katistry · 4 months ago
♪ mwahhh
Tumblr media
send me "♪" and I will shuffle mp3/ipod/music player and write my favourite line with my handwriting
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thebig-chillqueen · a year ago
Tumblr media
When someone mentions one of your interests.
*cries* Cinderace heard Goh say his name and he literally came running.
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transvigilante · 8 months ago
Sam Chloe and Nadine wasn't a trio I expected but it works pretty damn well
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toms-gf · 28 days ago
bestie!! The Chloe x Nate deleted scene!! How about instead of Chloe is the reader and the sexual tension is too much that she just decides to take the initiative and just some steamy makeout session 👀
the deleted scene that makes me lose my mind
talk to me about nathan drake
Tumblr media
when you had gotten a call from sully a few weeks ago saying him and his new partner had found the other key, you were anxious to get a hold of it. you and sully never trusted each other, mostly because he was a liar and you were the type to fly solo.
however, the kid he had recruited to help him with this job was someone you couldn't help but gravitate towards. he seemed like the caring, trustworthy kind, but you weren't ready to test that out just yet.
he had found another bottle of the vintage red wine down in the cellar, the two of you opting on splitting it as you stood out on the balcony.
a little bit of small talk never hurt anyone, right?
"what made you decide you wanted to do this for a living?" he asked, and you shrugged, holding the bottle in your hand.
"i've always been an adventurous kid," you chuckled, handing the bottle off to him,"so i just kind of said 'why not'?"
he nodded, understanding where you were coming from.
"what about you? parents weren't around?" you asked and he shook his head no.
"no, just me and my brother sam, and sister b who was quite literally the scariest nun i've ever met."
you laughed,"sister b?"
he sighed, smiling,"it's a long story, but my brother and i grew up in a catholic orphanage. one day, sam and i decided to be stupid and get caught by museum security. since it was sam's 3rd strike with the law, they were gonna lock him up, but he ended up running off, leaving me behind with a lighter, a note, and-"
"let me guess," you said, fingers moving towards the ring that sat around his neck,"and this necklace."
he nodded, taking a sip from the wine bottle,"pretty much."
you read the carved words in the metal, smiling as you read the latin words.
"greatness from small beginnings, right?" your eyes looked up at his as he leaned in closer to you, his arms pinning your side to the cement edging of the balcony.
"yeah." he smiled, eyes flickering down to your lips as you tucked the ring back underneath his shirt. you looked back up at him, meeting his gaze with your own eyes.
"what? do i have something on my face?" you asked, chuckling, trying to wipe your cheeks.
he shook his head, feeling nothing but complete awe from you.
"no," he chuckled, putting the bottle between his lips,"just thinking about something."
"what is 'something'?" you asked.
"how do i know you're not going to play me?" he asked, a small smirk still plastered on his face. you smiled.
"oh, you don't," you smiled,"i think that's what keeps it fun."
you grabbed the bottle from his hand and took a sip, needing more of the alcohol to stop your nervous jitters from coming up.
he leaned down, his face closer to yours now. you could smell the wine faintly on his breath and the smell of his cologne. he smiled down at you.
"i know a couple more ways we can keep it fun." he said, his lips so close to yours.
you hummed,"which is?"
"i mean i've got about 3 different ways in my head, but, whatever you want."
you laughed, shoving his shoulder lightly as he laughed with you. the wind was blowing slightly, and he moved some pieces of hair our of your face for you. you smiled, tucking some hair behind your ear.
"i think you're amazing," he confessed and you felt the heat rise to your cheeks as he held one of them in his palm,"you're smart, you can handle your own, you're crazy good at figuring stuff out, and most of all, you're fucking stunning."
his compliments made you blush and you smiled.
"well, i could say the same to you."
he pulled you closer to him so you were chest to chest,"i wanna kiss you so bad right now."
fuck it.
you leaned up and wrapped your arms around his neck before meeting his lips with yours. you smiled against his lips as he placed a hand on your cheek.
"i've been waiting all night to do that." he said before kissing you again, turning the kiss more passionate. he placed the bottle of wine down on the outside table, still kissing you, before walking the two of you into the bedroom attached to the balcony.
he sat down on the edge of the bed, you following him as you straddled his hips, one leg on either side. he smiled up at you, your hands running through his hair.
he did not want to leave barcelona.
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aedan-mills · 2 months ago
dps fandom, for you to use <3
Tumblr media
i HC-ed him as the token straight friend but he supports all his queer besties <3 <3
@ilypitts @ilovehimbos @yyouromeo @azzyraphale @fumbleface
@yellowwood-roads @poetrusicperry, @poetofthedyingstars , @time-plus-night @auxctor @tuskofthyme @theluminoussunflower @she-nuwanda @cupiiid @nik-knacks @justarandompjofan @emilythefern @inahallucination @iguanamuppet @nocturnalnewsiestrash @matthewmurdockgf @palinoic-poet @toddtakefive @gerardpitts @chloe-octavia @feathers-arts-52 @pelicanchaos @spaced-out-state @nothing-gonna-wake-me-now @finding-an-angle @flustered-flux @anderperryshit @noelliza @babo0shka @sweatytootheddeadpoet @poets-achilles @moose-blogs @srj901 @samnyangie @plagg-wants-cheese @fandomfiish @fumbleface @meorta @spenceraliah @crumbly-apple-pie @boy-wonder-oncologist-fan
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lurkymurker · 3 months ago
it's not an idea for a blurb, but sleepy cuddly rafe own my entire heart. maaaayyyyyybe something about them waking up together after being apart for a while? im not sure, but i know that whatever you decide to write will be amazing :D
Ohhhh this is sweet 🥺 not quite a blurb, I just had to write this as soon as I read this request bc i loooove it so much! Hope u love it bestie <3
If you asked seventeen year old Rafe Cameron what his favourite day of the week was, he would without a doubt say — Saturday. More specifically, he would do so through a “Saturdays are for the fucking boys” holler, half-way shotgunning a suspiciously purchased beer before squashing the can in his hand.
Now, if you were to wait two years (in which he wouldn’t just get the girl, but would get said girl to UNC, too) and ask him that question again, Rafe Cameron would most definitely say Sunday, instead. Sure, saturdays are for the boys, but Sundays? Sundays are dream girl days. And dream girls days are the only days that really matter to Rafe Cameron.
One of your favourite things about settling into a comfortable, UNC routine was the uninterrupted hours you found yourself tangled up in your boy. With Chloe gone for the weekend, the morning sun that brightened your dorm room this Sunday was met with blissful emptiness, save for your stirring figure, and all 6’4 of Rafe Cameron.
With eyes half-closed, your back flushed into Rafe’s chest, chin raised upward to press a lazy kiss on his jaw. “Morning.”
“Mmmm.” Rafe mumbled in response, his voice a little gravelly from sleep. “What time is it?”
You squinted at your desk clock for a beat, still getting used to the light. “8am.”
When you made to pull away, Rafe’s insistent hands only tugged you closer, his lips brushing against your temple as he circled your waist and whirled you around. “Go to sleep.”
He pulled your into his chest without a moments hesitation, loving the way you moulded into him so effortlessly.
“Rafael.” You half-laughed, half-scolded, wrapping your arms around his neck, all the same. “M’awake already.”
“M’not.” Rafe grumbled sleepily, strong arms holding you against his torso. “Five more minutes.”
You sighed a little as he nuzzled his face into your arm, pressing kiss after lazy kiss into the soft skin. “Fine.”
“Good.” Rafe murmured, his hand gripping the back of your thigh to shift your leg atop him. “Come closer.”
“I’m practically on top of you.” You chided, biting back a smile. “Oh — c’mere.”
You shifted upward slightly, guiding his head to the cushion of your breasts to tangle your fingers in his hair. Sleepy Rafe was nothing if not frustratingly endearing, his eyes still closed as a smile tugged at his lips. He wrapped his arms a little tighter around your waist, focussing on the feeling of your gentle touch.
“I’ll never get used to this.” He murmured after a beat, tilting his chin a little to catch your eye. “Waking up with you in my arms.”
He propped himself up on one arm to hover over your figure, his cheeks a little creased from sleep. When he brushed his thumb over that soft spot on your jaw, you closed your eyes, and leant into the touch. When he dipped his head to kiss you slow, you wrapped your arms around his neck, and pulled him close. When his voice, just the right amount of husky, mumbled — another five minutes? Please, baby? You couldn’t help but say yes.
Slow mornings with your golden boy were never not perfect. Just you, him, and the promise of a whole day in each other’s presence.
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arty-shadow-morningstar · a year ago
A Failed Betrothal /Betrothal AU: Take Two
So here is the second part of the betrothal AU that I decided to name "A Failed Betrothal. This takes place before Part 1 which in hindsight should have been done first. Part 2 got too long so I cut it and started Part 3. I have no idea and nothing planned on how long this will go. Hope you enjoy ❤.
(Part 1)
Marinette also wasn't having a good day or a good week.
Lila Rossi had been up to her usual tricks. You know, spewing lies from her mouth. How she met these awesome celebrities during this trip and they worship the ground she walks on for her amazing and humbling help. There were stories of these charities, trips and galas that she had been to or was invited to. She has problems with her wrists and can't do simple stuff like carry her own bag or do her homework. She has tinnitus in her ears so she needs to sit in the front where the only seat available would be next to Adrien.
And for the finale.
The desert after feeding the class a banquet of lies.
"Mari...nette..has been bullying me, she...told..me not to tell anyone..*sobs*..that she would kill me if I did.."
Lila dramatically gasped and slapped her hands over her mouth. Turning on the waterworks for a more dramatic effect. They all ate it up, jumping on the ‘let’s hate Marinette, a bad person’ train.
"She is going to kill me now and I am so scared." That snake managed to snuck an evil smirk past her glaring, oblivious classmates.
Marinette, at this point of her life, had frankly given up caring for them due to the class's lack of brain cells and Agreste's spineless 'High Road' Approach.
