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teasty · 3 months ago
long nights, skate rides || bang chan
ch.1 || the skatepark
Tumblr media
pairing: stoner! rockstar! skater! bang chan x rich girl! model! reader (kind of minho x jisung)
others: rich boy! half - brother! lee minho || rockstar! stoner! han jisung || rockstar! stoner! hwang hyunjin || rockstar! stoner! seo changbin || chan's best friend! skater! lee felix || chan's best friend! skater! kim seungmin || rich boy! brother! yang jeongin
word count: 14,082
WARNING! proceed with caution; this fanfiction contains themes ONLY intended for mature audiences. reader's discretion is advised.
warnings (not in particular to this individual chapter): afab!reader || drug use/abuse/addiction (let's pretend this is a sk society where weed is legal) || intoxication || smoking || chan is seven years older than the reader || profanity || mature themes || suggestive dialogue || exploitation || psychological abuse || withdrawal (from an addiction) || body shaming & extreme dieting || sexism || minho is kind of a dickwad || use of alcohol || mentions and attempted sexual assault ||
fair warning; i am not trying to romanticize drug addiction, abuse or extreme dieting. this is all to create conflict in the storyline. thank you. if you are struggling with drug addiction, abuse or extreme dieting, consult a doctor, physician, police or someone you trust, and i hope everything gets better one day ♡
summary —
you’re tired of your life of living hell. sure, being rich had its perks and all, but not when you’re treated like a slave to your parents. everything is restricted; who your friends are, what food you eat (and how much of it), the apps you download, the places you go, the clothes you wear and even something as simple as the nail polish you use has to be limited and specific. so, it’s natural that you run away after being done with it all... only to get lost in the city you’ve never explored, sobbing your eyes out in a skatepark. not expecting to meet a skating junkie with a killing drug addiction and killer looks.
"move your head just a bit to the right... and - perfect! just like that, my darling," the obnoxious photographer said as he motioned two of his fingers to the side. you don't nod or make a noise of acknowledgment, simply following the photographer's orders and turning your head slightly to the right. tilting your head a bit so your jawline would be on good display for all eyes to see.
you're resisting the growing urge to clamp your arms over your breasts and curl up into a ball to hide your dignity. and, too add more to your discomfort, you're sucking in as much of your stomach as humanly possible, even if your waist is overly, tightly cinched by the corset trainer you were modeling for. your clean shaven legs exposed, only your private parts and parts of hips covered by a thin layer of satin. a pair of blue underwear matching with the corset, that also acted as a bra for women.
all blemishes on your arms and legs are covered in foundation and concealer. your face is drenched in makeup - bold ombre of dark blue fading into a light, sky blue completed with dark eyeliner and mascara that was beginning to burn your eyes, all matching with the blue color scheme of the new product your father is just beginning to release. a product that women could feel comfortable, confident and beautiful in.
but, you weren't feeling any of those. at the least, you felt uncomfortable, unsettled and exposed to the photographer's and onlooker's eyes. your perfectly shaped body on full display for those who wish to see, all with the click of a button. your body unwillingly molded to what women wanted to be and what men wanted to see. all in hopes for good marketing sales.
and this was supposed to be a best seller. no, not because the product's good. but because everyone will be buying it because sweet, beautiful and dangerously sexual yang y/n had worn it before. all women would want to wear it (even some men, too, probably) and all men would want their girls to wear it for them. because if beautiful, young and careless yang y/n was willing to wear it and pulled it off so effortlessly, then everyone else should be able to feel comfortable, confident and beautiful in it as well.
and that was always the case. you had soon become one of the most popular young models in seoul, and as your popularity grew and as you got older and your body and mind matured more and more, your restrictions became more and more limited. you could no longer leave the house unattended, you always had to have a bodyguard or manager with you, you couldn't even leave alone with your brother or your parents if you so wished. you couldn't stay in contact with friends anymore, as not only were they a distraction from your work, but they might cause unnecessary drama. and, oh, would it be hell for you if something came up negatively to damage your family company's reputation. you couldn't freely post on social media, and all of it was either because your managers told you to post a specific photo or they had to confirm a photo before posting it. you couldn't even scroll through instagram or twitter like you used to, since your parents and managers have access to all accounts linked to you.
it's not like you're the only media - famous child in your family. in fact, both of your brothers are also models for your family's company. your older, half brother, lee minho (who never bothered changing his name to yang minho along with your mother) modelled usually for business attire and suits. your younger, full brother, yang jeongin, usually tended to model for what was trending for the teenagers 'in these days'.
and that's the life of three kids living underneath workaholic parents who own both a popular asian magazine and a fashion company that was beginning to become more and more popular as the days grow colder.
but, you selfishly had to admit, you had the worst out of you and your brothers. you're the girl. the prize. the beautiful, ageless and youthful young lady every woman only dreamed to be of themselves and every man dreamed to have for themselves. your parents profited off of you the most. ever since you were merely fourteen, for years, you've modeled for them. at first, it was fun. it was like a getaway from the stress of school and of normal, hard teenage life. normal teenage life.
but soon... it turned into a burden. as the cloth grew thinner, your body got bigger and the clothes lessened on you, you began to despise what your parents had created out of you. a fashion icon. the last thing you ever wanted to be. you modeled for it all - dresses, nightwear, loungewear, business wear. but your most popular genre of all was always the lingerie. the explicit, yet not completely nude, garments that always seemed to sell out after your photos would go public of you in them.
you always hated them. how tight they were on your frail, delicate body. how the lacey cotton chafed your skin and how exposed the attire made you feel. how it made you feel so vulgar and barren. like a scarlet woman.
like a whore.
you'd never bothered bringing it up with your parents about how you feel today. you've tried before, many times at that. you've tried to talk through to them, tell them that you're not happy with the decisions that they have chosen for you. how even if a mature view of their sweet little girl was going to get them the money they felt they deserved, you didn't feel comfortable with the position you were put into. however, every time you had tried to let them know just how bad you hated your 'job', they would shut you down before you even got the chance to say their respective names.
so you never bothered. you never tried again. your parents had always been too stubborn to realize just how damaging this truly was to you, more emotionally than anything. but, inside, you still loved them uncontrollably. they are your parents, after all, no matter the good and bad decisions they make.
but, as minho used to always say, "they're better businessmen than they are parents. always has been, always will be." and, at first, you didn't want to believe him. to just tell him that he's always pessimist about things and how he doesn't truly know your parents like that. however, as you grew older, you could more and more easily begin to empathize with minho's claim. for, in some terms, he was right. in others, he wasn't. your parents still loved you all unconditionally, so they say, but sometimes you wondered if the blood, sweat and tears you've shed for them was painted green in the greed of their rapacity.
and, now, as you're posing for this photographer, you slowly find yourself agreeing more and more with minho's words. for, even if you both never really got along too well, not as well as you did with jeongin, he's still your brother, half or full. you both share the same mother, and you swore to yourself to love minho as your full brother, despite his annoyance with you and jeongin.
but maybe the day for minho's return of sibling love will have to wait for a future day.
"just perfect, my dear," the photographer says after capturing another hundred shots. and, despite almost all of them would most likely turn out the same, he and the editors would only choose a few to show to the media. for every photo must be carefully viewed at for flaws. and if a single flaw is found, that photo would not be used. "and, we're done here." you turn your head back, your eyes opening wider, heavy with makeup, "you did exceptional, miss yang. i'm happy to have worked with you."
the photographer, who you can't bother to remember the name of, walks up with a wide grin on his thin lips. holding out a hand to you, and you return his smile with a kind one as you hold your weight on one arm, holding out your trembling, cold hand for his unusually warm one to take and hold. the sweat from his hands feeling like it's melting your skin, and you fight the urge to snatch your hand back, "the pleasure is mine, sir... and, this is more work for my parents than me. i'm told to sit here and p-"
"and look pretty, i know the line, my dear," although that was never what you intended to say afterwards, you laugh along with the photographer, "well, i don't get to work with many, eh... young ladies anymore."
"i wonder why," you smile brightly, your tone sickenly sweet as the words behind the tone mean something much more offensive to the photographer, "you seem... friendly enough, i'd say! i hope we can work again!" you lie through your teeth, having felt uncomfortable all throughout the photo shoot as the display of this photographer, a complete stranger.
"i hope so, too, my dear," the photographer finally lets go of your hand after an uncomfortably long time, and wipe his hand off on his trousers before stuffing it in his pocket. you watch with distaste, "anyways, i must be going to submit these to the editors. have a nice rest of your evening, miss yang. i hope to see you again some time in the future!" he waves as he walks over.
"goodbye, now," you chuckle bitterly as you wave him off. your smile fading the minute the photographer turns his head.
"wow, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning," your head cocks to the side at the familiar tone of your younger brother, yang jeongin, in all his glory. he's wearing his 'i'm not meant to be dressed up but i have to look nice' kind of outfit with a form fitting white tee and a corresponding pair of black, loose fitting jeans secured around his waist.
"is it that obvious," you groan as you drag your hands on your cheeks.
"kind of," jeongin shrugs a shoulder as he throws a silk robe around your shoulders, "yeah, a lot, actually. the photographer really that creepy?"
"the guy's hands were hotter than a fucking firepit that was obliterated by a little, itty - bitty piece of the sun," you complain, slipping your arms through the robe and tightening it around your figure, finally in the comfort of coverage and warmth as jeongin leans against the blue stand you'd been sitting on for the photo shoot, "i bet that guy took a few up - close shots of my tits. fucking pervert."
"jeez, i guess he really is that bad, then," jeongin's brows raise as he looks off into the direction the photographer ran off to.
ever since you couldn't stay in contact with your friends, you grew closer and closer with jeongin until you considered him more as a best friend than your little brother. he understood you and didn't judge you like minho did. jeongin is kind of going through that same situation you were when you were modeling in high school, where he's gaining social media popularity, but losing real friends. until the last person you have to go to is you dear, wise older sister who went through the exact same thing.
"he really is that bad," you exaggerate the word that, making jeongin laugh softly, which causes an honest smile to etch at your lips. maybe it was your close age with jeongin, where he's only about a year younger than you. you having just turned eighteen a few months ago, and jeongin having turned seventeen a few weeks before your birthday. you don't share such a close age difference with minho, where he's just about to hit twenty - three, and you're just barely an adult.
"i'm sorry," jeongin says, but his tone is truly anything but soft. more mellow and solemn than anything, "that you have to deal with that kind of bullshit day in and day out. must be hard. i'm not a girl, so i wouldn't know."
"but you're a boy and a model and just as much of a bitch as i am," you smile coyly at him, flicking his shoulder, "i'm sure your photographers are probably lusting over you, too, in their brains. a man will do what a man will do to not get arrested for pedophilia, but you can't really stop what he's thinking."
"doesn't make him any better of a person," jeongin grumbles.
"or any less of a man," you counter, raising a brow at jeongin, who swipes his tongue over his lips.
"it's just stupid," jeongin changes the course of the topic, despite it still being somewhat on track, "you'd think they'd at least get you a female photographer instead of some forty year old dude off of the streets."
"you'd think," you echo his words, shaking your head disappointingly, "but it's not going to change much about the outcome of the shoots. even if i don't like what i'm wearing, it's still going to be shown to the whole fucking world whether or not i'm being photographed by a man or a woman."
"you're not wrong on that," jeongin nods his head, understanding your words, "but you should still have the right to feel comfortable without the stress of a pervert's eyes on you."
"a woman can be as much of a pervert as a man can be, you know," you chuckle, "but it'd make me feel safer, for absolutely - fucking - sure. but i don't make the rules here, jeongin. when you're working for the yangs, you're not in south korea anymore. you're in crazy - town living under wacko rules, and the government control doesn't give less of a shit about whether or not you feel uncomfortable with you unwilling work or not."
"you can say that again," jeongin scoffs, chuckling humorlessly.
"but, yeah. when you're working for mom and dad, especially as their children, you don't make the rules. you don't own your body anymore. it's theirs and theirs to toy with as they please," you bring one knee up, resting your chin on it as you look down at your bare feet.
"again, you can say that again," jeongin laughs, a bit of humor lacing his tone, causing you to giggle along. "but, in all seriousness, you should consult mom or dad about this. it's getting to the point where it's unbearable watching you shake and fake a smile for these dickwads."
"oh, they wouldn't listen to a word i have to say," you argue, laughing with bitterness, "not only am i the useless middle child, but i'm also their main source of profit. if they really like this photographer, they're not gonna let him go so easily, just 'cause i said i didn't like him."
"but that should be the case," jeongin turns, placing a warm, comforting hand on the base of your foot that is propped up on the platform, "you're comfort matters above all. you don't have to do this, you know. all this bullshit." jeongin motions to the photo room.
"yeah, i know, but..." you trail off, finding the right words to say before speaking again, "if i let them down and they let me go, i'll have nowhere. no one. i don't have anymore friends other than you and my fucking manager, who i bet hates my guts. if i let them down, they wont give me a tenth - a millionth of their cash to help me start something up with my life. i know mom and i know dad better than they do themselves. i'm better of being their modern slave than a homeless girl begging for coins on the street for the rest of her hopeless life."
jeongin doesn't say anything right away after your short rant, biting his inner cheek before saying, "it's worth a shot, y/n. you wont get anywhere in life if you don't take the risks."
"you think?" you mumble.
"i know," jeongin confirms, his hand squeezing your foot before he grabs your hand and drags you off of the platform, "now, come on! let's get you a change of clothes and you ready ask mom and dad tonight at dinner, alright?" jeongin asks, but you don't have much of a choice as he drags you out of the studio. your free hand keeping the robe closed around you as you're dragged off by jeongin.
there's a brief walk outside in the nice, autumn sun to your house - well, mansion. you have a studio the size of an above average house for a studio, but your mansion was another home, times itself by ten. there's plenty of different buildings, but you're not aloud much anywhere else but the clubhouse, the studio (during 'work' hours) and the mansion.
it's a long walk to your bedroom, but a good walk nonetheless. jeongin's kind touch guiding you through the house you'd grown up in, leading you up a flight of stairs, once from the grand stairs, and up a spiral staircase before you're led down a familiar hallway until you make it to the last door. jeongin opens it without much of a bother and finally lets you go. taking a seat on your unnaturally large bed for a small, young lady.
you shut the door behind you and smile mischievously as jeongin, "and i wonder where you get all of your energy from."
"mom," jeongin bluntly says before lying flat on your bed, stretching out on your satin sheets.
"touché," you laugh softly before taking off the robe and placing it on your bed, "now help me get this stupid thing off... i don't know how to work it."
"neither do it, might as well just cut it open," jeongin blankly says as he looks at the loops and ties on the back and front of the corset. the confusing ribbon made to make it look beautiful and elegant, but more confusing and annoying for you to take off.
"i don't care, this thing's been suffocating me all damn day," you say, agitated as jeongin huffs. groaning as he gets up and walks behind you. his hands quickly working out how to untie the corset. and, thankfully, after some struggle and hoarse breathing, he does. "dear god, why would anyone want to wear that damn thing!?" jeongin half - yells as he shakes his hand in the air, probably from squeezing to hard trying to get the thing off of you.
"thanks, jeongin," you huff, somewhat out of breath from having your entire torso squeezed all day.
"yup! anytime, sister," jeongin groans sarcastically as he falls back onto your bed. you trudge back into the walk in closet and close the door behind you so you can finally let the lingerie fall off of you. "why would mom and dad even think of making something like that? isn't their whole thing, like, comfort, confidence and beauty their whole thing? the entire things uncomfortable, too revealing and ugly in my taste."
"some girls like this kind of thing," you shout through the door, picking out an appropriate outfit for dinner, which would be in no less than two hours. you could already smell the preparation as jeongin was dragging you through the house, "and, i think some women will use it more for shapewear, even though it's technically branded as lingerie."
"wait - so you're saying that's supposed to be sexy!?" jeongin basically cries, and you roll your eyes, chuckling as you pull on a more comfortable bra and an off the shoulder, slightly loose graphic tee shirt over you and make sure it fits you well. for pants, you just slide on a pair of denim jeans that seemed to fit you just the right way. you slip on a pair of warm socks to sooth your cold feet from the freezing studio, "that's disgusting! you were supposed to look sexy in that?!"
"are you saying i wasn't, dickhead?" you shout back, your tone aggressive, yet playful.
"shut up!" jeongin yells back, and you laugh under your breath. glad that at least jeongin is there to cheer you up.
you walk out of the walk - in closet and turn off the light inside. you lightly kick jeongin's leg, and his head looks over to you with a dead look in his eyes. a pouty look on his face.
"what's with the long face, huh? you keep bending your face like that, mom will make you wear braces for another year," you threaten.
"i saw my sister in lingerie..." his hands slap over his eyes as he fake - sobs, "i'm forever traumatized." then, his hands go flying back to his sides as he yells, "thanks a lot, mom!"
"and dad," you note, and jeongin only groans, "oh, get over yourself. let's go back downstairs, i'm pretty sure minho is finishing up, too. you've been done for hours, you've had your time to relax, jeongin. get off of my bed... you're gonna ruin the sheets!" you whine as you watch jeongin roll over your bed dramatically.
"who cares about minho? all he does is drink wine as old as his mental age, like, two - hundred, at least, and wear a suit and tie. he's got it so fucking easy!" jeongin complains, his face stuffed in your sheets.
"he's always been the favorite child, you know that," you remind jeongin, your tone full of spite. "of course he's got it off easy. mom loves him cause he reminds her of his dad. i doubt our dad can even see through it. and he's absolutely smitten for the guy, too!" you complain a bit, too, as you brush out your curls and wipe off all of your makeup, standing in front of your mirror, "and all that minho does is -"
"sit around, drink wine and complain about how he's 'not satisfied with his outfit' and with how the media isn't paying enough attention to him," both you and jeongin say at the same time, your voice a bit more serious while jeongin basically says it all in one, long, whiny breath.
there's something special you share with jeongin. have it be a linked braincell, or one shared collectively between the two of you. but you two always understood each other, even when jeongin's face is stuffed in satin sheets because he saw his sister in lingerie, or when you're getting mentally prepared (and mentally panicking since you're about) to demand your mom and dad to hire a female photographer and to stop making your photoshoots so explicit.
"you know me so well, jeongin," you coo mockingly, looking at him through the mirror.
"uh - huh," jeongin's loud, muffled voice yells back, and you suppress a witch - like cackle, which only turns into a fit of giggles.
you finally get all of the curls out, and you turn to jeongin, "alright, pretty boy, let's get going. i'm sure mom's going to be screaming through the phone to get our asses downstairs now before i even have the chance to drag you out..." you place a hand on your hip as jeongin gets up from your bed. running his hand through his hair and straightening it out as he huffs.
and, after shutting your bedroom down, you make your way back to the main floor with jeongin following just behind you. down the hall and down the spiral staircase, down some more long halls of paintings, artifacts, pottery and more and down the grand staircase until you make it into the living room. and, as you expected, your mother is sitting there, mumbling something to your father as she goes through a camera, most likely of your photoshoot.
"hey, mom," you make your presence known, and both your mom and dad turn their heads, looking between you and jeongin.
"hello, honey," your mom says as she sets the camera down onto her lap, and you can faintly see the familiar blue on the screen of it, "you changed quickly. did you not like the outfit?"
"no, it was fine," you lie, sitting on the sofa across from them. jeongin leaning against the wall as he watches, "just a bit uncomfortable."
"well, you were in it for more than four hours. the most amount of time recommended for wearing it is four hours," your dad says in a matter - of - fact, probably to make himself feel better about the piece of cloth he had helped design, "i'm sure if you weren't in it for so long, you'd be just fine, sweets."
"mhm," you nod, your brows raising slightly, "is minho done?"
"nearly," your mom says shortly, "he's had some difficulties with the photographer."
"oh yeah, why?" jeongin asks, "and who is it?"
"i think it might be the same person who took your photos, y/n, but i can't remember," your mom says, tapping her neatly done nails on the camera, "apparently minho and him started arguing about god knows what. i swear, that boy is getting a bit more irritable than normal."
"cut him some slack, honey, the boy's going through a rough time with work," your dad says, and you give a side glance to jeongin, who rolls his eyes bitterly in spite of your other brother. "it's stressful for him."
"well, i don't want to go through the trouble of finding a new photographer," your mom argues, "it was troubling enough to find one for y/n, let alone for minho. finding your photographer was especially difficult, y/n, i'll let you know. we went through hundreds and hundreds of resumes over the past few nights, but his stood out the most."
"indeed, it did," your father smiles, patting your mother on the shoulder, "he's a passionate young man, all right."
passionate? sure, but young? probably a bit too exaggerated.
"he spoke with me earlier," your mom says, placing a hand over her chest. she's wearing a purple dress, her neat hair up in curls. she's a pretty woman for her age, but you don't resemble her as much as you do your father. who's expression is much gentler and sweet, yet if needed, intense and intimidating. "he told me that he just adored you. i'm sure you two will make good friends."
you laugh slowly, forcing out a smile, "oh...! i'm sure!" you nibble on your bottom lip, "and, on the topic of photographers, i-"
"it's going to have to wait, honey. i just remembered that i have to get back to looking through this thing." your mom dismisses you, and you suppress the urge to groan, and only let out a small sigh. turning to jeongin, who mouths 'dinner' at you with a shrug, and you shrug back. "goodness, darling, you are so gorgeous."
"thanks, mom, but i think that i-"
"look that this! you're eyes, oh, she's got my eyes, i just know it!" your dad points, and your mom nods, laughing with him.
"i know, dad, but if you could just-"
"oh, this one isn't good. look at the lighting on her legs," your mother's face contorts in disgust. and, you'll admit, you feel a bit offended by it, "you can see the dip, that's no good."
"well, modern technology could help," your dad suggests.
"true, true," your mother clicks through the photos some more.
"mom, i'm sorry about the lighting, but the outfit could have-"
"oh, this! with her head tilted! that had to be up there, it has to be!" your mom shoves her finger at the camera, as if her finger would faze through an caress your makeup covered face.
"thank you, mom, but i really didn't think the makeup should have been so-"
"but, this one... gives her a bit of an innocent look, don't you think, dear?" your dad looks up to your mom, and your rage slowly begins to increase.
"mom! dad!"
your parent's heads snap up, "yes, dear?"
"i said-"
and, as if he were the king of perfect timing, there's a knock on the open doors. all of you turn to see minho leaning against the doorframe. one hand fashionably in his pocket, the other resting against the doorframe from the knocking. his hair is styled to perfection, and his face is layered in foundation and powder. his suit, designed specially by your dad, fits him perfectly.
"oh, wow," your mom gets up, setting the camera to the side, "look at how handsome!" she coos, "are you all finished up with your shoot, minho, dear?"
"i am," minho states, glancing to you briefly before back to your mom, "i just wanted to let you all know, from the chef, that dinner with be ready and on the table by six - thirty. i'll be in my office if you need me."
"love you, sweetheart," your mom pats minho's cheeks, and minho doesn't say anything in return before walking away and up the stairs. down the hall to the left, where all of the offices were. including one of your own, which more turned into just a art room and gaming center for you and jeongin to hang around in, since the walls are soundproof and you wouldn't be bothering anybody else.
"oh, isn't he just a fine gentleman," your mom coos.
"the finest," jeongin says, but you can basically smell the sarcasm dripping from him as he glares over minho's way.
"sure is," your dad nods slowly before turning to you, staring at them with a bewildered expression, "anyways, y/n, you were saying?"
you look up to him, your mouth hanging open like an idiot, "never... never mind."
"close your mouth, for christ's sake! it's ugly for you to do that, y/n," your mom clamps your mouth shut, and you force an appreciate smile onto your face.
"sorry, mom," you sigh out as you watch your mom and dad gather the camera against and walk out of the living room without even an 'i love you' for a goodbye as they did minho. even if they profited off of you the most out of you three children, minho was the golden child. you never really knew well, and it didn't make much sense since he was the half brother. he was supposed to be the odd one out. but, no, he fit in more with the family than you, or sometimes even jeongin, ever did.
"tough," jeongin mumbles.
"shut it, i know," you huff, folding your arms. watching with contempt as your parents walk up the stairs, still going through the pictures and making either rude remarks or compliments on your appearance. "see, these fuck - heads wont listen to me."
"maybe you caught them at a bad time," jeongin tried to reason, but you were already pushed inches closer to the edge of the cliff. for anybody, it would be like dipping toes in piranha infested waters if they tried to mess with you.
"i didn't catch them at a bad time, jeongin!" you try not to yell, the last thing you want to do is make your baby brother tense around you, so you place a stiff hand on his shoulder, "they're free a lot of the time. their ears are always open. but they never choose to listen."
"dinner," jeongin says with confidence in his voice, "trust me on this one, y/n. dinner."
you sigh, "there's no arguing, is there?"
jeongin smiles goofily, "nope!"
and, jeongin definitely wasn't lying. by the time dinner came rolling around, your mom and dad were already sitting at either end of the long dining table that was made for more than just five people. but, you and jeongin got one side of the table, minho got the other. that was just how things worked around here, and that's what you had gotten used to after years of living this life.
servants served. the cooks explained the fancy dinner they had made. the butlers have you all napkins. the maids poured sparkling cider and wine. everyone was doing their job, minho was also doing his part... of being late. every night, for the past eighteen years, minho has always, always been late to the dinner table. and, not once, was he ever chewed out for it. your parents didn't mind, probably because he's 'going through a hard time with work', or whatever bullshit excuse they liked to pull out of their ass.
the dinner was some sort of seafood recipe with all kinds of expensive fish. it's not that you disliked fish, but when the plate was presented to you, you were tempted to decline it. grab a phone and order pizza for the night. but, you couldn't. you're not a normal eighteen year old. you know that much. you craved pizza sometimes, even though you swear you've long forgotten what it tastes like. the last time you had pizza was back when you were ten, celebrating an end of the year celebration for the elementary school you went to. and, even though it was cheap, shitty pizza, it was good.
so fucking good.
"no, she can't have that much," your mom says to the chef right as minho walks in, who's steps slow as your mother waves as the chef to come back over, "i need her to be thin for the photoshoot tomorrow. i need her to look good."
"but, mom, i'm hungry," you argue, your hands gripping the plate, pulling it away from the chef, who tries to take it from you.
"you'll be fine, honey," your mom gives you a short, bitter smile before turning to the chef, "a third of the plate."
this is the fifth time this week she's done this to you. taking a third off of your plate. and, although it didn't seem like much, it was a lot more than you anticipated. you were getting thinner and thinner by day, and you hated it. you can't go into the kitchen, since it's either locked or the chefs are busy in their and are ordered to kick anybody other than a maid or butler out. including you, jeongin or minho.
"mother, that's enough for the week, i think she'll be fine if she eats her full plate tonight," minho says, and your eyes flicker to him.
"are you y/n? i didn't think so. do you make the rules? i don't think so," your mom snaps, and minho's mouth closes shut, his defense well played, but quickly shot down as he goes to slowly eat his food. "chef, take the food off already."
you finally let go of the plate, and the chef takes exactly a third of the plate onto a separate plate and taking it away. placing the two - thirds plateful of food in front of you. it seemed sufficient, but with no snacks, no breakfast and a slim lunch, this could be labelled as basically nothing.
"mom, don't be like this," jeongin took his turn to defend.
but, as you expected, it was also shot down as quickly as minho's. jeongin, unlike minho, is sensitive. so, when your mother snaps at him, he immediately shuts up and eats with his eyes glossy, but careful to not let a tear accidentally slip out. "not you, too! you're no woman, don't speak for her! and don't you start complaining, missy. it's an important day, tomorrow, and i need you to be presentable."
"presentable?" you echo instinctively.
"exactly," your mom argues, taking a bite of her food, "presentable. i need you to be... presentable for tomorrow. we're meeting with a major fashion icon and model tomorrow. i'm dressing you in the dress you had the photoshoot for last friday."
"no - mom!" you groan, upset how your father had been silent throughout the scene, eating his food as if none of you were there in the first place.
"don't complain, young lady," your mother says, her eyes flickering between your face and her plate, "and did you just wipe your makeup off? be sure to use that charcoal face mask."
"those hurt... so bad, mom," you sigh out in a pitiful voice. at this point, minho had stopped eating to watch, but jeongin continued eating in silence.
"i don't care. they're good for your skin," your mom says, "and i can't have my daughter walking about with blemishes."
"no, i don't want to hear it," your mom interrupts you before you can continue, "anyways, i'm going to wake you up at four tomorrow morning so you can get ready early enough to greet our guests, and -."
"mom, i'm not going to wear that dress," you firmly state. and, every noise goes silent. even your father stopped eating to look up at you. the dress your mother wishes you to wear is a dress that, despite it's beauty, nearly made you pass out from the sheer tightness of it. it had an attached corset to it, and your maids had been sure to cinch your waist small and thin, and you were sure you were going to have bruising there. the dress isn't as revealing, but still shows an absurd amount of cleavage and cuts on your thighs. something too inappropriate for a teenager to wear to greet guests.
your mother chuckles, setting down her chopsticks, "ha... what?"
"i said... i'm not wearing that dress tomorrow," you repeat yourself with a harsher tone. courage building up, "i don't like it. at all. i hate the way it makes me feel."
"don't you dare say that," your mother growls, and you turn your head slightly back.
"but it's true! i wanted to faint because of it last friday, and now you're going to make me wear it to greet guests? mom, i'm not a doll, okay? i'm not like some barbie doll you can just dress up however you like."
"no, but you're a girl. my daughter," your mother snaps, "you work for me. i give you food, i give you shelter, and i give you clothes to wear. now, y/n, to get these things, you have to follow what i do, listen to what i say and don't question me." you go silent, knowing that she's telling the truth, the bitter truth and nothing but the truth. you're a hopeless case without her money, and you don't know how to take care of yourself.
you don't even know if you're capable of taking care of yourself without the help of someone else.
"but..." you utter out, "i don't want to do this. this isn't what i wanted to do with my life. i didn't want to be dressed up in sexy clothes for the world to see, showing off my dignity to the likes of a strange man taking photos of me. a strange man i barely know that might be thinking of me the wrong way! did you think for a minute that this is what i wanted?"
"no, because it doesn't matter what you want, y/n," your mother snaps, and you feel your mouth fall agape at her harsh words. the mother who was just calling you honey just thirty minutes ago, "all that matters is that we are doing well in the stock market, and you are a big factor for that! doesn't it make you feel good!? that women want to be you? men want to have you?"
"no!" you yell, all silent eyes turned to you as you push your two - thirds plateful of food away harshly, the neatly put together dish toppling to a mess, "i don't want women to want to be me! i don't want to have men want me! i never said i wanted my face, no, my body on billboards and in shops and in magazines for god knows who to see?! i want to be normal, mom. i want friends and i want to go out on joy rides and go camping and shopping and order pizza at two o' clock in the morning without having to care about who i have to please the next!" you hug, breathing heavily, now standing in your spot.
the room is silent, filled with your breathing, and your mother's blood boiling.
"it's either one of two choices, yang y/n," your mother slowly stands in her spot, pushing her luxurious chair back as she does so, leveling with you, "either one, you stay here with me, your brothers and and your father and do i say and live comfortably... or go live in the streets with no one but the rats of the sewers."
your eyes are wide, and you shake your head, "how can you call yourself a mother when you say things like that that to your own flesh and blood?" you utter, a lump forming in your throat.
"get out of my sight. you disappoint me greatly, y/n. go to your room. i'll wake you up at four sharp. i expect no arguments and no-"
"fuck you!" you scream loudly, throwing the dish across the room, filled with two - thirds a plateful of food. everyone in the room gasps, and your mother especially. the plater shatters to the ground.
"y/n..." jeongin whispers, shaking his head.
"yang y/n!" your mother yells.
you gasp softly at what you just did, and you swore that it was just an impulse. before your mother could scream more, you run out of the room. heading for the front door. but, jeongin is close behind you.
