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itsvalerix123 · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Look at this cute boi!!!
Finally I can draw something decent :,)
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theaviandragon · 3 years ago
You know, the whole cast was great in this season. Keith really shone, Hunk was amazing with the Galra. Lance was there for Allura. Lotor was a backstabbing snake. Overall great season.
But! One character was better than the rest.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I present to you.
The  g o o d    b o y
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celestialking · 2 months ago
After stream adventures
Tumblr media
~NSFW 18+ only~ Minors will be blocked. Age in bio.
Word count: 1k 
Warnings: slight degrading, tiny bit of humiliation, toy, oral, afab, mentions of cockwarming, 
~A/n~ i kinda just wrote this as a quick little thing for a friend, it’s a tiny bit rushed 
Tumblr media
Before you could tell the person at your door to go away they opened it. Dream stepped into your room smiling. "Hey Dream," you were desperately trying to pretend you were in a different universe right now but the reality is; Your housemate just walked in while you were wearing his merchandise and had a purple dildo buried in your cunt. "I was thinking we go out for dinner tonight," He said. That's when Dream took in your bright red face. 
"(Y/n) you look hot, maybe you should take off the hoodie," as if your cheeks couldn't get any redder. 
"I'm fine, so I don't think I will," you shouldn't have forgotten to lock the door. 
"I really insist," 
"actually I really don't think it's a good idea," 
he came closer grasping the shoulder of the hoodie. Your hands quickly grabbed the edges to keep it down. "Dream!" He looked at you startled that you had yelped his name. "Please...I should keep it on," Dream glanced at your bare legs and smirked. "Oh I see," he hummed. Dream let go of your hoodie, his hand sliding to the back of your neck. 
"Go ahead and stand up for me princess," you gulped looking up at him. His green eyes had significantly darkened, pupils blown slightly. He knew exactly what you had been doing. Slowly you stood up allowing his hands to grasp your hips. He bent you over your desk getting a perfect view of it. He tapped your legs for you to spread them more. One of Dream's hands grasped the base of the toy. 
"If you wanted a seat baby you could have said so," Dream teased lowly. 
He slowly pulled the toy out before pushing it back in. He was leaning over you, speaking into your ear, his hot breath making you shudder. "I didn't know you were such a slut," you whined. Actually whined at his words. "Needed to have this cock in you while you streamed," he had been thrusting it slowly as he spoke but now Dream started pulling the whole thing out. Before you could as what he was doing he pushed the tip in, but only the tip. 
"Dream please-" you choked on your sentence as he slammed the whole thing into you. Dream pistoned the toy in and out with one hand, the other pinning your back to the desk. You clawed at the desk. 
"T-too rough," 
he grinned. "You can take it right?" 
Somehow he managed to move faster. The toy pounding into you, but you didn't want the toy, you wanted him. "You gonna cum?" He watched your shivering thighs. The only noises in the room was your whimpering and the squelching noise every time the toy fucked into you. Dream's eyes were glued to where you eagerly sucked the toy back in. He couldn't wait to feel your warm walls clench around him. He continued thrusting the toy until he listened to you cum. Slowly he pulled it out, kneeling down to be face level behind you. "I guess I'm eating in tonight," Dream whispered before dipping his tongue inside. He lapped up as much as he could. 
You cried out as you felt his tongue tease and thrust everywhere he could. His grip tightened on you as you tried to move away from him. You were sensitive from your previous orgasm. He suckled on your clit before pulling away. "Why don't we take this to somewhere more comfortable," he suggested. You moved to the bed as he started to strip himself of his clothes. You tried to sit up to get the hoodie off as well but he pushed you back down. "Keep it on," Dream said. His eyes pinned you to the bed. You watched them trail down to between your legs. Feeling shy you attempted to shut them but his fingers grasped your thighs, holding them open. 
"Dream do something," you whined. 
Finally, he glanced up at you, shifting in the bed. He lined his cock up with you, slowly pushing inside. It was such a power move to fuck you in his own merch. There was a smug smile on his lips as he bottomed out. "Doesn't it feel good to have the real thing," he teased whispering. Dream's thumbs rubbing circles on your hips as you adjusted. When you had given him the okay he slowly thrusted into you. 
"Fuck you feel so good princess, would have loved to cockwarm you earlier," he groaned, pushing your legs up further. 
Dream was in heaven thrusting harder and faster into you. Your nails dug into his back. Dream leaned down resting on his forearms. The new angle letting him thrust harder and deeper. He pistoned into you, drinking up every honey pleasure-filled noise. "Cmon baby, you can be louder, let me hear you scream for me," Dream murmured nipping your throat. He pushed up your hoodie. No surprise when it was revealed there was nothing underneath. 
His tongue pressed against one of your nipples, pinching the other. Green eyes looked up at you through lashes, as his teeth grazed over, nibbling lightly. Your hand buried into his hair, crying out. You felt him twitch inside you. Dream pulled away smashing his lips against yours. Your tongues swirling around, if possible he pulled your hips closer. Each thrust forcing the air out of you. 
Dream moaned into your mouth as he spilled into you, painting your insides white. He kept going, however, fucking you through his orgasm and barreling towards yours. Soft whimpers of overstimulation left him. Your thighs trembled in his grasp. You choked on a gasp cumming around him. Dream moved slower, still thrusting as you came down from your high. He pulled out laying next to you for a moment before he got stuff to clean up. 
"So," he started in a suggestive tone, his eyes flashed up to you. "I have a stream tomorrow," 
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laceymorganwrites · a month ago
Baji relationship hcs
listen, you guys are definitely the beauty and the beast
Baji is very shy around you because he has a crush on you
he just doesn´t know how to approach you
you know him, he doesn´t have any problems in approaching people but it´s so different when it comes to you
Chifuyu will tease him to death, laughs at him so much but he also    doesn´t tell anyone else about his crush on you
it´s like: dude, you yell at and punch everyone and everything that annoys you but don´t have the guts to talk to someone you like? how tf does that make sense?
he keeps hyping him up and Baji will always go up to you but then run away in the last second
so there are 3 ways this could go
1: he finally confesses himself after Chifuyu completely yells at him since he´s had enough
2: Chifuyu sets you two up and is just like: you owe me like 20 meals now
3: you confess first
and listen option 3 will make him stop working for a good minute
this dumbass thinks it´s a bet or something and will get really angry at that
´okay so you actually managed to go up and talk to the big scary guy, congratulations, now leave me the hell alone´
´well I actually wanna date the big scary guy that a no, or?´
he does a double take and is just ??? but why would u want that?
he´s not good at romance and those things, why would you voluntarily go through with that? Why him?
´are you sure you don´t just wanna be close to me to get to Fuyu or something, cause trust me, he´s nicer´
´no, nice is boring´ you grinned
he turns into such a tsundere around the person he loves
team: I tease you because I love you
but when anyone else teases you or even insults you, don´t worry, you´re never gonna see them again
your first date is demolishing the car of that one annoying guy in class 
Baji is very romantic in his own way, it´s certainly not conventional but it never gets boring
late night snack runs, cinema, arcade, you name it
there´s always something fun to do with him, even if you just ride around without any goal in mind
obviously he gets very protective over you at any time
always has an arm around you 
blushes way too hard when you´re the one to take his hand though
he likes playfighting with you cause it´s an excuse to pin you down and kiss you cause you have no way to escape
you´re also the only one who actually sees his softer side besides his two closest friends
he trusts you so much and always tells you what´s going on in his mind, what he´s thinking about, hsi dreams, fears, secrets, what he wants to achieve
he loves nothing more than to talk about the future with you
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sassyabbs · 14 days ago
Smut headcanons: Draco Malfoy
[Notes: well that's it, let me know if I missed any tw and if the grammar is wrong, English isn't my first language]
Tw: NSFW CONTENT!, Mentions of BDSM, cum play, wax play, impact play, edging, spit play, oral sex (male receives), dirty talk, bondage, shibari, Dom/sub relationships, nude photos, breeding kink, hickeys and marks, insinuations of public sex and nudity, begging, punishments, orgasm control, sex toys, sub space, dom space, sub drop, dom drop, degrading and praise kink, overstimulation and aftercare.
Tumblr media
He's into Dom/Sub relationships, with him being the dom, changing from being soft to being hard. After the war he doesn´t feel good after losing control and being so vulnerable doesn´t make him feel good either, but he passionately craved an intimacy and trust as great as those offered by such relationships.
It made sense that as soon as he found out that these practices existed, he began to learn everything about them. He had several subs, men and women before being with you. The former were gentler, content with orgasm controls and a bit of dirty talk, but it wasn't enough for him. His fetishes were getting tougher and he started having trouble getting a sub. Until he met you and that allowed you to know everything about him.
For example: This boy is a T E A S E and he expects from you to take it without any complain.
He's way to deep into cumplay. He loves to see you pussy filled up with his cum after sex. He will pulled out and keep your legs wide open so he can see his seed falling from your entrance.
"This is the best view anyone could ever have, and it´s all for me."
Blow jobs are one of his favorite things, and that why they last so long. Both of you know that sucking hard while circling his tip will make him come in seconds, but that´s by the end of the activity because everytime you will start slow, knowing that you have plenty of time to please him.
After that he will demand you to stick your tongue out and wait for him to tell you when you can swallow. Sometimes he´ll just spat in it and let you swallow, other times he´ll get dressed and continue his chores like his paperwork or analyze his Quidditch matches while you are there, sit still for him.
He also has a lot of pictures of you covered in his cum, he keeps the photos in a large envelope, hidden in his underwear drawer and when he knows that you will not see each other for several weeks, he takes them with him.
"So I will remember what is waiting for me at home, when I return to you, love."
Of course all of this cumplay comes with a slight breeding kink. He thinks about you pregnant a lot and the fact that that situation will literally show everyone that you belong to him drives him crazy. But not enough to really risk getting you pregnant, you always practiced safe sex.
He will tell you that "you are the biggest slut that have ever walked on the earth, and you belong to me for use, you are mine, little whore, mine" and pretend that is the best compliment that someone could received. As if being insulted by him is something that people would pay for.
Hickeys and marks everywhere. He loves seeing the love bites in your skin as well as his fingertips marked on your hips and thighs.
Also, he discovered that writing his name on your ass cheek while his pounding you from behind is a hard turn on.
"Looking pretty after being marked by me, isn´t it?
He loves restraining you, from simple handcuffs to tying the intricate shibari knots, it's something that always drives him into a frenzy.
"Look at that! Sometimes I feel so selfish for keeping my slut only for me, you should be at some museum, like a piece of art."
Overstimulation is a big thing between you too.
"Why you said you can´t take it? You have done this before, don´t be a brat today, it wouldn´t end good for you"
In public you will wear this delicate necklace that he gave you when they agreed to go further. It was silver and had a piece with his initial that sat between your breasts.
"Now no one can forget that you are with me"
Honestly this man is very obssessed with everyone knowing that you belong to him.
Not even God can help you if you make him jealous on purpose, the punishment will be something you remember for weeks OR months if he decides that with just one session you didn´t learn the lesson.
Edging you in one of the public bathrooms and then make you beg for his permission to come when you are at home is one of his favorite things.
"Hearing you beg is the best thing of my day, every single time."
LINGERIE, tons of matching sets to see you in.
Also him breaking them when you teases him and he can´t wait.
"Shut up, you know I will buy you more"
Spanking is good, but sometimes you will stop or just make the whole session about that.
This game makes both of you very lost in the scene, it takes you very deep and most of the time it is so much that it leaves you lost for a couple of days thanks to the chemical disaster that is the brain of both.
However when the game is light, a few spanks on your ass will make it or a thick-bristled flogger (so they don't get as much into the skin and therefore don't hurt like a fine-bristled one) will do it for you.
"Red really is your color."
Whips and belts are for tougher sessions, but he tends to pull them out to scare you.
The aftercare is always soft and full of cuddles.
It usually adapts to what they did, for example if you played with wax, he will bath you in hot water while removing the remains of the game with gentle hands.
If it was impactplay, he will put a cream with anesthesia to numb the pain while you rest.
"You did so good for me, love, you were excellent."
"I love all of you, thank for trusting me so much."
He will be the sweetest version of himself after a scene, stroking your back with soft fingers while repeating how amazing you are.
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hangjie · 6 months ago
[ 𝘦𝘳𝘦𝘯, 𝘭𝘦𝘷𝘪, 𝘢𝘳𝘮𝘪𝘯, 𝘫𝘦𝘢𝘯, 𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘯𝘪𝘦, 𝘳𝘦𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘳, 𝘣𝘦𝘳𝘵𝘩𝘰𝘭𝘥𝘵 ]
warning/s: none
author's note: requests are still open ! please check my rules before submitting your request/s.
Tumblr media
EREN YEAGER — how he protects you.
ever since he saw his mom died, eren made his life mission to drive out all the titans from this world and to protect his loved ones from the titans. whenever you were in an expedition and were in trouble, he would always swoop in with his odm gear to kill the titan or push the titan away in his titan form before it can get to you. if some creepy guy is making you uncomfortable, he will put up a fight with him ( even if he knows that he'll lose ). when you're being suspected of something, he will defend you and prove that you're innocent. when you get in trouble, he'll take the blame and receive the punishment. he will do anything and everything to keep you away from harm, even if it'll hurt him. the last thing eren wants is to lose the love of his life.
LEVI ACKERMAN — how caring and soft he is towards you.
at first glance, no one would think that levi has a caring and soft side. with his cold looks and snarky words, the captain has a reputation for having an icy personality. though, behind closed doors and around you, he is the total opposite. levi always makes sure that you're feeling well, always bringing you tea, bringing you food when you're hungry, etc. during the day, he'll train you and the other survey corps members, and at night, he'll crawl under the covers with you and cuddle with you, massaging the sore areas of your body. he lays on your lap and lets you run your fingers through his hair. whenever you wake up in the morning, levi takes your hand and kisses your knuckles before smiling and greeting you with a soft "good morning." levi is not one for pda but it's obvious to the other survey corps members that he takes it easy on you during trainings and some would see him patting your head at the hallways afterward, praising you for a job well done.
ARMIN ARLERT — his curiosity and intelligence.
when you're with armin, he always rambles on and on about anything and everything, and you can't help but listen to every word he says. when he notices that he's been talking for a long time, he'll cover his mouth and apologize profusely for rambling. though, you always urge him to continue. you just love the way his eyes sparkle when he talks, especially when it's about the ocean and what's outside the walls. armin, noticing your stare, took your hand and promised you that both of you will see the ocean soon and since then, he got you wrapped around his finger.
JEAN KIRSTEIN — how romantic he is.
there is no doubt that jean is whipped for you. with mikasa rejecting and ignoring him, he thought that he was a goner until he met you. he's so grateful for not only meeting you but also for becoming his. whenever you say that you want something, this man will cancel everything in his schedule to go find whatever you want and bring it to you ( and he might bring something else because it reminded him of you ). whenever you're walking into a building, he opens the door for you and if you're mounting your horse, jean will instantly run up to you and help you up. jean would sometimes write letters addressed to you, saying how much he loves you and would give them to you, acting as someone else gave it despite having his name written below the letter. jean would also arrange weekly dates, from picnics to cuddling in your room all day. he's so grateful to have someone like you and he makes sure to show you how much he loves you despite the terrible world you both live in.