For Kwami's sake, she went through a brutal torture that was training in some jungle temple in Asia before Sabine Cheng, former mercenary/assassin, kidnapped her (Little Marinette took a risk. She ran away and followed her around until Sabine begrudgingly accepted that she was now the 6- year-old girl's mother because screw it, Tom said he wanted children.) to raise/train as her own while she settled down with a baker whose mother may or may not have ties with the Mafia and other illegal activities.
(Mother-daughter bonding days became much more fun once she had Guardianship of the Miraculous. Sabine was ,at first, furious at Master Fu for dumping everything on the girl and losing his memories before swearing to help protect the jewels. Adopted or not, Marinette is her daughter and no one should let a child, even one with training, fight a war. A good thing to come out of her reveal was that her mother was a great tiger to have as back-up. But now, her training regime had become harder and challenging.)
The point was that Lila Rossi would be dead and body missing since that first time she threatened Marinette in the bathroom. The Italian was in perfect health despite what she claims otherwise, because Marinette didn’t want to be the person she was raised to be and also she didn’t want to disappoint Tikki, she was fond of the little red kwami. But sometimes, she just wanted to give into the urge to kill.
She had met and dealt with unsavory characters of all types and she can safely say that Lila Rossi was a manipulator that thrives on attention and like a parasite, latches herself onto the fame of others. None of the unsavory people she had met get under her skin like Rossi had.
Marinette had enough self-preservation to drop the nice girl act and sometimes let the dragon underneath to surface. She stopped doing last-minute favors and giving away free stuff which Lila uses to her full advantage to further destroy her relationships with her ‘friends’. It was better than sticking her neck out for classmates that were no longer worth her time. Attempts to expose Lila had backfired due to the denial they are in, believing the liar to be a sweet, nice girl living the high life.
Adrien with his rose-tinted glasses firmly stuck to his eyes was not happy at all with her decision. That may also have to do where she suggested he shove his advice after he tried to reason her to take the high road for defending herself for the umpteenth time. She felt like the biggest idiot to ever have a crush on him. Every time, Rossi blames Marinette for a problem, he would shoot disappointed looks in her direction.
Alya being Lila's biggest guard dog tore into Marinette for her newfound 'bad' behaviour. The rest of Lila's supporters backed her up with "How could you do that to Lila","I can't believe you changed." Nearly all her so-call friends had turned their backs and lost all common sense to the Italian's manipulations.
(Alya was supposed to be her best friend, aren’t you supposed to listen to your ‘bestie’ over a complete stranger)
The designer took it all with a bored expression on her face, used to the lecturing which was a waste of time because her behavior isn't going to change, no matter what, Lie-la will keep up the act of being the bully's (*cough*Marinette*cough*) victim.
Her heart that cracks the tiniest bit at the accusations. A small part of her, she admits, is hurt that they think so low of her.Was she really that worthless to them? All those times and efforts helping them out on last-minute favors and giving them free treats. Were they not enough to earn their friendship? Their trust or at the very least, a benefit of doubt?
The only ones who didn’t join the berating to 'correct' the raven-haired girl’s attitude were Chloe (who had proven herself to have changed after the miracle queen incident and Lila stole the spotlight and Sabrina. There were a lot of apologizes, gifts and ‘making up to do’) Alix (she came to her senses when the supposed bullying started) and Nathaniel (Lila blatantly claimed to be the artist for the Ladybug comic to his face).
“Girl, Marinette, are you even listening to me?”Alya demanded.
“Maybe. Did you say anything that doesn’t have to do with Lila or how I did her wrong or how I am no longer the person you knew?”
Marinette knew that being sarcastic would backfire but nothing she does or says will change what they think of her. One word from Lila and they will turn back on her. As much as she hates to admit it, Lila’s threat has fallen through and she was alone. Mostly.
She still had Chloe, Nathaniel, Alix, Luka and Kagami as friends. The trust-worthy and loyal kind.
“Girl,” Alya says in a disappointed tone, shaking her head,“when I look at you, I don’t see that girl who stood up to Chloe the bully-”, Chloe snorted, she had changed but they were too blind and prejudiced against her to notice her efforts, “-Picking on Lila, threatening and harassing her. This isn’t you and you know it. Just get over your jealousy on Lila being close to Adrien and apologize to her.”
If Alya had talked to her in the past 12 months other than demanding things that took away her time or anything relating to Lila, she would know that her infatuation had turned into annoyance.
Marinette sighed, too tired of this routine, tired of trying to knock heads so the brain cells can work again. Apologizing would mean that Lila had won. She was petty and stubborn enough to allow that to happen. Lila said she will take the class and Adrien. Fine, she can have them but Marinette Dupain-Cheng will not admit defeat. Bigger men had fallen to the ravenette for lesser offences. A year has passed since the expulsion and the class still hasn't regained common senses, so they can deal with the consequences after the inevitable downfall of Lila and Marinette will be there to see them lay in the grave they dug.
Steeling herself for the pain that will come with the execution of her plan,
“What if I don’t. I won’t apologize to her because I have not done anything to her or even interacted with her. If I apologize, it would be insincere and a lie. And I hate liars.” The former assassin said evenly.
“Lila is not a liar. I don’t know why you are like this.” Alya said, frustrated.
Marinette knew there would be a small chance of an akuma with Gabriel Agreste having an important meeting to attend on this day that would last for the next hour. This was the small window of opportunity to start the plan and also further confirm the identity of Hawkmoth. Killing two birds with one stone.
“Alya, this has always been me, you just never took the time to get to really know the real me.”, she replied, the last part with an icy tone.
“Well-... I- ..You-, fine, then if you can’t say those simple three words, we can’t be friends. I clearly don’t know what a selfish bitch you are. God, I can’t believe I wanted to be best friends with you. You are now replaced by Lila because unlike you, she is genuinely nice and selfless.” Alya declared. The rest of Lila’s supporters murmured in agreement.
Phase 1, complete. Lure the Lie-la into a false sense of security by making her think she won.
Marinette tried not to show how hurt she was, to be replaced by the scheming bitch. But at the same time she felt relieved, she no longer had to walk on eggshells in fear of losing the friendships of people she used to care about. It felt final as she maintained her stoic expression, hoping they didn't notice the glassy sheen her eyes had.
“Then, it is official. We are no longer friends.”
They haven’t been friends for a long time.
Mme. Bustier finally walked into the classroom to start the afternoon classes, signalling the end of the conversation. After class, Marinette resolves to inform them that she was resigning as class president which she was sure the class will be glad for. She was right.
Ladybug was, as the Americans say, pissed at Hawkmoth which was nothing new. He had sent out another akuma just as Marinette was back home and trying to relax after the stressful day. The akuma was not any of her ex-friends which she wasn’t sure to be thankful for or not.
Louise Martin was a boy about Luka’s age and mad at his friends who had blamed their fifth loss-in-a-row on him despite the fact that it was his skills that were getting them any progress. They were playing one of those recently released 5V5 skills and strategy battle games. (League of Legends or Mobile Legends. Take your pick, I am going with the latter)
He was akumatized into Hayakuma as proof of Hawkmoth’s lack of creativity. Hayakuma was a bleached out version of Louise’s chosen hero avatar, Hayabusa whose outfit was basically what the media portrays ninjas to look like with some samurai aspects.
Unfortunately, he also had the hero’s ultimate special powers which were making four shadow copies of himself and being able to switch positions with them. Thanks to Rattlesnake’s Second Chance, they know that he can only make a switch once every two minute. Hayakuma also wields a sword, showing off his skills.
Just lovely.
Hydra and Ladybug were the only ones able to counter his attacks with Hydra’s sword and Ladybug’s summoned one. (Let’s go with that headcanon(?)/trope that she can summon weapons for plot convenience and the others can too but just don’t have enough practise yet.)
The others managed to dodge and shield themselves from Hayakuma’s really sharp sword.
The shadows themselves were annoying as they would distract or hinder the miraculous users by grabbing them by their shadows and making them unable to move. Until Bunnix had the brilliant idea of shadow boxing which gave the heroes gain more even ground.
With how strong and handful the akuma was, it was code ‘all hands on deck’. Ladybug, Stinger, Rattlesnake, Hydra, Bunnix, Trickster. Well, nearly every hand. Lady Mǔ lǎohǔ was busy with the bakery. Chat Noir was nowhere to be seen or very late which had been the norm for the last year ever since Ladybug wanted to form a new miraculous team consisting of permanent heroes.
(He didn’t show up for the first few months because the first permanent member was Ladybug’s mother who did not like his attitude towards her daughter. He ran away with his tail between his legs once he found out how she was related to Ladybug. His face when he realized it, was something Marinette will cherish forever)
At least when Lady Mǔ lǎohǔ was around, he would not dare act out of line. When she is gone however, he is back to his old ways.
After saving one of Louise’s teammates from Hayakuma’s sword, they gathered the rest of the team and hid them someplace safe. Using Trickster’s illusions to trick all the shadows and the original to one place, the heroes were going to surround and ambush them and get the akumatized item. The plan would have been a success if it weren’t for Chat Noir hugging Ladybug from behind, making her miss her cue.
“Hey~ Bugaboo~ Did you miss me~? Your Chaton~?”
Thwack! Smack!
Chat Noir was on the rooftop, groaning pitifully in pain. Especially his crotch area. Ladybug glared at him and looked to the ambush point to see the illusions had disappeared and everyone else gone from their hiding place.
She sighed and turned on the comms, (Thank you, kwamis)
“Sting, did you venomed the akuma?”
“No, he escaped before I could. What happened, LB?”
“A certain cat got me delayed. What’s the status update?”
“Hydra is holding him off and Bunnix found that an umbrella is a good substitute for a sword. The rest of us are keeping track of the shadows. They split up but none of them are getting near where we hid the targets.”
“Where are you? I will meet you later with back-up.”
“Near Notre Dame and tell Mama Tigress I said hi.”
