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muselexum · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Cat-like behaviours Haru developed after eating her fruit:
Cannot resist napping in sun spots
Has developed an appetite for meats and will (shamefully) eat a whole fish raw if you dangle it in front of her
Can be pranked with cucumbers
Will sit on ur lap for free
Sensitive hearing, smell, and eyesight
Has to constantly fight the impulse to knock things off of counters (makes being a hostess very annoying)
Has become more comfortable with being aggressive and violent
Will slap a bear
How dare you not offer her affection? It’s her right and she’ll decide when she’s had enough
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sixtymillionoverdueideas · a month ago
The infiltration was going perfectly.
Hikōkai hummed under their breath as the arm under their python-steel grasp slipped-  The lovely scream cut off as the lummox choked on his tongue, his dislocated and broken shoulder flopping away from Hikōkai‘s emptied hands. “This is what happens when you defy the Yurei-Kuroi (lit. “ghost” + “black”), Iguro-kun~” They crooned lovingly into Toshio-san’s ear - his body tremored minutely as his breath was stolen from the sheer pain Hikōkai had granted him with. They tapped a cheerful line down his arm, smiling as the tremors increased with ev-e-ry touch. “Hmm? What’s that?” Hikōkai watched his throat spasm as he tried to respond - wheezing, breathless. Well, he’d recover -  Hikōkai, after all, had simply been told to “make him regret it - but don’t traumatize him too much! God, you keep on gettin’ worse ev’ry time I see you, you monster”.
Whistling, Hikōkai rubbed their hands to dry them as they left the helpfully near-by! washroom, Toshio-san having walked-slash-half-carried off by Inu-kun under worried, nervous brown eyes. The Yurei-Kuroi weren’t extremely different than the common, half-serious organizations that Hikōkai’d infiltrated before -- though they’d never had to deal with just so many kekkei-genkei before! Why, it would almost be intimidating -- if there weren’t all so... underutilized. Toshio-san had the minor kekkei-genkei of being able to modify his fingers. Hacchan had fire-resistance. Then again, apparently in this society that Hikōkai had found themself in near everyone had some form of “kekkei-genkei”. All unique, too! Incredible. Alas, Hikōkai themself did not receive one arriving here, but they only idly wondered what it would be for a few moments - the drawbacks of not being able to do anything else at their disposal didn’t quite compare. Hikōkai pulled on a pair of thin, medic’s-grade milky-translucent gloves as they turned the corner - on their way to the so-called “lounge/common” area where sometimes various members of the Yurei-Kuroi could be found - when two sounds hit their ear.
One, the low tone that accompanied the actually-not-low-quality red light-alarms that were periodically found lining the top of the concrete structure’s doorways.  Two, the higher, slightly flat melody of the lovely “Dream Sweet - in Sea Major” they’d discovered that Hikōkai had put to their own, smaller and more personal alarm over near their bunkbed. 
-Oh! ...Oh no.  It appeared a Hero~ had come to investigate and break-up this little den of malhumanity, huh?
#thread-start!!#ic: danger danger toil and trouble#char: gekkeiju hikōkai#partner: brighteyedcrybaby - izuku#//uhh generating world-building/lore for Setting sir#//uh-oh!! looks like hikōkai bein' all too-happy-ANBU again~!#//spontaneous-character-generation-complete-with-minor-details#//tagged for slightly-dark content#toshio iguro (read: traditionally) had been skimming money from what he was supposed to be returning to the gang as a gang-member#there are actually /two/ inu's at yurei-kuroi -#hikokai calls them both -kun though#this is inu-san - iguro's mild-mannered and reticent friend with short brown hair and brown eyes#//y'know that 'extra' who helped bakugou beat up izuku with the long-fingers quirk?#//quirk looks like that now#//but iguro can also thicken his fingers too - making them stronger#antei haru is a woman with red-orange hair pulled into a messy low ponytail and a six-pack#toshio iguro has a shaved-bald head but he used to have a long mohawk-mane of dark hair#//name break-downs:#antei meaning stability/firmness/durability#haru meaning light/sun/male here#toshio meaning outstanding person + husband#//cribbing the meaning of 'iguro' from reddit - 'guro' is dark - right?#'dream sweet in sea major' is not actually flat - it's just the tinny speaker that it's being played from#the 'head-quarters' of yurei-kuroi is an abandoned and slightly-ruined concrete building - part of it is underground#//the bunk beds were not initially part of the whole deal - but they got added eventually for people to crash on#even so; hikokai brought their own bunk-bed mattress and made it slightly more personal than other people#//woo boy... WORLD BUILDING TIME#world-building!!#//world-building slap-patch-job on the spot!!#boy that's a lot of tags;;
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seyaryminamoto · a year ago
Tumblr media
Gladiator Eighth Anniversary // ... And now
And now the counterpart to the previous artwork! Skip ahead eight years in Gladiator’s development and here we are: two incredible partners fighting side-by-side, standing together against every hurdle and obstacle along the way. I had a lot of fun sketching this one out, then playing with the visual effects to make it work... it was one heck of a project but I loved doing it. Who knew running across a desert could be this entertaining? xD
This is obviously not all the participants of the race but still it’s a LOT of them xD especially the main players, with major focus on our two headliners, who are so damn confident in their bond that they can just run around smiling at each other and still not be afraid of what the rest of the teams might do to them xD Ah, it’s a really fun race out there, and I’ve had the time of my life, both while writing and drawing it, that’s the truth. We’ll see how far along we are by next year’s anniversary, but I’ll say... I was very happy that the Race’s arc would be halfway through by the time the anniversary came along. I really wanted to draw something about it, and there was no better excuse/reason for it than the anniversary xD
If you’d like to know who the depicted characters are... evidently, on the rock we have Iroh and Toph, and veeeery tiny, riding the hot-air balloon, is Yang: on the ground, from left to right, Koshing, Sei (The Light Bearer), Renzhi (The Millennium Dragon), Aonu, Kei (The Dark Rook), Sokka, Azula, Haru, Ty Lee, then The Harbinger of Chaos is the one dunking The Frizzy's face into the sand xD, next to Ty Lee is Kori Morishita, Sneers, behind them San (the Priestess of the Flames) is strangling Scoundrel's sponsor, Naoko, then we have Eri and Ruan (The Sentinel Knight), Raiden (the Priestess's sponsor), Sizheng (Scoundrel), The Ruthless Hero, then his sponsor, and lastly we have Your Doom, who’s carrying his sponsor on his back.
So! One more thing left for this year’s anniversary celebration! Hope you all liked the art so far!
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sideblogformindtrash · a year ago
Incorrect dialogue generator my beloved
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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code-jolteon · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Owo Kariya belobed?
AHH ITS HIM :)))))
He's so beloved <3 Mr dramatic over here, with his tiny coat
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theotherace · a year ago
watching avatar with my mother:
she ships zutara, because they're both so ... well, the world she used was "herzlich", which can mean a lot of things in english, but i think the word that fits best in this context is "warm-hearted" ... uhm, ... yeah.
she liked haru, and wouldn't mind him and katara together, either. also, she liked aang and toph bickering, and thinks they're cute together, so, uh, score.
but who to ship sokka with? (the right answer is suki.)
uncle and zuko are her favourite characters.
she really doesn't like azula, mai and ty lee. like, really. the word she used was "garstig", which uh ... means "nasty". we've not seen too much of them yet, though, so ... i'm working on that, lmao.
she's definitely one of those people who woobify zuko, so i guess that's something i have to deal with while watching the show now, lol. this is my punishment for exclaiming "my son!" every time aang's on screen.
actually, she said zuko got the good from his mother and azula got all the evil from their father, and i almost stopped watching the show with her, because how can you miss the point so bad. has she not watched zuko for the past season. please, mother.
i think we need to discuss episodes from now on after watching them.
