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snowy-bones · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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tortoiseshell-dessert · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
consider: ness with heelys
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the-silliest-idiot · 3 months ago
Just believe me
Sims things I did not manage to screenshot
Sonju read a book about fitness and got ripped instantly
Lewis crawled inside Sonju’s tent to watch Sonju sleep did Andrew
Andrew screaming for days that he is hungry and refusing to grab some food or take any helpful action whatsoever
a mysterious lightning strike killing Andrew 
Krone fighting all the children at Gracefield
Isabella murdering Krone with an axe
I’m pretty sure some GF kids are in love now
Demon Edward moved into the Gracefield house to help out
Demon Edward hates Isabella’s guts
Ed’s true love is not Isabella but Bayon 
Sonju running EVERYWHERE
‘Sonju, there is spaghet-‘ NYOOOOOOM
he runs to go and pee, take a bath, sleep or eat literal trash
Parvus came home with 10k simoleons from work
I really wanted to be kind of mad at Parvus for that
...I don’t like it when my sims become rich. I just deleted a lot of their money and then Parvus had to come along
Parvus is too cute to be mad at unfortunately
Sonju got struck by lightning while I was not looking
The other TPN sims stories
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aceofspadegrass · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
I'mma just slip this fanta picture in here so that your writing skills will grow because of the fanta love.
Also Dori is taking him on walk here,he said fanta hates walks and in about how many seconds he said fanta will just flop on the ground immediately getting tired,he is a lazy doggo and we all love him-
This is absolutely precious look at the fried tofu bean go-
They go nyoooooom~
Also, thanks for the writing skill encouragement. Fun fact, unlike what many writers tell people how to make a story such as planning and editing the hell out of it to make it nice and neat, I am basically doing what may as well be me orally telling you the story with very little fixes (Which I do on occasion when I reread it to make sure it makes sense to me but I miss some stuff anyways). I just go tippity-type and hope it's enjoyable. It's a vibe~ What matters is that I'm having a nice time making a story, and you absolute wonderful people have fun reading and getting into the scene with me. :D
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greek-mythographer · 8 months ago
weirdly specific hc asks: the gods + what they'd do at a theme park/amusement park,, favourite rides? favourite snacks?
I'mma just do some mains and my faves
Zeus: he'd probably walk around and eat ice cream while waiting for Hermes to run to the next ride and scream. He refused to go on any rides after Dionysus got sick on the roller coster
Hermes: EVERY RIDE MUST BE RODE. his fav is probably the roller coster that go NYOOOOOOM. Fav snack do be popcorn
Poseidon: he'd play like those mini games for little kids and be the happiest dude ever when he wins a gold fishie. Waterrrr.
Dionysus: ye's drunk the whole time. He'd take the really scary rides and make a party out of them. Any of the drinks except water
Tezcatlipoca: any of the rides you can fall out of this dude is taking them with Ares. If you can accidentally hit a little kid that's even better. Probably wouldn't need to get a drink with how reckless he is he'd be drinking his own blood.
Thor: Thor goes on the really high roller coasters and screams like a 5 year old girl as he zooms down. His favorite is the jungle gym thingie. I could see him being a corndog and pop kinda guy
Moros: he'd just run around and terrorize little kids. Why go on a ride? But then he'd sit down with Thanatos and Ker and have some ice tea.
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eraserdead · 8 months ago
imagine, iida tensei in his high school years, standing behind the corner of this random corridor in UA with this big grin on his face. nemuri and aizawa are some ways behind him. theyre both trying to keep stright faces, aizawa's better at it though.
suddenly we hear hizashi coming down the hall.
"go go go!!!" nemuri whispers.
tensei jumps out, jumps into the air and puts his arms out in a classic T-pose and he nyooooooms towards hizashi, mid air, with the speed and ferocity of a bear, and the grace of an aeroplane. hizashi was Not Prepared for this and screams as he runs away at full speed.
the end.
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chevrolangels · a year ago
!!!!!!!!!! On The Head of a Pin is probably one of my top 5 favorite eps of all fkn time dude. just. UGH. It’s on another L E V E L. god I gotta watch it again. if u feel so inclined maybe u wanna wax poetic about it??????? 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬
did i pull up this ep up on Netflix so i could appropriately respond to this ask? U BETTER beliEVE
buckle up kiddos, cuz we’re going INTO IT
Tumblr media
-Okay but the opening scene? cas looking hella gorgeous and badass and then the slow pan out to reveal the wings??? *chef’s kiss*
-also the episode title. spn fully was like ‘yeah we have angels now so we’re gonna make pun titles and u can’t stop us’
-impala goes nyoooooom
-’i’m tired of burying friends, sam’ 🥺 
-a completely done ‘oh c’mon!’ being dean’s immediate reaction to seeing another all-powerful supernatural being in his motel room
[side note, i just finished watching the wire and when this actor popped up i was like OMG URIEL and my parents were like ‘wtf are you talking about’]
-dean calling cas ‘cas’
-cas’s ridiculously gravelly voice
-uriel snapping at cas when he tries to empathize with them and dean clocking it right away
-dean’s face when he realizes they’re asking him to torture alastair
Tumblr media
-sam’s ‘DAMMIT’ after the angels whoosh dean away
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-alastair being genuinely the creepiest villain spn has ever had
-alastair telling dean he left part of himself back in the pit aka confirming his worst fear
-the reveal alastair also tortured john
-jared/gen content!!!!