“Tell her yourself.”
She looked down at Chat No-, no he is not worthy of being a hero anymore with the amount of times he had derailed and hijacked the plans to defeat the akumas just so he can ‘earn’ Ladybug’s heart.
She looked down at Adrien Agreste, who was sitting and sulking like a child that was unfairly punished. (Once she got over her crush and started looking at the right things that she managed to piece together her ‘partner’s’ identity by accident. Tikki’s confirmation sealed the deal.)
“Chat Noir, this partnership of ours,” she said, gesturing to the two of them, “ is going to change tonight. Meet me at the ‘spot’ at 11 sharp. Now, go home.”
He left with a small glimmer of hope in his eyes at her words. She felt a little bad about the subtle manipulation but with the way things were now, it can’t go on. He was hindering more than helping and the people of Paris that weren’t shipping ‘Ladynoir’ saw that.
As she jumped towards Notre Dame, she called the bakery with her yoyo.
“Mama, are you free now? I need a little help with the akuma and can you bring the horse miraculous.”
Chat Noir waited excitedly at what they both dubbed at their ‘spot’, in the good old days when it was just the two of them. Maybe Ladybug was finally open to the idea of dating. Or maybe she must have seen what a great hero he is and was going to get rid of the team. Or realized that having her mother on her team was a bad idea. Parents are the worst and they both can be two rebellious teenagers in love. Like Romeo and Juliet. So romantic~.
He was so deep in his daydream that he didn’t hear his lady land.
“Chat Noir.” Startled, he nearly fell off the roof. No, don’t make a fool of yourself in front of Ladybug.
“Yes, Bugaboo.” Hoping she didn’t know that he was very distracted. His attention will always be hers 100%.
“Don’t call me Bugaboo. Tikki wants to talk to Plagg about Kwami stuff. So you go over and hide behind that chimney. Then, we can talk about why I told you to be here.” Adrien frowned and then smiled. His lady must be very embarrassed about her mistake that must be why she is taking her time. He tried listening to what they were saying but the kwamis were talking in their special Guardian Language. Was it him or did Tikki’s voice sound more like his lady’s voice?
Adrien was tied up with Ladybug’s yoyo. “M’Lady? Bugaboo!? LADYBUG! WHAT IS GOING ON?!! PLAGG-”
Ladybug cut in, “Adrien Agreste, you have been slack in your hero duty and choosing your own feelings over supporting your partner, me, the holder of the Ladybug Miraculous and current Grand Guardian, in the efforts to defeat the enemy of Paris, Hawkmoth. Due to those reasons, you are no longer worthy to be the Holder of the Black Cat Miraculous” in one swift motion, she took the ring off his finger, “As such you are hereby revoked of Plagg’s Ring.”
Adrien went slack at Lady Tigress’s pinch on his pressure point.
“I don’t what you ever saw in the boy.”
“I don’t know either. I think I dodged a bullet here. Can you carry him back to his home? I think I have dealt with enough of him tonight.” Ladybug muttered, as she erased Adrien’s memories of being Chat Noir.
Tag list: @alysrose-starchild, @buginetye, @lookatthestars1, @blackroserelina, @macncheesemonster, @mochinek0, @myazael, @tonicxworld, @thewitchwhowaited, @t1dwarrior-of-earth, @kissa-chan, @iwantasecretidentity, @theymakeupfairies, @user00000003, @woe-is-me0, @kashlyn, @mochegato,@moonlightstar64 , @greatcatblaze, @moongoddesskiana, @tazanna-blythe.
(Part 3)
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3qxc · a year ago
glad to see u aren’t dead 🙄✋🏼
anyways , so i requested luka and chloe with the overprotective i love u but only u kind of dad?? yk?? remember?? u def do i’m too important for u to forget.
anyways ily and i’m so happy ur doing better angel
muaahhhh 💋
Tumblr media
chloe and luka reacting to your overprotective dad headcannons 
why does this look so bad wtf-
I feel like chloe would be a little jealous
I mean her dads the mayor he doesn’t always have time for her and her mom-
“So your dad’s only nice to you huh, we’ll see about that.”
 When she first meets your dad her ego-
Her ego got crushed 
“You know my dad, the mayor.”
“I don’t need to.”
Like he said it in such a badass tone-
You can hear her ego deflate 
but for you she promises to try and befriend your dad 
will most def send your dad expensive items he cant get easily  
will also send photos of you two hanging out so he knows she really means well 
“So everything you've sent me-”
“....You liked them right? I mean you have to-”
“Yes i do like the- i have to?”
Will annoy your dad lowkey highkey
she means well i swear-
Tumblr media
He’s trying to keep his cool
Like you cant tell
But he’s panicking 
“Hi im luka-”
“I don’t need to know your name”
Ngl he would probably have a voice crack during that  interaction 
He wants to be close to your dad just in general so you best believe 
mans is doing anything/the best he can 
“Hey Y/N can you get my fancy pen the one i like?” 
“Oh y-”
“I-ill do it!”
que him walking out to find that fancy pen 
“He doesn’t even know what im talking about-”
Is so nice to your dad like makes song based off him, learns his favorite color so he can wear it etc
“Are you wearing my dad’s favorite color?”
“Do you think he’ll like it-”
He really just wants to befriend anyone at this point
as always drink water eat and i love you !! <3
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hangesidekick · 3 months ago
so they really changed Chloe’s character so much that now she and Lila are friends??😐
why is Felix the only person in this show with a functioning braincell?? he’s been in a total of 3 episodes and he’s already figured out that Gabe is Hawkie
is Nathalie engaged to Gabe now? 6.5. does that ring control BOTH Adrien and Felix??
why tf is Alya not on Marinette’s side about Lila?? like i know bestie has had enough time to tell her about Volpina and crap Liela has pulled so ???
thank you Kagami for doing community service and telling Adrien to get his sh*t together!!
Nathalie just wants a vacay, a shot of espresso and for her life to turn into a hallmark movie labeled ‘the time i married a butterfly themed supervillain who was obsessed from bringing his wife back from the hands of the grim reaper’.
i stand for: Felix supremacy. Cyborg-Nathalie supremacy. Anti-Season-Four-Chloe. Pls for the love of god put Gabriel in prison. Bunnix/Viperion/Time gods pls just let the reveal happen and let adrien and marinette get together i swear we won’t drop the show when that happens🤞
(tbh people are dropping the show due to the lack of a reveal and the excessive ‘reveal-baiting’ 😐😐)
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yerimsooyoung · 2 months ago
Okay now that’s what you call a season finale! I did not think the end of Hawkmoth/Shadowmoh would be what occurred (in my greatest dream he’d be in prison but maybe with time), but this is definitely an interesting way to propel the show into a new direction while somehow finding a way to go back to the basics! So here’s what I’m predicting (mostly desiring and hoping) for season five:
1) Ladybug being challenged as the guardian and even a miraculous holder. She done doofed! No matter how competent Ladybug is as guardian, this mistake is extreme. Ladybug and probably even Chat Noir are going to have to defend their right as miraculous holders once again. I do not think their miraculous will be taken away, but will she give up guardianship? I don’t know...
2) We will have permanent miraculous holders (24/7), but not everyone will be. This is far-fetched because optigami, but Hawkmoth doesn’t have the peacock miraculous anymore! Then again there are probably another ways to spy on the holders... I still think it may happen! Also if I was Alix and found out my family heirloom was stolen, there would be issues! I don’t think she’ll have ill feelings towards Ladybug, but I think Alix’ll see it as her time to become a miraculous holder again (and maybe not let it out of her sight). I’ve been waiting all season for Bunnyx/Bunnix, but nope! This has to be a wake up call for Ladybug once she gets that miraculous back (please I’m begging).
3) Lila & the fox miraculous. She’ll be back full time and act as Gabriel’s new right hand. I hope this finally leads to people not idolizing her (Alya please support your bestie). Unfortunately Natalie still seems very sick and they no longer have the peacock miraculous. Maybe Gabriel will gift Natalie a new miraculous but I think otherwise...
4) Gabriel will suffer from handling multiple miraculous long-term. Master Fu emphasized how dangerous actively using multiple miraculous at once was, and we saw the effect it had on Ladybug only short-term during Kwami Buster (RIP MULTIMOUSE ERA I WILL ALWAYS MISS YOU). It seems like it takes a lot of effort to handle more than a couple at a time. He’ll deteriorate physically and mentally, most likely becoming unstable and uncontrollable. I don’t think he’ll lose track of his main objective, which is saving his wife, but he’ll become power hunger and desire more. No miraculous will be out of his sight unless he is utilizing someone out in the field, which means someone will have to betray him...
5) Chloe using her two timing skills to get the bee miraculous back to Ladybug. We saw Chloe was with Zoe during the end of the finale, looking up at the sky like everyone else. Shocked? Yes. Nervous? Yes. Done with Hawkmoth? I hope so! Like Felix, I really believe she is an antihero. Maybe the bee miraculous will be the first miraculous Chat Noir and Ladybug get back.
6) Felix & the peacock miraculous. I’m intrigued. What’s going to happen? Once the deal was done it seemed like he didn’t care about Hawkmoth, but I think we may be in for another long-term plan again. There’s no way he won’t do anything after seeing Emilie. Obviously there are other factors in play and he needs that specific miraculous, but for what? We definitely will learn more about the Graham de Vanily family.
7) Adrien vs. Felix. Chat Noir and Ladybug know he was behind this and that he may know who Hawkmoth is. Adrien is not happy! There is no way they can brush this under the rug. Adrien will find a way to interrogate Felix. Maybe as Chat Noir, or maybe as himself (which I think is more likely). I mean, Ladybug and Adrien found out about the betrayal together. FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!
These are only a few of my predictions but what does everyone else think? What characters do you think will be focused on more next season?