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listless-brainrot · a year ago
hrrrghghg,,,, head empty only vague ideas for a s2 episode that revisits haru and the earthbender rebellion sometime between return to omashu and the swamp eps,,,,, 
#most of my thoughts are in the tags whoops#i know it probably would've been like#ourghgouhg we can't have Two episodes focused on some kind of underground rebellion ougurhorg#but listen i do think returning to an Actual rebellion would've helped with themes and cementing the ek politically speaking#we see that the capitol of the ek is corrupt but what about the army#we get an example thru general fong which makes sense bc that relates to the avatar#we get the army being assholes during zuko alone as well as some hard hitting dialogue about them that's just skimmed over#but it would've been really interesting to explore the possible infighting between an ek rebel group and the ek army#makes you question which one of the two is more justified really#especially since by this point we've only seen the actual ek army a couple times as i've said before#i dunno i just want the overall war narrative to be a bit more explored as it was in s1 in s2#especially as the show transitions into the ba sing se arc which is a place away from the war#something that depicts how severe it is on the outside would make for something more jarring when comparing the life on the inside to it#and also i specifically bring up haru because well. first earthbender rebellion. and also because his character could've serviced the themes#present in the overall narrative very well as they specifically pertain to the war and worldbuilding#and also aren't they looking for an earthbending master?? haru is definitely no master but they could've at least been like#oh we know a whole town full of earthbenders! maybe we should go back and see if any of them are good enough to teach aang!#we know they're on our side too!#sigh#maybe one day i'll write out my full thoughts on how that episode would specifically go#for it to work though haru's character would've needed a bit more expansion in his ep#i just have so many thoughts guys. so many#haru#atla haru#haru atla#atla#avatar the last airbender#atla meta#character analysis#original
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lesbianakechi · a year ago
which is to say i don't think akechi feels particularly guilty about like. okumura.
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old-desert · a day ago
Tumblr media
I like to be vague, also FuyuKuro slaps
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bornofspring-a · 7 months ago
Head full of thoughts of Haru meeting other ek people, like T.oph, Teo, etc, and whilst they can understand each other their accents are so different so they keep looking at each other like 🤨
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brokenmare · a year ago
ari brain: you should queue these so you have stuff posting while you’re working. ari: that would require me actually thinking.
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muselexum · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
@akagamiko​ sent: 
He picks up the latest addition to the crew, cradling the little black cat against his chest as he walked through the halls. He hadn't been the one to bring this one aboard the ship and Beck was his only other suspect. Shanks clicks his tongue, carefully scratching beneath her little chin before he finally finds what he was looking for. "Ah, there it is." With a small shuffle, he holds the cat in his palm and lifts her up closer to the ceiling where a bug buzzes around out of his reach. Surely the cat could get it. "Come on, girl--get it." / heehee <3
Tumblr media
Haru was finding her stay on the Red Force to actually be quite enjoyable. She couldn’t recall a time where she lived in her cat form for such an extended period of time, but the experience became something of a vacation from her life. 
Tumblr media
The feline had been sunbathing on the deck when a hand scooped her up. She gave a convincing meow as Shanks held her and carried her away. She rubbed her cheek against his chest, involuntary purrs beginning to escape her system as she found herself content being cradled in his arm.
She wondered where he was taking her and her question was soon answered when she found herself being held up to a gross bug on the ceiling. The human part of her brain found it revolting, Haru ready to leap from his palm. The feline side however, locked onto the buzzing bug. Her pupils dilated and her body grew rigid. Her tail flicked about as her focus intensified.
Then, a clawed paw swiped at the bug and smacked it out of the air. It fell to the floor and Haru’s hyperfocus was broken, returning her attention towards Shanks. She clambered down his stretched arm, little claws pricking into his shirt as she made her way to his shoulder where she perched herself. 
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sanzucide · 6 months ago
bonten!sanzu x college student!reader
this is so self-indulgent and very much more self-ship w me n haru than anything else >:( but i did reader insert so other people can enjoy too >:( pls be respectful in reblog/tags
(haru do not perceive me, ur not allowed to acknowledge reading)
warnings: fem!reader, age gap (reader 21/22, sanzu 32), brief exhibitionism + mention of angry/jealous sex, possessive behavior + slight gaslighting (cause it’s sanzu), drug abuse (cause it’s sanzu)
wordcount: 2.6k
You met him off campus. You wanted to try out the new cafe that opened down the street and incidentally, so did Mikey, and of course Mikey sent his number two to go pick up all the pastries he could so he could try them all. You were the one that tried to strike conversation with him but he was cold and brushed you off for the most part. But Mikey decided that he did, in fact, like the cafe and so did you; and you and Sanzu started running into each other more and more often. Gradually, he began to start actively moving to stand by you while the two of you waited for your orders and eventually, he even started to make conversation himself.
First thing’s first, Sanzu’s not going to change for you—you’re going to either have to accept him for who he is, good and bad, or not accept him at all. And while he’s not going to change for you, he will try to be better for you. He’s not going to react well to you pointing out his issues, so don’t—he knows he has problems and he really does try to do right by you but sometimes he slips up and sometimes it’s bad, especially in the beginning of your relationship. 
He’ll see you with guys from class and accuse you of cheating and then disappear for days at a time; he’ll scare you shitless by coming back high out of his mind and on the verge of overdosing; and then he’ll get clammed up and refuse to acknowledge what happened the past few days and he’ll get defensive if you bring it up. 
Despite his faults, Sanzu does try his best to be a good boyfriend to you—he’s with you whenever he’s got time off from work, he’ll bring you or order you (aka have Kokonoi order) food when you’re busy, and while he’s probably not going to be able to help you when you’re studying for exams and writing up papers, he’ll try not to distract you—heavy on the try, he gets antsy after going too long without attention. 99% of the time he’ll end up curling up in your lap or laying between your legs while you’re studying just so he could at least have some form of contact.
And he’s loyal. Sanzu Haruchiyo will never cheat on you, not while high, not while sober. If he’s yours, he’s yours, and he’ll make sure you’re never questioning that--you better show him that same loyalty right back. 
Sanzu does not take well to you being upset and he has a temper, so you learned very quickly to be careful what and how you tell him things—the first time you came to him crying because your professor was being unfair with grading and refused to listen to you. Sanzu told you he would handle it, and he went right over to his office and pulled a gun on him, no hesitation. You probably would have been kicked out of college had Kokonoi not been able to smooth things over with a generous donation but it was safe to say that the professor did not bother you again and you learned your lesson about letting Sanzu handle things.
Now, almost everybody knows what the Bonten tattoo means even if the cops can’t prove anything—so when the other students see Sanzu leaning against his car waiting for you, dressed nice in a suit with his sleeves rolled up and tattoo on broad display, you very, very quickly start to gain a reputation around campus, and not a good one. You end up losing a lot of friends who are too nervous to keep hanging around you because of your connection to Tokyo’s underworld and that, in turn, leads to you crying to Sanzu about it, and that, inevitably, leads to several more close calls with him and his gun.
Sanzu is possessive, and jealous, and a little bit (lot of bit) obsessive, and while his reputation can ward off most of your potential suitors, it can’t keep away all of them. There are always those that don’t know who he is or what he does, and there are always those thrill seekers who want to have bragging rights over sleeping with Bonten Number Two’s girlfriend. And lemme tell you, that does not go well for anybody involved. You try to warn them, you do, “my boyfriend’s crazy,” you would say, “he’ll kill you.” but they either don’t believe you or don’t care. and you can only sigh as they leaned in closer, invading your personal space even as you tried to back away, looking around because you knew that Sanzu was on his way to pick you up for a date. and when you saw him pulling up in his car, you prayed to any god that would listen that Sanzu didn’t end up killing this guy.
Your prayers go unanswered when you see the expression on his face as he exits his car; you narrowly manage to avoid disaster by rushing toward him, wrapping your arms around him and looking up at him with big eyes pleading with him to just take you out to dinner already—Sanzu is good at a lot of things, denying you (and Mikey) is not one of them. He all but pushes you into his car but from the dark look in his eyes, and the way his hands are tensed around the wheel and his lips are drawn tight, you know damn well that he wasn’t just going to let this slide.
Your feeling was proven correct when that very same boy did not show up to class the next day, or any day after. 
