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ebevitt · 4 months ago
can you like legally colonise england? like all the ppl that england wronged over the past several centuries are like Ok This Is Our Land Now. is there like a law against this? actually I don't care omw to organize the colonization if england
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wezzaner · 2 days ago
On Saturday, Israel bombed the 12-story al-Jalaa Building, which housed the offices of The Associated Press, the TV network Al-Jazeera and other media outlets, along with several floors of apartments.
Netanyahu alleged that Hamas military intelligence was operating inside the building. Such reasoning is routinely given for targeting certain locations in airstrikes, including residential buildings. The military also has accused the militant group of using journalists as human shields, but provided no evidence to back up the claims.
“We have had no indication Hamas was in the building or active in the building,” AP President and CEO Gary Pruitt said in a statement. “This is something we actively check to the best of our ability. We would never knowingly put our journalists at risk.
“The world will know less about what is happening in Gaza because of what happened today,” Pruitt said. “We are shocked and horrified.”
That, by the way, is a blatant violation of human rights and is internationally considered a war crime.
Meanwhile, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin "reaffirmed Israel's right to defend itself," in a phone call with his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Gantz, according to a readout. Austin "strongly condemned the continued onslaught of attacks by Hamas and other terrorists groups targeting Israeli civilians," it said, adding that the secretary had "shared his view on the need to restore calm."
Now, Benjamin Gantz is the one who met with top Facebook lobbyists Nick Clegg and Joel Kaplan and several TikTok executives a couple of days ago over zoom to discuss the spread of misinformation and violent threats on the social network. They are not meant to meet with any Palestinian reps until next WEEK.
Next week.
Let that sink in.
Turning a blind eye to Israel targeting media sources so the world can’t see Israel’s war crimes, is utterly horrifying. And the censorship has certainly already started, multiple hashtags and posts are being deleted and censored from all over, people sharing live feeds are being locked out of their accounts as well. People are literally being denied their rights for freedom of speech and free expression
“The world will know less about what is happening in Gaza because of what happened today”
And then have Netanyahu admitting Israel rejected multiple cease-fire offers from Hamas, and the attacks today alone resulting in 42 Palestinian casualties, 16 women and 10 children were among those killed and over 50 wounded. The airstrikes today hit a busy downtown street of residential buildings and storefronts over the course of five minutes just after midnight, destroying two adjacent buildings and one about 50 yards down the road.
I just... words fail.
Kindly take a few minutes to get educated and more oriented with the situation. Actor Michael Malarky has been sharing resources left and right on his instagram @michaelmalarky . @itsmirastern is a valuable resource as well on instagram. @abgutman on twitter, a jewish journalist from Tel Aviv, journalism as it should be. Oh, and Jewish Voice for Peace on pretty much all the platforms. Look up Abby Martin. And @letstalkpalestine in instagram
“If the Biden admin can’t stand up to an ally, who can it stand up to? How can they credibly claim to stand for human rights?” - Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
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houset-cell · 4 days ago
The video speaks for itself
Those too !
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So i don't wanna hear anyone justifying this by a single word ! It's against every single logic one can think of ... and any one supporting this or justifying it is not any better than those murderers and he is a killer himself and not human anymore .. so no it's not self defence, it's terrorism, genocide , war crimes , barbarism.. a new Holocaust!
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lorelei-lin · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
[id: a black, rectangular background with a faded Gothic crown motif in the center, over which the words LORELEI-LIN: A WRITEBLR INTRO read, framed on either side by Baroque florals. /end id]
✒ Well, hey there!
I’m Lin.
I’m 24.
My pronouns are she/her/hers, and
I’m new neither to Tumblr nor writeblr, but have deleted a couple of times now
I read high fantasy, historical fiction, and kind of anything else that sounds interesting.
So I write the same.
I also draw, but mostly my pieces live here:
Discord | Instagram 
Art commissions are currently closed!
Dark high fantasy
About a goddess hell-bent on getting the better of her significant other, at the cost of hundreds of commoners’ lives, one strife-plagued royal family, and oh - magic itself.
Dealing with themes about trauma, grief, & the messiness of being the Hero (TM).\
INTRO POST [coming soon]
About an eccentric artist, a socially isolated college freshman, and an ice-breaking camping trip gone horribly, horribly wrong.
Dealing with themes about friendship, finding yourself, & the Unknown (TM)
INTRO POST [coming soon]
Nautical fantasy
About a world flipped upside-down, a power-hungry shark-prince, a sailor who tries his best to turn a blind eye to crime, and the homesick siren who just might destroy them both.
Dealing with themes about duty, forbidden love, insecurity, & greed.
INTRO POST [coming soon]
Dystopian post-apocalyptic sci-fi
About a nuclear war, the Second Coming, a corrupt government, and four ragged teenagers who give approximately zero fucks about anything but themselves.
Dealing with themes of anarchy, found family, and finding yourself.
INTRO POST [coming soon]
#pleased to meet you! #lol #i hate hashtags but use them because they’re #funny and edgy I guess. Nice to meet you, and thanks so much for reading!
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spacejellyfish3 · 8 days ago
I want to make something very clear.
#SavePalestine is not an excuse for antisemitism. It should not be used as a platform to spread hate against Jewish people. It’s a hashtag to spread awareness on the horrors that are facing and have been facing Palestine and its people for decades. But that’s also not an excuse to downplay the evil of Israel. And I do very much mean evil.
