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cowboyshit · 19 hours ago
listen though. listen. all I’m saying is what if Kenny is laughing about adam page losing, the elite mocking him in the ring, kenny bragging about “oh, where was I before the dark order stuck their nose where it didn’t belong? Right! There is NO ONE in this company who can beat me, goodbye, peace I’m out” and then all of the sudden some strangely familiar but still new music hits and BOOM. back from the dead walks adam fucking cole. imagine the looks on the bucks faces. imagine the look on kennys.
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leqclerc · an hour ago
please do shed some light on why lance was def at fault for that move there so we can all reblog with evidence 💀 I am so pissed off right now
I mean, Lance's onboard really shows it all 💀 There's more space out in front, where Lewis is driving off. But he's trying to get back onto the track in exactly that spot by just???? Ramming into the side of Charles's car??? And it's not like it was a love tap either, not like he just touched Charles's rear tyre. No, he damaged Charles's sidepod and apparently the car's PU as well. Bro. 😫ANYWAY.
I don't think we have a post-race Jolyon analysis yet so I'll just compile some relevant quotes.
Here's what Charles said: “I know that sometimes small mistakes can have big consequences. I think though this time, it's not really a small mistake. I couldn't see Lance in my mirrors and he was five or six positions back so it was quite unrealistic for him to try anything there.”
Here's Daniel's post-race interview from yesterday: “For a moment I thought I got through the chaos in Turn 1. The start was good, I think I got through two or three off the line; obviously I saw Valtteri go into Lando, who got into Max at the start, and I was able to get through that in second. I was like, OK, I obviously felt like I got through it…Just as I went to exit the corner, I see Charles come into me and spin me around. I kind of knew already, the way he came into me, I think someone’s gone into him, because we were already through the corner, and it seemed weird. He then damaged his car, damaged mine… (...) And I saw the replay, and Stroll went into him.”
Aaaaaaand here's what Lance had to say: “Yeah, I tried to avoid the cars in front of me and...just...was a disaster.” 🤔
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freckleslikestars · 19 hours ago
Sweet and Spicy
A little late season 11 with a little season 8 flashback. Mostly Skinner’s POV because why not
1193 words, read here on AO3
There had been no response to the three emails and two phone calls he’d sent. They weren’t in the basement. Not lingering in any of the corridors he could usually have found them in. He’d knocked on the three supply closets he’d walked in on them in before. Still no luck.
They’d probably gone out for lunch.
It was as he was giving up - resigning himself to the fact that time and again they had proven that if Mulder and Scully didn’t want to be found, he wouldn’t find them – and heading off to find lunch for himself, thinking about the really good bagel he’d had the other day - perhaps he could go to the same deli and order it again - when he bumped into her.
Well, not exactly. She was walking through the entrance as he was passing security.
‘Agent Scully? Might I have a word?’ he called, jogging around a gaggle of agents. It wasn’t until he was a couple of paces away that his eyes dropped to what she was holding and he instantly felt like he was being catapulted back twenty years ago. They’d played a rotating cast of deliverymen, the two mainstays of her strange order never varying. She’d offer to share, but nobody ever got there fast enough. Or was brave enough.
Of course, they were made redundant, eventually.
‘To what do I owe the pleasure?’
He looked up at her face, at the creases and laughter lines that had developed over the years. She’d stopped hiding her mole. He still remembered the first time he’d noticed it, truly noticed it, and thought how beautiful she was. She’d been crying. Hadn’t bothered with makeup. He didn’t blame her – it was the middle of the night, after all.
‘You asked for a word?’ she quirked an eyebrow at him.
‘Are you okay? You’re feeling alright?’
‘I’m fine. Feeling the years lately, but I’m fine,’ she looked down at her hands then up at him, ‘do you mind? Mulder went to get lunch, but I just couldn’t stop thinking about this.’
‘No, go ahead,’ he watched as she popped the lid off the tub of peanut butter ice cream, twisted the cap of the wasabi paste off with her teeth and squirted a generous layer onto the ice cream before replacing the cap, dropping the tube in her blazer pocket and pulling out a spoon.
‘So, what did you want to talk about?’ he shook his head as she took a mouthful of her concoction, tilting her head back and moaning in delight, ‘so good.’
‘Perhaps you should sit down. Over here,’ he nodded to one of the benches on the side of the entrance hall, guided her to it and stood by as she sat, delving back into her ice cream. ‘You’re the only person I’ve ever seen do that, you know? With the wasabi.’