Tumblr media
-dean still being able to dream but his dreaming turned to how he could get revenge on alastair 🥺 
-cas being visibly Shooketh hearing dean start the torture
-alastair still being a Sassy Mofo while under torture (remember when spn had good demon villains?)
-this hot as hell sam/ruby scene 🥵 
Tumblr media
-that one quote that i can’t find right now where jensen was like ‘christopher heyerdahl as alastair truly terrified me’
[second side note, i wrote a reverse!verse fic where cas and anna were the hunter brother and sister and i based a lot of their scenes off this ep 💕]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
‘what you’re’s called doubt.’
-cas looking devastated when he sends anna away
-i literally want to add all the gifs possible of cas’s badassery in this ensuing fight but imma limit myself to one
Tumblr media
-spn forgetting its own canon that there’s a random latin spell to expel angels from their vessels?????? ok
-SAM THE MOTHEREFFIN BADASS (but yikes demonblood!sammy)
sam: now i can kill
cas: *is shook*
Tumblr media
“i’m considering disobedience....for the first time....I feel....”
Tumblr media
“Tell me what to do.” “Like the old days? No. It’s time to think for yourself.”
Tumblr media
-“strange how a leaky pipe can undo the work of angels, when we ourselves, are supposed to be the agents of fate”
-uriel realizing o shit he done fucked up
-the first reveal of an angel blade??? i think yes!!!! [dramatic commercial break]
-uriel having some legit points about god 👀👀👀 
-uriel having some not so legit points about lucifer 🤢🤢🤢
-this absolutely fucking gorgeous shot of cas
Tumblr media
-again, i just wanna post every single gif of this fight scene but this’ll do
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[aplogies for the pinterest screencap but i couldn’t find these scenes on my blog bc tumblr’s search function sucks dick]
-dean tearfully asking if he really started the apocalypse and castiel having to tell him yes
-castiel assuring dean it wasn’t his fault, but fate
-and that he is the righteous man who is the only one who can also save the world 😭🥺😫 
-dean sharing that’s he’s completely overwhelmed and frightened and out of his depth 
-cas acknowledging he’s just a pawn and isn’t told much
-overall them just being completely open and honest with each other about their insecurities and fears
-and of course
Tumblr media
in conclusion, bless you for reminding me of why this is one of my favorite spn episodes, thank u and goodnight
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webk0re · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Florian Schneider riding a tiny scooter. I just had to draw this. I also made a version with a transparent background so either you guys can place him in various locations for some extra tomfoolery, or I'll make other versions soon. I just keep forgetting to lol.
Anyways he go nyoooooom
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marshmallowprotection · a year ago
omg as someone who is absolutely terrified of driving and definitely prefers public transport no matter how much longer it takes I think I’d just pass out in unknowns car during the first 5 minutes 😭
If you think the idea of Unknown driving is bad then I would have to tell you that Seven isn’t any better than that. He is known to have a need for speed. He paid big money and he’s going to drive big money in his car. If there’s one of those moments in life where you just can floor it and jam your foot into the gas pedal, then that’s what he’s going to do. I imagine if you have car anxiety or some kind of trauma, he’ll behave but... 
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cromwellharvests-a · 10 months ago
💕 [ for Roy or Martel tbh -nyooooooms- ]
Tumblr media
Shipping Interest Check!
Send 💕 (or “hearts!” if the symbol doesn’t show up) and I’ll fill out the following for our muses:
Or??? in this house we use ‘and’, thanks much
Have we discussed shipping before?: yes || no || kind of || we’ve certainly touched on a lot of the emotional + supportive + tender potential
My interest level overall: I’ve wanted this for so long || [clutches desperately at my chest] n... nice.... || can’t wait || I think it’ll be fun || kinda [shulk vc] i’m really feeling it || maybe with a lot of plotting || I need to think about it || not interested, sorry
How we should do this: jump right in || slow burn || pre-established || build up to it in a thread || anything goes
I’d love to mess around chronologically and show more of their early interactions + build up because I think... well, I’ve mentioned before that Easy was a little nervous/apprehensive around Roy to start just because he is who he is, but even after that dissipates she probably wouldn’t realize that he... could/would think of her romantically? y’know. them dealing through their mutual self-worth issues. and generally just being clueless because that’s who they are, baby.
Dynamics I want to try out with our ship: friends to lovers || rivals to lovers || enemies to lovers || mutual pining || battle couple || childhood friends || high school sweethearts || star crossed lovers || long time lovers || old married couple || newlyweds || sickeningly sweet couple || secret lovers || fake dating/marriage || best friends hiding their feelings || arranged marriage || soulmates || I know you already have a right-hand woman but have you considered a left-hand as well || other
Tumblr media
Have we discussed shipping before?: yes || nope || only that Easy is clearly shy bi with a fat crush (which is very valid of her)
My interest level overall: I’ve wanted this for so long || aaaAAAAHH || can’t wait || I think it’ll be fun || kinda feeling it I am definitely experiencing feelings || maybe with a lot of plotting || I need to think about it || not interested, sorry
martel deserves only the best things in life and, not to brag, but, [gestures to easy] this is some top quality product. AAA grade love and support in a soft, compact package.