"y/n!" he yells after you right as you swing open the front door. you turn you head sharply to him. "where will you go? you have... no one, remember?" he pitifully reminds you.
you smile bitterly, "i'll figure something out. love you, jeongin. don't let me carry you down, bud." you say before marching out the door and slamming it as hard as you can. as your sock - covered feet stepped onto the cold pavement, you could feel the walls resonate from the strength of the slam of the door.
and when the door locked behind you not long after, you knew that this was going to be a long night... with no phone, no money, no jacket in the autumn night, and no shoes. and, it was. you knew where the main city was, so you headed there. and, seoul being seoul, it was still rumbling with life. people gave you odd looks in wearing just a loose tee shirt, jeans and a pair of fuzzy socks walking through the streets of seoul. you tried your best to keep your head low and eyes peeled and your alert high.
you'd must have been walking for hours. by the time you left the house, the moon was resting over the horizon. but, by the time you made it to empty, old, creepy downtown, it was nearly twenty degrees to it's peak. it must've been late, and your heels were beginning to hurt from walking around in only (now very dirty) socks.
seoul, when it was quiet, was a lot more peaceful than you imagined. even though it was slightly ruined by the cold autumn night, you could still appreciate how the city slept peacefully, especially downtown, where you assumed you had ended up walking. barely any cars, no people. just you and you alone.
you're kind of upset you never snuck out before. you were always a goody two - shoes for any adult. so, when you did have the chance, which was many a times, you never took it to sneak out and go run around at night. and, now that you're finally out, give or take really sneaking out, you regret not doing it before. not being a bit more rebellious. a bit bad, just to give your life that thrill it's been missing for the entirety of it.
you ended up at a skate park after walking through a short trail. of course, no one was there but you and your feet were growing too tired. the skate park was everything you imagined it be, having not ever been to one in your life, and you wish you knew how to skateboard. you doubt you could even ride a bike just right.
you sat down on one of the obstacles. looking over the dimly lit park, lit by the moon and a street lamp not too far away. it lit up the graffiti painting all over, and you take your time to admire it.
and, as you stared longingly at the art, bringing your knees to your chest a feeling of loneliness crashes brutally over you, you feel yourself begin to tear up. and, this time, you don't have the courage to hold it back. besides, no ones here. it's just you, and you alone.
you had no one. no friends outside of work, and all that were once good friends are lost gone, either to college or simply forgotten. and, in that moment, as you realized just how alone you were, you started to feel mad. you didn't have to be this lonely in the world. you didn't have to be in a position like this if it weren't for your parents, or more so your mother's, awful choices for you. forcing you away from a normal social life and towards internet fame and fashion. something you never even though of pursuing until you were posing for the camera.
you began to cry. and, at first, you thought it was just going to be a small little cry. but, no. as your brain grew from angry to pure sadness, pure melancholy and solemn, you began to sob. your body flowed with the wind as you let out the pain you've held it for so long. tears stained your warm cheeks, burning them as you gasps for air. your shaking hands clutching the shirt, just over your chest as your back hunched over. your body trembling from both the cold and the tears.
your mind fogged as your hair clung to your wet face. you were so brutally breaking down, you didn't even realize the obvious sound of hard rubber wheels against cement behind you, until you heard what sounded like a kick.
then, you snapped out of it. you turned and gasped quickly in shock, your eyes blown red and wide as you nearly fell off the obstacle as a dark figure loomed over your body. holding some sort of long object in it's arms as it watched you let out a short gasp and a scream as you tumbled off of the obstacle.
then, the dark figure yanked something out of it's ears, and you could faintly hear loud hard metal rock music blasting from what might be earbuds. you felt cold hands grab your wrists to keep you from moving, and possibly the most tender voice you've ever heard saying softly, "it's alright, love! i'm not gonna hurt you."
and, that's when you say what you thought was an it in the light. that, in fact, the it turned into a he.
a very handsome he.
bang chan
"we're not getting anywhere with this, move a bit faster, will you, smartass?!" chan yelled back to his bandmates in the room behind him as he continued to tune his electric bass, his agitation rising as he heard a few banging from the other room.
"it's not like i'm trying to hold us up, man, i'm just slow!" the voice of han jisung, the lead guitarist, yells back after the loud banging. chan lowly groans as he shakes his head in annoyance, "besides, just because we only have the lyrics done doesn't mean we're just a centimeter away from being done! have some patience, man!"
"kind of hard when i have to deal with three annoying shits like you!" chan yells back, only to hear a chorus of three 'hey!'s back at him, "also not including seungmin or fuckin' felix. those two are enough as it is, i don't wanna have to deal with them on top of you three children!"
"oi, i'm twenty - one!" the voice of hyunjin yells back, and chan rolls his eyes.
"well, thank god!" changbin's familiar voice grunts, "at least you're legal to drink now! thank god you waiting twenty - one years." chan suppresses a laugh as changbin's voice is laced in pure teasing and sarcasm. he hears another bang while he tries to fix his speaker now that his electric bass is in tune and ready to play.
"shut up before i shove your stupid drum sticks where the sun don't shine, bud!" hyunjin bites back, "and, besides, i was only seventeen when i started! some little fuckers these days can't even wait 'till they're thirteen to start drinking. let alone smoking."
"uh - huh, and i wonder where they get it from, wise guy," jisung enters himself unnecessarily into the little argument changbin and hyunjin were having. "i hear now that all the feds are hooked on it worse than chan!" chan sighs softly, his annoyance peaking, but his good patience with such people gets himself off easy with it as he works the wires. sitting on some random box in the abandoned music studio he found a few years back.
"shut it shorty!" hyunjin snaps at, who chan could only guess was jisung.
"hey, at least i can actually play an instrument!" jisung counters, his voice still a bit more playful than hyunjin's, who seems to be actually getting irritated, even though he should be used to this kind of behavior from everyone after years of hanging out, working with and collaborating with the three other guys in the building.
"all of you shut the fuck up before i end this thing right here and now!" chan shouts in a loud, assertive voice. and, as expected, the yelling stopped, but just turned into talking - fighting. which wasn't much better for chan's sanity, but better for chan's pounding head. chan digs through his shirt pocket, fishing out the joint he had rolled just earlier and stuffing it between his lips. letting it rest there as he felt for his back pocket, finding it underneath his wallet and taking it out hastily to light the joint quickly. immediately taking a long puff from the intoxicating drug.
"oh, god, he's got another one," changbin groans.
"shut up, you know he's best as writing songs when he's stoned off his ass," jisung counters, "he's good at writing music, but it's just different when he's high," hyunjin agrees with jisung (for the first time in for fucking ever). chan doesn't mind their chatting as if he's not within earshot of him, pretending he isn't there. instead, he keeps the joint in between his lips as he continues to trying to fix the old, worn speaker. frustration building more and more as he finds himself not doing too well with the process. his instrument's all tuned out, but it's just a matter if the speaker will be able to work or not.
"you're not wrong there," changbin agrees, "speaking of chan, what the fuck's taking you so long, you old man? we're all waiting on you, bud!" chan groans audibly, and his lets his hands rest on the speaker, calloused and rough from the scrapes and bruises, but also working so hard on the speaker that didn't seem to be cooperating with him.
"it's not my fault this speaker is, like, ten years old!" chan yells back, irritation obvious in the tone of his voice as he responds to changbin's call, "it's not turning on for fuckin' shit, and it's annoyin' the fuck outta me!" chan took a moment to take another long hit from the joint, feeling as the smoke from the plant within the thin paper filled his throat, mouth and slowly into his longs. causing his vision to slow and his mind to calm as he kept letting it dangle between his lips as he heaved out the cloud of smoke. coughing slightly after the draw, "this shit's been busted for months, and i think it's finally starting to crack on us, boys."
"don't we have a backup somewhere?" jisung suggests in a low voice.
"that one blew a spark while you were blasting it while on a riff, you big dumbass! don't you remember? you were complaining about how you thought your ears exploded from how fucking loud it was?" hyunjin argued back with jisung.
"ooh, yeah! i do remember," jisung laughs gently, "i forgot. sorry. by the way, did we throw that one away?"
"you slammed it into the dumpster after it sparked," hyunjin says back in a monotone voice.
"oh yeah! whoops, forgot that one, too," jisung laughs, but the other two don't seem to laugh along with jisung, who didn't seem to mind the other two's annoyed moods.
"whatever, this thing's probably busted," chan slaps the speaker with his hand, running a hand through his hair as he took another short puff of the joint. getting up from his spot to walk over to the other room. seeing how jisung's sitting on some old chair, his electric guitar resting in his lap. changbin is sitting in his spot behind a drumset, and hyunjin is sitting lazily on the ground by the microphone stand. they all turn to him, and chan leans against the wall, "i'll bring it to seungmin tomorrow. it's probably just something deeper inside of it. sorry, boys, i can't get it to work."
"it's fine, kind of expected it to break eventually," hyunjin shrugs a lazy shoulder, turning back to look between changbin and jisung, who both either shrug or shake their head in the dimly lit, nearly completely empty garage. only filled with what the four needed to practice. "seungmin will probably know what to do with it, chan. don't worry about it."
"i am gonna worry about it, 'cause this thing's been pulling through for years," chan groans, now holding the half - smoked joint in between his fingers, the familiar stench of it filling the room. the other three didn't mind it, though, and in fact appreciated it silently. for, if they were to argue about chan's terrible habit - no, chan's terrible addiction, they'd be hypocrites themselves. the worst of them, at that. "i'd call him now, but i think he's busy with something else."
"sucks," changbin places down his drumsticks that he'd been holding the entire time, "well, we can go through the bass later once you fix the speaker."
"and i don't have the money to buy a fuckin' new one, let alone go to the mechanic to get it fixed," chan huffs out irritably, taking another short, burning inhale of the joint in between his index and middle finger. he winces at the intense burn in his chest, but he tries his best to calm the burn, "which is why i have someone like seungmin with me, that's for damn sure."
"and be thankful for that," jisung says, causing chan's eyes to slowly graze over to him, his eyelids already becoming heavy from the toxic drug, "not a lot of people would help out a guy like you, no offense. even though it's not technically the worst thing in the world anymore, a lot of people here in south korea will still call you the scum of the earth for that shit you do."
"and the shit i do is the shit you do, so don't call me out for it unless you're looking straight at yourself," chan argues, and jisung raises his hands in defense.
"just saying! be glad you have someone like seungmin, man," jisung defends himself, "he's got your back, even if he's a bit of a goody - goody. i can commend him for that."
"good, because if i asked him to do something for you, i'm sure he'd do it," chan says, crossing his arms.
"anyways, let's get to the point," changbin waves both chan and jisung off, and chan slowly looks over to changbin with lazy eyes. his brows raising as his eyes squint slightly at changbin, "we can forget about the bassline today and deal with it once we have the speaker fixed. but, for now, let's get everything else covered."
"as you wish," chan sighs softly and walks over, fiddling through his back pocket before pulling out a lazily folded, slightly worn piece of lined paper. filled with lyrics to a new song chan had written just days ago and had been holding onto for this day, when he's able to get everyone together in changbin's shitty little garage in his shitty little house. but, they had nowhere else to practice, so it would have to do unless they somehow, some way found the money to buy a studio and practice there. but, for the time being, chan just had to rely on his old laptop and instruments, and hope that the neighbors don't complain about the noise.
"the beginning is kind of a slow start. it's more a sensual, kind of sultry song, so no intense drum solos and guitar solos like our last few songs. more of a, 'grab your partner and dance like it's one of your last nights together' kind of song, but with a sexy vibe." chan explains, sitting down next to hyunjin as he hands him the paper.
"yeah, i can already tell from these lyrics," hyunjin says as he quickly scans over the written words, having gotten used to chan's sloppy, quick handwriting over the years, "i like it, though. a lot, actually."
"mhm, and i think you're voice would do exceptionally well with it," chan nods, and ashes the joint on the ground, having it already be dirty enough, and changbin couldn't care less. chan point to the paper as he takes another inhale, "i'm kind of looking for, like, a, uh... a whispered, kinda talking voice for this one. nothing too stressful for your voice."
"alright," hyunjin says as chan puts out the joint, shoving the filter back into his pocket, "how's the rhythm go, though?" and, so chan sung through it line by line with hyunjin. singing a line and having hyunjin repeat before finally making it to the end of the song. once he's done guiding hyunjin through the piece, chan waves him off to go and practice in the corner to himself before bringing it together with the other instruments, minus the bassline.
"alright, now the electric guitar is really what's going to give this song the spice it needs," chan motions over to jisung, who switches on the guitar, and short static of the speaker flowing through before becoming smooth enough for play.
getting the line for the electric guitar takes a bit longer than usual, but mostly since the guitar would be the star of the show. with it's sultry solo part in between the verses and the chorus, and it's low notes throughout the song. it's slow, and at first, it seemed easy. but getting it to stay along with hyunjin's voice and to sync with chan's bass and changbin's drums would be the difficult part. all in all, hyunjin had full control over how fast the song would be, even though it's designed to be slower than normal.
with hyunjin still softly singing the parts over and over again in the corner, chan has jisung go over his part a few times with him. correcting the younger if he was wrong in a note or went a bit off rhythm with the flow of the song. chan got to changbin last because his part would come in the middle of the first verse. slowly letting the song build up to the chorus. chan had changbin play along with jisung after making sure he knew his part well.
of course, they messed up a lot. especially without chan's instrument to try and keep them together. eventually, though, after some long complaining and practicing and arguing, changbin and jisung were finally able to cooperate with each other and fit their parts together. by then, hyunjin had already become good at his part, and plugged the microphone in to get ready to practice with the others.
"it'll sound so weird without a bassline, it's killing me," jisung complains as he sits on his speaker, adjusting the amp cord connecting his guitar to the speaker below. chan just shrugs a shoulder.
"well, you're just going to have to deal with it for the time being. you all need to get this down before our gig this weekend. if i bring the speaker to seungmin tonight, it should be fixed by wednesday, at the least."
"but that's two days away!" jisung groans, and chan shoots him a dirty look.
"and he doesn't have to fix it, since he's got better things to do with his life," chan points out, "but he will because he's a good friend, and he can take as long as he wants to."
"yeah, your little friends are both so well - off, surprised they haven't dropped you yet," changbin says.
"they're your friends too," hyunjin says, turning back to glare at changbin, who shrugs a shoulder.
"a friend of chan's is a friend of mine, you know that," changbin says, and chan sighs softly. "but, i've never really been one to hang around college students. all the people from my part of the neighborhood either went off to jail or to do either something or nothing with their lives."
"and be grateful you're doing something with yours," hyunjin snaps back. a playful bitterness lacing his tone.
none of the four of them could be considered rich. in fact, they were all pretty poor. getting money from gigs and from online streaming sources from youtube and spotify, where they get some stream of money for uploading their songs. changbin had the blessing of taking over their parents home, which was still much larger than chan's, or hyunjin's and jisung's (who both live together despite being quite nit - picky with each other and tend to argue about the littlest of things) homes. changbin's home being a one story house with a garage and decently sized backyard mostly used to store things that wouldn't fit inside. it's a two bedroom, two bathroom house and was good enough to have chan, hyunjin and jisung come over day to day.
hyunjin and jisung lived together in a two bedroom, one bathroom apartment a few blocks away from changbin's house. it was actually in the same complex as chan's apartment, but chan only had a one bed, one bath apartment that was better suited for one, and definitely not built for more than two.
but, still, even through the stress of lack of money, the four pulled through. but, was really made things difficult was their terrible, money - killing addiction for marijuana that put chan into a pretty deep debt with both the bank and his dealer.
it wasn't like chan wanted to get into smoking the drug, it was all an accident from the start. a lousy public high school party he'd gone to after being pressured by his classmates to go to, and after having his drink spiked and the attention drawn to him, everybody else there had basically shoves joints, bongs and pipes down his throat until he felt like he was about to die. the next morning, when he was feeling like shit, waking up in a house he could barely remember with other teenagers sprawled out on the floor, in the hall and passed out in the bathroom, he was able to meet changbin, who shared with chan his joint, promising it would make him feel better.
and, it did. chan can still barely remember the night from the party, but he could vividly remember sitting against the wall with changbin, crying pitifully, feeling disgusted with himself as he smoked the drug to ease his mind, his nausea and the pain that was coursing through him. and, soon, it became an addiction.
no, chan doesn't blame changbin at all. if anything, it was chan's fault for desperately finding a dealer after the party, and slowly finding himself detach himself from others to suffice his cravings. thankfully, hyunjin, jisung and changbin stuck to him through his difficulties. and, now, although chan's addiction isn't as bad as it was a few years ago, it still killed him. he knew what he was doing to himself, how he's slowly tearing himself apart from the inside. killing himself with his hand - rolled joints. but, he couldn't do anything about it. he's too scared to let go of it. scared of the pain he's going to experience, and scared of the way he'll react to the withdrawal.
scared he'll be driven insane from the cravings. something he wouldn't be able to subside.
chan's parents refuse to speak to him after finding out about his addiction. chan had confessed it to them, and they didn't say a word. didn't even spare him a goodbye before leaving him to the dirt. making sure his younger siblings would never see him again and making sure that chan had no way of coming back to them. and, at this point, he doesn't care anymore. sure, he'll miss them at times because he's still their family. but, the pain just turned to numbness, and chan has the drugs to thank for that. because, if he didn't have this problem with the killing drug, he'd probably still cry every night thinking about how his life could be better. but, for now, he just accepts everything that's thrown his way.
he wouldn't be here today if he couldn't accept the way his life turned out to be. and that was the truth.
"alright, let's run it through one more time," chan says as he leans against the wall, watching as changbin calms the drum's vibrations, "i have to leave here in thirty. got to meet up with someone important."
"ooh, a pretty lady?" jisung lifts a shoulder at chan, fluttering his eyes at him.
"no, dipshit, i'm meeting up with kangdae. my dealer? i've got to pay him, and he's already getting irritated with me," chan says, and jisung breaths in through his teeth, wearing a distasteful expression as he shakes his head.
"oh, no," jisung says, shaking his head with disgust, "that guy freaks me out. he's really a brute, that's for fucking sure. that guy's arms are bigger than my head."
"probably, since your brain is the size of a pea," hyunjin comments, making changbin chuckle, earning him a glare from jisung.
"he and i are on good terms, so don't worry, jisung," chan says, stopping an argument before things get worse (and chan wonders how those two live together). "i've got my knife, anyways, i'll be fine."
"it's, like, ten o' clock, though? why does he want to meet so late? the sun's already gone down," changbin asks, resting his hands in his lap, loosely holding the drumsticks as he furrows his brows at chan.
"not a clue," chan shrugs his shoulders, "i don't make the rules with this shit. if he tells me he wants to meet now, then we meet now. no questions asked. i've already got so much debt to pay off to him, i can't deny anything or he'll blackmail me. i'm kinda in a rough position."
"i'd help, bud, but..." changbin shrugs again, "i'm also struggling to keep this house, too. and i've already been going scarce on food lately."
"i know we're all in our own pits of deep shit here," chan chuckles, making everyone in the room smile a bit, but not from joy. mostly from just agreement and realization. "which is why i think we're all so close, even though you three like to fight with each other all the fucking time."
"not my fault these two are short - ass, brainless children," hyunjin grumbles, running a hand through his long hair.
"hey!" says both jisung and changbin at the same time, then jisung continues, "i'm not that short!"
"exactly what i'm talking about..." chan sighs softly, his head dipping. "alright, one more time. i promise, then i'm out of here."
"don't forget to take the speaker to seungmin's, too. get that shit fixed as early as possible," jisung says as he gets into a playing position.
"i know, jisung," chan says, "it's your cue." chan points to jisung, and he nods. peering down to his hands as he starts the first few notes, the opening of the song. the beautiful, slow low notes echoing through the garage as hyunjin adjusted the cord to the microphone, holding the paper out in front of him as a short, descending riff from jisung cues in hyunjin's vocals.
hyunjin's voice, like chan had hoped, suited the slow, sensual song extremely well. his whispered, sultry and teasing voice sending chills even through chan as he almost sounds as if he's trying to seduce someone. changbin's soft entrance in the middle of the pickup to the bridge gives the song the intensity it needs as hyunjin's voice becomes more intense and loud as the bridge creates a sort of tension in the song. sexual frustration evident in the song as the chorus makes it's peak. of course, the song isn't perfect, and could only be perfect with chan's bassline. but, this would just have to do.
it's a good song. a really good song, and chan is more than proud of his work as his fingertips play with his bottom lip as he watches the three men. hyunjin's head and body swaying with his voice as jisung's head slowly nods with the song. his fingers remembering each note as he makes the guitar part of the spotlight. changbin had it easy, mostly repeating the same rhythm for the majority of the song, it mostly changing on the bridge and to the chorus.
when the song ended with a long, breathy final note from hyunjin and a short, slow starting descending riff from jisung, chan clapped.
"it's great, guys," chan smiles proudly, and jisung smiles widely up at hyunjin, who returned with a closed eyed smile, "just needs a bass."
"it's like the secret ingredient," hyunjin says as he switches the microphone off. "anyways, see you later, chan. i hope things go well."
"yeah, be careful!" jisung yells as chan goes through the door, leading into the house, and changbin agreeing with a loud "yeah!"
"thanks! i'll let you know what's gonna happen!" chan yells back as he grabs his worn skateboard and the heavy, broken speaker. putting the speaker on the skateboard, and thankfully it was tall enough for chan to roll to seungmin's house (since he didn't have a car, and lost his old one to his parents after they left him).
as chan leaves changbin's house, he stops on the sidewalk to take out his phone and earbuds. plugging them into his phone and shoving them into his ears. turning on one of the many playlists he had, and looking back to the location of where kangdae wanted to meet him. he sighs when he sees that it's in a familiar location, near the skatepark a good ten minutes away from his apartment complex.
chan shoves his phone into his pocket again as he rolls the skateboard on the sidewalk, his hand firm on top of the speaker as he walks to the location.
it's a calm night. nobody except for a few cars on the street. the moon is nearly at it's peak, and chan's grateful that he's able to relax without the bother of people surrounding him. he's still a bit woozy and high from the joint from before. his vision a bit blurred and his tongue going a bit numb from the sensation, and his mind slowed at the music blasted into his ears.
chan is grateful that seungmin's place is on the way to the skatepark, and grateful that seungmin never sleeps. because, when he knocked on his door, seungmin opened it almost immediately, despite looking a bit tired. chan explained what he think is wrong with it, and seungmin promised it'd be done by wednesday, and he'll let him know when it's finished. and, with a quick thanks, chan was back on the road and finally had the freedom to use his skateboard. quickly dashing down the sidewalk and kicking down on the board before he's flying off.
the wind brushed his hair back, and the cool autumn breeze kept his face cold despite the rest of his body being covered by the protective warmth of his black, old, worn hoodie with a little tear in the elastic band around the hips.
chan's board might be old, but it's fast. his slightly grown hair is flowing behind him as his hands rest in his hoodie pocket, one hand gripping his phone, anticipating it to vibrate with someone, like seungmin, felix, kangdae or the other boys to call about something. probably because his nerves are high when he's about to meet with kangdae, but he tries to keep himself calm.
chan's known kangdae for about six months. the dealer he had previous to kangdae eventually got arrested for molesting some poor girl, and chan had to act quick to find someone new. thankfully, he met kangdae in an underground club he used to play for with the band, and eventually got him to hook him up. and, it's been going pretty smoothly up until now, when chan's running low on money and is heavily relying on the internet and his gigs to keep him steady.
chan sighs as he kicks himself off more as his skateboard carried him down a small hill. chan's knees bend slightly as he turns a sharp corner onto another street, which marks that he's about five minutes from the skatepark. the street is empty, the shops all closed for the day. almost eerie with how quiet this part of seoul is, but chan liked the quiet. being apart of a band, he's always surrounded by loud noises. but, when the only loud noise chan is hearing is the blare of his music from his earbuds, he's fine with that.
chan finally got off of his skateboard and kicked it up into his hands when he finally sees a figure sitting on a bench, smoking a cigarette. chan recognizes the large figure, and takes a moment to prepare himself before walking up and turning down his music, tearing out an earbud from his ear as the man turns to him.
"you're late," he says.
"i had a stop to make coming here," chan says, "sorry, kangdae. it wont happen again, today's just been a tough day." chan sits down next to him, keeping a firm grip on his skateboard as kangdae takes a puff of his cigarette before ashing it on the ground and resting it between his long fingers.
"let's get straight to business," kangdae says, his intimidatingly low voice is slightly raspy, and he seems exhausted. his dark eyes have bags underneath them, and his neatly cut hair sweeps over his eyes as he glares over at chan, who swallows down the lump in his throat, "you owe me money. a lot of it. i've already postponed your last dateline a few weeks and you only payed a little less than a third of it back."
"i know, but you gotta understand," chan says, rubbing his temple, "i'm trying my best here. the boys are doing their best and we're trying to find more work and i promise, the minute i find more work, i'll pay you back as fast as i can. i'm already in debt to the fucking bank."
"that's not my problem," kangdae growls, and chan doesn't meet his eyes, staring at the starless sky above. too nervous to look the other man in the eyes, "i'm only postponing this one more time, bang chan. you have two months," kangdae holds up his free index and middle finger, "two months to pay back in full, including any more you get off from me. now, i have your order ready to pick up, but it's just going to be another fifty added to your debt. i hope you understand that, chan. you're not a bad guy, and i don't dislike you, but business is business, and i'm a business man."
"i know that, kangdae, and i'm thankful that you're doing this for me," chan sighs out, "i should be able to pay you back by then. i'll be there to pick up the order by next week. thanks a bunch, kangdae."
"yeah," kangdae pats chan's shoulder, sending a cold, nerving chill through him, but chan smiles nonetheless, "but if you're not able to pay me back... i might have to start taking things away from you chan. i don't want to have to do that to you. you're a good guy, my friend. don't disappoint me, chan."
chan didn't say anything as kangdae got up and walked off. chan looking up to watch him walk off into the darkness of the lonely night. once kangdae's dark figure finally vanishes to a different street, chan sighs and closes his eyes. stuffing his earbud back into his ear and turning up his music as he leans his head back. his hands running over his face as he let out a muffled curse under his breath.
"motherfucker..." chan grumbles as he rubs his eyes with his hands. angrily getting up as he grabs his board and resists slamming it across the bench and snapping it in half. he throws the board down onto the street and dashes on top of it. heading off towards the opposite side of the road.
there's a breakoff from the side walk along the street that leads down into the skatepark. it's dimly lit by the distant street light, and the familiar graffiti is worn and faded underneath chan's skateboard. he does a quick ollie onto the main flooring. but, chan quickly stops when he hears something overpowering his music. something that made him stop one foot on the ground, the other pressed against the board as he turns his body around. tearing out one of his earbuds as his eyes lay upon a figure.
the figure - a girl, is hunched over. her hands gripping her hair as she wails desperately. her back heaving and trembling, and he notices that she wears a thin tee shirt and jeans, in the middle of an autumn night? she's probably freezing. she's crying loudly, almost uglily, that it makes chan's heart pound from an immense feeling of pure guilt even though he didn't do anything wrong.
chan watches her for a minute. the way her hand grips and loosens around her hair as her body heaves with her cries, almost looking like she's about to fall off of the short platform.
chan bites his lip softly, the thought of kangdae and the band and the stupid speaker subsiding as he slowly kicks himself off, slowly making his way towards the girl. when he's almost directly behind her, shadowing light from her small body, he kicks his board into his hand.
this scares her. she jumps and screams loudly as she turns around, stumbling off of the platform. chan gasps as he drops his board onto the ground to lurch forward and grab the girl's wrist, supporting her weight with his strength before she could hit the ground. she struggles a bit, pathetic cries leaving her lips.
"it's alright, love! i'm not gonna hurt you," chan quickly says in the kindest voice he could muster. the girl calms at the sound of his voice, and chan can finally see her in the light. and he's blown away at what he's seeing; probably the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. even if she's in the middle of a breakdown. the way her eyes glisten in the moonlight, her perfectly shaped face illuminated by the lamplight as she stares back with large, pitiful, yet beautiful eyes. her hair clings to her face, which is red and swollen from the tears.
she gasps softly as chan tears out his earbuds, turning down his music with his free hand as one of his hands continues to grip her wrist, which is still keeping her from laying her back down on the dirty concrete.
"are you alright?" chan asks softly, lazily stuffing his earbuds into his pants as the girl slowly nods. her lips pursing before she swipes her tongue over it, and chan can swear that he's seen this face somewhere before. "good..." he then looks over her body, which is still trembling, before looking back up to her, "you must be freezing. here, you can take my hoodie. i'm used to this weather, anyways."
chan is quick to tear off his hoodie. the tank top he wore underneath slightly riding up with this hoodie before he hands it to her. the cold air hits him, and he hisses through his teeth slightly, wondering how long she'd been out here and how long she'd been able to handle the cold.
"thank... you," she utters out, her voice slightly muffled by her crying, and she sniffs as she puts on the hoodie. her fingertips peaking out of the sleeves as she moves her hair out of the hoodie.
"no need to thank me," chan's hands move up to her arms, gripping them slightly, trying not to mind the cold. "what's wrong? why were you crying like that?" he asks softly, one of his hands daringly moving up to brush a few strands of wet hair out of her face.
the girl doesn't say anything, but instead she starts to whimper a bit more. her bottom lip jutting out as her chin tenses, her hands moving up to grip chan's arms before she pulls him close. sobbing into his neck as her arms wrap around his neck. chan inhales sharply, hesitating to put his arms on her back, but does nonetheless.
"shh, i'm here... it's okay," chan says softly, running his hand up and down the girls back as she weeps into him. chan would be honest, he doesn't know why the fuck he's consoling a stranger, but he just can't seem to help himself as he saw the girl's pitiful figure the guilt overtook him and he just had to confront her instead of leaving her like most would. so, chan absorbs the girl in his hug, his chin resting on her shoulder as he slowly leans himself back until he's sitting. her body moving with his as she leans herself against his torso.
"what's your name, love?" chan asks softly once the girl calms down a bit, but still sniffs and whimpers nonetheless.
"y-yang... yang y/n," she answers, her face slightly covered byher hair as most of it is pressed against chan's chest. her hand moving down to rest on his chest. and, chan can see that the girl, y/n, isn't wearing any shoes. only a pair of comfortable, dirty looking socks.
"that's a pretty name," chan says in return, staring at the girl's feet, and how she's not wearing any shoes. "why don't you have shoes on?"
"i left be... before i could put any on," y/n answers, and chan furrows his brows. "they wouldn't let me go back to get a pair of shoes, anyways..."
"who?" chan whispers, resting his hands on her back.
"my mom," y/n whispers in response, her voice nimble and small as she says the words 'mom', "that bitch wouldn't let me in even if it meant she got to own the whole city of seoul."
"did you run away?" chan asks, and the girl shrugs a shoulder.
"i guess you could say that..." y/n says, obviously comfortable now with chan's presence, "i basically made a fool of myself in front of my entire family and stormed out. and she locked the door behind me." chan nods slowly, his hand running over the fabric of his hoodie and the feeling of her incredibly soft hair. "what's... what's your name?"
"my friends call me chan," chan answers, a smirk etching at his lips, "bang chan."
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atinylandtostay · a year ago
˗ˏˋ Stray Kids as your boyfriend because I hated the first one- ˎˊ˗
⇢ Most dates probably take place at night since they're far to busy in the day and there is a higher risk of getting caught by fans- (honestly, this goes for all of them, so keep that in mind!)
⇢ I haven't done reactions in a while, so I decided why not do one? And then I realized I had one of these but I DIDN'T LIKE IT so yeah, I redid it
⇢ 08-27-2020
◜credits to the owner of the gifs ༉  
Bang Chan
Tumblr media
He's VERY STUBBORN. that's it.
He doesn't like when you point out the fact that he needs sleep, or the fact that he needs to stop skipping meals, or the fact that HE'S NOT REALLY TAKING CARE OF HIMSELF BECAUSE work is more important sometimes-
he does his best not to roll his eyes at your nagging, mostly because it's rude and because he doesn't want your lecture to get longer
he'll ask you if you ate or are taking care of yourself, but won't ask himself-?
Other than that, he's very goofy.
He's somewhat clingy, usually likes back hugging you and resting his cheek on your shoulder (if he can reach-)
He likes it when you just hold his hand and mildly caress it while he's working, or if you hold him in general (he loves hugs, ok?)
he doesn't like arguing, but it happens sometimes even if the two of you try your best to talk about the issues calmly (there's just always something that makes the sparks turn into fires...)
he's most likely never dated a guy before (or anyone in general-) so he'll try his best to make ends meet even if he forgets and drowns himself in work without warning and barely gives the relationship dedication
honestly, the relationship itself might be overwhelming and stressful in many times...
He giggles a lot when you randomly kiss him (in private of course) or when you compliment him
If the two of you are in the same bed, he likes to be resting his head on your chest and hugging you, ranting on and on about who knows what (probably about his day, what the guys were horsing around about, some memes he saw online or stars) and hearing you do the same
in general, he likes knowing your taking care of him and he'll do the best to do the same for you. he likes showing you how grateful he is of you being patient and so understanding on the topic of dating an idol...
he likes to keep the conversations going, he hates leaving you on read but if he does he always apologizes.
Lee Minho
Tumblr media
if you love his cats, he'll love you.
come on, he'll love seeing you taking care of his babies like they are yours as well-
he'll laugh if one of them scratches you, but he'll take care of the wound because he's caring even if he doesn't like showing/acknowledging it
he's randomly clingy, it happens when you least expect it even if you had a hunch
he'll definitely stare you down if you haven't given him a kiss, and he'll glare at you until you kiss him (by then he'll just deepen the kiss-)
He doesn't like talking, prefers to listen to you about whatever you want to talk about, and he'll usually have this huge smile
If you make cringey/corny jokes then he'll either grimace or laugh because you tried
when he's upset or feeling down he'll either spam text you or if your around he'll seek more love and cuddles. He won't tell you what's wrong (or what was wrong) when he feels slightly better
Not very keen on pet names, but he won't mind you calling him sweet things, he just won't say them back (or he would, but it would be rare. He'll probably use them if he wants something.)
