—like he was afraid if he spoke the boy would run away. He was so close to his hand—just one move—and he could ruffle that head of his as he does with Taisiya. He nodded a bit, “yeah—I know—sorry—“ he stopped, seeing another streak of lightning before finally taking notice of the rain that started to pour. “Are you guys going to come home any time soon?”
“Don’t tell me you’re still worried—“
“What? No no—I’ve—I’ve accepted that. I’ll keep trying with Konstantin—thank you.” Nikolajs sighed in relief as his eyes fixated on the wooden steps that led to the backyard—seeing the marks of raindrops grow further and further. “It’s just—it looks like it’s raining pretty hard. The roads will get slippery.”
“Yeah—dad there’s even thunder—are you guys going to be okay driving home??”
He heard a soft curse from the other end of the line and soon a muffled conversation—most likely between him and Leonid. After a minute or so he heard his dad come back “Most likely not—we’re thinking about booking a room in the nearby hotel for the night—we’ll call you if there are any changes. Are you okay with that?” Nikolajs hummed quietly and leaned against the bench as he crossed his legs.
“Yeah—I’m okay. I’ll tell the twins about it too—please stay safe and come home soon okay?”
“Of course, we will, you think I’d ever leave you in charge of the house for too long??” He heard his dad joke, Nikolajs rolling his eyes and letting out a sarcastic laugh as he stood up, digging his hand into the pocket of his sweatpants.
“You are hilarious.”
“You don’t think I know that?” Aleksandrs laughed, Nikolajs hearing the faint muffled voice of a waiter attending them and giving the bill. “Look, I gotta go now, I’ll call you later. Take care, make some dinner for yourselves if you’re still hungry—and Nikolajs?”
“Just remember, they do love you. Both Taisiya and Konstantin. You’re a good brother, and they know you’re trying.”
Nikolajs pursed his lips as he began to head inside, opening the screen door and his entering the house, the warmth greeting him once more. “Pfft—thanks, dad. Love you—I’ll see you tomorrow.” Nikolajs mumbled, hearing his dad respond ‘love you too’ before he hung up. The giant sighed, shutting the door and leaning against the wall as he threw his head back and hit it gently. He could hear the thunder grow outside, flinching whenever the sound came too close. He huffed a bit and internally prayed that his dads would make it home safe.
Hand gripping his phone as he felt his heart pounding in his chest—he felt a bit at ease from his dad’s words—but every single time his brain recalled the way his brother was so frightened, he clenched his jaw. It was repetitive—he knew, but he constantly wished that one day, maybe, just maybe, he could wake up one morning and feel Taisiya bugging him, along with Konstantin. Feeling them both trying to climb his face and tug his hair as they squeal for him to wake up, that his dads were making breakfast, that Konstantin would giggle and hug the bridge of his nose. He closed his eyes, rubbing the bridge of his nose gently, smiling to himself at just the thought of it before a sharp cry erupted from the living room.
“Nikolajs!!! Nikolajs!!!”
Immediately, he found himself bolting from the wall, running into the living room and nearly tripping over himself as he saw Konstantin on the couch cushion, the boy sobbing loudly as he covered his eyes. His heart raced, pounding faster and faster, threatening to burst from his chest as he roughly fell to his knees before the couch. Eyes darting all over Konstantin to check if he was okay, breathing becoming unstable as he continued to scan Konstantin. “I’m here—I’m here Konsta—I’m right here—what’s wrong?? What happened??” He asked frantically, hand cupping the boy from behind before halting—his mind reminding him what would happen if he moved too close. But to his surprise, Konstantin turned around and latched onto one of his fingers—tiny arms wrapping so tightly around it as he sobbed even more.