‘Mhmm,’ she mumbled around a mouthful, ‘I haven’t done it in years, but God, it’s so good. I don’t know why I stopped doing it, honestly.’
He had a suspicion why she started back then and why she stopped. Of course, for this to be a repeat of the same event was ludicrous, but all the same. She’d cut her hair recently. Had picked up some of her old mannerisms again.
‘Dana-‘ he hesitated, uncomfortable, ‘Agent Scully, I know I made a point to never ask about yours and Mulder’s relationship.’
‘That’s what this is about? You’re kind of twenty years too late,’ she chuckled, and he joined her.
‘No, I are things? Between the two of you? I know you’ve had your troubles these past years, but...’
‘We’re...I think we’re good,’ she smiled softly, taking a moment to dig around in her tub of ice cream, swirl the wasabi through it. ‘Is this what you needed to talk about? Our relationship status? Because if the FBI have a problem, then-‘
‘It wasn’t that. I- it doesn’t matter. There was just a problem with some of the paperwork filing. It’s nothing that can’t be dealt with another time.’
‘Oh. Are you sure?’
‘One hundred per cent. I better get going. But, uh, I’m happy for you, Scully.’
She furrowed her brow at him, cocked her head, ‘Sir?’
‘For you and Mulder, I mean. Doing better and all.’
‘Oh. Thank you, Walter. That means a lot.’
He ducked his head in acknowledgement, headed towards the exit, mulling over the implications, mishandled paperwork the furthest thing from his mind.
She’d sat them all down, the remaining men in her life. Offered them bowls of her ice cream, promised the wasabi made it so much better. They’d all declined.
She hadn’t spoken to any of them since the funeral. As far as Skinner knew, hadn’t spoken to anyone for the weeks since. Not even her mother. Maggie had been calling him with increasing concern.
‘I want to talk about the fate of my baby now.’
‘Dana-‘ John had started, only to be cut off with a wave of her hand.
‘No, it’s important. I...I am carrying a child who has no father. No grandfathers. They are all dead. And...studies have shown the importance of having multiple parental figures in a child’s life for a stable and balanced upbringing. Before any of you start to worry, I’m not proposing or asking any of you to take on the role of father. That...wouldn’t be right. I think we all know that role will never be filled. But...I wanted...I wanted you to, in a sense, all be godfathers of a sort. Mulder’s best friends, the man who stuck by us all these years, and the man who tried to save him, even when it was too late,’ she nodded to each of them in turn. ‘I want my baby to have good role models. And...I want to know that they’ll be taken care of if something were to happen to me.’
‘Scully, nothing’s going to-‘
‘Just in case,’ she gave a tight smile, poked around in her ice cream, swirling it as it started to melt. ‘My mother, of course, will be down as guardian, but...but I want you all to be a part of my baby’s life. I don’t want to bring this child into the world without knowing they are loved by the people most important to both Mulder and me. And without backup plans.’
‘Of course. But you have no need to fear, Scully. We’re all going to be here for you,’ Frohike had covered her hand with his.
‘Yeah, you didn’t need to ask. You know we’d do anything for you, and the same went for Mulder. And your child? No difference. You’re family.’
‘Thank you, guys. It would have meant a lot to him,’ she’d said, finishing off her ice cream and taking her bowl to the sink, taking a moment turned away from them to hide the tears pooling in her eyes until Byers stepped up next to her, took the bowl from her hands and washed it out for her, giving her another moment before wrapping her in his arms.
