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#Guardians of the Galaxy

I made one of these a while back and it got a lot of traction. I made a new one with some edits at the end for more specific timing now that Agents of SHIELD is over. 

(and yes, I said you don’t have to watch hulk because whenever I do a rewatch I pretend it doesnt exist)

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Thorquill Modern!au

Odinson Corp is the most powerful corporation in America. It’s CEO- Odin has been running it for almost 50 years. For the past 3 years, he’s been doing it with the help of his son- Thor Odinson.

One day, the corporation gets a new staff member- Peter Quill. It’s tough to get a job at Odinson Corp., but it’s tougher to keep it. That’s why Odin immediately makes Quill work on a new project. Odin gives him one month to make the project come to life, otherwise, Peter is getting fired. After going through a file of the project, Peter panics. It’s an impossible task for a team, let alone for one man.

Thor notices that the new staff member is struggling to keep his cool together after reading a file. He immediately guesses what kind of task Odin gave the poor soul. Thor goes over to the man and, after the introduction, offers his help. At first, Quill is hesitant since he has to work on the project alone. However, he can’t say no to the man in whose eyes you can drown. They decide to stay after hours at the office.

The first couple of days are going smoothly, except for some bickering between Thor and Peter. However, it doesn’t stop them from developing their friendship. Their friendship even starts to grow into something more, but neither of them says a thing. Thor knows that he can’t have something more with Peter since Odin is strongly against office romances. However, if he can at least be Quill’s friend, that’s enough for him.

One day, Peter suggests moving their work over to his place since he keeps getting paranoid about Odin catching them at the office. That night, they don’t get any work done, but they do get pretty drunk. After some hesitation, Thor throws all the cautions to the wind and kisses Peter. Quill doesn’t hesitate either and kisses Odinson back. That night they spend in love and passion.

The next morning, both men aren’t awkward and, the night they spend together doesn’t feel like a mistake. Everything feels right. Both Thor and Peter decide to give this relationship a chance. However, Odinson warns that they shouldn’t show any signs of affection at work since Odin is against romantic relationships between co-workers.

Tomorrow is finally the day Peter has to present the project. He doesn’t know what would he do if Thor didn’t help him. He is glad that Odinson decided to help, otherwise, they wouldn’t start a relationship. The night before the presentation, they both decide it’s better to stay at the office to finish the project there. By the time they add the final touches, they get a bit handsy.

That day, Odin forgets some of the important documents and papers at the office. He tries to get a hold of Thor to ask him to pick them up, but his son doesn’t answer. That’s why Odin decides to drive over to the office after hours to get what he needs. When Odin gets to the office, he is mortified. He can’t believe that his son broke one of the most important rules. Without hearing any of the explanations from Thor or Peter, Odin fires Quill.

After hearing that his father just fired Quill, Thor does what he thinks is right. He resigns since they both got caught and it’s not only Peter’s relationship. It's their relationship. After picking up everything related to the project and before leaving, Odin warns Thor, that if he gets out that door, he is not welcomed back into Odinson Corp.

It’s the 5th anniversary of the Asguardians Corp. It’s CEO- Peter Quill, with his COO- Thor Odinson just finished their speeches. Both men still can’t believe they managed to start a corporation that became as powerful as Odinson Corp. However, they shouldn’t be surprised, their project did kick-start the company. And, maybe getting fired had its advantages after all. After watching his fiance smile throughout the whole night, Thor realizes that he made the right choice all those years ago.


Requested by @star-guy

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Okay, so I have never written any of the GOTG crew, so hopefully this isn’t terrible.
Takes place Post Endgame, and assuming that Thor doesn’t stay long term.


45. You took a bullet for me.


“Get down!” Peter doesn’t think before jumping in front of her, hissing at the sharp pain in his shoulder.

He hears Nebula swear, catches a glance of Gamora’s surprised features, then his head makes contact with the rough terrain and the world goes black.

“He is stirring,” Mantis’ voice is blurry, Peter blinking repeatedly to try and get the world to focus.

“See, I told you his head is like a rock. Much to hard to be damaged by such a little fall.” Drax states from somewhere further away, though heavily footfalls say he is approaching.

He groans, setting up slowly and waving off the hand offered. “What happened?”

“I am Groot.”

“Yeah, I remember that part.” He half glares at the resident teenager, hand coming up to rest gingerly over his bandaged shoulder.

“We defeated them,” Nebula steps into his view. “But Gamroa got away with the bounty.” He’s about to comment when the woman holds up her hand. “She returned after,” she motions outside the ship. “she’s waiting for you. To thank you, or threaten you, I am not sure.”

Peter scoffs, rising slowly to his feet. “Yeah well, I’ve played worse odds before.” He glances around for a quick headcount, “you up there Rocket?”