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starlit-dreaming · a year ago
[prologue] élémentaire
Fandom: MLB Ship: Eventual Felinette & Chlogami TL;DR: HBIC Marinette + Rich Marinette + ML Salt Fic
[0] | 1 | 2 | 3
Note: recently i’ve been really craving some hbic marinette, so much that i ended up writing this entire thing tbh even though im not even actively in the fandom anymore post-s2. this was inspired by [Braided Lies] in particular (i’ll be linking it in the notes for those interested; i highly recommend it). i also just really wanted to write a fic where marinette’s family is actually rich it’s just that her family’s very humble and doesn’t like to flaunt their wealth like chloe’s fam tbh. a lot of this fic more or less comes from my own personal headcanons
also, i wasn’t sure if i wanted to go canon felix or fanon felix. so i kinda did both? as in mashed em together; this felix is still adrien’s cousin, a graham de vanily, but his mannerisms are more closely towards fanon felix
this will be crossposted on ao3 under the same name
there is salt in this fic. idk how much yet, but please take care of your blood pressure--
0. primaire couleurs
‘Oh,’ Marinette Dupain-Cheng notes, her eyes surveying her classmates, noting that she was in the center of attention.
It was early morning, with only ten minutes until Mme Bustier arrived for class to begin. For the most part, it seemed that everyone else was in attendance — including Chloé, and everyone knew that Chloé has no reason to show up to class early. She couldn’t help but blink at that, a bit of wide-eyed confusion as she made eye contact with the group that seemed to be confronting her.
A typical confrontation, optimized for humiliation by showcasing her ‘faults’ in a wide setting.
“I can’t believe you would do something like this, Marinette!”
Alya was at the forefront, a look of near betrayal and hurt showing on her face as she held a notebook that was torn asunder. There was torn bits of paper that seemed to work in tandem with the mess around the trash bin. It was Alya’s new journalism notebook with a black and red cover — she could see the ripped sticker of a ladybug on the bent and torn notebook. The notebook was barely used from what Marinette could tell, and only now does she realize the reason why Lila made sure to smugly look at her the previous day when she openly gave it to Alya at the start of class with a declaration of being besties.
Lying Rossi wanted to frame her again, and this time, swiftly delivering the final nail of Alya’s judgement regarding Marinette. She was expecting this to happen eventually, and Marinette was foolish enough to think that there was still the tiniest chance of maintaining an amicable friendship with Alya.
Unfortunately, someone spoke up amidst the group who all seemed to display horrified disbelief or heartbroken watery eyes.
“I can’t believe you would rip my gift for Alya because of jealousy,” Lila cried, covering her eyes as she turned to Mylène who immediately closed her eyes and hugged Lila, rubbing her back as she tried to comfort what appeared to be a distraught friend to her. Ivan was next to his girlfriend, seeming somewhat uncomfortable with the confrontation, but standing near to support Mylène and Lila nevertheless. Rose as also next to Lila, and wherever Rose went, so did Juleka.
A glance to everyone else in the classroom showed that they were all filled with varying levels of discomfort or disbelief. Adrien stared at the scene with pinched brows and a frown on his face, as if wanting to doubt the liar’s words, but at the same time being uncertain of it all. His opinion wasn’t important, of course, considering that Lila planted the seed of doubt regarding Marinette, her claims that she was Adrien’s stalker was enough to get Gabriel Agreste to issue a warning against the girl to maintain her distance from Adrien.
And in the end, it didn’t really matter. It was likely that Lila believed that everyone in the class stood at her side. In a way, it was almost true — it was Marinette against a mob mentality. A group of self-righteous people rallying together for the confrontation, believing that they’re protecting a victim against a self-proclaimed bully. As long as there was even a minor bit of evidence, they would readily work together.
Because in their eyes, Marinette is just a Baker’s Daughter. She’s an ordinary girl in their eyes, not famous like Adrien nor as flauntingly rich as Chloé is.
(And that’s what Lila failed to recognize.)
“We can’t stay as friends anymore,” Alya sharply declared as Marinette politely stares back. “You’ve changed, you became a bully just like Chloé!”
It wasn’t the first time Lila had set her up — it was just like Chloé’s work from before. Sloppy, without any regard for consequences, overconfident. Unlike Chloé who had no need for being seen in a positive light, everything about Lila was cliché and relied solely on poorly done acting to sell it. And fortunately for Lila, their class was primarily comprised of socially gullible teenagers.
Only — it’s different this time. Unlike the previous, minor class-based humiliation type of confrontations, it was different.
Because Lila pulls out a pink-covered sketchbook that Marinette had lost about a week ago. It was her practice sketches, where she simply drew still life and the clothes that her peers wear. Everything in that sketchbook was an accumulation of her surroundings, the beauty of the world and the ugliness in society.
And Marinette is silent, staring at Lila and knowing what the girl’s about to do, with a smug smirk on her face with fake tears on her face. And she feels… numb, knowing that nobody will save her sketchbook.
“Exactly!” Lila had sniffed, opening the pink notebook.  “How would you feel if I did the exact same to you, Marinette?”
And all she hears is the sound of pages ripping. Again. And again.
It falls to the ground in broken, ripped pieces.
The class is silent.
Whether it’s because they found it cruel for Lila to tear her sketches to pieces, or that they regret allowing this confrontation to progress the way it did, Marinette will never know. It was a strange feeling, watching her sketchbook be ripped apart because of a liar’s whims, and even then, Marinette can’t find it in herself to care about it asides for the fact that the liar had torn up her sketchbook. Even though it wasn’t her commissions, or her personal works, it was still hers.
Marinette takes in a deep, quiet breath, and she narrows her eyes at Lila who seemed more preoccupied with guilt-tripping their peers into agreeing that her actions were justified.
Her gaze doesn’t linger for long, instead making direct eye contact with Chloé Bourgeois.
Chloé Bourgeois had been waiting for the day when Marinette would finally admit defeat.
While she herself will readily admit this fact, she is well aware that outsiders will misunderstand the relationship between the two. It doesn’t matter what they think about her and Marinette’s relationship, and it honestly isn’t any of their business either. She indulges herself in adoration and attention, and that’s the simple difference between her and Marinette. It’s the cause of their divide when they moved on to Dupont, and Chloé will always remember that slight. She was given a taste of what she — at the time — deemed to be a betrayal of their promise to always stick together. Félix wasn’t a part of it, and how could he? It wasn’t his fault that his parents wanted to move to Britain.
So yes, she and Marinette were rivals and have been since the day they first met. Were they enemies? That depends on who you ask, and it’s likely that everyone will assume that they were. It’s a complicated matter, really, because to the students of Françoise Dupont, Chloé is a simple school yard bully. But to the students that have been with them since primary school, it was a different story.
For the people who followed them, it was a complicated situation where they laid in wait as years passed.
The premise of it all was simple: Chloé Bourgeois doesn’t want the goody two-shoes Dupain-Cheng who smiles and never says no and wants to be the better person. She doesn’t want to see Dupain-Cheng be the boy-obsessed fangirl when she was simply a critical fashion lover who knew how to speak with a silver tongue disguising her insults — it was the one matter where Félix would agree with her. They hated seeing Marinette Dupain-Cheng act like someone she’s not.
And Marinette was fully aware of how she and Félix felt about the person she is now, but she didn’t want to stay as the kind Heather McNamara of their primary school past. She didn’t want anything to do with fame and would much rather stop and smell the roses — she wants to enjoy life and experience the feeling of being fully seen as a commoner. And it’s fortunate in everyone’s eyes that she’s the Baker’s Daughter and was thus dismissed as a regular girl.
Otherwise, maybe then Chloé would’ve succeeded a long time ago.
In the past three years, almost four, of sharing the same classes at Dupont — something done intentionally by Bustier’s own design, Chloé had tried to push all of Dupain-Cheng’s buttons. She tried to get under her skin, tried to show her the worst of all their peers who would do nothing to come to her rescue, and if it hadn’t been for the new girl at the time, Alya, she probably would’ve won earlier. They all knew that those who were part of their court wouldn’t do anything, partly out of fear of Chloé’s wrath, partly out of respect for Marinette’s wishes, and mainly because they, deep down, had missed the good old days.
Last year Chloé was prepared to go all out until Alya showed up. Plan after plan — ruined because of Alya’s interference, enough to give Dupain-Cheng reason to fight back against Chloé and telling her to back off. As the days had gone by, she was beginning to think of finally moving on, of actually conceding defeat to Dupain-Cheng. And yet, Lying Lila Rossi came around. And Chloé began to see how the girl could cause Marinette to finally snap and return to her senses.
Chloé leaned back into her seat with a triumphant grin, knowing Dupain-Cheng will finally concede defeat as the fashion designer turned to look her in the eye.
After all, Dupain-Cheng is a naïve girl, while Marinette knows her own worth.
Alix Kubdel leaned back into her seat, biding her time and ignoring Mme Bustier’s lesson as Lila Rossi interrupted class yet again to spin yet another tall tale of her life.
It was sickening to see everyone so easily manipulated. It was sickening to her that she was one of those people that was actually interested in her fake stories. Then again, Lying Rossi could’ve been an author if she hadn’t been more focused on telling lies.
She was hyper aware of the silence coming from Marinette who sat in the back of the classroom. Alone, without sparing anyone a glance as she stared down at her notebook and occasionally typing on her phone. And Chloé, sitting in the row in front of her, Alix can see her typing away on her own phone with a delighted smirk on her face. She can see Sabrina diligently taking notes for herself and Chloé with one hand, the other hand typing away on a tablet.
Then, she heard familiar tapping from behind her. Slowly, Alix glanced back, and Max shoots her a confused look, wondering why she was looking back at him, when really, Alix wanted to confirm that she wasn’t hearing things. The tapping repeats, drawing her eyes to Kim who grinned smugly at her.
Scowling, she elects to ignore him by adamantly glaring at the board, but couldn’t resist the temptation to retaliate as she mutters, “Nobody likes a smug asshole.”
“Yeah? Well Ondine likes me,” Kim smugly stated in return, like a smug asshole.