Tagging @today-in-fic
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oetravia · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Every Brainia Scene Ever: 5x19 [2/3]
#supergirl#supergirledit#brainia#brainiaedit#dreamdox#m'gann m'orzz#nia nal#(the throwback to the poor battered heart)#and I'm so glad that this conversation happened with M'gann because she knows enough about the situation to listen and offer advice#but she's also pretty much the most neutral voice Nia could possibly be talking to in that moment. Especially where Brainy's concerned#because we know after 518 that Kara thinks Brainy is lost to them and I have to assume the rest of the Super Friends are following suit#including Nia much as it's clearly difficult for her to try to do regardless of what she said to him in the aftermath of the DEO collapse#because even now she cares about him and she still can't shake him from her mind and it's worse now because as far as she knows#he couldn't explain why he's working with their worst enemy and greatest threat so there's only one conclusion she can draw#which is why she pushes back against M'gann's advice because the last time she allowed herself to consider that there was more to#what was happening with Brainy than she was seeing and allowed herself to keep thinking the best of him that hope was shattered#and the rest of her little speech here...ugh#she really does touch on what makes them such a great pair. The way that their romantic relationship is only one facet of their bond#they work together because they really are partners in every sense of the world. They know each other better than anyone and that's what's#so exhausting for Nia at this point. She doesn't know how to process everything she's learning about Brainy because she doesn't know#how to deal with this new Brainy in general because she hasn't recognised him since he took off his inhibitors#and it's clearly been weighing on her if she was right to encourage him to take them off in the first place#and the mixed feelings because all she ever wanted for him was for him to be able to comfortably be himself#but apparently that's led to him working with Lex Luthor and turning his back on the Super Friends and her specifically#how is she supposed to deal with that? She wanted him to be himself...can she really be angry because the real Brainy#isn't everything she hoped he'd be? That despite all her assurances that she knew the real him apparently she didn't?#mine#my gifs#*ebs
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bucksfucks · 14 hours ago
dilfneighboor!steve taking you to a work party and his colleagues keep making jokes about what a pretty little thing like you is doing with an old man like him, till he has enough and drags you to the bathroom and fucks you stupid for everyone to hear 😵‍💫
this is so hot because dilf!neighbour!steve is probably some big shot ceo and he just moved into a simple apartment in the city (right next to yours) to have a place to crash during the week.
and his colleagues are just making jokes and he’s had enough before he’s pulling you into the bathroom and pressing you against the door like “m’gonna have to fuck you so stupid everyone out there remembers who the fuck you belong to, sweetheart.” 😩 and is probably like “old man my ass. i have you cummin’ more times than i can count on my fingers every goddamn night.”
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worstloki · 6 hours ago
the way people will say Mobius was morally fine to torture Loki because it was his job with the what if i tell you New York was Loki's job for Thanos? now what?
#where do we go from here fellow individual#where do we go#where do we go when people decide Mobius is a pillar of moral righteousness who is innately good and sympathetic towards Loki#while Loki deserves to be punished and shown the light by the guy who low-modality muses over whether Loki 'can change'#when people decide this#as if Loki wasn't ever different#before or after this point in time#as if he was completely self motivated during the attack too#because he really just put so much effort into that endeavor didn't he#as if Mobius wasn't explicitly self-motivated through the show and he showed regret or understanding that his actions were ever wrong#the Loki show#i am SO confused at people deciding Loki has no moral ground over anyone because even in the show he doesn't force his opinion on others#the most he does is nudge their perception of things or explain his own#like#y'all notice that people decide Thor has more morals than Loki when it's pretty clear Loki's under pressure was doing his Thor rendition#people deciding Valkyrie has moral ground to judge Loki on or that Odin ever did#et tu Mobius?#lets talk about how Stephen Strange only sacrificed the stone when he knew that was their only shot at 'winning'#while everyone else doing so did not have that certainty#Steve 'we don't trade lives' Rogers#Natasha 'set a hospital on fire' Romanoff#Wanda 'knowingly torturing thousands for my Dreamhouse AU' Maximoff#do people not remember the entire start-to-mid section of what redemption arcs are? since you've got to have something to redeem on?#why does morality and how much of a villain they are and whether they can change only come up when the topic is Loki#specifically a character that had a bad year and worked on their redemption in the main canon timeline after anyway#like ??????????????#i am so confused#mobius saying 'maybe he wants to mix it up a little is that possible?' 'that's not how i see it' and 'you can be anything' isn't that great#ESPECIALLY considering WE'VE seen moments where he wasn't going death death kill murder evil laugh all over the place
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bajislittletutor · 3 hours ago
Hello! I have a request to propose, hope this isn't a hassle ':)
Wakasa and Mikey dating a s/o who's like kaeya from genshin impact. She's flirty, lazy and laid-back but she still takes things seriously.
Tqsm <3
A GENSHIN CHARACTER YES OF COURSE!! 'm kayea baby. Wait no Diluc 'm not a snitch >:(
Characters— Wakasa, Mikey
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Alright, he'd be flustered by your compliments but I head cannon that he actually hides it pretty well. Your window boob. Your soft long hair. It was all so mesmerizing. God, you are perfect in every way, aren't you? How you make his heart flutter in everything you do. What are you doing to him? Who gave such an angel to him.