As I said before, Sanzu is good at a lot of things, denying you (and Mikey) is not one of them, and expressing most emotions is also not one of them. He’s never going to admit he’s actually jealous nor will he ever verbalize any insecurities. He’s never going to tell you that yes, maybe it does worry him knowing you’re surrounded by tons of guys your own age 24/7 and there are times where he can’t even see you for days at a time because of work, and yes, maybe it does stress him out that one day you’re going to realize that you deserve better than a drug addict and a criminal and leave him. Sanzu is good at a lot of things, but he also has a lot of issues, abandonment and trust issues are two of them. 
Luckily for him, he is not as good at hiding his emotions as he believes (especially when high) and you have gotten very good at reading him. When you see him fisting his hand so hard that his nails are drawing blood from the skin of his palms and his jaw is clenched so tight that you were sure it must hurt, you know he’s in his head again. So you lean into him and take his hands into yours and pepper little kisses on his scars until he finally lets out a sigh and pulls you into his arms. 
On a similar topic, let’s talk about the dorm situation. Sanzu was very relieved when you told him you had a single for the year because that meant there was no other girl dragging guys back to your room, that relief very quickly disappeared when he visited your dorm for the first time. You could see it happen as you led him down the hall to your room, watching as he took in all of the names on the doors surrounding your room--male names. You could see the gears turning in his head and the way his lips began to twist into a deep frown as he read each of the names, walking past your door to look at the ones on the other side of you to read those too.
Just as he was about to turn and talk to you, one of the doors opened and one of those very same guys walked out in a towel. He didn’t say much, only a ‘hey’ before heading off toward the showers but you knew it had been enough to set Sanzu off from the way his entire face had gone cold. He dragged you into your room without saying a word. He’s angry--you can tell that, and you’re not sure what to say because you know he’s been working on not lashing out at you and you don’t want to make it harder on him.
So, what does he decide to do? You know exactly what. What better way for him to take out his anger and frustrations and jealousy than by fucking you into the mattress of your bed for all of the guys living around you to hear, so they know just who you belong to. He’ll fuck you til you’re a drooling, sobbing, incoherent mess on your bed; fuck you so dumb that the only thing you’ll be able to remember is his name and when he’s finally spent, he’ll hold you close and try to convince you to move into his apartment instead. He will fail, but Sanzu Haruchiyo is nothing if not persistent and him making big attempts to convince you to move out of your dorm will become a weekly, if not biweekly, event.
Do you meet Bonten? Eventually, yes. 
Ran and Rindou will probably be the first two that you meet. Sanzu’s out on a job for Mikey when he gets a call threatening you as a means to get to him and the brothers are the first he calls in panic because he knows he won’t be able to get to you in time. You’re in lecture, unfortunately with the very same professor that Sanzu pulled a gun on, when Haitani Ran strolled into the room, a thin smile on his face as he says hello to your professor before a more genuine one inches to his lips when he looks at you, “You must be Sanzu’s pretty little thing, I’m gonna be stealing you for a bit, I hope you don’t mind.” He grabs you by the arm and all but drags you out of the room before you even realize what’s going on, ushering you into the back of the car with Rindou before shutting the door behind him, telling the driver to get moving. Neither of them tell you what’s going on, Ran only claims that he wants to get to know the girlfriend that Sanzu never shuts up about, so you stay blissfully ignorant of the threat to your life as the three of you (+ chauffeur) drive around Tokyo, the Haitanis tell you many embarrassing stories of your boyfriend to pass time. You only realize that something might have been wrong when the car finally pulls over and Sanzu rushes toward you, panic clear on his face as he looks over you to make sure you’re okay.
You meet Kakucho and Mochi next--this time while waiting for Sanzu to finish up at the Bonten headquarters, waiting for him by his car. The two were returning from a meeting when they saw you sitting cross-legged on the hood of his car scrolling through your phone. They wait with you and talk to you while you wait for Sanzu, and you tell them about how your studies were going at college, which intrigues Kakucho because he never went to university, and Mochi tells you about his two year old son and pregnant wife until Sanzu finally shows back up.
Kokonoi already knew a significant bit about you before even meeting you--one because Sanzu doesn’t shut up about you, and two because he’s the one that Sanzu always goes to when he wants to buy you something, whether it be a gift or just an order of your favorite food. You meet him when Sanzu has to cancel a date on you last minute because he and Ran were sent on an emergency job. Kokonoi had been the one to make, and then cancel, the reservations for the two of you, and he had also been there when Mikey told him and Ran to go, so he knew you were alone for the night. Now, any other night, Kokonoi probably would’ve just ignored it all but this was also a tragically important date for him, one that he usually spent alone drinking his sorrows away. This time, instead, he found himself standing outside of your dorm with takeout from your favorite restaurant--not even caring that you don’t even know him yet, or that this might just be a little creepy--and when someone knocks on your door and tells you that there’s someone looking for you outside, you are surprised to see him but you recognize him from Sanzu’s ramblings. You could tell there was something wrong from the strained look on his face, so you just let him in with a smile, setting up your laptop and hopping up on your bed, patting for him to join you before playing a movie for the two of you to watch while you hung out. This becomes tradition for the two of you, and Kokonoi never has to spend this day alone again.
Takeomi is the next you meet and it’s brief, and purely by chance--Sanzu makes significant efforts to keep his brother away from you. You barely even recognize him when you stop at the cafe that you had met Sanzu at, not until he calls your name at least. He explains that Mikey sent him to grab some pastries because Sanzu was busy with other work, and all he does is pat you on the head, thanking you for sticking by Sanzu’s side and telling you that you were good for him, before going off on his way. A brief encounter, and one that you never told Sanzu about because you knew how he felt about Takeomi, but an encounter that warmed your heart.
Now Mikey… you and Mikey had been mythical figures to one another for the longest time--the two most important figures in Sanzu’s life. You’ve heard a ton about Mikey because Sanzu never shuts up, and Mikey’s heard a ton about you, also because Sanzu never shuts up. When you two finally meet, it’s as if two universes collide and for a moment, all the two of you could do was stare at each other with Sanzu standing between you, eyes darting back and forth because the last thing he wanted was for the two of you not to like each other. Luckily for him, you and Mikey bond over your shared love for the cafe that you and Sanzu met at and Sanzu soon felt like an outsider in his own relationship as the two of you began to chat about all your favorite types of food and from how the two of you constantly ask him when he was going to bring you back around so you could talk.
Sanzu is not the best boyfriend, and he certainly makes a lot of mistakes, but he’s trying his best for you and he would burn the entire world down for you if that’s what you wanted, 10/10, i love him
notes: dorm situation is a true story, my dad was very displeased when we moved me in last semester and he saw i was surrounded by a bunch of guys
taglist: @spookykoko @crybabylisa @rinsie @devinsdaydreams @chifuyuslilkitten @portfolio-of-dreams @mizumellon @k-ryuuguji @sugusshi @chaoticyuna @sano-obsessed @rozcdust @haitanihime @adeptiixiao @kisekihany @4leafcloverwithawhitecraneforyou @hanmascult @daiserenade @zuuki @kageyama-i-want-tobiors @crackheadwithtoes @aure1lia @hollypastl @kennyb0y
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prettyboykatsuki · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
foolishly. selfishly. | e. yeager 
➳ tags ;; lovesick!eren, pining (mutual but eren centric), childhood friends to lovers, sfw but suggestive towards the end, drinking and weedsmoking, college parties, male oc named haru who plays ex, eren being unbearable, feelings of resentment, yall both a lil dumb, not beta read, intoxication, ouid, eren is campus sweetheart lowkey, fem!reader
➳ wc ;; 3.9k 😃❓
➳  a/n ;; forgive me i think this is the first aot fic ive ever written so if the eren characterization isn’t ur thing.. ah. inspired by the song fools by troye sivan. also maybe part two for like.. actual smut LOL
➳ plot ;; eren yeager has been in love with you his whole life. when rumor comes your ex is gonna try and win you back for good, he decides to swallow his pride and finally tell you how he feels
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“You’re down bad, Yeager,” 
On his 3rd beer of the night, Eren watches you sway your hips to another heavy-bass hip-hop song. He’s disgruntled to put it lightly, sneering with disdain as you dance and sway to the music. Ymir is behind you, and he can’t tell if that pisses him off more or less. 
Armin sighs, gently prying the latest bottle out of an already tipsy Erens hands, giving Jean a look who just snickers. 