CONNIE SPRINGER — his humor.
despite losing his home, his family, and having to see and kill titans nearly everyday, connie still has a smile on his face. even though the world around him is cruel and unfair, he focuses on the good things and one of those good things is you. connie makes sure that you have a small on your face. he would always crack jokes, play pranks on jean and eren, goof around with sasha to make you laugh or at least smile. whenever you're with him, there's no doubt that you'll be holding your stomach and crying from laughing too much. connie helps you forget about all your worries and enjoy what you currently have; a group of friends who support and protect you, and connie, your hope, and sunshine.
REINER BRAUN — how he has been with you through thick and thin.
since the day you met reiner during your cadet days, he has been by your side. when you finally sliced the nape of the dummy titan and when you balanced the odm gear, he was congratulating you and celebrating your small victory. when you were doubtful of your abilities, he trained you until you got the hang of things. when you were unsure of which regiment to join, he was telling you that everything would be okay and that he'll still be with you. when you were sad because you missed home, he was by your side, rubbing your back and comforting you. at your first expedition, he was beside you and made sure that you were okay. reiner just wants to experience every single moment with you and let you know that he genuinely loves you from the bottom of his heart.
BERTHOLDT HOOVER — his gentleness.
with his shy nature, bertholdt was very surprised when you reciprocated the same feelings for him. he still can't get a grip around the fact that you're his and he's yours. he respects you and doesn't want to pressure you into doing something you aren't comfortable with, often letting you make the first move at the start of your relationship. when you're together, he always holds your hand and squeezes it gently to remind that he's there with you. before you retreat to your room at the end of the day, he gives you a light hug and wishes you goodnight. after expeditions, he checks you for any injuries and brushes the hair away from your eyes before asking if you're okay. he wants to take your relationship slow and steady, scared to lose you if he takes things too quickly. to him, you're like a precious figurine that's bound to break if he's rough and careless enough.
Tumblr media
© hangjie 2021
Tumblr media
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random-yandere-fandom · 3 months ago
Hi 💕. Can I ask about Ciel, Meliodas and L with pregnant darling 👉👈. (Everything you write is amazing!)
Thank you!🥰 I hope you like it!
Btw. Tumblr had a new update or something and writing with it is different now and I despise it. For some godforsaken reason it won`t let me add any gifs on my laptop, I`ll try again later on my phone. Alright, it at least works on my phone. Sorry, just had to rant about it.
Yandere Ciel with a pregnant darling
Tumblr media
To say he is worried is an understatement. There are so many factors that endanger the child`s life that frustrate him to no end. First, Ciel doesn`t know for certain how much time he has left and if he would be a good father. Second, he is constantly targeted so from now on you`re only allowed outside in the garden when at least two servants, Sebastian or himself are with you. Even then the Phantomhive is anxious, but your health is more important now. 
On that note, Ciel is thinking about assigning you your own personal doctor, the best of the best. He believes that having Sebastian around isn`t enough this time, especially since the demon has other matters to attend to. He`ll search for someone trustworthy and competent and with his abilities he`ll find the right person.
All servants are told to protect you even more than before and to get you anything you wish for. At least one of them is always near you. Tanaka makes you calming tea, Baldroy tries to make anything you might be craving, Finny tries to fill the garden in front of your window with beautiful flowers and birds, while Mey-Rin tries her best to keep everything around you clean and neat and Sebastian takes care of the mess those three make. 
After getting over most of his paranoia Ciel will spend entire days around you, moving his workload to wherever you want to be. He studies about pregnancy and childcare in his free time, informing you about anything he deems as important. He`ll be there for you when you have morning sickness and through anything else that might come. The closer the due date gets, the more excited and anxious he will become.   
Yandere Meliodas with a pregnant darling
Tumblr media
He`s a lot more cheerful, wanting to celebrate as soon as you tell him the news. Meliodas will want to invite everyone in the whole kingdom, that`s how excited he is but after being told that stress is not good for you, he`ll settle for the other sins and their partners. Another fact that plays apart of that decision is his possessiveness and protectiveness, after calming down a bit he`ll start to worry, too. 
The party will be without much alcohol, something very unusual, but Meliodas can`t stand the thought of you or the child being harmed in any way, be that through someone else in their drunken stupor or through glasses getting accidentally switched and you consuming some. Everyone except for you will get exactly one glass and that`s it.
The demon might have noticed your pregnancy before thanks to his perceptiveness if he wasn`t so clueless about it. While the thought of a mini you running around has crossed his mind and he liked it, that was as far as it got. Now though, he will make his research, specially about hybrids if you aren`t a demon. To ensure both the health of both of you, Merlin will regularly check up on your body, carefully using magic as to not harm either of you.
It won`t look like it, but Meliodas is far more alert than normal, covering it up with his normal humor. Any threat will be taken care of discretely and quickly, you`ll barely notice that Meliodas was gone.
All in all though he`s the most excited, he`ll lay his head on your belly every so often and the day he feels a kick for the first time he`ll be grinning for hours, exclaiming how your child will surely be a good fighter with such an amazing attack. Meliodas will talk proudly about his kid to anyone who might listen and won`t stop for a long time. He`s impatient when waiting for them to be born but he`ll be even more gentle with you than ever before, listening to most of your requests with no complaints.   
Yandere L with a pregnant darling
Tumblr media
L will notice your symptoms and put two and two together before anyone else. He will suggest to test it right away, being quite blunt about it. When his theory is proven right his reaction will be more subtle than anyone else`s, but for you it`s noticeable from the start. 
While it seems there isn`t much emotionally going on inside his head, his actions tell otherwise. He`ll have a house prepared, somewhere further away from civilisation but safe, maybe next to a lake if that`s what you like. In the end it`s important to him that you can get fresh air whenever you need it and he`ll make doing his job there work somehow. Even though it seems like you two are alone, there will be high security and a doctor on stand by some kilometres away. 
L knows that this can be scary for you, so he tries his best to be there for you and comfort you, any doubts you might have will be erased through his irrefutable logic and assurance. Watari will be ordered to buy anything you want and get you some books on pregnancy so that you can inform yourself.
Fascination is the best way to describe how L reacts, he will be enchanted, occasionally glancing at you and your belly even though he should be working. His head is full with ideas of possible names and stuff he has to get that it`s hard for him to concentrate. You`ll also notice that he will become more and more clingy as time progresses, he`s a fan of touching your belly and talking to it, hoping that the child reacts in some way. 
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hamatoclan76 · 2 months ago
Rise Splinter isn´t a very good parent and that´s okay.
Tumblr media
Look, before someone starts throwing tomatoes i want to clarify something: I like Splinter from Rottmnt and i really like Rise of the Tmnt. People who have followed me for a while know i enjoy the series and i´m sad about it how was cancelled. I also want to say that i don´t think other Splinters are 100% perfect and they have their own issues too.
What i don´t like is how the Rise of the tmnt fandom often overlooks Rise Splinter´s character flaws and pretends that he is a perfect father figure because this is not something supported by both by the narrative and his character growth.
So, what i´m going to do in this post is to examine his character flaws, his role as parent and character arc in the series. The point of this is to bring up this flaws to light, this is not a ¨character critical¨ or whatever you want to call it. It´s supposed to be character analysis, okay?
Let´s start with the short Turtle Tots short:
Link to the short:
This short is when the turtle brothers are still very young. We see that Splinter is trying to train them but he keeps watching a show he likes on TV. This short shows Splinter didn´t care about training his sons enough even when they were younger. He also leaves them with very dangerous weapons they don´t know how to use.
Splinter was already quite neglectful and careless since the start. He spend too much time watching TV rather than training his sons. It would more understandable if he was too busy working with something but here he is only watching a TV series. Later in the short he admits he should have paid more attention to the turtles and isn´t a good Sensei.
I have to say i didn´t like this short too much. I didn´t find funny the jokes of how Splinter ignores his sons for the TV series and leaves every 30 seconds. However, it provides some context for the characters and their relationship.
Now let´s talk about his characterization at the start of the series. (Season 1)
Tumblr media
Splinter at the start of the series is usually seen watching TV, whatever is his old movies or shows that he likes. He is rarely seen training the turtles or talking to them. Sometimes their interactions are the boys trying to ask him about something while he is watching his series. Splinter either answers them or ignores them.
He is usually so caught up in his own world that he doesn´t seem to be aware of who are the turtles fighting against until it starts biting them back. The boys usually don´t tell him about their adventures on the surface. One could argue that he assumes that they barely get in trouble and they are just playing.
In the episode ¨The Fast and the Furriest¨ Splinter ¨steals¨  Turtle Tank and takes it for a ride without Donatello´s permision. The turtles go through a lot of trouble to get the Turtle Tank back. By the end of the episode its Donatello, his son,is  the one who is putting a punishment on Splinter, who is supposed to be their father, for taking the Tank. 
While Donnie getting angry at Splinter is quite funny,this episode shows that Yoshi can be very inmature at times, if not childish. He doesn´t ask his son to allow him use the tank, puts them in danger and is scolded like a child at the end instead of him being the ¨responsible adult figure¨.
Parents being cocky or careless isn´t something very new. There are parents that act as inmature or worse than Yoshi and would never admit they did something wrong. So, i take this episode as one of the examples that Splinter does this kind of things. He isn´t this selfish and reckless all the time, just sometimes.
Another aspect is that Splinter struggles with remember his sons´ names. He calls them by their color bandana instead of their real names. This sometimes can be funny but on the long run it becomes quite disturing,Imo. There is difference between ¨calling your son with an affectionate nickname¨ and ¨not remembering your sons´ name¨. There is a point that this it becomes sad.
The tmnt wiki describes Rise Splinter´s personality as a ¨Extremely flawed (albeit loved) father figure¨. This means that he has tons of flaws but he cares about his family: One clear example is when he helps Raphael with fighting his fear in ¨Mrs. Cuddles¨. He protects the big turtle a few times from the giant puppet monster and they defeat the monster together.
Splinter cares about April O´Neil like she was part of the family too. In episodes like "Always Be Brownies" he is seen hanging out with her and helping her. He also encourages April to believe more in herself since she has tons of doubts in that episode. (Season 2).
Hamato Yoshi / Splinter´s backstory
Lets say that Yoshi didn´t have the best childhood. His biological father was missing and he is not mentioned in the flashbacks. Splinter´s mother, Atsuko, left Yoshi when he was still a kid so she would be able to perform her family duty as protector in the Hamato family.
This terrible loss made Yoshi grow bitter with his Hamato duties and martial arts. He didn´t want anything to do with his family legacy since it was the reason that his mother was forced to left him. He had an argument with his maternal grandfather and sensei, Sho, and decided to use the skills he learned in during his training to become a superstar.
After many shenanigans involving his crush on Big Mama, a very powerful yokai, and Baron Draxum, Hamato Yoshi mutated into a humanoid rat and adopted the turtles, who were about to be used as soldiers by Draxum, like their own sons.
Tumblr media
Splinter´s backstory explains a lot of his behaviour in the series: It´s implied his father died/left him, his own mother also left him to perform her duties and he has a very strained relationship with his grandparent. The reason of why he has so many problems when it comes to being a good father it is because he himself lacked good family support. It makes sense that he doesn´t seem to know what he is doing or why he is messy when he is takeing care of the turtles.
Speaking of that, this explains why he isn´t very involved in his sons´ training. Maybe he just doesn´t want them to carry the same burden that he did as a child or just dislikes the idea of training them because it reminds him of bad memories about his grandfather and his mother.
He also watches his old movies since it reminds him of the time he was living his life at his fullest and was doing something he enjoyed. It implies he has his mind stuck in the past, perhaps wishing he could still be human and live like superstar.
Splinter´s Character growth
Like i mentioned, Yoshi wasn´t very interested in training his sons at the start of the series. He was negletful and spent too much time watching his movies... This aspect of his character isn´t ignored.
When the turtles asked him to train him ¨The Evil League of Mutants" he put Lou-Jitsu films for them to watch, this made their sons think he wasn´t taking them seriously and decided to go out on their own. While Splinter´s intention was to show them the basics by them learning the moves from the movies, he came off as he only cared about watching said films to their sons.
Tumblr media
After noticing how his sons lack experience and need his help, he begans training them. Splinter gets more involved with his Hamato destiny and starts being more honest to the boys about his past as human and protector.
One episode that´s really worth of mentioning is ¨Turtle-dega Nights: The Ballad of Rat Man¨: Splinter tricks Donatello and Mikey into going to a demolition center since he missed the old days he used to be a champion in the Battle Nexus. Donnie is very hurt when he finds out about this because he really wanted to spend more time with his father. By seeing this Yoshi realizes how his sons would like to do things together with him like hanging out. He apologizes to Donnie and tellshim that he may have lied but it is truth he wanted to spend time with him.
Along with getting more involved in his sons´s lives by teaching them and spending time with them, he lets Mikey hang out with Draxum because Mikey considers him part of the family too. (Draxum created them). He didn´t trust Draxum due to their mutual past but decides to give him a chance for Mikey´s sake.
In conclusion: In Rise of the tmnt, Splinter starts as somewhat a neglectful parent figure, sometimes acting childish and not being the best role model for their sons. Overtime he begins to understand the consequences of not training his family and gets more involved in their lives. He tries to be a responsible father despite he had tons of issues with his own family growing up. While very flawed, he has good intentions and cares deeply about his sons.
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kei-dee · 4 months ago
Hawks And Dabi Soft Moments
Pairing: Keigo Takami X Reader, Dabi X Reader.
Word count: There's... a lot.
A/n: Just something I came up with while these songs played and their names popped in my head. And because the weather was nice, I felt like being nice. I'M SORRY I LOVE THEM OKAY. INSPIRATION HITS ME LIKE A TRUCK WITH THEM. Y'all it is 12 AM, I wrote this in a single sitting, typing with tears in my eyes. I'm at my peak, no one can fuck with me and my emotions.
//Requests open!// Should I do an NSFW song thing next?
Type: SFW Drabble
Warnings: None?//Just heart clenching moments ig//Swearing//Suggestive lines in dabi's if you squint//
Tumblr media
Okay so ugh. My love for this man is too much. MY SAVIOUR COMPLEX DOESN"T HELP THE FA- okay.
So, it was Sunday and the weather was nice. The air filled with the sweet smell of soil, air cool, no sun in sight, the whole weather screamed 'perfect for a comfortable fluffy blanket wrapped around you' vibes. You get the drift-
In your case, the fluffy blanket was your dear boyfriend, Keigo or Pro Hero Hawks, as he is known to many and his wings.
And since it was a holiday for both of you luckily, you wanted to spend the day in bed with him.
While Keigo was sleeping in, you wanted to finish cleaning the house and make breakfast for him, deciding to surprise him.
You put your earphones on and were just vibing to them, whistling and started to clean.
It had roughly been 5 songs before you felt a presence behind you and a pair of arms wrapped around you.
Keigo nuzzled his nose in your neck, tightening his grip around your waist and pressed your back against his chest.
You let out a content sigh at the warmth his body was emitting and put your hands atop his own, melting into his body.
"Babybird, why'd you leave the nest so early? And left me alone." He mumbled against you, his breath tickling your neck.
Being half conscious his behaviour was always more primitive, indulging in his hidden off side. So whenever he talked to you while he was purely running on his primal mindset, it made you tingly; happy that he trusted you so much to let you see that part of himself— not be Hawks if you will.