"Hey there Mikey! Care to share a drink with me later?" You said with your signature smile. "Y/n-chin! Yes of course!
"It's a date then. Mikey-kun~"
Sometimes Emma really asks you tips on how to swoon Drakens heart. But you'd end up saying "Oh it's just my natural charm and talent!"
On serious days where Mikey and Toman are sad, you'd always be there for them. Mikey adored you for that, sticking up with him through thick and thin. You really are the dream girl
Wakasa is a chill dude. Surely he'd be the first one to fluster you. But oh no, when you both became official the tables have officials turned too. "'Kasa! C'mere!" Walking upstairs you showed him your outfit. Oh, God. The window boob. Jesus y/n leave the poor man alone. He was just enjoying his coffee >:( and now you made him blushy blushy
"Well... You look really good baby." "Yeah? You think so? 'Kasa?" You grab his fingers and press them on your cheekbones leaning on to his touch. "Yes of course I do.. You always look pretty. You're my pretty baby." "That was sweet but. It was a nice attempt to fluster me~"
Although you have a very flirty demeanor. You do take things seriously when needed. Always being there with Brahman. Participating in their meetings and giving them emotional support and giving them your all. That was all Wakasa could ever ask for. His little dream girl.
Tumblr media
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rayveewrites · 9 hours ago
Darren walked into his office and froze.
A woman- the Green Lady- was sitting in a chair that definitely hadn’t been there before, both legs draped over one of the armrests, calmly sharpening a knife.
He went to back out and close the door, but before he could she looked up, her emerald eyes boring into his soul.
“I am not here to harm you,” she said stiffly. “I want to tell you a story.” The knife vanished from her hands, as if it was never there. She sat up.
“A… a story?”
“Yes.” Darren felt somewhat like he was selling his soul.
“Once upon a time, there was a race of people called the !¡ꖎᔑ||ᒷ∷ᓭ- in English, the closest translation would be something along the lines of Players, or maybe Dreamers. However, for an unknown reason, approximately two thousand years ago we had what was later dubbed the ⎓╎リᔑꖎ ⚍!¡↸ᔑℸ ̣ ᒷ- the Final Update.”
“Update?” Darren repeated incredulously.
“Look, video game terminology just happens to be the closest fit. It is not perfect, but it is better than nothing, okay?!”
“Okay, okay!” Darren backed away, wondering if he could outrun her. 
Probably not.
“To cut a long story short, the Final Update removed magic from the world. Sort of. Players were still Players, but their children were not. As time went on, Players died out, and the only race who had biology which ran without magic was Humans. As a result, nonPlayer Humans wound up becoming the only intelligent species left in the world. Well, except for those of us who were Undying, but we were never a particularly large group to begin with and all the rest have been killed off by now.”
“Ghosts, zombie and skeleton ⍑||ʖ∷╎↸ᓭ, things like that.”
“Right,” Darren muttered. His legs felt weak. “Silly me.”
“Anyway, let’s go forward 2000 years, to the here and now. I was part of a group of Players, and we called ourselves ⍑ᒷ∷ᒲ╎ℸ ̣ ᓭ- in your language, hermits. Now, the other hermits experienced their ⎓╎リᔑꖎ ↸ᒷᔑℸ ̣ ⍑ᓭ- Final Deaths-”
“Yeah, we died more than once, do not try to think about it too hard. With the hermits, though… Something odd happened on Final Death. Basically, it… was not. I am not quite sure what happened, but I suspect the Universe chose to keep their code in storage or something, and they have once again started to Respawn.”
“Two of the hermits, ∴ᒷꖎᓭꖌリ╎⊣⍑ℸ ̣ and ʖ↸𝙹⚍ʖꖎᒷ𝙹100, have been in the news lately, although your kind seems to be under the impression that Wels is actually the mythological figure of King Arthur, for some reason.”
“Right. So… the guy isn’t King Arthur, he’s just… a guy who died 2000 years ago and has come back from the dead.”
“You do realize how batshit this all sounds, right?”
“This is my normal.”
Darren paused and looked at Cleo. Really looked at her. Her fingers were tipped with dark claws, her teeth were razor-sharp, her skin pale green and crisscrossed by stitches. She smelled strongly of flowers- very strongly, almost as if she was trying to mask some other smell. Her cheeks were hollow, her eyes sunken into their sockets and glowing eerily.