He might be the kind of person that struggles to show their love in a relationship, but his efforts are seen so you can tell he's really trying.
Regarding arguments, there might be a few and he might be the one that starts them.. He most likely won't apologize (if he's in the wrong) after a long time thanks to his pride. He'll apologize though, and he'll most likely cry from guilt
Seo Changbin
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
alright... I feel like he'll be the kind of boyfriend that complains about the "lack" of affection and attention the most
he's a very soft boy and if he sees you laying down on a bed or couch best believe he'll plop himself on top of you
He prefers cheek kisses, forehead kisses, NECK KISSES. it's super rare for him to ask for lip to lip kisses
If he's at work and you have a day off, he'll most likely be on the lookout for your messages. If you start a conversation he'll reply back 90% of the time even if he's working on something important (unless it involves recording and dancing, then he'll tell you why he took a while)
YOU CAN'T PROMISE HIM SOMETHING because if you never do it best believe he would use it against you and be very upset for the longest time. Like a kid, he never forgets... Ok, that's a lie. But he'll still be upset and use it against you
speaking of that, the two of you will have arguments frequently over the topics of attention and other things that involve a relationship, if you walk out on him (and it's you who is in the wrong) he'll most likely cry and question EVERYTHING
however, if he's in the wrong he'll most likely acknowledge it before you walk out or before the argument gets too bad.
He'll go on any date with you, even if it's just to eat a kabob from the street cart down the block (with the owner that seems to never sleep cus they're always there-) he likes simple things but don't get used to that, he'll always expect something a little better or surprising
He'll love holding your hand, it lets him known you're there
Don't be affectionate in front of his friends. At least not anything that's not hand-holding and cuddles/hugs. Do it, he dares you.
COMPLIMENT HIM, if he compliments you you are there for obliged to say something nice about him too. Baby Binnie loves compliments >:[
Hwang Hyunjin
Tumblr media
*sigh* get ready to use most of your paycheck for clothes...and food...and dates...and basically anything that would deal on pleasing Hwang Hyunjin
He's not very picky...unless it comes to clothes. He'll most likely eat anything you offer him, and as long as you spend time with him your good.
HE LOVES MATCHING, so that's why you should be prepared to buy specific clothes. Nothing expensive, as long as you have one clothing item that matched his in color, your good.
So like, if he wears a black hoodie, wear one. Or if he wears a green shirt, wear one. Same colored socks? That's fine too.
He loves kisses, all kinds of kisses. Don't be afraid to kiss him in public or in front of anyone. He has no shame. None at all, unless you grope his ass, then he'll be a little flustered (wait but that's not shame-)
If the two of you are going on dates, he'll either be holding your hand the hold time or holding his Americano and anything he bought (that or you'll be carrying them.)
HOWEVER, he prefers inside dates. He doesn't like the thought of you spending every penny just to please him. If you simply bring a bag of chips, he'll take it and cuddle you while the two of you watch something entertaining
I feel like he'll use "baby" for you a lot. He'll take nicknames, as long as they're cute and fitting (*cough* Prince*cough*)
I have this strong feeling he'll use those kawaii emoji's a lot when texting you, and he'll have this cute nickname for you (or at least have a heart next to your name)
He'd definitely make you dance with him, he just wants to spend time with you
Arguments aren't often, but they happen. If you walk out on him (and it's he who is in the wrong) I feel like he'll cry of anger and frustration (mostly if it's you who is in the wrong)
Han Jisung
Tumblr media
What is your full name again? Jisung always calls you by a nickname, you'll probably forget your full name too
honestly, he's the laziest boyfriend you'll probably ever have, but he has his times when he surprises you
he's not much of an outside person either unless it's with friends like, group dates!!
he LOVES kisses, always asks you for one/some when he sees you (even if it was minutes ago) but there are times when he doesn't and you know he's feeling a little down or in a different mood
he might be the laziest but he's very clingy and energetic at the same time. How? Even you don't know
His moods drive you crazy, you can never really guess what mood he's in, and my the time you do he might be in another one (so if he's happy and excited about something, by the time you figure that out he's bummed out over something else)
"You'll be the death of me."
He loves to sit on your lap, period. What's a chair? What's a couch? He only knows your lap
Low key feel like he'd crossdress for you if you're into that
Honestly, the two of you might argue, but you guys always make up quickly mostly because he hates knowing your mad at him and vice versa
Lee Felix
Tumblr media
COUPLE SELFIES, his gallery is usually filled with the two of you (and maybe a few with the two of you kissing 👀)
He records the silliest things with you (or of you ) and always shows it to his friends (maybe family if he's told them about you??)
Low key feel like he'd crossdress for you if you're into that (THIS ALSO GOES FOR JISUNG SO IMA GO ADD THAT NOW)
Another one that will usually always call you by a nickname, and it's a consistent one.
He LOVES TO HOLD HANDS he usually doesn't like the size difference but with you it's an exception
Another clingy one, he's so cute 🥺
Deep and meaningful (but usually silly) late-night convos
He'll cook for you, but only when he wants to. (It's pretty often so don't worry about that)
Absolutely loves laying on top of you
usually talks in pout with you-
Kim Seungmin
Tumblr media
"the boring" couple
People usually think the two of you will not last long, but that's because they based it off on what they see now what they know
He's a bit playful
The two of you insult each other, but playfully.
if either of you goes overboard then... I don't know? Kiss Kiss and makeup?
He's not very into pda, but when the two of you are alone he likes to randomly cling to you
He definitely prefers any other kisses except lip to lip, especially when the two of you are still new into the relationship, it might take a few months (or a year-) for him to feel comfortable for that
Not very keen on nicknames either, it's rare when he calls you something other than your name, and it's more meaningful that way (in my opinion at least)
You guys don't argue rarely, but when you do it takes a while for the two of you to make up, mostly because of stubbornness (not gonna say who)
he has his own way of caring about and for you, only you can see it 🥺
Yang Jeongin
Tumblr media
the two of you are usually always bickering (but playfully)
He likes to hold your hand a lot, too
Plenty of inside jokes
He's usually always scolding you-
Honestly, he's a whole baby that doesn't really like to get babied, lol
I mean, he'll laugh or chuckle, but usually always judging
he likes to be carried too, uwu
I feel like he'll be like Seungmin when it comes to nicknames, rarely says them but actually likes it when you call him a by a nickname? just not in front of his friends please
hurt him and the whole squad is coming after you-
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chocojjk · 11 months ago
“ohhh i would love to request something hmm okay let's see ideal date well how about a coffee shop date with my boi han from skz ? idc if it cliche (i love cliche ovjoijve)”
summary: barista! jisung x reader 
words: 1k
a/n: this was originally just going to be a date scenario but i felt a little inspired so now it’s an au lol. not edited, per usual. 
hope you guys enjoy it !
Tumblr media
well, you asked for cliche
and ive been wanting to do a barista! au 
so... here we go 
its 12 am 
it was raining 
and the cherry on top of it all 
you had nothing protecting you from it, 
not an umbrella,,
not even a jacket 
and so you use your backpack as your shield from the harsh rain that was pouring harder and harder with every step you took
running into the first building you see, you find yourself in a coffee shop, quietly cursing to yourself as water pools around you 
“you look like youre having a rough time,” the boy giggles from behind the counter 
“tell me about it,” you sigh, frustrated at how your clothes kept sticking to your skin 
he disappears in the back for a bit as you lay your stuff down on an empty table  
no one was in the shop  and all you wanted to do was cry  
frustrated at everything that was currently happening  
and so you did  
you quietly broke down, still keeping in mind that you weren’t completely alone 
“maybe this could help,” the boy says 
“huh,” you say looking at him as you desperately try to wipe your tears away, embarrassed that he caught you  
and then you finally take notice of what he has held out for you 
a sweater and some sweats 
you cant help but let out a giggle at how unusual this situation is  
“are you sure its okay?” you ask quietly  
all he does is take your hand and lay his clothes on top of it  
“the bathroom is at the back, take your time” 
“thank you..umm,”  you look at his name tag “minho” 
“huh?!??” he says, a confused look on his face before it finally registers in his mind that he isn’t wearing his name tag and he lets out the prettiest laugh you swore you’ve ever heard  
“oh no! my names jisung haha, sorry my friend and i switched name tags today because we were bored,” he says, frantically explaining 
you giggle at his sudden outburst before excusing yourself to the bathroom to change 
his clothes were way too big on you, and you honestly look too funny but you were so thankful that you didnt have to deal with the wet clothes
making your way back out, you look out the window, noticing that the rain hasn’t stopped and it didn’t look like it was going to any soon  
the puddle of water you left behind was nowhere to be seen, all thanks to brown haired boy  
you notice jisung making a drink and you make your way over to him, starting a conversation  “are you guys always open this late?”  
“well, i was actually just about to close the shop but then you walked in,”  
“oh,” your eyes widen, “omygod, im so sorry!” you exclaim, making your way to your bag and mentally preparing yourself to step out back into the rain 
“where are you going?” 
“aren’t you going to close?” you ask  
“i already did,” he says pointing to the sign through the glass door 
“cmon, i made some coffee if you would like some” you make your way back towards him “are you allowed to do this?” 
“no but my parents own the store and im sure they’ll be more upset at me for making someone as pretty as you walk out in the rain at this hour 
your heart flutters at the boys comment  
giving him a smile, you take the seat in front of him 
“so, why are you out here at this hour?” 
“well,, i was studying for my midterms at the library down the street and completely lost track of time” 
“but that library closed like 3 hours ago?” 
“yeah, i got locked in, had to call someone to get me out,” you sigh  
he laughs  
that same beautiful laugh  
“i think thats the funniest thing i’ve heard all week,”  
“well im glad someone finds my pain enjoyable,” you retort, giggling along with him  
“do you want to talk to someone about it, i heard it really helps,” 
“hmm, not really but thank you,” you reply honestly 
“ok then, how about we play a game instead ?” 
“what do you have in mind??” 
“uhhhh, 20 questions?” he suggests and you roll your eyes 
“oh you’re one of those guys,” you teasingly say, a smirk making its way on your face  
“huh???” he says genuinely confused  
“you charm your way into people’s hearts just to play 20 questions,”  
you laugh  
not a small little giggle, but a genuine wholehearted laugh  
and jisung swears he’s never heard anything more beautiful  
“ok jisung, whats your favorite color?” 
for the next couple hours you guys just throw questions back and forth 
20 questions turning into 40 
until the whole thing was just scrapped away and you guys talk about anything and everything you could think of  
the rain has stopped but the both of you chose not to acknowledge it, enjoying each other’s company as much as you can  
and at 4am, your phone rings  
your alarm clock  
“omygod, i have class in 3 hours,” you say, surprised at how fast the time went  
“you wake up at 4am everyday?”  
“no but i was going to wake up a little earlier to squeeze in a bit of studying,” you say your shoulders slumping down as the stress of the exams start weighing on you once again 
“hey,” jisung says softly  you look up at him and all he does is ^^^(the gif above) 
you cant help but smile at the boys cute little antics  
“why dont you go home, squeeze in a little nap instead and freshen up yeah?”
“yeah, i should probably do that” you start packing your stuff away, slowly making yourself out  
“thank you for tonight jisung, i owe you a lot”  
he smiles at you, gummy smile and all  
“you can repay me by stopping by after your exam and telling me how it went?”  
“i was going to do that anyways to bring you back your clothes,” you say smiling at him 
“oh okay, then how about you repay me by letting me take you out on a date?” 
“omygod, you really are one of those guys,” you say laughing as he mirrors your actions 
“i’d love to go out on a date with you,” you reply  
“see you later?” 
“see you later.”  
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stray-kids-react · a year ago
You go into little space
Bang Chan
Tumblr media
* Protective caretaker mode has been activated, no matter what the situation is. *
° Chan came home from work, throwing his keys onto the kitchen counter. Soon noticing a cute crayon note stuck to the fridge with a magnet, 'Hi daddy! I hope work was good. I am in the room drawing, come join me!'
* Chan knew about little space, and understood that it was a way of you calming down from any stress. He was always willing to take care of you, and never got annoyed or weirded out like some people did. *
° Chan walked into the bedroom, noticing cute little stick fairies stuck all over the walls. Your tongue stuck out as you focused on coloring in one of the fairies dresses. Too focused to notice your care taker admiring you from afar.
"Hey princess/prince charming, did you draw these?"
° You nodded shyly, looking at the floor worried that he would be upset at the new decorations. But you relaxed when he cupped your face, pecking the top of your head softly.
"They look amazing y/n, which one is your favorite?"
° You pointed to the glittery blue fairy with large pigtails, unsticking it from the wall to hand it to him.
"That's mine too! I love the glitter, that was a nice touch."
Lee Know
Tumblr media
* Is already whipped for you, but becomes even more soft when you go into little space*
° You were in the middle of shopping, when he noticed you shift into a more clingy and innocent faze. Minho looked at you with softened eyes, asking if you were alright. "Can we visit that store, please daddy?"
*Once Minho found out that you would sometimes go into little space, he researched everything about it to make sure he knew what to do. Constantly praising you for not being bratty or a bad girl/boy. *
° Minho guided you to the pajama store, wrapping his hand around your wrist gently. You skipped towards the sleeping masks, passing him a panda one and grabbing a cute glittery cat one for yourself.
"Does daddy look like this mask? Or do I look more like yours?"
° You tugged at the panda one, jumping up and down on the floor. Giggling excitedly when he would poke his face out from the mask, sometimes sticking his tongue out at you and making derp faces.
"Can we please get them? I really like this one~" You begged, pouting slightly.
° Minho loved seeing your bright smile, so he took it a step further and let you pick out one more. Chuckling when you clapped in joy.
"Let's go to the cash, and then we can go get some donuts. How does that sound munchkin?"
Tumblr media
* Changbin adored when you went into little space, always playing around with you. *
° You knew that Changbin was coming home in a couple minutes, and you decided to hide from him wanting to see if he could find you. Grabbing a flashlight, so you wouldn't be scared of the dark while in the closet.
*Changbin was really curious about little space, and let you explain everything to him. The next day, buying you a whole bunch of stuffies and glittery stickers. Letting you put one on his laptop, not planning on removing it anytime soon. *
° He walked in, noticing the empty bowl of ice cream with sprinkles left over. Changbin clued in that you were probably in little space, and played along with your hide & seek prank. Even though he could hear your small giggles from the closet.
"I wonder where my cutie pie went? Is she/he in the kitchen?"
° You jumped out of the closet with a cute rawr, making him "scream" in "fear". Placing a hand over his heart dramatically, he repeatedly praised you for being so "intimidating".
"I practiced my rawring all day, I wanted to surprise you daddy."
° He adored when you got all giddy after getting a reaction out of him, only encouraging him to be more dramatic each time. Sometimes even falling to the floor when you jump out of an obvious hiding spot.
"Get ready for supper cutie pie, I bought you your favorite pizza."
Tumblr media
* Loves when you go into little space, Becuase you both play around and he gets extra cuddles*
° You just woke up from a nap and wanted some attention, and you just so happened to jump into little space when you woke up. So you secretly grabbed one of your tiaras and planned on secretly placing it on Hyunjin.
*Hyunjin didn't know what little space was at first, so he let you guide him through all of the facts and duties of being a caretaker. He enjoyed when you became clingy, and used your light baby voice when asking for stuff. *
° Hyunjin immediately got into the character of a prince, assuming you were in little space. Voicing some of the barbies you brought out, and kissing a soft frog stuffed animal so it could turn back into a human.
"As prince of Amercanodale, I declare that Ken shall be released from jail."
° You soon grabbed different doll clothes, asking Hyunjin which one your dolls should wear. Asking for help with braiding the doll's hair, which he happily did along with some of his own hair.
"Can I bedazzle your hair? I have cute clips to use in it!"
° Hyunjin always allowed you to play with his hair, whether you be in little space of not. Loving that feeling of you stroking through his locks, and looking at him with only admiration and love.
"Use as many clips as you want beautiful, you can even use that hair chalk if you want."
Tumblr media
* Accidently found out about you going into little space, when he found your sticker stash*
° Jisung noticed your small pout throughout the day, noticing that you ran out of stickers and were in little space. He wanted to cheer you up so he took you onto a trip to the nearest dollar store, letting you pick out some stickers.
* Jisung knew about the basic things of Little Space, but never really looked into it until he found out that you used it as a stress relieving mechanism. He won't tell the members unless you are comfortable with it*
° You specifically picked out a pack of animal stickers that included some squirrels, sticking one on his cheek once he bought them for you. Pointing out that he reminds you of the sticker that you stuck on him.
"I look like the squirrel?... As long as you like squirrels than it's okay. *Chuckles*"
° You kissed the sticker on his cheek, and soon went on a rant about how much you love squirrels. Mentioning their fluffy tails, and cute cheeks that hold so much food. Not realizing how long you were ranting.
"Do you like Squirrels? Or are you more of a chipmunk lover?"
° Jisung thought wisely about which option would offend you the least, soon going with the most neutral answer. Explaining that he likes both and finds them just as cute as you do, loving the way your eyes sparkled in joy.
"Even though they are both cute, nothing can compare to my little squish y/n."
Tumblr media
* The cutest and cuddliest caretaker ever, loves when you become his own personal backpack and pillow*
° You were both heading home from dinner with the boys, and by the last ten minutes he noticed you switch into little space. Getting hints by your constant clingy hugs, and never letting go of his hand.
* You told him about your shifts little space when you were serious enough in the relationship. Letting all of the anxiety you had leave your body, when he simply nodded and sent you a soft reassuring smile. *
° Felix tucked you under the soft sheets of your shared bed, brushing away any stray hairs from your face. Letting you choose a bedtime story to read to you, rubbing a soft circle across your stomach as he read aloud.
"The prince left a soft kiss upon aurora's lips, watching as her lovely eyes fluttered open."
° Felix constantly glanced at your increasingly tired state, thanks to mixture of his deep soothing voice and soft delicate hands. His hand trained up to your cheek, pressing his thumb against the corner of your lips.
"Before I go to sleep, can I have a goodnight kiss? Pleeeaassee~"
° Felix giggled at your dramatic begging, but caved into your needy yet calm cuteness. Placing small playful pecks all over your face, before landing his last one across your smile gently. Staying on your lips for a couple seconds longer than the rest.
"Goodnight sleeping beauty, wake me if you need anything. Even if it's just cuddles."
Tumblr media
* Spoils you when you are in little space, just because you are too cute to say no too. *
° Hyunjin won a bet against Seungmin, so he had to go out and buy a toy for Kkami. You tagged along because you wanted to spend time with Seungmin and see some cute kittens. But you shifted into little space while looking at the kittens and babying them.
* Seungmin clued into small habits and hints you showed while going into little space, such as changing your voice, pouting, & being 10× more hyper than usual. Soon bringing emergency toys, just in case. *
° Seungmin asked an employee if you were able to hold one of the kittens, soon getting an answer when he unlocked the cage that the small kitten slept in. You held it close to you, making small baby noises during it.
"I wonder if Hyunjin would get mad if we came home with a kitten instead of a toy."
° You heard his sentence, but you were too focused on making the kitten purr louder for affection. Soon exclaiming in joy when it cuddled into your hand, making Seungmin comb his fingers through the soft fur.
"I think it likes me! Or maybe it just wants food... Either way I'm getting cuddles~"
° Seungmin saw the kitten a while back when he went shopping with Hyunjin for dog food, and knew that it needed someone who would love it unconditionally. So he ended up driving home with and furry lump asleep on his lap.
"We're home and brought something extra special, I hope Kkami doesn't mind cat fur."
Tumblr media
*The only time he will let you call him oppa or daddy, understanding it's part of Little space*
° You were terrified of the loud storm that was happening outside, so you rushed to your boyfriend's dorm to try and calm down. Bringing a couple extra presents while in your child like splurge of ideas.
*Jeongin enjoyed playing with you, loving the innocent gaze you gave everytime he used a big word. Sometimes he would shift into little space with you without realizing, but he secretly enjoyed the feeling *
° Jeongin turned on a couple flashlights while strapping on the adorable hat you brought, asking if your wanted any drinks or snacks. Holding your hand while walking to the kitchen for some chips and soda.
" You don't have to be scared of anything, oppa is right here and won't let anything happen."
° You nodded still a bit cautious thanks to the booming thunder outside, but that only led to him holding onto you closer while walking back to the room. Shooing your irrational scary thoughts away.
"You're the best oppa ever Innie, thanks for the yummy snacks and cuddles."
° He played music off of his phone to try and distract you from the loud storm outside, feeding you chips and giving a cute bendy straw for your drink. Chuckling silently when you fell asleep with crumbs all over you.
"You such a cute little sunshine y/n, have a good rest cutie."
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atiny-exol · a year ago
Life changing
Pair: Chan x fem reader x Felix
Genre: Mafia, smut (slightly)
Warnings: strong language, threesome, terrible jokes, sexual content, unprotected Sex.. Dont do that guys(wrap it before you do it lol)
A/N: The smut isn't my best and I'm sorry for that. I tried to do my best even tho my writing block is active. I hope you don't mind that the smut is not that's described. I had a lot of trouble with this one. Oh and Tumblr put the moodboard at the end. Why Tumblr why.
It was past midnight, her hand is tangled with another two pair of hands. A smile crossed over her face and her cheeks slightly turned into a pinkish color. How she got into this situation?
It was easy. Everything began with a lighter.
,,[Y/N]! Hey [Y/N]! " the voice of her best friend pulled her out of the daydreaming state she was currently into. Her eyes focused on nothing, turned to the side right in the eyes of her better self.
,,yeah? What's the matter? Do you want to go home already?" In her mind she wished that her friend would say yes. She wants to go home so badly, that another answer would bring her mood even more down.
,,No I'm just.." Rose bites down on her lip, a cheeky smile plastered on her face. ,,You know what I mean."
She nods, of course she understands what's going on. Of course this would have happened, but now? It's not even past might night and Rose already had found a guy to spend the night with? That's even new for her.
,,Tell me his name. So I know who killed you once you don't return." she said with a soft smile and low voice. She wants to go home, and the fact that her best friend found a men for tonight is the reason she finally can leave this place. Finally.
Rose giggles at her terrible joke, it was nothing new. She always said that. ,,Jisung. Han Jisung and now I have to go. He looks so desperated over there." she said with a wink and left her best friend standing there on her own. A small giggle leaving her mouth as well.
She watches how Rose leaves the club, something she wants to do too, but her mind told her to just stay a few more minutes and drink the rest of her drink. Nothing changed at all.
It was always the same. They would come together in this club and in the end Rose would get a men for the night and leave her alone. But it was fine. She never wants to get a men anyways. Why would she bother to search for a guy, just so he can leaver her straight away again. It doesn't make sense.
,,[Y/N] you should really learn how to flirt." the bartender behind her told her, not bothering to look up from what the hell he was doing right now. If it wasn't for the fact that this guy knows her better than anyone in this club, she would have punsh him in the face. But to her dismiss he is the only one knowing her right now.
She doesn't know when or how, but one night she drank too much. The cried her problems out to the poor guy who just want to make her drinks and from that day on, they are some kind of friends. But not really.
,,That's not really something I want to do."
,,I know that's why I'm saying you should. Listen, you are a pretty girl and if you wouldn't mind me saying, you could easily get fucked every weekend you and Rose are here."
,,I mind you saying that someone would fuck me." the answer was dry, some kind of sarcastic, but she knew that he was right.
,,Oh I'm so sorry. I hope you won't tell my boss that I told you, that I would probably fuck you if it wasn't for my job here right now."
,,You are gross."
,,Maybe." she can easily hear the smirk in his voice and it makes her sick.
,,Why am I even talking to you. You are saying the same things over and over again. It gets kinda boring you know."
,,Because you like me?"
,,Oh yeah of course." she rolled her eyes. ,,I like the guy who tells me that he would fuck me every weekend, but can't because he is working. Classic isn't it."
,,You are sooo mean. I don't say it every weekend." he complained with a pout in his voice.
,, I wish you would."
,,Oh? So you want to be laid down by me?"
,,You didn't say nooo [Y/N]"
,,I didn't say yes either." she told him, placing her glass next to her and looking with a small smile at the bartender. His company is always the best, even if she would not tell him that.
,,No one would belive you that you are gay,if you keep saying that you want to fuck me."
,,Isn't it a compliment that I want to fuck you then? "
,,Point for you." she turned around again, a deep sigh leaving her lips. ,,Flirting is exhausting."
,,It's not. I'm literally doing it the whole time." His voice went quite and he smirked visibly this time.
,,Yeah with the same guy over and over again. You are so.. So.. "
,,Handsome? Cute? Breathtaking?"
,,Idiotic would be better to discribe you."
,,I will spike your drink next time [Y/N]. Why are you always so mean?" he pouts again and she only shakes her head with a small smile.
,,Don't ask me. I'm going home now." she told him, shooting him a last smile before she walked through the crowd to the door.
Someone runs into her, red hair, his body framed in expensive clothes, that it is more than ridiculous that he wears them in this place. He shots her a look, not even planning to say Sorry.
She looks up to him too, quickly stuttering an apology out, before he leaves her. With a red face she looks down. How embarrassing. Her eyes find a small black object, she picks it up.
A lighter? She sighs. She doesn't even smoke so the found is not a good one. She turned around, looking for the handsome stranger, but he was already gone.
Maybe next time.
,,[Y/N]. Hey [Y/N]?" Rose speaks to her best friend, but she didn't respond right away.
,,What is it Rose?" she asked her, just wanting to know if it is already time for her to leave.
,,The same as ever. His name is Choi San I guess. We see eachother tomorrow." she kissed her cheek and then went off. Leaving a surprised women standing at the bar.
Today seems different. Not only Rose talked different than usual no, today she wanted to stay here. She doesn't want to leave as soon as her best friend stepped out of the club. It was different then the last times.
Her hands played with a small black object in her jacked, the lighter. It rested in her hand, but it wasn't the reason why she wanted to stay. Or was it? She doesn't know.
,,You look very fuckable today." His voice was just annoying as always. So maybe it wasn't that different than the other times.
,,I know." the answer was as dry as ever, maybe not even sarcastic this time.
,,Arrogant huh? Didn't know you could act like this too." he sounds surprised, but not as much as she wished he would.
,,Sometimes I really hate you, you know? "
,,Oh yes I know, but look at the bright sides-"
,,One whiskey." there it was. A deep voice. Her eyes found the figure of the men she never thought to see again. His hair was like a week ago red, he was still dressed in this ridiculous fancy clothing at this place and he still looked so good. She thought about him a lot, and yes she even wondered how his voice would sound like.
,,It's disrespectful to stare like that little one." His smirk was something else she thought. It is breathtaking and pulled her out of her stare. Another time her cheeks turned red infront of him.
,,I.. I'm sorry sir."
,,Sir? What am I 40? Do I look that old? You really hurted me little one."
,,W.. What no I just-" she gulped harshly and hardly down. He was too handsome for her liking. With the target to change the subject she pulled out his lighter and smiled at him. ,,That's yours right?"
His eyes had a cheeky sparkle and he smirked even more at her, before he took the lighter.
,,Oh yes that's mine." God how can a voice sound so good. ,,Thank you."his eyes turned away from her.
,,Another drink for the lady."
The bartender smirked and nodded, before he made another drink for her and shoves it to her.
,, O.. Oh uhm.. But I wanted to leave I-"
The stranger interrupts her, taking her hand pulling her into a much more comfortable place of the club.
,,Hey! You can't kidnap me like that. I-"
,,You brought my lighter back and now you can have something for this." he said with his even more handsome smile.
He sits down on a black leather couch, and she looked around. Noticing how no one else was in the room beside a few other man. It made her uncomfortable.
,,What your name little one."
,,[Y/N].. D.. Dont call me little one."
,, [Y\N]. Yeah it rolls down my tongue perfectly."his look wandered around the room. ,,Everyone leave."and just a second later you two were alone.
,,U.. Uh thank you.." she said and he pulled her next to her.
,,Chan I have-" a silver haired boy came into the room, but abruptly stops when he saw her. A smirk forming on his lips.
,,Felix don't come in without knocking. I could have dome something very special."
,,You would never. Not without me." the silver haired make countered and then approached you, sitting down next to you and playing his hand on your thigh.
,,Hey there beautiful. I guess Chan his charm already lured you here."
,,N.. No.. I-" she stopped and then looked at Chan. ,,The lighter. I'm here because I gave him the lighter back."
,,The lighter?" a even bigger smirk appeared on his face. She was confused. Why is he smirking like that?
,,Y.. Yeah. He wanted-"
,,Chan why don't you invite me now. Share with me."
,,Felix no. She gave me the lighter." His strong arms wrapped around you waist and pulled you into his lap. Your face turned red again and you struggled against his tight hold.
,,Nahh you don't decide anything now Chan. Let the little kitten decide what she wants." Felix face lightens up and leans forward, his face just an inch away from yours.
,,I.. I- don't even know what you mean." she stuttered out, but then a loud moan escaped her lips as she felt Chans lips on her neck. Just in the moment she wants to protest, Felix kissed her, shutting her up in a very soft way.
She moaned into the kiss and shifted around in Chans lap, already feeling how something hardens under her. Just in this moment the silver haired male breaks the kiss, looking at her shooked face with an amused smile.
,,You didn't read what is written on the lighter did you kitten? "
,,W.. Written on the lighter? " she asked geniusly confused. What does he mean.
Chan breathed against her ear before he slightly bites it and then whispers. ,,If you want to fuck return the lighter with a smile."
She choked out a moan and looked at both of them in shook. Did she know that? No. Does she want it anyway? Definitely.
She rocks her hips against Felix, not caring about Chans tight grip. ,,Nghh you better do a good job then." she moaned out and Felix didn't let her tell him this twice.
He took of his shirt, and soon her followed his. His hand cupping her breasts and playing with them, letting moan after moan come out of her mouth.
,,F.. Fuck Felix nghh.." she tilts her head to the side, feeling Chans lips wandering down just like his hands. Just a moment later she feels Fleix lips replacing his hands and Chans fingers pulling down her panty under her short skirt.
,,You looked so good I couldn't hold back to let the lighter fall down."chan whispered breathy in her ear and right after that pushing one finger in her wet entrance.
,,A.. Ahh n.. Ngh fuck C.. Chan please" she begged and Chan gave easily in, pushing another finger in.
,,Don't forget me kitten." Felix chuckled darkly into her ear. ,,You have to take care of both of us." His voice was heavy and before she could react Chan pulled his fingers out. And pushed her forward, so she sat on all fours infront of him.
,,What did you call me earlier babygirl? Wasn't it sir? Why don't you keep thag attitude and say it with your sweet voice." His hand slapped her ass cheek roughly and she yelped out in pain and in pleasure. Both of this man are way to much to handle for one night she thought.
,,S.. Sir a.. Ahh please. I-" she begins but Felix shuts her down again, pushing his dick roughly in her mouth.
,, I hate noisy cats kitten. So you better use your mouth for something better than this pathetic begging." His voice went even deeper this time and if it wasn't for the fact that she chokes on his dick, she would wonder how that is even possible.
,,Hm that's right babygirl. If you don't use your pretty little mouth good we might not take you home tonight." His threat sends a shiver down her spin.
,,Now be a good little baby and take what we give you."
Chan takes you by surprise just like Felix did. The red haired boy roughly begins to fuck you, not caring that he pushes you against Felix with each thrust. Or that's excatly what he wants.
,,Oh fuck she is so wet Felix. I guess you have to take her too later. I don't think this slut is satisfied after just one round." His degradation sent another wave of excitement down her body and she could not do anything about the choked moans leaving her mouth.
,,After that you can fuck her mouth too Chan. I'm sure she wouldn't mind choke on another dick as well. Or would you kitten?" it is an hypothetical question and all three of them knew it. Why would she deny the offer to suck on another dick?
They hold the promise. She did her best in pleasing them, just like they did. Chans empty threat to not bring her home with them was big enough to make her do her best. Because who wouldn't want to go home with this two handsome strangers?
,,Hmm kitten go to sleep." Felix raspy voice interrupted her thoughts and just like he said, she did.
Not knowing that sleeping in the same bed with both of them, would change her boring life even more.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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starryseung · a year ago
han jisung + fluff + smut
request: for @hannie-squirrel00 : Heeeyyy lovely🥰 I've been reading your Stray Kids imagines which I am loving btw😍🤩 and I wanted to ask you if you could do a smut for me with Jisung please? If you need anything let me know and also could you make it long? Thank you soo soo much🥰🥰 word count: 4.2k words warnings; cunnilingus, unprotected sex, blowjob, fluffyyyy
Ugly Sweaters
"And the loser is... y/n! Congratulations to all the players~"
You sigh, knowing this was coming. The rest of the night is spent drinking and laughing along to stupid jokes. You stay along with your best friend and roommate, Chaerim. She was extremely tipsy for a pre-Christmas party, and you wanted to stay by her side before she gets kidnapped by an odd guy.