Make no mistake, this is not just a “conflict” and it’s not just an “issue”, it’s an act of ethnic cleansing that can be literally classified under international law as a war crime. Time and time again I’ve seen people try to justify Israel’s actions, playing devil’s advocate, or downplaying the severity of the situation and reducing our calls to action as antisemitic rhetoric and hate speech.
And while there are those who definitely do spew the most disgusting things against Jewish people and I’m not at all trying to minimize or excuse that, the point of the matter is that Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinian people, displacing people from their homes and then literally colonizing these spaces and giving them to Israeli settlers as we speak; there are countless videos of Palestinians coming home to find complete strangers moving into the houses they’ve lived in for generations and being told that they have to leave now.
And that’s not even mentioning all of the attacks and deaths that have happened and are still happening right this minute. The Israeli government has bombed several mosques and Islamic holy sites, the most recent of which being Al Aqsa mosque (one of the holiest sites in all of Islam), during the holy month of Ramadan no less.
This is not just a conflict. It has never been just a conflict.
This is a one sided purge. It’s an ethnic cleansing and a war crime. It’s an Israeli apartheid by any definition of the word.
It’s genocide, plain and simple.
And to anyone who thinks it’s not, get the fuck off my page right now.
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unironicduncanstan · a month ago
i think there are two reasons i never get gwanons number 1 is the obvious bc i like gwen but number 2 is bc whoever this bitch is i think they KNOW if they send me ANYTHING, like they could accuse me of being a TERRORIST for stanning courtney and no matter what i am not going to respond seriously. they could send me an extremely depthful 5 paragraph essay and id be like “gwen farted uh oh” [family guy meme i found off pinterest] bc like. these are cartoon characters and i love them too but the harder you try to moralize them the more im going to find the immoral moments sexy and funny. “courtney actually commited multiple war crimes, human trafficking, engaged in adultery and sold fake pixie stix full of cocaine to children off screen” well hashtag girlboss babes.
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gmoonlight01 · a month ago
Hello author-Chan! Could you do a shikamaru x fem nsfw? Kinda like a enemies to lovers type of story :)
Tumblr media
His Eyes
Shikamaru x fem! reader [NSFW]
Summary: You are captured and held in Konoha to repent on your mistakes but you couldn’t stop thinking to this particular man who outsmarted and humiliated you in all possible ways.
Warnings: 18+ content, angst and unprotected sex
A/N: I got inspired by the song Neovaii- Your eyes while writing this
{Please do not put hashtags like sfw/nsfw on your reblogs to avoid getting flagged by Tumblr}
Tumblr media
You stared at the cold bitter prison floors as you heard the footsteps coming towards your jail. You never bothered looking up, your hands trembling in anger and your blood boiling in desperation to kill him.
Nara Shikamaru. You kept drilling to your mind. You gave in, you let him in and he outsmarted you. He was weak, so he used his brains to get the intel he desperately needed and took advantage of you.
The fucked up shinobi system killed your entire family, your entire clan and when the great nations united after the fourth shinobi war it left you all alone.
Those eyes, what a liar.
You heard the familiar sound of metals, two anbu guards unlocking the bar and even removed the chains on your hand. The silver haired man stood in front of you as his hands crossed. The Sixth Hokage. Hatake Kakashi.
“Aren’t you even afraid I might attack you? Are Konoha ninjas this reckless? Why am I being unchained? Go ahead and order my execution already, Hokage.” You snarled at him, your eyes constantly fixed to the sixth hokage but he never backed down and showed who are really superior among the both of you.
“I do not know why, but my advisor desperately asked to release you.” You clenched your fist. You know you are as skilled as many shinobi but you just know you cannot take on the Hokage, the former Copy Cat Ninja who is said to gain the susano’o without the Uchiha bloodline
“That man is nothing but a liar and he did it under your orders!”
“We needed to investigate the crime scenes happening on various villages that you caused.”
You never answered. Yes it was true you killed dozens of civilians and shinobis who took part on killing your family. There’s only one of them that’s left and it is the future head of the clan responsible for your family’s death, Nara Clan.
Suddenly a silhouette of the familiar pony tailed man that took advantage of your feelings appeared on the premises. You balled your fist harder, desperately wanting to kill him.
A spitting image of the killer of your family.
“He said you did nothing wrong and you were only a victim of this shinobi system. Everyone lost someone important from the horrors of the past as well. It’s time we change this system and move towards a path of peace.” The Sixth Hokage answered and before he leaves the premises he tapped Shikamaru’s shoulder that gave him a nod in response.
The cold floors, eerie breeze of the prison doubled. You stared at him, desperately trying to hold back your tears as the memories from that night appeared on your mind again. He destroyed me. When I thought I found the light, I always end up shattered.
I trusted you.
“Let’s go outside first, I’ll help you find an inn to stay for some short while.” He said non-chalantly.
“I do not need your pity Nara.”
“Just at least let us find you a place to stay for the night.” He answered, completely ignoring your phrases.
All you ever did was to agree and follow him. As both of your reached the room, an anbu guarding him was finally gone. This was your chance. Just a yield of your hand signs can kill him but you can’t, you just can’t. For the second time you gave in to this man that once fooled you.
“You have your chance. Kill me. Hurt me now, give back what my clan did to yours. You know I am weak and I can’t fight you in close to close combat.”