“Course,” a chair swivels to reveal his final team-member with crossed arms. “You’re the only one dumb enough to go getting yourself shot.”

“Your obvious concern is touching.” He rolls his eyes, then motions toward the door. “If I’m not back in twenty minutes send backup.”

Nebula rolls her eyes, but Drax nods dutifully. When Peter gets outside he finds Gamora’s familiar figure seated on fallen tree. Shoulders in a tense line, ready to spring, reminding him very much of the woman he first met. He approaches slowly, taking heavy steps to broadcast his approach.

Her head jerks up, eyes quickly scanning over him. “Your sister said you wanted to talk to me?”

She reaches to her hip, and he hesitates until he’s positive she’s not reaching for a weapon. Instead she grabs a small purse which she tosses at him. He catches it, one brow rising as he watches her. “Consider us even.”

“For what?” he toys with the bag of coin before sitting on the far side of the log.

“You took a bullet for me, Quill.” She shakes her head, “I don’t like being in anyone’s debt.”

“I didn’t do it to make you owe me.” He sets the pouch on the wood between them.

“I don’t need your protection,” she sneers, “and I’m not the woman you think I am.”

“You are, or at least you will be.” He takes a shuddering breath, “and I wasn’t there when she needed me.” He looks down at his hands, “I won’t make that mistake twice.”

“So you are going to…what? Keep hunting me?” She sounds almost resigned.

“I’m not…” he huffs, looking up at her. He’s chased her for months, tried over and over to bring her aboard the ship. Some small part of him is beginning to wonder if she’s right, if too much is different now. “Do you want us…want me, to stop?”

“Yes.” He feels his heart shattering, until a warm hand reaches hesitantly over his. “instead, perhaps we can work together?”

He looks up; it’s not the warmth of the woman he lost, but there is curiosity, is hope in her eyes. She must feel the shift because she moves back slightly, watching him warily once more. “I keep my ship, and we’ll split any bounty.”

It’s not what he wants, but it’s a step toward something, and that’s enough. “I’ll have to discuss the details of the bounty splitting with my crew, but I’m sure we can come to an arrangement.” He hesitates only a moment before adding, “I think we have some rations left, if you’d like to join us for dinner?”

She offers a ghost of smile, glancing to his ship. “Very well, Captain Quill.”

“Please, just call me Peter.” He smiles back, the pair rising and making their way back toward the ship. Nebula catches sight of them first, and he sees her pleased smile despite her attempt to hide it. “Alright guys, we have a guest for the evening.” He tosses the bag of coin to Rocket, offering a meaningful look, “Be nice.”

Rocket grins, as he shifts the purse in his hands. “Yes sir, Captain.”

After that the ship settles into what he considers usual chaos. And while he tries to give Gamora her space, het catches her watching him more than once. They speak very little outside of deciding the new business agreement. But it’s enough. It’s a beginning.

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“You said it yourself bitch, we’re the Guardians of the Galaxy.” Gamora is finally a part of something. But the past always follows you, eats at you and she must come to grips with her deeds as she tries to build a future. Meanwhile Rocket has never cared much for anyone or anything. Together the two of them discover they are more alike than different and try to heal themselves by befriending the other.

*Content Warnings: Mentions of child/animal abuse, trauma, character death, physical torture/pain*

Title of this fic is taken from the book of the same title “The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma,” by Bessel van der Kolk

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Rated M for language, violence and adult content (nsfw chapters will be marked as such). Continued from Vital: Part One - Terra and Vital Part Two - Space; Kraglin’s background based on Loyalty (which is a prequel of sorts to the Vital Series).

Ch 1 | Ch 2 | Ch 3 | Ch 4 | Ch 5 | Ch 6

“May I present the Captain and the Doctor - the newlywed Mr. and Mrs. Udonta!”

You’ve never grinned so wide in your life as you walk hand-in-hand with Yondu into the reception area. All of the formal photos have been taken while your guests enjoyed a cocktail hour; now it’s time to party. Your dress has been bustled and your veil removed so you can dance freely, and Yondu’s arrow has been taken back to the honeymoon suite to avoid any accidents.

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Summary: A collection of one-shots, deleted scenes, moments and tie-ins that didn’t make it into The Misadventures of Star-Lord & the Earth Girl; a Peter Quill centric fanfic about the lord from the stars and a girl from earth.

Rated: PG-13

Pairing: Peter Quill x Original Female Character


Originally posted by wtfobiwan

Peter Quill isn’t a blind man.


Peter let his hand roam down his companion’s back, coming to a stop on her lower back as he continued to lock lips with the woman. He pulled back, chuckling at the moan of objection he received for it. “Now, there’ll be plenty more of that later, um…”

The woman ran a green hand down Peter’s chest, her eyes searching his as he struggled for her name. “Lyrian.”