You were at your college friend’s residence, celebrating the last day of November before the beginning of the festive month. All of you played games until one of your friends proposed a game of beer pong, where the winner would choose the punishment for the loser. After the winner was decided, Chan, you knew he was going to go hard on the loser. A few moments are dedicated to thinking, and he replies.
"The loser has to wear ugly Christmas sweaters for the next 25 days until Christmas Eve."
And when the loser was judged, you, Chan's eyes filled with pity after imagining you wearing an ugly yellow-colored sweater filled with clashing decorations. He laughed awkwardly, not wanting to tense the atmosphere around you. Of course, you weren't upset, it was just a game. The next few weeks at work were off, you didn't have college, so you would stay at your apartment under the comforts of your ugly sweater.
On the day before the first day of the Christmas month, November 30, you went shopping to buy sweaters with Chaerim. Your eyes filled with awe as you looked at all the latest collection of sweaters, heart-melting, and bank account shivering. You start to think that this challenge wasn’t terrible for you since you could save your money now!
But that didn't stop your shopping partner from practically throwing her money everywhere she found a cute sweater. Hell, the sweater wouldn't even cover her torso, and it would still tumble into the shopping cart to get along with its other rich mates. Meanwhile, you move towards the nearly isolated section of the store, searching for an ugly, but presentable hoodie to satisfy your friends' growing impatience on the group chat, asking for your picture in the outfit.
You spot an employee from your peripheral vision, looking at you with his booklet and pen in hand. He walks over to you and you turn around to face him with a handful of sweaters drowning you. He chuckles before speaking.
"Excuse me, do you need help with those?"
"Uh... Yes please."
You pick up feet shuffling away as you stand there behind the pile of wool. You hear wheels rolling when you peek from behind the pile in your hands to see the employee bringing a shopping cart for you. You thank him as you dump the pile into the cart, resting your arms after holding the weight.
"Thank you... Jisung", you say smiling as you notice the name on his tag reading 'Han Jisung'.
"Oh, don't worry it's my job. Why the ugly sweaters though? Lost a bet?"
You chuckle, "Lost a game. It was bad." He laughs along as he fixes some clothes falling out of the trolley. You take this moment of silence as an opportunity to check him out. Han Jisung was slim. He had a petite figure —small waist, narrow shoulders— but he was well built. His white button-up hugged his arms and waist at the right place. He had a good pair of thighs, his black slacks acting like a second skin on the limbs.
"So... I'm gonna go now, my friend's waiting for me. I hope we meet again!", you bubble, waving the male a goodbye. He smiled and went back to work, noting down some price tag values and clicking his pen close. You walk over to Chaerim, her cart overflowing with accessories and dresses that were maybe more expensive than your entire wardrobe.
"Chae, honey, we're shopping for the week. Not for the decade," you cautioned, eyeing her shopping cart. Chaerim was rich, anyone could tell. But she was humble. She wouldn't brag about her riches, but also couldn't box her shopaholic nature when she saw the designer fabric and exceptional perfume. Those were her weaknesses, and she might as well live off without a family, but no new clothes? She would die.
You stand in line as you see Jisung run-up to the next cashier counter, filling in the empty spot. You feel a tug at your arm, and only register your friend pulling you towards him. He smiles at your friend before looking at you, beaming like the sunshine. He scans your clothes, which took twenty minutes due to Chaerim buying nearly three-fourth of the store before handing over the receipt to you two. Chaerim pays for it and as she types in her credit card password in the machine, Jisung asks–
"So, what's your name?"
"y/n", you smile, mentally beating yourself up for not saying it the first time you met. You and Chaerim grab the bags of clothes as you waddle up to the exit, stopped by the call of your name.
"Hey! Wait for a second!"
You and your roommate turn on your heels to face a breathless Jisung as he hands a credit card your way. You look at Chaerim as she makes eye contact with you and you metaphorically slap her. If it weren't for Jisung, your friend would have to pick food out of a trash can.
"You can leave those here, you know. I'll deliver them at your place", Jisung nervously suggests, gesturing his hands as if trying to pry the bags away from you. You smile at him and nod as he takes out his notepad and writes down the address Chaerim dictates him. Your friend hands the bags to Jisung and leaves to call a cab, leaving you and the boy alone to hoard aside your wares. As you turn to leave, Jisung stops one last time, scratching the back of his neck.
"Can I have your number?"
You cock an eyebrow at the question amusingly. He notices your reaction, quickly jumping to clarify his words.
"I— I meant if I couldn't find your address! I don't wanna get in someone's pants after 10 minutes of conversation!"
"So if our talk lasted longer, you would ask my number to get in my pants, am I right?"
"Yes! I... I mean no! I—" he huffs out, pouting his lips as he failed to make you understand his true intentions.
"Okay okay, I'm just kidding. Here, note it down", you giggle at his softness, giving your number to him. You run back out the store as you look at Chaerim enter a taxi, running over to the vehicle and hopping inside
You and Chaerim order takeout on the way home, and you couldn't stop smiling at the interaction you had with Jisung. Your friend noticed your happiness, twirling her fingers at the base of your hair.
"Who's my lover girl thinking about, hm?"
"Hey! I'm not thinking about anyone", you mumble, grinning as your thoughts flood with Jisung's smiley and bubbly face. You hear a scoff, followed by an “As our lover girl says”, from next to you as you elbow your friend in her sides, laughter filling the cab.
You reach home and get ready for bed, phone dinging with notifications as you open your group chat to view texts from your desperate and thirsty friends. You even notice a few from Chaerim, giggling at her stupidity. You tell them all to wait since the clothes were on their way, and that was enough to blow up your phone even more; a few texts from people who you didn't even know were enquiring about the ugly sweaters.
As you brew yourself and your roommate a hot chocolate, you hear your phone ringing. You look at the unknown number ringing you and you pick up, thinking it was Jisung who couldn't find your apartment.
"Hello, ther—"
"Good Evening Madam! You are the lucky winner of our raffle round! You have won a car and a grand prize of one million dollars! All you need to do is send in your social security number as well as passport details to receive the pri—"
You hang up, annoyed at the loud voice of the call center employee. If anything, they should've hired someone with a voice like Jisung's, soft, polite, kind, and actually convincing. Realizing you wouldn’t be able to meet him then, you forget about the call, sipping from your drink. You hear your phone ring again as you pick up without looking at the caller ID.
"You better listen to me right now. I miserably need a car and definitely need a million dollars, but if I had to give out my social security number around like cupcakes, you can consider shoving those prizes right up your as— "
"Y/n! What are you talking about?" A surprised voice speaks through the phone. You realize it wasn't from the caller this time, but from Jisung on the other side. You absolutely hated yourself and wanted nothing more than Han Jisung himself tossing you into outer space.
"Listen, it's okay, that's happened to me too, and it was to my boss, which is even worse. Now don't ask if I did it intentionally or not, because that would get me fired." he laughed across the static line, making you at ease and snicker too.
"Anyway, so there's this huge stationery shop, that's your building yeah?"
"Great. I'm on my way!"
"Thanks, Jisung!" you squeal, thanking the boy for his kind intentions. You wait at the door for the boy to bring your clothes. It was as if you were attracted to him like he was a magnet and you a piece of iron. He was sweet, caring, helpful, not to mention very attractive and probably the best boyfriend one could ask for.
You jolt as you hear the doorbell ring, quickly shuffling to open the gate. You see Jisung standing at the doorway with his hands filled with nearly five full bags of garments. You offer him to come in and have some hot chocolate and sit down since he must be tired from delivering the huge stack of clothes all the way down to your house.
He politely denies the offer, talking about coming over some other time, preferably when he wasn't doing night shifts. You felt pity for him since he had to work even during Christmas Eve. You smile and wave him goodbye until he leaves out of your sight, tossing the feeling of your heart rapidly thumping against your ribs aside, getting ready to send your annoying friends a picture of you in your new outfit, your first ugly sweater out of the other twenty-four you were going to be forced to wear not only by your annoying classmates but also your roommate.
You do the usual routine, brush your teeth, clean your makeup, get comfortable and cuddle up next to your teddy bear plushie. You think about Jisung one last time before dozing off and place your teddy bear’s paw above your head, smiling at the feeling of your roommate’s soft hands carding through your scalp to get you to sleep.
A few days pass by, and Jisung still hasn't left your mind. You always hover your finger above the call button, to at least hear his voice once. You had never behaved that way, to say the least. Even Chaerim noted how your eyes would glisten and shine at the mere mention of Jisung's name. How you would shy down under your blankets when she would ask you about him. And when the day to buy the next batch of ugly sweater rolled along, you couldn't control your happiness.
You practically ran towards the store, looking for not only the sweaters but for a particular someone. You smile when your eyes land on Jisung and you try playing it cool as if you haven’t been thinking of him all week. But when he locked eyes with you, he was the one whose heart rate skyrocketed. He squealed and ran towards you, grabbing you by your arm and taking towards the latest collection of hideous sweaters. Chaerim looked over at the two of you with doe eyes, happy that her best friend was finally getting hooked up and wouldn't be a lone wolf at Christmas.
You and Jisung had grown closer over the next few days, with you meeting him after his shifts with your new bright green hoodies and yellow sweaters. You would get a few looks and laughs here and there, but it was all a joke. You liked Jisung, and you knew he liked you back. Stating that the two of you had become inseparable was an understatement. You two were basically connected by the waist and would spend the smallest moment away from work with each other. Albeit, you two hadn't confessed.
It was only two days for Christmas now, and even Chaerim’s boyfriend had come over. It would always disappoint you that you had to sleep out on the couch when your roommate would share intimate moments with him. Not because of the simple fact that your bed was taken away from you, but because you couldn't do the same to her with Jisung. Even you wanted Jisung to kiss you, to touch you in places you've never let even the closest people touch you, to have sex with you.
To tell you he loves you.
At last, it was Christmas. Your overly excited roommate had tied up mistletoes around the house. You had invited Jisung over to spend the night together since Chaerim would be busy with her partner. You and Jisung would randomly yell out a 'kiss! you're under the mistletoe!' to the couple whenever they would cross from under the leaves, earning a groan from either one of the two. You two would chuckle and sit in one position, not moving from the couch so that they didn't have the opportunity to take revenge.
You feel someone shuffling behind you when you look back at Minho holding up something above the two of you. Chaemin crosses her hands and taps her feet smirking as she opens her mouth to leave words you weren't planning on hearing for the rest of the evening.
"Kiss, honey. You're under the mistletoe", She grins, her plan working as she wanted it. You huff, mumbling a "That's not fair" to the older couple looking down at you two. You look at Jisung, who just smiles smugly and shrugs as if suggesting that you two have no other option.
He shifts in his place, making your insides shiver as he places his hand on your jaw, leaning in to meet your lips. His lips feel like cotton candy on yours, your strawberry flavored chapstick blending with his make-shift saliva covered lips.
You pull away, anxiety instead of blood coursing through your nerves. Looking away and not making eye-contact with Jisung, you make a mental note of killing your roommate and her boyfriend once you find the right moment. Jisung rubs his palm against the flesh of your thigh in an attempt to stop your veins from getting jittery. Instead, the touch does the complete opposite, making fire rage in your body. You clear your throat glancing at Chaerim and Minho and walk to the kitchen after announcing that you were going to get you all some snacks.
That night, you and Jisung were exceptionally quiet. It felt as if you two were out of topics to talk about when in reality, you didn't want to face each other. You suddenly feel regret, thinking that maybe if you hadn't invited Jisung, he wouldn't have been embarrassed, and maybe your friend would still remain.
It was late at night when you all sat down in a circle, holding three to four gifts each between your legs. You were nervous and excited, curious as to what Jisung had bought you. Chaerim started, who received a silver ring from Minho, followed by Minho, who got tickets to his favorite artist's concert from his partner. He hooted and the pair kissed a filthy kiss, making you young chicks look away. You look at Jisung and gag, making him laugh at your cute faces.
You motion Jisung to open the gift you had given him, and he obliges. He opens the wrapper to reveal an expensive album record that he had been dying to buy but couldn't since he was short in money. He fist-bumped the air, jumping up and dancing a cute dance while chanting 'I'm so happy' over and over.
"Open your's, quick!"
By now all eyes were on you since you were the last one to open your gift. Minho shoots a 'hope it isn't a five-dollar bill' to Jisung, earning a face from the younger. You smile and open your gift, revealing a red-colored oversized sweater covered in white pearls and green beads. Your mouth hangs agape as you look over at Jisung and back at the dress.
"I saw you swooning over this when we first met, so I thought it would make the perfect gift", he speaks nonchalantly, waving off the fact that he could've bought ten of the album records he'd been dying to buy all these weeks with the money he spent on one sweater for you.
You jump up and hug him as your lips meet, this time both of you sharing the affection. This was how you wanted your kiss with Jisung to be like –slow, passionate and loving, not forced and under pressure of people watching you. You hear the older two yells “Get a room!” as you smile into the kiss, his hands snaking down to your waist.
All of you decide to watch a movie, which was ultimately ditched by Chaerim and Minho because they were sleepy as they prance into your and Chaerim’s shared bedroom, preparing to keep the neighbors awake all night with their sinful sounds. You and Jisung were left under the covers, cuddling into each other. He looks at you and opens his mouth to ask you something, words stuck in his throat as you’re facing the screen, your soft features illuminated by nothing but the bright light from it.
“Did you enjoy the kiss before?”
You frown in confusion, “If I said no, will you make me feel better?”
You feel the couch shift next to you and you turn towards him completely, his hands running up and down your sides. You cup his soft cheeks and pull him into a kiss, the sensation being both feverish and passionate. He pulls you closer to him, making you straddle his legs. You lick your lips before diving back in, pushing yourself onto him so that he lies down on the couch. You lay atop him, and he grazes his tongue against your lips as you permit him entrance. You bite his bottom lip, bubbling a small whine out of him. Only through the light provided by the television, you still feel him blush red, embarrassment flooding through him.
You run your hands through his fluffy hair, tugging at it softly as he moans into the kiss, sounds muffled due to your lips connected. He props himself up such that you fall under him, and for once you thank Chaerim for buying a wide sofa. You break the kiss, breathing in a tuft of air, only for it to be stuck in your lungs as Jisung nips at the skin on your neck, his growing bulge grinding down on your inner thigh. You feel the wet patch on your clothed core growing as every second passes by, your body becoming needy for action.
He sits up and crawls down to have your pussy face him. He removes your leggings, letting your underwear remain. He blows on the wet area a few times, earning eager whines from you, and you hold a fistful of his hair between your fingers, trying to pull him closer to your heat. He obliges, licking a fat strip on your slit right above the lacey material, making you shudder with pleasure. He pushes his muscle against your hole, making a moan bubble from your lips.
Pushing your underwear aside, he quickly jumps to business. He starts eating you out like he hadn’t just had dinner an hour ago. You arch your back in pleasure when he works his tongue against your clit, sucking on the bundle of nerves. Two fingers prod at your entrance and before you can think about them, they’re pushed into your core, making you moan and buck your hips into his face.
He holds you down with his free hand, rubbing his thumb against your clit and tongue licking your slit a couple times. He pushes his tongue inside you, and you clench around him. He laps your walls and reaches your sweet spots, making you thrash under him. You wanted to desperately release the alien feeling in your abdomen, but Jisung wasn’t going any further than fingering you.
“Jisung, please” was all it took for the boy to unbuckle his belt and drop it at the foot of the couch. He takes his pant off and climbs back up to you, kissing every part of your skin from your torso to your breast, pushing the blue sweater up along with his forehead. You pull the fabric over your head, revealing your bra-less figure. Jisung groans at the sight, biting his bottom lip as he starts grinding his hips into your dripping cunt.
He reaches out to run a hand through your hair, only to be stopped by your fingers curling around his wrists. You bring them down and press his palm over your heat, showing him how hot and wet you were, how desperate you were for his cock to be buried deep inside of you. He exhales a growl and tugs at your panties, pulling them off. He grinds on you a couple of times before finally pushing his length in you, inch by inch, to prevent any pain from coming to the bay.
Once he’s fully in, he opens his eyes to look at you, mouth agape and eyes screwed shut. One of your hands were tangled in his hair, while the other one was gripping the edge of the sofa, almost tearing a hole into the material. You open your eyes at the sudden stillness, only for Jisung to cock his head questioningly as if asking if he could move. You nod after a couple moments, bliss washing over the pain. He starts thrusting into you, slow and hard. He reaches lengths in you almost no one ever did, and you were shaking in pleasure.
He hears a moan, but not from you, it roams from the bedroom. Even they’re fucking. He picks up his speed once he thinks you’re doing well, thrusting into you like his life depends on it. He reaches your cervix head-on a couple of times, lolling a scream and yelp from you occasionally. You moan louder, drowning out the noises coming from the bedroom. And when he starts gyrating his long fingers against your clit, you jolt in pleasure, gripping on his arms tightly as your pleasure waves over you.
Your breathing starts getting labored and he hardens his grip on your waist, making your body burn with pleasure. He bends down, biting and sucking on your neck, licking the area after he’s created a marooned art piece. The feeling on your skin drove you to the edge, and you release around him, walls clenching at his fat length in you. He pulls out of you and thrusts into his hand, searching for his orgasm miserably.
You replace his hand with yours, and though limp, you sit up against the arms of the couch and start pumping his length in your hand. He throws his head back in pleasure, his bottom lip between his teeth and eyebrows scrunched. You lick from base to top, kitten licking his slit when you feel he’s getting closer to his high. You hollow your mouth and fill him into the cavity, making him hit the back of your throat. Sucking and swallowing at his length, what couldn’t fit in your mouth was replaced by your hands, rubbing the pads of your fingers against his protruding vein.
He orgasms hard, making his vision go white with black dots. You suck him dry, some of his cum dribbling down your chin as you get up, which he cleans with the back of his hand. He pulls you into a kiss, tasting his orgasm on your palette.
You pull away to join him under the blankets, cuddling and hugging him as he kisses your forehead. You whisper small ‘I love you’s to him, and he returns them with pecks littering your cheek, smiling like a madman. He hugs and nuzzles his head against your hair, mumbling sweet nothings. You face him, inching your face further from his.
“What are you mumbling about?”
“I bought that dress because employees have a 65% discount on store items,” he confesses, giggling. You open your eyes wide, laughing softly at his cheekiness. Your snuggle closer into his chest, hearing his heart beating only for you. He cards his hand through your hair until he hears soft snores from you.
He looks over at the ugly sweater sprawled across the other end of the couch and smiles, mind rewinding back to the time when you two first met.
a/n: this!!! fic!!! is!!! my!!! baby!!! also, i know Christmas is long gone, but i really wanted to write over this prompt. Enjoy ;)
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hanjisungscripts · 8 months ago
Close ch.3
Tumblr media
Throughout the week before the weekend, Sun Hae hangs out with Haru and tells her how great it’s going to be when hanging with Jisung. She talked about what if a first kiss happens, how should she react to holding hands, and even hugging him. Haru made a few comments here and there, but her entire heart wasn’t there to celebrate with Sun Hae.
To distract her thoughts from Sun Hae’s date with Jisung, Haru has been trying to keep herself busy by picking up extra credit work for producing class. Making music at the moment is the one thing that can place her mind elsewhere.
“Haru,” Felix, known as Chan’s cousin who came from Australia and a good friend of Jisung, seemingly pulls her aside when seeing the girl walk to class. “I know that you’re very good at composing and I was wondering if you can help me.”
Haru giggles at his approach. “You scared me. I thought I was in trouble or something,” the girl replies and Felix laughs while apologizing. 
“Sorry, I just wanted to avoid Mr. Song. He’s different from the other producer teachers and I don’t want to fail his class. I know you’re the top student in his class so I thought I’d ask for help from you,” the boy says with a whiny tone. 
The two begin to chat about the class and Haru even wrote down a few notes for Felix to take home. She remembers that he does have a bit of a hard time understanding Korean, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t willing to help. 
“The key pointers are here. I have them written and circled for you. In the end, I’m sure you’ll do great. Chan is in 3Racha so you don’t have to be super worried about failing, you’ll be fine!” Haru positively boosts the young man and he thanks her before leaving.
Once Felix is gone, Sun Hae attacks Haru with a mini scare before both friends fall into a peal of tiny laughter. 
“So, I see that you got to know Felix,” Sun Hae teases but Haru shrugs. 
“I was just helping him with homework, nothing else,” the young woman replies.
“But it could be something more,” Sun Hae continued to tease and Haru just rolled her eyes.
“Sun Hae, I don’t like him, okay? He’s just a friend,” Haru tries explaining but of course, her friend just has to be extra and playfully tease her. 
Haru however, changes the subject soon enough. “Okay, when will I get my notebook back because I have important documents in there for the production class.”
Sun Hae sighs and this time it was her turn to roll her eyes. “Here, Haru. Don’t think you can tell Jisung too if you try.” It sounded like a threat this time ‘round.
Furrowing her eyebrows at her friend, Haru exhales at her words. “This isn’t even about Jisung. I just want my notebook back. You can have him for all I care,” Haru angrily says and leaves her friend alone dumbfounded.
Haru hates being angry at her friend because she feels it’s also her fault. But with the way Sun Hae continues to act around her, Haru feels a spark of anger rising inside more and more each day. 
It annoys Haru because every time she tries to ignore Sun Hae and Jisung’s situation, her friend kept bringing it up. Haru would remind her friend every day that she doesn’t care about what’s going on between them because what’s the point? Haru gave up on Jisung already, what more does Sun Hae need? 
Haru doesn’t want to hate her friend but the more that Sun Hae continues to talk silly, it annoys the girl. Feeling irritated by everything, Haru blindly tosses her notebook inside her backpack as all that she hears is Sun Hae’s requests for new lyrics to hand over to Jisung.
“What’s up with the gloomy face?” Minho questions his classmate when seeing her enter inside the recording room.
“Nothing. Just something stupid,” Haru murmurs and takes out her flash drive after taking a seat next to Minho. 
“Well, if it’s stupid you wouldn’t sulk around it,” said boy replies, and Haru sighs lightly. 
She turns to look at Minho and asks, “what would you do if you and your friend happen to like the same girl?”
Shocked by the question, Minho purses his lips together to think and then answers, “I will make sure my friend knows and then maybe have the both of us approach the girl together. We’d both confess and see who she likes. Depending on her answer, I don’t think it will have me disliking my friend. Why? What’s up?”
Haru chuckles and shakes her head. “Minho, you’re unbelievably humble. Please just stay nice and loving forever.”
“Well, everyone does call me an angel,” says Minho as he gestures both arms over his head and makes a heart.
It cheered up Haru and she decided not to let Sun Hae’s words bother her. Why should she let it bother her when it is like what Sun Hae had been saying. It’s only a date. If it goes well, it works out. If it doesn’t, then maybe Haru will have a chance to confess so the weight of her feelings can come down. 
Overall, a boy shouldn’t get in the way of their friendship too.
The day of the date came along and Haru decided to divert herself. If she was going to stay home all day and watch dramas with her mom, she’s just going to be reminded by it. Haru needed a distraction and maybe a shopping spree will take her mind away.
Exiting her apartment, she’s met with Jisung at the front door as well. He’s dressed cutely for the date, but when is Jisung never wearing anything nice? 
They both greet each other and walk together to the elevator. Jisung presses the button for them both and Haru thanks him. 
“Lovely day, yeah?” Haru says, trying to spike up a conversation.
Jisung’s jaw tightens and then he lets out a tiny chuckle. “Um, yeah…”
“Yeah? Come on, it’s a date! Aren’t you supposed to be more excited?” Haru tries smiling and hyping him up and about. She even moved closely towards him to nudge at his arm.
Nonetheless, Jisung didn’t seem to be in his cheery mood. He just gave Haru a small smile and nodded at her words. It seemed off but Haru didn’t want to question either.
When the elevator door opens, Jisung bids his goodbye to Haru and exits the building first. Haru follows suit and turns the opposite direction to do some shopping.
Jisung meets with Sun Hae at a local café. She appeared nervous yet excited at the same time. She greets with a huge grin and Jisung thinks to himself, this can’t be good.
“Han Jisung!” Sun Hae greets him cheekily. “So what are our plans today?” She asks while flipping through the café menu.
“Probably just hang out here and get to know you and your works better,” Jisung answers, eyeing his date who seems to flinch at his words.
Sun Hae gives him a nervous smile this time ‘round. “Actually, can we not talk about that today? I just want to have an ‘us’ day, you know?”
The boy shrugs. “What are we going to talk about if not that? I mean, this is a date and we should be conversing about our hobbies, our likes and dislikes, and our career we’re trying to pursue at the academy, am I right?”
Sun Hae shyly laughs and nods her head. “Yeah, but let’s talk about something else. For example, what’s your favorite food and why do you like it. That way in the future, I can learn to make it for you. Also, favorite colors, clothing trends, and etc!”
Jisung shakes head but thinks about giving in. Haru did tell him to give it a try, so the boy decides to put up with it.
All alone, out and about, Haru went around the mall and shopped through the music stores. She even checked out for some new clothes and pieces of jewelry because there happened to be a good sale today. 
Having fun by herself shopping and eating out alone, Haru also made time to record a few pieces of new melodies that kept popping in her head. She would hum them and write new lyrics, adding it to the notebook of her poems and lyrics.
Looks like the date had gone well because Sun Hae had fangirled all about it to Haru. She was happy for her friend, really, and that everything worked out. Sun Hae even said that she and Jisung will be going on a date for the rest of the week and she couldn’t wait to become his girlfriend when the time comes.
Bummed out and crushed, Haru just leaves her feelings be. Maybe she should start doing exercises on getting over Jisung, Haru thought. 
The next day at school didn’t help with the exercise as Jisung visited Haru in class.
“Hey,” Jisung greets Haru who’s alone in the recording room. 
“Oh, hey,” the young woman softly smiles at the boy.
“Sun Hae?” He questions while looking around the room.
Haru ah’s and then shrugs. He’s here for her friend. “Probably in the bathroom, maybe? I don’t have her for recording class,” Haru replies and Jisung’s mouth goes in the shape of an “o”.
“Well, your friend is interesting,” said the young man, commenting about Sun Hae. Haru giggles and nods her head. “Can you perhaps, tell me more about her?”
Haru tilts her head to think. “Well, she’s an amazing singer if you haven’t heard her.”
“I have. She’s not so bad.”
“Yah!” Haru yells and lightly punches the boy’s arms as he laughs. “If Sun Hae hears you say that she will kill you.”
Jisung continues to laugh. “I’m joking, girl, damn!”
Haru shakes her head and laughs with said boy. “I’m glad you’re getting along with her when you had commented on not being interested in her. I told you that a date wouldn’t be so bad.”
The young man’s smile fades at Haru’s words and a small smile appears afterward. “Yeah.”
“Yeah? What do you mean yeah? Sun Hae is pretty cool. I get that she can get loud and super excited, but she’s just a very expressive person so it’s cool,” Haru says, positively bringing up her friend.
Jisung chuckles. “You’re right about her being expressive. It’s just, I don’t think I’m that into her, you know?”
Haru tilts her head. “What do you mean? Do you not like her?”
“Haru, I told you before that I like someone else and my feelings are still true to it. I’m only giving this a shot with Sun Hae because of the confession note I found. However, something seems missing,” Jisung replies, basically answering no to the girl’s question.
“Well Jisung, I think you should be the one to tell Sun Hae then. Don’t lead her on more than this or she will start wondering when you two date,” Haru gently tells the boy.
Jisung nods his head. “I don’t want to lead her on and I did tell her that I like someone else. But I think she ignored me.”
Haru lightly chuckles at his words. “That’s just how Sun Hae is because maybe she’s not ready for rejection and feels that she can turn your head around to like her. Just give her this chance on the second date you’ll be taking her. You never know, you may end up liking her more than the other person.”
Said boy looks at her and grins. “You’re a great person, Haru.” He ruffled her hair and she made a sour face at him for messing her hair up. Jisung then bids goodbye before exiting and heading towards his class when the bell rings. 
Haru sits there and thinks as every student begins entering inside the classroom, including the teacher. 
Why would Jisung come to talk to her about Sun Hae but seem so upset?
The young woman dropped the thought and decided to pay attention in class instead.
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honeybinnies · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
CHARACTERS  ☆ han jisung, reader (you), seo changbin, bang chan (mentioned) 
PLOT ☆  wherein jisung, the mafia’s assassin, has a mission to retrieve a heirloom from the mafia’s heiress, you. to his surprise, he easily finds you alone on a night club, and finally, he work begins.
WORD COUNT  ☆ 2.5k 
WARNINGS  ☆ this is rated E for sexual activity, alcohol and mentions of drugs. to minimize dashboard consumption, a keep reading header will be placed after the first paragraph. this is to respect other people’s content, as well as the time of the viewers.
DISCLAIMER  ☆ i do not own stray kids. they belong to jyp entertainment. i only own the edit and the storyline itself. 
NOTE ☆ this one-shot is written in third person point of view, so all mentions of “the woman” are directed to all female readers.
Tumblr media
[10:18pm] jisung’s doing alright. wait, scratch that, jisung’s doing more than just alright. in fact, he’s living his best life at the moment. it’s ten in the evening in the noisy, sin-filled streets of gangnam-gu, and the bass is loud in the club he’s currently at. jisung grins as hr struts around the squeaked floors of the night club, clad in a silk button-up tucked down into some nice black jeans, two of his buttons loosened, flashing a bit of his collarbone where his tattoo peeked out shyly. his blonde hair is swooped to the side, and smudge of dark eyeshadow and glossed lips masks his features, making him ten times more regal underneath the neon lights, more alluring. he’s thriving as he walks to the bar to heed for a martini on the house, and he looks at the swaying bodies grinding against the music, please, relaxed. 
“now this feels like home.” he smirks, letting out a sigh before grabbing a hold of his martini. he takes his sweet time upon ravishing the contents, the liquid coating his throat with the burning sensation he was looking for. he doesn’t even notice someone slide next to him as he does so, and neither does he flinch from his spot when the man speaks up. 
“don’t get too relaxed, ji.” the man remarks, voice laden with slight amusement. “remember, we’re here because chan wanted you to fulfill a mission.” 
the said man noises apprehensively, and down the remains of his martini, the alcohol burning the rest of throat just the way he likes it. “please, changbin. cut me some slack. i haven’t felt like this in years.” the statement leaves a snort from changbin himself, and turns to take a swig of beer before facing jisung once again. “it’s the only time you’ll ever be feeling like this, jisung. remember, we still have a little nation to overthrow?”
the younger tilts his head to face changbin, eyebrow quirked up in a unimpressed manner at the mention a pathetic empire muttered at his very ears. “don’t get me started on jaehyun’s bullshit, hyung. he doesn’t mean anything to me at the moment.” 
changbin could only smirk at the flatness of his tone, before he spots a familiar figure moving across jisung. his gaze only darkens by the percentage, as a low hum draws from his throat. “9:00. that’s our target.” he gestures jisung to the figure, to which the other looks to his 9:00. he sees a woman in a scarily low v-neck cocktail dress, sparkled with red sequences, and jisung thinks that the make-up’s too slutty on her. he fights the urge to roll his eyes on the accentuated cleavage the dress is exposing her, however, he has no time to fancy on this visuals. his target is on the heirloom she adorns on her neck, and that is enough for jisung to have the need to just get it over with. 
so, he flashes changbin an easy smile, and places his martini glass down. he pats his button-up once, twice, and adjusts a stiff strand on his parted forehead. “easy peasy. watch me.” 
“i’d rather not see your seduction skills, ji. just do it.” changbin groans in response, and swats his hand in dismissal. jisung’s already doing his job as he ignores his underboss, and makes his way to the woman, who’s currently seated alone. she looks bored as she scans the place, as if she wants something interesting to happen to her, something exciting. jisung’s been there once; his first few years as an assassin was pretty much the same old boring routine that he’d find himself breaking every once in a while. he snorts at the memory of a fuming chan towering over him one time, when he was scattered on the sheets of another woman, cum dry on his stomach and blunts smoked beside the tabletop of the bedroom. he had rendered his life a mess that time, lost and nowhere to go. he had a mind to thank chan sometime for bringing him out of that misery, but as of now, he owes him treasure.
the moment jisung meets gazes with the bored woman, his expression switches to something more amiable. ease it up, he thinks to himself. let’s not bring things too fast. “hey, need company?” 
the woman looks up at him, and snorts before looking back at the crowd, sullen. “go away. i don’t want to look like i got stood up tonight.” 
jisung blinks at this, and momentarily judges her appearance before saying anything else. she has got to be kidding. only a dumb slut would show up to a date wearing clothes like that. either way, he’s dealt with sluttier women in his life, so he’s not the one to talk. “stood up, huh? don’t you think it’s a little past 10pm to be waiting for a date? and at a night club?”
it takes a while for the woman to respond, only busying herself with swirling the olive on her drink. after a few moments, she sighs in defeat, and nudges over to the seat in front of her. “fine. you have a point. take that seat.”
the smile that jisung fakes is convincing enough to satisfy his reaction, and occupies the seat next to him. he knows he’s about to engage himself in some absolutely boring talk with the slutty woman, and judging from her standoffish mood, he has a feeling he won’t enjoy this so much. however, his time’s ticking, and it’s only so long before that pendant is finally on his hands. he decides to just go with the flow, and finally exit when it’s done. “so?” jisung begins, folding his arms on the metal table. “you wanna talk about this bad date?” 
the woman smacks her cherry-colored lips in exaggeration, and lets out a small breath before looking at him. “we were supposed to meet up at this restaurant hours ago, but he never came. he messaged me saying that he had some business to deal with, and honestly, it’s all he ever says nowadays. like, what does he think this relationship is? i’m not here to wait around and hope he comes back!” 
jisung pretends to be interested in the conversation, but his mind is thinking about other things. a cheesecake would be so good right now. “hm, he seems like a douche.” 