“You should just confess already, ‘ren,”  ― Armin says sagely ― “It’s clearly bothering you,” 
Jean speaks again. Connie laughs too, ashing a blunt before handing it back to Jean. 
“When is it not bothering him,” 
Connie chokes on blunt smoke in the middle of laughing and Eren shoots him a dirty look, to which all Connie does is put his hands defensively. Eren can barely stay mad for that long, given the way he knows that everyone right. Even Jean, who’s a fucking dumbass. 
They’re right about how it’s always bothered him and about him down horrendously. 
Eren Yeager is... a lot of things. 
Stubborn, immature, childish. Among those things, he’s also brave. Lion-hearted. Not smart but strangely kind, always encouraging other people to be a little better. To do a little more with themselves and push past their boundaries. He’s not hypocrite either - more often than not he’s doing a dare or participating in something admittedly reckless. 
He approaches everything with the same shrug, a half smile on his mouth - tan skin and green eyes shining brilliantly. 
“What’s the worst that could happen?” 
It’s his thing at this point. Every video of him that’s gone a little viral on TikTok or on his schools twitter has him saying just that at the beginning. It’s ironic in it’s own right because... a lot of things could happen. He does some pretty stupid shit - like climbing to the top of the deans building or spray-painting cars during holidays
He’s stupidly charming to the point everyone around seems to so easily give up into his whims. He’s never even been suspended. He gets a little slap on the wrist and goes on to live his best life. He’s life of the party and for someone who is so unafraid of consequence - it makes you wonder..
Why the hell hasn’t he confessed his feelings for you? 
Eren Yeager thinks of you with even higher regards than the sun. You grew up with him, Armin, and Mikasa on a little street corner - only minutes away from each other. He’s retold the story in his head a million times - you knocked on his door nervously with a plate of cookies and he’d been in love with you ever since. 
He can’t remember a time in his life where you weren’t directly influencing him. His parents were ecstatic when he went into highschool with a 4.0 but he only did it because he wanted to follow you into university - as bad as that sounds.
It’d be an understatement to say that he’s.. a little bit in love with you. The two of you are attached to each others hips but a lot of it is Eren absolutely hovering over your every move. Overprotective, overbearing, generally a little unbearable. Everyone around seems appalled by it when they see it but you brush him off so easily, a little shrug and uninterested glance. It’s probably something only you could do.
Armin swears that’s why he even fell for you even harder for you. You seem to look at everything in the world with affection with him as the exception. With everyone else, you’re so.. friendly? Once you’re comfortable - you’re nurturing, kind. The amount of times people have assumed you and Armin were an item just because you were so sweet on him is honestly embarrassing
But that’s just how you are with everyone. With Mikasa, Jean, Connie, Sasha, Historia, Ymir, Reiner... everyone. Everyone he can think of except Eren Yeager. 
There was a point you also acted like that with him, actually even more than before - but as Eren’s feelings for you grew, his ability to handle your affection only dwindled. You got in a fight over it during your sophomore year of high school and you told him you’d stop if it made him uncomfortable. Eren, because he’s not very bright, agreed because he wasn’t ready to confess just yet. 
And.. in terms of how longing goes, the lack of affection only seemed to make him want it more. You and Eren are still close but just.. best friends close. And Eren wants to be a lot more than best friends close with you. Despite the very small drift in your relationship - he’s still the same old bratty Eren Yeager. 
For example, he’s hated every single boy you’ve ever dated in your entire life. Every time a new boyfriend has entered the arena, everyone jokes that before they worry about meeting your parents, they should worry about meeting him. You’ve dated some worthy men in your life, an entire Neuroscience major when you were a sophomore, an athlete, a graduate student. Eren hated all of them, since who could be better for you than him?
Despite his constant protest and disdain for them (which you’ve promptly ignored), your relationship with the Neuroscience major lasted almost an entire year. Eren was insistent with his pestering about it but you weren’t swayed. The reason you broke up is still unclear to him but he didn’t care either.
You never seem particularly heart-broken by any of these break-ups. Historia likes to call you stone cold but you sigh and shrug. They’re good but none of them have been “the one” is what you always say
Eren is just happy you’re single now - after about a year of dating, you’ve come to this party to celebrate with your friends about being free of a relationship and you seem happy. Ymir has her fingers on your hips a little bit more than necessary and a hand on your throat when you lean back to dance. You don’t seem to mind, smiling with all of your teeth as you throw your head back, tipsy. 
The way Eren watches you while you dance is telling. Love-sick like cupid himself has shot an arrow through his heart.  Everyone knows. Every single person on this campus, every friend, all of your parents combined. Everyone knows this shit but you. 
He’s made it his lifes mission to evade this information from your pure, unknowing ears. It’s the one time Eren simply can’t find it in himself to brave. You present to him the one thing he never really faces… consequence.
The reasoning is admittedly unclear on his end about why he hasn’t just said fuck it and confessed. He’s said a number of things about it. He’s not ready, what if you don’t like him back and you never speak to him again, what if you’re upset with him. All of these are valid concerns to the blind-eyed and to the outsider. 
But his friends, Armin and Mikasa namely, know much better than his bullshit. He’s ready he’s just terrified. Mikasa has never heard you say it explicitly, but call it intuition that she knows you like Eren back. She told one time in middle school that she liked Eren, but she’s well and over that. She’s literally dating a girl from her Anthro class You won’t listen to her no matter what she says but, she knows that you like Eren. She knows in the way your eyes flutter when he’s around - how your hands reach from him so briefly but the retract from touching him like you’ve agreed on. She can just tell.
They, more than anyone, find this clown show miserable to watch. Armin is too tired to care and Mikasa isn’t really sure how to approach so they do their best from a distance. Armin finds himself placing a hand on Erens shoulder to which Eren slumps forward. Jean sighs at his sorry state. 
“C’mon Yeager, how bad could it really be? It’s Y/N... they’re like the nicest person ever,” 
Connie gives Jean a look before laughing, rolling his neck a little. 
“Yeah to everyone except Yeager,” Connie comments unhelpfully. Eren gives him a little glare, elbows on his knees as he holds his face in his palms. He finds himself folded over a little, palm on cheek as he stares at you. 
He can’t even be mad at him… it’s true. 
“Why is that, though?” ―  Sasha asks, face deep in a bag of Doritos ― “Aren’t you guys childhood friends? Shouldn’t you be like... super close? Armin and Y/N are super close?” 
Eren groans again as Armin sighs. 
“They got into a fight sophomore year and Eren is overbearing,” 
“Am not,” 
“Yes, you are, Eren,” Mikasa adds after a long while. Eren gives her a pleading look but she refuses to cut him any slack. Sasha nods like it makes sense and Eren is even more upset by that.
“Well, Yeager - if you never confess, maybe I’ll have to slide on over and - “ 
Eren’s eyes go hard, brow bone furrowing, eyes losing all of their light. 
“I’ll beat the shit out of you if you get near ‘er,” he spits.
Connie doubles over in laughter. 
“Well, I’ll be damned,” ― Connie comments, relaxing into his seat ― “But if that’s how you really feel - pretty sure ol’ dude is gonna come back to tryna win her back,” 
“Haru is coming here? Seriously?” Armin asks, seemingly perplexed. They have classes in the same building and it was almost a given that he never went out to any parties. He studies his ass off and rarely ever made time to do anything but see you. 
“Who the hell is that?” 
“Seriously, Eren - you didn’t even learn the dudes name?” Jean asks. Eren squints. 
“Haru is her ex-boyfriend,” Mikasa answers. Eren stiffens immediately but Connie pretends not to notice, looking at Armin. 
“Yessir. Caught him on campus yesterday, he looked disheveled. Said he was gonna try and get back with her. Gave me a whole speech about her and I had to sit there and pretend like I cared..” Connie says with a yawn. Jean breaks out into a fit of laughs as Armin quickly catches on to Connies scheme. 
“Seriously? He’s not very talkative,” 
Connie nods and takes a hit of the blunt, blowing it out before continuing. 
“Yeah. Apparently, he’s really serious about her. Bought an engagement ring and everything,” 
Mikasa cuts in this time, knowing but wanting real confirmation as she stares at Connie. 