Nikolajs stared at him in disbelief, hand tensing underneath the weight of Konstantin. He let out a breath of pure awe before hearing the thunder roar outside, followed by another frightened cry from the boy. It finally clicked in his mind—Nikolajs lifting his hand, his free hand used to cup Konstantin, making sure he wouldn’t fall as the giant moved to sit on the couch, legs crossed and as he nestled into the cushions. “No no—no it’s okay—it’s okay—it’s just thunder—“ he muttered out as he cupped Konstantin close to his chest, thumb shakily moving to rub his back, unsure before he saw Konstantin pay no mind and continue to latch onto his finger. Konstantin let out muffled cries stringed with words that Nikolajs could barely make out—he furrowed his eyebrows in concern as he rubbed the boy’s back to try and soothe him. “I can’t hear you Konsta—you don’t have to speak if you can’t right now—just try and relax—“
“No!—no the lady is coming I know it!!” Konstantin cried out as he gripped his finger even tighter—the gears continuing to click in his mind as he brought the boy closer to him, lifting him and trying to get a good look at his brother. “And—and then—and then she’ll t-take me away and put buttons in my eyes!! And—“ he stopped, hearing the thunder strike once more, the boy choking out a sob as he hid in the crevices of the giant’s finger.
“What? No—no that won’t happen Konsta, no one’s taking you away!—“
“But she will! She will!” He sobbed, even more, Nikolajs staring at him, speechless, not even knowing what else to say as he tried to comfort the boy—to at least stop him from crying. His heart twisted at the sound of Konstantin so frightened—but at the same time, it swelled with joy—the way that his brother held him. For all the time he’s known him, not once had Konstantin held him this way—but he shouldn’t be thinking of that now, he had to focus on his brother. He tried to find the right words to say, to comfort him but his tongue was tied. “Wh-what if they take Taisiya away? What if they take you away too?? Or—or what if the lady tries to replace you both and *then* put buttons on my eyes!!”
“Konstantin—“ he whispered as he ruffled his hair gently, “it’s just a movie, it’s not real—there is no lady—no one’s going to take you away, Taisiya, or even me. No one’s going to hurt you, I promise—“
“But I swear I saw her outside look!!” He pointed frantically at the window that showed the front yard. Nikolajs eyes scanned for any sign of this ‘lady’ before seeing the branch hit the window, feeling Konstantin flinch. “There! There, that’s her hand—see!!” Nikolajs laughed quietly and looked down at Konstantin who cowered at the sound of the branch thrashing against the tree. His finger gently moved away from the boy’s vice grip and tilted his chin to look at the window.
“Look—just for a second okay? Do you see that?” He asked softly, thumb still rubbing his back as he watched Konstantin shakily nod. “That’s not the lady—it’s just a branch—you have nothing to worry about.”
“B-but why’s it hitting the window??”
“Because there’s just a storm outside—it’s okay—you’re safe inside the house, you’re safe with me. No one’s going to get you, especially when I’m around.” He wrapped his fingers closed around Konstantin, watching the small boy continue to hug his finger and sniffle quietly, looking at the window before looking back at Nikolajs—for the first time, they made eye contact—without Konstantin looking away immediately.
“You promise?”
The small voice pierced through Nikolajs heart—the way Konstantin was holding his finger so so tightly, eyes watering—tears staining his cheeks. At that moment Nikolajs had desperately fought the urge to just practically smother his brother with hugs—to spoil him and ruffle his hair so much. “I promise. As long as I’m around, I’m not letting anyone hurt you.” He hummed, cautiously moving his hand further up, watching Konstantin nuzzling the side of his face with the pad of his finger. “Besides, if that lady ever comes I’ll scare her away—“
“But—but what if she tries to fight you as she did with Coraline! Then you’ll get buttons in your eyes!” Konstantin retorted, concern stricken all over his face as he fidgeted with his position, body completely facing Nikolajs. The boy sees the giant laugh at his comment and lifts him to his eye level.
“Pffft—Trust me—as long as I’m here, I’ll fight any monster. And she won’t put buttons in my eyes either.” Nikolajs laughed a bit, nudging Konstantin’s stomach with the tip of his nose and hearing a tiny giggle come from him. “So stop your worrying~ nothing will get past me.” He mumbled, eyes crossing to look at Konstantin, he could feel his chest grow warm when he felt the boy hug the bridge of his nose gently. Hearing him giggle quietly and press his forehead against him. “Mmm? What’s so funny?”