You smiled and shook your body to prevent yourself from falling asleep right then and there.
"gOODMORNING BIRDBRAIN~" You flipped around enthusiastically, trying to fend off the sleepy atmosphere.
He just winced at the sudden exploitation of his sensitive hearing and just pulled you closer, "mmm how ❤"
You just chuckled and pushed against his chest, "Hey hey hey, c'mon, aren't birds supposed to chirping early in the morning?"
"Only the ones who don't have to fly all over the city for 12 hours."
Tch, dramatic bitch. You hugged his waist back and started swaying a little, "Okay, well then my overworked dramatic bird, let's dance. You won't say no, would you?"
You took advantage of the mindset he was in, his bird brain would never say no to you trying to court him.
Your music was on shuffle, so you went through it till you settled on a soft song but with enough tempo that would wake him up.
You put one of the earphones in his ear (I aINt SaYiNg AirPods, Im a BRokE BITcH OkAY. And besides earphones pull you closer, so benefits benefits😌🤌) and arms went back to where they were, as you moved his body with you.
I see the crystal raindrops fall
And the beauty of it all
Is when the sun comes shining through
To make those rainbows in my mind
When I think of you sometime
And I wanna spend some time with you
Just the two of us
We can make it if we try
Just the two of us
(Just the two of us)
Just the two of us
Building castles in the sky
Just the two of us
You and I
Keigo basked in the feeling of being in your arms, dancing on a Sunday morning, with the sweet smell of your shampoo filling his nose as he burried his nose in your nape.
It all seemed so surreal, so unreal. Something so normal. He never wanted it to end.
He instictively tigthened his grip on your waist, not wanting to let go of the moment; afraid the moment he loosens his grip, you'd fade away.
Tears brimming his eyes, he smiled and looked up from your nape, his wings fluffed up from the comfort the whole situation was oozing.
He just let out a weak laugh when you got flustered, cupping his cheeks asking what was wrong.
He couldn't be more happier, "God baby, I love you so much.."
You were swiping at his cheeks with your thumbs and nodded, "ME too, me too, I love you too, birdbrain, but what happened?-"
He just pulled you in a tight hug, pressing your face into his chest, wings enveloping around both of you, his chin on top of your head, he couldn't believe he got all this, all of you.
"I'll make a castle in the sky, away from this world. Just the two of us, baby."
(Did I nearly cry at the end? Yes. Yes I did)
Tumblr media
Okay, I need to mentally prepare myself for this mf because his childhood=ouch. I don't wanna cry.
Dabi was coming home tonight, you couldn't be more giddier.
He was rarely home, but when he was,, it was always a long night.
So you were excited, ready to hug him . Don't worry, mans smelled less like ashes and fire because everytime he stopped by your house, he'd use one of the good manly smelling shower gel that didn't irritate his skin. He would still smell a little like ashes and fire.
(I'm tryna make it light okAY, I DON'T WANNA CRY MORE)
You knew he would come by late so you started preparing everything around 9 pm, you plugged your phone in the speaker and blasted the radio, moving around the apartment.
You were done with everything by 10:30 PM. Giddy with excitement, your feet were moving and you started dancing a little to calm yourself.
Until you heard your phone buzz.
You almost yeeted your own life, with the speed you turned around.
[Be there in 5 minutes, doll <3]
'He even threw a heart in there, aww. Someone is feeling soft today.' You thought to yourself, smiling at the rare occurance.
I hope you're not dissapointed at the fact that you probably won't be getting railed 🤧.
You quickly change stations to some soft songs instead of the songs you usually played for both of you, when dabi blows your back out. (pls don't tell me you expect your back to surive after he's done with you 🙄✋).
As you were setting up plates for your dinner, you heard two knocks on the door.
You rushed to the door, flinging it open and pulling in the man standing in front of you.
You closed the door with your foot and pushed him against the door, flinging your arms arond his body with a huge smile.
You could feel his laughter rumble from where your cheek was pressed against his chest. You smiled and relaxed as his arms wrapped around your torso, nuzzling the side of your face with his own.
He brought his hands towards your face and bent down to press a kiss against your lips, his chest blooming with love.
You smiled against his lips and pulled away, smiling teasingly, "You smell good. Did you use the stuff I left at your place?"
Dabi nodded, pulled his hood back and took off the hoodie he used to cover himself, being a villain and all.
While he was hanging his hoodie up, you went to the kitchen to finish setting up the plates for both of you.
You heard footsteps trudging behind you, he came upto you and hugged you from behind and moved with you with his chin just resting on your shoulder.
"You actually smell like flowe-" You gasped,"- no fucking way, did you soak in a bathtub with a bathbomb?"
"You're talking like I don't even bat- actually you know what?" He cut himself off as he felt your body vibrate from the laugh you were desperately trying to keep in, "My bad, that I wanted to smell good for my baby." He mumbled in your shoulder.
"Don't worry, you big baby. The smell of ashes and Axe is still there a little, the manliness didn't leave you." You teased and he just groaned.
You turned around and put your arms around his neck, his own shifting to your waist and hovering over your ass before he let them rest there.
"Would you be kind enough to give me a dance?" You smiled.
"Aren't you hungry?" He questioned you as you started sway a little.
"Hmm, one song wouldn't hurt, c'monnn" You drawled out the last syllable, moving his body with your own.
Heal the scars from off my back
I don't need them anymore
You can throw them out or keep them in your mason jars
I've come home (ho-o-ome, ho-o-ome, ho-o-ome...)
All my nightmares escaped my head
Bar the door, please don't let them in
You were never supposed to leave
The words of the resonated in his ears as you hummed along.
"You wanna dance to this sad song?" You could feel the smirk on his stupidly handsome face that was on resting on top of your head.
"Who says I'm listening to the song, matchstick? It's you that I wanted to enjoy."
Dabi couldn't help but feel the same tightening in his chest he's felt many times with you.
When it initially happened to him, he had thought his time was near and he was having a heartattack.
But now he knows better. If this is how he goes, he'll be a happy man.
He just couldn't help but think how much you do for him. How he's absent most of the time, but you still haven't given up on him.
How you don't ask for anything in return except love from him. And the days he's stuck in that dark cloud, you come up like sunlight and help him.
He felt so grateful for how you try to bring an element of normalcy into his 'wreak havoc' life.
He doesn't need to worry about anything else other than, if you're feeling good, comfortable with him, whenever he's with you.
He finally has all the love he didn't have in his life. He never knew what love was until he met you.
When he was young, the last place he received love from was his ho- no. That was never his home.
He was finally home. A home he was always supposed to be at; you.
"Please never leave me, y/n. You are my home and my everything. God, I love you too much. I keep getting heartattacks, doll."
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seijohsbabe · 5 months ago
i need more of akaashi nii
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tw: minors dni, stepcest, names as Princess
Wordcount: 2,0k
A/n: Hello there, hope it’s Good ^^ it didn´t got a second read, so sorry for mistakes!! Oh and Im close the 300 followers :) Thank you c: Any wishes for a special?
Tumblr media
Akaashi nii was always a observend person. He saw and heard everything. Especially with you, he was very careful and caring. Every night he brings you tea and talks with you until you fall asleep.
 So when you came up with your new boyfriend one night, he already knew, so he wasn´t that surprised, still, it nagged on his nerves when you talked about him, how lovely and caring he is. Of course, he´s happy that you're happy, but he already knows that he´s just another fucker who tries to get you n his bed. He should tell you, but you have to learn it the hard way, it´s your first boyfriend and he doesn´t want to be the bad one at the end. Akaashi knows how beautiful you are, he isn´t blind, but he is still the reasonable big brother. One or two times (or more) he couldn´t hold himself back and grabbed some underwear from you (of course only fresh ones) And not to forget the feeling of your tits firmly pressing against his chest after a long day of school. You seem not to care or not to think that much about it, oh you're just so naive. And like he predicted, on a Saturday night you came back home, face stained in tears, hair in a mess. Like an automatic reaction, he opened his arms as you stepped in. Your sobs muffled by his t-shirt because your head buried deep in his chest was too comforting to leave. So he just had one arm around your waist and the other over your head, rubbing comforting circles on it. "Akaashi-nii, he´s an asshole. I hate him, I hate him so much," you mumbled in his chest while his chin rested on your head. Slowly he led you into your bedroom to let you softly onto your bed. He wanted to get up to make you tea, but your hand clamped on his t-shirt while you looked him in the eyes with your wet ones. "Please, don´t go," you whispered so quietly, he almost didn´t understand you. But he heard you and laid beside you while he took you in his arms again, his hand on your back, rubbing it. "It´s okay Princess, I would never leave you," Akaashi said while smiling down on you. You can hear his heartbeat, and with that, you came down from your anger, and just listened to his heartbeat with a little smile plastered on your face. How could you be so lucky? You had the best stepbrother in the world. "So, do you wanna drink some tea hm?"  his hand patted on your back to let you know that he´s speaking to you. "No, just cuddle please Akaashi-nii." Your face buried in his stomach. How could he say no? And maybe just maybe...? "You know, I could make you a little bit happier, how does that sound?" he smiled while he got up a little bit, to get a better view of you. He risked something here, but now your emotional unstable it was the perfect opportunity. "But I am! Because of you Onichan." Now you got up too, to smile up to his face. Should he risk it? Should he, should he, should he? His hand came up to cup your cheek in his warm hand, you even leaned in. "Oh, but I think you will like it," he mumbled, still in his thoughts. "Hmmm, all right I trust you akaashi-nii."   But what if you will never trust him again after this? Too many thoughts and no action. Whatever, now or never. He grabbed both of your arms to pull you under him on your bed in just a second you couldn´t even realize. With doe eyes you starred at him, his arms directly beside your head, to hold himself up above you. His hand landed on your chin, to hold your head up. One thumb rolled over your plump lips. Oh, these lips. With a little hesitate e bend down to land his lips on yours. your eyes widned in shock but closed directly because it felt so...good. His lips were warm, soft, and let your hair on your neck stand up. He was careful, he doesn´t want to scare you, so after some seconds he pulled away and looked at you with concerned eyes. It wasn´t your first kiss, but your best one for sure. When neither of you said something, he slowly got a little distance to your face, but you just grabbed his neck and pulled him down again to let his lips meet yours again. And with that, Akaashi´s little voice in his head finally shut up. Now he was braver and more demanding. His tongue slipped through your mouth and took your breath away. Your eyes closed again while your hands, still behind his neck, fondled his hair. After some time he trailed with his mouth a wet trace down your throat until it met your blouse, there he stopped and looked at you again, searching for any regrets or disgust, but they only starred at him back with pure lust. He knows it is wrong, it´s so wrong, but he can´t resist. And with that, he nudged at your blouse to show you to take it off. Your hands trailed down to the hem of the blouse to tug it up to pull it over your head. You had to blush, his stare at your bare chest was so intense you got a little shy now and put your hands up to cover yourself. But Akaashi directly pulled your hands away. "Don´t be shy Princess, you're beautiful, come on," he muttered to you. His hands wandered over your stomach up to your chest to fumble with one of your nipples. You bit your bottom lip between your teeth, to suppress your whimpers, Akaashi narrowed his eyes. He has to hear you, so he let his mouth glid over your sensitive nipples while his other hand slowly wandered down to your core. His hand was skillfully playing with your core through your panties under your skirt, and he had to smile. "Already so wet for me hmm?" he hummed into your ear, his hot breath fanned against your skin and let you tremble. Your hands went up to tug on his t-shirt now. Shily to looked at him up, "Please Onii-chan, take- take it off." "Anything for you, little one." He got up on his knees and kept eye contact, while he grabbed at his collar to threw the piece of clothing over his head down beside your bed. "I think this piece is not really necessary isn´t it?" He pulled your skirt down in one go. He admired you for a little while until he got over you again to kiss one of your boobs. His mouth went further down until he stopped right before your panties. "can I?" he asked politely. You just nodded and let your hands down on the bedsheets. His eyes literally glued on your glistening cunt, this is real perfection he thought. "Don´t stare," you mumbled with a little shame in your voice. This was all a little new to you, except one kiss from a boy, you never experienced something in that way. but he just chuckled and got in his stomach to be right in front of your cunt with his face. He started with a little kitten lick to look how you react. So when you let a little whine out he started with more licks. His hands were around your thighs to keep your hips in place. The pace with his tongue went faster and faster and explored every inch of your cunt. Now you couldn´t hide your whimpers and moans anymore, your hips went up every time he licked over your clit. You thought it couldn´t get any better until he inserted two of his long, trained fingers. He started right away with a fast pace. He reached so deep with his fingers, it was an amazing feeling. Your eyes almost rolled out of your head, and you couldn´t hold the knot in you anymore. Your hands clamped on his black hair. "Nii-san, It´s too much-" a long moan escaped your mouth, and with it, you came right on his face and fingers. The feeling was overwhelming, your limps kept shaking, your hands fall beside you as Akaashi let go of your thighs and got up to you, to hold your face in his hand while his thumb caressed your warm cheek. Slowly you recovered from the high, your hand went up to his hand on your cheek, to smile at him. "Thank you Akashi-Nii, this was beautiful," you breath out exhausted. "Oh, we're not done yet, little sister." His grin widned while your eyes widned. His hand was gone in seconds as he stood up to let his joggers and boxers down in one go, to expose his hard member. It was big, well you don't have a real comparison but how should this thing fit in you? His little laugh let you come out of your thoughts. Completely naked now he came on your bed again. His hands went between your legs to pull them apart, to make himself comfortable between your legs. He stroked himself a few times until he looked at you one more time. "Now take deep breaths for me princess." His voice was calming while he leads his cock to your breath-taking cunt. His head finally went in, and the feeling was way different. When the first centimeters went in you thought he will tear you apart. "Nii-san, ´s too big," you whined, but he just shushed you, and went further in. He was slow while getting in, always waited a few seconds after a few centimeters, but now, when he's fully sheeted inside you, almost kissing your cervix he was almost losing his self-control. But he remembered that this is probably his first time and It should be nice, so he bites his lower lip while his hips went back just to go forward again. You whined, you could feel every inch of his cock, how it dragged against your gummy walls. While he started to create a pace he grabbed your hips, to gain a little more strength behind his thrusts. Surprisingly, you quickly got used to his cock, so he got a little bit bolder and snapped his hips more. The hardness of his thrusts made you scream. Luckily your parents aren´t home. "N-n-nii-chaaan" you moaned, it was embarrassing, but you couldn´t care less, he´s fucking your brain out right now. His pace went up, his arms planted right next to your face, and you could feel his chest on yours. He smiled at you, but his hips snapped so fast, with such a force that you only could roll your eyes back in your head. The second knot was forming inside you, and it went even tighter when his mouth got attached to your throat and sucked as his life depends on it. "Aka-ha-Akaashi-nii, stop, people will a-ask." Surely your throat will be full with red-blue spots. "I don´t care"  he just mumbled. You didn´t care either now, the knot in you was about to explode. Your hands searched for anything to hold on to and found his big shoulders. Your nails dug in his skin, which spurted him on even more. "Fuck-I´m cumming y/n" he went up again head in his neck, your hands fell on the bed which you grabbed on now. His thumb rubbed big circles on your little nub, his pace got sloppier. "Cum for me Princess." And so you did. You just saw stars while your eyes closed and your legs trembled. Shortly after he followed and shot his semen inside you, deep down. A loud groan echoed through the room until it went all silent. He crumbled down right beside you, only your loud breath filled the room. You could feel the white substance dripping out of you. "I love you Akaashi-nii," you mumbled only to fall into a deep slumber. But one thought swirled through your thoughts, didn´t you learn in school that sex could make women pregnant?