In an instant you teleported to his direction, slamming his back to the wall of the inn. Your tears streaming down to your cheeks. “You lied to me. You used me.”
“I need to know the reason why you went to various villages to kill the civilians.” He answered
“I trusted you!!” You exclaimed, not bothering on the tears constantly falling to your cheeks. Your grip on his Konoha flak jacket is getting tight and his hands snaked to your waist. He softly held you but he did not even try to get away from your grip.
“I need to know what my clan did your family.”
“Liar.” His grip on your waist pulled you close to him. You felt your knees getting weak by the familiar sensation you once shared with him.
“What happened between us is never a lie y/n.”
You gave out a tired smirk. You just had enough of his lies. You just want to die and disappear from the stupidity of falling inlove to your family’s enemy.
“Your eyes Shikamaru are just good on lying.”
“I should have stopped...When I noticed those eyes.” You answered trembling as his hands went up to your wet cheeks.
“What I felt was true. I couldn’t face you when I got the answer I need. I love you.”
“You used me for intel. You laid me down for an intel!!! You gave me stupid promises for a goddamned intel!!! YOU EVEN RESORTED ON SAYING YOU LOVE ME FOR SUCH STUPID INTE-”
His lips smashed to yours, his hands cupped your cheeks and you closed your eyes as more tears kept on falling. No I can’t. Not with my enemy.
“It’s true.. I do love you.. So bad...” He muttered as his kiss went down to your jaw
“That I’m even willing to get killed by your hands... Just to prove I’m yours... Just for you to be mine again...” His other hand tightened it’s grip to your waist.
“I’m never yours!! Stop acting like you own me!”
He kissed you once again, more aggressive and more passionate. Your foreheads and tip of noses touched as he stared at you with those eyes. “But I am yours.. Just yours... y/n... I can’t let you go..”
He caressed your cheeks, an instinctive you find so comforting. “Please... believe me...” He said, his voice cracking and your eyes slowly softened by the desperate look he had. Anytime soon he may be fooling you again but you yourself knows how much you needed him.
“S-shikamaru..” A smile formed on his lips upon hearing you mutter his name. You finally kissed him, your desires taking over by the man that you love. You wrapped your arms around him and both of his hands are on jumbles as he tried to loosen the hem of your skirt.
You didn’t care already. You need him. You love him.
Shikamaru gently placed you down the bed, his eyes looking at you with passion and lust as he took off your long skirt, shirt and watched your breast fall free from his sight. He goes back to kissing your neck, leaving the love marks that you loved. You involuntarily held his shoulder and Shikamaru moaned in pleasure as he felt your pelvis pressed against him while you slowly rubbed his bulging manhood with one of your thighs.
“Shit.. y/n..”
His hands snaked down to your cunt, ripping off the undies that set up as a barrier and started rubbing it with preassure “Oh Shikamaru..”
His fingers entered your core, you held the sheets tighter as he watched you moan his name. Shikamaru goes back to kissing your breast, down to your stomach and finally to your aching core. He gave you such lust filled look as his tongue slowly licked your cunt in an upward manner while thrusting two of his fingers inside and out.
Your hands finally held his hair, the way you grabbed his hair and ground your steaming cunt to his face turned him on. He never stopped licking and pushing his fingers inside as your legs start to constrict and you scream his name while he gave the release you desperately wanted.
“Shika I-”
The hot velvety liquid that flowed out your cunt was licked off clean by Shikamaru and goes back to your top, caressing your face and giving you soft kisses. His lips landed to your forehead and smiled.
“I can stop if you want y/n. I will not leave not unless you tell me so.”
You frowned. You’re core is aching but as well your heart. The fact that both of you might not end together because of your clans breaks your heart.
But just this time. Just this last time I’ll follow my feelings. You thought.
“I-I need you Shikamaru... I love you..” You whispered and pulled him for a deep kiss. He gave you one last look before finally thrusting inside you.
“I love you more y/n.”
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checkmarq · a month ago
Fieldwork #5
For this week’s fieldwork activity, we were told to write about how race is viewed in my own culture. Below, I wrote about 6 concepts of race or racism that I witnessed or learned about that happened in the United States.
1.) Colonialism: To took land in order to extend a nation.
Explanation: This is a link to a picture of a MAGA (Make America Great Again) flag. This image illustrates colonialism because it represents the group of people that want America to go back to the way it used to be. Back when European background was most of the U.S population, compared to now where it’s slowly being made into a minority.  
2.) White Supremacy: A belief saying people are superior to other races because they are considered white.
Explanation: This is a link to an article showing a picture of a group of KKK (Ku Klux Klan) members. This image illustrates white supremacy because the KKK are believers of white supremacy. They believe that white people should be seen as above all other races, and some of them even committed hate crimes to other races back during the civil rights movement.
3.) Jim Crow Laws: Laws passed after the civil rights war that made segregation of ex-slaves and white people legal.
Explanation: This is a link to an article talking about the book, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, by Michelle Alexander. This book compares the current amount of incarcerated African American Men and other race related issues to the Jim Crow Laws and shows how we are still battling segregation and systematic racism.
4.) Hypodescent- To deem someone of mixed background to just one of their backgrounds they’re mixed with.
Explanation: This is a link to an article talking about former president Barack Obama. This illustrates Hypodescent because the former president talks about how he would be racial profiled as black, even though he’s mixed.
