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15.2.27 || to my dearest and sweetest little ricky:
HAPPY 3rd 21st BIRTHDAY MY SON!!! ♡AHH WASLKDASMDJ  I CANT BELIEVE YOU’RE 21 STOP BUT YOU STILL LOOK LIKE YOU’RE 5 ITS AMAZING YOU’RE SO AMAZING!!!  i feel so incredibly bad i didnt make anything for your birthday;;~;;  but instead im just writing you  a lame cheesy letter along with posting the very first gif i ever made bc its of youuuuu !!! aka my most favorite person in the whole entire world !!!(人´∀`)♡  AND YES IF YOU MUST KNOW YOU’RE REALLY TURNING 3YEARS OLD OKAY I REFUS E TO BELIEVE YOU’RE 21 IM WEEPING ALREADY! Anyways, i hope you have an amazing day fill with lots of love and adoration bc you deserve it all! you are so very precious to me will always have a special place in my heart because you have brought so much joy into my life! i dont think you will ever know how much of a happier person you’ve made me. just watching a 30 second fancam of you puts the biggest smile on my face ugh i just love you so muchhh!!! im always so thankful for you. you have grown into such a handsome and wonderful young man even though you still have a face of a baby but that makes me love you even more c: i cant even describe how proud i am of you!!! you’ve improved tremendously over the years! its always such a joy to watch you perform bc you’re so full of passion and you give every performance 150%!!!! and when you sing it damn near brings tears to my eyes ;;; your voice and existence is too precious for words. i hope you know you are loved and appreciated by many bc you give angels so much life! you’re like the sunshine that comes after a rainstorm.. nothing but light and warmth (* ♡´艸` *)pls stay the way you are forever, just being your cute self! i wish you nothing but happiness and heath forever and ever. you are a happy virus i hope i will never get rid of! i will love and support you always and forever my sweet bb have an amazing day ! ♡
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