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arcanaimperii · 8 months ago
Here are my headcanons for after TOA
Apollo returns to Mount Olympus, but he finds that he can't adapt to life with the other gods. He sees their selfishness in everything they do. Every time he has to change his form to be taller than a mortal, he feels guilty for participating.
Whenever Zeus speaks, he hears Nero's voice and he sees Meg's face. He thinks about how she is living freely with the other children who escaped, and he feels ashamed that he hasn't done the same.
He finds himself exchanging exasperated eye contact with Dionysus more and more. He used to laugh at his brother, but he now understands his frustrations. He wonders if Dionysus actually likes having to live at Camp Half-Blood, because it means he doesn't have to see their father.
He comes up with excuses to miss events at Mount Olympus. The other gods gossip amongst themselves, most of them suspect that he's chasing after another mortal. Only Dionysus and Artemis seem to understand what he's actually doing. When he does come to Mount Olympus, Athena will watch him, a thoughtful expression on her face.
He visits his children at Camp Half-Blood often. He teaches archery and music, and he helps Will when any campers need healing.
He spends a lot of time talking with Chiron. He still hasn't come to terms with his experiences as a mortal, and how he will cope watching his mortal children growing up and eventually dying. Chiron, who has taught mortals since Apollo gave him the task, shares his own experiences. They come to understand that they will have to rely on one another for support.
He also visits Camp Jupiter. He realises that most of the demigods will never know their immortal parent, and lots of them don't have a connection with their mortal parent either. He tries to be there for all of them, even though he knows he can't make up for what their parents have done.
He can't spend much time with Artemis and her hunters. But they agree to meet up as often as they can. They try and coordinate their visits to the waystation. Apollo uses it to spend time with both of his sisters, Artemis and Thalia. They talk about what it means to be a family, and they also keep Jason's memory alive.
When he can, he encourages the other gods to visit their children. Some of them are unmoved by what he tells them, but he notices that Hephaestus makes time to teach his children new skills. It is something at least.
Meg and the other children spend their summers at Camp Half-Blood. Apollo makes sure he is there as much as he can be. He watches her grow up, and he is proud of her strength. They argue, tease each other, and talk about the memories that haunt them. Meg tells him that when he's ready to fight Zeus, she will stand beside him. He did the same for her.
Apollo knows that Zeus may never be overthrown. His power is too great. But he also knows that when demigods and gods work together, even things that seem impossible can happen. Until then, he will do his best to be the person they need.
Sometimes people call him Apollo. Sometimes, they call him Lester. He used to hate that name, but now it is comforting.
Piper chooses not to return to Camp Half-Blood. But she does meet up with her friends when they are on a break from school. She even invites Apollo to join them. It is good to see her, she is healing on her own terms.
He is proud. Proud of his children and the strong, loyal people they are. Proud of Meg and the path she has chosen for herself. He is proud of Dionysus for rejecting the box their father wants to put him in, though he'd never admit it. Sometimes he is even proud of himself for the steps he is taking, although they still feel so small and like they will never be enough. But as the weeks turn into months, and then years, he realises that each step brings him closer to something better.
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hobidreams · a year ago
november 1868.
Tumblr media
but you’ve always been his, haven’t you?
pairing: joseon king!yoongi x reader genre: smut, angst words: 2.8k contains: historical au, mentions of death, unhealthy relationship dynamics (but era-appropriate; you know how it goes), explicit sexual content, longing.
moonlit throne index. this is drabble eight. start from the beginning?
Tumblr media
If there is one inevitability in life, it is that time goes on.
You, like everyone else under King Yoongi’s reign, simply do your best to survive with your head intact. With the ground now mostly frozen over with ice, you have no reason to visit the gardens, and honestly, it becomes less of a loss by the day. You have your hands full with work; the worsening winter always means a higher possibility of catching an illness for the court ladies, and so you are left with little time to think of the king. Willful ignorance is a powerful defense mechanism when even the mere mention of him brings a frown to your lips and a lingering pressure in your chest.
But it is impossible not to think of him today, on the 11th of November. What would have been Queen Jeonghui’s birthday, but is instead a day of mourning.
All official business has more or less halted for the day. The entire palace is somber, the occupants moving through familiar routines feeling numb from more than just the cold. You are among their number, having finished all the work that could distract you while the sun set. Now, you wander in the pitch dark, through the open corridor towards your quarters with heaviness in every step.
You miss her laugh. The queen had always treated you like one of her own, asking after your interests, new discoveries, and health even while her own dwindled. You miss hearing the stories of her surprisingly rambunctious life before she came to court. You miss the brightness in her voice when she spoke of the hopes she had for the future of the kingdom, and for her precious Yoongi. You blink away a tear as your journey comes to its end.
In your small but private room, you begin to undo the straps of your hanbok with the relieving sense that this day is almost over. Stripped to your undergarments, you’re eager to crawl beneath the warm blankets and let blissful sleep take you into tomorrow as soon as your eyes shut.
Except sleep is not easily persuaded to come tonight, as you soon learn.
Even when you force your body to stay still as long as possible, even when you try to block out all thought and simply imagine blankness before you, you remain no closer to dreams, forcibly stuck in this bleak reality. That’s when your exhausted mind begins to wander to places most dangerous, even though you already vowed to stay far, far away.
You wonder whether the king is alone in his grief tonight. Has he eaten properly, or has he completely shut himself away? Does he even have enough heart left to mourn from all you’ve witnessed these past months?
(This last thought is what makes you ache the most, despite yourself.)
Then a quiet voice mutters your name from outside.
You blink and look up, uncertain whether it was just the wind. Who would it be at this late hour anyway? Who would be so bold as to call your name and not your title? But then the sound comes again, louder this time with some impatience in the syllables, and you realize exactly whose voice it must be.
Scrambling to your feet with the chill of losing the blanket sweeping over you, you have a split second to decide between keeping him waiting and having a proper appearance. You land somewhere in the middle, pulling on a loose, long jeogori that was once your mother’s before throwing the door wide open before you can think it through.
Damn all the odds.
It really is him.
In the moonlight, his hair seems almost ethereal with the way most of it cascades loosely around his shoulders. It’s fine, pale gold, spilling across the crimson dye of the royal robes that have been left slacker than is normally allowed in public company. There’s still a hardness in those midnight eyes, a set obstinacy in lips twisted down for a scowl that seems all too inherent to him now.
“Jeonha,” you exhale, more breath than sound.
How are you meant to receive him after all that has happened?
Wordlessly, he moves forward. You flatten yourself against the wall to allow him entry into your tiny home, your world without question, just like you always have. His sleeves brush past you as he walks and the incredibly subtle scent of plum blossoms begins to swirl around the air, so familiar it brings a hot sting to your eyes in an instant.
“Is that—”
“Shut the door.” His voice is biting, forcing you to drop the question.
You have little choice in the matter. When you turn back to face him, this room feels about three times smaller with the imposing aura that emanates from him. He has never felt more like a king to you than now, staring at you down his nose like he holds your life in his palm. At this distance, you fear he can hear the palpitations of your treacherous heart.
“Um.” You involuntarily wrap your hands around your stomach, trying to calm the jitters. “…How may I help you, jeonha?”
His lips curl in a smirk, but there is no real humor in it. “You must know the only thing a man and woman can do alone at night?”
Surprise is so blatant on your face that it amuses him; the smirk grows wider but remains empty still.
“You— You wish to do that?”
He raises an eyebrow. “Did you or did you not say to come if I had anything I required?”
He remembered. He knew it was you. A part of you thaws, just an inch.
“Still— Must… Must it be tonight?” Of all nights.
“It has to be.”
You swallow, dry. All you know of the act are the medical descriptions and consequences of such copulation as written out in your studied texts. To think of such a thing occurring in real life— to even consider it with the king! It was beyond your wildest thoughts, even when you used to let your childhood fantasies soar. But even more ludicrous than that, for him to consider being with you, a mere uinyeo when all the ministers routinely brought their high-born daughters to court in hopes of tempting him… “W-What of the court ladies, the ones waiting to be made concubine…?”
At your last word, he scowls like a bolt of lightning, gone before you can confirm that it was there at all. “I see.” He shifts, as if already prepared to leave. “I should have gone to them first.”
Your stomach drops.
The prospect of a random woman wrapping herself around him in seduction, holding him closer than he’s ever been to you… You wince. The mere thought of how he might fit against her, leave a part of himself inside her body, strikes envy deep into your mind. Especially when you consider all that could follow such an intimate act.
You know it’s not your place to be so concerned; it never has been, but damn it. Here he is in front of you, and not them. That has to mean something.
“No!” You blurt out, and watch his face darken with satisfaction. That in itself makes you fiercely aware of how much he has changed but still, you say, “no. Don’t… don’t go.”
In a stroke of boldness, you slip the jacket from your shoulders and let it fall to the floor.
“Good girl.”
It all happens so quickly.
Grasping your arm, he brings you to him with one strong tug. Invades your space with his heat. You’ve never been this physically close before but you are given no time to savor it. Your eyes search his for a hapless second before he forces his gaze away with a light whip of his hair. For a second, you think like he might kiss you, but that particular touch never comes.
“Bed.” The air around the word makes it sound like he’s rushing as he pulls you both towards the mussed bedspread, but of course it’s not that. It’s almost laughable, the thought that he would want so badly to claim you as his. It’s more likely that he wants any warm body beneath him, and you happened to be the most convenient.
As he pushes you to the floor, as he begins to strip you of your undergarments, your mind struggles to set aside your worries and the rest of the world with it to focus on the feeling of his unobstructed fingers on the skin he reveals with each passing second. For a moment, it works. For a moment, all you know is the heat of his desire as he throws aside most of your coverings, then discards his own as if they were nothing more than cleaning rags. Staring at his bare body for the first time, you take in all the lean muscle that make up his chest, the paleness of his skin that brings to mind the word delicate. It’s at complete odds with the ugliness that’s surrounded him for so long and really, you don’t know what to believe anymore as he rakes his eyes over you too.
You’re shivering. Keenly aware of your nakedness, made even more stark when your king practically fixes you to the floor with his presence alone. He must know this is all new to you, that he’s the only one able to put you in this position even after everything he’s done. But will that afford you the tenderness you so crave? Your pulse thunders in your ears as you await the answer.
“Turn over. On your hands and knees.”
Your breath hitches.
He doesn’t even want to look at your face.
You choke back the emotion that yearns to spill over, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of knowing exactly how he affects you when he doesn’t allow you the same luxury. You’re stronger than this, even though your fears have just been confirmed. That this, his broad hand harshly squeezing your ass, is the only reason he broke through the thick wall of silence between you. That he treats you just like any other woman, not one he’s known all his life.
What does it say about you that you’re still willing to give him everything?
His other hand trails down your back as if lightly scratching an invisible character there. Then, when he reaches for your sokgot, the last bit of cloth left to you, it truly hits you that there will be no going back from this. Not after he physically carves himself into your memory. It makes you unthinkingly tense up; in turn, the hands against you stutter to a pause.
The silence feels thick, smothering. Then—
“Are you afraid of me?”
You say it before you can decide whether it’s the truth or merely what you wish would be the truth.
He leaves you wondering if that was the answer he wanted and resumes, undoing the ties, pulling away the layer that wants to cling to the slight wetness between your thighs. Evidently not one for wasting time, and why would he linger when he just wants an easy release anyway, he runs the tip of his thumb down your slit before pushing eagerly into your heat. The lewd moan that you emit is a noise you’ve never made before, and it makes your face burn with shyness.
You’ve touched yourself like this perhaps three times ever, more out of medical curiosity than anything. You didn’t quite see a point in it when it just left you feeling lonely once the high faded. But under your king’s control, it feels maddeningly new. Maybe it’s because you don’t know what he’s going to do next, like when he suddenly pushes in a second finger and you feel the spike of pain work its way through your limbs before giving way to the next wave of pressure. It’s just almost too much to take, his insistent kneading against your dripping walls.
“Your cunt is so fucking tight. Just for me? Only take my fingers like this?” He feeds you another finger when you nod, huffing a smirk at your whine. The unfamiliar words are as harsh as his hands. You’ve never heard him like this, so rough and cocksure, practically an utter stranger. But a stranger could never bring out such overwhelming emotions in your chest, your poor, confined heart.
Your legs are soon shaking with the strain of holding up your weight when pleasure and pain war so intensely in your body; but you don’t dare collapse in surrender, even though this has always been a losing battle. Not even when he rears back, replacing his cream-slick hand with what you think is the blunt head of his cock. He whets it along your folds and it feels so much thicker, intimidating like the rest of him. But you want it. You realize then just how much you want it, even if this is all you’ll have of him when it’s over.
He leans over you, hot breath whisking across your back, a palm on your hip. “I’m your first.” It sounds like a boast. “No one else.”
“No.” You shake your head. “No one else.”
And he takes his first stroke.
Hisses when he feels you squeeze around him, and you wonder if this is his first time too. Then you have to force yourself to stop thinking about that altogether, afraid that the real answer might hurt more than this: the ache of being spread apart with every brutal, solid inch, filled too quickly by a man who doesn’t seem like he could take things slow even if he wanted to. He keeps shoving forward, biting down every surfacing grunt as his nails dig into your waist and it hurts. It hurts so much but you grit your teeth, refusing to back down because you need him to know that you can take this. Even when your mouth feels drier with every yelp, every moan, you tell yourself it’ll be easier the next time he wants to have his way with you. Right now, that seems better than not feeling him at all.
“This cunt,” he finally growls when he bottoms out, for once sounding so unbridled that goosebumps speed down your weakening arms. But you find yourself liking the sound, craving it even as he pauses to catch his breath.
The first few thrusts are slightly awkward. Just his hips bumping against your ass as he tries to find his footing. It doesn’t take long until he picks up a rhythm. Starts to slam into you, jolting you forward. Soreness starts to grow exponentially with a foreign feeling you think might just be pleasure spreading throughout all of you. You concentrate on that in lieu of your knees forced repeatedly against the hardness of the wooden floor, the bedding too thin to provide any real comfort.
“Jeonha,” you gasp on a particularly deep thrust, and he seems to like that. Strokes faster in response (or perhaps reward). You don’t even register that you’re half-smiling when he does, having learned something about him that is privy to only the two of you.
On top of that, he can’t seem to stop touching you. It goes beyond the way he fucks into you, more into how he can’t stop exploring the expanse of your back with his nails or with his mouth, sucking stinging marks into your body. It’s as if he needs to have as much skin contact with you as he will allow himself, needs to feel your warmth just as much as you crave his. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking, but you try again with a hoarse, “jeonha.” He gives it to you harder, rousing, stoking that dangerous tension.
You don’t even notice his mouth beside your ear until— “Mine.”