5.) Nativism- The favoring of a long-term inhabitants over a new immigrant.
Explanation: This is a link to an article talking about how former president Donald Trump told new congresswomen to “go back where they came from”. This illustrates Nativism because it shows his viewpoint on immigrants even though three of the four congresswomen were born in the US.
6.) Microaggressions- common negative verbal or behavioral towards someone because of their race, gender, and/ or religion.
Explanation: This is a link to an article talking about how former president Donald Trump’s use of the term “Chinese Virus” in reference to the Coronavirus sparked the increase of Anti–Asian hashtags. This illustrates microaggression by the former president because it shows he’s using hate speech towards those of Asian background.
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yerjigsawpuzzleblues · 2 months ago
Is there anything we foreigners can do to help with the Myanmar situation outside of stuff like petitions and caards?
Omfg thank you so much for asking :D
Tumblr media
Well, to start off, you can donate to fundraisers supporting the civil disobedience movement (CDM) in Burma (workers are striking since the coup to protest and almost of them have not received any wages/salaries since then, y’know). There are a lot of fundraisers (including a few my friend has set up), so if you’re around Vancouver, mayhaps you can drop by my friend’s programme. She’s selling Burmese food and the profits from that will be donated to help the people doing CDM.
You can also write to your elected representatives (i.e,, senators, congresspeople, MPs, etc.) to request them to take action regarding the coup. The military junta et al have a lot of business ties overseas, so that can be a starting point for targeted sanctions, y’know (impose sanctions on MEC and MEHL, please). There is also a lot of aid sent to Burma (we’re poor as fuck, okay?), so you can request your government to stop sending aid via the junta and/or government accounts and instead use NGOs or do so via the government-in-exile, the Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (CRPH). You can also ask them to back The Gambia in the ICJ case regarding the Rohingya and support referral to the ICC because the military have a lot of war crimes and crimes against humanity under their belt (including genocide). Also, the global arms embargo, you can advocate for an embargo. And of course, they must not recognise the military junta or the State Administration Council (SAC) as the new government, and if possible, recognise CRPH as the legitimate government of Burma.
But most importantly, you can keep an eye on the situation and spread awareness about it. If you’re on Instagram, you can follow @ListenUpMyanmar. A few people my friend knows are admins/mods and they’ve got all the latest updates. If you’re on Twitter, you can follow @MilkTeaMM_MTAM, @ZtozM, @MrattKyawThu, @meemalee, @maytoekhine, @walone4, @MizzimaNews, @IrrawaddyNews*, @FrontierMM, @Myanmar_Now_Eng, @TostevinM, @RapporteurUn, @cape_diamond, @poppymcp, @YangheeLeeSKKU, @hninyadanazaw, etc. — Twitter’s one of the most popular social networking sites in Burma, y’know. The main hashtags are #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar and the ‘abbreviation of month + day + “Coup”’ like #Mar20Coup for almost every day following February 1st 2021, so if you browse those tags, there’s a lot. If you do make your own posts about it, please include pictures and videos; you can find them on Twitter, Reddit (there are a lot of Burma-related subreddits like r/myanmar and r/savemyanmar), and Facebook.
And that’s what you foreigners can do to help with the Myanmar situation.
Once again, thank you soooo fucking much for asking.
This is the fundraiser my friend is involved with :)
ETA2: Holy fuck, this website has a lot of resources for emails and fundraisers.
Shoutout to @meemalee on Twitter for sending me this.
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upcycleability · 2 months ago
Stop Asian Hate!
The Past and Present Exclusion, Hatred, Sexualization, and Dehumanization of Asian-Americans
Tumblr media
Bigotry against Asian-Americans is something that has existed for centuries. Long before the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, and long after the Japanese Internment Camps of 1942. Before people put signs in their neighborhood saying “J*ps keep moving, this is a white man’s neighborhood“ and will sadly keep happening long after this virus ends.
Dr. Seuss is well known for having dozens of anti-asian stereotypes written into his children’s books, and even made comics for years about how much he detested the Japanese as war propaganda. This history and these images are still defended fervently by many white people on the Right. They feel the removal of these books and the anti-Asian characatures are a “cancelling“ too far.
But historical facts and mockery is not the only issues that Asian-Americans deal with. They are still dealing with massive amounts of bigotry to this very day. In fact, the amount of hate they have been receiving is on the rise.
Since the onset of Covid-19, there has been a 150% spike in hate crimes against people of Asian ancestry. Slurs, mockery, and hate has been thrown towards Asian-Americans, even those who are not from China. This is because white people tend to have a hard time telling Asians apart, so they lump them all under the same umbrella and are racist against all Asian-Americans.
Recently, a white man who I refuse to name went into 3 massage parlers, which are usually run by mostly Asian women, and shot 9 people, killing 8 of them.
People are trying to defend his actions by claiming that what he did was not racism. These people are wrong. The actions of this sociopathic murderer is steeped in the obvious stench of anti-asian sentiments and mysogyny.
Tumblr media
Image via Stop AAPI Hate
Of the 8 people who died, 6 of them were Asian women. Asian women that he viewed as “a temptation“ for his “lust“ and ergo deserved to be murdered. What do women wear in these massage parlors? These spas? Well... scrubs.
He couldn’t handle his “sex addiction“ around women wearing what the typical nurse wears.
