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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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“Gurgle” Mini Reference

Not so much a “sona” as it is “I gave personality to the skin I use in the game”

I have my own lil headcanons for each color n stuff, maybe I’ll do the others sometime?

some Info:

- The Electrical Person, specializes in that area
- Often gets accidentally zapped because they always spill drinks in the room
- Crew stuck a wet floor sign on their helmet as a “cone of shame” for always spilling drinks. Cannot get it off
- HATES Weather Node Mobile Tasks.
- Constantly needs the map to move about as they have the memory of a goldfish
- Wears a walkie to communicate with others constantly, also has a Emergency Beacon button on their side.
- Nicknamed “Gurgle” because they also choke on their drinks a lot and spit it up everywhere, making a gurgling noise. Nobody remembers their real name at this point.
- Finds any lost children on the ship and takes them to a playroom to be safe and away from the madness.

- Deadass has a 1% chance of being the imposter, but everyone is suspicious of them anyways.
- When Imposter, the wet floor sign on their head slowly turns red instead of blue slowly over time. More the kill the redder it gets.
- Gains electric abilities. So its both body horror but… electrified wires inside their body that can lash out and zap.

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