She was not human. Not even close.
“So, your… friends are other hermits?”
“Yes. Joe, Zed, and Pearl are the only ones I’ve been able to get back here so far.”
“Are those their names?”
“Yes, although Pearl is translated.”
“R-right.” Darren hesitated. “Is there a… reason you’re telling me this?”
“You are an archeologist, yes? And we are the people you have been studying. I expect your… guild?”
“Sure, that. I do wish you’d stop changing words around, it is very irritating. Your guild, organisation, whichever, would probably like to hear from the last remnant of our race, from people who were there at the height and the decline.”
“I’m guessing this isn’t a free offer.”
“We want help getting the other hermits back, when they return, if they Respawn on a different continent. Starting with Wels and Bdubs.”
“You can’t just… get on a plane?”
“We do not legally exist. Therefore, no passports. And smuggling those two would... not end well.”
“I will give you some time to consider. If you decide to agree, walk into the forest and scream until one of us shows up.” Cleo stood up, smashed the chair to pieces, picked up a tiny chair, vanished it into the aether, and jumped out the window.
Darren barely managed to make it to his chair before his legs collapsed.
What had he gotten himself into?
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carillonghorn · 14 hours ago
Your furry story? Do tell
OH MY GOD okay here goes
Fun fact about me, I am *terrified* of fursuits. Like, visceral fear. They have always scared me. Couldn't really tell you why; I think it's the eyes.
Not long after I moved to Chicago, I started dating this guy. We went out a couple of times--things were going great. We had fun on dates, the sex was nice, we were on our way to becoming an actual couple pretty quickly.
So, I go over to his place and we start getting hot and heavy. He starts acting a little strange, like he's dancing around asking me something. I figure he's going to ask me if we can go bareback since we were exclusive at that point. Cool, sure! I trusted him and would have been more than happy to have that discussion.
I ask him, "Hey, [name], what's up? I can tell you've got something on your mind."
He pauses, looks bashful for a second, and then quietly pops up with, and I quote, "Can I... can I fuck you in my fursuit?"
I ask him what he means and he goes to open his closet door and THERE'S A FUCKING FURSUIT JUST HANGING THERE. AND HE WANTED TO FUCK ME IN IT. NO WARNING. NO DISCUSSION. NO NOTHIN'.
So keep in mind I've broken out in a cold sweat looking into that thing's cold, dead eyes and I just got up, put on my clothes, and left. Never talked to him again.
Looking back I know that's not the right thing to have done, but, like... you can't just spring that on someone jfc.
I wish I could have seen my face because I'm sure it was just, like
Tumblr media
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tea-and-la · an hour ago
i honestly think the reason that zutara appeals to me so much is that they are the two gaang members who are the most unwilling to let themselves have fun. i mean, we know toph and aang love pranks and scams, and sokka even though he’s still pretty strict about scheduling still eventually learns how to joke around to keep the mood light. but katara? she’s always holding everything in, and keeping everyone together. in episodes like the desert and the runaway, she has to be the responsible one, so she can’t go on the scams like everyone else. plus, she has to think of the consequences, what if they are caught? this was her same reasoning in the kyoshi episode when aang was showing off for the island girls. she has to think more about what the others are doing vs. going off and having fun of her own. and what is she doing during those times when aang, toph, and sokka went off to scam? we never find out, but we can assume since she’s at the campsite each time they return that it wasn’t something fun.
i think part of this is trauma-related, katara feeling as she is always needed for something, for someone else. and it pains me so so much when people say “katara’s boring, a stick in the mud, etc.” because when is she allowed to discover hobbies of her own when she always has to think of others? 
and with zuko, he was banished at 13 and immediately set sail to find the avatar the next day. in season 1, we see him never want to take pause from this mission, constantly yelling if anything puts them off course. he wants to run training drills 24/7 to get better at firebending (with the same amount of determination as katara with waterbending-- except she is doing so to preserve her culture.) in season 2, he is guarded and suspicious, which is understandable given his background and also because they are fugitives. i would say that the jinko date and jetko food raids were the only times we see him indulge in something that a normal teen would find enjoyable. everything else, even the blue spirit escapades, are mission-oriented. 
