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“I really don’t want to talk in front of the whole class…”

school remains a demon in the minds of children everywhere ☆

“Me neither…” Molly grumbles.

Presentations… the bane of every introverted kid’s existence, right next to group projects. Molly always did just fine with the actual research and content of these kinds of projects, but the presentation would always end up a mess, thus resulting in a less-than-satisfactory grade each time. 

It doesn’t help that they’re doing most of the management and shifts for the family toy store on top of schoolwork. At least they’re not alone in the stress here.


“Which topic did you end up choosing?” they inquired, curious about the other kid.

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I associate you with ships, history, and flower prints shirts. Also angst and the color gold. Why gold? I don't fucking know. YOU ASKED!

I LOVE gold, so I am A-okay with all of this. :-D

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Sure, if he needs me ready to go faster than usual. That doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s any other function if he does so.

 Is there some rumor going around about me now? Certainly Chichi wouldn’t spread it because he knows far better than that.

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