“You look silly!”
Nikolajs gasped loudly, playfully wriggling his nose against Konstantin who let out a loud yelp before laughing. “No, I absolutely do not!—“ he watched Konstantin laugh at his reaction and move away to get a better look at him.
“Yeah, you do! Your eyes are doing the thing! The…the cross thing! See it’s doing it again!” He pointed out, Nikolajs smirking when he watched the boy squeal the moment he felt the giant poke his side, feeling another finger ruffle up his hair as his small arms tried to swat it away. The giggles mixed in so loudly with his pleas to stop as he tried to wriggle away from Nikolajs grasp. “Stoppp!! I’m ticklish!”
“I canttt, my fingers have a kind of their ownnnn—“
“No, they don’t!” Konstantin whined, trying not to laugh as he attempted to pin the fingers down, giggling when he felt Nikolajs continue to tickle his sides before Konstantin slipped, arms losing their grip and making the boy flop on his palm. He let out a quiet ‘oof!—‘ before feeling Nikolajs poke his stomach. “Noooo!!! Stopppp!!” He squirmed before sitting up, hugging the finger as tight as he could with his arms stretched over Nikolajs’ nail.
“Only if you promise me something,” Nikolajs mumbled as he felt Konstantin look at him with a confused expression—almost a frightened one considering the sudden change of tone. Nikolajs smiled softly, rubbing Konstantin’s back as he suppressed a yawn. “Next time—tell us when you don’t want to do something. Okay? You didn’t have to watch that movie—we could always watch something else.”
“But…Taisiya likes it—“
“And she can watch it some other time, it’s okay, she’ll understand. What matters to me is that *both* of you enjoy what you’re doing, I don’t want you scaring yourself so much just because your sister wants to watch a movie.” He sighed out, watching Konstantin’s face grow red with embarrassment and slowly nod, Nikolajs messing with his hair slightly “I know you mean well, but you gotta know your limits. So, promise? You’re gonna be more honest about things like this?”
“I promise—“ Konstantin mumbled before he walked closer, hugging the bridge of his nose once more and resting his head between Nikolajs’ eyebrows. “Thank you Nikolajs…” he mumbled quietly, the giant smiling as he closed his eyes and cupped both of his hands. He smiled so brightly—to feel that he was able to protect Konstantin—his hands shielding him from whatever fears he had.
“You don’t need to thank me Konsta—you know I’m always going to be here.” He murmured, slowly opening his eyes as he looked back at the tv, “When Taisiya comes back, why don’t you pick a movie?” He smiled, watching Konstantin fidget against him and let out a thoughtful hum, the boy soon pulling away as he held Nikolajs finger gently.
“Um…okay—can we watch anything?”
“Okay—um—c-can we watch Inside Out?”
Nikolajs laughed quietly as he nodded, muttering a quiet ‘of course’ before he prepared it on the tv, “Um—Nikolajs?” The giant hummed, acknowledging the boy before feeling Konstantin pull his index finger closer. “Is it okay if you still hold me?” Nikolajs immediately looked down and saw the boy looking up at him, his head was thrown back to try and meet his gaze. The teen chuckled and grabbed one of the pillows, placing it on his lap slowly and propping his hand gently on it.
“I’ll hold you for as long as you want.”
Konstantin smiled brightly at Nikolajs before looking away, staring at the tv screen and excitedly waiting for Taisiya to come back from her bathroom break. Whilst the two waited—Nikolajs couldn’t help but pull Konstantin close to him, hands gently wrapping themselves around the human who paid no mind and simply continued to cuddle his finger. The giant felt himself melt into the couch—finally—finally he was able to hold him—he didn’t know how long this would last—perhaps later Konstantin would move away or continue to hide behind objects but for now, he cherished this moment. Where Konstantin needed him—he never wanted it to end, the ability to hold his brother, to comfort him, and to spoil him at least a little bit with his affection. His thumb instinctively rubbed the human’s back—hearing the tiny yawn that came from Konstantin.
