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He never recovered from that
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ao3writers-pls-love-me · 25 days ago
plague will? awesome, but have u considered disaster will?
campers assuming hes bad a bow but hes actually a whole lot worst. hes terrible at it, very bad. its going to get himself killed one day, in the stupidest ways. but also will being the last resort to turn the tides of the battle and stuff.
like will shoots a monster, misses and suddenly trees on fire. will practicing archery and every single arrows he missed, apples drop into nico's food plates and he missed every single one of them (nico being unimpressed and impressed at the same time). will throws an arrow and explosions occur. literally gets surrounded by monsters and the dude in his panic, accidentally drops his quiver (?), full of arrows, down to his feet, spilled it, cries then the ground starts rumble, earthquakes shook, the entire area bursts into each other, break the whole field and immediately shallowed all the monsters.
even worse, his bow. like will just pulls a bow to test it out, slips his hands, drops it and many demigods sprained their ankles or legs greatly. he grabs another one, not knowing it was a little breaky, tries shooting with it, breaks it and thunder storm destroys every red targets in front of him and other campers are like...they not even mad, just pains and confusions.
simply put, will brings chaos and destructions everywhere he goes with a bow and arrows. blame it on misfortune but it happened so many times will kinda meh at this point. going, oh whoops! there goes my sanity, with the screams and yells in the background.
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photobythe8 · a year ago
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minghao can never escape “dirty dirty jam jam” and he still hates it
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mckiwiwrites · 3 months ago
Whumptober Day 6: Touch and Go
Prompt: Touch-starved
Characters: Stephen Strange/Christine Palmer
He lands on the planetoid in front of the giant, purple eye with green wreathing his wrists. "Dormammu, I've come to bargain." Stephen says for the first time.
"You've come to die," the demon promises menacingly, "your world is now my world, like all worlds." He lasts all of six seconds before the blast of pure energy shreds him to atoms.
He lands on the planetoid in front of the giant, purple eye with green wreathing his wrists. "Dormammu, I've come to bargain." Stephen says for the second time.
"You've come to die," the demon promises menacingly, "your world is now my world, like– wait, what is this? Illusion?"
"No, this is real." Stephen confirms.
Two rods pierce through him and the air leaves his lungs painfully.
By the third time, he's confident. He's winning against a power that far outweighs his own, in whatever wicked definition of the word one could use.
By the fourth, his fate is sealed. "Pain's an old friend." He understands, logically, that pain is caused by the nociceptors detecting tissue damage. What he never fully understood was how many different types of pain there actually are.
Sharp, throbbing, searing, cold, hot, numb, screaming, whimpering, writhing, stinging, drilling, tearing, wrenching, crushing, pain, pain, stop, stop, stop, stop, please, STOP! His head is popped off his shoulders – repeat – rag-dolled until every bone in his body is broken – repeat – he's always hated the smell of charred flesh – repeat – "I will break you!" – repeat – he already is – repeat – death by a slit throat isn't as quick as the movies say – repeat – just as Stephen was getting used to it, Dormammu got creative.
Three thousand thirty-nine loops later, he wonders if he's even sane anymore. "But I can lose. Again, and again, and again, and again forever... and that makes you my prisoner." Isn't that the definition of insanity?
Once upon a time, he thought his life's purpose was his work, to keep death at bay. He can appreciate the irony of it, now knowing his life's purpose is to die.
He finally strikes a deal on loop six thousand eight hundred fifty-six. "Take your zealots from the Earth. Never come back. Do it, and I'll break the loop."
The Ancient One is dead. Mordo has left. Wong is busy organizing the Sanctums after the attacks. Stephen's left alone to deal with the repercussions of what he knows has to be PTSD, but that's fine. He's okay. He has to be, now that Earth has no Sorcerer Supreme to defend it. He hasn't stopped fighting since Dormammu, but at least that way he's too exhausted to have nightmares. Usually.
Bedoin, France: A colony of Imps set fire to the Eiffel Tower. He managed to walk away with just a few burn patches from where they touched him.
Santa Lucia, Honduras: Python-like creatures that wrap around their victims and squeeze the Life Force out of them. He limped away with a broken tibia and two cracked ribs.
Jingzhou, China: The myths weren't too far off about dragons. He doesn't even know how he got away, just that he woke up in the infirmary of Karmar-Taj.
New York City, New York: Two things were different about this attack. One, he managed to get away uninjured (save for a few minor cuts and bruises). Two, Christine was there.
"Stephen! What happened?" She exclaims, running up to him.
"Nothing too much to worry about. Just some inter-dimensional pegions who wanted to try some of New York's finest pizza," he explains, trying to keep the situation light.