This is because Asian women are automatically seen as sexual and are inherently fetishized by American culture. So much so that for a lot of (generally white) guys, simply existing as an Asian woman is sexual. According to Chin Lu via The Bold Italic:
“I cannot comprehend what makes men choose to say things like ‘Unlike white women, [Asian] women remember what it’s like to be a woman: to be docile and submissive and respectful to a man.’ This is how they woo the ladies they’re presumably fond of?”
An article on Huffington Post mentions the same sentiment: Asian women often have to deal with a lot of oversexualization their entire lives.
This needs to stop.
We as white people need to change our behavior, and to change the society that we live in. Below are links to two articles showing a list of books that everyone to read to educate ourselves. Nobody should have to do so to treat Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders as human beings.
We are all struggling through this world together in one way or another. At least 99% iof us are. There is no reason why we cannot work together to end bigotry, classism, ableism, and the like.
Tumblr media
While imputting hasgtags into this site, this popped up. This is part of the problem. Asian women are not sexual objects. Objectifying women, and especially women of color is part of the reason women keep getting harmed, abused, and killed. @support​ @staff​ let’s change this mindset in the hashtags.
One way to help is by shopping at small Asian-owned businesses either around your town or online. Finding eco-friendly and sustainable shops can also be a plus.
Here is an etsy shop by an artist that I follow on Instagram named Kaitoonist, who makes lovely stickers and post cards:
Every little bit helps, and always do your best to be an awesome person, and to be an awesome activist.
Also, if I said anything harmful or inaccurate in this post, or worded something wrong, etc, please message me and let me know so that I can correct it.
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themuffinlord · 2 months ago
‼️ TODAY UK Government is RUSHING through legislation to CRIMINALISE ALL PROTEST
‼️ Any action that's likely to cause 'impact', 'disruption' or 'serious annoyance' can be deemed illegal
🗣 This is outright WAR on DEMOCRACY & FREEDOM OF SPEECH!
⏰ Monday 15th March ALL DAY
⏩ Tell your MP to #KillTheBill
⏩ JOIN THE TWITTER STORM! Share your thoughts, and one of these hashtags:
⏩ Sign and share this NETPOL petition to protect NOT persecute protestors:
⏩ Movements are coming together in Parliament Square at 12 Midday, in advance of the bill being read at 2pm
The Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Bill
🚨 Means a police state
🚨 Increases penalties & the ease with which arrests can be made
🚨 Criminalises nomadic, gypsy & traveller ways of life, access to the countryside, & homelessness
⚠️ Bring attention to this abhorrent & clear contempt of democratic rights! Stand in solidarity with UK activists, come together & use our voices
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nonewslimitdotcom · 2 months ago
Workplaces across Myanmar were shuttered on Monday, part of a general strike aimed at strangling the power of military rulers who toppled an elected government last month. But if manufacturing and commerce were idled, anger at the brutality of the military flared further, despite the increased presence of security forces in urban centers and a tougher clampdown on the press.
At least two participants in a mass protest movement were shot dead on Monday in Myitkyina, a city in northern Myanmar, where Roman Catholic nuns dropped to their knees to plead for soldiers to stop the killing. Another protester was fatally shot in the abdomen in Pyapon, a town not far from Yangon, Myanmar’s commercial capital. The deaths were reported by medical workers and relatives.
And in Yangon itself, hundreds of people were trapped in a security force cordon on Monday night, fearing arrest or worse. “Help,” wrote on of the people who said he was stuck. “The military troops have blocked every single way out.”
More than 60 people have been killed since a Feb. 1 coup ousted Myanmar’s civilian leaders, returning the country to full military rule. About 1,800 others have been detained, according to a local group that monitors political prisoners.
On Monday evening, the restrictions tightened even more when state television, which is now controlled by the military, announced that licenses had been revoked for five independent media organizations, a severe blow to what had been the nation’s vibrant free press. Dozens of reporters have been detained since the putsch. The stripping of the media licenses could now make their very act of reporting illegal.
Back when a military junta fully ruled Myanmar for nearly five decades, censorship committees regularly excised news from the country’s newspapers, leaving rumors to flourish amid the information blackout.
On Sunday, security forces descended on universities, hospital compounds and Buddhist pagoda complexes, where they established makeshift operations centers.
“It’s totally unacceptable to allow the military to base itself in the hospital,” said Dr. Kyaw Swar, a medical officer at Yangon General Hospital, where soldiers set up camp. “Hospitals are not the place for them. They have been insolent. But they have guns.”
In the city of Mandalay, in central Myanmar, military trucks stormed university campuses, including Mandalay Technological University, where a convoy of four vehicles arrived amid tear-gas and rubber bullets, according to witnesses.
Ko Kyaw Thu, a security guard at Mandalay Technological University, sustained a rubber bullet wound below his left eye, which required surgery.
“They are terrorists,” he said, of the military. “I think they are trying to prepare for a brutal war against the people.”
At the Mahamuni Buddha Temple in Mandalay, U Kesara Viwunsa, the abbot, said that soldiers had taken over the pagoda’s grounds for a month.
“No one comes to worship here anymore because people are afraid of them,” he said.
The Global New Light of Myanmar, a state-run newspaper that acts as a loudspeaker for the military rulers, said on Monday that such spaces were being occupied because members of the public had requested that the Tatmadaw, as the Myanmar military is known, “control the public universities and hospitals and to take action effectively for the benefit of the people.”