He always knew it, he didn’t have to say it—but at that moment he made a firm, mental promise to himself. That he’d be there for not only Konstantin but Taisiya—that he’d do everything in his power to protect them and give them the love they deserved.
He’d be there for them—always.
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Tumblr media
Blue Blushy Boi. Luc got complimented!
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Some stuff!! :,)
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MatPat plagiarized “Game Theory: Minecraft's DARKEST Timeline! (Hermitcraft SMP)” off of me.
Hello everybody! My name is Della, or micer2012. I made a post on tumblr on August 5th, 2021, that nearly every single point in Game Theory’s new video is stolen from. It’s been a very stressful and incomprehensible past few days for me, and I really wish that I had a PR team of my own to help me write this instead of having to put off my homework at 1:00 a.m. because a channel with 14.6 million subscribers stole from me, and is making profit from it.
TLDR: Though I can absolutely believe that somebody came to the same conclusion that I did independently, there is not a single point in the video that isn’t from my post, or wrong. And obviously wrong, things that make me think they didn’t even bother to watch CarnEvil, let alone make the theory on their own from being a long-term Pooka fan. There is also hard evidence of the comments being deleted, and GT has been caught plagiarizing content for years.
Disclaimer: I know MatPat and Tom didn’t write the video all by themselves, it was “Game Theory” all working together. I use their names interchangeably just because they are the faces of the channel, this video and this controversy, but trust me I Do know that. I also am a bit opinionated in this, but I didn’t make it to be a hate piece. I hope you can see the evidence and points I am making and consider them yourself. I’m open for any debate or questions.
I want to address the main thing first- I can 100% believe that somebody else came to the same conclusion as me. I’m not trying to claim ownership of saying “Jeff is controlling EX”, that’s barely even a theory, just connecting the dots of what Pooka has been hinting at for months. I didn’t make my first post with the intention of stating a theory- I mainly made it because I had just watched CarnEvil and realized that pretty much nobody else had, (shoutout to hermette-historian and arandomshine for being the places I first learned about Jeff and the CE trilogy, respectfully) and wanted to summarize and state what it meant for EX’s story in the past, and the EX storyline now in s8. I knew Jeff controlling EX was pretty much confirmed since I saw the square eyes in the reflection in 1013, (and knowing what Pooka had animated before), and wanted to raise awareness about who Jeff was, what he had done, and what he was about to do in the rest of the s8 plotline. The main theory was that EX’s greed and capitalism was connected to s1’s Midas Curse, that EX was influencing both Xisuma and the other hermits in the same way Jeff influenced them, and that EX’s change in character wasn’t just inconsistent writing, like most people on Hermitblr assumed, but because there actually was someone else behind the helm.
As more episodes came out it was more and more clear that this was where the EX storyline was going, with the white eyes, EX monologuing about how they’re not satisfied no matter how much money they have (and that it must be a problem with themselves, Deep Inside), and Jeff appearing both in EX and Jevin’s dream, (1019) and in Hels (1021). I made more posts, notably this iceberg meme (where I put “Jeff wants to go after MatPat” in the biggest text right at the bottom, because I thought it was the most ridiculous possible thing.) and my analysis of the white eyes.
Though my posts gained traction on tumblr, this was not a commonly talked about theory. I can tell you firsthand, I went looking for as many mentions of Jeff as I could find frequently to reblog, I loved seeing people talking about my theory or just asking who that shadowy guy in the background was. As you can tell from my enthusiasm, I love nothing more than analysis and discussing these theories and plotlines with people. And that’s why a part of me really does wish that ‘Tom’ was just a big hermitcraft fan who came to the same conclusion, but I can tell you that there is no doubt in my mind that the video was copied exclusively from my posts, likely without even watching the source material itself. (Hermitcraft, CarnEvil, and Evil’s Fault).