"I haven't seen you in months! Oh, thank God you're okay." She says and hugs him.
His first time being hugged since– crushing, throbbing, choking–
He shoves her away and recoils so fast he hadn't even realized he'd done it. "oh, I'm sorry!" Christine apologies, "I didn't mean to hurt you!"
Stephen can feel his heart hammering in panic as he answers as evenly as possible, "no, you're good. I just... forgot for a second there."
"There's more over here!" Wong calls and raises a shield against a 'pigeon.'
"Here's my address now, feel free to stop by anytime, though I can't promise I'll be there." Stephen hands her a card he conjured and goes to assist Wong.
He's always had an aversion to being hugged or touched by most people. Even after years of being hugged by his patients' families, he still hated it. Being touched by people he truly loved and cared for, however, was a different story. After mastering a difficult spell, Wong could pat him on the back with no issue. When the Ancient One was alive, he trusted her enough not to hurt his hands when she touched them. He could allow Mordo to correct his stance during training with no problem. Back when he and Christine were dating, his favorite place was being in her arms. After a particularly stressful day, he would lay his head in her lap and let her run her fingers through his hair, idly talking about whatever game show she was watching while he relaxed and eventually fell asleep.
He's never had a problem being hugged by her, until Dormammu. Until being touched meant pain and death and pain and death pain death pain death repeat repeat repeatrepeatrepeat–
Christine visited him the next day. He was too shocked at her presence to resist being pulled into her arms.
His second time being hugged since– tearing, wrenching, searing–
This time when he wiggles frantically out of her grasp, she's concerned rather than surprised. She looks at him skeptically, and all he can muster is a sheepish smile.
"You're okay, Stephen," she promises sweetly, "you're safe. I'm not gonna hurt you." She gently cups his face in her hand, stroking his cheek with her thumb. Her eyes are so full of love and care he could get lost in them. He lasts all of six seconds before he has to step back.
By the third time, he's longing. He misses the feeling of pure content and safety while being cuddled under warm blankets.
By the fourth, she recommends him a therapist. "This isn't like you." He knows, logically, that she would never hurt him, but he can't tell that to his thousands of trauma-induced memories. It isn't even because of his eidetic memory that he can't forget. He can't make himself forget the way his ribs snapped in half and what a punctured lung feels like from being squeezed too tightly.
Ten hugs later, he's finally able to return it for a few seconds.
Six months after Dormammu, he can finally fully hug her back. He doesn't flinch when Wong pats him on the back, as long as he expects it.
Nine months after Dormammu, Christine invites him over for a movie night at her place. He doesn't remember falling asleep, but he wakes up with his head resting on her shoulder. Seeing she's also asleep with her arm draped lazily over him, he carefully gets up and covers her with a blanket before making a gateway back to the Sanctum. It wasn't until he woke up the next morning that he realized he didn't even react to being touched while vulnerable.
A year after Dormammu, the hospital's flooded with flu patients, so Stephen decides to surprise Christine after her eighteen-hour shift. They eat dinner (prepared by Wong because Stephen doesn't trust himself not to give them both food poisoning) and he turns on The Price Is Right, her favorite show. She eventually starts to doze off, head bobbing occasionally in an attempt to stay awake. He surprises himself when he pulls her to his side and holds her close. She snuggles into his side as she drifts off, and for the first time in what felt like a millennium, he doesn't resist. Instead, he pulls the blanket over both of them and lets himself have this moment.
This moment free of pain. This moment full of complete bliss under the warm blanket and her in his arms.
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deepestempathllamalawyer · a year ago
Tumblr media
anyway here’s my attempt at doing something funny
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sicklittleboy · a year ago
Isn't it a sin to take the purity of a child?
God, will you promise me I'm still pure.
Because I feel violated.
My hands grasped desperate around a roseary.
My prayers were empty pleading words.
A hungry boy saw my Body.
And God, I was his Communion.
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ask-a-deadpool · a year ago
Do you ship any of your fellow superheros with anyone?
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So sorry it took so long for me to figure out the last two panels for no apparent reason(curse you, un-drawable Loki horns). Enjoy!
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hamadaxfighter · a year ago
Don’t tell me that there’s no canon violence in Hiro when the film gave us Hiro ordering Baymax to DESTROY straight up murder a man.