“Don’t you have anything better to do?” Alix huffed.
“Duh,” Kim stated, and it was that infuriating tone from back in their elementary school days where he would roll his eyes as if she said something dumb. “I’m interested in hearing what you guys plan on doing, though,” he stated, and at this, Alix finally deems him worthy enough for her to actually look back at him. “Ondine’s a part of your faction, if I remember correctly.”
“That doesn’t mean she was a part of the court, though,” Alix scoffed, her eyes darting to the back, where Marinette sat. “I don’t even know if she intends to keep her court the same, especially because we’ve been acting as bystanders.”
“True,” Kim easily acknowledges, and it was in that moment that Marinette looks up and makes eye contact with Alix. “But you’re forgetting one important thing.”
“And what’s that?” Alix finds herself asking, though she already knows the answer.
“You still dye your hair pink.”
There once was a school called École primaire d'élite de Notre Dame.
Notre Dame’s Elite Elementary School.
It was a fancy rich kid school ruled by three people, and the students had taken it upon themselves to be divided by three factions.
Cyan, Yellow, and Magenta.
Fondamentaux, Charmante, and Méticuleuse.
In the English translation: Fundamental, Charming, and Meticulous.
The colours were chosen because of their faction leader’s favourite colour, the faction names to match the letter of their ruler’s first name, and the meanings carefully picked for what their leaders stood for. Despite how official it all seemed, the leaders that people had chosen to follow did nothing to encourage or dissuade them — well, except for the Charmante Faction; their leader adored all the flaunting and had a rather elaborate princess phase.
Félix Graham de Vanily was known as the Fair Emperor of the Fondamentaux Faction, sometimes being called the Frigid King for his cold demeanor. Out of the trio, he toyed with the rules, twisting them to his advantage and vastly enjoyed making bullies into a show for his own amusement and for their humiliation if they, in particular, wronged him or a close companion. It was a give and take, a businessman sort of approach, the faction out of the three that cared more for facts and logic. He wore dark blue, and so the students who admired his use of logic and manipulation took it upon themselves to wear dark blue accessories — ties and bows, watches and hair ties. He didn’t care for justice, and oft preferred to only make deals that were either fair, or were profitable for him.
Chloé Bourgeois was the Charismatic Queen of the Charmante Faction, otherwise known as the Cruel Empress. It was obvious just by knowing the girl in question that she ruled with an iron fist, commanding everyone she deemed to be beneath her. She was like her own mother at times, using sharp words to bring someone to tears and mocking them all. Unlike Félix, she was self-interested, a fact that never seemed to change with time. She always wore a golden yellow, and her followers would follow behind wearing gold jewelry and accessories — showy, fashionable, and noticeable. Out of the three factions, she was the only one to make her vocal approval and encouraged it by acting as if she were an actual princess, and it didn’t help the fact that she was spoiled beyond comparison.
And then there was Marinette Dupain-Cheng, the Mirthful Majesty of the Méticuleuse Faction, often being seen as the Miraculous Princess for her creative problem-solving and uplifting smiles. Everyone seemed to be in the same mindset that Marinette was a Disney Princess, the sweet McNamara of the three Heathers, despite being the faction that donned on all the shades of red. While Félix was known to be the businessman, while Chloé acted as the queen bee, Marinette was the sweet princess — a bit of a joke, considering that she was the daughter of two incredibly successful bakers, but it was a genuine compliment. People didn’t seek her out like they would for Félix for his connections, nor did they wax poetry and adored Chloé, but her admirers outnumbered both factions because of Marinette’s vast popularity among the student body. Her fans all took to wearing reds and pinks, some would even dye their hair to show her their devotion — anything was fine, so long as they ensured that they would not be an eyesore to the budding fashion designer.
Unlike the others, she was often behind schemes that would get rid of corrupt teachers. Meanwhile, Félix was the sort to use and gather as much information as he possibly could. Chloé was the one who would throw tantrums on occasion while conspiring to get others in trouble. It was expected for the trio to get along like oil and water, meaning not at all. Instead, their friendship closely resembled the three primary colours. They worked together to purge the school of anything they found distasteful, strangely becoming friends throughout it all.
They were called Les Trois Primaires — The Three Primaries.
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Jasonette July prompt 12: dare
My masterlist
Jasonette July
Marinette, Jon and Damian were happy to be together again even though they had only been apart a couple weeks. Marinette flew back in from France arriving after Jon had stopped back by from Metropolis. She knew they had been together a couple times since she had been home but it still felt great to have them all back together again. It was so weird not seeing them every day. They finally gave up their wonderful New York apartment since they were all graduated from university and getting jobs soon.
It was really weird at first to live with two guys she barely knew but they ended up getting along great and she had been desperate for a place to live when her place flooded. The landlord had offered her another apartment at the same price but it was really gross and too far away. The flooded apartment, she was told would take too long to repair so they could get rid of the lease. She passed it 6 months later and people were living there and it had a fitness center, coffee shop, and a water garden. She looked online and the rent was 3 times what she had been paying. She was pretty angry, but she ended up with 2 besties from the situation that she probably wouldn’t have gotten to know very well otherwise.
Tonight they were celebrating being back together again. Marinette barely had time to look around Damian’s house because he and Jon were rushing her. She was shoved into a room and Damian gave her a dress that his (sorta) sister helped him pick out and they had food ready for them to eat before they rushed out the door. The plan of the evening was to celebrate job offers and all of them being together again. Marinette wasn’t even given a chance to rest so she was reeling a little from the flight still. But she wasn’t going to pass this up. Jon was always willing to go out and have fun, but Damian feeling in a partying mood was rather rare so they were going to enjoy it.
It was loud in the place even though it was not a large New York club. Marinette had loved going to those so much it had probably eaten into her budget far too much. It was always better going with the guys because they wouldn’t let her pay. They knew she had a much tighter budget. Actually it was mostly Damian paying the covers and the tab without ever saying anything. She was pretty sure that he paid more rent than her too but he just told her that there was already an extra room and she more than made up for it with her constant cooking and she did more of the shared chores.
She knew his family had money, but she had a feeling she had no idea how much money until she saw the house. It was massive and the grounds went further than she could see. She never really talked about it because he didn’t. It was so much different from the people she knew growing up. Chloe who talked about the money all the time or Adrien and Kagami who didn’t talk about it but they were kept separate from others by their parents. She had never even met Damian’s family and they didn’t live that far away. She knew they talked but they didn't tell him how to live all the time.
They got drinks as soon as they were in the door and they did not go slow. Marinette was making up for all her time being considered a minor while living in New York when she left France right as she reached the drinking age there. She could finally drink in public here and they kept feeding her fun fruity drinks and laughing at her stumbling on her heels while still loopy from her flight. She didn’t care though. It was pretty standard for them to all pick on each other a bit it was all in good fun.
She pushed Jon towards a girl who had been watching them. He looked terrified and he tried to fight against her pushing him. He managed it but then she stumbled. She knocked into Damian who kept her on her feet but her arms still swung around wildly. Then she knocked over a drink. She looked back at them sheepishly but they were already looking at her grinning. They would not let her out of a dare even after having just gotten off a plane from Paris. They had been doing dares for knocked over drinks for a couple years but she had gotten a lot more of them that they had. She was significantly better about being more careful now, but It only took one little stumble to ruin her good streak.
Jason sat in the corner of his favorite bar looking sullenly around at the noisy crowd around him. He saw Damian across the room and wondered if his presence was responsible for some of the overly excited younger crowd. He may not care about his presence in the media, but they certainly cared about him. He was rich and single and a new college graduate, so he must be looking to mingle. Of course the Demon Spawn wasn’t interested in the crowd around him. He was perfectly happy with Jon nearby. Jason didn’t think he would ever want or need any other friends but as he glanced back he notice a girl with them.
Initially he thought that maybe she was trying to get close to one of the boys but not only did neither seem very interested in the beautiful girl but she seemed to be hanging around with them and bantering. He looked back up and saw her trying to encourage Jon to approach a girl at another table who had been looking their way. Jason nearly lost his foul mood when he saw her stumble and flail around being propped up by Damian. He could see their maniachal looks from across the bar and thought she was begging. But she soon squared her shoulders and took Damian’s fresh drink and drank it until it was only ice left.
She looked around and he looked back down at his drink so he wouldn’t be caught watching her. He finished his drink and signaled the bartender to make him another. He didn’t realize she had moved from beside his brother and friend until he glanced that way and saw her walking right his way. She seemed to be focused on a spot behind him as she walked. He looked back away again as he received his drink. When the waitress stepped away the girl was right behind her and looking right at him.
Jon and Damian laughed as they watched Marinette walk across the bar to complete her dare. She looked back at them several times hoping they would change their minds but they were more interested in laughing at her than anything else. She didn’t know anything about the angry looking man sitting alone at the end of the bar, but Jon and Damian knew that at least her fears about him lashing out at her were false. She had never met Damian’s brother so it was a bit fun for them to find a way to play a joke on both of them at once.
Marinette froze as she made eye contact with the man in front of her. He would have been very nice looking if her were smiling but he looked like he had had a very long day and just wanted to be left alone. But Marinette didn’t want to face the consequences for not doing the dare. Damian and Jon would never let her live it down. The man watched her standing there but he didn’t say anything and neither did Marinette. That was part of the challenge. She wasn’t allowed to say what was happening. She reached over to him and tapped his nose with her finger.
“Boop,” she said, as she touched his nose.
She almost expected him to yell or be angry. But she figured she could get away from that. But he just let it happen; he had no interest in causing a scene. As if he knew exactly what she would do he reached out and grabbed her arm before she could retract it. The way he held on caused her to lean heavily on the bar next to him. His face didn’t look angry, she almost thought he had a hint of a smirk. He loosened his hold but didn’t release her arm completely.
“Where did Damian and Jon find such a lovely friend to send to poke the bear?”
“Wha--do you know them?” she asked.