First, I want to link this post by @stygiuscantus. It compares every part of the video that matches with my explanation of the theory. I want to point out specifically comparisons like this:
Tumblr media
(note, there are other shops Tom?? ex isnt controlling all of hermitcraft's diamonds, they can just do digging for more, Tom)
Tumblr media
(note, in the small wording changes here MatPat states incorrect information. EX is not in the CarnEvil series, and they HAVE interacted with Jeff on screen in Xisuma's videos before this (the voice in 666 was confirmed retroactively to be him)
Tumblr media
(note, he starts with CE2 just like I did, even though I realized after making my post that CE1 was retroactively controlled by Jeff. weird not to mention CE1 at all, except that I haven't posted about it)
While at first I brushed it off as “Oh, they were just going over the same backstory as me” it… It became a lot more noticeable when I rewatched and realized there is NO backstory that he goes over that I didn’t go over in my post. Besides going over the real mythology story of King Midas in more detail, he doesn’t mention a single thing from Pooka’s work or Hermitcraft that I didn’t mention in my post.
This is especially noticeable to me with ‘Tom’ apparently being a longtime fan of both Hermitcraft and Pooka’s hour and a half of self insert fan videos (no disrespect to Pooka!). No mention of the Dreamer and his complex relationship with Jeff, no mention of c!Pooka’s role in the CEs himself, (saying later that Jeff can’t target Pooka because he’s not a hermit, so he’s targeting X... Jeff is Pretty Explicitly targeting Pooka, since the first episode of CE up through Acquisition), and especially the lack of mention of any other Hermitcraft plotlines seems really suspicious and weird. I’ve only been a fan since 2019 (and only learned of Pooka’s stuff 3 months ago), but off the top of my head the nHo plotline has a STRONG case to be made about being connected to Jeff, Logfellas was another storyline where X got possessed, Helsknight and the helsmits and Hels as a whole seem weird not to mention, and ALL of Evil Xisuma’s 6 years of lore seem really important to cover or mention other than “They destroyed things” and “They’re like Darkiplier”. I’m sure there are other storylines through the 9 years of the server that could have easily been tied into this, but I didn’t mention them anywhere in my own post. No mention of very important parts of EX’s s8 plan like DerpCoin either. For someone who MatPat claimed to be using evidence from “deep cuts of the series,” he sure didn’t have any evidence that I hadn’t wrote 2 and half months ago, in a post that comes up whenever you look up “Jeff the Minion” or “Jeff the Minion Hermitcraft”. Real “deep cuts,” there.
The video to me also felt very… Dismissive of Hermitcraft. I wouldn’t say disrespectful, but watching I really didn’t feel like a Hermitcraft fan wrote it. Constantly comparing it to DSMP, saying s8 might be more lore heavy because they were copying the “smash hit” DSMP, (and not. Y’know. Third Life’s success or anything) talking about how they don’t script their lore and it’s reset every season, which… which while often the case. You’re Literally talking about EX lore across 5 different seasons. ConCorp/ConVex, Poultryman, Stargazer leading into s8, and Area 77 being a continuation of the nHo plotline are all very important plotlines that continue throughout different seasons, and this is just off the top of my head, only being a fan for 2 years and 3 seasons. Whoever wrote MatPat saying he never needed to do a theory on HC because it's just “casual fun” has not watched a season 5 Bdubs video. While he said there wasn’t anything wrong with HC’s storytelling, it still really doesn’t seem like the kind of thing someone who’s been a fan of Hermitcraft for 10 years would write. There’s other signs like calling Pungence a ‘character’ (at first I thought he meant this in the DSMP way where the characters and ccs are more separate, but he doesn’t refer to any other hermit this way), which would only make sense if you were just going off my post and assumed he was a character the same way Jeff was, not for someone who’s been watching him since 2011.
I want to state also that MatPat is seemingly only using Tom’s word as gospel here. While I’m sure they looked into the situation, Tom, whether he plagiarized it or not is not an unbiased source, and there has been not a single person reaching out to me to try to talk or hear my evidence. If MatPat just consults his own workers and goes “alright, they said they didn’t copy it so that’s that.”, that’s not objective proof of anything. Personal accounts are not evidence, and I have a lot of evidence that I think contradicts what they are stating. By the fact they don’t even write my name in the post, just say “a tumblr user”, I really don’t think that this is an unbiased look at the situation, it really feels like they’re just trying to bury my name and reassure their horde of fans that they can do no wrong.