How we should do this: jump right in || slow burn || pre-established || build up to it in a thread || anything goes
can we all just accept that i’m going to put ‘slow burn’ for everything because i like to see all the sweet / awkward / gentle phases at the start of a relationship? well that and Easy usually progresses slowly into established ‘’’relationships.’’’ but, again, once a dynamic / general plot of the relationship arc is established I’m happy to jump around the timeline.
Dynamics I want to try out with our ship: friends to lovers || y’know. just gals bein’ pals. || rivals to lovers || enemies to lovers || mutual pining || battle couple || childhood friends || high school sweethearts || star crossed lovers || long time lovers || old married couple || newlyweds || sickeningly sweet couple || secret lovers || fake dating/marriage || best friends hiding their feelings || arranged marriage || soulmates || unrequited feelings...... unless? || “dating” long before either of them realizes that’s what’s been happening / they’re idiots your honor || other
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deanlikesanime · 2 years ago
[Aziraphale walks up to a Best Buy employee]
Aziraphale:Excuse me young fellow but I need a new charger cord. My old one finally broke.
Employee:Absolutely.*takes him to the chargers isle* We have a wide range of cords that you can choose from. It all depends on the type of phone that you have.
Aziraphale: Excellent. I’ll let you know when I’m ready to make the purchase.
Employee:Okay. Take your time *turns to go back to their desk.Is stopped quickly by Crowley,who is naruto running past him*
Crowley:Aziraphale look how fast I’m going!!
Employee:Sir im gonna need you to stop running!
Crowley:*making car noises* Nyoooooom.
Employee:*Talking on their walkie talkie* I’m going to need back up at the front of the store. I have a man here who won’t settle down.
Aziraphale:*watching Crowley continue to naruto run until he gets tackled by three security guards*
Aziraphale:*sighs,smiles softly* He’s adorable.
*** I always use the spn tags ***
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mittensmorgul · 2 years ago
Can I vent about writing for a second?? I'm having the hardest time coming up with a title for my story. I want something that fits the genre and grabs attention but also isn't generic and makes sense in the context of the story. I know you can't convey everything with just the title, but i've never had this much trouble coming up with something i like:/
Hi there! I’m always happy to try and help anyone out with writing-related things, but I feel I need to lay out some information about myself for two reasons. First off, I... am not good at titles. But second, the fact that I think I’m not good at titles might make you feel better about your own titling issues. :’D
Lets start with some facts about Mittens Titles:
You know how google docs tries to make you give something a title before you close the doc or send a link to someone (beta reader, etc.)? Yeah, I’ve forced myself into the habit of giving all docs “working titles” even if I end up changing it before I post. Sometimes I go through a LOT of different titles, sometimes the working title I thought was dumb ends up being the best thing I can think of and it stays as the title.
Revenge of the Subtext was titled “Fuck Titles” for MONTHS. Because I couldn’t think of anything to call it. I almost published it with that for a title.
The fic I’m currently working on was called “Untitled document” until a few days ago. I’ve been writing it since... September... 9 I think? Nearly two months to throw a couple words up there so gdocs wouldn’t save it as “Chapter 1″ (since gdocs will default to the first line as a title, and if it had its way, every fic I’ve ever written would just be called “Chapter 1″ which is obviously not useful for filing purposes). I have no idea what I’ll eventually call it, but it’s a pinefest fic, so that’s a problem for Future Mittens.
I think Talkin’ Bear Mountain Picnic was called something like “Little Truths” or something for the longest while, which I hated completely.
The Exception To Every Rule was originally called Project Stardust. Lifetime Piling Up was called, incredibly creatively, “dcbb 2019″ for a while. “It’s Destiny” and “It’s Lily Dale” were both titled at one point or another “Miserable Moose.” Until I Know This Sure Uncertainty was originally called EVERYBODY SWAP. Ultraviolet was just called NYOOOOOOM for the longest time.
Winchester 275 wasn’t supposed to be the title. I just stuck it up there because I didn’t want to forget that’s what I’d named Dean’s ranch while I was writing, because I’d gone through about six different names for the thing by that point. I figured I wouldn’t forget if it was in big bold letters at the top of the page. By the time I was halfway through writing the fic, I realized I actually liked it as a title.
Project Beyonce just... got out of hand. :’D
So as soon as I think of anything better than “Untitled document” to call a fic, I slap the title on there. Then I continue to stare at it and hope I come up with something better before I post the thing. Sometimes they change many times. Sometimes I decide the original title is good enough. Mostly the titles I end up posting with are just whatever happens to be in the title spot on the day I post.
I honestly don’t even consider whether it’s attention-grabbing or not. Mostly I think my titles are either little personal jokes or references that probably nobody else gets, but I find amusing (lol I should probably post explanations of all my titles, because some of them are really wackadoo), or just... something that sounded good enough to me to slap it on there. Which is making me think of my current writing project (and feeling like I should be working on that now whoopsie), because I didn’t think the words I put in the title box last night would ever in a million years be the final title (and they still might not be), but the longer I look at them the more I like it.
Generic is FINE! I have fics posted called “Sunset” and “Makeshift” and “Eleven.” Because I couldn’t think of anything better. Pretty generic stuff.