“he’s an asshole, that’s what he is!” the woman exclaims, swatting the skewered olives back on the drink. she fumes for a while, but the more she acknowledges jisung, her face softens by a tint. “thanks for keep up with my bullcrap tonight. i really needed company.” 
jisung only hums in response, sending the woman a distant smile before he lets her continue. “i just need to feel free right now, you know? it’s like, i wanna just--just get risky with some man and feel no remorse for it. i mean, fuck that guy, am i right? who care if he sees me with another man. one night stands are better than him.”
the assassin breaks his baggage of thoughts and piques his interest at her. he could almost taste victory on his hands, a familiar grasp of something that could be won in the snap of a finger. this could be his gateway to the jewel adorned on her neck, and he’s relieved that she’s making things easier for him. he smiles at her then, one that’s less softer and more suggestive. “that’s why you came to this night club, right?” 
then, he tilts his head, and smooths his fingers into her arm, stroking the skin gently, as if to channel comfort. it’s subtle, but he knows it would make her swoon. “then what’s stopping you from getting risky? this is the perfect place for one night stands, sweetheart.” 
surely enough, the woman opens her mouth to say something in return, but she finds herself staring at jisung instead, only fully taking him in at the moment. his eyes are soft, but glinting at something she hopes it’s what she’s thinking of, and the rubs of his fingers against her arm are every bit comforting. his touches are like milk and honey trickling on her skin, and his lips seem sweeter on her vision, glossy, enticing. “this...” 
jisung tries not to smirk at how he’s managed to get her under his spell that quick, and continues to run his fingers through her shoulder. “what?” 
there’s a sudden want that bubbles on the core of her stomach at each stroke he places on her, and her hands ball into fists above her thighs, trying her best not to show how much she wanted jisung right there and then. however, he heart says otherwise, and she end up blurting the words she so badly wanted to say. “you--can, can i kiss you?” 
the strokes on her arm stop, and jisung plasters a frown at her question, or rather, her command. “oh, sweetheart, do you think i’m the perfect guy to be doing this with?”
“as i said,” the woman gulps down and inches closer to him, suddenly feeling daring, feeling needy. “i’m looking for anybody at the moment, and i don’t care who i end up with. besides, you’re pretty hot. i wouldn’t mind fucking a hot man like you.”
the man hums in consideration and slides his hand down to the curve of her waist, pulling her in even more. he could basically feel the hunger and pure want radiating from her body, and the shudder he feels under his fingers is enough for him to know that she could barely contain herself before she pounces on him. so, he gazes at the woman in the same crazed manner, and grips her waist, voice lowered to something darker. “then by all means, let me be your guest.” 
it’s only seconds before the woman crashes her lips with his, the musk of their perfumes wafting in the air as she eagerly climbs onto his lap to deepen the kiss. his lips are delicious just as she imagined, and his movements are fluid and filled with years of experience, swiping skin to skin, releasing to locking. jisung internally finds this disgusting however, but keeps on urging the kiss in deeper, teasing the seams of her mouth with his tongue before she gives it an entrance. he’s appalled by the sudden straddle of her hips against his thigh, and the friction only makes him half-hard. 
he makes sure to busy himself with his lips passionately colliding against hers, and his hips bucking to give her the pleasure she wants, to make her hotter and hungrier than she was before. as the woman speeds up with her straddles, he smooths his palm up to the back of her nape, where he skillfully unclasps the pendant and tucks it neatly inside his pocket. he smiles onto the hot exchange of kisses at his acquired item, and continues to kiss her for as long as she desires. 
unfazed by what he had just done, the woman pulls away from the sloppy kiss and tries to undo his buttons, fingers fumbling to release an ounce of skin from his button-up. however, jisung snatches her wrist, and eyes her dangerously, his voice hoarse and deeper than usual. “i think we should be in a more private space if you want to do that to me, sweetheart.” 
the wild smile that spreads on her lips meant her well, and jisung chuckles at such a sight before he leans up to kiss her once on the lips, the touch lingering. “say, why don’t you be a good girl for me and,” another kiss, this time on the corner of her mouth, “make yourself comfortable for me in the room right over there?” 
he peeks up to catch her reaction, and sees her eyes closed shut, trying to feel every bit of his kisses warming her skin. satisfied, he continues, at peppers his mouth to her cheek, trailing all the way to her earlobe. “then, i want you to cover yourself up for me, yeah?” he slides a silk sash on her hands, and he doesn’t even need to say anything in order for her to what she would do with it. he runs his palms up and down her waist as he could see the bubbling excitement and arousal building upon her while she feels the silk on her hands, and speaks up through the droning sounds of the club. “i want you to be ready for me, so you’re gonna have to wait for a while.” 
to tease her for the hell of it, he grumbles into her earlobe, and pulls her hips close to him yet again, only harsher and more dominating. “you think you can do that for daddy?” he licks her earlobe, and smiles wickedly when she shudders above him. he always loves it when he know that he could only ruin her. 
“y-yes, daddy.” the woman breathes out, hands desperately holding onto his shoulders. she’s driven wild when jisung responds with a moan sounding on her ear, and she suppresses a moan herself when she could feel the straps of her dress sliding off teasingly, courtesy of jisung’s touches. “mmm, i love it when you call me that.” finally, he pats her ass, and gestures her to the empty room two blocks away from their spot. “go on, doll yourself for daddy, and remember, no peeking.” 
he expects her to protest at some point, but he isn’t disappointed when she follows his command instead, gathering her belongings and scurrying her way towards the unoccupied room. jisung stays seated for a bit, stretching his neck from the position he’s been in for quite some time, before he finally stands. he doesn’t even bother to go after her, all his words masked with lies, and approaches the male stripper instead, cashing him with a generous amount of money. “give her the best night she’s ever had. she deserves it.” 
“yes, mister han.” the stripper bows automatically, and jisung nods back in response before finally dismissing himself. he makes his way to changbin, who’s been seated there all this time, and flashes the pendant at his face, smiling proudly. “see? i told you i could do it.” 
changbin could only stare at him with a deadpan expression, and states bluntly, “oh my, i was so turned on, i think my cock is hard.” 
the younger just rolled his eyes at his hyung’s sarcasm, and pockets the pendant. “come on, let’s just give chan the pendant.” he and changbin finally make their leave after that, and jisung doesn’t even think once of the woman all dolled up under his spell. after all, it’s what he’s known for in this crowd of sinners. everybody has a strive to lust for life, but he could only trade life for lust. it’s all he’s ever done since the day he turned 13, and not once did he regret any bit of it. 
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starlithan · 9 months ago
I Promise
Part 3
Siren Jisung/ Reader(ft. Choi San ATEEZ)
Word Count:3540 words
Warnings: None
Summary: Han realizes that the amusement park is the last place he want to be, time is running out and he cant figure out what to do, meanwhile a certain someone comes to live with the both of you, and you bot get into a whole lot of trouble.
Tumblr media
Part 3
Y/n’s POV:
“I changed my mind .. THIS is my favorite food from now on” Han  said as he munched on the last slice of cheesecake, I giggled “see I told you there are more tastier things then scrambled eggs” I said, chocolate from the cheesecakes was on the side of his lips, I took a tissue and wiped it off “you eat like a kid” I smiled and looked at him.
Too close, Y/n you're too close 
I get back and clear my throat “come on there are more things you need to see since you're here”, I said as I looked around.
Han ’s Pov:
She's so cute. I smiled and went back to finishing up my cheesecake.
“Ahhh right the amusement park every human has to go there, it's a must do” she said getting all excited “what's an amusement park?” I asked as I wiped my face with the so-called tissue “here let's go” she said as she held my hand and pulled me along, we both ran to wherever she was taking me.
“Y/n slow down, or did you forget I just learned how to walk” I said huffing as we stopped, “and you know how hard it was to learn-.. Wow”  I said as I looked at the big big…..things, this place was gigantic.
“I know right it's gigantic, come on we're gonna go to the haunted house first” she said as I nodded still in awe, “wait what's the haunted house?” I asked, does she wanna be possessed by ghosts or something, but luckily she read my mind “it's not real ghosts just people acting like ghosts so come on” she said as once again she drags me, well if there not real then that's okay, and personally how scary can they be, I mean sharks are more scarier than mere people
I take my words back, People are scarier than sharks, “are you okay?” Y/n laughs as she pats my back , this is utterly embarrassing. I close my eyes and shake my head, “ice cream I'll go get some ice cream, you sit here” she said as she went to bring us some ice cream.
I close my eyes, why is my head hurting this much, the moment I open my eyes, I see tons of hearts glowing a fierce color of blue, everything else was black and white, I close my eyes again and slowly massage my temple “stop, stop” I whisper
Remember you only have 20 days till you turn back to a siren 
I hear a voice whisper in my head, my eyes shoot open and everything's fine, everything's back in color, I only have 20 days, I got to get started today.
Y/n’s POV:
“One chocolate and one peach in a cone please” I said as the guy nodded, ‘what's the time?” I whispered as I took my phone out 
25 missed class from Minho Oppa 
Domed I’m domed, I sigh, was something wrong 
“Here you go one chocolate and one peach” the guy gave me my ice cream, and I thanked him and started to make my way to Han 
To be honest I'm happy Han ’s here, I'm having lots of fun, I smiled thinking about how he was scared as hell in the haunted house, I even didn't have a single episode of the migraine too 
“Here's your ice cream” I said as I handed him the peach one, he glanced at both “I want the chocolate one” he said
“Nope you're gonna try the peach one this time, trust me you're gonna love it” i said, he gave me a questioning look but took it in the end, I sat next to him “so how's your day in the human world going?’ I asked as I looked at the people passing by “well let me summarize that for you, on my first day I was attacked by a cat and a human both on the same day, on the second day I got to know that humans are more scarier than sharks, and that I'm afraid of heights” he said pouting and taking a huge bite of the ice cream.
I laughed with tears coming out of my eyes “first of all Darong thought you were fish and came on you did smell like it too and second San apologized and did give you his clothes that you are wearing at this very moment” I said, laughing “what's so funny?” he asked which made me laugh even more “your.. Haha...your face…” I laughed, he looked confused “is there something on my face” he asked, I shacked my head as a no.
“No your face expressions is soo cute” I said as  my laugh started to come to an end, his face started to go red, to which I stopped, I think he's getting more sick, I placed my hand on his forehead, his fever is getting higher and higher, he held my hand, and for a minute we just stared at each other, he does have beautiful eyes it like you can see the whole sea in them.
“Stupid” he said as he scoffed “come  on I'm hungry lets go home” he said as he got up and started to drag me with him, we just walked silently with the setting sun watching over us.
Han ’s POV:
We got home and I sat on the table directly. I needed a minute to collect my thoughts. I had little time but why do i feel like it's going the opposite way “do you wanna eat now?” Y/n asked standing on the opposite side of the table, I nodded to which she went to the fridge and started to take out some food.
“Here you go” she said after a few minutes, she placed a bowl of rice and some side dishes, I can't lie she's a pretty good cook. She sat in front of me, hands on the table, eyes on me “you're not gonna eat?” I asked, she shocked her head as no “I'm not hungry” I nodded and started to dig into my food, “hey Han I was wondering what's the.. You know what's the difference between a siren and a mermaid in general” she asked.
“Didn't I tell you the first time” I looked up, “well you weren't very specific I mean in detail” she said, “well some sirens are born from the sea, and some are born from violent, watery depths, Drowning, being murdered at sea, their bodies being thrown into the water shortly after their deaths, stuff like that. Thy are the ones that sing to sailors, or anyone and drag them to their deaths, when they get to close, They are born anytime, but that's just a myth in between sirens about that there born from violent deaths no one has seen a siren born like that” i said as i was reminded of the monster i was, the real me 
“On the other hand Mermaids are purely creatures of water, they look more like a fish then us, there dum most of them and aggressive too, even though if both of us die we turn into sea form, as if we never existed, mermaids eat human hearts thinking that that's what's gonna turn them into humans” i said getting back to my food, blocking out all the horrible thoughts.
“Was it hard?” my eyes shot up to her to see her heart was glowing a deep shade of blue 
She's sad 
I nodded, she bit her lip and nodded “if you-... if you wanna talk about it I'm always here” she said as she looked back up at me and smiled 
Beat… why is my heart beating so fast?
Y/n POV:
“You should probably sleep” I said as I picked up Darong “and you and me need some sleep and Darong and Y/n time” I said and winked, to be honest Darong was super mad at me, “I mean your the one who used to ignore me” i pouted as she turned her head the other way”.
I got changed and picked up my phone, shit i forgot to call Minho, this is the best time I guess, I dialed his number
Beep beep~
“Hey Y/n” I heard Minho 
“Hey I'm sorry my phone was on silent” I said 
“It's fine just come to the living room you have so much to explain” he said and hung up
What does he mean by come to the- shit i close my eyes and run out of my room to see Minho giving death glares to Han , and Han  was doing the same, “Minho I-..” I started but he motioned me to stop “who are you?” he asked  looking Han  dead in the eye, Han  gave me a panicked look, I mouthed my friend “your my friend” I whispered, he nodded “I'm her cousin” , I facepalm myself, shit now we're in big trouble how am i gonna explain this one.
“Well I'm her brother” Minho smiled, to which I'm sure Han  understood that he messed up “so now Y/n explain pls”, I motioned Han  to sit down, as he did and then we began to explain the siren stuff.
“So you're trying to say You.. Han  right? Is a siren the ones that sing people to their deaths?” Minho asked and the both of us nodded “and how am I supposed to believe that?” he asked, I give a panicked look to Han , as he gets up and heads to the kitchen he picks up a glass and fills it with water and then heads back to us, he breaths and then puts his hand above the glass, for a moment we all sit there but nothing happens “what's going on, nothings happening, okay enough with the stories both of you tell me the truth” Minho says, but then water suddenly starts to levitate around his hand, me and Minho were in total awe “see I told you” I said as his eyes were stuck on the water now out of the glass and levitating above Han ’s hand, i look up at Han  and smile, he returns that smile with a wink.
“Fine I believe you”
authors Pov:
After that everything was settled, you all went to sleep, but to be honest even though Minho now believed in Han  but it still looked like he was not giving him proper approval, but for the time being you were glad he was here.
Han ’s POV:
I'm glad I was half siren, for those powers to work, or damn I messed up, I lay on the couch my eyes on the roof, “you know if you do anything fishy to my sister I swear I'm gonna kill you and bury you so deep that even your own kind wont find you” her brother said as he lay his mattress on the floor, and went to sleep, back towards me, I sigh I mean I get it he’s her brother, it's good he's protective, who wont be she is something to protect, my thoughts start to kill me , I get up and head outside, slowly opening the door, but as I was opening the door I heard a small meow.
I glanced down to see the little monster rubbing against my feet “you want to go outside too?” I asked, more like I whispered, Darong gave a little meow, as I picked her up and we head outside, the cold night air, the cold lonely sea, to be honest I forgot the sea or being a siren when I spent time with her, I sit down on the sand and place darong in my lap, looking at the sea reminded me of my task, my heart sank to my feet “ugh I can't do it, am I falling for her?” I put my hands on my face, thinking of all the times she made my heart beat, “is this what love feels like, cuz I dont like it” I said as I stared at the sea, I took my necklace out of my shirt and inspected it, the vile was now half empty, “great I have little time left and I have zero progress, but what I'm feeling towards her is it love or something else?” I questioned myself, Darong meowed “and you, you little monster” I said as I picked her up and brought her to my eye level, she meowed and then licked my nose, I smiled “your not that bad” I said as I placed her back in my lap.
“We should probably go in , it's getting a little chilly out here” I said as me and Darong headed back in. but what do you know sleep wasn't quite welcoming me today I sat on the sofa, “what's something fun I could do here?” I whispered, I saw the thing that turns on the TV the… “what did Y/n say this was?.... Ahh right a remote and this button turns it on” I remembered it was actually the most complicated thing I got to learn, I turned it on and the volume was quite high, I gritted my teeth together and glanced at Minho Hyung, but he looked like he was having a deep sleep, I quickly turned down the volume, “sorry” I whispered, I started to surf through the channels until this one caught my eye.
“Are you a person who’s in love but can't seem to figure out whether it's love or friendship? Well today we will tell you some things that will help you figure out the difference, and point out how exactly you feel about that person”
Wow great these things always pop up on the worst time, I really didn't want to know this, but then again it won't hurt I guess, I looked down at Darong and she really looked interested in the show, wouldn't take her eyes of the screen “who do you have in your life to figure out your feelings” I laughed, but Darong straight  off ignored me.
“When someone likes you they usually give off small hints, but how to differentiate is that when you love someone 
1.You act like yourself in front of them
2.You can never get mad at them
3.Your always thinking about them 
4.You can talk to them endlessly without getting bored
5.You feel there pain, happy when there happy and sad when there sad
These are the main points, but you can also give “kiss” a try *wink*”
 “I think that's enough TV for me” I said as i turned it off, my face was heating up, this is stupid I won't do that, I sighed and lay down on the couch 
Y/n’s POV:
“Good morning!” I said as I went directly to the kitchen, hands occupied with tying up my hair, but as I looked up, I saw Minho with an apron, he looked at me and smiled, “sit down, and chill I've made us waffles your favorite” he said as he motioned me to sit on the seat, the aroma of sweat waffles filled the air around me and to be honest it reminded me of my childhood. “Where's Han ?” I asked, “here!” I heard Han  behind me, I turned around to look at Han , he was damped and not to mention semi naked, he wore only jeans, I'm kind of embarrassed to say I couldn't take my eyes off of his abs ‘how the heck do sirens have perfect abs, and why didn't I see this earlier?’, I heard hurried footsteps behind me, and then I felt someone covering my eyes, “HEY PUT ON SOME CLOTHES THIS ISN'T A STRIP HOUSE” Minho yelled as I laughed.
Finally we all settled down and had a peaceful breakfast, after finishing up we all cleaned up and thanked Minho for the lovely food, “oh yeah I'm gonna go do some work k, I'll be back by 9 okay” Minho said as he got to the door he stopped and looked back at Han  and gave him a long glare and then went outside, I laughed “wow that was intense” i said, as i was about to go to my room, Han pulled me by my arm and pinned me to the wall, we just stayed like that for a minute, my heart started to beat at an abnormal speed, “I-” I wanted to speak, to say something but my mind was blurry, my thoughts were blurry, I blinked twice, but Han  didn't say anything “can-can we go outside today” he said, and I blinked again trying to process what he meant. 
“Yeah yeah sure, umm give me five minutes” I said and the motioned for him to let me go, he quickly realized and pushed himself back, “yeah sorry” he said, hand on the back of his neck, I quickly went into my room and closed the door, “what was that, get a hold of your senses Lee Y/n!!” 
Minho POV:
“Detective Minho your really on good terms huh buddy, I mean posted to Jeju, beautiful place and less crime, good for you buddy” I smiled as I heard Chan Hyung blabber on about how hard it is being a city detective, “oh come on Hyung it's not that hard, and plus I still have to deal with small crime, pickpocketing, car accidents and all”, I sighed looking at the now placed file on my desk, “don't be so unthankful those petty crimes are a piece of cake for us… by the way how is Y/n holding up, is here headache fine?” he asked as I hummed.
I stopped, as i thought about the fact that Y/n hasn't had a migraine since I got here “she's more carefree and happier these days” I said, thinking about all the times she's laughed, and how much happy she looks teaching Han  how to use the TV, smiling at the memory of that thought, “wow great that’s good I-.... In a minute… hey buddy I got to go okay got a new cold case” he said sighing frustrated, “okay” I laughed, “but hey tell Jeongin to not destroy my office and tell Changbin to stop arm wrestling with every newcomer” I said as Chan laughed “you know about that” 
“I have eyes and ears everywhere” I laughed and then we said our goodbyes.
In the middle of work I thought about the possibility of other mythical creatures existing if a Siren exists, I opened up the file, but when I read it I wanted to yeet everything.
Han ’s POV:
We got home from our little stroll and let me say I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO MAKE HER HEART RACE, she went straight to her room, and came back minutes later, with a camera, I suppose that's what you call it, “here I want you to have it” she said, as I took the camera and stared at it for a minute “what for?” I asked, “well I want you to make some memories for yourself, since your here now” she said, I smiled looking at the camera, “thanks” I said as she looked at me with wide eyes “I-I’m gonna go make us something to eat” she said as she hurried to the kitchen. 
I nodded as I went to my sofa and sat down, Darong meowed from the other room and as she saw me sitting she came running and I smiled, “hey little buddy” I smiled as I picked her up and run my hands through her hair she started  to slowly close her eyes and doze off, the smell of food was nice, less days I have less days left I thought as I looked at the ceiling.
“Ouch” I heard Y/n yelp in pain and then hiss, I don't know why but my body quickly reacted and I got up and ran to her, “what's wrong are you okay?” I asked as he help her finger in her hands, “yeah I'm fine I just cut my finger” she said as I took her finger in my hand and examined it, it wasn't a deep cut thank God but it was deep enough to bleed like hell “why didn't you pay more attention hun? What if this was deep what would we do?, does it hurt a lot?” I asked as I slowly picked her up and placed her on the kitchen counter, “where's the first aid?” I asked as she looked at me and then at the cupboard, “I- its t-there” she said and I quickly went to get it, I slowly started to clean up the wound, “you should be more careful, scared the hell out of me” I said as I took a bandage and wrapped it safely around the wound, her hand was now in mines and we both stared at each other, i really dont wanna kill her, I slowly start to close the gap , and placed my lips on her, I felt her stop and then she kissed me back.
I can't kill her
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hyuniins · a year ago
how to love your dragon.
part two.
omg people liked part one that makes me so happy!! i’m finally posting part two.. there’s so much to come we haven’t even hit the surface of this story yet.. i’m so excited to continue! i hope you enjoy! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
Tumblr media
part one - part two - part three
genre: skz’s hyunjin, royalty!au, dragonboy!au, fluff (female reader)
word count: 2.3k
you aimed your quest towards your kingdom’s market place. you threw your hood over your head in hopes of avoiding being recognized by the masses. hyunjin silently padded behind you. he was still naked and barefoot, while the silk sheet still wrapped around his figure, being held up by his fist bunching up the fabric together at the front.
hyunjin spoke up once the market place came into view. “why are we going towards all those humans-“
“hyunjin we have to get you-“
“is this a set up? are you turning me in?” he starts sputtering in panic, feet nailed to the ground, staring at you in disbelief.
you turned around, looking at him, not amused. “hyunjin, i can’t take you into the palace naked.”
he squinted his eyes. “what does that have to do with you handing me over to humans?”
“i’m just going to the market to buy you clothes.” you huffed.
“because if you’re coming with me to the castle, you have to seem at least a little human. that means you can’t walk around naked with wings hanging off your back.”
hyunjin gagged at the thought.
you sighed, and walked over to where the tree line started before the market, gesturing to the bushes. “sit over here while i get you some clothes. i’ll be back in a minute.”
he sighed dramatically, taking a seat on the ground. you chuckled to yourself, amazed at how the big bad dragon could act so stubborn sometimes.
Tumblr media
you looked around the plaza, looking at the colorful array of items and food that were brought by the many talented and hardworking commoners of your kingdom. the sight alone made you smile. you haven’t been out into the kingdom of levanter in so long, since your family always fears your safety, and keeps you caged in the palace. it was so refreshing to see the people you cared for in their everyday life.
you made your way to a small tent belonging to an elderly woman, whom offered you a sweet smile. you looked through the clothes she had to offer, trying to find the perfect selection for hyunjin. you knew he wouldn’t appreciate it, but for what it’s worth, you wanted to dress him up nicely. after all, he wasn’t an eyesore by any means.
you smiled at the woman as you made your purchase, giving her gold above her asking price, for how kind and helpful she was. she eyed the gold in her hand, as if she had never seen the real thing before. she looked back at you, stunned. you nodded your head slightly, and you pulled your hood a little lower.
“thank you, princess.” she said lowly, acknowledging your means of staying hidden.
you turned to her again, offering a bright smile, bringing a finger up to your lips.
Tumblr media
“finally.” hyunjin grumbling upon seeing you emerge from the market.
“here.” you said, shoving the new garments into his chest. “change.”
he gave you a distasteful glare, looking between the garments and your strict gaze.
“if you get changed quick, i can give you these.” you say, opening a sack filled with fresh salmon.
his eyes lit up at the sight. hyunjin then sighed as he let the sheet fall past his shoulders a bit, giving you a view of the other silk wrapped around his abdomen, spotted with dried blood.
“hyunjin!” you shouted. “no! tree-behind- get- now!” you stuttered.
“i really don’t know what you want from me anymore.” he breathed.
“get dressed behind the tree, humans don’t just undress in the open like that!” you say.
hyunjin began making his way on the other side of the tree. “are humans that lustful that they can’t even restrict themselves upon seeing each other nude?” he tsked. “but we’re the beasts.”
you rolled your eyes before you turned around from the tree, offering him more privacy. “it’s not about lust, it’s about public decency. do dragons not wear clothes when they’re in human form?” you asked, as hyunjin began undressing behind the tree.
“of course we do, but we also don’t lose our minds when one of us undergoes a change and reappears nude.” he says simply.
he steps out from the tree, sporting his new white turtle neck shirt tucked into scruffy taupe pants, which were also tucked into his new dark leather boots.
“fish. now.” he said, cheeks blushing red as you looked as his new outfit.
“i would say would look really handsome, if you didn’t run your mouth so much.” you say, letting a blush also paint itself onto your cheeks.
“i said, fish.” hyunjin said, turning impossibly redder, hand extended now.
you giggled, as you held the bag out to him to grab a raw salmon. he was quick to take a big bite, sinking his fangs into the fish before ripping off a piece. his cheeks filled cutely as he chewed.
“surely you must get told that by the other dragon girls.” you giggled.
“told what.”
“that you’re handsome.” you clarify.
he eyes shot up to meet yours in shock, panic evident on his face.
you looked at him questionably, prompting an answer.
his chewing slowed before he swallowed. “no, not exactly.”
“you’re not serious.” you gasp.
he cocked his head at you. “but i am serious.”
you looked at him in disbelief. “hyunjin, you’re so beautiful it’s unreal. it’s literally unearthly, i’ve never seen a person like you before.” you spout, suddenly stopping as you realized how bad you already humiliated yourself.
he kept his eyes on the fish in his hand, unknowing how to react.
“thank you..” he said in a small voice.
you smiled at this, and he spoke up again after a moment of silence.
“you are too.” he said, so lightly you couldn’t even hear it over the loud thumping in your chest.
“hm?” you question.
“i mean, you’re not ugly, like the other humans.” he corrected, shifting his position on the ground, and reaching for another salmon.
you smiled at his bashful state. you liked this hyunjin a lot more.
“i’ll take that as a compliment.” you chuckled.
Tumblr media
as the castle came into view, you were quick to pull hyunjin into nearby greenery, concealing yourselves from view.
“what was that for?” he grunted, after landing harshly on his bottom.
“we need a plan.” you state. “i can’t just bring a random person into the palace out of nowhere, especially because i was out in the woods without an escort.”
“sounds like a you problem.” he huffed.
“it will be a you problem when they wonder who you are, and find those wings on your back while they’re throwing you in the dungeon.” you replied.
he sighed. “how about, you tell them you got lost in the woods, and i brought you home. like a knight in shining armor.” he suggested, wiggling his eyebrows.
you smacked his shoulder and thought for a moment. “that could work, without the knight part. i can’t lie when i know you’re just a little lizard.”
“fine whatever let’s go.” hyunjin said rolling his eyes, standing up from the bushes and walking to the path that led to the castle.
the soldiers take notice of you along the path, eyes gazing between you and hyunjin as their grip tightens on the swords in their holsters.
“i’ve returned.” you say lightly, walking between the guards into the castle gates with hyunjin trailing behind, until one guard puts a hand in front of hyunjin, halting him.
you turn quickly to see hyunjin, staring at the mans arm, eyes widened. “civilians aren’t allowed into the kingdom without permission from the royal family.” the guard states.
you could see hyunjin’s eyes burning with anger, which was probably only noticed by you, as he tried to keep the rest of as body composed. he locked eyes with you, and then you could see the tension in his shoulders relax.
he knows i won’t let anyone hurt him here.
“as the princess, i request you let him through.” you say to the guard.
the guards don’t even flinch at your demand, arms still in hyunjin’s way.
hyunjin shot you a look of confusion.
you cleared your throat. “i said-“
“princess, you know we cannot listen to your orders, we can only heed the requests of the king himself or Prince Han.” the guards replied.
you scoffed at this, before you felt two arms wrap around your shoulders.
“welcome back princess, i was so worried.”
you turned around to see jisung, hugging you warmly, pulling away to reveal his eyes filled with concern. “why did you run off without a guard again?”
you turned back to hyunjin. “i got lost in the woods, and this man helped me and brought me back to the palace.” you said. “i wanted him to come have dinner with us as a thank you. can you please tell the guards to let him in?”
jisung’s gaze fell onto the boy. “if that’s what you’d like, princess. he helped you get home to me safely, so i don’t mind if he joins us.” jisung says with a smile.
the guards lowered their hands, and you saw hyunjin’s demeanor change in an instant. you saw his face contort to one of surprise, the skin between his eyes scrunching together at the sight of jisung. you took notice of this, and you were quick to grab hyunjin’s hand, ushering him him to trail behind you as you walked with jisung.
hyunjin felt a sharp pain through his chest as his hand held yours, panic bubbling within’ him.
“y/n, you won’t believe the action we’ve had this morning!” jisung exclaimed. “your father has been worried sick about your absence, and to top that off we found a black dragon flying around castle grounds! that sure did make your old man even more anxious. did you know black dragons are the rarest species to find? it means that-”
“y/n.”  hyunjin said in a serious tone.
you quickly looked back to hyunjin, his pupils fixated on jisung’s back, and his shaky hand still holding yours.
jisung looked back as well, and he cleared his throat as he took notice of your interlocking hands.
“alright princess, i’m going to go tell the king of your arrival.” he says, losing his enthusiasm. before he walks away, he kisses your cheek.
“and please don’t run off alone again, my princess.”
hyunjin’s eyes widen at this, his chest beginning to feel heavier.
Tumblr media
you keep hyunjin’s hand locked with yours as you made your way to your bedroom.
once there, you let go of hyunjin’s hand and ushered him inside, locking the door behind you.
“alright, we’re finally home.” you say exhausted. “now, let’s work on those wings.”
hyunjin remains silent, and starts pulling his shirt over his head, wincing at the pain in his back.
hyunjin was terrified on the inside, never feeling this way before. his body felt heavy, his chest tightening. the pain was excruciating, but he wasn’t hurting. he felt miserable, but he enjoyed it. he then soon realized he couldn’t look at you without the burning sensation in his chest blooming immensely.
you walked to your cupboard in your room, full of all your medicines, herbs, bandages, and ointments.
he is sitting at the foot of your bed, his head hung low as you walk over to him.
“does it hurt that bad?” you ask.
hyunjin just takes a deep breath, then shakes his head.
“are you alright hyunjin?” you ask.
“that guy, he is the one who shot at me.” hyunjin says.
you feel sick to your stomach. “that’s han jisung, the prince of the kingdom of miroh. miroh was the kingdom that birthed the idea of dragon defense and dragon hunting tactics. he’s the head of the dragon defense militia.”
“-and he kissed you.” hyunjin continues in a bitter tone, ignoring your explanation.
you take a deep breath. “yeah, he’s my fiancé.”
hyunjin looks back at you quickly, his gaze trying to search yours.
“if it wasn’t obvious by the guard incident earlier, i don’t get much say in anything around here.” you chuckle bitterly. “it’s an arranged marriage. jisung and i were childhood friends, but apparently we have to be married so he can join our kingdoms.. so he can rule my kingdom.”
“do you love him?” hyunjin asks suddenly.
you look at him quickly, surprised by the sudden question. “he’s very nice to me and is a good friend. but, no, not like that.”
“not in a marriage way? you don’t want to kiss him?” hyunjin stared at you.
you smiled and looked at the ground. “no, i don’t.”