The publication also warned that even working “indirectly” with a group of lawmakers who have set themselves up as a kind of government in exile would be considered a crime.
For days now, people in Myanmar have been discussing “R2P,” shorthand for the United Nations’ “responsibility to protect” policy, which allows for intervention by the international community “should peaceful means be inadequate and national authorities manifestly fail to protect their populations from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity.”
The principle was used to help justify foreign military intervention in Libya in 2011 and came into being after the United Nations admitted it had failed to stop atrocities from being committed in the Balkans and Rwanda. In Myanmar, the hashtag #R2P has trended on Twitter, and people have written giant signs on streets asking for foreign militaries to please invade.
The international community has verbally condemned the Tatmadaw’s takeover of power, with some countries tightening targeted sanctions on military officers and military companies. But Myanmar’s most significant foreign investors, such as Singapore and China, have not taken significant steps to financially punish the military.
When the generals seized power last month, they announced they had been compelled to take action because of what they called massive voter fraud in elections last November, which were resoundingly won by the National League for Democracy. The generals said they would hold elections in a year’s time. But the timetable for future polls has already shifted to one-to-two years, according to pronouncements in the state media.
The last time the military annulled the results of an election, back in 1990, it took a quarter century for full and fair general elections to be held again.
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aion-rsa · 2 months ago
What If These Fake Batman Movies Happened?
Who hasn’t dreamed of making their own Batman movie? Getting to play in the ultimate superhero toy box of Gotham City has long been the fantasy of DC comic book fans everywhere. What if Batman were to face off against vampires? What would have happened if Bruce’s parents never died and someone else became Batman? What would happen in a Batman Beyond movie? The scenarios fans have come up with for dream Batman movies are endless.
In the last few hours, Twitter has turned into a particularly fun pitch meeting for fans who want to see the Dark Knight in all kinds of bonkers big-screen situations based on other beloved franchises. If you scroll through the hashtag #BatmanAMovie right now, you’ll find an interesting mix of Bat-puns as well as a few choice illustrations that give you a better idea of what these fake flicks would look like.
#BatmanAMovie was actually born when veteran DC and Marvel comic book scribe Sean Kelley McKeever suggested that perhaps upcoming Dark Knight movie The Batman should be called “A Batman” instead. (He has a point considering Warner Bros. is set to deploy three Batmen next year — a new one played by Robert Pattinson in the solo film as well as the versions played by Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck in the DCEU’s long-gestating Flash movie. In this multi-Batman reality, Pattinson does really seem to be just another Batman.)
After comic book legend Kurt Busiek replied to the tweet with his own fake titles, other Batfans began chiming in, with McKeever eventually coining the aforementioned hashtag.
— Kurt Busiek (@KurtBusiek) March 3, 2021
It was off to the races after that. Fans have come up with titles for Batman-Studio Ghibli crossovers, a word salad mash-up that has the Caped Crusader join the Star Wars universe, and even a movie where the Dark Knight sails the Seven Seas with Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann. There’s “Batman: The Musical” and even an idea that could finally bring Samuel L. Jackson to the DC film universe (if he’s not over snakes).
Even the official Batman handle decided to play:
— Batman (@DCBatman) March 3, 2021
But, in my opinion, Busiek has pitched the true bangers, including a highbrow heist movie about Bruce’s dad and a Spider-Man: Far From Home-like roadtrip movie set in London. There might be werewolves in that last one, too.
Check these fake movies out for yourself:
#BatmanAMovie My Neighbor Batman
— Things From Another World (@TFAW) March 3, 2021
— Kurt Busiek (@KurtBusiek) March 3, 2021
Episode 11 The Phantasm Menace: The Batman Strikes Back#BatmanAMovie
— ERod 🔨 (@ERodBuster1) March 3, 2021
cnx.cmd.push(function() { cnx({ playerId: "106e33c0-3911-473c-b599-b1426db57530", }).render("0270c398a82f44f49c23c16122516796"); });
My Dinner with Batman And yes, Wallace Shawn is the one having dinner w/ him. #BatmanAMovie
— Cap'n Peanut B. Crunch! (@Peanut_Crunch) March 3, 2021
Batman of the Caribbean#BatmanAMovie
— Ryan Thinks 2021 Will Also Suck (@DarthDuck415) March 3, 2021
Don’t Tell Batman the Babysitter is Dead #BatmanAMovie
— Hades (@PLVTOID) March 3, 2021
Citizen Wayne #BatmanAMovie
— Kate Mora (@jedikat71) March 3, 2021
The musical #BatmanAMovie
— MicTheWarrior(Mychael Benton) (@Mic_The_Warrior) March 3, 2021
Snakes on a Batplane #BatmanAMovie
— The Expensive Mask Wearing Wino (Greg B) (@ExpensiveWino1) March 3, 2021
As far as real movies go, The Batman is directed by Cloverfield and Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves. The movie focuses on a younger version of Bruce played by Pattinson who’s only in the second year of his crime-fighting career. Judging from the trailer, this means a more angsty and violent Dark Knight than we’ve seen on screen before. Even though Batman Begins takes place in year one of the hero’s adventures, Christian Bale’s take seems way better adjusted than Pattinson’s miserable-looking crime-fighter. Perhaps he could use a meal with Wallace Shawn?