I’m not even sure all my titles seem to “fit” with my fics. I mean, do most people get the Talkin’ Bear Mountain Picnic reference, and how it fits perfectly with that fic? It’s a little bit obscure. I mean, all the fics I’ve titled after songs kind of are that way. Ultraviolet and Lifetime Piling Up, possibly. Did anyone get that The Terminal Job was a Leverage reference? *shrug emoji*
For Pinefest, I wasn’t even trying :’D
I’ve quoted Shakespeare for titles, Jules Verne, Led Zeppelin, The Talking Heads, U2, Bob Dylan, Soundgarden, Jensen Ackles for a stupid pirate joke he likes to tell, and Supernatural itself. Sometimes I use cliches or common phrases (like Working out the Kinks, or Two for the Price of One), and well-known concepts (like Rule 34 or Plotbunny), and simple plays on words (like Oh, Hell No, or In Jeopardy!).
Is there a concept or phrase you repeat throughout the fic? If so, play with that. A song you associate with the story, or imagine playing at some point during the story? Maybe pull a relevant line from it? Or do what I do and just throw something up there for now, and see if it grows on you. I usually find that by the time I’m ready to post, SOMETHING will seem relevant and thematically on target to feel right.
Seriously, anything can be a title, and I have no idea how to magically come up with one, aside from just playing around with words until something just clicks for you.
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banditborn · a year ago
When no one's around the small pup sneaked into the garage where Bandit's motorcycle is. He's not doing anything bad, promise, he just wants to get a better look. Also climb on top of the saddle and do 'vroom vroom' and 'nyoooooom' noises while he's grabbing unto the hand grips.
Tumblr media
“Havin’ fun, kiddo?” He had been standing in the doorway, watching the kid on top of his bike. At first he thought someone was trying to steal it, but seeing Achim on it immediately amused the old wolf.
  “You wanna go for a real ride?”
He should have a helmet that would fit his head, having a quick    drive around the block wouldn’t hurt anyone. 
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dandelionofthanatos · 2 years ago
Valanar’s complete and utter wreckification of Valiance Keep still fascinates me. Like.
For one the meaning of “Talbot” is great and whomstever came up with that deserves a smoothie.
For two, the way he just subtly cultivates and enables the resident humans’ bullshit bigoted attitudes is amazing. He’s got these nimrods who are being all ridiculous unwelcoming to the Draenei and he “tries to discourage it” but the way he chooses to phrase things just makes shit worse, and meanwhile all his Arthas Fanclub Bros are sailing in hidden in the ships’ holds, and.
Val would have dealt with Garithos; the Blood Princes were mainly fragged and rezzed in Northrend. Val probably took a lot of pleasure in just MESSING WITH bigoted humans.
“See? This is what your ignorant attitudes get you.”
(Doubtless this was a bit of trying to get Thassarian to come home too. “They treat you horribly, they want you dead, come back to where the hateful losers are not?”)
Valanar kicks copious amounts of buttock.
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knock-me-out · 2 years ago
k.o at fansigns pt.2
once again under the cut
doesn’t sit down unless he absolutely has to, so don’t count on him being there to hold your hand because he’s most likely standing where everyone can see him, decked out in all these random gifts, doing aegyo
whenever he is sat down there are two staff members on either side of him to make sure he doesn’t get up and go bug one of his hyungs or dae
you can usually find him not doing his job as an idol and instead going over to poke kiyong with a fairy wand someone gave him and then shrieking as the elder chases after him making death threats
he had a signature, but now it’s more like his name in chicken scrawl
is with dae more than half the time. definitely drags the younger to front and center stage so they can make a big ol heart together. #1 daesung aegyo supporter
catch him seriously wearing like three pairs of sunglasses, a hat, two head bands, and whatever he can fit on his wrists. literally will wear everything that fans give him and the staff have to remove things from him if they want to take it. gets into these funny little fights with staff members that involves him yelling and running away with all these random gifs in his arms. drops half the stuff. 