“I do. Do you feel like getting them back for tormenting you?”
He let his fingers slide off her arm but he leaned close to her. She leaned in close to him too.
“What did you have in mind?”
Jon and Damian watched, laughing as Marinette approached Jason. They expected to have an epic reaction from both of them to leave them with a story to tell in the future. But when Marinette reached out for Jason and didn’t pull away they didn’t know what to think. The two leaned close and seemed to be talking. They couldn’t see Marinette’s face, but Jason looked pretty serious. They hadn’t expected him to be very angry but maybe he was telling her off. Maybe they should have made it a comment to him rather than actually touching him even if it was a rather innocuous action.
They quickly decided he wasn’t angry and was possibly hitting on their friend when he reached over and pulled her close to him. Marinette went willingly and rested her weight against his thigh while he put his arm around her and the other he motioned for a waitress so they could order drinks. Marinette didn’t look back to see them at all. She continued talking close to Jason, and he was just as engaged with what Marinette was saying. They waited around trying to decide whether to go pull her away to hang out with them again but she didn’t use the signal that she wanted a rescue so they didn’t think she would be grateful for the interference.
“Are they still watching?” Marinette asked.
“Yeah. But they are trying to not be obvious about it.” He leaned down close to whisper in her ear. “Do you want to give up or do you want to up the ante?”
“I’m having too much fun to give up now.”
“Glad you think I’m such a good time.”
“Very funny. They always get me with dares. Its about time I got them back for it.”
“Well, I’m all for it. Did you want to leave with me?”
“I think you may have the wrong impression about what is going to happen here.”
Marinette pushed back from him slightly.
“I don’t have the impression that anything is happening after. But I would help you give them the impression. I am the delinquent brother after all.”
“So we would just walk out the door together as a joke.”
“Its all up to you. We could give them a show and stumble out together or just exit together and call them to meet you out there.”
Marinette considered carefully for a bit. She still thought it was unfair of them to enforce the challenge when she was fresh off a plane. Both of them had had a relaxing day before going out where as Marinette was still on Paris time and off a 9 hour flight. She made her decision and then moved in on Jason before she could back out. If he was shocked he didn’t show it. She held onto his collar while his hand slid to the back of her head. She was almost sorry that their kiss was far more chaste than it appeared to those around them. It was also far too brief. Jason just waited until her friends watched in shock before they separated and he took her by the hand and they left the bar.
The car he had called was already waiting so they were in it and off before they could be followed out. The other 2 would have to call a car still before following after them. Marinette laughed in the back of the cab and Jason grinned back at her. She recognised Damian’s house when they got there. It made sense that he would know that was where she was staying.
It was barely five minutes after Marinette and Jason arrived before Jon and Damian burst into the room they were in. Marinette had set the scene when she heard them rushing their way so her hair was partially pulled down and she had her legs resting over Jason’s. His arm was around her on the back of the couch and they had a movie started.
“Hey, did you guys want to watch a movie with us?”
They tried to act put out by the turn of events but after a moment they laughed at the turn of events. They joined the other two on the couch, but from that moment on they never made Marinette do another dare.
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let's take a break — k. bakugo
29. « are you trying to make me hate you ? »
44. « don’t raise your fucking voice at me. »
51. « do you even care about me ? »
— request ; Chloe my fellow beautiful woc, I bow in humble obedience to ask for some heavy Baku angst 😌 for your number prompts can we get 29, 44, and 51 pls? You decide if you want it to end in fluff or even more angst?🤭 make it hurt goodt 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️tysm🙏🏽
— warnings ; angst, argument, curses, bakugo being a meanie
— a/n ; hi bestie pls you're my fav anon, it's been a pleasure to write for you <3
i'm not a fan of this one but i hope you like it!
Tumblr media
« but you know what, i don't even know how i put up with you for two years, you're incredibly unbearable. »
you threw a pillow at your boyfriend who had a way of putting you in these rages the last few months.
it always started out as a small disagreement, who bought the wrong toilet paper or what movie to watch tonight, and then it got out of hand pretty quickly.
but today, your wonderful boyfriend had the audacity to criticise your friendship with your best friend, finding him a little too close to you for a friend.
he let out a dry laugh.
« i should be telling you this, it's at times like this that i miss my ex. they wouldn't bust my balls like you do now every day. » he said.
you were about to retort before you understood the meaning of his words. oh. he understood that he had gone too far, when he saw the tears welling up in your eyes. no, you didn't want him to see you like that. you bit the inside of your cheek, before looking into his cold eyes.
« go find them then, if you regret them so much. i'm no one to stop you. »
he had calmed down, proof that he was tired of this useless quarrel. but the words they had said to you a few moments ago had stuck in your throat. he couldn't get away with it after he broke your heart.
your answer seemed to sadden him slightly, his eyebrows furrowed, he opened his mouth only to close it again. what? he expected you to hold him back ? not this time.
« you're pathetic. » you sigh.
« please, you're no better. » his voice was bitter.
« are you trying to make me hate you ? no wait, i don't want to know the answer. i'm so tired of all this. » your voice reflected your distress.
you turned your back on him to go lock yourself in your room, when you heard him start.
« i'm so sick of you y/n, i don't even know what to do to satisfy you or to avoid his bickering, shit ! » his voice had risen a few decibels, echoing throughout the flat.
« don't raise your fucking voice at me ! you're the one starting the fights katsuki ! i wish we could go back to the way we were, but you're not making it easy, damn ! »
it was the first time you'd seen him so sad. and yet, you were almost sure he was only reflecting your expression. the tears had been rolling down your cheeks for a long time already, silently crashing against the floor.
« so maybe we should take a break. » he said in a calm voice.
your gaze automatically met the floor, you were about to break down. and yet what you say was not in accordance with your desires.
« then maybe you're right, katsuki. »
he sighed before going to the room you've been sharing for a year now, ready to make his move. you didn't hold him back, it was the best thing for both of you. but still, when he came back to this time with his bags in hand, and you felt his arm against yours, you couldn't help but ask him this question.
« do you even care about me ? » you whisper.
a long, heavy silence fell between you.
« of course i fucking do. »
you wish you could have never let go of him, dragging your boyfriend down to the sofa and cuddling him until both of you lost track of time.
« i have to go, y/n. »
« go ahead. »
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burnsoslow · a year ago
Written In Ink Part 3: Hero of the Day -- Happy birthday, bitchloveskcbaseball!! [Logan x MC]
Tumblr media
Book: Ride or Die
Pairing: Logan x MC (Liana Wheeler)
Catch Up Here: Written In Ink Masterlist
A/N #1: Happy birthday to my beautiful friend @bitchloveskcbaseball​!! I had the hardest time deciding what to write for you. You are so supportive and amazing about everything I write. You love Bryce. You love Damien. You love Drake and Lyss. 
... But then I remembered that the very first thing you ever commented on was Part 1 of this little miniseries that was supposed to be a one-shot ... and I remember how your words touched me when I was frantic about writing for a new book that I’d literally just finished. You didn’t even know me -- we didn’t even follow each other -- and you still reached out. And that is just one reason you are awesome. I’m so grateful to be your friend, and I love screaming about sports with you and dreaming up AUs. Mostly, I love you! Have the best birthday and best year ever! xoxo
A/N #2: I am participating in @wackydrabbles​. Prompt #89 is “This isn’t what I had in mind, but okay.” It will appear in bold.
A/N #3: Permas, I’m so sorry to drop two fics on you in less than 24 hours. I love lots of people born in April, two on the 10th specifically!
My Langston’s in New Hampshire, in the fictional town of Harvest Waters. (it’s right where Portsmouth is)
Warnings: language, mild suggestiveness
Word Count: 1729
Thanks to my bestie @bbrandy2002​ for prereading and helping with the end. All characters are Pixelberry’s, blah blah blah. 
Tumblr media
Almost 900 miles, and he didn’t plan out what he’d do when he actually got to her dorm. 
Logan wonders how long he’ll be able to hang out on the front steps of Rockland without people getting suspicious. He doesn’t know Liana’s dorm number. He doesn’t even have her phone number anymore, not since he dumped his phone and got the burner. 
Why transfer contacts? Nothing is permanent, after all. 
It’s cold, and the cement steps through the denim of his jeans are colder. 
Where is everyone? Logan scratches his head. Maybe the only things he knows about college are what he learned watching TV and movies, but dorms are supposed to have people coming and going. He’s been sitting here for a half hour, and not a single fucking person has walked past him. 
As he thinks this, the door slams behind him. A miraculously familiar-looking blonde attempts to heft an enormous wheeled suitcase down the stairs, cursing under her breath. 
Logan rises quickly. “Let me help you with that.” His heart races; he knows this girl. She went to Mar Vista Prep with Liana. What the hell is her name? Ines? Imogen? Ivette? Ginger? He’s losing his mind --
“Thanks.” The girl lets him take her bag and stares at him curiously. “Holy shit. Prom. You were Liana’s date.” 
He swallows and lowers her suitcase to the ground at the bottom of the stairs. “Yeah. I’m looking for her. But I don’t have her number and I don’t know what room number she’s got and …” He drifts off, feeling stupid. He remembers Liana talking about this girl, whatever her name is; she was Liana’s academic rival and had tried to snipe at her at prom until Liana defused the situation with her gentle words. 
The blonde assesses him with the cool, superior eyes he’s grown used to from so many. “I don’t know if she’s interested in seeing you …” 
His heart drops. 
“... but since she still has your prom photo on the wall, I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask. I’ll text her and ask if she wants to come down.” 
A public reunion? Panicking, Logan stutters, “Th-This isn’t what I had in mind, but okay … I guess …” 
It’s like she doesn’t even hear him. She’s already typing away on her hot pink phone. After pocketing it, she looks him up and down. “I can’t wait long on a reply. My Dryve’s on its way. I have a flight home to catch for Thanksgiving break.” 
Of course. No wonder the parking lot was so empty. Logan’s stomach seizes at the idea that he could have missed her. 