&&& the official manga gave us THIS ( manga scans of fighting below ) :
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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alexxthehermit · a year ago
Steven’s body be over here thinking it’s dying from 1(one) panic attack bruh
All joking aside, my body be over here doing the same thing 💀
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tillman · a year ago
I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Guinevere is a real bitch sometimes and that her and Lancelot's relationship is unhealthy. And this is the woman he preferred over the noble, kind half-giant king who'd have given him the world.
like its sad and on one hand i could actually see gueneveres reasoning like 1 her husband sucks of course shes going to go “yoooo this kid likes me i might as well have any chance of being loved” and 2 lancelots like. like that. so i understand her urge to want to do everything in her power to keep him willing to not just abandon logres to go fuck off with sexy giants but like also she does literally emotionally abuse him and gaslight him into literally running off into the woods so . bro maybe . dont use the kid who idolizes you for unhealthy reasons like that . 
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spam-bunny-dweet · a year ago
18/21 ((
"Aah...good Questions...." He sighs softly. "I...don't sleep well, ever. Usually pretty badly, what with Freddy invading my privacy. It's not as bad as Quentin has it, but...it's a pain." He gulps. "As for my darker thoughts...I try not to think of the trials-"
Blood. Dirt underneath your nails. You're holding a tendril back as it tries to impale you. You scream, but only a pathetic gurgle graces your lips. You're unhooked, and a hatchet hits you point blank in the back of the head. You go down, stunned and dying. It hurts. It hurts. You feel a harsh tug as the hatchet is gruffly removed, and the foot of your killer nudges you, flipping you over. You can barely keep your eyes open. Everything hurts. She looks up, and tosses that same hatchet. You hear another person scream in agony, but you're too disoriented to tell who. She raises her splitting axe, and in barely a second, it's planted in your skull, splitting your head apart and completely butchering your face. Your nerves scream. It's just pain. Your eyes aren't working properly. All you can see is red, and then it grows black.
"heh...yeah, I try not to think about it..." He rubs the back of his neck, looking away from you.
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falsusverum · 2 years ago
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cruelgay · 2 years ago
watching lake get the love he deserves is refreshing after recent events
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divinetranslator · 2 years ago
💬 Cucatail has a big crush on the Omniking
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My favorite thing about Batman is that he’s the best fighter and smartest person in the room…until a single one of his kids shows up.
Batman, normally:
*rattles off extremely smart plan with multiple contingencies*
*can beat Superman if given five minutes of prep time*
*is scary*
*can and will fuck you up*
Batman when one of his kids is within a half mile radius:
“Fuck if I know, ask Stephanie.”
*squints really hard* I don’t know that language. Talk to Nightwing.
“Red Robin is much better at these kinds of things.”
“Look, if you want an actually decent sparring partner, Cassandra and Damian are in the kitchen.”
*gestures vaguely* “Someone go find Duke, I need someone competent.”
“Jason, help me.”
*speaking directly into the bottom of his phone way too loudly* Oracle, comms are down. What do you want me to do?
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altariaas · 3 months ago
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the duality of man cat
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rhdee33 · 3 months ago
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Too human for ghosts; Too ghost for humans.
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demonboyhalo · 7 months ago
yeah Ranboo's "are you intimidated by two children" line was hilarious and meant to be light hearted but GOD if that doesn't sum up so much of the Dream SMP lore. like. sir. what is so terrifying about these hormone riddled lil bags of trauma
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shippy-from-apocalypse · 24 days ago
I have this headcanon that everyone on the office assumes Jon is a film snob. They don't even do it consciously that's just the way he is
So I firmly believe that at some point the original crew™ was hanging out, probably drinking, and the topic of movies came
They ask Jon what his favorite movie is and he, without missing a beat, answers with the most deadpan face in the world: "Pacific Rim"
(since not everyone will see the tags I'm not saying Pacific Rim is bad this movie is a treasure and one of my favorites and we SHOULD be snob about It)
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clairenatural · 3 months ago
no more fluffy human!cas I only want it if it's angsty and gritty and tragic. a week after he gets back they're in the kitchen, and dean burns himself on a hot pan, and cas reaches to heal him without thinking. they stare at cas' hand hovering over the burn on dean's thumb for a handful of seconds before cas silently leaves the kitchen and doesn't speak for the rest of the night. the first time he ends up in the hospital is from a manageable wound that he refused to tell the winchesters about until it was badly infected. he forces himself to not go to sleep until he's watched dean fall asleep and he insists on being the first one awake, so he's running on 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night and making stupid mistakes in fights. dean only convinces him to talk to him about it after he sits outside in the freezing rain for hours, refusing to use a coat or an umbrella, and gets so sick they worry it's pneumonia. it takes him a long time to be okay and years later he still finds himself flexing his shoulder blades, stretching his non-existent wings like phantom limbs.
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