Connie nods, honest and relaxed.
Eren sits for a long while processing what Connie has said. His heart might fall of his ass, the way it drops into his stomach.
“Damn… they were only together like a year and he deadass wants to propose? Y/N’s must be something special,” Jean hums. Connie nods.
“Shit, they’ve had Yeager in a trance for damn near 15 years. Gotta be some kinda hex,”
Eren, decidedly, doesn’t hear the rest of the conversation. Instead, he stands up on his feet and stares at you for a while as his friends go quiet.
“Damn,” ― Connie chuckles ― “Did we break him?”
“I’ll be… right back,” Eren says absently, immediately heading towards you. Mikasa almost goes to chase him but Armin keeps her at bay.
“Yeah,” ― Jean sighs, chuckling ― “Definitely broke him,”
Eren finds you grinding slow to Brent Faiyaz song with Ymir. Your clothes are much tighter than he’s used too - they show off your figure so much it almost makes him angry but he swallows it down anyway.
“Hey,” ― he says, voice low as Ymir gives him a side eye ― “Could I talk to you real quick?”
You pause your movements, stumbling a little. You smell like perfume and cognac, but you smile anyways as you give him a once over. You brush your hands down your pants.
“Uh.. sure. Did you need something?”
He nods, hands in his pockets. Ymir steps always like she knows something, and maybe she does. She always seems to.
“Yeah.. just for a bit. Sorry to interrupt,”
You shake your head, waving him off as you lean over to give Ymir a kiss on the cheek. Eren swallows the jealousy in his mouth.
“Thanks for dancing with me tonight,” you tell her. She gives you a shrug.
“Thanks for dancing with me baby, take care,”
Before you get in a good wave, Eren decides hearing Ymir call you baby is enough to put him in an early grave and drags you away to the balcony before anything more can happen.
Once you’re out there - view of the whole campus and then some sits beneath you. You’re too busy shaking off Erens rough hands to really notice it, frowning.
“You’re too rough, ‘ren,” you say with a sigh. He almost goes to reach for it but he stops himself.
You shake your head
“.. ‘s fine,” ― you tell him, a soft yawn leaving your lips ― “What’s up,”
He stares at you for a long time. He knows that he has to tell you now. That even if it’s unlikely you’ll say yes, you could and then he’ll really lose out.
But he has to know first. He stops and waits, turning to look at you with his hands in his pockets.
“Why.. did you break up with your ex-boyfriend..?”
You seem taken aback by the question. For good reason, since Eren never really takes interest in your love life for anything other than the fact you’re single. Your eyes widen before softening. You go from staring him to the staring at the floor.
“… Why do you wanna know,” ― you say, crossing your arms over your chest uncomfortably ― “That’s unlike you,”
He takes in a sharp breath.
“I’m.. I just wanna know why. You two dated for a year. What happened?”
You feel something bitter inside of you. Something unrequited, a relationship demarcated by distance and unspoken feelings. Memories of Eren’s outburst, of fights about boyfriends and butting heads. It comes rushing back all at once. You grit your teeth.
“I don’t feel like telling you,” you reply, simple and straight-forward. You know that he won’t drop it but you just don’t think you can get in an all of this today. He looks at you like he’s offended by something you’ve done but you hold your ground, crossing your arms under your chest uncomfortably. 
“Why not?” 
You’re a little too tipsy to figure out a good lie, and you’re already exasperated with his attitude. You’re used to Eren being overbearing but it’s too much for him to do this. 
“Because I don’t feel like it and it’s really none of your business,” 
“How’s it not my business?” 
You glare at him. 
“How the hell is it your business?” 
He scoffs at you. 
“I’m your best friend, obviously it’s my business” 
It feels so bitter in your mouth, coppery like the taste of blood when you think of why. When the reason is standing right in front of you with that hardened glare on his brow and that arrogant fucking attitude you have a love-hate relationship. When the reason you broke up is asking you about it even though he’s never cared before. It makes you so angry, these feelings you can’t tell each other. 
“It doesn’t matter if you’re my best friend, you’ve never cared before and I don’t know why you decided to now,” ― you say, hands trembling, turning on your heel to leave ― “But I don’t want to talk about it. I’m going back inside,” 
You try to leave but Eren has you by the wrist, and he’s so much stronger than you that when you spin around to face him, chest to chest, you leave a little gasp. And he’s looking down at you with fire in his eyes, jaw feather with something sinful. He has you pressed to his chest and the contact overwhelms you. He smells so nice and he’s so strong and it’s making you dizzy. 
“Eren,” ― it comes out weaker than you intend, pushing him with your hand on his chest ― “S-stop. I know you don’t like when I touch you but I’m not budging on this,” 
For whatever reason, your words seem to make him angrier. More desperate but he lets go and you stumble. You look at him just to make sure he’s okay, watching as he pinches the bridge of his nose. 
“Connie..he said he saw your ex on campus,” ― and he swallows something in his throat. It’s the first your hearing of it so you listen ― “Said.. said that your ex was comin’ here tonight. Said that he was serious about you,” 
Your eyes go wide. It’s the most Erens ever cared to know about your relationships. 
“That he.. bought you a ring. He’s coming here tonight to win you back,” He explains. You soften a little at the thought. 
“...He is?” 
Eren runs a hand through his hair, so frustrated he doesn’t know what to do with himself. He stares at you. 
“Are you serious about him? Haru, if he comes here tonight.. are you gonna get back with him?” 
You raise your brow at him. He doesn’t seem angry anymore just desperate. Almost sad. You scratch your arm, uncomfortably. 
“Haru is a good guy, Eren,” 
“Answer my question,” 
“Eren,” you repeat. He looks at you, strained. 
“Please.. just.. answer me. Please,” 
You don’t know how to feel but you know you hate the sound of his voice this upset. You shake your head, messing with something in your pockets. 
“I dunno,’ren. Maybe. We broke up because I just don’t think we were on the same page, but he’s a good guy,” 
Eren takes a step towards and your heart races. You wonder what Auntie fed him to make him grow like this broad and tall and athletic. You blink at him as he looks down at you. A little gasp leaving your lips as he places a hand on your face. Your heart pounds. 
“What are you -” 
“Don’t say maybe,” he interjects, running his thumb under your eye. 
“Eren -”
“Wh-what are you doing, ‘ren? How drunk are you?” 
“Don’t get back together with whatever his name is,”
“Don’t get back with him. 
You want to say something. There are so many questions but they remain lodged in your throat, somehwere beyond your reach. You cough a little and his hand is still on your cheek and he’s so close you don’t know what do
“Why not?” you ask finally. 
“Because,” he replies childishly. You frown at him, but there’s nothing harsh about it. No matter how he acts, you always find him endearing. 
“Because what, Eren?” 
“Because..” ― he stops, and closes his eyes, and drops his forehead on yours, arms wrapping around your waist like this is even close to normal ― “Because... it should me your with,” 
It feels like the whole world comes to a halt. 
“What?” ― you gasp ― “What did you just say?”
He swallows. 
“It should be me. Shoulda always been me,” 
“Eren, slow down. What are you even saying?” 
“I’m saying I’m in love with you. And that you shouldn’t get together with that fucking  -” 
“His name is Haru,” 
“Didn’t ask,” he replies shortly. It’s like his words don’t reach you, too foreign. 
“You’re...?” ― you push him back, you try too but he’s so strong so he keeps you right where you are ―”You’re in love with me?”
“Always have been,” 
You shake your head like you’re in some kind of dream, pinching yourself to see if you’ll wake up. It feels too real, his voice and his breath like mint and beer and his green eyes and pretty long hair - all of it is too much. 
“But then.. during sophmore year,” 
“‘s when I realized,”― he explains, voice softer than you’ve ever heard ― “I was too nervous to tell you that when you touched me I thought I was gonna die,” 
That makes you laugh and your laugh makes him smile. You settle back down, still lost but he’s so comforting. Your hands end up on his chest and you look at him. 
“Been in love with you since we were kids. It was always you and it’ll always be you. I was too scared to tell you but I can’t... can’t let you go like that. I can’t stand it,”
You fidget, dropping your head.