He claims you, and something inside you melts. Not a particularly powerful feeling but a sea change nonetheless, a weak peak that ripples out, thrums through you both. He allows you to submit to the sensation for a few scarce seconds before he tears himself away, leaving you to pulse around nothing, whimpering from the emptiness. You barely recognize the sound of skin on skin friction but suddenly, heat splatters across your back, white painting itself over your skin as he gives one, elongated exhale and it’s over.
The king backs up, shifts away. Lets any lingering warmth between you dissipate into the ice air of winter, but this time he holds your gaze with a certain firmness, as if trying to pluck out the slivers of truth in your expression. In his eyes, the thin scar ever carved down the right, you find only more depths. Fathomless, endless depths – dark and painful still.
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zy-zen-nies · 5 months ago
Treacherous 01.
Treacherous (adj.)  guilty of or involving betrayal or deception.
Warnings: vulgar foreign language/ foul language, sexual and suggestive themes, betrayal/ betrayal between Johnjae, Illegal drug dealing, mention of blood and wounds, use of gun, smoking, mention of death/ murder, minor character death. This is my first time writing a kind of detailed smut and it`s badly written I`m sorry. I don`t know much about law but I tried since this is kind of Vincenzo au a little far from it but kind of like that and I`m amateur when it come`s to writing again I`m sorry. All Italian/foreign words came from google translate.
► Part 2
Word Count: 10.1k 
Disclaimer: All characters and events in this story even those based on real people are entirely fictional.
Tumblr media
"Envious causes jealousy and jealousy causes hatred, hatred turns Treacherous causing sins to one another,"  you said letting out a sarcastic chortle.
 "Revenge, you said you want your revenge and I`m more than happy and dreadful to help you" his eyes are flaming and burning fire the beast inside him threatening to come out as anger forms and creeps inside him.
"I`m still not satisfied" you retorted emphasizing each word that is coming out of your lips. 
Tumblr media
Takara Nakajima is one of the most corrupted Lawyers under Gongpyeong law firm has the dirtiest secret and dirt under their family`s name, the enemy of Ferrante`s. One of the cases you need to solve without any of your relatives knowing except for your one adopted cousin Johnny Jun Suh also distinguished as John Ivano Ferrante American/Korean, an Italian citizen.
Tumblr media
"Where are you at 10:00 PM when the victim is rape?" His lawyer asked pacing back in forth waiting for the employer to answer.
"Again I will ask you where are you at exactly 10:00 PM when the victim is rape?" the lawyer questioned the employer again you can see that the employer is fidgeting his fingers and his eyes wandering the room one of the signs that he can be guilty.
"I-I`m home that night I didn`t do anything I didn`t put drugs in her drinks," the employer asserted.
"Objection your honor, Under sexual violence prevention and victims protection act, article 36 any person who dismisses a victim from employment or takes any other measure unfavorable to a victim, in violation of Article 8, shall be punished by imprisonment with labor. In the sexual violence prevention and victims protection act, article 8 No employer shall dismiss any victim or take any other unfavorable measure against him or her on the ground that he or she is the victim of sexual violence and this is what exactly what the employer doing now" you glance at the employer who is accused of doing sexual assault and attempted rape still contradicting what he has done.
"And let me ask one question please allow me your honor" you face the judge waiting for his approval.
"Let`s hear it" the judge simply said and you bow at him.
"No one, not even the police or anyone talks about you putting drugs on her drink, or perhaps you really did?" you ask the employer with anticipation waiting for him to reveal the truth and justice will be served.
"I didn`t, I said I didn`t! byeongsin saekki" the employer said and you glare at him for swearing.
"Your honor this footage from the witness will prove that he's guilty of the accusation that he`s getting" you fight back and you give the flash drive to them and insert it.
"Your honor we decline to accept this evidence!" the lawyer of the defendant said.
"It`s still evidence from the witness you have no choice," you said crossing your arms.
"Quiet! let`s watch the evidence" the judge proclaims making you all stop.
They watch the video of the girl being hauled in a dark place and how the employer does something very unpleasant and the video finishes again and now you still have the victory.
"Employer 5890 will be punished with imprisonment with labor for not more than three years" the judge announces and finalize it with the victim's family crying for winning the case. You walk out of the court with the cold aura you have going back to your office again.
Tumblr media
"Congratulations Y/n or should I say, Chiara Allesandra Ferrante," the person said sarcastically you look at your mortal enemy worst of the worst Takara Nakajima daughter of Nakajima Hiroto owner of Nakajima Enterprises.
"Shut it Nakajima Takara" you rolled your eyes at her purposely bumping your shoulder to hers making her huff.
"Just accept it that you can`t win a single case without bribing the judge how pathetic of you Na.Ka.Ji.Ma" you emphasize her surname with a mocking tone making sure she heard it even though you`re not facing her.
"What did you just say? Apologize now!" Takara is a partner in the Gongpyeong law firm and one of the bossiest ones.
"Mi dispiace, patetico moccioso" you purposely said it since she`s Japanese and she won`t be able to understand that you say "I`m sorry you pathetic brat." you leave her with a teasing grin tainted in your lips.
"What did you just say!?" Takara said stomping her feet to the ground.
"Goodbye," you sing while walking away from her.
You open the door of your office startled by Johnny who is admiring your office, you promptly ran in his direction and hug him as tight as you could. Johnny Suh or John Ivano is not just someone who is adopted for you, you see him as an older brother and a best friend. He is one of the best lawyers in the country and also known worldwide, renowned, and acknowledge as John Ivano Ferrante. Raised by two Italian couples at the age of 3, his parents died in a car accident the cause is still not solved after years of striving for justice to be served. But there is one saying in the Ferrante clan; Never trust anybody because you can find faults and sin even in the most righteous person.
"Ivano!" you jumped to him making him carry you in his arms while you`re clinging to him like a koala.
"Johnny, just call me Johnny" he let out a breathy chortle removing you from his tight grasp shuffling your hair the height difference didn`t help at all.
"Don`t mess up my hair my hairstylist is not available right now, you know Ivano" you emphasize his name teasingly because he doesn`t like to be called Ivano in private unless you called him John.
"Then stop calling me Ivano I`m Johnny okay? want me to spell it out for you?" Johnny raised his eyebrows at you while crossing his arms.
"Fine, fine sorry" you grin at him and shove him off of your chair to sit in it comfortably.
"So? when did you come back? you should have told me you know" you rant at him opening your laptop to explicate to him the new plan that you two have been plotting for approximately 5 years.
"I just got here yesterday night, what`s with the change of plan?" Johnny asked, making his self comfortable on the couch in front of you.
" We can`t stick to the old plan it might affect the others if we continue it so I change it, here look" Johnny stood up from his seat to move to your table and check the new plan.
"Illegal drugs transaction to sexual attraction?" Johnny read it with a furrowed eyebrows analyzing all of the pictures.
"Yes, Nakajima has been selling and importing drugs tricking their clients to buy it by using sexual attraction it`s been going on since the 2000s there are 5 lawyers who fight for this case but Nakajima is always playing the game dirty" you explain to him solemnly, showing him different files and pictures.
"I did some research about them last week the drug dealing is still going on around, we`re still finding Tajimamori Yamamoto one of their oldest lawyer and the most trusted. In the year 1998 Tajimamori fight for the Nakajima case until in the year 2000, Tajimamori just suddenly disappear out of nowhere without any traces. He`s the ace card that we need to find" Johnny explains tapping his fingers on the table, eyebrows furrowed.
"We don`t have much time left, we need to finish this within 6 months we can`t afford to lose this time" you lean back to your chair pinching your nose bridge.
Once this case opens up and once you win the case the Nakajima will fall, Takara Nakajima, you better get ready.
"Revenge is a dish best served cold," you said while clasping your hands together.
"Va servito freddo, that`s the spirit Y/n" Johnny smirk and so did you, without Johnny, this thing will be absurdity and nothing.
"Since you win a new case today lunch is on me c`mon let`s go," Johnny said and you take your purse and clung your arms to his, flashing him a bright smile.
Johnny drives into a nearby restaurant pulling up his car to the parking area when your phone opens by itself with a vibrate. Sign that someone is calling you, you look at Johnny and he nods at you as a gesture to answer the phone. He still didn`t turn off the ignition so you stay in the car and answer the phone.
"Hello? who is this?" you stated through the phone pretending that you don`t know the person calling you.
"Hi, I`m the Information hacker that you`ve called last week I just landed in Korea, can you tell me where I can meet you? I`m in your office right now." the person answered you playing along with your silly joke.
"Oh yeah, I`m in a nearby restaurant I`ll send you the address please feel free to join us for lunch," you said politely to the phone and ended it, you send the address and you go in with Johnny.
"Is that the Information hacker?" Johnny asked with a little off tone in his voice.
"Yeah, I invited him for lunch" you answered him and he only nodded.
"Ms. Ferrante?" you and Johnny heard someone called your name and you stood up from your sit to greet the person.
"It was nice to meet you" you greet him and he gives you a smile showing his whites pearly.
"The pleasure is mine," the guy said back and you smile at him.
"My name is..." the guy was about to Introduced himself when Johnny hastily cut him off.
"Ten Adriano Rossi" Johnny said while wiping his lips with a napkin.
"How did you know him?" you look at Johnny curiously, gesturing Ten to seat with a jaunty grin.
"Don`t you recognize him? he`s ten!" Johnny said calmly.
"Ten lee!?" you exclaimed acting like you don`t know him and he smiled at you opening his arms for you to hug him.
"I`m still here you know?" Johnny cleared his throat and rolled his eyes at you and Ten.
"Okay, okay no more funny business and let`s proceed to the plan," Ten said.
Johnny explained all of the new plans to Ten including the outline of the goals, objectives, measurements, action steps, and responsibilities for each step and negotiation.
"Here`s the information that you need about Tajimamori Yamamoto, he`s seen last week at Osaka and Tokyo and he soon flies to Toronto, Canada." Ten spoke and he settled the brown envelope on the table making sure no one is listening or looking at your conversation.
"Also, yesterday I was hacking the system of Nakajima enterprises but when this confidential file suddenly showed up, I think it`s the record of the money they have been Illegally pocketing," Ten said, sipping the coffee from the cup. The serious look never fading from his face.
"We should keep all of this evidence in a private place where we can easily find it but no one can, once we puzzled this informations and evidence we can open up the case against them with solid evidence that can make them fall," Johnny responded.
Get ready Nakajima the person who will destroy you is already plotting your worst nightmare, Il karma è un boomerang, il mio amato nemico; "karma is a boomerang, my beloved enemy."
Johnny and Ten excuses themselves for a minute to talk about something more private leaving you alone to clear your mind, when renjun`s number pops up on your phone screen. You didn`t answer it at first maybe he was just gonna ask you to buy something on your way home, it`s the 5th time he`s been calling you and it`s like he doesn`t want to stop until you answer. So, you finally answer the phone.
"Y/n!? what the fuck!? I`ve been calling you!" Renjun said through the phone the stress and nervousness in his voice are obvious.
"Watch your language Renjun, what is this time?" you asked him with a stern voice.
"Y/n, you need to get home we have a problem it`s hard to explain just go home right now okay?" Renjun said and he quickly cut the call.
You texted Johnny that you will go home first and he replied "Drive safe" that`s enough for you, you quickly drive to your home it`s a minute drive from the restaurant to home but you could care less how fast you`re driving right now. You know Renjun more than anyone, by just the tone of his voice you already know that something is off. Getting out of the car, you open the door of your house with Renjun behind Doyoung while pacing back and forth biting the tip of his finger.
"What`s going on!?" you asked them, sitting on the couch with heavy breathing.
"Doyoung, Hyung accidentally hack our own system, and the tax evasion record of Tremblay corp is locked and can`t be open" Renjun explained while Doyoung is fully focusing on the computer his finger tapping it so fast.
"What!? Kim Doyoung!" you said his name a little louder making him face you.
"Eojjeorago!? If Haechan is not being an ass and if he didn`t annoy me earlier I wouldn't have accidentally hacked our system!" Doyoung said, asking you what do you want him to do about it a little louder than yours.
"Geuraeso mwo!? I was telling you about the codes but you keep shoving me off!" Haechan fight back and Renjun and you sit there pinching your nose bridge in unison.
"Yah! you two come here now!" you exclaimed a little higher and louder than usual, the two of them stand in front of you and you stood up from your sit grabbing your handbag. At first, you calmly smile at them before hitting them lightly with your bag making them ran away and you chase them.
"Kim Doyoung! Lee Haechan! get your ass in here!" you yelled at them and their playful laugh is only what you heard.
"Y/n, calm down!" Renjun yelled while the three of you, Doyoung, and Haechan is running around the living room.
"Wait, let me explain okay!? Mianhe" Doyoung stops running holding his hands to his chest breathing heavily with Haechan. While Renjun is just standing there his hands resting on his hips stifling his laughter.
"Fine! and you two Johnny and Ten!" you glare at them, Johnny gulps and so did Ten awkwardly scratching their neck.
"You said that you`re just gonna talk in private but why are you two here!?  you two went here first leaving me there!" you grab the pillow and throw it at them luckily they dodge it.
"Now explain" you sat back on the couch a sigh escaping your lips while rubbing your temple softly.
Doyoung explained everything about the system and how he can claim it back in just a few minutes and that`s enough to ease your worries. Of course, you trust Doyoung so much he`s like your sibling but losing all of the confidential files is different.
Tumblr media
"Yun-o, this is the information we gathered about Chiara Allesandra Ferrante she`s also known as Y/n," Yuta said and he leaves the office when another person enters the door.
"Stop investigating her, you will get nothing" Johnny glares at Yun-o who is peacefully sipping the wine.
"Why? is it because she`s your cousin or maybe something else?" Yun-o dropped the envelope on the table chuckling at his response at Johnny.
"Stop putting any malice about me being protective to her will you? Jaehyun il ragazzo innamorato" Johnny tease him by calling him il ragazzo innamorato;"The lover boy"
"Well, stai zitto Ivano" Jaehyun tease back making Johnny glared at him again. stai zitto Ivano; "Shut up Ivano"
Jaehyun or Yun-o owner of Neo tech enterprises, one of the most successful men in South Korea, a pile of girls ready to get in his pants and ready to risk everything just for him. Jaehyun has a visual like Goddess if you`re gonna describe perfection many will use him as an example. Looks, style, professionalism, maturity you can see it all in him.
"I`m warning you Jaehyun," Johnny said seriously taking another sip of wine from his glass.
"I won`t do anything I swear" Jaehyun patted his best friend's shoulder going back to his seat.
"How`s the branch in New york going?" Jaehyun brought up the conversation about their joint company.
"It`s doing good, nothing bad so far but we might get ready we don`t know what will happen. I guess you know what I`m talking about since you`re investigating Y/n" Johnny responded, leaning to his seat with eyes shut. A lot is going on in his mind these days, and half of it is you.
"Well, we are well prepared for that. Just tell me whenever you need my help and by the way, I met Mr. Tremblay last week he seems like he`s in a hurry so we don`t have much time to talk" Jaehyun said staring into a space in his room going deep in his thoughts.
"Yeah, and I heard that his son is hitting on Y/n, his son is an amateur piece of shit," Johnny said letting out a "tsk" gulping down the wine he's drinking making Jaehyun sneer at Johnny.
"Jealousy, dude" Jaehyun tantalized.
"Shut up!" Johnny groaned.