Peter nodded, giving her backside a pat. “Of course.” His eyes began to wander around the bar he’d stopped off in to grab some intel. He hadn’t found any, but he had found a distraction for the evening. “How about we get…” Peter furrowed his brow as an especially lost looking patron caught his eye. Malia was making her way through the crowded bar, maneuvering through the crowd as her own eyes scanned the crowd. Her and Peter’s eyes met and her face lit up a bit, only for it to don a different look as her eyes moved to Peter’s companion. Crestfallen was how Peter would describe it, though he wasn’t sure if he’d read it right from this distance. 

Lyrian’s hand began to work it’s way down Peter’s torso. “Who’s she?”

Peter looked at the girl in his arms, his mind already having moved to Malia. “A friend.” He let go of Lyrian as she gave him a confused look. “I’ll be back. Don’t go too far?”

Peter brushed his hand underneath the girl’s chin, earning him a giggle. He turned away, sighing as he found Malia had moved from her spot. His eyes scanned the crowd as he pushed his way through the people, catching just a brief glimpse of Malia as she left the bar. Peter started making his way towards the door, glancing back to see Lyrian already looking impatient.

Peter pushed open the door and stepped out into the chilly night air, looking around for any sign of Malia. It didn’t take long to spot her walking the desolate street alone. He started jogging to catch up with her, closing the distance quickly. “I thought you were staying on the ship.”

Malia shrugged, keeping her gaze straight ahead. “I got bored.” A small smile crossed her lips. “Besides, I had to make sure you didn’t get into any trouble.”

Peter chuckled, holding up his hands. “Hey, I didn’t drink just like you asked.”

Malia’s smile widened a bit as she nodded. “Good, because I wasn’t gonna help you stumble home.”

Peter held his arms open. “Aw, come on. You did it so well last time." 

Malia held up a hand. "You get the one, and that’s it.” The smile faded from her face . “You could just pick up an alien bimbo and she’ll get you home. ”

Peter furrowed his brow, noting the downbeat time she’d used as she’d said that last quip. “You good?”

Malia nodded, giving a small smile. “Yeah, sure.”

Peter wasn’t convinced, but he didn’t want to pelt her with questions. She was obviously down though, and he didn’t like seeing her like that. On top of that, Lyrian was waiting for him back at the bar, or so he hoped. “Why don’t we head back to the bar? I’m sure you could find yourself a guy. Hell, I’ll be your wingman.”

Malia wrinkled her nose and shook her head. “No thanks. Random hookups are your thing, not mine.” Her brow furrowed. “What makes you so sure I could?”

Peter shrugged. “You’re pretty.”

Malia stopped in her tracks, a look of surprise on her face as she finally looked at Peter. “You think I’m pretty?”

Peter halted his own walking, looking back at Malia with small smile. “Well, yeah. Was I not supposed to?”

Malia shook her head, a smile having crept across her own face. “No, it’s just…” Her eyes locked on Peter’s. After a few seconds she laughed , the smile on her face threatening to make Peter’s own widen. “You’re not so bad yourself, Star-Dumb.”

Peter chuckled before stroking his chin and throwing up his brow suggestively. “So I’ve been told.”

Malia and he laughed together for a few seconds before falling silent and staring at each other. Peter hadn’t thought much of his admission to thinking she Was pretty, because of course he did. She was a pretty girl, she had to know that. He’d always seen her that way, ever since they first met. But, she’d seemed surprised to hear it when he’d said it. 

Peter realized he was just stating at her and thinking about how pretty she was and looked away. He ventured to glance at her and found she’d looked away too, the smile still on her face. “Do you want to head back to the ship, Stowaway? Maybe watch a movie?”

Malia looked at him, furrowing her brow. “What about your little green friend back at the bar?”

Peter blinked, Lyrian having completely slipped his mind. He shrugged, giving Malia a smirk. “Wasn’t really my type.”

Malia threw up her brow. “She was a girl. Isn’t that the only requirement for you?”

Peter made a face. “Believe it or not, I have tastes. ”

Malia shook her head. “I don’t believe it." 

Peter rolled his eyes, turning around to walk towards the ship. "I’m going to watch a movie. Come or don’t, your call." 

Peter trudged forward into the cold night, second guessing his choice to run after Malia and leave Lyrian at the bar. Malia caught up to him and looked her arm through his. He gave her a surprised look. "What’re you doing?”

Malia smiled up at him and shrugged. “It’s cold.” She pressed herself closer against him, resting her head on his arm. “I’m picking the movie.”

Peter started to object, but found he didn’t really care what they watched together. “Fine, you can pick.”


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