“We uhm.. the reason I always break up with people is ‘cause I was trying to get over you. I didn’t think I..had any chance especially since I thought Mikasa liked you,”
Eren’s eyes widen,a grin breaking out onto his face as he hugs you so hard you yelp. 
“Fuck, you’re so cute,” 
You let out a little whine but you melt anways because of course you do. 
You stay like that for a while. The music blaring, the night going cold - all of it fades into background noise as you sheepishly hold each other. And Eren will squeeze you tight like he’s trying to remember you’re still real. 
You pull back, just to look at each other but neither  of you can hold your smiles in. You break out into giggles together. 
“We’re both stupid, huh?”
“Always have been,”
Your smile settles in your cheeks and it’s too much. But you let him hold you and he seems starved for it. 
“Missed touching you,”
You scrunch your nose up.
“That’s dirty, Yeager”
His eyes widen, shaking his head. 
“That’s not what I fucking meant -” 
“Later,” ― you hum, a little sleepy ― “You can touch me all you want when we get to my dorm,”
His eyes widen and he prays to ever god he can think of that he survives long enough to see heaven like you’ve promised. He swallows. 
“R-right. Right,”
You chuckles before leaning up on your tippy-toes. 
“For now though.. think it’d nice if you kissed me,”
He lets out a shaky breath.
“Fuck.. Can I?” 
You nod. 
“Please do,”
And he does, leans down with his hand cradling your neck to kiss you as hard as he can. It’s gentle but messy and needy. Hot mouth pressed against yours, hands moving down to hold and touch you wherever he can. All you can think to yourself is that you’ve never felt it like this before, the electricity running through your whole body. From the tips of your fingers to your toes, you grab his shirt like you can’t get enough. Maybe you can’t. 
You kiss for so long and only pull away when you remember you’re supposed to breathe. Lips swollen and his face covered in gloss. 
“H-how soon can we get to your dorms?”
You giggle. 
“You’re down bad, Yeager,” 
He laughs too. 
He figures he can’t really deny it now. 
You hold onto his arm. 
“But we can skip the rest of the night, right now,” ― you say flush ― “If you want,” 
“Yeah... yeah I want that,”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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haitaniapologist · 5 months ago
or when you managed to make akashi takeomi speechless three times.
Tumblr media
pairings — akashi takeomi x female!reader.
genre — fluff.
warnings — an unhealthy obsession with using dashes instead of commas, sentences with strange structures and grammatical errors because english isn't my first language, mentions of gang life, overprotective mother, talks of period, mentions of blood, forming a family, death of a character, general akashi and sano family trauma, mentions of cigarrates and smoking.
word counting — 3k.
song — style, taylor swfit.
notes — tagging @softbajis my fellow omi simp <3 i hope i can make your day better with this, hal my dear !! also this is really self-indulgent because i love this man and this family too much. this is supposed to be a modern au but the black dragons and toman still exists and haru (who is probably a toman founder bc i guess i fucked up the ages a bit lol) have his scars, so i don't know anymore. regarding the ages, senju is 12, haru is 13, omi is 23 and you are between 21-23 too. enjoy !! reblogs, likes and comments are very appreacited <3
Tumblr media
shinichiro was right for once in his life: takeomi was for sure the rain bringer.
you didn't care, actually. it was better to say to your parents that you were dating the rain bringer than the god of war, but you were sure they knew your boyfriend's past as the vice president of the black dragons. it wasn't easy to deduce that takeomi used to do dangerous things as a teenager — the scar on the right side of his face told everything your overprotective mother needed to know. and, well, shinichiro’s grandfather probably told her all she needed to know about akashi takeomi too.
but he managed to earn the trust of your parents, and you never understood how. maybe it was the fact that, despite being a gang member growing up, he still took care of his younger siblings as if he was their father or that his favourite brand of cigarettes was the same your uncle used to smoke. you never had enough courage to ask your mom if she stopped complaining about everything your boyfriend did because he reminded her of her own brother, who died a few years before you met takeomi through your mutual friend, sano shinichiro. it was still a painful memory for your mother but, if that meant that she wouldn't complain about you going to the akashis's home — even though you were a grown adult and didn’t need to ask permission to go where you wanted — you were okay with letting things as they were.
but dating the rain bringer wasn't easy, and you were sure you had earned a place in heaven by doing so.
you couldn't plan an outside date without checking the weather at least three times, and even if you did it, you would always come back home drenched in water and with your cute outfit and makeup ruined.
takeomi would always apologize with that charming smile of his adorning his face, promising to make up for you somehow. and he always did, in ways that would leave anyone who heard with red cheeks. in the first months of your relationship you would always be upset by the ruined dates — you wanted to experience everything of the romance books you read as a teenager, being it cute picnics in a field of flowers, or a beach day in a private beach — but now, you were used to just stay at his home or going to a restaurant.
and that's how you found yourself, draped in your boyfriend's strong arms, the smell of tobacco still prominent in his clothes from the cigarette he smoked not long ago, trying to concentrate in the movie in front of you.
you actually tried to plan a cute date, after hearing some ideas from emma, shinichiro's younger sister, but takeomi said it was better if you two stayed at home. senju wasn't feeling well, and he couldn't help but worry about his little sister. she wasn't a kid that got sick too often, so when she told him she was feeling something strange in her tummy, he knew he needed to stay at her side. takeomi wasn't an expert when it came to diseases and needed to call shinichiro for help — god needed to have mercy on him if he called his grandmother — because he didn't know what he should give to her to alleviate what she was feeling. he would be of better help if senju was beaten up, but he would die before he allowed that to happen.
but you didn't care to stay with him at their home. you knew he tried to take care of his younger siblings the best he could, and you always tried to help him. you grew too fond of takeomi's siblings, and treated them as your own too. to trying to take haruchiyo off his shell and helping senju with homework, you tried to ease the responsibilities that were entrusted to your boyfriend since his mother died.
you couldn't even imagine what those three went through. you had your own family problems too, but your parents were always at your side, giving you the opportunity to live every phase of your life without the burden of needing to care for other people. takeomi, on the other hand, needed to grow up and mature too fast to take care of haruchiyo and senju, as their father was more worried to make money than giving love and affection to his three kids.
it was a similar situation with the sanos, and you could understand how your boyfriend and shinichiro bonded up.
“what are you thinking about, pretty girl?” your thoughts were interrupted by the hoarse voice of takeomi, who was looking down at you with an amused face.
“how could you tell i was thinking about something?” you inquired curiously, as you thought he was more invested in the film than you were. it had been his choice, after all.
you felt takeomi's chest vibrate as he chuckled, pressing a quick kiss to your hair. “you always bite your lip when you are in deep thought, babe.”
you hummed, nuzzling your face on his chest, your arms around his middle — the film long forgotten.
“so, are you going to share what's on your pretty mind with me?” your boyfriend pressed, leaning into you.
“just thinking about you.” you answered, inhaling his scent. you found it amazing how he managed to smell like home. maybe it was the mixture between tobacco and his cologne, but it always made you feel safe and relaxed, but at the same time, as if you could conquer the world only because you had him at your side. “about how amazing you are, omi, and you don't even realize this.”
with wide eyes and mouth slightly agape, takeomi found himself speechless with your words. he was expecting you to think about anything that could worry you — your finals coming up, the essay you needed to write for your international geopolitics class, if your best friend actually texted her ex like she told you she would — but not about him.
it made him feel a warm and fuzzy feeling he couldn't pinpoint what it was.
“i'm not… amazing. i have a lot of flaws, you know.” he murmured, quite sheepish, thinking about his biggest regret: how he managed to taint his relationship with his younger brother by doing to him what he always criticized his father and grandma did to himself.
“everyone has flaws, omi. but you sacrificed a lot of moments of your youth to take care of your siblings, and i don't think everyone would be willing to do that.” you tried to reason with him, changing your position and straddling his lap, trying to have a better look at his face. "and at sixteen, you were co-ruling the kanto region with your friends! do you know what i was doing at the time you were doing that?" receiving a non-verbal negative answer from him, you continue. “i was worried if i was going to be able to marry squall leonhart from final fantasy eight!”
that earned another chuckle from your boyfriend. “oh, so you’re saying to me that you always had a crush on men with facial scars? does that mean that i’m just your type?” he teased you, his hands squeezing your hips.