i just feel like this trait is something that zutara could both see in each other and recognize in themselves. i mean, we canonically see katara trying to include zuko in the group’s antics, like when she initially meant to tease him with the baby picture scroll, and tells him “to lighten up.” but she meant it in a positive way, almost like she wanted him to laugh and break out of his grumpy shell a bit. i think that zuko would notice that katara doesn’t have fun either, and as they got closer, he’d call her out on it. and i just think that could be their thing, even in a potential future marriage, because their both workaholics, they’d notice when the other person is not taking time to relax. it’s why it warms my heart to see fanwork’s like hayley foster’s animatic where zuko carries katara to her room after she falls asleep under a stack of important papers. or just small gestures like fan works where she’s studying late at night for med school, and he brings a cup of coffee. those small details are what make me love zutara so much. 
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astridthevalkyrie · 18 hours ago
17 with Levi from the prompt list please!!!
i'm trying so hard not to get levi burnout LMAO not that i'm tired of writing him, not even remotely, but i'm beating my head for ideas so the drabbles don't comes across as dull
17. “Is that my shirt you’re wearing?”
requests are closed!
Watching you is more interesting than listening to whatever dumb but probably brilliant idea Hange is putting forth right now. Observing you has become Levi's favorite pasttime, because you have several quirks that he enjoys learning about, and of course you're pretty nice to look at too.
He thinks he's going crazy.
This is what falling in love feels like, or at least he's fifty percent sure. The fact that he can't tear his eyes off from you, from the way your lashes touch your cheeks every time you blink to the way you duck your head down every time you find something amusing but don't want to show it out of politeness. The way his heart speeds up every time you catch his gaze and give him a light smile, before averting your gaze discreetly. It's stupid, really, but he's certain that if you asked him to take you out of this meeting and to a private room so that the two of you could continue where you left off last night, he would do it in an instant. That's just how enamored he is in this moment.
Having been observing you for a while now, he finally notes that there's something off. For some reason, you keep tugging on your sleeves, which he knows is something you only do when you're very nervous about something. The nearly giddy feeling he'd been experiencing is put down as he frowns. If there's something you're worried about, then you could have told him. He could have helped. Of course, he'd never pressure you, but if he's made you feel like you couldn't trust him with your problems, then that means he really hasn't been treating you the way you deserve to be treated.
"Got that, Levi?" Hange says, which is her own way of dismissing a meeting. Already people are shuffling out.
"Sure," he lies. Making his way through the crowd, he walks over to where you're standing and tugging on your sleeves again, looking exasperated. He reaches you, about to ask what the matter is when he finally notices it.
You're not tugging on the sleeves because you're anxious, but rather because the sleeves, and the shirt itself, don't fit you. He can't believe he didn't see it. That shirt isn't yours, it's—
"Is that my shirt you're wearing?"
You look up, shoulders sagging, and a wave of relief washes over Levi to see you relax in his presence. "Yeah. Sorry, I was in such a rush this morning that I didn't notice."
"It's fine," he brushes off, and his cheeks even tint a slight pink when he actually takes you in. You're adorable, and if he doesn't stop focusing on it, he's not going to be able to get anything done today. Indeed, he truly is going crazy.
Honestly, he might just let you keep it.
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marunalu · 16 hours ago
I cant be the only one here, who wants to know what is going on with izuku in the last panel, right? Some people seem to think he is falling down (float deactivated by aizawa, but that doesnt make any sense. Izuku is to far up in the air, does aizawa want to kill him from that heigh or what???) or that he is about to lose his consciousness, but then his eyes would start to close or his eyelids would look heavy. But instead his eyes and also his mouth are WIDE OPEN as if in shock or surprise and the most interesting thing to me is the “FWAH“ sign.
Tumblr media
The sign is BEHIND izuku, but what makes that sound? Could it be the cape? But why would hori try to put peoples attention to that sign if its something so unimportant like izukus cape? The sign itself is pretty big and has three dots - as if there is a pause all of a sudden. As if for a moment everything around izuku stops. And I have a bad feeling about this. Remember how touya was in emotional tumult when his father didnt visit him in the forest and he lost control over his quirk! @psychomurderz discovered the shape of a man hidding behind touya behind a tree and came to the conclusion that this man was most likely afo and that he activated touyas quirk from behind, because touya was in emotional despair and his quirk literally exploded the whole hill and forest around him. This is what afo piercing through a body and activating the quirk looks like:
Tumblr media
Afo tried to pierce through izuku before in the war arc in the same manner, but bakugou tackled him out of the way. Unlike izuku he wasnt in emotional tumult at that time and he also wasnt afo target, so nothing happend. Remember how afo grinned (inside tomuras skull) when izuku went apeshit crazy. He wanted him mad!