Tumblr media
"Ms. Ferrante you need to go with us!" The door of your office suddenly opens with a loud bang making you jolt in your sit and so did Kun.
"What!? this is absurd" Kun defended you holding your wrist preventing the officer from dragging you away.
"No, Kun it`s okay just call Johnny it`ll be fine," you said calmly before grabbing your bag, the police officer assisting you to follow them.
"I`ll come with you," Kun said keeping up with your pace of the walk.
Everyone outside the building is looking at you, sparing you one glance whispering to their partner's ears. Is gossiping a new trend now? it`s funny how people will talk about you and judge you easily when you just show them the part of you that you want them to see and they will act like they know the whole story of your life.
Arriving at the station the officer asked you to sit down so the interview will start.
"We`ll go straight to the point Ms. Ferrante, someone pointed out that you have been selling drugs and there`s one found in your car yesterday. We can finish this up if you cooperated with us" the police interrogated you, showing the evidence.
"I don`t sell drugs, I don`t do drugs, I never keep one," you said rolling your eyes.
"Then what is this then? a laundry powder?" the police ask sarcastically.
"Guarda, I`m not here so just you can tell and ask your not so lame jokes I said what I said, and can I possibly know who reported this bullshit?" you ask squinting your eyes at the officer, you`re not really like this but since you`re stress and for a woman who has a lot of works to do. This interview is a burden.
"Pick up, pick up, fucking pick up!" Kun grew impatient when Johnny is not answering his calls and messages after trying and trying Johnny finally answered the phone.
"Kun take it easy I`m with Jaehyun right now" and Johnny can feel that Kun has an irritated emotion written on his face right now.
"Yeah, you`re with Jaehyun right now while Y/n and I are in the police station right now uhuh," Kun said.
"Come here right now we need you" and then he ends the call waiting outside until the interview ends.
Hours have passed and the interrogating is still going on and Kun is still waiting for you. Johnny finally arrived, fixing the suit that he`s wearing he asked Kun where you are and he assists Johnny inside.
"John Ivano Ferrante, I`m Y/n`s lawyer," Johnny said full of professionalism.
They settled the problem after almost another 1 hour they finally let you leave. Out of curiosity and frustration wondering who decided to frame you. Of course, Takara is one of the options but maybe there is someone else.
"Can I ask who reported me?" letting out a hiss you ask the officer that arrested you.
"No" the officer simply responded to your question and Johnny holds your right arms. Johnny and you are ready to leave but you still want to know who it is so you turn around again.
"won`t you really gonna tell me?" you ask one more time and that`s enough for Johnny to drag you along with him.
"C`mon let`s go" Johnny drag you along with him but you keep removing his grip.
"One last question, please?" you look at Johnny with puppy eyes but it didn`t work so you stop it and stand straight walking out by yourself but before that, you punch his arms lightly enough for him to hold his arms before walking out.
"I hate you" and Johnny only smiles at himself like a fool before following you outside.
You walk outside and took a deep breath, you look for Kun only to see him leaning in Johnny`s car. You walk to him and he smiles at you.
"Thank you," you said at him.
"Kun, can you drive Y/n home for me? I gotta go somewhere," Johnny said giving Kun the key car. Sparing you a glance but you didn`t bother looking at him back, as if he`s not in front of you.
You go home with Kun the two of you use Johnny`s car and you`re worried about him you really do. The rain keeps pouring and it`s getting darker, more hours pass and you grew more worried the rain is getting heavy. You`re thinking how Johnny will get home in this weather, you lean your head against the windowpane the raindrops sliding outside of the pane when you see a glimpse of a familiar figure.
You ran downstairs as fast as you could grabbing a soft towel with you before opening the door. It`s Johnny, Johnny is soaked wet his hair sticking out in every direction possible, a cut in the lips, and bleeding knuckles. You look up at him with worried eyes and he smiled at you. You don`t know what to say but your next action makes him feel at ease, you hug him your chest touching his. The skin contact that makes him feel comfort.
"What happened?" you asked, you don`t know why you are tearing up when he`s the one in pain. He caressed your face softly and he still didn`t say anything. You invited him inside because it`s his home too. You hold his wrist guiding him in one of the rooms, you don`t know if it`s your room but you could care less until you put an ointment and bandage in his wounds. You make Johnny sit on the bed and handed him a towel while you go in the bathroom to get the things you needed.
You slowly applied the ointment on Johnny`s lips where the cut is while your hands are slightly shaking, not minding the tears that are brimming out of your eyes. You next hold his hands to yours softly and more tear brim in your eyes, you`re so weak when it comes to Johnny and you don`t know what to feel about it.
"I-I`ll do it," Johnny said removing his hands from yours before you grab it again.
"No! I`ll do it!" you said through your sobs, wiping your tears away.
"I can do..." you didn`t let Johnny what he was about to say because you know what it is.
"No! I`ll do it, you said you`re just gonna go somewhere but why do you have this cut and wounds in your body!? I hate it!" you said letting it out as your sobs get louder and Johnny only stayed silent. You covered his knuckles with a bandage softly while he let out a loud hiss.
"You`re strong but why do you let your body take all of this!? you know I hate it when something like this happens to you" you exclaimed tears are still falling from your eyes, you touch the cut on his lips again making him hiss.
The two of you stare at each other for a brief moment and Johnny brushes away the strands of hair that are covering your face when your emotion took over you. Your lips landed on his soft ones with your eyes closed he didn`t kiss back, you`re about to pull away when he holds your nape kissing you back. The two of you stay like that for a fleeting moment.
The two of you pulled away forehead resting on one another when the bedsheet cover suddenly moves revealing Ten with a teasing grin making you pull away from Johnny.
"Is it necessary to make out in my room?" Ten asked still wearing the annoying teasing grin on his face.
"S-shut up!" you said and you walk out of the room leaving Johnny and Ten alone.
"How is it?" Ten didn`t stop teasing Johnny so he grabs the pillow and throws it at ten softly before plopping down at the bed letting his body sink in it.
You open the door of your room and you straightly go to your bed burying your face at the pillow out of embarrassment, tossing around the bed messing it up.
"Did you just kiss your cousin? did you just kiss Johnny Suh? It`s okay, right? the two of us are not blood-related anyways so nothing to worry about yes? no?" burying your face on the pillow once again letting out a muffled scream.
The boys decided to have dinner all at once at home so they ordered food for all of you they start calling you, you just keep answering "Okay" so they decided to stop when your stomach makes a grumbling noise. You open the door of your room only to see Johnny`s fist in the air may be to knock? and you look down.
"A-about earlier" you`re about to apologize to Johnny when he cuts you off.
"It`s okay don`t flutter yourself," Johnny said with a smile and you go downstairs with him.
"Don`t Flutter? who said I`m fluttering myself!?" you scoffed and walk past him closing your eyes for a moment from embarrassment.
"Hey, wait up!" Johnny said grabbing your shoulders.
"Let me walk with you" he added.
The rest of you gathered in the dining room. Laughter, warmth, comfort, are filling up the whole room. Oh, gosh you know how much you miss this after almost a year of not being complete you on the times where you only have Renjun, Jaemin, and Haechan besides you.
"This pizza tastes delicious don`t you think so?" you nodded and giggled, your cheeks stuffed with pizza. All of you are laughing that you didn`t even realize who`s the person beside you, you stay silent for a moment before y`all turn your head once again to the person beside you.
"Mark Lee!" you exclaimed locking him with a tight hug.
"Dude, I can`t breath," Mark said tapping your back lightly and you back away.
"Sorry I got carried away" you beam at him and every one of them hugs him what a beautiful and pleasant event.  
"Announcement! we`re all having a party tomorrow so don`t miss out, I`ll tell y`all the location" Mark happily announced, and y`all cheered stuffing your mouth with food.
You excuse yourself to talk with Mark in private, the two of you sat in the living room looking around before proceeding to talk. Mark looks at you with confused eyes.
"So, what`s going on with Mr. Tremblay?" You asked Mark and now he finally understands.
"About that, he`s company is not doing well plus his son keeps asking me about you that I can`t even go on with a day without him asking me things about you since I sign a partnership with them," Mark answered with a sigh before pulling you into a hug and you rest your head to his arms.
"Is Takara invited to the party?" you ask him while you stare at the ceiling and he plays with your hair.
"Yes, she`s Invited" Mark simply responded.
"Can I ask you a favor for tomorrow?" you asked while looking back up at him.
"Sure, what is it?" you smiled at him for agreeing at first he didn`t buy the idea but there`s no way he can say no to you.
"Thank you, Mark!" you cheered.
Tumblr media
"Papà! you should`ve decline! out of all people why Takara!?" you barged in your father`s office throwing a tantrum as soon as you go face to face with him.
"Don`t raise voice at me Y/n! I`m still your father" your father defends which makes you more frustrated.
"Papà! you know that we can`t have any connection with them when it comes to running a company! this might ruin my plan why did you let them sign the contract!" you can`t help but raise your voice frustration is creeping inside you and you can`t help but let it out.
"Trust me Y/n this will help you sooner or later you will realize it," your father said. How can he be so calm when you`re out here in front of him letting your frustration out.
"Cazzo! this is ridiculous!" you fight back.
"Watch your language Y/n!" you had enough and you don`t think you can go on with this conversation.
"I`m done okay? I`m done!" you left your father`s office angrily closing the door walking fast not caring if anyone is looking.
Your father just makes a contract of partnership with Nakajima`s that makes you infuriated early in the morning. How can he sign an agreement with them?
"Did I just mention the plan to my father!? No, don`t worry Y/n he won`t get it" you talk to yourself taking a deep breath before entering your car, you called Johnny and tell him to meet you in your office in an hour.
"Why did you call me here?" Johnny asked while leaning in the doorway.
"Nice timing let`s go and help me find a dress to wear" you dragged him with you.
Johnny keeps whining about how you can ask for Wendy`s help but you keep shutting him from talking, you tried so many dresses and he keeps saying no which makes you pissed off. You choose a dress a long one and a short one for an option you bought it, it was color red you choose the long one with a deep sidecut that shows the skin of your legs.
Tumblr media
Arriving at the party it`s fabulous and it`s full of people around your age mid-20s and the ones in their 20s you spend the whole night drinking when this beautiful handsome man approaches you.
"Pleasure to meet you I`m Jung Jaehyun," He said offering his hands for you to shake it.
"Ciara Allessandra Ferrante but I`m more comfortable being called Y/n plus don`t act dumb I know you. I`m not a fool I know you hire someone to follow me and investigate me, I know by this time you know all of my plans but don`t worry I know you're trustworthy, and you`re friends with my friends." you took his hands to yours and you gladly shake it.
"Jaehyun? I`ve been looking for you" you heard a familiar voice and you`re completely sure it`s Johnny.
"Chill," Jaehyun said with a smile.
"Ciao Y/n I hope you will like my April fools surprise," she said slipping away the wine your holding.
Takara already left and the whole place gets full and crowded with businessmen, suddenly everyone becomes quiet when the news starts playing.
"Breaking news the well-known CEO and Founder of Phoenix corporation have been found dead at exactly 8:30 PM in his house there`s still no answer what is the cause of death" everyone gasp and you can feel a tear escaping your eyes.
"Papà, this is not real!" you said and you walk out of the party going to your dad but Johnny prevented you from doing so.
"Let go!" you said removing his grasp and he holds you tight to his embrace.
"Your father asked me a favor to not make you see him, he wants you to see him when he`s in the coffin" you didn`t hug him back but you keep crying.
"He`s still my father Johnny I want to see him!" you fight back pushing him through his chest but he won't budge. Of course, he`s stronger than you.
"Let`s go home tomorrow you`ll see him" Johnny whispered at you and you can see Jaehyun looking at you with pity in his eyes.
Tumblr media
"You!" you point at Jaehyun.
"Me?" he answered.
"Yes, you who else?" you talk.
"I want you to join us I know that`s your whole point of investigating me anyway," you said sternly and they all look at you.
"What?" you rolled your eyes at them.
"Tomorrow we have something to do, we`ll make our first move of the plan starting tomorrow I can`t tolerate this anymore after what Nakajimas do to my father.
You throw the glass of wine you`re holding in the wall staining it red, your hands holding tight the table with fire eyes in your eyes throwing daggers anger, guilt, and sorrow that`s all you can feel right now.
"It`s hard to enter that place unless you`re a guess they will let you in mostly couples. So, we need you and Jaehyun to pretend like the two of you are a couple" Jeno spoke you`re about to complain but Johnny already did.
"Couple!? them!?" he exclaimed.
"Yeah, anything wrong with that?" Jeno questioned.
"Nothing" he responded almost whining.
The whole planning already finishes and you`re in your room with Johnny laying in your bed comfortably tossing around.
"I don`t get it out of all people in this house why you and Jaehyun?" Johnny complains while you dry your hair.
"There`s nothing wrong with that plus I think Jaehyun kinda look handsome" you try to test the water and how he would react.
"Yeah, right whatever do whatever you want"  Johnny rolled his eyes and you giggled at his response.
"Jealous now are we?" you teased.
"Me Jealous? no way" he said facing the other side of the bed.
"How about we date? I mean it`s not like we`re blood-related we can easily cut ties and we can announce it for the world to know after we make the Nakajimas fall. Sounds good yeah? no?" you ask him seriously and he faces you.
"Really? like for real? but I`m 2 years older than you thought" he said caressing your face softly.
"It`s not like we have a big age gap, why don`t we try it?" you talked scooting closer to him.
"I don`t see why not?" he replied and you smiled at him.
"Does this mean we`re official?" Johnny asks you.
"Yes, baby," you said teasingly.
"Call me that again," he said back.
"No way" you replied and he hugs you, you spend the whole night with Johnny and the two of you surely have fun. It`s doing okay until Kun decided to barge in your room without even knocking.
"We found Tajimamori Yamamoto he`s currently in Tokyo right now, Johnny we need to fly to Tokyo this might be the last chance that we have to find him," Kun said showing the taken picture of Tajimamori leaving his car.
"We`ll fly tomorrow morning we need Jungwoo to come with us, get everything ready" Johnny responds as you stay quiet.
"Go and pack your things, Kun I`ll book you a flight" you talk and Johnny looks at you before standing up.
"I`ll help you pack your things" you added and he gave you a peck on the lips.
"How many days do you think you will stay there?" you ask him.
"For at least 5 days or 7," he answered.
"Take care make sure you come back without any scars I don`t want to lose you like my dad" you softly said, caressing his face to your hands.
You helped Johnny pack his things and you already book them a flight that will leave tomorrow morning. You slept in Johnny`s room and you make sure to embrace him because you can`t see him personally for at least 5 days or 7.
You wake up without Johnny by your side instead you wake up with Doyoung and Haechan bickering outside the room door, you tried to cover your ears with the pillow but you decided that it`ll be better if you stand up and stop them.
"Finally you wake up! go and take a bath we have a lot of things to do today" Ten said pushing you to your room as you watch the house gets chaotic every second.
Tumblr media
"Tax evasion, Illegal drug dealing, murder, sexual assault. We can sue them by using this plus we have Tajimamori as a witness" you explain, gripping the marker your holding too hard that it makes your palms white.
"I can`t hack the system of Nakajima the file that holds their tax evasion can`t be open I need to be somewhere close to them," Ten said along with Doyoung, all of you think of a way to hack their system.
