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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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what’s wrong puppy? are you not enjoying the food- i think it’s real good… you’re a real good cook.

i smile, watching the way hes glaring with love sick eyes. watching him be on edge like this, flustered, and confused, lashing out at me makes him so so cute.

you don’t have to worry, i won’t play with you while we’re eating. i wouldn’t want you to choke on anything.

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If you think that that emoji applied to moon Junhui then you’re wrong 😂 here are hints




Hints for all three fics and it should be known that some emojis correlate to others but also that these aren’t as surface level as they seem

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Aww thank you angel anon 🙈💝☺️ Here’s an uno reverse card on those good vibes~ 🌼💖💙💕🍀💛💓💚🌺❤️

Also mmh you’re right I am probably going to end up doing a Christmas-themed sketch hehe 🙈 I am still a little sad about not having had the time to do a Halloween thing but I if everything goes well should have enough time for this at least hehe~🎄

Still not sure if it’ll be fluffy or thirsty but I can’t promise i won’t go out of control again x)

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Does anyone else get random bursts of crackhead energy where you kinda go “I’m finish all my homework and write a book brb”  

right so that just happened and I have no memory of writing my whole ass english essay but do you know what I fucking did. I rick rolled my teacher, made multiple dad jokes not mention the whole fucking topic was about my reading obsession…. 

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