“do you know what love feels like?” hyunjin asked.
“i know what family love is like, but not really romantic.” you reply, hands busy gathering your stitching supplies.
hyunjin then makes a realization it seems, he lets out a defeated sigh, a small, bitter smile on his lips.
he then looks at you with glassy eyes, the same unreadable smile upon his lips. “i’m sorry y/n.”
“awe, what do you have to be sorry for.” you giggle.
“i just realize now dragons aren’t the only ones who have humans as their enemy.” he says.
this sentence intrigued you. what does he mean by that?
you arched a brow in confusion. “humans aren’t my enemy-“
then you heard a faint sniffle from hyunjin.
“hyunjin, are you crying?”
he lets out a pathetic chuckle, tangled with a sob. “and dragons aren’t that nice either.”
you panic, hopping up to sit in front of him and face him on the bed.
“hey what’s wrong? what does that mean, jinnie? does something hurt?” you say, cupping his face gently with your hands, watching his tears trail down his milky cheeks.
he smiled at the nickname. he looks up at you through wet lashes. “jinnie.. i like that.. and yeah, it does. everything hurts, so bad.” he mumbles, his words beginning to slur.
you stayed silent, and watched with wide eyes as his big hands gently covered your own as they rested on the sides of his face.
“you know how you said that not all humans are bad.” he said.
“yes, but hyunjin what’s going on you’re-“
“you were right.” he says in a whisper.
you stared at the boy, wondering why he was saying all of this all of a sudden.
as you held his face in your hands, his arms fell to his sides. you watched his eyes get droopy, then his body fell limp in your lap.
Tumblr media
don’t worry, this isn’t the end, part three soon!
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skz222 · a year ago
5.55 (han jisung)
contains: fluff, scenario, full length chaptered story, sfw, jisung x oc, lee know x oc, changbin x oc, jisung pov
word count: 2.8k
Previous chapter 
Chapter 1.3
Tumblr media
July 13th, 2022
12:12 am.
I can’t sleep. 
Let me just go on Twitter or something I guess.
Scrolling, scrolling. It makes me feel better to see what Stays post about us, and it’s almost like going through a scrapbook of memories and it makes me feel better about being awake in a completely dark room right now. It almost feels like I’m ignoring something. The whole room...really is this dark huh..
I’m not going to wake up Hyunjin or Chan right now just because I’m scared of the dark.
Maybe if I listen to some music I can sleep peacefully this time.
I don’t know why I keep having the same dream over and over, it’s almost every night at this point. I don’t even know if it’s something I don’t want to happen anymore. 
A warm and familiar hand starts rubbing my back gently.
“Why are you up so early baby?”
“I had a bad dream again...” 
Her back rubs comforted me but I felt agitated, like I wanted to go somewhere. How long have I even been up for? What time is it? I swear it’s only been 20 minutes but I can see the sky turning dark blue from black.
“Do you want to tell me about it?”
“Not now Eunji, baby. I just want to kind of be by myself right now.”
“Is it something about me?”
“No, I just need some time alone right now.”
“Okay...I have to go to work soon so I’ll be leaving first.”
“Alright. Have a good day. I love you.”
“I love you too!”
Leaning over, she puts her hand on my face for a kiss. It’s sloppy and full of morning breath, and for once I actually feel a bit grossed out. I’ve never felt that way before, not even about any of the members or anybody before. I just don’t think I want to kiss her anymore.
I’ll just wait until she leaves to write it down in my dream journal.
I watch her carefully as she silently changes into her work clothes in the dark, grabs her bag and shoes, phone and charger, and silently heads out the door with a wave and a smile. I smile back, but I’m not sure if I even wanted to or if it was just out of habit.
One, two, three, four.... beep beep beep.
She’s fully gone now.
I grab my journal from under the mattress, between the bed and the nightstand so it never peeks out. Flipping through the pages, I guess this one is the same as the last, like what, 15 dreams I’ve had but I can’t just not record it down right?
June 6th, 2022
She’s late again huh....
5:55 pm
Two slices of cheesecake on my table, one for me and one for someone else.
Eunji walks in finally, and she looks hurried, like she just came from work - a bunch of bags in her hands. 
“I’m sorry I’m late baby! The stores were being difficult with your gifts so it made me late.”
“No don’t worry, I wasn’t waiting long.”
I hand her the bag on the floor next to me, just one big bag but it’s heavy. All of her bags are designer brands and mine was just a big mauve paper bag. 
“I know you really like these colors so I made sure to get one of each style in your best colors!” 
“Thank you Eunji, that’s sweet.”
“What is this? Oh my god are these the shoes I’ve been wanting for years? Hannie baby...that’s so thoughtful.”
“I’m glad you like it. I’m sorry it’s not as much as you got me, I just am more of a one, thoughtful gift kind of person, I guess.”
“I feel....bad Jisung....I feel like I wasn’t as thoughtful with my gifts.”
“It’s okay, I understand. I know sometimes, when you’re with someone for a long time, you do things that are easier because you have an understanding or a felling that that person will stay with you forever regardless or will love you the same regardless. I think a lot of people start treating the ones around them with less care and like they’re less precious as time goes on, because a lot of people only treat things that aren’t easily obtainable or accessible as precious or valuable rather than the things right in front of them. I understand that we all have “easy versus thoughtful” moments in our day to day life. It’s hard to ask you to be thoughtful for me in moments like this when I haven’t always been. It’s not a competition, but I understand it’s just hard sometimes.”
“You only talk like this, very touching and carefully, when you’re deciding on something big. Are you deciding on something important to you?”
“I guess I was just thinking out loud I guess.”
We sat and ate in silence. Well, I ate my slice, she just played around with it for a while. Sometimes I wish she’d just admit she doesn’t actually like cheesecake as much as me or nearly at all anymore, if she ever did.
Sometimes I wish she would just eat it at least a little bit just to humor me, if she’s not going to be honest with me about it.
I guess this is how our relationship is these days. Aren’t things supposed to be better and bubbly at least a little bit longer than a few months? I feel like things haven’t been genuinely the same for a while now. It just feels like the girl I used to think about wasn’t even real, or she changed so much that she’s like a different person now. 
I feel strange saying I loved her, or that I do love her. The girl I used to love isn’t the same and not even in a normal way that people change. I was always hesitant to say I love you because it never felt natural, even though I felt that way when she wasn’t around. 
It’s like she was really good at portraying an image of herself that she knew I would love and adore and cherish, but could never keep it up long enough for me to be completely fooled.
I’m not necessarily an owner, or a possessive lover. I value loyalty in my interpersonal relationships the most, and to me that means no flirting at all or anything past that. 
Today is our 200 day anniversary. I never made it this far in any of my younger relationships, which I think were just puppy love at best. I thought this would be something to look forward to, but I feel like I was actually dreading it for the past 100 days.
On our 100 day, she was late also. I prepared a really nice picnic date at our favorite park, one close to her parents house. I waited for 2 hours, I even called a few times and she never answered. Call me a fool, a puppy, whatever you have to, but I just ignored the feeling.
I went home, decided to take a shower instead. I try my best to be understanding and was worried that there was an emergency. After I showered, I went to her place and she was busy, on a phone call, with her guy friend. 
I didn’t really ask more than that, I just entered, heard them laughing and talking, and left. She apologized later, said she was caught up with an important conversation. I think that was the moment I knew she wasn’t the one for me.
I think I’m a stubborn person. I’m stubborn about love because I don’t want to fail, with friends I love or with people I love in general.
I don’t think I give my heart away easily, but I think I’m the kind of person that loves entirely and really trusts my instinct and intuition. If I feel something is right, I go for it and don’t hold back, so I think that is why I’m stubborn because I don’t want to think I was wrong.
I know these last 100 days weren’t spent in vain though, I just spent it figuring out myself. I was too excited to be able to date. Once the dating ban was up I think I just...became too hopeful and excited, I wanted to be with someone in that way so badly.
I wanted to have a romantic love and do all of those things I had been waiting to do. It was hard because I hadn’t been able to since I was a teenager, so I just kind of disregarded most of my logic and thoughts about waiting.
It’s not that I needed to love myself, because I got to spend those years doing that instead and I’m grateful, but I didn’t understand myself well enough. I didn’t understand why I was feeling that way, like I was “behind” everyone else. In my career, I’m ahead and I’m successful and I’m grateful.
I felt behind in life, like I had been too focused on my career and myself and finally I was able to give and receive this amazing new love. I was so excited that I didn’t take the time to see if it was actually something I needed or if she was the person for me.
I think that’s one of my faults. I rush things sometimes and stick to it, but what these past 100 days have taught me is that I shouldn’t be that way anymore. I have hindsight now, and I can see that sometimes things are karmic.
Sometimes things are a result of my haste. It’s okay to make mistakes in choosing people. It’s okay to be wrong. It’s okay to change once you’ve seen the situation change or have new information about a person.
You can’t know everything off of a first meeting, and sometimes people make you see what you want to see.
July 13th, 2022
5:01 am
How is it already so late? I tried to write quickly...
I should read over it I guess, it kind of bothers me to have lots of errors-
Who is up right now?
Hyunjin beat me to it.
He got off the top bunk so fast I was almost sure he’d already been awake. Just casually getting off the bed, turning on the lights and opening the door.
I see someone leaving quickly, it’s another member? Right now? It’s barely light out...
Beep beep beep.
“Where is Minho going?”
“Huh...I don’t know, I didn’t think we had any schedules until at least 8 am?”
“We don’t....”
He looked confused but just shut off the light and climbed back to the top bunk.
I’ll quickly reread my journal before we have to start getting ready.
I had the same dream again last night. I was walking to the cafe, it was mid day but there were barely any people out for some reason. I was wearing a jacket even though it was hot, a cap and a mask. I went in and got my usual drink but wanted to grab a slice of cheesecake again.
There were only 3 other people in there, all girls. They were all minding their business, but were clearly friends. I look at the clock...
12:12 pm
I’m in no rush, but I can’t stop staring at the cheesecakes and pastries. I take off my hat and leave the mask. One of the girls came up to order another drink at the counter and another slice of cheesecake, she gets the strawberry one with extra strawberries. I look at her, but I can only see her chin and below.
She’s wearing her hair down, it falls just past her shoulders and is straight and black with a hint of purple. She has on a black tank top with an unbuttoned button up shirt over it, the shirt is white and short sleeved. She’s wearing light wash blue jeans and white tennis shoes. 
She’s laughing with the cashier, she said “Another one? You’ll never get tired of these huh?” and they laugh.
I smile at her, and I ask her for her name. She tells me but I can never remember it when I wak wake up. My drink and cheesecake are ready right afterwards, and I take them in both hands. She taps me on the shoulder and I turn around, I still can’t see above her chin, the dream will never let me. 
The light coming in from the windows is hitting her in the most beautiful way.
She asks me what kind of cheesecake I got, and I tell her mulberry.
“Oh! That makes sense. My Korean isn’t fluent yet so I couldn’t tell what that one was, thank you!” 
I smile and laugh, her voice and laugh, they make me feel something.
She turns around and sits back with her friends, at the table right in front of the register. She turns away as she sits down so I still can’t see her face, but I see the faces of her friends. They start laughing and this whole part is in slow motion.
Then I wake up. 
Why do I keep having this dream?
I used to feel bad that I kept having this dream when I started meeting Eunji, but then I remembered that I’ve been having this dream long before I knew her. Since when?
Flipping, flipping. 
No way...
Since July 13th, 2020?
Exactly two years ago?
Beep beep.
지금 바쁘니? 카페 빨리 와 <3 (Are you busy right now? Come to the cafe rn <3)
지금 왜???? 새벽엔??? (Right now? It’s early as hell??)
지금 다른 일을 있어...??? (U got something better to do?)
없어 (Nah)
그럼 빨리 와<3 <3 (Alrighty then get that ass over here <3)
아라써  (Yeah fine)
Why right now? Did he have an emergency and that’s why he left so early? I guess I do need a coffee..
Do I subconsciously dress this way to the cafe hoping I’ll meet her now? These past 100 days have been really sad for me just because I have that dream almost every night, especially since July started it’s literally every time. 
I feel kind of silly to be honest, maybe she isn’t even real. 
I don’t know why I’d dream of an imaginary girl, was I just that lonely? I don’t understand. 
The sun is coming out already, it feels so good to be in the sunlight right now. I feel so cold for some reason. 
Beep beep.
자기! 저녁식사!!!!! 같이 먹을래? 누나 사줄게 <3 (Babe do you want to get dinner tonight? My treat <3)
아, 스케줄 한이써, 미안. 보상해줄겡 (I actually have a schedule today I’m sorry, I’ll make it up to you though.)
괜차나, 누나가 응원할게! (It’s okay, I’ll be cheering you on!)
I don’t even want to reply honestly..
Well I’m here finally.
I can see Minho and Changbin inside already..? With some random girls as well? They’re lucky it’s even too early for Dispatch to be out because there’s literally no one else here???
“Hey guys! Good morning!”
“Jisung! Come here come sit!”
“Ah thank you, I’m gonna order first!”
“Alright alright!”
“Can I get a hot milk chocolate with vanilla syrup and a slice of mulberry cheesecake please? Yes, thank you!”
“Hi, can I get another iced milk tea with a slice of cheesecake?”
“Of course ma’am, you don’t even have to order at this point.”
They’re laughing.
I look over, just not even thinking properly. I like her outfit, a black tank top with a white over shirt, jeans and some white shoes. Very pretty.
“Your food is ready sir!”
“Thank you very much! Hey scoot over so I can put my drink!””
Minho scooches over for me.
“Hey! I’m Ahyeon! Binnie told us a lot about you! This is Hyesoo and this is Hyojin!”
“Park Hyojin?”
“Oh? Do you two know each other?”
“No, I was just...guessing...”
The clothes, the barista interaction, this whole situation is almost exactly the same the time is off, the people, are you serious?
Did I only remember her name because Ahyeon said it out loud...
She’s still at the counter, her back turned and she’s just waiting, talking with the barista. She didn’t hear...
I should go home right now, I’m stinky I haven’t showered since yesterday, I’m wearing old clothes, I’m painfully nervous right now I feel like I’m not ready for this I don’t think I’ve ever felt my heart beating this loudly before am I going to pass out?
I get up abruptly and walk outside, ignoring everyone.
I should get ready for our schedule anyways, I’ll text them on the way back-
5:55 am.
“Hey hey hey wait up! Where are you going?”
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liliseestheworld · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bus seat warmer-Han Jisung
summary: drunk and cold after a night out, you just wanted some warmth. what happens when that warmth has to get off at the next stop though?
Ok it’s my first writing so any constructive criticism is welcomed. Also, english is not my first language so pardon my mistakes pls.
Whoever decided that plastic bus seats shouldn’t have pillows should have a word or two with you. You just sat down, hoping for a warm and quiet 50 minutes ride back to your flat. Instead, you were in for 50 minutes of butt freezing. Great! You knew that going out for drinks with your friends was a bad idea. But the thought of your best friend getting mad at you+ the opportunity to dance, have a lot of vodka and meet cute guys made you say yes.
 You chose a pretty popular club that your friend was a regular at. It was pretty far from home, however the drinks were really cheap so you could still save some up for rent.
  The night started just fine, drank a shot, then two, danced a little bit, then drank some more; laughing with your friends and being besties with people you just met.
  By midnight, you started getting hot and mentally high-fived yourself for your choice of clothing: ripped black skinny jeans, brown crop top with a cute print and a tiny black denim jacket. As you continued to dance, you got pretty tired and, by the time the morning came and the club doors were closing, you were sitting by the sidewalk to finish your last drink. After all, you paid for it.
 When you were done, you said goodbye to your friends and began walking towards the bus stop. One of them offered to drive you home but you refused. It was 5 something in the am so the first bus was bound to arrive soon. No need for them to take a detour to drop you off. Actually long bus rides were one of the few activities you actually enjoyed. Especially in really late or really early hours. It was just something abouth watching the city from afar; you were a part of those wandering around in the silent streets, but at the same time, you were not. You were only observing.
 As the drunkness began to fade away, you realized you were shaking. You sat down on the bench and waited patiently while hugging yourself to keep the heat from escaping your body. As you were fighting sleep the bus arrived and you got on quickly, imagining you’d be better once you’re inside it. Your dreams of a cozy ride were immediately crushed once you sat down in the cold seat.
 And here you were now, cursing your government with your still dizzy mind. Thinking about TOP’s song ‘Tear in my heart’ which had these exact lyrics, you softly began humming the song. The seat was still really cold even after 10 minutes into the ride so you lost hope for your precious comfortable ride home.
 You rested your head against the window and gazed out at the still world. The streets were pretty empty but it was expected as the Sun was just starting to come out. Every once in a while, when the bus passed by small buildings, you had to squint your eyes, because the morning sunshine was too strong and you struggled to keep them open. You probably looked funny to those who could saw you from outside, but most of those who were out now were not paying attention to their surroundings. The young girl who was out running only looked ahead of her, the old man who was walking around was focused on the plants and trees growing on his path, the old lady who was walking her dog was preocupied with her phone and the students gathered around the coffee shop were busy talking with eachother. There were only 2 people who made eye contact with you from outside the bus: a little girl who was walking to school with her mom, who probably thought that you were making weird faces at her and stuck out her tongue at you in response and a man in his late 40s who didn’t pay you any other attention than the brief eye contact that you held.
 Lost in your thoughts, you suddenly realized that you weren’t cold anymore when the bus opened its doors to a random stop. At least, your right thigh wasn’t cold. You focused your eyes on the window again but this time you looked at the interior of the bus, seeing a young boy settled on the seat next to yours. When did he get on?
 You subtly checked your phone to see the time. Yup, 40 more minutes to go. You relaxed in your seat, thankful for the little warmth his thigh provided pressed up against yours and sneakily studied your bus neighbor. He was a boy around your age. He wore a simple black hoodie and a cute orange beanie, covering his dyed dark blue bangs. Interesting color combination. His profile was one of the prettiest you had ever seen in your life. It was no secret for you that your side profile view was not a pleasant one for many people. You subconsciously turned your head more towards the window, so that your face was entirely hidden. His face was a work of art. Was it possible that you fell asleep and now you were dreaming of a painting come alive? That’s how you felt. The early morning lights were making his sking almost glow, bringing the ‘sun-kissed skin’ saying to life. His eyes were the color of pure honey, but then again, they could be a darker shade. In the light of the new day they appeared to look like gold. He seemed so warm, you almost imagined curling yourself in a tiny ball and settle in his arms. You were clearly still drunk.
 Although your first impression of him was that you were seated next to the God of Sun itself, you started noticing small details that reminded you that he was just another boy. His eyes had dark bags under them and looked exhausted. He was staring into nothing while silently moving his head to whatever music he was listening to. His hands were around his earphones’ cable, playing with it absent-mindedly. Most of his nails were bitten almost to blood, the others just really short. He had a few rings, most which appeard to be silver. One of them though made his perfect skin around it turn a green-ish color. Still, you wanted his hands to gently hold yours.
 As you were daydreaming about why was he here at this time of the day, you suddenly felt a shiver starting from you thigh and spreading through your whole body. Coming back to reality you realised that he got up, removing one of his earphones and was heading to the bus doors. Without realising, only thinking that the whole world’s warmth will be gone with him, you found yourself stopping him.
 -Wait, don’t go.
 He stopped and turned around confused, most likely thinking that he was hearing things. Did he know you? Were you one of his fans? Maybe you were talking to yourself. But no, he looked into your eyes, eyes just as confused as his were. He walked back to his previous seat but didn’t sit down, just rested his weight on the bar that he was holding onto.
 -Were you talking to me?
 Now was your turn to be taken aback. Why did he come back? After your sudden outburst you expected him to ignore you, or worst case scenario laught at you before getting off the bus. What was he thinking?
 -Umm, me? you pointed at yourself in a dumb way.
 -Yeah, sweetie. Who else? If you haven’t noticed the bus is kinda empty except for us. Well, it was supposed to be just you here now but for some reason you decided you want me to stay.
 He laughed shortly, clearly amused at your flustered state. One thing’s for sure, he definitly had the arrogance of a Sun God. You rolled your eyes and tried to get your cheeks to cool down. Shouldn’t be too hard, considering that your source of warmth for most of the ride wasn’t next to you anymore.
 -I wasn’t asking you to stay. I just…
 And then your voice was too quiet to be heard, making the boy lean in to hear you better.
 -Come again? You have to speak up if you want me to hear you.
 -I said, I was just cold.
 -’Just cold’? What does that have to do with me?
 -Ok, listen up, pretty boy. I’m drunk and cold and I was walking home thinking how I’ll warm up once I get on the bus, but these seats are fucking cold and my butt was frozen and I was tired and you sat down next to me, by the way there were a lot of seats available, so you started it but you were warm and I wasn’t shaking anymore so I panicked when you got up and called for you and I didn’t expect you to actually hear me but then you come back all cocky and start asking me ques-
 -Ok, sorry for interupting your rambling but I pretty much know the rest of the story.
 He watched you for a few more seconds and then sat back down next to you. Never breaking eye contact he disconnected his earphones and opened his backpack, putting them inside. He only broke down his stare when whatever he was trying to get out got stuck. He easily managed to take it out and he handed it to you. What was it? A black simple hoodie, just like the one that he was wearing now. You took it without a second thought and put it on, happy with the fact that you weren’t cold anymore.
 - I’m warning you that it may smell like a dead rat, but I can’t guarantee that the one tham I’m wearing is any better. Still better than nothing though.
 He looked embarrassed, his full round cheeks being as pink as the sky behind the window. Cute.
 You didn’t say anything, but inhaled subtly. The hoodie didn’t smell bad at all. It smelled like old cologne and a something else which you guessed was his own smell. Ok, you could smell a little bit of sweat, but it was barely there and, afterall, it might have as well come from you with all the dancing you did back at the club. You made sure to tell him that it was ok and thank him. Would it be weird to ask for his name now?
 -So, what’s your name sweetie? Looks like he beat you to it.
 - Y/N. What’s yours?
 -You don’t know me?
 -Umm, was I supposed to? You’re even weirder than I am.
 -No, just. I’m part of a rap trio. 3Racha. We’re pretty popular on soundcloud and spotify. I thought that you knew me from there and wanted an autograph or something.
 -That’s so cool, you guys are on spotify? Show me.
 And that’s how you spent the rest of your ride, listening to him and his friends rapping. You had to give it to them, they were good. Really good. After adding all of their songs to your playlist you realized that you were only 2 stops away from home. And he was still there next to you, even though he was supposed to get off long time ago.And then you realised he still hasn’t introduced himself.
 -Hey, we’re nearing the last stop. And you still haven’t told me your name, J.One. I don’t think that’s how your mama named you, isn’t it?
 He laughed with his whole body after hearing your question. Damn him, even his laugh was beautiful. With his heart -shaped lips and shiny eyes, with his sweet voice filling the empty bus. Is this how falling in love with a stranger feels like?
 -Of course that’s not it. My name’s Jisung.But you can call me anything you’d like.
 Getting off the bus, you and Jisung stared at eachother. What now? Were you supposed to walk him to the bus stop on the other side? It’s your fault he missed it. But you also wantem him to walk you home. You liked talking to him. You didn’t want it to end, even though the day was just starting.
 -Are you gonna keep staring at me or will you let me walk you home, sweetie? I’m getting cold too now.
 -Oh, right. I’m sorry you missed your stop.
 -It’s okay. It wasn’t actually my stop. Usually, when I’m going home from the studio I get off 2 stops early to walk and clear my mind. So I could have gotten off if I wanted to. But I didn’t.
 You didn’t say anything, instead started walking towards your flat. You didn’t know what you were supposed to say. ‘Thanks’? No way. So you opted for silence.
 The wind was a little bit chilly, but definetly warmer than a few hours ago. It almost felt good to feel it pass by you, making your hair go in all different directions. You adjusted the hoodie and put your twiching hands in your pockets. You suddenly remembered thinking about holding Jisung’s hands. The thought made your cheeks red again, and you snuggled further into the hoodie, almost being swallowed by it.
You thought of breaking the silence, that was a normal thing to do. But then again, it was comfortable. Jisung didn’t seem to be bothered by it and you actually enjoyed it. There were not many people you could be quiet with and he was one of them. Words were not necessary. They would be carried away by the wind anyway.
 You reached your building and faced him again. You two just stayed like that, staring at eachother for a few minutes.
 -Give me your phone, y/n.
 -Is this the part where you steal it and run away?
 -No, it’s the part where I take it and save my number in it.
 And that he did, saving himself as ‘Bus seat warmer’ in your phone. Very funny. He gave you your phone back, said goodbye and turned away to leave. But before that, he turned around and winked at you.
 -And afterall, I already stole something. Your heart belongs to me now. And trust me when I say, I wouldn’t even dream of running away.
 With that he finally left, leaving you to contemplate how soon you should call him. You entered your apartment and pressed call. Jisung immediately answered.
 -Miss me already, sweetie?
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maaaaaatryoshka0325 · 2 years ago
Tourniquet - Han Jisung Gang AU Part 4
(Part1) (Part2) (Part3) (Part5) (Part6) (Part7) (Part8)
I hope y’all are ready for some fluff ☺️
Tumblr media
You walked out of your last exam, sighing in relief. Your brain was friend and all you wanted to do was go home and enjoy your day off of work. You finished it around 12, and felt happy you had the whole day to yourself.
“Hey!” A voice behind you made you jump.
You whipped around and came face to face with Jisung, who was smiling at you.
“I swear you’re TRYING to give me a heart attack.” You grumbled.
“Nah, you’re just easy to scare.” He giggled.
“Yeah yeah, whatever.” You said, rolling your eyes with a small smile.
“Are you doing anything today?” He asked. “And don’t say study.”
“Darn, I guess I can’t use studying as an excuse now.” You giggled.
He tried to pout, but instead, a smile stretched across his face.
“Do you wanna go to Bukchon Hanok Village with me?” He asked.
“Bukchon Hanok Village?” You asked, tilting your head.
“It’s an old heritage preservation village. You’re like a grandma, so you’d probably love it.” He laughed.
“Well that ruined it.” You huffed, turning away.
“Wait!” He lightly grabbed your elbow and looked at you. “C’mon, it’ll be fun!”
You couldn’t help but feel your heart jump when you saw the look in his big eyes.
“Fine. But one more grandma joke out of you and I’m beating you with a cane.” You huffed with a smile.
His eyes sparkled and he nodded. You both dropped your bags off to your apartment and headed for the bus stop. You leaned against the pole as Jisung looked at a travel guide and showed you where you’d have to get off.
When the bus came, you both got on and stood up, since it was packed. Jisung was holding one of the rings above your heads as he looked down at the map, not paying attention. You caught the eyes of an older guy, who kept staring at you. You looked up at him and he gave you a creepy smile as he allowed a women to sit and stood a little to close for comfort to you. Your face began to heat up as you felt anxious and watched as he switched spots with someone else, now almost directly in front of you. You awkwardly turned around, trying not to pay attention, but you felt his eyes on the back of your head and on your butt.
You watched an arm reach up and grab the ring just above and next to your head, and Jisung pressed his broad chest against your back. His eyes were on the outside of the window, but you could tell he had noticed what was going on. You held your arm with your other hand and felt your cheeks turn red as you realized he was protecting you. And oddly enough, you felt completely safe.
When you got off, he stood behind you and blocked the mans vision of you. You stepped off and you both walked to the village. He was oddly quiet as you both walked.
“Jisung?” You asked.
“Hm?” He hummed.
“Thank you.” You said lowly, a blush on your cheeks.
“For what?” He asked.
“Don’t act like you didn’t do that on purpose.” You said.
You saw a small smile creep across his face.
“Don’t mention it.” He laughed softly.
You both walked into the village and your eyes sparkled as you looked around. The old house were beautiful, along with the shops made up from some of them. Many women were wearing Hanboks and you admired all of the simple, yet beautiful, traditional dresses.
“You should totally get one.” Jisung said.
“Nahh, I like looking at other women wearing them than wearing one myself.” You said, feeling a bit insecure with how tight some of the waist lining is.
“Really? I think you’d look great.” Jisung said, not looking at you.
You blushed a little as you both continued to walk. You almost walked into a middle aged women, whose eyes shone when she saw you. She looked you up and down before cupping your face.
“Perfect!” She giggled.
“What?” You asked.
“I need someone of your body type to make a few Hanboks. I’ll make it worth your while and let you keep one, and I’ll do up your hair.” She pleaded, clasping her hands together.
“Oh- I-“
“She’d love too!” Jisung said, pushing you forward and into her grasp.
“Excellent!” She squealed before dragging you off.
“Wait! Jisung!” You wailed.
He laughed and followed after you, watching the women take the measurements. She took multiple measurements with different colored silks and ribbons, sewing stuff together and bringing more out.
“Alright honey, pick your favorite colors!” She said.
(If you don’t know what a Hanbok looks like, these are examples)
Tumblr media
You chose (2 fave colors) and she nodded with a big smile before taking your measurements again and began sewing them.
“What hair style should I do on her?” She asked Jisung, who crouched down and looked at a few.
“That one.” He said, pointing to one.
She walked over to you and sat you down before brushing softly through your hair.
“I’ll be right back.” Jisung said, stepping out.
She began to braid the top half of your hair, leaving the rest down. She looked around for a pin when Jisung walked in and slid something out of a small bag he had. He handed her a (rose/butterfly) pin (your fave color) and she stuck it in the back and smiled big.
“You look beautiful honey!” She squealed.
You smiled and awkwardly bowed as she took her camera out.
“Can I get a picture of you?” She asked.
You nodded as she took a couple pictures before holding your hands.
“Thank you so much again! I need a lot of measurements to model for my hanboks. Maybe we can trade numbers and I can use you as a model?” She asked.
You nodded and exchanged numbers with her. She squealed and looked at Jisung, then back to you.
“Okay, I’ll stop interrupting your date! Have a good night you two!” She said with a big smile.
“Oh we’re not-“ You began as you blushed.
Jisung’s face turned red as he bowed to her and you both walked out.
“Thank you so much Unnie.” You said, bowing.
She handed you a small bag and smiled.
“Not sure if you wanted this to keep your clothes in and to change before you leave.” She said.
You took the bag and gave her a deep bow.
“Thank you again!” You said with a smile.
“No problem! Have fun on your date!” She said, bouncing away.
Jisung scratched the back of his neck before giving a small laugh.
“Do you wanna grab some snacks?” He asked.
You nodded as you both grabbed some hotteok and walked around the village.
“Oh Jisung, how much was the pin? I can give you the money back.” You said, grabbing your wallet out of your bag.
“No no, it’s a gift. And an ‘I’m sorry’ for forcing you into helping that women.” He said with a small laugh.
“No, really Jisung how much-“
“I said it’s a gift, Y/N, so take it.” He said lightly but firmly.
“O-Okay. Thank you.” You said, your cheeks turning red.
He smiled at you as you both looked around the village, checking out souvenir shops and other such things. It started to get dark and you yawned.
“Are you ready to head back?” He asked.
You nodded as he led you to bathroom so you could change. You neatly folded the hanbok and got dressed, wrapping it back up in the bag. You decided to keep your hair the way it was, as it looked nice.
“I’m glad you kept your hair like that.” He said.
“Me too. It looks nice, and the pin compliments it.” You said.
“Yeah, it looks great on you.” He said with a smile.
Your heart skipped a beat and you blushed.
“Thank you, Jisung.” You said, almost shyly.
He led you to the bus stop and you both got on, sitting next to each other. It wasn’t as crowded, but weird people were on the bus at night, so just sat directly beside you.
You could hear the soft music through his headphones as your eyes began to droop, until they finally closed and you leaned on something warm and firm.
“Y/N? Y/N. We have to get off, it’s our stop.”
You woke up to the familiar voice and realized you had fallen asleep on Jisung’s shoulder. You immediately jumped up, making your head smack Jisung’s jaw. He grunted and held his jaw as he dragged you off the bus.
“Damn, you have a hard ass head.” He grumbled.
“Whatever.” You huffed, rubbing your head.
You noticed it had gotten way too dark way too soon.
Jisung scrunched his face and you tilted your head.
“A fat ass rain drop just landed on my head.” He said.
“But it’s not raining.” You pointed out.
You were right. It wasn’t raining, it was down pouring.
You squealed as Jisung grabbed your arm and led you through some streets before coming to a big house. He opened the door and kicked his shoes off, You following.
“Come with me.” He said.
You followed him to a room, where he pulled out two towels. He wrapped one around his shoulders and approached you with the other. He wrapped it around your head and began to rub your hair dry. You couldn’t help but laugh as you slipped your hands over his.
“I can do my own Jisung. Dry yourself.” You said with a giggle.
He smiled and dried himself up a bit before rummaging through a drawer. He handed you a pair of sweats and a T-shirt.
“You can get changed in the bathroom over there, I’ll dry your clothes.” He said.
You quickly changed into the warm, dry clothes and walked out of the bathroom. He was wearing a pair of joggers and a tight black muscle shirt. He grabbed your clothes and threw them in the dryer, leading you into the living room.