"Tremblay, Tremblay corp! we can enter Mr. Tremblay's office easily since he`s in Canada I heard that he will be back this Saturday. Mark, you can help us right? you're the only one who is closest to him" you talk as you wait for Mark`s answer.
"Yes, that`ll be easy since his secretary knows me. After that, we can finally file the case and go on, but the only problem is that Jungwoo texted me that they`re having a hard time since they land in Japan. Tajimamori seems to notice that they`re following him" Mark let out a sigh and so did you.
"Can we stop this for a moment there`s nothing but a problem here since I arrived," Mark said which makes you slightly offended at his statement?
"What did you just say?" you asked him with a stern voice.
"Look, Im tired okay?" Mark groaned.
"Neither am I but did you ever hear me complain!?" you fight back.
"Everything is not about you! not everything revolves around you so please if you don`t mind I`ll excuse myself for a moment" Mark leaves the room frustrated, he doesn`t know what`s wrong with him but he knows it`s wrong to let out his anger and frustration at you when you feel just the same way as him. He`s not been himself this fast few days because of what happened to your late father who treats him like he is his own son.
"Y`all can rest if you want, you can leave too if you want to, just say it you all know that I`m not forcing y`all into this," you speak softly before leaving the room with a small smile but deep inside you`re hurt.
You took a deep breath after leaving the room you saw Mark in the living room, you tried avoiding his gaze scared that he`s still not in the mood to talk. He`s watching the TV and you stop in your track when you heard the news, you look at the TV and you can see Wendy`s house and they blurred the body, you know it`s Wendy just by the body you know it`s her out of all people why does the world decide to be cruel to you.
"No, no, not her please tell me it`s not her" you broke down in tears as Mark catches you in his arms, you fell to your knees as your sobs et louder while Mark tries to comfort you. Jaehyun watch what`s happening in front of him, he does feel bad for you. You ran upstairs and grab your keys going outside with others trying to prevent you from leaving.
"Y/n, stop!" Mark`s hold your wrist while you look at him with teary eyes.
"No, Mark I have to see my best friend please, please let go" you remove his grip and he stays quiet as he watches your small figure enter your car.
You arrived at the hospital where you see your best friend's cold and pale body.
"How can they be so heinous!? why do they have to kill you!?" you cry in front of your best friend`s lifeless body.
"Just let it out" you look at the person beside you and it`s Jaehyun, did he follow you? you wiped your tears away standing back up.
"Why did you follow me?" you asked.
"Because you`re not in the right condition right now and I know there`s a lot more going on in your minds" you look at him, his side profile is surely attractive and also comforting.
"Thank you Jaehyun I know I just met you personally last week but I mean it" you spoke softly and he smiled, facing you, he holds you by your shoulders crouching down a little making an eye to eye level.
"It`s okay, I know you for a year now because of the investigation thingy I hope that doesn`t make you uncomfortable that I brought that up," He said showing his attractive smile.
"Forget about the couple thingy that we have to pretend I already talk to Mark, just like what he said earlier we can easily enter Mr. Tremblay`s office so try to worry less okay?" Jaehyun tries to comfort you as much as he can. The two of you go around the town making you forget about everything, you wish you can be with Johnny at a time like this but you know he`s in Japan.
Tumblr media
Three days have passed and you grew closer with Jaehyun, you expect Johnny to arrive tonight because they finally persuade Tajimamori to be the witness.
It`s past midnight and still no sign of Johnny so you decided to wait a little more until you just decided to go to bed and welcome him tomorrow morning.
"Babe? baby wake up" you slightly open your eyes because you feel someone poking your cheeks, your eyes are still blurry so can`t see the person clearly.
"Johnny?" you whispered.
"Yeah, it`s me sorry for waking you up I just need to hear your voice" you smile at his sweetness before going back to sleep.
Tumblr media
"Go inside I`ll wait here," Mark said, looking left to the right to check if anyone sees you and Jaehyun entering.
"Doyoung, Ten? we`re in" you said connecting the device they gave you to the pc. They started doing what they have to do as you watch closely when you can feel the cold metal in your neck.
"Jaehyun, what are you doing?" freezing at your position.
"Nothing, it`s just so funny how you trust me so easily Y/n" He let out a chortle.
"What do you really want?" you question with your eyes close.
"I`m the one who should ask you that, you said you want revenge but your revenge is too boring why don`t we spice it up a bit hmm?" Jaehyun spoke while you stay still.
"What do you want me to do then? Kill Takara?" you don`t where you get that kind of braveness because these days you`ve been down.
"Exactly, how about we do that just the two of us?" Jaehyun removes the blade that threatening to cut your skin.
Doyoung and Ten finish what they`re doing and you leave the building along with Mark, everyone that there`s something very different from how you`re acting since you leave the building but they didn`t mention it.
"Make sure to keep your promise" you whispered at Jaehyun.
Tumblr media
"I love you" Johnny whispered at you.
"I love you too," you said back.
"I want the world to know that you`re mine, you want that too baby?" Johnny said kissing your neck, softly marking you.
"Johnny please," you said with temptation in your voice.
"Please what baby?" Johnny asked you with a seductive voice.
"I want you inside me, I want you to touch me and make me feel so good" you whine making him let out a breathy chuckle at your eagerness.
"Will do princess" he answered.
That night you and Johnny take your time with feeling each other as if there`s no tomorrow for it.
Tumblr media
After that night you have been very distant to Johnny and almost everyone in the house can perceive it. You want to distance yourself because you don`t want him to be hurt so it`ll be better this way, it`s better this way. You keep convincing your day every single day that almost every day you argue with him because that`s the only way you can push him away, you want him not to love you anymore.
Today you saw Johnny with a girl and you can`t help but get jealous but what can you do? he`s still your boyfriend. Of course, you will get jealous but why now when you`re pushing him away.
"I told you already she`s an old colleague! nothing more!" Johnny said with a pissed voice.
"Yeah right, an old colleague who loves touching you did you even see yourself earlier you just let her!" you fight back with a loud voice that the boys outside can hear the two of you arguing.
"What kind of boyfriend do that!?" you continued.
"Woah, then what kind of girlfriend accused his own boyfriend of cheating when it`s not even real!" Johnny retorted making you quiet because it`s true and you don`t have anything about that.
"See? I`m right you keep pushing me off! you can`t even look me in the eyes these days and it`s making me sick, thinking what I have done to make you act like this. It`s so fucking tiring!" he retorted as he slammed the door when he leaves your room.
Everyone keeps themselves busy as if they never heard the argument between you and Johnny. Yes, they`re shocked about the relationship between you and him but it`s not their business to interfere.
You cry yourself to sleep while Johnny gets drunk to sleep, tomorrow is the day where you`re gonna meet up with Jaehyun in the place where the two of you talked about.
"I don`t get it! she keeps pushing me away and it hurts! do you know what I`m fucking saying Jaehyun!?" He said drinking beer to beer nonstop as Jaehyun watch his friend get drunk not even stopping him but why?
"Just give her some time maybe she`s tired" Jaehyun responded.
"I always do that but why is it not enough!?" Johnny cried out.
Tumblr media
"Envious causes jealousy and jealousy causes hatred, hatred turns Treacherous causing sins to one another," you said letting out a sarcastic chortle. 
"Revenge, you said you want your revenge and I`m more than happy and dreadful to help you" his eyes are flaming and burning fire the beast inside him threatening to come out as anger forms and creeps inside him.
"I`m still not satisfied" you retorted emphasizing each word that is coming out of your lips. 
"You drag me into this, this heinous sin that you`ve started is burning inside me. Now, everything doesn`t satisfy me anymore" you yelled the tension getting thicker and thicker. 
"Even though you`re gonna kill me you will get nothing, justice is in my palms in this accursed world," Takara intruded your arguing with Jaehyun, writhing her tied body on the chair. 
"Kill me!" Takara said shooting you a bloodshot glare that only makes your enjoyment alive as you slowly walk towards her with a gun in your hand. 
"Takara, Takara, Takara, you see this? this Russian pistol is what I`m going to use to kill you so don`t try me. Now, what part of your body should I shoot first? back of the head, chest, or maybe your mouth it`ll be more enjoyable that way honey. Oh, another idea maybe I should just strangle you to death" you give her face a few taps on her cheeks the leer in your eyes never leaving hers while she hitches her breath scared that any minute you can pull the trigger on her. 
"You have no conscience, do you?" Takara spoke again with a smirk forming on her lips making you more annoyed and tempted to kill her. 
"Of course I don`t, because you know what? It`s a pity the law doesn`t allow me to be merciful that`s what Javert said in Les Miserables and that`s literally me right now you Figlio di puttana!" you cursed breathily giving her a devilish grin making her slap you with her one free hand holding your face you glare at her, anger building up inside you. 
"Merde! do that again and I`ll kill you!" you hold her side to side eyes widening but Takara only laughs at you and you slap her too before you turn your back at her. 
"fuzakeru na! kill me so you can live longer and live in sorrow, happiness doesn`t exist in the world we`re born but the pain does" she shout with anger in her voice and now she reaches your limit.
"I know, want me to end your pain? then I will, I`ll make sure you suffer and Roth in hell! I will let you know what it feels like to be ripped every single day just like what you did to my best friend when she`s the only one who can understand me in this accursed world! you won`t be here if isn`t for your family`s greed, jealousy, and hatred towards mine!" You shout back pointing the gun at her turning back around to face her.
"A fanabla! Takara" you pull the trigger and shoot her straight at her chest making you fell on your knees with tears brimming in your eyes.
"Why am I even crying?" you wiped your tears away as you slowly stood up and spit to your side. 
"You want it, you get it. Ciao Takara" you laugh smirk is drawn on your lips as you walk out of the abandoned place with Jaehyun while whistling like a psycho.
Tumblr media
"Nice shoot out there" you`re startled by Jaehyun`s voice you thought Johnny was the one using your bathroom but when you turned around you`re eye to eye with Jaehyun water droplets falling from his abs with a towel covering his torso down.
"What the fuck are you doing here!?" you said eyes widening.
"Using your bathroom obviously" he answered coming closer to you.
"and who permitted you to use it!? get out!" you pushed him away but he put his shirt back on luckily his wearing his shorts under his towel only to come closer dangerously close that you can feel his hot breath panning to yours.
You back away until the back of your knees hit the bed making you fall with Jaehyun hovering above you, you know this is wrong and you need to stop Jaehyun.
"Stop!" you keep moving away from him but before you can push him the door suddenly burst open with Johnny looking at the two of you his eyes screaming anger, jealousy, hate, and sadness he feels betrayed. He drops the bouquet on the floor grabbing Jaehyun by his collar.
"I trusted you, you bastard!" Johnny was about to throw a punch on Jaehyun when you stop him.
"Baby no it`s not like that, it`s not what you think it is" you plead, holding his arms.
"So, this is the reason why you`ve been so distant to me lately huh?" Johnny glares at you, this is the first time you see him this fuming mad.
"What the fuck!? of course not!" you defended.
Within a second he throws a punch at Jaehyun which Jaehyun gives back at him you tried to stop them but they are much stronger compared to you.
"Johnny please stop" you shout at them making them stop from gripping each other.
Johnny fixes his clothes giving you a painful glance before leaving, why the fuck are you crying when Johnny is the one in pain right now. You quickly follow him not giving a fuck about Jaehyun.
"Johnny please wait, listen to me please, just please" you plead as you grab a hold of his wrist there`s also a tear escaping his eyes which breaks you more.
"Stop! stop okay? I don`t need any of your explanation" he said coldly before shutting the door of his room.
You stand there dumbfounded with your eyes brimming in tears you go back to your room Jaehyun is trying to apologize but it angers you more, irritating you more, hurting you more.
"Get the fuck out of my sight!" you exclaimed as you push him away.
"I don`t want your apology, your sorry won`t fix anything okay!? now live me the fuck alone!" you`re livid and you`re in your pain. Why are you always the one receiving the pain?
Jaehyun doesn`t say anything anymore leaving you alone, you cried your eyes out. You lost your father, you lost wendy, you lost Johnny. What else do they want to take away from you? sometimes you just wanna sleep and get deep in it so you will never wake up in this realm.
Tumblr media
"Johnny listen to me! what you saw there is nothing I swear please, just please at least talk to her. I`m sorry" Jaehyun rub his face using his palms out of stress and frustration while guilt is creeping up in his body.
"Quit with your bullshits! what do you want me to do? believe you after you deceive me by using Y/n? do you think I didn`t know that the two of you killing Takara? Well, fuck this because Y/n didn`t really kill her! It`s Kun" Johnny retorted. Well, Jaehyun is not shocked about Kun killing Takara since he`s an International agent. He glares at Jaehyun who`s speechless at his older friend's outburst.
"Okay, that shit is on me but don`t let it out on her for fuck sake Johnny the one you witness earlier is not what you think it is! I use her bathroom and decided to tease her not seduce her" A sigh escape Johnny`s lips throwing his head back out of mixed emotion.
"Get out I need some time alone" Johnny spoke without looking at his friend, he let his body fall on the mattress running his hands to his face.
You`ve been lying in your bed for a few hours now and so did Johnny making everyone worried and they didn`t even see a single glimpse of Jaehyun. You`re ashamed so ashamed to talk and face them, you`re the one who plans this revenge but you end up ruining it. Of course, you know it`s not you who kill Takara, you heard it from Johnny and there`s nothing more to deny it.
You really want to see him, you really want to feel him, you really want to apologize. Gathering your courage getting a little bit shameless you got up from your bed opening the door you flinch slightly when you see Johnny standing in front of you, his fist in the air maybe he's about to knock? there`s an awkward tension between the two of you. His eyes that full of love every day is now emotionless.
"D-do you want to come in?" you manage to let out but he didn`t say anything.
He cups your face landing his soft lips on yours pulling you back inside your room. He closes the door using his feet, you pull away from him avoiding his intense gaze. He softly touches your chin making you look at him before kissing you again this time it`s passionate and slow. You want him to stop, you really do but you can`t resist him. Within a moment you`re kissing him back too.
A soft moan escapes your lips as you and Johnny let your body fall on the mattress. Johnny hovering above you makes you feel small underneath him it awaken your inner desires. Johnny leaves traces of wet kisses on your neck making you yearn for his touch. He removes his shirt and so did you, throwing it somewhere in the room.
Tongues pressed together in a hot open-mouthed kiss as he kneaded your breast his other hands slowly making it`s way to your clothed core slowly removing it he rub your sensitive clit.
He stops for a moment before pulling away making you whine lightly at the sudden loss of contact. He removes his pants and boxer tossing it somewhere in the room again before positioning himself in between your legs, pushing in slowly his thrust is deep and slow making you moan in pleasure.
"I-I`m sorry" you let out breathily.
His thrust getting a little bit faster making you grip the sheets as he buried his face at the crook of your neck. You know this will be the last time you can feel him this close to you, the last time you can feel his love for you, the last time he will make you feel loved.
"D-don`t stop please" you stuttered out as tears fall from your eyes.
"Don`t cry you know it hurts me too" he kisses your tears away, his thrust getting sloppy as you can feel yourself about to reach your orgasm.
"Baby I`m gonna cum" you moaned gripping him tightly throwing your head back.