fans like to give him little shark plushies since remi was nice enough to expose that owen sleeps with a big ol shark plush named gregory. now greg has a ton of children and keeps getting more every event. will legit growl if the staff try to take the shark plushies so he ends every even surrounded by tiny sharks
thinks its really fun when english speaking fans come to greet him because he doesn’t have to stress about not remembering a word in korean and its a little funny when people just tell him to speak english cause of his accent. getting a little tired of doing it just so they can squeal over how he pronounces certain words
the k.o member who probably likes fansigns the least
there are just a lot of people who want to touch him, and he really doesn’t want to hold peoples hands or give high fives for the most part. thinks it’s flattering when so many fans come to see him, but he really tries to skip out on fansigns and the company lets him half the time
the other half of the time, when he can’t skip, he sandwiches himself between jae and jui. fans have sorta caught on that he doesn’t like to hold hands, so many are respectful, but on the occasion they aren’t, kyungsoo just has to suck it up. he’s been called rude several times in person by fangirls (and a fanboy once) at these events simply because he doesn’t really wanna be touched and when he is holding hands or whatever, he looks like he doesn’t want to be there
remembers fans by face, especially the ones who ask him good questions or have solid conversations with him. he once held up the line talking to a girl about lyric writing for several minutes. greets that girl by her name when she comes to fansigns now and enjoys getting to spend time conversing with her even if it’s short
holds jae’s hand under the table for most of the fansign. calms him down
usually just ends up seated the entire time signing stuff and holding polite—but for the most part rather stiff—conversation with fans. he’s known to be the least interesting member to converse with, but of course, there are those few fans that get kyungsoo going about music and all of a sudden he’s waving his hand, yelling your name, and smiling whenever he sees you again
he will snack on everything during fansigns. a very hungry boy. if one of the members opens a bag of snacks he will be right there with his mouth open waiting for them too feed him. particularly partial to dried squid. when a member gets that from a fan, you can guarantee it’s gonna end up in ksoo’s mouth
jui, remi, owen, and daesung really like to dress him up because he’s “so cute!” so he often ends up wearing a pair of sunglasses and some sort of hair accessory. his outfit is changed regularly during signs and his cheeks constantly squished
he’s the second most chaotic member after kiyong for sure, but also is stressed™ because he’s trying to make sure kiyong isn’t pulled over by the ceo and told to stop being a little bitch. doesn’t want his son kicked out of the group for stripping during a fansign
fans know he likes comics and so they tend to give him those during fansigns. gets a lot of comics in korean, some in english, and on the rare occasion, a batman issue in french (it happened once and he got all choked up)
will often make a playlist to put on in the back for fansigns and is super thankful that the staff actually let him do it. usually has a wide variety of music on the list, but thinks kpop is usually the best choice since it’s often energizing. there’s a lot of shinee and twice on his playlist. hyun sometimes complains that he’s not promoting their group enough, but remi has god tier taste in jams, so he can only complain so much
shares all his snacks with every single fan that approaches him. doesn’t even ask if they’re hungry just kinda turns the bag over and asks “do you want some?” while signing the fans album or whatever they brought
usually situated at the end of the table next to ryeo who mercilessly pinches his side when he thinks remi’s gonna do something stupid. all the members agree it’s an effective method of getting remi to not be a dumbass
he has stood on the table and started rapping. almost died when he fell off. really lucky that dae caught him... even after they both fell over cause remi’s apparently “too heavy”
really likes to give high fives to fans and will do that dumb thing where he’ll just nyoooooom past a bunch of people with their hands out and get as many high fives as possible
his signing area is so messy. he sometimes just like sweeps stuff off the table in front of him so fans can put down stuff for him to sign comfortably
is the nice calm polite boy at fansigns until ki decides to get into his face then he literally has kiyong screaming as he strangles him. it can get really chaotic
fans really love to give him the super cute stuff because he’s small and apparently that makes him cuter. jui would love to disagree, but he’s also probably the second best in the group at aegyo. could probably beat out owen if he stood next to daesung and was cute because he’s found that fans absolutely go nuts over their height difference
enjoys when they’re in mandarin speaking countries for fansigns because he’s the only member fluent in mandarin and so he gets the most attention. like owen, he also really enjoys when fans speak mandarin/hoikken want to talk to him because then he doesn’t have to stress about translating his thoughts into korean
he’s a big hand holder. will swing your arms around as he compliments you. biggest offender in making victories blush like crazy
he’s good at reading people, so if a fan comes in and seems like they had a bad day, he’ll go extra lengths to help cheer them up. really good at making victories feel comfortable with him and finding what they need to start smiling again
once had a victory ask what he would want as a gift, and he told her a book. ever since that fansign he’s never had to step foot in a bookstore again. reads everything fans give him, and will post on the fan cafe when he finds a particularly good read. tells all the victories that give him books to put their name inside so he can thank them in his post
you can definitely see him get a little jealous when a victory comes to a fan sign only to stand up and reveal he/shes taller than him. this is mostly because if they ask to take a picture, jui looks small, and then ki makes fun of him
always feels embarrassed when a fan gives him a particularly expensive gift because nine times outta ten he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do with it and feels bad to have a fan spend this much on him
he’s a very basic fansign idol. doesn’t do anything crazy. very much balances out the english line’s chaotic energy
however he does seem to pay more attention to jungsoo than the fans. you’ll usually end up not seeing them separately but talking to them together. their always next to each other during fansigns and hongsol is constantly fussing over jungsoo for sometimes no reason at all
he makes a ton of terrible puns while chatting it up with the fans that come to visit him. there’s always just a lot of laughter that comes out of his time with victories. either that or groans and “oppa stop it. that’s horrible” 
likes being called oppa or hyung by younger fans because it makes him feel closer to them. tells them to treat him like an older brother. however if he does find an older fan (there are a few) he’ll brightly smile at them and tell them to please take care of him. really good at making older women’s hearts melt jungsoo should be jealous