“Do you live here alone?” You asked.
“Nah, all the guys do. But they’re all out tonight.” He said.
“O-Oh, I see.” You stammered.
“Yeah, it’s Changbin’s house, his parents are filthy rich and bought this place for us.” He said.
“Really?” You asked.
“Yeah, we just have to take care of it.” He said.
You both sat on the couch, you on the one end that connects on the side, and him just beside it on the opposite. He put on a movie and looked at you.
“We’ll wait out the storm.” He said.
You nodded and watched the movie. It was a horror movie, and a jump scare made you squeak as thunder also boomed outside. Jisung smiled at you before ruffling your hair.
You blushed and continued watching the movie. The storyline slowed down a bit, and you felt yourself drift off as something warm was out over you as you began to fall into a peaceful sleep.
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kim-seungmine · 2 years ago
stay inside the hourglass
Tumblr media
title: stay inside the hourglass
characters: reader x felix of stray kids
genre: slice-of-life (growing up is hard y’all), romance, gap year
warnings: mentions of drinking, kind of felix-centric, this has the ugliest title ever, sometimes dialog-heavy
word count: 4475 words
summary: time is about to eat him alive and felix wonders if it’s better to leave things unsaid. 
a/n: so here it is, the story based on chronosaurus and 19. i honestly don’t know if it’s good enough because i’m not in my best condition now but i hope you can relate and find comfort (and motivation!)
Seoul, D-90
“What is this?”
“Your birthday present.”
“I said I didn’t want presents, did I?”
“You did.”
“So why bother—”
“So you’ll always remember me. The one who still gave you presents no matter how many times you said no.”
Felix chuckled, staring at the small white box you forced him to take. He opened it, taking out a keyring you specially made for him. He could guess the meaning behind each pendant; a star because you adored his constellation-like freckles, a mosquito because his only talent that you acknowledged was his ability to imitate mosquito noises, a four-leaf clover because his name literally meant luck.
The last pendant, however, was something he didn’t expect. An hourglass. He stared at it long, racking his brain so he didn’t have to ask you what it meant. You were going to nag at him for hours for not getting it right and he hated it.
That, and he just didn’t want to disappoint you.
“What does this one mean?”
He didn’t want to disappoint you, but he also really had no idea. You smiled, watching the sand slowly trickled to the lower part of the chamber. “I’ll tell you later,” you chirped before flicking his forehead. “Happy birthday, Lee Yongbok.”
Felix would’ve flipped if it was anyone else who hurt him and called him Yongbok. But this was you, one of his very few true friends in Seoul, and he would keep you by his side for a lifetime, even though he knew that time would eventually eat him alive before he could tell you how much you meant to him.
“Okay,” he replied, already used to you and your so-called mysteriousness.  He opened his drawer to take out his airpods case. You instantly pouted as he attached your keyring to it while he just grinned at you. “You really know how to disappoint me,” you mumbled.
“Everyone knows you only use your Beats earphones, dipshit. You can’t fool me!”
Tumblr media
Felix didn’t know which part of “I don’t wanna celebrate my birthday this year” that his friends failed to understand, but there was nothing he could do when Seo Changbin dragged him out of their shared apartment later that day, telling him that everyone threw him a party.
“You don’t even need to change, you’re already wearing black.”
“There’s a dresscode?” Felix snarked. “Even I didn’t know about that.”
Changbin sighed as they stopped in front of Bang Chan’s apartment, which was only 2 floors above theirs. Lee Minho opened the door, the glint in his eyes indicated that he was already drunk. He grinned, patting Felix’s back before smooching his left cheek. Changbin quickly maneuvered his way in and abandoned his housemate who was now struggling to get out of Minho’s tight embrace. “Are you sad now that you’re 20?” he slurred. “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Look at me!” Felix removed Minho’s arms from his shoulders, giving him a pat on the shoulder as he slowly lost consciousness.
Walking to the living room, Felix finally realized what kind of party his friends threw for him. Black balloons were sloppily glued to Chan’s gray curtain, most of them already scattered on the floor. The host had covered his white sofa with a black cloth and exchanged his usual glass table with black wooden table. Someone had written “HAPPY MOURNDAY FELIX!” on the whiteboard pinned on the wall. He assumed it was you, since it was written with a bright red marker instead of the blue ones that Chan owned.
His eyes caught a glimpse of empty boxes of pizza and bottles of soju on the floor, causing him to scoff. His friends threw him a party but didn’t even wait for him to come before actually starting the party. “Hey Felix!” Chan yelled, smiling from ear to ear from the other side of the living room. Felix gave him a distracted wave since he finally saw you, playing Charades with Hwang Hyunjin while sitting on the countertop.
“O—oh! I know this one!” you yelled, biting your lips in frustration. “Come on Y/N we played this set before!” Hyunjin groaned, proceeding to give you more hints. Felix chuckled, knowing how much you hated losing to Hyunjin.
“Aladdin!” Felix quipped, laughing as you whipped your head at him in utter despair. “Don’t be so proud.” You punched his stomach playfully. “This just means you spend too much time watching cartoons.”
Felix placed his hand around your waist loosely, unable to contain his amusement at your rambles. He swore to God he had tried to keep his distance from you, to draw a straight line between best friends and something more. It never worked—especially when you didn’t push him away—but maybe Felix never tried hard enough, and he hated himself for that. Hyunjin gave him the look, which roughly translated to, “Stop being a dick and just confess!”
“Felix, play with Y/N. We gotta prepare your cake,” Hyunjin announced, winking at the birthday boy before dashing to the balcony, where Kim Seungmin was taking photos of the cake with his new Canon camera.  
“You have really nice friends,” you commented, shaking your phone so it showed a new word. Felix bit an imaginary apple before collapsing on the floor, his eyeballs rolled to the back of his eyes. “Snow White didn’t pass out like that, you’re so dramatic,” you said, smiling as he pretended to offer you the poisoned apple.
“So did you join the photography club?” he asked. You furrowed your brows, trying to understand what he was acting out. “Tiana?” you murmured. He nodded, signaling at you to move on to the next question. “Well,” you started. “I did. Seungmin was very persuasive.”
Felix darted his eyes to the drunken Minho who was fast asleep on the couch. “Did you tell your parents yet?” Your voice was barely a whisper, breaking Felix’s heart into pieces. This was the conversation he dreaded to have; he wanted to enjoy his last few months in Seoul without thinking that he wouldn’t meet you ever again.
“I did,” he answered, glancing at the word Peter Pan written on your phone screen. “Mum said no, but my Dad said he’d consider.”
“When are you leaving?” You no longer held your phone up, shoving it back to your jeans pocket instead.
“In three months.”
You huffed, resting your head on his shoulder. “Is this why you’ve been so gloomy these days?” you pointed out. Felix rested his head on top of yours, the familiar warmth of your body calmed his senses. “Who knows I’d get so attached to dumbasses like you guys?” he attempted to joke.
Last year, all Felix wanted was to figure out what his passion was and explore Korea. His parents were ecstatic because their son finally showed interest in his home country and let him take a gap year, with a condition that he’d enroll in university as soon as he returned to Sydney. He stayed with his aunt, accidentally met Chan at a restaurant where he struggled to order kimchi fried rice with his super limited Korean, and then he introduced him to all his close friends—including you.
Fast forward to a year later, Felix now lived with Changbin who desperately needed a housemate, got a part-time job at Ediya Coffee, discovered a burning passion in dancing, had 8 annoying brothers, and was helplessly in love with you.
“What did you tell them?” you said quickly, as if wanting to stop yourself. Felix pulled away to look into your eyes that he already got used to seeing at least 10 hours a day. “I told them I want to stay here and major in dance.”
“You did?”
“What did you expect me to say?”
Chan carried the black cake (Felix wasn’t sure if it was edible) while the others sang for him. “Blow the candles! We don’t give a shit whether you want to do it or not, you have to blow candles on your birthday!” Han Jisung said. Seungmin snapped a photo as Felix closed his eyes to blow the colorful candles.
“Thanks guys, although I specifically said not to do anything today.”
“Y/N wanted to throw you a party, and they specifically said not to care about anything you said.”
You shrugged. “This isn’t even a birthday party, this is a funeral.”
“Goodbye 19!” Seungmin fake-wailed, dunking Felix’s face into the cake. The others clapped, smearing each other’s faces with whipped cream. You giggled, trying to run away but Felix caught you by the waist before squishing your cheeks with his palms.
“Ah, you’re back!” you exclaimed, looking into his eyes in a way that always made his heart stopped for a while. Felix wondered if you ever looked at anyone else the same way, but for now, he felt a bit reassured. You looked at him like he had stars in his eyes (in this case, his cheeks, but now they were all covered by whipped cream anyways), and at moments like this, Felix thought that maybe he wouldn’t lose you.
“I’m… back?”
You paused to step away from Changbin who wanted to ruin your face more before glancing back at him, still with that loving gaze Felix wanted to take a picture of and hang on his wall.
“The sparks,” you pointed at his eyes. “You’re happy again.”
The rest of the group turned to look at him better, and by the look on their faces, Felix knew they agreed with you.
Tumblr media
Seoul, D-57
“Yongbok-ah, your Dad is calling!” Changbin shouted from the kitchen. Felix sighed, dragging his feet to where his phone was located. He didn’t need to answer the call to know what his father was going to say.
“Hi Dad.”
“Your Mum and I have talked. Are you serious with dancing?”
Changbin gave him a concerned look as Felix’s face hardened. “Yes,” he answered, firm and clear. “I have thought about everything, Dad. I want to dance. And I want to stay here.”
His father sighed on the other line, his Mum yelling something that sounded like, “That naïve boy knows nothing!”
“Have I ever disobeyed you before?” Felix argued. “I just want to do something that I love. That’s right, I was clueless when I first got here, but I’m not the same boy anymore. You guys can trust me.”
“I don’t know, son. You got good grades, why don’t you try challenging yourself?”
“Dancing is not easy, Dad.”
“We know that. Just, come home, okay? We’ll discuss this later.”
Felix let out a frustrated groan once the call ended. Changbin sat across him, opening a can of beer. “You know things won’t work out if you keep being like that, right?”
“Like what?”
“Like this. Snobbish and stubborn.”
Felix met his housemate’s eyes, biting his lips when he realized how serious Changbin’s eyes looked. “All you do is mopping around everywhere while you only have a few months to be here. Y/N and the others are trying to make you as happy as possible, and what have you done?”
“I never asked you guys to do any of that for me.” His tone was harsh and Felix regretted it as soon as those words slipped out of his month. Changbin got up from his seat, throwing the empty beer can to the trashcan.
“You’re right,” he answered. “You never asked anything but we did it anyways. Why? Because we think of you as our friend. Do you even realize how much Y/N has done for you?”
“It’s not my fault that I have to leave! It’s not my fault that I like Y/N, and it’s definitely not my fault that I can’t tell them that,” Felix challenged. Changbin shrugged, taking his jacket from the nightstand before walking out.
“None of this is your fault,” he agreed. “But acting like you’re the most unlucky person in the world and doing nothing to change that isn’t right either. Especially when feelings are involved. But you do you, man.”
Tumblr media
When your name appeared on his phone screen, Felix wasn’t sure whether he wanted to cry in happiness or bang his head on the wall. He hadn’t seen you for weeks, and it wasn’t that he tried to avoid you, but he had been dancing any chance he got. He begged Minho to take him to every of his gig to observe, but after the second gig the dancer officially asked him to join his crew. But the truth was, he did kind of use it as a reason to reply to your messages late.
Felix had no idea how to face you and hid his feelings. Maybe he didn’t have to, but it would be unfair. He tried to ask Chan what to do, but his Sydney mate only said that all he needed to do was listen to himself. A very cliché, movie-like answer—although it wasn’t exactly wrong.
Another message from you came in, and as much as Felix wanted to make this easier for you (and him), he missed you a lot. So he replied, got out of his bed, and sprinted to your place.
“Can we order pizza?” he said as soon as you opened your door. You nodded, looking somehow surprised at his presence. “I thought you weren’t coming,” you mumbled, letting him in. Felix slipped into the pink slippers you specially prepared for him whenever he came over, and somehow, he felt like he was home.
“Where are the others?”
You plopped onto your beanbag, scrolling through movies on Netflix that had “zombie” in the titles. Felix took a seat beside you, watching you read the movies’ descriptions. “Jisung has a date—”
“Oh that’s surprising.”
You chuckled. “Changbin and Woojin are at work, Chan is busy composing for—wait. You didn’t read the group chat?”
Felix scratched the back of his head as if he had been caught. He hadn’t been really talking to any of his friends except Minho since his fight with Changbin. “I-I,” he stuttered. “Probably accidentally turned the notifs off.”
You frowned, but was quickly distracted as you finally found the movie you wanted to watch—which didn’t have any correlation to zombies. “I wanted to believe you, but I think you’re avoiding us. Am I right?”
The movie had started playing, but you shifted your gaze to him. “What’s wrong? Are you upset because we threw you a party when you said you didn’t one? Are you upset with me?”
Felix shook his head. “Not at all, but things have been pretty… complicated.”
“Mind to elaborate?”
“I’m leaving soon.”
“We’re fully aware of that, Felix.”
He ran his hand through his hair, desperately trying to form words that wouldn’t make him sound like an ungrateful asshole. “Yeah, it’s just—it’s hard. I want to stay, but—”
“Do you really want to stay?” you whispered, pausing the movie before giving him a stern look.
Felix felt his body burning—why was it so hard for you, Changbin, his other friends, and his parents to understand that he never wanted to leave? That he had found a new home which could be scary, but also beautiful?
“Oh God. First Changbin, now you. Why won’t anyone believe me?!”
You tried to blink your tears away, which broke Felix’s heart because he knew how much you hated crying in front of other people.  “Because you’re not fighting for it, Felix! You’re not fighting for us or even yourself and suddenly I’m not sure about anything anymore. Time never slows down for anyone!”
Now you were sobbing, your head hung low. Felix threw his arms around you, rubbing your back slowly as you let out everything you had been holding in. You didn’t say anything for the rest of the night, not even when he said he would come over again later.  
When Felix reached his aunt’s house at 2:48 AM, still wearing your pink slippers, it hit him. Out of all things he was afraid of, disappointing you was what he feared the most. Sadly, just like how this world worked, the one you were closest with was always the one whom disappointed you the most.
Felix had become that person for you, probably since a long time ago and he only realized it now. Tears started rolling down his cheeks, and before he could stop himself, he was already sobbing the way you did a few hours ago. He cried and cried and cried until his eyes felt dry and his throat felt raw.
He didn’t feel any better.
Tumblr media
“You’re earl—wait what happened?!”
Minho panicked as he spotted Felix entering the dance studio with a camcorder and swollen eyes. The latter only shook his head and waved his camcorder. “Minho, can I record myself dancing for the rest of my time here?” he asked.
“Sure you can, we usually record ourselves anyways, but why?”
Felix smiled, turning on his camcorder and setting it next to Minho’s laptop before warming up. Minho joined him, and the stretching session soon turned into a flexibility showoff. Both of them laughed when Felix managed to do a perfect split and surprised himself.  
“Seriously though, why are you doing this?” Minho repeated, waving to the camera.
“I want to stay here.”
Minho ran to his laptop to play a new song. “Isn’t that clear?” he teased, glancing at his friend.
“Yeah, but not clear enough.”
Tumblr media
“Y/N I need to tell you something,” Felix rasped the moment you opened the door. You made a way for him to enter your flat, ignoring his Converse that he forgot to wear on his way out yesterday. Before he reached the living room, you stopped him. “Leave them in the bathroom, they’re dirty,” you said, pointing at your slippers he was wearing.
“I’m sorry,” Felix responded. “For the slippers, and for everything.” He stared at them before taking them off. “I didn’t want to disappoint you, but I did just that, didn’t I?”
Felix cupped your face, automatically wiping the corners of your eyes when he noticed you tearing up. “You were so bright, like these slippers,” he whispered. “I did everything with you, but forgot to take care of you. Too scared to show how much you mean to me. Now you’re even crying in front of me.”
“I didn’t want to say I love you because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to stay with you. I didn’t want you to be sad, but maybe I didn’t want me to be sad. I know this is too late and I’ve kept you waiting for so long, but I love you.”
“I really want to stay, I really want to be with the others, I really want to dance. And most importantly, I really want to be with you, and I’m going to do everything in my power to make that happen. I’m sorry that the fight with Changbin and you needed to happen before I came back to my senses, I’m—”
You caught his lips with your fingers, chuckling at how much he resembled a fish with his lips puckered. “If you’re sorry, wash the slippers yourself, okay?”
Felix whined, but walked towards the bathroom immediately. “Wait, there’s no ‘I forgive you Felix?’, ‘I love you too, Felix’, ‘Please stay with me, Felix’?” he protested, pouting as you returned to your room.
“Make sure to turn off the lights when you leave, Yongbok!”
Tumblr media
Seoul, D-15
“Where’s the submit button?”
“There, bottom right.”
“Goddamn it, Felix it’s right. there!”
Changbin grabbed the mouse from Felix and scrolled down, clicking the submit button. “Okay, it’s done!”
“Now what do we do?” Felix asked, plopping back to his bed. “The announcement for early admission is still two months away, I feel so empty now.”
“Still no words from your parents?”
“Well they said we’ll discuss this again if I get accepted.”
“What if you don’t?”
“I’ll apply again? The new semester won’t start until next year anyways.”
Felix had decided to apply to one of the most prestigious Arts colleges in Korea after recording all his dance practices and competitions (he only joined 2, but Minho was kind enough to let him be the center for all of them).
You opened the door with a loud bang, your eyes twinkled even brighter than usual. “What happened? Did they respond?” Changbin muttered, getting more excited as you nodded rapidly.
“Who responded to what?” Felix frowned, but both Changbin and you ignored him and were busy talking among yourselves. “They’re gonna tell him soon. We did it!” you shouted and pulled him into a tight hug.
“Guys, what’s going on?!”
You finally looked at Felix who looked lost and betrayed. Changbin punched his biceps with a huge grin on his face before leaving with no words. As soon as the door was shut, you jumped to his lap, curling your arms around his neck.
“Mind to tell me what’s making you so happy that you forgot about me and hugged Changbin instead?” he said, failed to keep his sarcastic tone since your eyes twinkled with so much joy he hadn’t seen for quite a long time.
You released him, running to his balcony—where you two often hung out when it wasn’t too cold or too hot. Felix followed you, taking your extended hand before pulling you into his arms. “Come on, babe,” he begged. “I’m dying here.”
“You’re going to stay here,” you stated, adjusting your position so you could look into his eyes. “Stay… where?” he asked, completely dumfounded.
“Here. With us.”
Felix tightened his hold on you as his legs wobbled. “WHAT?! HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT?”
You took out your phone from your pocket and played a video for him. “We took turns to record you during your last few months here, starting on your birthday. I thought that the only way to convince your parents that you love it here is by showing them.”
The video showed Felix on many occasions with you and his 8 friends; during his mournday party, during a movie night at Chan’s flat, during a dinner Felix’s aunt invited you to, during the random but entertaining dance battle with Minho, and also during a totally mundane afternoon with Changbin. 
Felix knew he was happy with all of you, but he never realized he was that happy. He felt his eyes brim with tears when he got to the last part of the video, in which he played Charades with you on his birthday.
Felix was the happiest with you, and he never wanted to let go.
“How in the world did you guys do this?” he sniffled, pulling you back to his embrace. You pulled him even closer, listening to his heartbeat. “How in the world did you not notice?” you giggled. Felix laughed along with you, pressing a kiss on the top of your head.
“I asked your aunt to contact your parents, and they allowed me to send the video,” you explained. “They called me this morning and told me that you don’t need to go back.”
“They told you before they told me?”
You slapped his back. “We dedicated a masterpiece for you and this is your response?”
“Sorry,” Felix winced. “And thank you.”
Felix pulled away, melting as you smiled at him. “Well done.” You patted his hair. “You’ve practiced so hard, I’m proud of you.” 
His heart clenched a little bit when you said that you were proud of him. That was exactly what he wanted to hear, but at the same time he wanted to hear more.
“And I love you.”
You gave Felix a quick peck on his lips and he desperately wanted to have your lips on his again, but he decided to stay still. You finally said that you loved him; that was all he needed to hear.
“You won’t ever have to doubt me anymore,” he said. “I’m not going to promise that I will never make you sad again, but I promise that I’ll always try my hardest for you. For us. I’m not going to hold back anymore, okay? Even if we’re running out of time.”
You were about to give him another peck, but he stopped you. “Speaking about time, will you tell me about the hourglass pendant you gave me? Can you tell me what it means now?”
Felix showed his phone to you, causing you to yelp when you found out that he had removed the said pendant from the original keyring and attached it to his phone instead. “Well, you’ve said it yourself,” you began. “I didn’t expect you to know what it means because it feels so personal.”
“Hourglass represents time, a reminder for us that time doesn’t stop for anyone, that everyone in this world has limited time. Time will catch up on us; we’ll run out of time and die, but I don’t care about that. Our time is limited, and I want to spend my limited time with you.”
“Is there anything else you want to say?” Felix asked after you stopped talking.
“I want to listen anything you say about time with that pretty voice of yours, but I also really want to kiss you.”
“Oh alright, kiss me then. But tell them to close the curtain first, please.”
Felix darted his eyes to the window, perplexed when he saw all of his friends standing there watching him and you. “No way!” Seungmin shouted, lifting his phone. “We have to show your parents this!” Hyunjin and Minho whistled along with the rest of the boys, causing Felix to hide his face on the crook of your neck.
“I was the one editing the video and I have many clips of your ugly faces that I won’t hesitate to post,” you threatened, still with a sweet smile on your face. The boys groaned, letting Chan drag them outside.
You caressed your boyfriend’s hair while he was muttering about how embarrassed he was. “You were acting so cool a few minutes ago, wanting to kiss me and all. Where did that Felix go?”
He lifted his head, his cheeks still a bit flushed. “Do you still want me to talk with this pretty voice of mine or—”
As soon as Felix captured your lips with his, everything that happened the past few months didn’t matter anymore. You were right there in his arms, mumbling about how you doubted that this was his first kiss because he was “so damn good in this.” His heart felt light and warm, and while he knows that this was only the beginning, he wasn’t afraid.
Felix was finally ready to confront time, to make every second of it worth the pain.  
Tumblr media
more a/n: if you’ve reached this part, congratulations and thank you, as always! i’m sorry if felix can be so frustrating here, but that’s the whole point of this story: to allow him learn and grow from his mistakes. 
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‧⁺˚*・༓☾𝐜𝐚𝐭 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐝𝐨𝐠 ✰ 𝐡𝐚𝐧 𝐣𝐢𝐬𝐮𝐧𝐠 𝟎𝟏☽༓・*˚⁺‧
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➹ 𝐨𝐩𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐞𝐬 𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭 𝐚𝐮
➹ 𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: 𝐡𝐚𝐧 𝐣𝐢𝐬𝐮𝐧𝐠 𝐱 𝐪𝐮𝐢𝐞𝐭! 𝐬/𝐨
➹ 𝐬𝐨𝐧𝐠: 𝐜𝐚𝐭 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐝𝐨𝐠 𝐛𝐲 𝐭𝐨𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐫𝐨𝐰 𝐱 𝐭𝐨𝐠𝐞𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫
➹ 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 𝟏𝟒𝟏𝟏
➹ 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬: 𝟎𝟏 𝟎𝟐 𝟎𝟑
Han Jisung was lighthearted, joyous and upbeat, three things you weren’t. You were reserved, gentle and even a bit cold to some. He was an idol with flourishing popularity and adoration. You were a broke university student. Some may call you complete opposites even, as opposite as a 𝐜𝐚𝐭 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐝𝐨𝐠.
[𝟏𝟏: 𝟎𝟗 𝐚𝐦] He first noticed you on the plane ride from the Los Angeles International Airport to Seoul. He was walking in the aisle to his assigned seat when someone getting out of their seat and stepping into the aisle bumped into him and knocked him right into your lap. He let out a flurry of apologies while removing himself from your lap before actually looking at your face. You were blinking up at him owlishly through a pair of neutral toned Ray Bans before responding with a modest “It’s fine.” An oversized ivory and mulberry windbreaker obscured the majority of you [body-physique] frame from view, you legs clad in a pair of faded onyx leggings. Your [hair-color] locks were shielded by a cropped cerulean hoodie that stopped right above your waistline, a pair of porpoise chains with moons on the ends of them peeking out from your hood, resting at your jawline. Your feet were perched on the headrest of the vacant seat in front of you, covered in a pair of white and tawny platform puma’s. He hadn’t realized how he stood there gawking at your appearance until your friend in the seat adjacent to you whispered “Girl what the heck is he still staring at you for?” and Minho bumped into his back on the way to his own seat. Spurting out another apology his face flushed at the thought of him getting caught staring and his members teasing. You on the other hand didn’t really pay the incident any mind.
[𝟏:𝟑𝟕 𝐚𝐦] After staying awake for the first ten hours of the flight and falling into an uneasy slumber for the last three, you were anything but well rested and wanted nothing more than to get to your friends brothers house and get a decent amount of sleep. The two of you were on summer break from university so you decided to spend a couple of months at his brothers home overseas. You were so out of it you carelessly left your prized windbreaker on the plane, but unfortunately you didn’t notice until your friend pointed it out whilst y’all had exited the terminal. Letting out a huff of disappointment you left your bags and suitcases with [friend-name] and started walking back towards the terminal to see if there was anything you could do retrieve your lost article of clothing when suddenly you had the wind knocked out of you. After lying on the tiled floor for a couple of seconds you felt someone gently pull you upwards. You were greeted with the welcoming sight of your favorite jacket… and the boy who fell into your lap earlier. “I’m sorry for startling you and knocking you over! I just wanted to give you back your jacket.” he said with concern lacing his features and flushed cheeks. After swiftly handing you back your windbreaker into your waiting arms, he held out his hand and stated “My names Jisung by the way, what's yours?” before you even had the chance to utter a thank you.
“Um, [first-name]. Thank you for finding my jacket.” you said a bit unevenly failing to meet his eyes and shaking his waiting hand.
“Jisung hurry up!” Chan called as he and the other members were walking towards the airport’s exit.
“Coming!” he yelled in return. “It was nice meeting you [first-name]!” he said with a wave before running off with the rest of his friends. You stood startled for a couple of minutes attempting to gather your thoughts. ‘Why were you stuttering a minute ago?’ you questioned yourself. You felt a light tug on your hoodie, taking away from your thoughts.
“I knew I recognized from somewhere!” [friend-name] exclaimed holding his phone in his hand. “They’re in a K-pop group! My younger sisters’ obsessed with them.” He pulled up their instagram and pointed to a post with Jisung in it. The sudden realization made your stomach flip flop. ‘He’s a famous celebrity?’ you thought to yourself frantically. ‘What if someone saw me with him?’ “We better get going if we want to catch the next train, [friend’s-brother-name] is at work and unable to pick us up” he stated, slipping his airpods into his ears and gathering his luggage. Shrugging back on your windbreaker in a daze, you picked up your things and followed him.
[𝟏𝟐: 𝟒𝟕 𝐩𝐦] Your next encounter with Jisung was about two weeks later. You had gotten settled into [friend-name]’s brothers house and the jet lag seemed to finally be wearing off. Deciding to get out of the house for a bit, the two of you went to the local boardwalk, taking your wallet and your penny board along for the trip. In the two weeks after your arrival, you decided to check out Stray Kids and listen to some of their music. Although were no stranger to K-pop and had indeed listened to a couple of Stray Kids title tracks in playlist’s, you hadn’t taken the time to actually look up the members profiles. After notifying friend name that you were going to venture off along the boardwalk to find a bite to eat, he simply nodded and continued bopping his head to Old Town Road much to your distaste. Pushing off the [favorite-color] penny board, your eyes cruised for any street vendors selling cold treats. After spotting one sporting a seafoam and coral umbrella and a small rouge cart with a painting of a chipping soft serve ice cream cone, you decided to stop and check it out. Taking up some crumpled bills from your pocket and pausing Sanguine Paradise you stepped aside and scanned the menu. “In reality I’m 5’4, stand on my money now I’m 6’6-” While still singing the lyrics from the song under your breath you felt a small tap on your shoulder. Turning around you were greeted by a familiar face that once again made your [skin-color] face flush and made your stomach fill to the brim with butterflies.
“Hey [first-name]! It’s good to see you!” he said pulling his face mask down over his lips so he could talk clearly.
“Hi Jisung. H-How are you?” you stuttered, refusing to meet his gaze, fidgeting with the hem of your shorts and staring down at your beat up formerly white sk8 hi’s.
“I’m doing well! Are you enjoying your stay so far?”
“Uh yeah. It’s been pleasant so far. Thank you for asking.” you replied, finding the courage to once again look him in the eyes. Glancing behind him, you noticed two people hiding behind a tree nearby, whom you now recognized to be Hyunjin and Felix… his fellow bandmates.
“So I was wondering,” he started with a flushed face and began to look down at his shoes before glancing back up at you. The image of you rolling through a crowd of people on your penny board still fresh in his mind. Strands of [hair-color] locks fraying from your ponytail tucked behind your ear. The sleeves of your flower blouse flowing gently with the breeze. Although your expression didn’t quite bare any expression, it still made his heart flutter. “Do you want to hang out sometime?” You stood there staring at him for a solid minute before formulating a response.
“Sure.” you stated, surprised at the evenness of your own voice. After you exchanged numbers, Jisung bid you goodbye and joined his bandmates.
“Smooth.” [friend-name] said, rolling up slowly to the vendor with a cherry lollipop hanging out of his mouth. “You leave me to go get ice cream” he says making air quotes “and I found you flirting with a band member of my sisters favorite boy group? Tsk tsk tsk.” he exclaimed, shaking his head.
“Well, she already likes me more than she likes you. This will just seal the deal.” you replied sticking your tongue out at him and stepping into the line. [Friend-name] simply rolled his eyes and picked up his board, heading towards the nearest bench.
After receiving your [favorite-flavor] ice cream and settling down on the bench, you received a text that made your heart flutter. ‘How does next Tuesday at 10 pm sound?’
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listen to me — chapter 37
listen to me masterlist;
Tumblr media
Still on Sunday, around four in the afternoon, Jinah drove across the city to understand all sides of the chaotic situation she was subjected to along with her friends. She had only visited Changbin's mother's house once and a long time ago, so, she could barely remember the way. She wasn't sure if Seo was really there, either, but, since the boy didn't answer any calls or answered any of her messages, Jinah could only follow her guess. And it was not until after turning around and turning many wrong corners that Choi finally recognized the sky-blue facade and the small tulip flower bed.
The neighborhood she was in looked a lot like what she used to live in as a teenager. It was colorful and smelled of cookies and freshly baked cake hanging in the air. The low flow of vehicles on the cobblestone streets allowed children to play more freely on sidewalks, supervised from afar by their mothers, waiting for their seats in the salon or chatting near the windows. It was too pleasant, a right a place to rest the mind.
Jinah opened the little white fence gate and headed for the short steps that led to the front door of the house. She rang the bell and, while waiting to be answered, observed the delicate decoration Mrs. Seo made in the garden. If at times Changbin looked very dark — according to Han Jisung — it was definitely not the woman's influence. The sound of the doorknob, however, brought her attention back to the real reason for being there, and she returned the big smile Changbin's mother opened as soon as she saw her.
— "It's been over a year since you last came here," — Soonkyu commented as she invited Jinah in. — "I'll pretend I wasn't sad that I was forgotten like that, okay?"
— "Sorry ahjumma, it's the routine" — she whined and took off her shoes. So what if she was wearing teddy bear socks? — "It's also been a while since I've seen my mom. I want to enjoy next month's vacation and make some visits."
— "I'm kidding, I understand how hard it is for you guys" — Soonkyu was still smiling, but Jinah could see a layer of concern on her features. — "But changing the subject..." — she hesitated for a moment, sitting on the arm of the couch. Choi preferred to remain standing. — "I guess you didn't come just to taste my cookies, right?"
— "Right," — Jinah admitted ruefully. Now her lips were just stretched in a tiny curve, almost like an apologetic smile. — "Is Changbin here?"
— "Upstairs. He came in the morning and locked himself in the room, didn't leave until now. I'm not quite sure what happened, but I'm so disappointed, you know? I always thought Jade was a good girl."
— "But she is!" Jinah hurried to contradict her. — "What happened was just a very complicated misunderstanding."
— "I don't know..."
— "Ahjumma, I assure you that Jade is suffering as much as Changbin, or even more than that," — Jinah assured her, her calm intonation conveyed confidence. — "You know her so well, she wouldn't do something like that on her own, especially with Binnie."
— "I need to have a serious talk with her when the dust settles, that's it" — Soonkyu sighed, frustrated, and threaded a few rebellious strands behind her ears. — "Anyway, do you want to try talking to Changbin? I couldn't do it at all, but maybe he wants to hear from you."