So to come back to the last panel with izuku. I think its possible that izuku just got stabbed in that moment by afos “tentacles“ to activate his quirk and to literally “explode“ everything around him like he did with touya. Thats what the weird “fwah“ sound is. Now can you imagine how izuku will feel and react if he loses control over ofa and blasts his friends away and maybe even hurts them in the process? I really fear for Iida, right now!
We also need to remember that afo has the search quirk and has his own teleportation quirk he used in kamino. He knows 24/7 where izuku is and he can teleport him at any moment to himself if he wants, but for some reason he doesnt. Afo teleportation quirk also can teleport him to any person he wants, but for that to work he needs to “have a bond“ with that person. In other words he needs to know that person on a personal level *coughdadforonecough*. We also still have no idea where kurogiri is. If he's with afo, he can easily create a wrap gate, so that afo can put his hand through it and attack izuku from behind. Like he tried with mirko in vigilantes, but it failed.
What Im trying to say is: if my theory has any merit and izuku just got attacked from behind in that last panel, then afo is absolutely able to pull that stunt right now, even in the air. He has search and can perfectly pin point izukus location, he has a teleportation quirk that can bring him to izuku or izuku to him and maybe even has kurogiri with him.
Maybe Im completly wrong though and its just a fun theory I have right now. Next chapter will show how far off I was or if I was right.
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unsoundedcomic · 16 hours ago
So for any time Duane acts badass or cool, there must be a equal amount of dorkiness somewhere else to balance him out, right? That is his curse for being OP as hell. What about Lemuel? He's looking pretty damn badass right now, I mean, long hair, scar, two! swords and those claw tipped gauntlets and flying down arms spread just daring someone to come at him, does he have a balance or is he just allowed to be that way?
Lemuel is by definition UNbalanced, and this is very important. Duane used to balance him out by pulling him into dorky brotherly shenanigans and displays, but since he died, Lemuel has been trapped beneath an Edgy Shadow, with no real outlets for wholesome dorkiness in a world that's growing increasingly bleak. He needs to be Healed.
I know we playin', but Duane dying just messed everything up. Lemuel is messed up, the Lions are messed up, Alderode is messed up. Duane is like George Bailey.
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oynau · 21 hours ago
could i request scaramouche with d, k, j, and v please?
Tumblr media
D — Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs.)
Can be found here.
J — Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon.)
Can be found here.
K — Kink (One or more of their kinks.)
Can be found here.
V — Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make.)
Scaramouche is so fucking loud, makes the loudest damn whines you'll ever hear! He has a habit of cupping his hand over his mouth or something of the sort to try and muffle his sounds, so its best to do something with those hands so you can hear all his sounds! (unless u wanna gag him? then feel free to do so~)
Also curses so much, says every curse known to man and then some! Definitely a filthy mouth, ah you might have to do something about that, perhaps a gag?
Tumblr media
event closed.
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tentacle-therapissed · 7 hours ago
color stuff in Working Through Intrusive Thoughts
Tumblr media
Blue lighting when Logan is in control (which is pretty much exclusively at the beginning of the ep when C!Thomas is still planning on following the schedule)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Green lighting when Remus is in control (side note I really liked that shot with Nico)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also, just tons of specifically green shit scattered around Thomas’s house as part of the mess he’s made, showing Remus’s constant underlying presence in the slump C!Thomas is in
Tumblr media
Adding this screencap in particular because it is just so ridiculous to me that he has a whole ass toy treehouse chilling on his countertop. Tommy what r u doing mate
Tumblr media
My first thought in this scene was ‘oh, pink, like romance, because Nico is C!Thomas’s romantic interest.’ But it is specifically said to be fuchsia, which is in the red-violet territory— and on the color wheel, red-violet is right in between blue and orange.
Speaking of orange...
Tumblr media
This random ass bright orange jacket in the background when Remus sits down as Logan starts to talk to him in the scene where he eventually provokes Logan into losing his shit.