likes to wear only the stupidest things he can find. his personal favorites are those hats shaped like random fish. there’s this one hat shaped like bungeoppang (fish bread) that is his favorite thing and he sometimes can just be found wearing it at the dorm looking like an idiot. usually by the end of a fansign he looks like he went to a costume shop and tried on all the gag outfits
has a killer memory. can remember victories names, faces, favorite member, what they gave him last fansign, questions they asked him, etc. very friendly with people who come to visit again and tends to act more like an old friend than idol when talking to them
asks victories a lot of questions, but usually not the typical “have you eaten?” or “where are you from?” it’s usually more like “what’s a movie you watch when your sad?” or “if you could take one of us away with you to a deserted island, which one of us would you take?” retains most of this information. never asks a victory the same question twice
always super calm while talking to fans. keeps himself at the same level of energy the entire time, and that’s really how he goes about life. people have noticed though that his energy spikes when jungsoo shows up to hang around hongsol
is used as an undercover moderator for these things. doesn’t ever let things get to wild and will usually be the one to subdue kiyong when he decides to go overboard. he gets called no fun a lot by the members (mostly ki, owen, remi, and dohwan) because he stops them from burning down the venue or killing each other
really sweet with fans. smiles the entire time he’s talking to them and is always ready to tell them it’s okay or wipe their tears if they start crying. very very gentle when he has any physical contact with a victory at all
people know he’s the angelic member, but fans will come out of the fan sign swearing that it’s true. he’s just so sweet and soft with fans and most of the girls just melt, but for the most part the male victories aren’t as interested. ryeo’s still super soft with them though. can’t change that
highkey is always is situated next to remi and ki because they’re the two most chaotic members. under the table it’d be a miracle if he didn’t have a hand on their thighs reminding them that he’s willing to squeeze very very hard if they pull anything that would cause a mess. remi tends to be the better listener. kiyong just leaves his seat and goes and does his chaotic stuff where ryeo can’t get to him. he’s either really smart or really dumb, and ryeo thinks it’s the second one
always gets like the cute gifs and not just the gag ones. it’d be a miracle to not see him with like a little flower clipped into his hair or heart shaped sunglasses pulled over his eyes. gets a lot of girls sitting in front of him and just squealing because he looks so cute. ryeo, even after being an active idol for a little over two years, isn’t sure whether he enjoys it or not
makes his members share their snacks because the staff love to take his away. can be found with his mouth hanging open making little noises so someone will shove a chip or sweet thing in there. always does a little wiggle and hums happily after being fed. fans think it’s the cutest shit. ryeo’s just really happy to get some tasty food
usually won’t get out of his seat unless someone drags his ass up to go do something. his one exception is if the opportunity to show off his girl group dancing skills arise. when he has time he sometimes just messes around and teaches himself (and on occasion the rest of the dance line) girl group choreo. loves getting to show his skills off since he worked hard. a fan favorite is his cover of twice’s ‘what is love’
doesn’t like to talk a lot during signs and is much more a listener. will hold a fans hands and just let them chat away until they have to move on to the next member. is an engaged listener and always makes sure to affirm he’s listening by nodding and making little noises
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soomstudies · 3 years ago
grocery shopping with svt
Tumblr media
a/n: i!! went grocery shopping with my friends and suddenly got inspiration lol enjoy sorry the lengths are uneven AHAHAHA ( can be idol or non idol au )
i feel he kinda tries to get only what’s on the shopping list
but he fails miserably at it
“we came here for eggs and rice only!”
“but the ramyeon... is on sale...”
carries all the shopping bags because he insists that he should do it
and even if he doesn’t insist, it kinda becomes the norm for him to carry
Tumblr media
he doesn’t go grocery shopping until you’re down to the very last ramyeon packet or the last cup of orange juice
when he realises, he immediately rushes out with you to go shopping
like you’re just chilling and suddenly
“we need to go shopping tonight.”
he tries to buy as much as possible in one go so he doesn’t need to go again so soon??
y’all struggle a little carrying so many bags back to the dorm/house/apartment but he insists it’s better to struggle at once than to go all the time
Tumblr media
yes i really had to use this gif for jeonghan
so you two go shopping pretty normally
it’s nothing super special
but he likes to shop with one hand holding the basket and the other holding yours
soft bb i love shua i mean who doesnt
and you guys talk about your day as you shop
about the cute cat you petted on your way to school/work
or about the new project hes working on
or sometimes you even complain about those stupid classmates/coworkers or at how annoying it is that the train was delayed
and as you’re complaining, he quietly adds some strawberries and chocolate into the basket
because the moment you go home, he rushes to make some nice strawberry chocolate desserts because he knows you love them
and he just wants to make you feel better and make sure you end your day well!
and after a delicious dinner that you may or may not have cooked together,
you two fall asleep satisfied with your tummy filled, and cuddled together under the warm blanket
Tumblr media
Jun Hui
sneaky boi he makes sure you two eat before shopping so you’re not hungry and impulse buy
psychological stuff yo
he’s not cheap he just wants to stick to the list
because if not i feel he just impulse buys a lot ;;
you: hey im gonna go grocery shopping tomorrow, you wanna come?
him: !!! yes!! but after dinner
you: sure sounds good
it usually works pretty well
just that sometimes he gets so excited about dinner with you that you two completely forget to go grocery shopping 
smh cuties
it ends up you have to go on a completely different day
even then sometimes he makes a booking for a nice restaurant that’s nowhere near a supermarket
and the process repeats
but how can you blame him? he just loves spending time with you
hes a cute dork hes the best
Tumblr media
hes the one who wants you to sit in the trolley and pretends its a racecar
going nYOOOOOOM down the aisles and drifting to the next one
you kinda fear for your life
but don’t worry hes got it under control!
for the most part.
there was this one time he accidentally let go of you and you went right into a tower of chocolate powder tins.
it was super embarrassing and no one stops teasing either of you over it.
you two raced in the grocery store a little less after that but still occasionally do have your fun!
