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spielzeugkaiser · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
@whataboutthebard Wreck: Fuck or die
This is the third time I did this concept, oops. But even though I normally don't shy away from h/c, today we're getting something less heavy. Jaskier is sliding in there like... haha, oppsie. But why is Geralt so grumpy? Besides Jaskier never having learned that we look at things with OUR EYES, not the hands [Full version on twitter]
Tumblr media
It's not a secret that they're fucking, but it felt like one, and now they all know (They're probably still waiting outside, playing cards or something like that.)
Not pictured: Jaskier being smug once they're done, Lambert snickering, Eskels knowing look and Yennefers eyebrows disappearing in her hairline, like. Boys-
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superduperstitionss · 2 months ago
reading hunger games with the most god awful imagination in the world sure is an experience
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snowtubbo · 2 months ago
tubblings hold hands and manifest the tubbo win
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faebriel · 8 months ago
what gets me about revivedbur is that i just can’t figure out what his so-called plans could be for if (really, when) he gets brought back.
like, alivebur created the perfect plan with himself as the villain at centre stage, and called upon the angel of death to kill him when he succeeded. coming back doesn’t fit the narrative of the villain. (and villains don’t get second chances, do they?)
so now we think he has plans? one of the weakest pvpers of the server? as he is resurrected with nothing but the clothes on his back? who will be his patron? dream is in prison. does he think techno would want to play his weapon again? would philza want to watch him spiral into destruction again?
l’manberg is destroyed and glassed over, forever unfinished. he leaves behind no unfinished business. well, he does, in the form of eret, niki, fundy, literally everyone else - but acknowledging that would be acknowledging that people did care for him, up until the end. which i don’t think he can do. not yet, at least.
revenge? against who? if he truly believes what he said in limbo - and i really think he could’ve - he doesn’t even blame dream as the primary aggressor of the server. dream helped wilbur play the villain, and then wilbur died. revenge for what?
wilbur knows he’ll be revived at some point. he must have a plan. but what motive can someone have when they believe their story is already finished?
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unproduciblesmackdown · a month ago
i Am obsessed with this opening “goosebumps” track and Do enjoy it all the more upon every additional listen, it’s everything i could want for a halloween song and a great alternate theme for the whole goosebumps series
#goosebumps#goosebumps the musical#goosebumps the musical phantom of the auditorium#even hearing those opening notes my first listen was like yes fantastic here we go!!!!!#again just the perfect tone of like hooray this is gonna be fun but also like scary on purpose b/c this is the whole point of us being here#that's consuming horror media b/c you want to; as sung about here#love how quickly it jumps from singer to singer and they are all Bringing It which i love. they all do throughout the album#and all the other songs and orchestrations (almost typed altercations...that features too lol) are just as good and fun. i love it sm#exactly the vibe with which i could actually have some fun even abstractly anticipating halloween...earnest but fun horror more for kids rly#like sure i enjoy Horror Aimed At Adults but frankly that all antagonizes me way more / i dislike more Fundamentals abt ppl's approaches lol#and i do not like Cute Halloween Aimed At Adults either...horror for kids is great like being a kid is wild#there's plenty you don't have direct access to like what's going on around here! behind the scenes / closed doors! and no Control#and things can be fun while also genuinely weird and nonzero scary....running on Concepts around here#like things in the song here....Is It Knowing Something's Out There And It's Trying To Get...In. classic!!#you think Is Someone Here; you tell yourself you know that you're alone....what's got you looking over your shoulder.....#don't need to follow up these concepts with ''and then someone's graphically eviscerated onscreen or smthing'' for it to be scary lol#and shoutout to r.l. stine for doing so much like balance with Humor. like the horror doesn't pull punches either but it's more fun for it#got that Two Sides Of The Same Coin element i said it's not rl stine being the stephen king of kid's horror. he is superior#stephen king wishes he was the rl stine of adult horror and also i do not respect him that much or recommend his stuff that much lol#rl stine though like oh right on jovial bob stine...hell yes with your album appearance (the reprise of this number!) and body of work#getting off track lmao i'm just having a great time. this is such a delight to me; So fun#looove the section kicking off like. is death the thing you fear or maybe something in the mirror#or the thought of someone chasing you and Getting Nearer!!!! (thank you alex b for sing yelling that earnestly ofc)#and then hot potatoing around the singers listing off Goosebumps Things / general horror things to be scared of with energy and panache#sooooo fun i love this lmao#then follow if you dare! but if you do beware!!
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heatobrienswife · a day ago
#ok so I've been thinking more about that au n it mainly revolves around my s/i heat izzy dave n nerugami#dave n my s/i are half siblings in this au same mother different fathers dave being the older sibling#their mother had a one night stand with nerugami whos my s/is bio dad in this au so she's half elf half human dave is full human#their mother isn't a scumbag who just cheats tho her husband daves father is an abusive sack of shit physically mentally emotionally n#verbally he's also unbelievably harsh on dave since he's not only the first born but also his only son oh btw medieval au so first son is#important n shit dave was born pretty sickly so his father laid into him for that he's gotta be a big strong man to take over the family#name ect you get the idea anyway when my s/i was born it was obvious she wasn't his her pointed ears n ruby red n glowing gold eyes#instantly gave that away daves dad went ballistic n was close to just straight up killing her her mother managed to plead n beg him not to#my s/i was allowed to live but he wouldn't have anything to do with her her mother was also basically a prisoner in her own home since she#*couldn't be trusted* dave being a good bit older then my s/i did his best to help his mother raise her the two become super close from#both dave helping to raise her n how he'd protect her from his father as my s/i got older daves father began to pick on her n she became#very defensive n snappy because of it daves father basically trained her to snap back since it fed into his victim image#*look at how nasty this bastard child of my wifes infidelity treats me after i took her in fed her n kept a roof over her head* he twisted#everything to make himself look like the poor victim daves the only one who gets between his father to protect his sister their mother is#to affraid of him to protect her kids she can barely even comfort them while he's still storming round they basically only have eachother#most of the time my s/i does try n help when daves getting a beating but dave pushes her away to stop her getting involved#eventually their parents end up having another child a blonde haired blue eyed perfect little girl it's very obvious from the moment she's#born that she's their parents favourite she's spoilt she's all their father will talk about & she can get away with anything this turns her#into the nastiest brat n only got worse as she grew older#as daves 18th birthday got closer he began secretly saving away as much coin as he could he was gonna leave as soon as he was able to he#was also dead set on taking my s/i with him it's easy for him to pack up what little both of them have n they leave with the coin he's#managed to save he's able to buy a horse n enough food to last them a couple of weeks or so n they flee as far n fast as they can#urjx5hcht i have more but i think I've gone on for way too long >w>;;;#shut up rattie no one gives a shit lol
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erb23 · 24 days ago
OK so I get that the safe was densely packed with coins, so you can’t really teleport INTO it. But you have like 7 separate heroes and a portal inside. Flip that portal face down and POUR OUT THE COINS. And then snatch the dude inside of the safe and get the remaining 5 heroes to search for the object.  
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renthewerecatboi · a month ago
did i create a deltarune oc who is a slime person who i planned on actually drawing at some point and telling u guys about but then i stalled on it for too long because i created way too much lore for their species and i really don't wanna wright it all down and i still barely know the MAIN lore of deltarune because i only entered the fandom recently and for some reason don't wanna watch a lets play on it or play it myself?!
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snowtubbo · 2 months ago
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parcai · 7 months ago
not the organic chemistry tutor submitting to a paid membership program...
2021 really said shitty year for all 😔💔
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