Tumblr media
Same aforementioned scene, and it’s hard to tell whether this is intentional orange lighting or just happens to be warmer lighting bc of the part of the house they’re in, but knowing the attention the SS team pays to detail I’d like to think it’s the former.
Anyways thats all
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crossdressingdeath · 20 hours ago
i'm not sure if you've spoken about this before but i'm curious about your thoughts on the phoenix mountain kiss! i got into mdzs through cql, so for a long time my understanding of the novel was shaped only by cql-onlies' "analyses" of that scene as this terrible and horrific thing that proves that wx is a super unhealthy relarionship and glories noncon, etc.
but then i finally started reading the novel, and when i got to that scene i thought it was pretty clear that we as the readers aren't supposed to think "aw how sweet, what a romantic moment" but rather, it's meant to show us that lwj is actually not as infallible as he appears to be, that he just succumbed to a desire that he evidently is very upset and GUILTY about acting on when wwx was entirely unaware of who was kissing him. it seems to me like cql-onlies who present this scene as some kind of representation of wx's entire relationship either didn't read the entire thing beyond the actual kiss, or they just don't understand that uncomfortable events can occur in a story without them being a positive thing.
Yeah, it's always kind of funny because it's always "It's so pRoBlEmAtIc" and... yes! Thank you! It's supposed to be problematic, that's the point! LWJ did something he very much shouldn't have and he feels so guilty about it that it impacts every aspect of his relationship with WWX from then on! He is terrified of violating WWX's boundaries again! People really fail to grasp that depicting =/= condoning; yes, the kiss isn't consensual and that's A Problem, but it's treated like a problem, not a healthy thing. Sometimes things happen in stories that the author doesn't agree with, guys. Sometimes characters do bad things. That happens. Fiction does that. How do people read anything more complicated than picture books without figuring that out. Also like. given the CQL onlies talk about how romantic it is that LWJ "married" WWX in a cave without his consent or knowledge I don't think they'd have a leg to stand on even if the kiss was treated as romantic.
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arsenicxarcana · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(prev post repost in page form bc instagram liked it)
arsenic asks the real questions and gets more than they bargained for, or “you only changed the face, not the soul”
bc in all other routes, before he gets a body, his soul is the goat
and it would have been pretty cool if they explored that more bc MC can’t have completely cut that connection
transcript under cut
ARSENIC: Hold on-- if your mom destroying your painting upset you so much, why did YOU destroy the other ones??
LUCIO: It’s the principle of the...
LUCIO: Eyes.
LUCIO: The fucking eyes. All around me. Watching me. I couldn’t STAND it--
LUCIO: They saw what I was-- and I saw what I wasn’t.
LUCIO: And part of me knows this hasn’t changed.
LUCIO: I’m still a fucking monster.
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dantelionwishes · 26 minutes ago
If we’re still talking about how we came up with our OC’s quirks, I came up with Tokiya’s quirk when talking about what would be really powerful quirks with pretty bad drawbacks with an IRL friend of mine. When I came up with Tokiya’s quirk, said friend told me that I indirectly made a Jojos reference (I have not yet watched Jojo, but he did) since Jojo has a lot of characters with time manipulation powers (I think he said a specific example, but I can not remember, since this was around when season 2 aired). Its cool that it turned out that way, but it was very unintentional.
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jd-loves-fiction · 21 hours ago
Hi! I was just wondering if you could do #20 with the kiss and hug prompts for rex? [obi-bae-kenobi]
🌑 hello darling :)
20. Kisses on the head
20. Cuddling
Tumblr media
"What time is it?"
"Late." Rex responds, throwing a look over his shoulder at the clock on the bedside table.
"Not late enough." You reply, holding tight around his torso to keep him from moving.
"Baby," Rex sighs fondly, smiling into your hair, "you know I need to go."
"Yeah, I know, so what?" You mumble, head buried in your boyfriend's chest, inhaling his comforting scent and relishing in his warm presence.
"So, let me go, pretty please." He pleads, despite the chuckle that escapes along with his words. He doesn't want to go, but he needs to.
Knowing this, you're just helping him get what he wants.
"Nope. Never." You tell him cutely, eyes still closed, yawning as you adjust yourself to fall back asleep.
Realizing there’s no changing your mind, Rex lays back down beside you, placing a kiss to the crown of your head and closing his eyes with a tender smile.
He’d have to get up soon to warn the boys he wouldn't be hanging out with them today.
Here's the prompt list!
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