Tumblr media
you know the video of the dude making ikea puns with his gf?
yeah that’s wonwoo in the grocery store
and he does it in this really monotonous voice
“hey... do you think we should’ve taken a trolley instead of a basket?”
“hm? why?”
“i don’t think we have mushroom left”
his nose scrunches up in his iconic laugh and you have to laugh because hes so adorable!!!!
“but really, i think we need a trolley instead”
Tumblr media
the type to go to the grocery store and stand in the freezer aisle for ten minutes in the summer
he’s not browsing he just wants free aircon
hes also the one who sees grocery shopping as a chore the most. :(
if hes alone he tends to just grab what he needs and get out as quickly as possible
but if hes with you he doesn’t mind have to stay a little longer and ponder over which type of ramyeon he wants most that week or which packaging of cola he wants to have today
he wont say it, but if it gives him an excuse to spend a little more time with you, he’ll stay
Tumblr media
Ming Hao
the one whos a master at finding discounts and the most “worth-it” item.
you: “let’s just get the 4 pack one...”
hes keying it into his phone calculator
“no no this is better. buy 5 get 1 free”
he just puts it in the trolley and you go with it
you: hm. looks like the cereal price increased a little...
him: the cereal whAT?!??! excuse me who the Fuck decided they can do this
“boi u can buy gucci???? but not a little more pricey cereal????????”
“look ok-”
Tumblr media
hes the main reason i wanted to write this ok 
as a man who can cook, he must go grocery shopping once a week
he likes to drag you along
if you’re short he likes to tease you because you can’t reach things
like you’re halfway diving into the icecream freezer because the icecream you want is at the very back and he’ll just be giggling for a bit
of course he helps you in the end what a gentleman
lol jk he puts it even further at the back
because he really loves seeing your cute pout and you hitting him lightly in annoyance
and he really just likes to spend time with you so he drags this on for as long as possible until he finally helps and passes you the icecream you wanted
ugh im so soft for bf!mingyu :(
Tumblr media
he does the thing that dude in the vine does where he pronounces everything weirdly
i can see him doing it in his high tone rap voice too
“yo look at these kehloggeh’s frosetitties flakuhs” 
“ras kraspas yo”
i really dont know how to write what hes saying forgive me
and sometimes he will pronounce regular korean words in a really bad foreigner accent??
“당근 구매하자” -> “danggoon gumayhayjya” pardon google translate
overall super fun to shop with and always makes you laugh while shopping
Tumblr media
i feel that... he (like minghao) tries to buy food at a cheaper rate...
to the point he buys wholesale.
he also likes to phone his mom a lot
mama boo knows whats best
whatever she suggests, he will buy straight away, and he’ll make sure to get enough for you too
except cucumber and tomato
he steers very clear of those
Tumblr media
the worst at grocery shopping sorry
like you HAVE to go together because if you don’t,
hes just walking around with his headphones in and spacing out while looking for some peanut butter idk (like im sure yall seen the clap choreo video)
when you go shopping together, he makes sure to take out his earphones but he likes to hum a lot when you guys shop
he also likes to talk a lot about new artists he’s into and songs he likes!
and even though it’s been a long day and you had to go shopping or starve,
because it’s his voice, you feel at peace and like all the stress has left you
hes your healing <3
Tumblr media
a little different and cliche this is way longer than expected
you were shopping late at night and realised you wanted to buy some squid for supper
you go to the seafood section and are relieved to see there’s just one left
sp you run to it but you grab it at the same time as some really cute guy
the two of you look at each other for a while in awkwardness but he finally lets go and says “sorry, you can have it”
mc why didnt u talk to him
the next week you went again for shopping but guess what happened at the fruit aisle this time?
the dude from before is there and he grabbed the same pack of blueberries!
he lets you take it once again
and this just keeps happening all the time, even when you try to go at different times??
sometimes he lets you take it sometimes he asks for it claiming “the hyungs will kill me” whatever that means
one day he’s with a friend and the moment they see you, they start walking to you very quickly
??? two cute guys coming closer what they doin
the friend pushes him to you and tells him “ok chan go talk to the cute person”
he very awkwardly goes “hi i’m lee chan and uh... well i think you’re pretty cute. could we go shopping together sometimes?”
he’s nervous and blushing and cute and hoW CAN YOU SAY NO
it’s the start of the cutest relationship
Tumblr media
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moonboyjeno · 3 years ago
nct dream as dumb things my bff has said
she’s annoying but ig i love her? my Whole jisung to my chenle 
mark: mr toliver was like, “any question, comments, and concerns?” and i said “i wanna die” and he said “awesome!”
renjun: better put on ur thinking caps!
jeno: how hard do you think i could hit jaemin? *jaemin walking by* Hello.
jeno pt 2: hi my name is jeno neno i like to fidget spin and do handstands on my hoverboard and go NYOOOOOOM on my hoverboard.
donghyuck: aPaDo GwAeNcHaNhA- oh am i gonna puke?