"Neither am I, cum for me," he said softly.
He goes to the bathroom to clean you up and getting a shirt in your closet which is his shirt.
"Is this the last time?" you asked him as he slid the shirt in your body before covering you with the blanket.
"Please, I`m sorry. I`ll do anything for you just please don`t leave me you know you`re the only one I have" you cried. You know you still have the others who treat you like their own sister but Johnny is different.
"Y/n our love it`s not just about holding on sometimes it`s about letting go too it`s treacherous if we love each other in this time it can lead to something else" He manages to speak despite of the lump forming in his throat. You sob in his shoulder clutching his shirt not wanting to let go.
"You need to rest, I want you to close your eyes until you heard the door close. Promise me to not open it" you nodded removing your grip on his shirt, you softly lay in your bed. Johnny kissed you on the forehead, you cry more when you can`t feel his warmth close to you anymore.
You heard the soft click of the door closing, you keep your promise you didn`t open your eyes. The memories you made with him flashes in your mind as you fall asleep.
Johnny stops midway before getting his luggage in his room "I love you" he whispered while looking at your room`s door. Proceeding to do his thing with tears brimming out of his eyes.
It`s currently 2:00 AM now and Jaehyun is accompanying Johnny to the airport.
"I`m sorry for what I`ve done I didn`t mean it as that" Jaehyun asks for forgiveness which Johnny gives back with a smile.
"It`s really not your fault and not Y/n`s fault I really have to do this" Johnny said but Jaehyun didn`t get it.
"Do you really have to leave?" Jaehyun asks once again Johnny nodded before leaving his friend alone the smile on his face quickly fades away as sadness took over it.
“I let go because I want you to hold on a little more longer I`ll promise to be back” Johnny said while tears slowly fall from his eyes, looking at the picture the two of you took together.
Tumblr media
‘It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves’ - William Shakespeare
Tumblr media
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honey-milk-depresso · 4 months ago
Twst Riddle and the troublemaker
Hi! My friend suggested me to do this because she notes my headcanons are kinda edgy nowadays and wants me to be a little fluffy now with them. So that’s what I’m doing! Hope you enjoy!
Riddle was currently chasing a certain Ramshackle student who decided it’ll be funny to ride on one of Heartslaybul’s flamingos.
The entire scene looked like a goose chase.
Trey had certainly gave up as he panted and stop halfway, Riddle on the other hand wasn’t stopping even while wearing heels.
“ EXCUSE ME?!” he shrieked.
Trey adjusted his hat and Cater came up from behind him.
“ Do you think they’ll ever stop?” Trey huffed as he sighed.
“Whaddya think?” Cater smirked.
“ No, not you.”
You were like a second Floyd but worse. 
You caused havoc to Heartslaybul and, of course, Riddle himself.
“What? You don’t like me?” you tilted your head innocently, your eyes however gleaming mischief.
“Don’t you play with me, y/n. I have to study, so you better not disturb me. You should do that, too.”
“Huh? But I already did. And you pretty much know everything, red-head.”
He cringed at the nickname. 
“ Fine! What’s the most powerful love potion in existence?”
“ Amortentia,” you replied back without skipping a beat.
He was taken aback. Guess you really did memorized and studied for your upcoming test.
“Well then, good for you. I would be studying, now off you go.”
Okay, now you were really getting on his nerves. 
“Could you just leave me alone?!” he whispered a scream. 
“ No. I got nothing to do.”
“Then go find Ace and Deuce.”
“But I don’t wanna. It’s much more fun to be with you.”
“I don’t find fun with you though.”
“That’s the point. Annoying you is fun,” you grinned.
Riddle gave up and groaned in annoyance, his face draining the red to his original color as he lost hope in ever chasing you out.
“Forget it.”
“I’m the only one who’s always right!! If not, then all that I’ve worked for was…!!”
“Stop it, red-head.”
Riddle couldn’t take it anymore. He felt all his trauma started to haunt him again.
“No I WON’T.”
He had been weakened, so he couldn’t do much except trying his best to scare you away. It didn’t work.
“WHY MUST YOU BE SO STUBBORN?! I DON’T UNDERSTAND-” he choked on his tears. He doesn’t understand.
“..Mother, what am I doing wrong..?”
You squat down to his height, and pulled him into your embrace. You smelt like roses, with a tint of the strawberry tart you ate in the morning and passed on to him.
“You’re stupid, red-head. It’s okay to have fun and time for yourself. So promise me,” you cupped his face with your two hands, “never push yourself so hard that you can’t breathe.”
And just like that, he cried his heart out.
“What in the world are you doing, y/n?”
Weeks after Riddle’s overblot, Riddle had been a little bit more laidback and merciful. But, of course, he still had a goose chase with you, but all was fine. Nothing out of the ordinary.
“Planting red roses.”
“That’s against the rules!”
“ Well, ask yourself, red-head. You won’t need to paint the roses red when they are already red. And don’t you find it weird that the Queen of Hearts like red roses, but planted white roses instead? Weird right?”
Well, you did have a point.
“But- still-!”
“Listen,” you put a finger on his lips, “this is only one rose bush, alright? Let us have one special rose bush amongst the maze. Won’t it make your tea party more significant? I didn’t plant it behind your chair for no reason.”
He sighed. “Fine.”
You smiled. “Hehehehe! That’s the spirit!”
He still finds you annoying, but he’ll admit, he has fun being with you.
Maybe one day, you and him would be true to each other’s feelings.
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hazelquartz · a month ago
Rhapsody of a Veela part 84
Plot: The summer after Y/n graduates from Hogwarts, it is time for her wedding day. While preparing for this she is reminiscing about her years spent at Hogwarts and her relationships with all the boys she has ever ever loved. After the wedding an unexpected guest arrive, giving Y/n a letter.
Pairings: Fred Weasley x Reader, Cedric Diggory x Reader, Draco Malfoy x Reader / Yes I know, so many ships but still, this takes place over a few years so I think it`s fair.
Word Count: 1.9k / This is the final part and Epilogue, in the text there are parts entwined with the lyrics of Buffalo Springfield`s “Expecting to Fly” written by Neil Young, the lyrics really encompass the ending quite well, so please give it a listen. 
Wattpad Link
Part.1 / Part.2 / Part.3 / Part.4 / Part.5 / Part.6 / Part.7 / Part.8 / Part.9 / Part.10 / Part.11 / Part.12 / Part.13 / Part.14 / Part.15 / Part.16 / Part.17 / Part.18 / Part.19 / Part.20 / Part.21 / Part.22 / Part.23 / Part.24 / Part.25 / Part.26 / Part.27 / Part.28 / Part.29 / Part.30 / Part.31 / Part.32 / Part.33 / Part.34 / Part.35 / Part.36 / Part.37 / part.38 / part.39 / part.40 / part.41 / part.42 / part.43 / part.44 / part.45 / part.46 / part.47 / part.48 / part.49 / part.50 / part.51 / part.52 / part.53 / part.54 / part.55 / part.56 / part.57 / part.58 / part.59 / part.60 / part.61 / part.62 / part.63 / part.64 / part.65 / part.66 / part.67 / part.68 / part.69 / part.70 / part.71 / part.72 / part.73 / part.74 / part.75 / part.76 / part.77 / part. 78 / part.79 / part.80 / part.81 / part.82 / part.83 /
Tumblr media
Part.84 – Epilogue: Till` Death do us Apart
Tumblr media
After the remaining ashes had been swept, and all destruction had been repaired there were no more physical signs remaining of what had taken place during the Battle of Hogwarts. The only thing left was the notable absence of the people who should have been there to celebrate the victory with the rest of you. And yet, by the time Summer arrived freedom could not have tasted any sweeter.
You finished your last year at Hogwarts with excellence, along with your friends Hermione, Ginny, Luna and Draco. Fred was not there, once the Battle was won and done with, he returned to London to resume his and his brother`s business venture. Of course, the only reason Fred had ever returned to the castle was to protect you, and now you did not need any protection anymore.
Your father was dead, his legacy never fully passed on to you as it was no longer your burden to bear. He was buried somewhere in an unmarked grave, where no one would ever remember his name.
Meanwhile, your own name had been cleared fully. No one ever feared you anymore, and no one ever referred to you as the heir of Slytherin. You were just you, just recognised for your bravery in the wizarding war. Soon you would come to bear the name of another famous wizard family, one that you could happily and proudly display.
It was tradition at Hogwarts that on the day of the graduate`s departure, they would cross the Black Lake by boat just as they had on their very first day. This was however, your very first time as you had not arrived at Hogwarts along with everyone else. So there you sat gazing out upon the glittering water as the sun went down above the castle you had once called your home. Tears appeared in the corners of your eyes, which you swiftly wiped away with the back of your hand.
“It feels strange doesn`t it?” you whispered, as in your heart you knew this was goodbye. Your time at Hogwarts had passed, and it was now time for a new beginning in your life. A new chapter you could not possibly wait to begin with those you loved.
“Yeah” Draco agreed, him too looking back towards the castle where the pair of you had first met. He remembered the first time he had laid his eyes upon you as if it was yesterday, and he could still feel the very same thing when he looked at you now, bathed in the brilliant orange glow of the sunset.
“What an adventure it`s been” He whispered with a smile.
“There you stood on the edge of your feather
Expecting to fly.
While I laughed, I wondered whether
I could wave goodbye
Knowin' that you'd gone.”
Tumblr media
13th August 1998
You had never felt quite as nervous, as Fleur pressed the pins into your hair carefully she became more and more agitated each time you moved. You looked into your own reflection in the mirror, where your eyes gazed back at you hazily. Fleur had braided your hair in a quite intricate manner, and she was now applying wildflowers with great concentration with no intentions at all for you to ruin her great masterpiece by squirming at the wrong moment.
As Ginny and Luna peeked into the chamber from the doorway, you almost jumped in your chair and Fleur pushed you right down again angrily.
“I told you not to move” she fumed and turned to look at Ginny and Luna with a frown for distracting you. You smiled apologetically,
“Sorry…it`s just that I`m wondering, has he arrived yet?”
Luna was about to say something, and Ginny gave her a warning glare.
“No, I haven`t seen him. But not everyone has arrived yet”
You sank back into the chair and Fleur quickly forced you to straighten back up. Today was your wedding day, and before you had even arrived at the picturesque little chapel you felt like you needed to vomit from the nerves. Behind you the mannequin waited, wearing your beautiful wedding dress. It was quite simple compared to what Fleur had worn on her own wedding day, but to you it was just perfect, and you were sure he would think so to the moment he was to lay eyes on you.
“By the summer it was healing
We had said goodbye
All the years we'd spent with feeling
Ended with a cry
Babe, ended with a cry
Babe, ended with a cry”
You kept asking them if he was there, each time any of your bridesmaids came into the changing room, but to no avail. A part of you were starting to worry if he did not come, but Fleur told you not to worry as your frowning would be sure to be ruining your makeup.
When it was finally time, and you were ready to be escorted into the chapel you held your breath in anticipation. Your heart was pounding and you felt dizzier for every step you took, and as the doors to the chapel opened, alas you got a good look at everyone seated inside on each side of the aisle. Their happy faces turning towards you, the bride - as you prepared to march to meet your husband to be.
There were so many people seated inside, you kept worrying if you would fall and trip on your face as your eyes trailed across the ones seated. All of the Weasley`s nearly took up five rows all in all, and then there was the rest of your school friends; Hermione, Harry, Neville and several others. But he was not there, you could not spot him anywhere at all.
“I tried so hard to stand
As I stumbled and fell to the ground
So hard to laugh as I fumbled
And reached for the love I found
Knowin' it was gone”
Then your eyes finally lifted towards the altar, were Fred awaited you, wearing a wide smile as he saw you walk towards him with your bridesmaids right behind you. It felt like your breath got knocked out of you, but in a good sort of way. Your cheeks were burning, and if there had not been so many people there you would have gladly run up to the alter within an instant.
When you finally reached the altar, he held onto your hand and whispered into your ear.
“I`ve never seen a bride so beautiful”
And then the handfasting ceremony could begin.
Tumblr media
After the ceremony you went outside the chapel to get a little air before the rest of the festivities would commence. You felt so warm, so completely happy and yet there was someone missing there that day. Someone you had thought for sure would come. It would be unfair to say that you weren`t happy, that you would have had your wedding any differently at all. But after all you had been through, there was a faint lingering sadness in the air.
As you stood there under a large willow tree, you thought about it all. Cedric who you had loved with every beat of your heart, Draco who had been there for you just when things could not possibly get any more dark. It would be unfair to say that there was only place for one in your heart, for you there were many and you would not have it in any other way.
“If I never lived without you
Now you know I'd die
If I never said I loved you
Now you know I'd try
Babe, now you know I'd try
Babe, now you know I'd try
You had just been thinking of going back inside when you saw a woman dressed in black approach you from a distance, in her gloved hand she held firmly onto a white letter. It was Narcissa Malfoy, and when she reached you, she pulled a faint melancholic smile.
“Thank you, Mrs. Malfoy, I hope you send him my regards” you replied, just when you came to see that her eyes looked reddened from tears.
“Congratulations Y/n, what a beautiful ceremony. It is unfortunate that my son could not attend, but I choose to attend on his behalf…He would have wanted to see you happy on this day” her voice shakingly announced, and you looked at her pitifully.
For a long time Narcissa had believed that Draco would have been the one you stood by at the altar, but as it happened fate would have it differently.
“Regards…yes, please accept this letter from my son” she pleaded as she reached it out to you with a trembling hand. You were going to ask her if she was okay, just when Fred appeared behind you. Before he could question anything, Narcissa had turned to disapparate from the scene.
“What a strange woman, arriving at a wedding dressed for a funeral” Fred commented grimly, and you looked at the envelope she had placed in your hand.
“She`s been through a lot, you should not blame her for being a little strange”
“What`s that there?” Fred asked curiously, and you carefully opened the envelope.
“A letter from Draco, he did not show…”
In silence you unfolded the letter and held it up for you both to read together. A cool breeze was rustling through the branches of the three, as your eyes moved across the papers written content.
“ Dear Y/n,
I apologize for not having been present at your wedding, but I want you to know that all I ever wanted was for you to be happy, and that I`m more than confident in the fact that the pair of you will be.
By the time you`ll be reading this, I`ll no longer be here. I have accepted my fate, and I do not believe at all that this is a bad way to go. I never wished to keep anything from you, but I knew with certainty that if I ever told you – you would never follow your heart, that you would do everything you could do in order to prevent my death no matter how much it would cost you. You always had a big heart, always put everyone before yourself and I admire you so much for that.
My fate was sealed last easter, when the dark lord requested a meeting with me and my father. I knew for a while before this what was coming, and I knowingly did fulfil my part in the deal, so please do not ever blame yourself for this. I made an unbreakable vow, that I would stand by your side as your husband, no matter what.
Today on this beautiful day I am free, and I am glad. Please do not cry for me, I wish you and F. Weasley all the best.
Love forever, Draco”
The letter slipped out of your hand, just as your tears began to fall. Fred did not say anything, he just pulled you into his arms where your tears ended up staining his white suit, wet. There was not much to say, it must have been inevitable all along. But Draco did not want you to cry, he did not wish to ruin this beautiful day. He wanted you to be happy, and that you knew you`d somehow be.
The end.
Tumblr media
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