The Batman hits theaters on March 4, 2022. Meanwhile, the multiverse-skipping The Flash movie, which will bring back Keaton back to the Batcave for the first time 1993’s Batman Returns, finally goes into production this April and is scheduled for a Nov. 4, 2022 release date.
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republicinsanity · 2 months ago
Samuel Williams
Tumblr media
Welcome to what is the 967th profile here at “Crazy/Stupid Republican of the Day”, where we’ll be profiling Samuel Williams, who was a 2020 candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in Texas’ 16th Congressional District in both 2018 and 2020, and the latest in our cavalcade of Qanon cultist dips***s who tried to get elected to Congress.
Some examples of Q content from Williams included:
He once posted that Sharia Law could happen in the United States at the hands of Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.
Williams, during protests over the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, retweeted a warning about a race war, and claimed it was suspicious that he had a closed casket at his funeral, casting doubt on whether Floyd actually died..
He claimed that during a a protest in El Paso that Congresswoman Veronica Escobar was “calling the shots”.
He once retweeted a claim that Hillary Clinton lost a court appeal “over emails about child molestation, torture (and) trafficking” with a reference to Pizzagate, the part of Qanon’s content that led a believer to fire an assault rifle in a pizzeria in Washington, D.C.,
He shared a tweet from an account with a Q avatar and wrote  in a CAPS LOCK post that “many, many” will be executed for their crimes against humanity, such as murdering children to obtain adrenochrome, a chemical compound that QAnon theorists believe is extracted from kids (it’s scientifically insane stuff more worthy of the Maze Runner trilogy than reality).
After repeatedly sending out social media posts where he would link with Qanon hashtags and slogans, he was confronted by Texas Monthly if he supported the Qanon conspiracy, and denied it, because of how insane it all is. Probably because he threw Qanon under the bus about two weeks prior to Texas GOP voters making the call, realizing he was never going to win against Democratic Congresswoman Veronica Escobar in a left-leaning district with an albatross like Q around his neck . While he finished first in the GOP Primary in March, he failed to clear the 50% threshold and had a runoff election to contend with. After throwing Qanon supporters under the bus and saying he only was posting Qanon hashtags to sucker the real true believers into following him, the number of votes he got from Republicans in his district was halved, and he was defeated by the “still not rejecting Qanon” candidate, Irene Armendariz-Jackson, who we should get around to profiling at some point as well. But we’re going to point out.. that difference in support? Going from over 5,000 votes in a crowded primary to 2,500 in a runoff only two weeks after rejecting Qanon? That’s what’s scary. Republican voters abandoned this guy when he rejected the insanity. This is a lesson that seems to have impacted Republicans in Washington, who seem to be doubling-down again, and again on Qanon, and why they would give a nutcase like Marjorie Taylor-Greene a standing ovation. 
Click Here for Full CSGOPOTD Archive
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seymour-butz-stuff · 3 months ago
They were there to "Stop the Steal" and to keep the President they revered in office, yet records show that some of the rioters who stormed the US Capitol did not vote in the very election they were protesting.
One was Donovan Crowl, an ex-Marine who charged toward a Capitol entrance in paramilitary garb on January 6 as the Pro-Trump crowd chanted "who's our President?"
Federal authorities later identified Crowl, 50, as a member of a self-styled militia organization in his home state of Ohio and affiliated with the extremist group the Oath Keepers. His mother told CNN that he previously told her "they were going to overtake the government if they...tried to take Trump's presidency from him." She said he had become increasingly angry during the Obama administration and that she was aware of his support for former President Donald Trump.
Despite these apparent pro-Trump views, a county election official in Ohio told CNN that he registered in 2013 but "never voted nor responded to any of our confirmation notices to keep him registered," so he was removed from the voter rolls at the end of 2020 and the state said he was not registered in Ohio. A county clerk in Illinois, where Crowl was once registered, also confirmed he was not an active voter anywhere in the state.
Crowl was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of destruction of government property and conspiracy for allegedly coordinating with others to plan their attack. He remains in custody after a judge said, "The suggestion to release him to a residence with nine firearms is a non-starter." In an interview cited by the government, Crowl told the New Yorker that he had peaceful intentions and claimed he had protected the police. Crowl's attorney did not provide a comment about his client's voting record.
Many involved in the insurrection professed to be motivated by patriotism, falsely declaring that Trump was the rightful winner of the election. Yet at least eight of the people who are now facing criminal charges for their involvement in the events at the Capitol did not vote in the November 2020 presidential election, according to an analysis of voting records from the states where protestors were arrested and those states where public records show they have lived. They came from states around the country and ranged in age from 21 to 65.
To determine who voted in November, CNN obtained voting records for more than 80 of the initial arrestees. Most voted in the presidential election, and while many were registered Republicans, a handful were registered as Democrats in those jurisdictions that provided party information -- though who someone votes for is not publicly disclosed. Public access to voter history records varies by state, and CNN was unable to view the records of some of those charged.
Among those who didn't vote were a 65-year-old Georgia man who, according to government documents, was found in his van with a fully-loaded pistol and ammunition, and a Louisiana man who publicly bragged about spending nearly two hours inside the Capitol after attending Trump's "Stop the Steal" rally. Another was a 21-year-old woman from Missouri who prosecutors say shared a video on Snapchat that showed her parading around with a piece of a wooden sign from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office. And a Florida man previously convicted of attempted murder who was accused by the government of refusing to leave the Capitol likely did not have the option to cast a ballot because of his unpaid court fines.