— "I'll see what I can do."
— "Second door after the stairs, you already know the way."
Jinah nodded and excused herself, then climbed the new wooden steps, as Soonkyu returned to the kitchen. As expected, the bedroom door was closed. She clamped her lower lip between her teeth for a few seconds, running her eyes over the massive, varnished surface. She raised her hand to knock, but gave up and blew out a single breath; then, leaned against the doorjamb and began to speak.
— "Changbin, it's me... Are you alive in there?" — silence. — "Look, I know you don't wanna talk to anyone right now... But, bro, I spent my gasoline... And it was kind of uncomfortable sitting in the same position for so long while I was looking for this house, you know?... Yeah, it is what you're thinking..." — Jinah began to feel pathetic. She wanted Changbin to open the door once and for all, because talking to herself made her talk shit so easily. — "And I also know that I'm not the best psychologist when it comes to comforting someone, I should have studied economics, by the way, but I can, I don't know, give you a hug... Just open, please."
About five seconds later, Jinah heard the lock mechanisms creaking softly. The door opened and a detonated Changbin — without exaggeration — appeared with the shadow of a smile on his parched lips. Jinah seemed to have a knack for awakening something good, no matter how small, even in someone who was having a bad day, that was amazing.
— "You needn't have come here." — his voice was hoarse and ragged from the continuous crying hours ago.
— "I go out for one night and when I get back half of your clothes are gone from the closet." — Jinah looked at the untouched bags in the corner of the room and closed the door again after entering the slightly dark room. — "What else did you want me to do?"
— "I couldn't stay there." — Changbin sat on the bed, which he spent most of the day lying, in blankets. — "It became very suffocating all of a sudden."
— "Chan said you were pretty cold" — Jinah sat down too, getting ahead of the boy. — "But I look at you now and I can only see an abandoned puppy, what happened?"
Changbin narrowly didn't smile a second time.
— "I don't trust myself when it comes to Jade. There is a part that is so, but so stupid, it almost softened when she started crying like that. I have to keep braking those emotions, otherwise they can run down my fingers, and I don't want."
— "Definitely?"
— "...Perhaps."
Jinah paused for a moment before continuing: — "I don't want you to think I'm just saying that because I stood by her, I'm by both of you, but we have a list of events that prove that Jade's head has only one neuron left when she drinks, all the rest burn."
— "I know, JinJin" — Changbin squeezed his temples, his head throbbing. — "If it was anyone else, it would be a little easier to digest, but it was Josh. That's the worst part. I feel like committing a murder whenever I remember."
— "I don't think it would happen if it was someone else" — Jinah shrugged. — "Jade trusted him, and he took advantage of it. Or do you think that, if he came in and simply asked for a kiss, Jade, being with you, would accept it in a good way?"
— "...I think not."
— "But I'm sure" — Jieun was so crystal clear that the years gave Jinah the opportunity to know her as the palm of her hand, Choi knew what she was saying. — "Anyway, I also understand how you are feeling right now. It's not easy to see the person you love kissing the person you hate."
— "The truth is, I have no idea what to do or think." — Changbin ran his hands over his face and stared at the dark sheet. — "I need some time."
— "Sure." — Jinah came over and hugged him, even though she knew he didn't much like any physical contact that didn't come from Jade, but, right now, complaining was the last thing Seo could do. — "Just don't forget that I'm here for whatever you need."
— "Me too, JinJin" — and that's when Changbin's real smile finally came out.
For the first time in Jisung's life, shopping with his mother wasn't that unpleasant — partly because most of the mall's stores were closed; otherwise, perhaps he could not say the same. After having lunch at a tidy restaurant and Hyoyeon chattering about parties and the possible new boyfriend she had met last month — sometimes, Jisung thought she mistook him for a best friend, it wasn't possible! —, the two decided to walk aimlessly to finish catching up.
— "Forgiving her was very mature of you,"— she said after Jisung had told her how the situation between Chaerin and him had unfolded after the catastrophe. It was funny, in part, for almost six months had passed, and only now was Hyoyeon finding out, but better late than never. — "I confess that this is not an attitude I would take, so I am proud."
— "Thanks. But would you mind if I asked us not to talk about Chaerin anymore?"
— "Does it still hurt you?"
— "No, just not important."
— "So, since you want to talk about important things," — she flashed that kind of meaningful smile that the boy usually felt worried about, — "let's talk about your cute girlfriend. How did you meet her?"
A dialogue in which Jisung summarized facts and told as well as possible how Jinah had entered his life began, and Hyoyeon could only nod, smile and make strange sounds whenever something cute in her point of view was mentioned. At least Han and Choi wouldn't have to go through all the embarrassment of incompatible mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, since with every "a" he said, his mother became increasingly in love with his girlfriend.
— "You could make dinner for the three of us this week, right?" — she said excitedly as soon as the report came to an end. — "Today I didn't even have time to talk to her properly, I wanted to get to know her better."
— "Only if you promise not to embarrass me as you always do."
— "Right."
It wasn't as if Jisung would believe it, of course, but it wasn't as if he could change her mind. Hyoyeon was very stressful when activating her persuasive mode, she preferred to avoid her own wear. Besides, she would have to socialize with Jinah anyway, so it was better for now.
— "But you don't have to invent something very elaborate, 'cause she doesn't like it. We study and work all day and the last thing we want to do when we get home is go to one of those fine restaurants you love."
— "Okay, whatever you want" — if Hyoyeon was upset that her plans were destroyed, she didn't show it. — "It reminded me that I'm going to be alone every day while you're not home, how boring. I have to invent something to do, otherwise I'm going to die of boredom."
Jisung went on alert. Empty house, boredom and Hyoyeon definitely didn't match in the same sentence. Arrangements had to be made, starting with bringing her back to the virtual world — who knows, perhaps, she didn't care as much about physics and disasters as brightly painted walls and props everywhere didn't occur.
— "You need a new charger, don't you?"
— "Oh, yeah, but we won't find a store open on Sunday."
Jisung mentally cursed that unfortunate fact, and as he was about to offer her his own charger, he noticed that the door of the electronics store he used to work in before starting his internship at the publishing house was open. He frowned, even thinking it might be a robbery, after all, that place barely opened on Saturdays, got worse on Sundays. As they got closer, however, Jisung realized that it was Jeonghan inside. Jeonghan was robbing the store?
— "Em... Hi?" — curiosity was as big as the intrinsic desire to seize the opportunity and buy the damn charger.
As soon as Jeonghan saw him, something extraordinary and equally strange happened: Yoon grinned from ear to ear, and replied cheerfully: — "Hi, Jisung! How long!"
Han raised his eyebrows, barely able to hide his surprise. So many years of working together, and this was the first time he had seen this boy look genuinely happy. Even his skin looked brighter; his angelic features were free of the usual bad mood and his voice free of any sign of boredom. It was almost as impressive as his mother being, in fact, a mother. Miracles happen.
— "Yeah, sure. What are you doing here today?"
— "We're having a movie shoot at home, but my dog ‘accidentally’ ruined one of the television cables and we came for another one." — Jeonghan pointed to the two boys that Jisung only then noticed. He recognized them as Jisoo and Seungcheol, the new store employees. The first boy held the cable while helping the second to choose, too, one of the new games (it is noteworthy that they were paying for everything and that idea of the robbery was just a mistake).
— "Didn't you say working with them was going to be hell?" — Jisung smiled rogue. — "Apparently, you guys are already good friends."
— "Yeah," — Jeonghan chuckled and ran a hand over the back of his neck. He didn't have much left after contradicting himself. — "But we're not exactly good friends."
It took Jisung a few seconds to process the information, his eyes widening when he finally got it.
— "You three-...?" — Han didn't need to finish, as Jeonghan quickly nodded. — "Jeez... I mean, congratulations. You look happier."
— "You too, if you allow me to say."
— "Thanks, I think" — Jisung smiled. So astonished that he was, he had forgotten that his mother was there and, when he turned to look for her, he found her playing with a puppy in the same spot as before. The pet owner was a short-haired girl who seemed to have fun with whatever Hyoyeon was saying. — "Can you sell me a charger? It's urgent."
— "Of course!"
And while choosing a charger model and looking at his mother through the clear glass of the storefront, Jisung found himself liking — much more than he had expected — the idea of having her around again.
Tumblr media
a/n: i love jinhancheol, sorry
but anyway, i’ll be posting today the introduction and the first chapter of ‘Listen To Me’ first spin-off AAAAAAAAAAAAAA, I really hope u guys like it. ily, see you guys soon!
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hyucksoftie · 2 years ago
alone | jisung
genre: fluff & angst
words: 2.7k+
requested: yes
Tumblr media
desc: you've been alone your whole life, but that changes when han jisung starts talking to you. maybe having company isn't so bad?
a/n: i hope everyone had a good christmas! here's a late xmas gift 💗
It was a Friday when Han Jisung first started to talk to you. The period you had was lunch.
Per usual, you sit alone during lunch. Music plays into your ears, earbuds in and volume loud to distract yourself from everyone else. That's when a green tray came into your line of sight, slamming against the table. You look up and stare into Jisung's warm brown eyes, a smile on his face. "Hey, you don't mind if I sit here, right?"
Quite frankly, you did mind. You were alone for most of your life, it wasn't long before you started liking it that way. But Jisung took your silence as approval and sat down across from you. "You're Y/N, right?"
You only offer him a nod, biting into your turkey sandwich. "I'm Jisung." You nod again and continue to ignore him.
"Where are your friends? Late?" You almost let out a laugh. How did Han Jisung know your name, but not the fact that you had no friends at all?
Wiping your mouth, you softly chuckle. Unbeknownst to you, the sound made Jisung's heart flip. "I have no friends." He frowns. " you just sit alone?" His eyes were filled with pity, maybe a little bit of guilt. You saw it, but chose to ignore it. "Yup."
"Well, routines die, Y/N. Consider me your new friend." With that, Jisung smiles at you and begins stuffing his face with fries. You should be happy, happy someone wanted to be around you and consider themselves your friend; but you weren't. You were annoyed.
You liked being alone. Why talk with anyone when they'll eventually turn their back on you? You've learned your lesson.
But you chose not to say anything. Jisung's friends didn't seem to be around, and he probably didn't like being alone like you did so you let him stay. You promised yourself that that will be the last time you let anyone sit with you.
What was with Jisung and trying to grow close to you? Did he want something? You thought yesterday would be the last you'd hear of him.
2 AM on a Saturday night, you just so happened to run into him at a 24/7 pharmacy. You were wearing your baggy pajamas, hair up in a ponytail to look at least a little presentable. All you needed was a few ramen packets to fill your stomach up for the next week. Then you saw him.
Han Jisung in the hair dye aisle, scanning through ever shade. You needed to pass that aisle to get to the food, but you were debating if you even needed food. Too late.
"Oh, Y/N! Fancy seeing you here. Why aren't you at home sleeping?" You fidget. Great. Now you had to talk with him. "I could ask you the same."
Jisung laughs, and you almost laugh too. You prevent yourself from doing so, though. "Uhh...I couldn't sleep, and Minho couldn't either so we came here. What about you?"
"Minho'" You weren't gonna lie, you may or may not have had a small crush on said boy. He was the only person you talked to occasionally, the only person that you wouldn't be annoyed at if he sat with you. But he doesn't. Which is where your tiny crush dies. Jisung notices your spaced out look and smiles sadly.
You didn't like him. "Um, yeah." You hadn't answered his question, but Jisung didn't bother to ask again. "I can trust you right?" Jisung asks.
Blinking, you nod. Could he say bye so you could go? You'd much rather be at home than in this situation. "Which color should I choose?"
"That was fast. What about-" Jisung turned but you weren't there. Yet, he could still smell your vanilla scent.
Vanilla was your favorite, he noticed. At school, you always chose vanilla pudding instead of chocolate. Back in first grade, you brought an empty carton of vanilla ice cream to show & tell. Jisung looked at the cash register and saw your back. Along with the packets of ramen, on the counter was a vanilla scented air freshener.
"You know what color you're dying your hair yet?" Minho reappeared, his basket full of junk food. Jisung turns and nods with a smile. "Blue."
You found yourself at the same place on Sunday. Same store, same time. Hell, even the same scenario. You didn't need food, you got into an argument with your mom and needed to get out. And for some odd reason, the pharmacy brought you comfort.
"Y/N?" You turn around and face Jisung. You gasp and cover your mouth, letting out a quick "sorry." Jisung's hair was no longer blonde, but a very off white. "I know, it's wack."
Jisung laughs softly and you can't help but laugh too. This time you gave into the want. If Jisung was being honest, he dyed his hair white because it reminded him of vanilla; it reminded him of you. Maybe then you'd like him. It was stupid, that he knew right after he got out of the shower and saw it.
"I should've gotten blue like you said." Oh yeah, you suggested blue. You wonder what made him change his mind. You would know if you asked him, but the antisocial part of you didn't want to drag on the conversation.
"What brings you here again?"
"I got into an argument with my mom...I really needed to get out of the house and this was the only place I could think of." Jisung smiles at you. "I'm sorry about that."
You smile back. "It's- It's fine." Jisung bows his head before walking past you and to the hair dye aisle once again. For some reason you found yourself following him, almost like a lost puppy.
Jisung notices but doesn't say anything, his eyes searching for the blue in the vast array of colored boxes. You find it and grab it, handing it to him. "Oh- thanks."
He goes to the counter and the cashier scans the box, but Jisung didn't pay immediately after. "Do you want anything?" You bite your lip and scan the snacks below the desk. You opt for vanilla filled chocolate bites, placing them on the counter. Jisung pays, grabbing the plastic bag and walking out. Again, you follow him without really questioning why.
"Do you need a ride back home?" No, I don't. You nod, smiling shyly up at the boy.
Jisung turned on the radio, heating up the car for you. "Which way is your-"
"Jisung? I don't want to go home."
He tightens his lips and looks down at you, your eyes pleading. He couldn't help but frown at the sight. " place instead?" A small nod is all he needs before he starts driving the way home.
"Jisung who the hell did you bring home, I thought you were just gonna get hair dye-" Minho emerges from his room and turns on the lights. You blush under his stare, inching closer to Jisung for some sort of relief. "Oh. Hi, Y/N."
You wave, offering a small smile.
"I'm gonna dye my hair now, I want to get rid of this as soon as possible." Jisung runs a hand through his hair, a pout on his lips. "I'm not helping you again." Minho says, already walking back to his room. Jisung turns to you, you already knew what he was asking of you. "I'll help."
"I hate you, this is never coming off." You wipe at your shirt, trying to get the blue dye off, but to no avail. "Not my fault you're HORRIBLE at this."
You send him a glare, lips pouty. Jisung's heart was all over the place, the only thought in his mind being 'cute.'
Groaning, you give up and leave your shirt alone. "Are you gonna wash your hair?" Jisung jumps at your words, almost as if realizing that was a thing you had to do. Laughing, you watch as he leans over the sink, splashing water onto his head.
"Jisung, you're getting me wet!"
"Oh, am I really?" You nod. "Yeah you are-" Your shirt becomes more damp, the water coming from Jisung's direction. You frown, throwing water back at him. "Meanie."
He ignores you and continues to splash water onto you. Huffing, you wipe your face. "You're getting your ass beat."
On Monday you found yourself skipping school with Jisung. His hair was now a dark blue, it looked really good on him. Much better than what he previously had.
After your water fight, the both of you ended up soaking. You didn't go to bed until 5 AM, bundled up in Jisung's clothes. You actually had fun with him, you didn't mind the idea of him sitting with you as much anymore.
That's probably why you felt so comfortable with him now, sitting in front of you at a coffee shop nearby.
"Y/N, can I ask you a question? I'm genuinely curious about something." You chew on your muffin and nod at Jisung. He smiles and fiddles with his fingers. "Why do you sit alone during lunch break? Do your friends have different lunches?"
You're quiet, avoiding Jisung's eyes. He didn't know you like you thought he did. He genuinely wanted to know you? He didn't talk to you out of pity? Sighing, you offer him the best fake smile you could put on. He wouldn't know it was fake anyways. "I don't- I don't have any friends..." Jisung blinks and his mouth opens in surprise.
"Oh...really?" You nod. "Doesn't it get lonely?" Could he let the topic go? You were starting to grow irritated. "I like being alone."
Jisung frowns. He didn't get it. How come someone like you doesn't have any friends? He's only properly hung out with you once, but he enjoyed it. You were fun. Do you not want friends? Whatever it was, he didn't ask any further.
By Thursday, you find yourself with Jisung always. You two laugh, eat, do anything together. His presence didn't bother you but instead it made you feel all warm inside. He kind of made you feel weird.
He didn't make you uncomfortable, it was a feeling inside of you whenever he was around that was weird. When you started feeling like this? No idea. But you'd ponder about it a lot.
"Y/N? Are you okay?"
Looking up, you make eye contact with Jisung, eyes worried. There is that weird feeling again. There was a thought at the back of your head, but you push it away.
Gulping, you nod. "Yeah, yup, I'm fine." He smiles and it does something to you. Jisung continues talking but your mind wanders somewhere else. You stare at his pretty eyes, eyelashes fluttering open and closed. His round chipmunk like cheeks, his blue hair, his lips-
Oh no. This wasn't happening.
"Jisung I got- go. Me. I have to go."
"What? Y/N what's going-" You pick up your bag and scurry out of the lunch room, not even saying goodbye. Your stomach hurt and your head hurt.
It was obvious what was going on, yet you didn't want to admit it. That weird feeling.
Jisung sat alone and confused. Did he do something? Say something? He was worrying about you. He always was. Even before you grew close, he worried about you. When he saw you talking with Minho, he'd always ask him how you were. What you told him. He was nosy when it came to you.
It was like last week's Friday repeated itself this week. Jisung tried talking to you but you didn't want him to. You wanted to be left alone, by yourself.
"Y/N, whats wrong? Did something happen? Please tell me." Nothing. Jisung smiles that gentle caring smile and reaches over to put his hand over yours. "You can talk to me." Your eyes stay on his hand, then they move to his face. Your heart went crazy.
What was he doing to you?
"Jisung cant you see I want to be alone? I'm meant to be alone. What are you gaining talking to me? Go away! Leave me alone! I don't want you here." His eyes widen.
Then they slit into a glare, confusion in those brown orbs. "What has gotten into you? I started talking to you because I wanted to, not because I thought I'd gain something. Y/N, you aren't meant to spend your life by yourself. I'm your fr-"
"Do you ever shut up? You're so annoying. I told you to go away, now do it. I never wanted you here." Seeing the hurt in Jisung's eyes stung your heart. His lips held a frown. But you stood your ground.
Getting rid of Jisung would get rid of your feelings.
He gets up from the seat across of you and without a word or a look back, he leaves. And with him he takes a little bit of your heart.
Saturday, you're alone but it doesn't feel the same. You don't like it. You hate every second of it. Being by yourself doesn't feel nice anymore, it feels...lonely. And you know exactly why.
Sunday. The day goes by painfully slow. You learned to accept it. Accept the fact that you liked Jisung, and you missed him. You missed hearing him talk about how dumb Minho is, you missed his laugh, his loud clapping, his warmth. Everything about Jisung, you missed. Everything about him that you fell for, you missed.
Just like last week, you were at the pharmacy. At 3 AM. Sleep was hard to get, your thoughts were on Jisung only. Jisung was gone but your feelings towards him weren't. Instead of disappearing, they grew stronger.
Walking past the hair dye section, you find yourself stuck there. Your eyes were on one color: blue. Why did everything remind you of him?
You continue walking in your oversized pj's, heading towards the ice cream. Vanilla would help with your sadness. Vanilla helps with everything. You open the fridge and take out the tub of vanilla ice cream. "Maybe I'll get two..." You grab another and head towards the checkout.
The cashier scans your stuff, when suddenly an air freshener is thrown on the counter. The scent? Vanilla. You look up and see a face you've been longing to see. But Jisung doesn't look at you. Not even when he speaks.
"You need to replace your old one."
Your eyes stay on Jisung, tracing all the features of his face with your pupils. That is, until the cashier calls out to you. "Anything else?"
Shaking your head, you quickly take out your wallet to pay, but it falls. "Oh-"
Jisung picks it up and hands it to you.
After paying, you didn't leave the store. You stood to the side and waited for Jisung to finish paying for his things. Once he was done you rush to him and grab his arm. "Listen I am so-"
"Mean? Cold? Yeah, I know." You frown. He was right. "I...I know what I said was mean-"
"-but I wasn't thinking. I was confused. I wasn't in a good place when I said those things. I didn't mean anything I said. Nothing at all. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." Your eyes started to water. "These past 2 days, I realized how much I do want you in my life. Being alone sucks. I like being with you. I miss you."
Jisung frowns and holds your face. "Y/N don't cry." He brings your head to his chest, fingers running through your hair.
"I-I like you, Han Jisung. So much."
You look up and cup his cheeks, pouting up at him. "I like you a lot, you fool. Curse you for being cute." Jisung laughs and smiles down at you. "I like you too, you big crybaby."
With that, he leans forward with your face still in his hands. His lips leave the softest kiss on your own, pillowy against yours. It lasts like five seconds, but it felt like forever. You liked it. A lot. Jisung licks his lips and smiles at you.
"Nice vanilla chapstick."
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hello may i request a stray kids reaction to there S/O practicing witchcraft thanks love-Witchy anon / 🌙 anon
A/N: Wait. With you putting your label, does this mean I have my first anon who I can identify with ease?? If so sksjsbskksnsk!! Anyway, this idea of yours is really interesting. I would have never thought of doing this kind of concept. I stan your brain love! I hope you enjoy my take on writing it! 💓
Tumblr media
You were making a potion that would heal Chan’s sore throat. He was being a big baby and refusing regular medicine so you had to pull out your mini caldron and brew him a “peculiar tonic that tastes good”. His words exactly in his sick state. You added the last ingredient and stirred. You then spooned some in the medicine cup, pouring the right amount as if it was a normal medicine.
“Here, Chan. Drink this and you’ll feel better in minutes.”
“Does it taste good?”
“I don’t know. I didn’t taste it.”
“Why not?”
“Chan I’m not about to play 21 questions with you. Just drink it.”
He started whining. “It probably tastes more gross than regular medicine! I wanted it to taste better!”
“Chan, I will not hesitate to turn you into a sloth and have you drink it!”
“You wouldn’t do that to me.”
Tumblr media
You guys were dealing with a lot of bugs in your new home. There were mainly centipedes and spiders that crept around your house, and you hated it. You hated bugs. So, you thought of a solution. You decided to cast a spell to kill any that could be hiding/lurking around your home and to repel any that might try to come near your house. The minute they passed by the threshold of your home, they’d die.
“Babe, is it really that serious that you need to cast a spell to keep the bugs away? You know I could protect you.”
“I know that, Woo. But you’re not here all the time. And, besides, they don’t come out when you’re around. They wait until I’m alone to attack. So, this is war.”
“Sooo you and the bugs are having a war?”
“Yes. They started it, and I’m gonna finish it.”
Woojin simply kissed the top of your head and patted your back. “Good luck with that, babe.” He chose to keep his comments to himself and decided to just let you be, chanting spells to cast away harmless bugs.
Lee Know (Minho)
Tumblr media
“Baaabbbeee, I said I was soorrrryyyy!” He continued to bang on the glass. But it was all in vain.
You simply sipped your tea, welcoming the silence. You were being petty but you didn’t care at that particular moment.
Minho, in his usual adorably hyper manner, was poking your face. He was trying to get your attention. But, you were indulged in your reading. So, he decided that he was gonna snatch the book out of your hand. Unfortunately he ended up knocking your black tea out of your other hand, causing it to spill on your brand new book, staining the pages.
You snared at your boyfriend. As if knocking your tea out of hand wasn’t enough, staining the couch and your clothes, but then your book just had to become stained as well.
But, now you sat on your now-clean couch, reading your now-clean book, all while sipping a new cup of tea thanks to the tidy spell you casted. And it was all achieved while you casted the glass prison spell on your boyfriend. You weren’t gonna keep him in there long. Half of the thirty minutes you wanted him locked up already ticked by.
Oh how you loved the soundproof prison. You blew Minho a kiss, not hearing his whines and complaints.
Tumblr media
“Sooo you think this is funny?”
You were red in the face, falling over from laughing. “I’m sorry! You look adorable though!”
“Change me back, y/n.”
You pouted. “But you look so cute.”
“I’M NOT STAYING LIKE THIS! This tail is making me feel like I have a permanent itch between my butt cheeks!” He whined out the last part, his ear twitching. You almost squealed from how adorable it was.
You threw your head back and groaned. “Fine!” Suddenly a lightbulb turned on in your head. You grabbed for your phone.
“Oh no! Don’t you dare!”
“It’s for memories.”
“That’s what your brain is for!” Changbin ran out your shared bedroom, refusing to let you get a picture of him in this form. The guys won’t ever let him live.
“Changbin, please! If you let me take a picture I’ll change you back!” You yelled, running after him.
“I’d rather go out in public looking like this then allow you to take one hundred pictures of me! Because we both know you are not going to take just one!”
You cackled as you tried to corner your pretty kitty.
Tumblr media
The space of the living room was filled with Hyunjin’s lovely laugh. He was feeling kind of down that he couldn’t get the tone of his rap right so you thought you could cheer him up. So, with your wand in hand, you created bubbles that resembled his members. You made them animated, doing silly dances before disappearing in the next ten seconds. You’ve been doing this for a while now, your arm feeling a little tired. But, with the sound of your boyfriend’s joyous laughter, it was worth the pain. You didn’t mind sucking it up if it meant hearing your favorite sounds.
You suddenly felt a pair of lips on your cheek. You turned, being met with Hyunjin’s beautiful eyes. His gaze was gentle and rich with love. Love that was only for you at this particular moment.
He gave you a chaste kiss on your lips. He pulled away with a big smile. “Thank you for doing this for me, baby. You really brightened up my mood.”
You blushed. “No need to thank me, babyboy. I’d do anything for you.”
You gave him a questioning look. Were you about to regret your choice of words?
“Then…could you create a fire-breathing dragon?” His eyes held child-like hope and expectation.
You chuckled. “Of course, baby.”
Thrilled to hear you accept his request, Hyunjin cuddled into your side. He patiently waited for his mind to be blown by your amazing talent.
And that was how you spent the afternoon. You took as many requests as Hyunjin gave you. The gloom that hung over his head was long gone, and you couldn’t be happier.
Han (Jisung)
Tumblr media
After Han decided to dye his hair a different color after coming out of nowhere with the blue, you were sad. You didn’t feel as though you got acquainted enough to blue-haired Han.
It was in the middle of the night when you were playing with your sleeping boyfriend’s fluffy hair that a brilliant idea sprung into your mind. A smile that almost looked identical to the Grinch’s spread across your face.
You slowly separated your body from Han’s, careful not to wake him. You grabbed your spell book from the drawer of your nightstand. You flipped through tens of pages before finding what you were looking for.
Weaving your fingers through Han’s hair once again, you muttered the spell that would surely present you the outcome you deeply desired. Your eyes grew to the sizes of saucers as you watched the strands of your boyfriend’s hair shift. In seconds, his hair went from orange to the beautiful black-blue color you fell head-over-heels for.
You smiled happily, landing a kiss in Han’s hair. You admired your work. Before you would fall asleep you would make sure to change his hair back to its former color. As sad as the thought was, you didn’t wanna risk raising any suspicions.
Maybe you would even make this a nightly thing. For a second you pondered over it, soon enough agreeing to the idea as you marveled at your snoozing prince.
Quickly you reached for your phone, choosing to snap a picture of him. It could not be avoided.
You put the photo as your lock screen before changing Han’s hair back to its former color. You watched as each strand transformed back to the lighter color. It caused a satisfying feeling to envelop you.
You put your book away and rested you head on top of your boyfriend’s. The slow breaths Han took began to lull you to sleep. With a final kiss to his temple, you let sleep take over your senses, a small smile present on your lips.
Tumblr media
(I love this gif so much 😂 You gotta love flirty Felix)
You were getting ready for you and Felix’s date. With your wand in hand, you had your entire wardrobe on display. Whatever you didn’t want to wear was placed back in your closet neatly.
Right now you were faced with three outfit choices. Finally you decided to wear the most casual-looking one, since Felix said it wasn’t gonna be a date requiring a fancy getup.
But then you were faced with another dilemma. The color wasn’t working for you. It was a dusty rose, and even though you initially liked it when you first bought it, now it looked unappealing. So, you whipped out your wand, knowing an easy solution to your plight.
“Babe, are you done yet?” Felix’s deep voice could be heard behind the door. He slowly enter your shared bedroom, freezing immediately after entering.
“I’m almost done, love. I just need to change the color of my top.” You were indecisively switching between blue and green. You huffed in annoyance, wondering if you should just give up and find a different top to wear.
“Go with the green, darling. It’s your color.” Felix smiled warmly, catching your eyes in the mirror.
You changed the top to green, squinting at the top. He was right, the color did well for your skin tone. Earth tones always served you well.
“Alright, let’s go.” You grabbed Felix’s hand, kissing his cheek as well. “Thank you for your assistance, baby.”
“No problem, babe.”
Once you reached the front door, he asked you a question. A devious glint was in his eyes. “So…what else can you do to your clothes?” He wiggled his brows with a smirk.
You scoffed. “Boy, if you don’t…”
Tumblr media
Seungmin was beautiful in your eyes. You complimented him all the time, causing the young man to bashfully thank you. You just couldn’t help but to gush over how handsome he was.
One day, your boyfriend was looking really good. You felt as if compliments would not suffice nor be able to fully express to how much you were affected by his beauty. So, you decided to do something extra.
He was in the bathroom, spraying cologne on his body. You smiled, unable to contain your excitement to, firstly, see his gorgeousness again, and, two, to execute your plan as Seungmin’s hype man/girlfriend.
He then began to leave the bathroom. You hurriedly grabbed your wand and shouted a spell, startling your boyfriend.
Over his head, a flurry of rose petals fell over him from thin air. He couldn’t help but smile at your silliness but he also couldn’t help looking a little perplexed. He knew that you never pulled out your wand unless it was absolutely dire. So what was so dire about having rose petals rain on him?
“I know you’re more than likely questioning me and my mental state so let me explain.” You sat up, a full-blown smile across your face. “You look really really good today and I felt as though I needed to something a little extra to fully show you how handsome I think you look.”
Seungmin’s cheeks reddened like strawberries. He couldn’t help but let out a laugh, feeling extremely shy all of a sudden. You simply admired him further. You gave yourself a mental pat on the back for a job well done.
Seungmin calmed down after a few more moments. His cheeks were still painted red. He smiled shyly at you, looking more precious than ever. “Thank you, y/n.”
You smiled from ear-to-ear. You ran over to him, wrapping him in your arms. “You’re welcome, handsome.”
Seungmin chuckled, embracing your lithe body tightly. You were a silly witch, but he loved you more than life itself. 
I.N (Jeongin)
Tumblr media
All day you’ve been walking around Seoul. You were shopping for groceries, toilet paper, paper towels, face masks (sheets for Jeongin and wash off ones for you), and new toothbrushes. You hummed quietly to yourself, a small smile present on your face. You were so happy today that Stevie Wonder could see your chipper mood.
Once home, you started unpacking your purchases. You placed them at their correct places around the house. Once done, you decided to prepare supper. You knew Jeongin wanted some fried chicken, so you decided to go with that as tonight’s menu.
You were working hard in the kitchen. You made ramen and cracked two eggs in it. One would be for you, and the other for JeonJeon. Almost all the chicken was fried. And then the ramen was simply simmering. You decided to wake up your boyfriend.
You peeked in the breast pocket of your shirt. In a cute ball, your precious boyfriend was sleeping soundly. You were in awe that he’s been asleep all this time; you were sure he would have stayed awake from all the movement that you were doing. You didn’t really wanna wake him up the longer you stared at him. But he had to eat. He had practice in the morning.
You craned your head down. “Jeongin,” you whispered. “Wake up, baby.”
He mumbled something before curling up in a tighter ball. Your heart squealed. You tried again in getting him to wake up.
“Jeongin, baby, the chicken is getting cold. You gotta eat.”
Upon mentioning chicken, your slumbering boyfriend woke up. He wasn’t fully awake but he wasn’t sleeping either.
“Come on, baby. Let me get you out so you can wash up.”
Jeongin nods his head. You grab him gently and place him on the floor. With a snap of your fingers, Jeongin grew back to his height right before your eyes. He smile sleepily at you. He then rubbed his eyes with the heels of his hands.
“The food smells good.”
You chuckled, flipping the last pieces over in the oil. “Go and wash up, babyboy.”
He nodded his head before placing a soft kiss to your cheek. You fought off the blush that was about to take over your cheeks. Luckily, your sleepy boyfriend didn’t notice and had left the kitchen.
You couldn’t help smiling with contentment. You had the perfect day, having your boyfriend right in the comforts of your pocket. Nothing could possibly beat today.
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