“don’t change the subject, omi!” you snapped back, feigning irritation. you couldn’t deny his scar actually reminded you of your fictional teenager crush, but that was something you would take you to the grave. “you are amazing, baby. and i mean it with every fibre of my heart.” you cupped his face, your left thumb caressing the part of his scar near his lips.
takeomi only noticed he was blushing because of the contrast of your hands — which were too cold — and his warm face.
what he would do without you? you were an angel in disguise, and he was sure of it. not because you managed to help him have a better relationship with his younger siblings or coming into terms that he wasn’t responsible for his mom’s death, or his father’s money addiction, or because you made him to think about his health and himself before working himself to death to give his siblings what he didn’t had at their age — but because you made him feel loved and special, and not just someone else inside a train. you made him see the wonders' life had to offer, to see that haruchiyo and senju were happy with what they had, and they weren’t growing up to be as pathetic as he felt himself to be sometimes. you made him realize that it is okay to ask for help, or to cry, or to just scream angrily at all the adults who were supposed to protect and love him, instead of giving two toddlers for a kid to take care of.
you looked curiously at your boyfriend, afraid that you might have something that could have possibly triggered him. but the emotions dancing in his eyes were enough to tell you that he needed to hear the words that left your lips.
“y/n.” takeomi called you with such love and tenderness in his voice that made your insides melt, and your cheeks burn, your heart beating loudly inside your chest. you leaned in before he could tease you, as he always liked before your kisses, pressing a kiss — that you hoped could pour all the feelings you couldn’t describe in words you felt for him — to his lips.
however, before he could deepen the kiss, you two were interrupted by a scream, that scared the both of you.
“senju?” takeomi called his sister desperately while you get out of his lap, helping him to his feet so you two could see what happened to the youngest akashi, who was supposed to be asleep because of the stomach medicine takeomi gave her after dinner.
even haruchiyo poked his head out of his room, the two diamond-shaped scars on his lips down in a frown.
entering the younger girl’s room, and seeing the small blood stain on her sheets, you didn’t need to think twice to know what happened. “take-nii, y/n-nee.” she whimpered, small tears pooling the corner of her green eyes. “i think my butt is hurt!” she admitted embarrassed, throwing a pillow at haruchiyo.
“it isn’t your butt, ‘ju.” you took the lead of the situation, giving your boyfriend — who was almost freaking out by the sight of blood in his sister’s bed — a reassuring smile, opening your arms for senju to nuzzle in them.
“if it isn’t my butt, what is it?” she asked, her voice muffled by your shirt. “my belly is hurting, y/n-nee.” you patted her head affectionately, a few strands of her light hair between your fingers. you never expected to pass through this moment before having kids, but that was one of the perks of dating a guy who is ten years older than his siblings.
takeomi was looking at his two favourite girls with nothing but affection reflecting in his eyes.
“you got your first period, senju.” you explained, putting your hands on her shoulders, so you could look at her face.
“her first what?” before you could explain any further, you were interrupted by haru’s voice, looking confused at the two of you. takeomi chuckled, passing an arm over his brother shoulders and walking away from senju’s room to give you two privacy.
“we should go to the convenience store to buy some things, haru. we’ll stop having peace in our home now.”
you rolled your eyes at takeomi’s words, taking senju with you to the bathroom. you told her to wait for you there, and you went to pick the spare pads you took anywhere with you. even thought you took the pills and tracked your period with an app, you had some embarrassing stories about menstruating in school, and you hoped senju could learn with your mistakes. you found her where you left her, and, taking a deep breath, you tried to mimic what your mother told you when you first got your period.
senju listened to what you had to say as if she was learning a new subject at school as you explained how menstruation worked and how to use pads — as well as some tips and how she would crave chocolate —, and you made sure that she understood that women weren’t weaker than men just because they bled every month — instead, it made them even more powerful. the admiration towards you in her eyes almost made you cry, and you finished your chat with a bear hug and kisses all over her face, and went to prepared a bath for her.
you were in the kitchen when the boys arrived after putting the stained sheets to wash, and you smiled fondly at how they were able to maintain a civil conversation. you were proud of both them — takeomi and sanzu had still a long path to walk, but you knew how the older akashi was proud of the youngest, even if he was worried about haru being in a gang, just like he was when he was about the same age. takeomi greeted you with a kiss, which earned a sneer from haruchiyo, who went to his room after wishing a good night for you. you smiled and melted in your boyfriend’s arms again.
“senju grew up too fast. i wish mom was here to see how big her baby is.” he commented wistfully while you two put the groceries in the shelves. it wasn’t long ago that senju was still a little girl who needed his help to tie her hair in a bun, only for him to notice that she wanted to match his own hairstyle.
you hummed, agreeing with him. “if you’re feeling like that with your sister, i can’t even imagine how emotional you’ll be when we have children.” you teased, elbowing his abdomen playfully. the thought of forming a family with him had crossed your mind more times than you would’ve courage to admit, but you didn’t know what he would think about that. he already needed to take the father role to his siblings, and maybe he wouldn’t want to have children — since he felt like he failed haruchiyo.
you expected him to reply something, but for the second time that night, takeomi was speechless by something you said.
“you wanted to have kids? with—” he asked, pointing at himself. “—me?”
“well, yes?” you answered sheepishly, rubbing the back of your neck and looking at the box of pads in your hands. “i know we never talked about marriage and having children together, but if there is someone that i want to experience these things with, it’s you, takeomi.”
you two never talked about that, but takeomi for sure had thought about it. the thought of not having you in his life scared him a lot — he would be nothing without your presence — and he knew the next steps of your relationship were those two. he embraced you from behind, his hands resting in your belly, rubbing circles on it, while nuzzling his face in the junction between your neck and shoulder, pressing a kiss there. “you are the only one i want to experience such things with too, y/n.”
you let a breath you didn’t know you were holding, smiling. before you could say anything, senju ran down the stairs, looking at you and her brother suspiciously. “i want the cramps medicine you told me about, y/n-nee.”
you nodded, watching takeomi embrace his sister as if she was fine china, while looking for the advil you told your boyfriend to buy.
“you belly is still hurting, senju?”
“yes! but not like when the blood came out of me.” she answered, thanking you for giving her the small pill. “good night, take-nii.” she kissed her brother’s cheek, and then yours. “good night, y/n-nee.”
you and your boyfriend watched as she went to her room, and you yawned.
“is my pretty baby tired?” takeomi asked, smiling at how cutely you nodded. “so let’s go to sleep, doll. tomorrow is a new day and i’m sure these two will have a lot of energy when they wake up.”
you let him guide you, the tiredness of the day finally making itself present in your body. after changing to one of your boyfriend’s old t-shirt and getting comfortable on his bed with his arms around your form, you were ready to welcome sleep before takeomi called your name.
“yes, my love?”
“thank you for today.” he started, giving your forehead a kiss. “you’re the only feminine presence senju have in her life, and i couldn’t be more grateful for being here with us. i don’t know what i would do if i was alone with her today.”
you chuckled, nuzzling your back into his sturdy chest. “you would probably call me.”
“yeah, probably. or shin, but i don’t think he could be of any help.”
takeomi noticed that you didn’t answer, and deeming that you were sleeping, he sighed. he finally realized, watching as how good you took care of senju, what that warm and fuzzy feeling he felt towards you was. he loved you.
it was a scaring feeling.
he never thought he would be able to love someone as he loved you. takeomi had a few girlfriends before you, especially when he was still a member of the black dragons, but what he felt for them couldn’t compare to what he felt for you. if you asked, he would set the world aflame just to see a smile gracing your lips. he could never belong to anyone else now, not after he tasted how it was being loved by you. it was an addicted feeling, and he just hoped that you felt the same. but seeing how you looked at him — as if he was your everything — he knew you loved him as much as he did with you.
“i love you, y/n.” he murmured against the skin of your cheek, pressing a chaste kiss there.
“i love you too, omi.”
for the third time that night, akashi takeomi found himself speechless because of you.