So now let’s go over the 3 only original points I could find in the video, and how they show a complete misunderstanding of the sources. The most obvious is when they say “It also allowed Jeff to form alliances with certain hermits, notably the hermits who weren’t part of the original assault against him in CarnEvils 1 and 2. These hermits, Welsknight, iJevin, and VintageBeef have all been influenced by Evil X throughout season 8, making them susceptible to his demands.” Now, no hermits fight in CE1, but in CE2 the hermits who led the ‘original assault against him’ were Pooka, Xisuma, Generik, Pungence, and Biffa. Out of these, X is the only one who’s still an active hermit. Meaning the point ‘Jeff is going after everyone who didn’t attack him in CE2’ is worthless, because that applies to every single hermit in season 8, except X, who he is… also manipulating.
The other way you could take this is that he misspoke (or forgot nobody fought in CE1, so was thinking of the two battles of CE2+CE3) and meant ‘Hermits who didn’t attack him in Any of the CarnEvils’, which is… proven wrong by both CE3, where they are there fighting him (and you can see in a shot he shows in the video), and the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet literally says “Fought Jeff _ times” next to every single person's name, this REALLY should not be a hard thing to factcheck. You can see iJevin’s slot saying he fought Jeff one time in the video itself, when MatPat is showing off what his slot says.
Tumblr media
(iJevin, 4 down from MatPat)
Another note about that spreadsheet- There is a video, public on Pooka’s channel that is a video version of the spreadsheet. I didn’t mention it in my post, but if someone was a Pooka fan for a long time there’s no reason they shouldn’t know about it, and there’s no reason they shouldn’t use it in the video, as it makes for much nicer visuals then just reading off the spreadsheet. It is one of the first things that comes up when you search “Pixelated Heart th3pooka”, along with the other ‘deleted scenes’ which both me and GT didn’t talk about.
It is also mentioned (and presumably, used to be linked to directly) at the end of CE3.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The second point is claiming that Jeff is doing this for either 1. Revenge against Xisuma for scarring his eye in CE3, or 2. Trying to get more gold artifacts to power himself up. Firstly, Jeff has been targeting c!Pooka for FAR longer than he targeted X or even Hermitcraft, and saying he’s targeting X now because he scarred his eye doesn’t make sense when he attacked them before CE3 (both in the CarnEvils, and by using EX to attack HC in 350, 450 and 500.)
The second shows a large misunderstanding of how Jeff’s imprisonment and relation to the gold items worked. He needed them to free him from Dionysus’s curse and unleash his full power, and that already happened in CE2. As of Pungence stabbing him in CE2, he is no longer Dionysus’s minion. In fact his name from this point on is “Jeff the Nightmare” (as you can see in CE3’s description, where Tom claims he got the spreadsheet). At the end of CE2 he’s imprisoned in The Dreaming, and then at the end of Pixelated Heart he was defeated with the redstone Power of Love (not necessarily romantic love, just your bonds with people and remembering and drawing strength from them). Judging by Evil’s Fault, he was banished from interacting with the physical world again and only can exist in people's (notably EX’s) dreams and nightmares. While he is weakened again and can’t interact with the physical world, he is not a minion or under Dionysus’s control. In the credits, he’s listed as “Jeff the Nightmare”, and there is no sign he’s doing this to get any ‘Midas artifacts’. He doesn’t become powerful by eating gold items like powerups, he gains power by weakening people’s (notably EX’s) bonds with others and showing them their own memories to make themselves spiral into hate, anger, and giving up. Jeff doesn’t mind control people, he doesn't just mind control EX to Be Evil, he convinces them using their own memories that they’ll never be able to do anything but hurt the hermits, they’re an idiot, they’re useless, and that the hermits will just keep banning them over and over again because they can’t even be Evil right. Jeff doesn’t mind control you, he makes you convinced of what he wants you to be convinced of Yourself, by showing you evidence. And EX was so lonely, so spiteful and angry and jealous of the server that they didn’t have any redstone bonds at first for Jeff to have to break, letting him use EX as a vessel to destroy Hermitcraft before Xisuma banished Jeff from EX’s mind in 666 using the power of their redstone bond. Now, in the 2 year break between 800 and 1000, Jeff was able to slip back into EX’s mind (because Xisuma (who EX DOES still care about (“your precious Xisumavoid”) doesn’t trust or forgive them (and probably never did) and Worm Man has been missing for years). Jeff is gaining power in s8 because EX is isolating and controlling the hermits (notably X) to weaken their redstone bonds with each other, enough so that Jeff can get into their heads, convince them of how much all their friends hate them, and cause them to give up and be puppets for him just like EX is. In short, gold artifacts have Nothing to do with Jeff’s current plan.