Jessica Stern, a Boston University professor who has spent around 30 years researching extremists, said that while she hasn't spoken with the individuals involved in the events at the Capitol, from her interviews with other violent extremists, she believes a number of factors could have been at play. They could have believed the system was rigged, as the "Stop the Steal" movement claims, in which case there would be no point in voting. They could be more attracted to the theater, violence or attention they would get from a demonstration like the one at the Capitol than to actually achieving their purported goal -- in this case, different election results.
Stern speculated that it was a combination of these reasons, adding that feelings of anger and humiliation often draw people to extremist groups and violence. She said that for someone to actually cast a vote, "you would have to believe in the ethic of voting more than you thought it was a waste of time...and see it as a moral imperative. You have to believe the system works for everyone, that it's for the good of the country."
Jack Griffith, a 25-year-old from Tennessee, trumpeted his arrival in Washington DC with a Facebook post saying, "THE CAVALRY IS COMING!!!!," using the hashtag "#MAGA," according to court documents. Shortly after leaving the Capitol on January 6, he posted a message of disappointment. "I hate to be that guy, but The New World Order beat us," he wrote. "Trump was our greatest champion, and it still wasn't enough. He tried his very best. He did so much, but he's only one man...I even helped stormed(sic) the capitol today, but it only made things worse...Why, God? Why? WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN US? Unless...Trump still has a plan?"
These online missives describing his participation in the Capitol siege were later used by the Department of Justice to build a criminal case against him. Griffith faces a number of charges, including violent entry or disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.
Election data from Tennessee and Alabama, where public records show Griffith had lived, showed that he had voted in the 2016 and 2018 elections but not the 2020 presidential election. The public defender who initially represented him declined to comment. Another attorney listed as representing him now did not respond to requests for comment.
Court records detail how University of Kentucky senior Gracyn Courtright posted a series of images on Instagram showing herself marching with a large American flag and another with her arms raised in triumph outside the Capitol, with the caption, "can't wait to tell my grandkids I was here." Later, she posted a photo of herself in a belly baring shirt with the caption, "Infamy is just as good as fame. Either way I end up more known. XOXO."
Courtright, who was charged with crimes including knowingly entering a restricted building, was also identified on surveillance footage lugging a congressional "Members Only" sign around the Capitol, according to court records. "idk what treason is," she wrote in a conversation shared with the FBI by a tipster, who had confronted the college student in a series of Instagram messages. Courtright is not registered in Kentucky, where she attends school, according to election officials. She is registered in her home state of West Virginia, but records show she did not vote in the 2020 election. Her attorney told CNN that Courtright did not dispute the fact that she did not vote in the election but declined further comment.
In a string of social media posts he shared straight from the Capitol, Edward Jacob Lang of New York portrayed himself as ready for a revolution. "1776 has commenced," he wrote in one that was cited by the government, showing him standing on the steps of the Capitol. "I was the leader of Liberty today. Arrest me. You are on the wrong side of history," read another. After leaving the Capitol, he continued to encourage followers to join the "patriot movement" with him. "GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH," he posted.
Federal prosecutors said that video footage from January 6 shows Lang attempting to attack police officers with a baseball bat, donning a gas mask and riot shield. He now faces a variety of federal charges, including assaulting, resisting or impeding certain officers or employees, civil disorder and violent entry. A recent ProPublica story also revealed how Lang had used the online messaging app Telegram in an attempt to radicalize "normies" and convince them to join local militia groups -- encouraging people in the days after the Capitol riot to stock up on guns and prepare for war.
Though state records show that Lang is registered to vote and had participated in a couple of past elections, county and state officials confirmed to CNN that he did not vote in the November election. Lang's attorney said in a statement that Lang claimed from jail that he submitted an absentee ballot, saying, "Mr. Lang has always represented himself as a Libertarian...He is not a devout Trump supporter, but believes that those taking office will not uphold citizens' First and Second Amendment rights."
New York law requires absentee ballots to be postmarked by election day and received within the following week in order to be counted. When asked about Lang's claim that he sent in an absentee ballot, the Sullivan County Board of Elections directed CNN to file an open records request in order to receive any information. The request had not been responded to before the time of publishing.
Lang's attorney also said the 25-year-old was a "naive, impressionable young man" who had been provoked by Trump's rhetoric. He cited Senator Mitch McConnell's statement that "the mob was fed lies" and said he hoped that Lang and others would not be considered guilty "due solely to their associations, beliefs and presence."
A man who identified himself with the name of Lang's father refused to talk with a reporter, saying, "We hate CNN. We're pro Trump, goodbye." In a statement to a local newspaper, Lang's father attributed his son's actions at the Capitol to "a substance abuse problem."
Arie Perliger, a professor at University of Massachusetts Lowell who specializes in right-wing domestic terror, said that he was not surprised to hear some of the rioters had not voted, particularly militia members like Crowl, since militia membership is often rooted in a distrust of government. Still, he said he was concerned that it could reflect a growing erosion of faith in the American democratic process, which is a "risk we need to think about."
"When we see that significant ideological groups are stopping participating in the Democratic process, that may mean they are looking for other ways to participate, and those other ways could be more violent," said Perliger, who oversees a database of right-wing extremist acts of violence in the United States. "We should be concerned if we see a growing number of ideological groups are reducing their involvement in electoral politics."
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