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divetothefandom · 4 months ago
Ice Skater S/O | Haru, Rin, Makoto & Sosuke
It would take "a lot" of convincing to take him to one of your shows.
But he's too weak to you to say no if you ask more than once. Not even his stubbornness can overpower his love for you.
He doesn't act to interested since this water is frozen. Ugh.
But the second you get on stage he changes his mind.
Your outfit is a bit too dramatic for his taste but he can easily let it slide because you look amazing.
And your movements are elegant and beautiful.
Your partner's movements make you stand out and vice versa.
He feels for your skating exactly what everyone else thinks about his swimming.
Okay, Makoto is an angel and from minute 1 he was supporting you from the crowd.
He even suggests learning himself to spend even more time with his boo.
Nothing profesional, obviously but as "if you want to we can have skating dates"
Makoto would do his best but he's not very coordinated at first.
He needs some practice and the first times he will wobble nervously around the rink.
But he learns how not to fall face first onto the ice.
This only makes him admire you more.
Tsundere boy would spy on your practices because "he was just passing by" and "simply finished his training earlier and came to pick you up".
Lying bitch
He was mesmerized from the second he located you in the ice.
Eventually this do becomes a normal thing and
Oh my god he melts whenever you point or even look in his general direction when you're doing one of your routines
Once he's more comfortable cheering you he's totally the kind to throw a rose at you while cheering every time you finish your presentations
He would agree the minute you ask, he adores everything you do and loves supporting you.
He tags along with you if you need to work in the gym and does his routine with you.
Sadly because of his rehab training he can't visit you as often.
But he has a playlist of the songs you use to present because he likes to feel close to you. He works out with it no matter how unfitting they may be to his work out lol.
But every time you have a presentation regardless of the result he's there to congratulate you with a bouquet and take you to dinner, whether it's a restaurant or his place to cook for you he always celebrates by treating you like some deity.
And by some miraculous force he's somehow never late because he gets lost when you have a presentation. It's amazing (in reality he just leaves early to avoid being late).
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hemorrhagia · 2 months ago
hi! i don’t know if you’ve already talked about this, but what do you think was going on in mikey’s mind in chapter 86? it’s a weird interaction
Actually what caught my attention about this chapter is that Mikey was there with Mitsuya for no reason, and that’s weird.
When he asks Mitsuya to pull over, he might just be thinking of Baji, or in general of the people he’s lost in his life. But nothing I could think of with the interaction right before that really makes sense for his mind to go there.
Unless he and Yuzuha (and Haru) are parallels to one another, and she reminds him of himself, and her family troubles made him think of his own, which made him think of Baji and Kazutora, and Toman. 
I’ll get there, the Yuzuha angle is just important here as it’s not just Hakkai’s arc, but the whole Shiba family, and specifically Yuzuha.
Tumblr media
In chapter 86, Mikey just kind of tags along with Mitsuya to the Shiba household. As far as we know he has no relationship with Yuzuha. He didn't go with them to talk to Taiju when Mitsuya made the deal, so he clearly didn’t feel the need to make sure everything went smoothly himself. He trusted Mitsuya to deal with it.
But he goes with Mitsuya to see Yuzuha. Why?
Sure, he's the boss of Toman, but he isn't there in that capacity, he's not there to reassure her that the problem is taken care of. He doesn’t even say a word to her or interact with her in any way.
Tumblr media
So it’s pretty pointless for him to tag along. Even what he says later to Mitsuya hasn’t been relevant again yet since he said it. I think Mikey’s included in this arc, purely to show us something about him and Yuzuha.
This is the only arc that isn't related to Mikey.
Unless it is, because we’re watching his story play out through the Shiba family. This arc is about Yuzuha, not Hakkai. 
**Trigger warning under the cut for mention of domestic violence (Taiju, Kazutora’s father) and just abuse in general. Not descriptive or graphic.
She and Mikey are both middle children of three. Both with a a sibling one year younger than them. So, if Mikey and Yuzuha (and Sanzu!) are parallels, it makes a lot more sense for him to be there. As in, the author is showing us they do have a connection without spelling it out for us.
Mikey’s strange reaction in this chapter comes right after he tags along to see Yuzuha. 
He’s only there as an observer, and notably doesn’t say anything, but still has a ‘...’ silent speech bubble, like he’s holding back from saying something.
Tumblr media
Mitsuya wonders what Yuzuha is hiding (we know in hindsight it’s that she was protecting Hakkai). And right after Mitsuya brings up Yuzuha hiding something, is when Mikey starts acting kind of weird. 
Tumblr media
He’s not really paying attention here and doesn’t seem concerned about the Black Dragons or Taiju.
Tumblr media
In fact, right after he’s unresponsive to Mitsuya, he asks him to pull over and tells him to forget about the Black Dragons.
There are a lot of things he could be thinking about here:
Losing Baji a month ago
Shin’s death
How much the Black Dragons had changed from the first generation (we know he didn’t particularly care about it by the 9th gen)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here he’s talking about how they’re down to half of the founding members of Toman, he’s thinking of the friends he lost. But what made his mind go there to bring it up all of a sudden?
If he and Yuzuha (and Sanzu) are parallels, seeing Yuzuha (whom even Mitsuya intuited was hiding something) triggered something for him that made him get quiet and think about Toman and all that had happened recently.
Tumblr media
Notably, he also does NOT interact with her at all during Christmas either. And it’s when he’s faced with Taiju, a person he presumably had never interacted with, but who is the abusive older brother of the girl he’s a parallel to, that he starts acting weird. 
But the Black Dragons arc, is the one time Mikey doesn’t want to wait and see what move the rival gang will make, and it’s the one time he doesn’t fight back when someone he cares about gets hurt.
Instead, he says forget about the Black Dragons. He doesn’t want to deal with it, and every time he does have to deal with it (seeing Yuzuha, going to the church on Christmas), he doesn’t act like himself and he gets into a strange state. This is the ONLY time that Mikey backs down from a fight, he metaphorically runs away from it. 
I think he’s trying to protect himself.
Just like how South and Kazutora triggered his dark impulses, I think Yuzuha and Taiju trigger him in a different way and he doesn’t want to acknowledge it. Just like how he seemed to know that Kazutora’s father was some sort of bad news, and understood how scared Kazutora was just from being near him (in the DVD booklets), I think Mikey grasped what the situation really was when he went to see Yuzuha.
He knows that Yuzuha was the one protecting Hakkai and getting beaten, because they’re similar.
Why do I think it’s this? 
Because Mikey doesn’t ever get triggered any other time his brother is brought up. Thinking about his family in any other circumstance doesn’t evoke that reaction in him. He’s always the same Mikey.
Except in chapter 109, when he starts acting weird after Draken brings up Shin. 
Chapter 109 is directly after the fight at the church with the Shiba family where Mikey had to deal with the thing he didn’t want to deal with, the thing he’d been avoiding the entire arc as he and Toman were barely involved in it. Taiju and Yuzuha. 
And Taiju and Shinichiro are not only paralleled as the oldest brother of 3 siblings, they’re also visually paralleled, and the text surrounding theses scenes is nearly identical:
Tumblr media
Taiju was charming and charismatic, despite the fact that he was hurting his siblings. He could still capture people’s hearts, people gathered around him, they loved him, he was a king. 
To everyone else he was just a charming, normal guy.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Shin scene is when he’s also on a jungle gym climbing apparatus (chapter 230), just like Taiju. 
(YES, I am aware that this scene is also in parallel to the chapter 39 title page ‘My Buddy’ with Mikey and Baji. NO, I’m not ignoring it they’re brothers of course they have some similarities, and Mikey copies everybody)
Shin had a mysterious charm that attracted the people around him, everyone loved him, he was charismatic, he was a king.
I’m not going to say that this couldn’t be meant to contrast the two of them, as the dark and light, yin and yang. Sure, why not. But I think it would have been a lot more obvious if that was the case.
Did any of you notice the jungle gym thing and make the comparison that Shin’s the good brother while Taiju is the bad one? I think it’s foreshadowing that Shin is like Taiju.
And that’s why Mikey gets so weird that chapter and in the church around the Shiba family, but not around Hakkai.
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