That leads into the final point made, one that I… I legitimately cannot fathom how somebody who watched Evil’s Fault could claim it so confidently. It reads like a bad telephoning of the points of my post and my post only, without understanding any of Jeff or EX’s lore.
MatPat says “His (Jeff’s) return would actually explain why Evil X has become obsessed with money- Evil X is infected by the Midas Curse. And wherever that curse is, Jeff is along for the ride, waiting.”. Later on again he says “In true mythological fashion, Jeff needs items cursed by Dionysus in order to restore his full powers. That’s why he tends to linger around whenever the curse of Midas crops up.” This… Seems to imply that MatPat and Tom are saying that EX got the Midas Curse (??How? If not by Jeff??) in s8 (since that’s when EX started caring about money), and Jeff is only here and controlling EX now because he follows where the Midas Curse goes. At no point do they say that Jeff is the one who gave EX the Midas Curse, like I proposed in my theory, they say that EX got it, (after 800, before s8), and THEN Jeff has been lurking in their mind and around Hermitcraft in s8. This goes against pretty much every single thing in Evil’s Fault, the video that shows us the most about EX and Jeff’s relationship to each other for the past 6 years. EX has been EXPLICITLY working for Jeff (and under Jeff’s control) since at LEAST 450, and probably since 350. While EX feeling jealous and spiteful and wanting to destroy Xisuma were probably their own feelings that Jeff just took advantage of and pushed further into destruction, (and Jeff is probably where EX’s powers came from, since they didn't have them in s5 and s6, but do again now), every single thing that happened in all of EX’s episodes is because Jeff was controlling them and pushing them further into their own self hate and lashing out. To say “Jeff only just started being in EX’s mind in s8, since they got the Midas Curse” goes against everything seen in Evil’s Fault, and I can’t understand how it could be said by somebody who had watched Evil’s Fault at all, or even Xisuma’s episode 666.
In short, there are only 3 original points made in the entire video, and they all show an INCREDIBLE lack of comprehension of Pooka and X’s work, that makes me think they didn’t even watch the videos themselves, let alone come up with the rest of the theory independently.
Before I conclude, I want to state some other smaller nitpicks that just show the quality of this video is certainly not up to the standard MatPat claims they put into their videos. An old and incorrect version of Pooka’s skin is used, lacking pants, they call HC “the oldest minecraft smp on YouTube” (not "oldest active") when there have been many before like Mindcrack, says the theory has “it’s roots in the series’s origin from over 10 years ago” when Pungence’s vid was made in 2013, and uses exclusively he/him for Evil X. I don’t want to say that point is the biggest thing in the world since I fear redditors are gonna zero in on just me saying this, but Xisuma has used singular they/them for Evil X the past year, along with he/him. (x) (x) He’s never made a statement that they’re canonically NB or anything and probably won’t, this might not even mean anything, but it’s notable that MatPat took everything from my post except the characters correct pronouns, when you look at Game Theory’s history of transphobia, nbphobia, (x) and misgendering canonically nb characters like Kris from Deltarune (they/them) or the vessels from Hollow Knight. (they/them + it/its). I also want to say that ending the video with a 2 minute Audible ad saying ‘if EX had listened to Audible, Jeff the Minion wouldn't be influencing them!!’ is… In really bad taste, when Evil’s Fault clearly says that Jeff is a metaphor for addiction and spiraling into self hate. Very classy, Matt.