donghyuck pt 2: *fake laughs at my joke*
jaemin: ah... my back hurts... i’m turning into jaem- OW OW OW. OW.... ow... ow... ow ow! i’m gonna howl at the moon like a cat in heat!
chenle: if i’m just sitting there.. you know... disassociating and he goes “jisung!” and i’m like Hello.
chenle pt 2: i miss jisung.
jisung: i only care about the dreamies... get out... except for mark.. i don’t like him.
jisung pt 2: yo princess peach lowkey a thickie
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ego-theori-es-blog · 3 years ago
robbie hcs
ahh... have some robbie hcs bc im bored out of my mind
• he likes puzzles !! he’s not very good at them but he likes puzzles
• he cant see very well, his eyes are a blank milky white
• he loses his train of thought quite quickly
• speaking of trains he has multiple sets of little toy trains! he loves them very much
• his hair is a dyed purple and it just seems to... stay that way. no one ever sees him dye it
• he’s actually quite smart, he just can’t talk very well and he is very slow usually
• but this boy can run fucking FAST if he needs to
• the egos played tag once and everyone was expecting robbie to be super slow so they made him it
• mistake.
• boy can NYOOOOOOM, not for a very long time but he can Go
• he’s working on his speaking and he gets frustrated a lot when he can’t say something quickly enough
• his hands fall off a bunch because he uses them to stim a lot
• he claps them together so hard they fall off or flaps them or just rolls them until Pop
• it’s really gross for everyone except him when something pops off because it’s so fucking sick looking but he can’t feel it, he’s comfortably numb
• his feet fall off sometimes and it’s yucky
• sometimes he pops his limbs or head off for pranks it’s hilarious to him
• his voice is low and gravely, a slow rumble that finishes in a slightly high pitched exclamation most of the time
• he has an irish accent but no one can hear it because of the way he talks
• he’s friends with almost all of the egos because who wouldn’t love this soft boy!!!
• he loves big striped sweaters they’re his favorite in the whole world
• he has gauges !!
• he has deep deep bags around and under his eyes
• he has kinda sharp teeth
• he doesn’t eat humans, at least to the ego’s knowledge. spoiler; he does, he feels bad about it, but it’s the only way he can truly feel satiated. no one knows
• he’s (best) friends with the host!
• sometimes he does simple things like set his chin on his hand or turn his head too quickly and there’s just a CRUNCH
• dude is literally rotting and falling apart and no one can do anything about it pft
• (spoiler again; they refuse to not do something about it. marvin and henrik make a new body for robbie with some... questionable books and magic and with anti’s help they transfer his body to this one. it’s alive and it looks exactly like him and robbie’s the happiest he’s ever been.)
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bi-ahsoka · 4 years ago
okay so i know Literally Nobody Asked or Cares but i was having a bad morning and @danteramon helped me get through it so. fern this is for u!! sorry if it doesn’t make much sense.
Shard (Jinx’s dragon; she/her)
various shades of light blue and white
large wingspan (she go nyoooooom!)
tends to be closed-off and unfriendly at first, becomes more warm once she gets to know people
incredibly defensive/protective of jinx. touch him and you die.
she gets along really well with jenna, for obvious reasons. Protect That Boy.
incredibly fast and surprisingly agile
she’s not a small dragon, but she can twist and turn like nobody’s business
really quiet unless she’s specifically trying not to be
jinx has this in common w/her
Does Not Do small talk. thinks it’s annoying.
the two people she’s gentle with are jinx and her gf ren. 
Ren (Cate’s dragon; she/her)
diff. shades of green and yellow-green
a Silly Baby!!
she chose her own name
she wandered into a room she wasn’t supposed to be in
a teacher found and scolded her
she chose her name from what the teacher called her
it’s You Incorrigible Renegade (Ren for short!!)
loves lighthearted humor like puns and practical jokes
laughs at her own jokes even when nobody else does
a chatterbox. shard is so bemused by her.
super supportive of all her friends all the time
one-dragon cheerleading squad
Loves To Cuddle
helps cate w/her inadequacy issues a Lot
she tells her that she’s enough!! it helps
loves her grumpy gf shard a lot
wholesome dragon lesbians heck yeah!
Hornet (Hana’s dragon; he/him)
gold and black
Looks Really Good and knows it
“are you posing?” “google earth, always taking pics”
a hoard-y boy-- loves shiny things and has a whole stash
kinda selfish??
but as he grows it becomes more Tiffany Aching-esque selfishness
can be abrupt and rude but usu doesn’t really mean it
l o r g e
polishes his scales in his free time probably
gives hana fashion advice
when it comes to actual emergencies, though, he’s not afraid to get himself dirty and do whatever it takes to help
Typhoon (Ember’s dragon; doesn’t care about pronouns tbh)
d a r k blue and green
webbed feet
a sea dragon; has gills, can swim
really focused on studying and academics
excellent at memorization!! helps em study for tests and stuff
lowkey tutors some of their friends
has a lot of siblings
good with kids/hatchlings
comfortable w working in really noisy areas
never procrastinates, really organized, color-codes their hw probably
really clever
kinda straight-laced
if it’s a rule, it’s prob there for a reason, right?
surprisingly Sneakie tho
on hot days, sneaks up on their friends n splashes them w cold water
it’s cute!!
anyway yeah those are my kids’ dragons. :))
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