The rapidly-emptying dorm creeps Liana out a little. Maybe she should’ve gone home. 
But she reminds herself that a four-day round trip drive for a one-week break is absolutely not worth her while. Her dad offered to fly her home, but she won’t leave her Fourier behind. 
It’s a piece of Logan. 
And it’s not as if she’ll be alone on Thanksgiving. Chloe lives just an hour north of Langston and invited Liana to stay with her all week. When Liana shyly declined, Chloe revised her invitation to include an extended weekend from Wednesday to Sunday, featuring a loud, raucous Thanksgiving dinner with Chloe’s extended family. 
“Only if you let me drive you back on Sunday to save your parents the trip,” Liana had bargained. 
Her sassy roommate grinned. “Deal.” 
Liana will pick up extra shifts at Market Basket this week, get a head start on some of the papers she has coming up, raid the library during its limited open hours for new things to read, and watch all the episodes of The Bachelor she fell behind on during these busy last weeks. 
It’s going to be great. 
Just as she picks up the remote and flops onto her bed, her phone vibrates. 
Ingrid: u need to come outside skskskskfdsjfsdksksks
Liana: are you ok? Is your Dryve here? 
Liana’s insides twist sickeningly. The very idea that he’d come back for her -- why would Ingrid, who hasn’t said his name in months, prank her like that? Tears prick her eyes.
Liana: that’s not funny 😭
Ingrid: if im lying, i will give you $1000. my dryve is here so i gotta go, ily, TEXT ME WHAT HAPPENS
Her entire being argues with itself as she smooths lip gloss on and runs a brush through her newly-loosened hair. She’s just getting her hopes up for nothing. 
Yet she skips the wait for the elevator and takes the stairs down two at a time. 
Eight steps up, eight steps down. Round the dropoff circle in front of Rockland’s entrance. Eight up, eight down. Logan alternates between strolling and sprinting the same circuit after Ingrid leaves. 
Will she come? How long is too long to wait? 
He stops abruptly before dashing up the stairs again and folds his arms over his chest, drawing a deep breath and looking out over the street. Maybe he should go find a cheap motel where he can set up until he’s got a job. He’s not planning to turn tail and head right back to Detroit --
“Logan?” A breathless voice sounds behind him, the voice that played in his brain from Detroit to Harvest Waters. 
The voice that, frankly, has played in his brain since June. 
His body turns quickly, though the sensation comes in slow motion, like his voice screaming, “Kaneko, stop! There’s gotta be another way!” on the night of the explosion. Like the fists flying toward his face before Vaughn taught him to fight. 
Like his movements on the night Wheeler gave him 10 seconds to vacate his property.
But this … is different. Time has slowed with anticipation, with the eagerness of reunion -- not with dread and horror and fear. 
She’s not as tan as she was in June and her hair is longer. She seems taller somehow, and Logan recognizes immediately that Liana carries herself with a new confidence the girl he left behind lacked. 
He swallows. “Hey, Troublemaker.” 
Her brown eyes momentarily soften, then flash with a familiar fire. “Get inside! What the hell are you doing? Have people seen you?” 
“No, I --” 
But she’s already tugging his hand through the doors, toward the elevator, and she says nothing until the doors shut and she’s hit the button for the ninth floor. “You’re here. You’re really here.” 
He can’t stop looking at her. “Yeah. I’m really here.” 
“You … came for me.” 
“I was an idiot to think I could stay away from you, Liana.” 
The doors open, but neither moves to exit. “I never wanted you to stay away. You mean so much to me.” 
He reaches for her hand and takes it between both of his own, neither moving. 
When the doors begin to close, she frantically mashes the “open door” button and pulls him out. “I -- I just was afraid my dad would kill you.” 
“Well, me too,” he attempts to joke, although nothing about that night was funny. 
She sighs. “Come to my room.” 
“What about your roommate?” 
“She already left for Thanksgiving break.” 
“Are you …” 
Liana shakes her head. “I’m staying here. I’ll see my dad for Christmas.” 
His eyes light up. “Does that mean we’ll be alone?” 
She stops to stare into his face, the longing she’s felt for months so strong she aches. “Yes,” she says, barely above a whisper. 
“Where’s your room?” His grip on her hand tightens, and now it’s Logan pulling the girl he loves down the largely-empty ninth floor of Rockland Hall. 
Liana points at 911. “This is my room.” 
Quirking a brow, Logan asks, “You live in room 911?” 
“I thought it was ironic.” 
He chokes back a laugh. “Yeah, it is.” 
Once her door is open, she leads him inside. “So, uh, this is it --” 
Logan gets a quick flash of two neatly-organized if dissimilar sides of a room, lots of books, a minifridge, and a TV before he wraps his arms around Liana and holds her tightly, burying his face in her neck. 
DreamAngel. He’s smelling it on her, not in the bottle. 
“Troublemaker,” he whispers. Shifting his head, he captures her lips with his own. “I missed you so much.” 
Her mouth is already opening beneath his; Logan’s hand slides up to the back of her neck. They kiss greedily, wetly, eagerly -- maybe the former lovers don’t know exactly what to say to each other, but their bodies are doing just fine. 
Liana slides her hands under his shirt; his body is warm despite the time he spent outside. His breath hitches. “Liana --” 
She tugs off his jacket. “What?” 
“Is this --” he swallows “-- what you want?” 
“I need to be closer,” she explains, pushing him onto her neatly-made bed and following him down. 
“Whatever you want.” His voice cracks, his own hands now beneath her sweater reintroducing himself to the softness of her skin. 
Liana encourages him to sit up so she can pull off his jacket and T-shirt. He pulls her into his lap, kissing every part of her she can reach when she tugs her own sweater over her head, now clad only in a thin tank top. 
Logan’s lips travel down her shoulder -- and he freezes. She looks down. “You okay?” 
“You got a tattoo,” he says at last. “It’s pretty.”
“Oh.” She flushes. “Do you know what it is?” 
“It looks like a comet. Looks new.” His hand moves toward it, hesitating in midair just above the colorful ink. “Am I right?” 
“You can touch it,” she tells him. “It’s healed.” 
Rough but gentle, his fingers explore the proof of her devotion. “The night I left, I told you I was just a --” 
“... rock in space,” she finishes. “But --” her voice falters, and her eyes fill “-- I never only wanted you for a moment. So ...” She shrugs. “I got this.” 
“I didn’t want that either. I don’t.” Logan looks up at her, his eyes bright with hope. He pulls her tightly against his chest and kisses a lone tear that has escaped. 
“So what does that mean?” she asks bravely, resting her own hand over his as it continues to reverently trace the lines over her heart. 
“It means I’m not going anywhere again,” he vows, just before their mouths meet again. “Ever.”
Permatags: @bbrandy2002 @sirbeepsalot  @ao719 @dcbbw @mskaneko @axwalker @debramcg1106 @emichelle @callmeellabella @zaffrenotes @bitchloveskcbaseball @alyssalauren @tinkie1973 @ramseyswifey @kimmiedoo5  @princessleac1 @graceful-leah @openheart12 @ofpixelsandscribbles @rigatonireid @jamesashtonisbae @sweetest-marbear @bebepac @mom2000aggie  @texaskitten30 @kat-tia801 @queenrileyrose @gkittylove99 @mrsfox79 @sammie0220 @chappela @queenjilian @gnatbrain @mvalentine @masterofbluff @forthebrokenheartedthings @msjr0119 @choiceskatie @whimsicalreader @gardeningourmet   @maurine07 @charlotteg234 @sfb123 @secretaryunpaid @kazdog75-blog  @txemrn @jessiembruno @shewillreadyou @darley1101 @gabesmommie1130 @silverofdreams @drakexwillow @forallthatitsworth @iaminlovewithtrr @neotericthemis @bebepac
RoD: @lovehugsandcandy @seriouslybadchoices @its-all-about-rod @blainehellyes  @utterlyinevitable @ritachacha 
Logan x MC: @aestheticartsx
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miraculouscataclyyysm · a month ago
I’m bored so classic kwami swap au time with a slight twist
Mari still has the ladybug miraculous but because of my love of the costume she starts off in origins straight away as dragon bug (Kagami will still get a miraculous though cos I love her)
Master fu in this au Doesn’t want to put both the cat and ladybug miraculous out in circulation because of the risk of the wish so he only hands out the ladybug but realises ladybug will need help so he send longg too ladybug with the dragon miraculous and because of the lack of communication Mari thinks the guardian means for her to use both and bang dragon bug is born
Master fu realises his mistake by not being clear to Mari (meaning he probably should have delivered the miraculous him self and explained that she should give it to a person she trusts) and also realises that the ladybug needs a partner not just another miraculous so he gives the fox miraculous to Adrian
After they defeat the akuma Mari announces herself to Paris as dragon bug Adrian announces himsef as fox trot, the hero duo of Paris
The umbrella scene is different, Adrian says it was a mistake “I promise I’m the the type of person to do som…ah hello??” Mari is like that’s chill, thanks I forgive you byeee and goes skipping threw the rain while tiki and longg giggle in her hair while longg talks about their love of rain
Mari isn’t as close with Alya in this au, their friends but not as close, after the Chloe debacle and getting the kwamis mari moves herself to the back on her own instead of next to Alya so the kwami’s can sit in her bag on the empty desk next to her and sneaky talk
Mari joins the fencing team to get better at using her sword while fighting akumas instead of being close to Adrian meanwhile Adrian is getting more and more intrigued by Mari
The 3 kwamis have big gossip sessions in the lockers during practice
Dragon bug and foxtrot still have the awkward Adrian crush on the bug thing but Mari has an easier time playing off foxtrot as she Doesn’t have Adrian on The brain so flirty banter ensues
During stormy weather, dragon bug has a great advantage in the fight as she can use her elemental powers and foxtrot can lure stormy into a trap with an illusion of Mireille unharmed
this Akuma battle success is what convinces master fu to let Mari keep being dragon bug instead of just ladybug he sees that the extra abilities help Mari feel more in control and strong enough to have time to think in battle
When Alya tries to get Mari to run against Chloe for class rep she has a valid excuse that isn’t being a superhero, she has fencing class, in the end, Max and Markov win by as they were the only people the class managed to convince to run
Volpina is different, Lila claims to be a descendent of the fox hero, and cousins of fox trot, she says back in Italy she took his place when he was Sick, cut to Adrian turning red with rage
The fight between volpina and foxtrot more or less turns into a chaotic yelling match with Adrian yelling “you ain’t my cousin he’s far too stubborn to get akumatised your just a knock off” and “we ain’t family, bugaboo drown that rat or better yet snatch her hair I know a guy that can do a quick DNA test…don’t look at me like that malady I have my reasons”
Lila ends up being exposed very fast because foxtrot will not have his name used for clout like that and DragonBug is loving the drama “that’s my bestie, beat her up, you got this bestie” mari/DragonBug is just jumping up and down cheering on foxy during the fox fight
volpina ends up shouting to DragonBug “arnt you supposed to help me!!! Get this rabid animal off of me” “IF ANYONES A RABID ANIMAL ROUND HER IT YOU! YOU CHEEP KNOCKOFF! GIVE ME YOUR AKUMA” DragonBug just smirks like “nah I think foxy has this handeled” alya filming all this from below “….I think Im about to witness a murder”
Also, dragon bugs costume is the same as canon except her pigtails are longer with red tips (the ends reach just above her elbow) and she has retractable dragon wings so she can fly
Foxtrot's costume is orange white and green, the top half of his suite is similar to carapace, he has a hood that his fox ears poke out of, his bottom half is standard hero suite but he does have a fluffy tail and lil fangs when he smiles, when they have there roof top talks DragonBug plays with FoxTrots fluffy tail
Adrien/FoxTrot still calls DragonBug bugaboo and malady but mari/DragonBug calls FoxTrot Foxy
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random-fandom-nonsense13 · 3 months ago
Pt. 3 of Be more chill characters as things my friends have said
Micheal: he also had some ginger dots across his face-(me)
Jenna: g-ginger dots?