There’s also a lot of weird ways that the video is formatted that… Honestly seem to me like it was just moved around to not look like it was copying my post. 1010, the scene where EX literally watches Evil’s Fault and goes ‘oh I remember Jeff the Minion!! Sometimes I feel like th3pooka is the only one who understands me’ is what I started my post with, and seems weird to not mention until 10 minutes in, using it as a ‘gotcha’. He says “In season 8, the mysterious Jeff has begun to reappear out of nowhere, and not in any sort of obvious way, either.", and then proceeds to show Jeff’s 1019 and 1021 appearances where it’s standing there in plain sight. He doesn’t mention 1010, Jeff’s first appearance in s8 and a Very Obvious one, EX literally saying his name, until 3 and a half minutes later. I can’t exactly prove they moved the points around to not look like plagiarism, but it just seems like a weird and confusing way to format the video.
Addressing the comments… Though I am not a big channel and can’t say I know the details of how comments work, there definitely seems to be proof that the comments are getting at least hidden from view, if not deleted. (x) (x) “micer2012” and “della” are nowhere to be seen when i ctrl+fed a bunch of recent comments, but “micer12” “Micer2012”, “micer2012’s” and “mincer2012” where there, meaning people were definitely talking about me, but the only comments I could find where the ones where people had misspelled my name, not setting off the filter. I also saw people putting slashes through their comments to not get deleted.
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I commented this on the video before I finished watching it, when it had been out for about 15 minutes. It was deleted (I’ve posted other comments since then not using “micer2012”, that are still up). It had no link, and the fact that I posted it when the video had been up for around 15-20 minutes, and it was erased the second I refreshed the page, means that “micer2012” was blacklisted before people were even commenting en masse or commenting with links, likely as soon as the video was published.
I wish I could finish this by saying “Oh, I’ve always been a big fan of Game Theory, I can’t believe he would do this!” but the truth is, I’ve seen him as a clickbaiter and plagiarizer (both in art (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) and theories (x) (x) (x) (x, specifically taking from tumblr) for years at this point. I loved his videos in elementary and middle school, but as I saw more and more of the channel’s behaviour, I grew to strongly dislike him. I’ve tried to not let that cloud my analysis and instead just post the facts and evidence that is apparent from the video, but I hope you can excuse this autistic 17 year old for being a bit mad that MatPat stole my work, is profiting from it, and is denying it. I joked about him stealing my theories for months after making my EX analysis post, I put ‘Jeff is targeting MatPat’ as the biggest, most unbelievable thing in BIG letters on my iceberg meme, and I… I still haven’t really Processed that MatPat thought this autistic teen’s ramblings about his hyperfixation and special interest were good enough to steal.
I don’t mean this as a hate piece, although I am understandably angry. I hope you can see the evidence that I compiled in this response for what it is and make your own judgements, and I will be more than happy to debate and answer viewpoints questioning or opposing me. My tumblr, @micer2012 is the best way to contact me, though I’ll be checking the comments on reddit and twitter too. I’m sorry this post is so long too, but I wanted to be comprehensive and show the extent that the video and their response doesn’t add up.
Della, m/i/c/e/r/2/0/1/2.
Transcript to the GT video
Timeline of the GT situation
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Porsche 356A Carrera GT speedster, possibly the most sought-after version of Porsche’s early sports car. An uprated engine in a 1700-pound car made this a good option for hillclimbs and racing.
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Ford Falcon XWGT in Silver Fox Metallic
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1970 Ford Torino GT 429 SCJ
429ci Super Cobra Jet V8 engine !
© barrett jackson
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Ope my ride is here see you later guys
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More of them
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not knowing the right proportions or how to make a digital sketch not look like hot turds
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POV: your giant monster bf has woken up before dawn to go foraging but wants to say good morning before he leaves
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Sizetober #16. Giant accidentally scares tiny
Sleeping is a tad less restful when yer teddy bear of a husband slams a barrel of an arm down on you in their sleep by accident.
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Hart belongs to @vinegarcat :)
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