Michael: yeah
Jeremy: what would you guys say if I died
Michael: see you in hell bestie
Chloe: a bad bitch was taken too soon
Christine: that’s so sad Alex play Despacito 
Jake: lil nas x is waiting for you
Brooke: I guess those hips did lie SHAKIRA SHAKIRA -(me)
Rich: Finally my dad has a roommate I bet it was lonely 6 feet under :D
Mr reyes: d-did you just super glue your fingers together
Brooke: um yeah I think so- (me)
Mr reyes: *sigh* you just lost your glue privileges for the whole period
Brooke: NoOoOoooooOOoOo
Jake: *texting group chat* guys I broke my leg
Rich: oh shit-
Jenna: oh no
Christen: how!?! When!?! Where!?!
Michael: I’m sorry man
Brooke: Chloe omfl
Jeremy: that’s rough buddy
Michael: Jeremy stop with the avatar jokes
Jeremy: I-
Squip: shut up
Jeremy: I didn’t say anything yet
Squip: and you can thank me for that
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ilovebeing-weird · a year ago
Have a Coffee
Chapter-1 Chapter-2
So, people who like angst. There won't be much angst here. I hate it! There would be hurt/comfort at best. This is going to be a fluffy story. And if I get anything wrong in the airport scenes, it's because idk how they work. Never been to an airport.
"Flight 204, to New York, from Air France will leave soon. Passengers please board the plane. Flight 204....." The voice was heard from the speakers
"Queenie, it's our flight. Let's go." Marinette called Chloe, who was busy fighting with a person, because he didn't recognise her and it's 'ridiculous, utterly ridiculous'
"Hmph, you better keep up with the celebrities. I am the Chloe Bourgeois. The only daughter of Style Queen, Audrey Bourgeois. The person who has her own amazing business. The best friend of cocci-"
"Chlo!" Mari put her hand to prevent her from speaking more than necessary. "Our flight, let's go."
"Je suis désolée Monsieur." (I am sorry sir)
"C'est bon." (It's okay)
"Let's go Chloe."
"I can't wait to go to New York! It's gonna be sooo much fun! I am so excited" Adrien squealed heading towards his seat
"When are you not excited?" Kagami asked rolling her eyes at her boyfriend's behavior
"Don't put your cloudy shade over my sunlight." Adrien said dramatically, in response Kagami again rolled her eyes.
"If you think I am such a rain cloud, why are you dating me?"
"Because I love you, Duh!"
Kagami's face went as red as a tomato.
"Aww, you're blushing!"
"No, I am not."
"Yes, you are."
"No, I am not."
"Guys as cute as you are, can we just please move." Luka said moving to his seat
"Sorry Lukes."
"Luka-bear, window seat is mine."
"I know Bee."
"Mari, you get the aisle seat. And Lu you'll have to sit in the middle." Chloe pointed to everyone's seat
"Yes Queenie!" Marinette saluted
"Perfect, now I will sleep for hours, I need my beauty sleep after all. If I will get dark circles it will be ridi-"
"Melody, your soul mark is in English, right. Maybe you'll find your soulmate here."
"Yeah, probably. My luck is not that good though."
"Don't lose hope yet Marinette, who knows maybe something good will happen."
"The flight is ready to take off, passengers please wear their seatbelts. The flight is ready to…"
"I think we should get seated." Kagami took her seat "And Mars, don't worry, you will find your soulmate soon. It's destiny."
"You're right. It's destiny."
They all got seated, and Marinette was dying from lack of her coffee.
"I need my coooooffeeeee."
"No, sleep."
"Mel, for the last time, Sleeeeep!! Please."
"But I don't wanna. I have work-"
"That can wait. I am sure your clients will understand. And even if they won't I am sure you're ahead of your schedule." Marinette opened her mouth to say something but closed it again, it happened for a good three minutes before she gave in.
"but you are working as my mannequin later."
"If it gets you to sleep."
"Why are you obsessed with making me sleep?"
"Because I care." Came his soft reply.
~After 5 hours~
"Marinette~ Where are you?~" A maniacal voice was heard
"Marinette! Answer me before I come there! Guess I will have to teach you another lesson!"
"Why don't you just die, you stupid piece of shit?" A punch
"Why are you even alive?" A kick
"You're nothing more than a waste of space." A push and marinette fell to the ground
"Nobody ever loved you, and nobody ever will! You don't even have a soulmate!" Marinette tried to say something, deny it, tell them that she had one, but she couldn't "And your "friends" they just hang out with you for pity!"
"I can't even believe I was friends with you!"
"You're nothing more than a jealous bully!"
She tried to do something, anything! But she wasn't able to, it was almost like she was bound by an invisible force.
"I hate you! I can't believe I was besties with you! You are just a liar and a bully!" Another kick, it didn't hurt. Not more than their betrayal.
"Waste of time!"
She sat there, listening to them. All of their insults, she didn't care. Not anymore.
"Guess I will have to put an end to it all, huh? I feel sad, you were a good playtoy." Her da-, no Mr.Dupain said, and the knife came down, she was screaming but no sound came out
"Marinette!" Huh? She didn't die?
"Marinette!" Adrien, she recognized the voice
"Marinette!" Marinette woke up with a shock
"What happened?"
"You were screaming and thrashing in your sleep."
"Oh, I had a nightmare." Adrien wiped her tears, she'd been crying? She didn't know.
"Wanna talk about it?" No she didn't, it will make it all real. It would bring flashbacks and she would have a panic attack.
"Not really." It was good that Adrien respected her wishes and didn't push it. "How long till we reach?"
"Uh, it's been five hours, so I am guessing three hours more. You wanna eat something?"
"N-" Adrien cut her off
"You know what? You do want to. You will obviously deny it, but I am not gonna let you starve."
"Why are you all like this?"
"Like what? So caring and such good friends? You deserve it."
"I hate you, each one of you."
"Aww, you know you love us! You looove us"
"Yeah, yeah, whatever." Mari rolled her eyes. She knew she loved them, they knew she loved them. They all loved each other, platonically obviously. But, there was a part of her which always wondered if they hung out with her just because they pitied her. They wouldn't do that, right?
Would they?
Finally almost eight hours passed, she had eaten and now she was working on some new designs while her friends slept peacefully.
"There has been a technical issue, the flight would land right here, in Gotham. Passengers are required to please wear their seatbelts and not panic."
WHAT!? The flight had to make an abrupt stop at Gotham at all of places, the fucking CRIME CAPITAL!! Oh no, oh no, OH HELL NO! This is a disaster, this is a disaster, a disaster. Wasn't luck supposed to be on her side? Did the miraculous mean nothing?
She quickly wore her seatbelt and checked all of her friends' too before waking them up.
"Umm, guys, there has been a technical issue, the flight's gonna land now, so you may wanna wake up." It didn't work, the formal and polite option didn't work "GUYS WAKE UP! THE FLIGHT'S GONNA LAND RIGHT NOW IN GOTHAM!" That worked! It jolted awake all of them.
"Ridiculous, utterly ridiculous!!"
"You've got to be kidding me!"
"In the fucking crime capital?!"
"Maybe it is destiny." Marinette gave Luka a weird look that said 'are you crazy or something?'
"Maybe you will find your soulmate here."
"Of fucking course. In the crime capital. Maybe my soulmate is a criminal too, huh?"
"Don't be such a pessimist Mari, there are good people too in Gotham."
"So any idea what we wanna do?" Marinette asked once they were out of the plane.
"Let's order a cab to New York?"
"Yeah, let's do that. Let me check the cabs… There's no cab available for where you wanna go….. " Blood drained from Adrien's face as he read that.
"So, we are forced to stay in Gotham?"
"Well what should we do now?" Luka gained their attention
"Let's go shopping!!" Chloe, obviously, cheered "Before either of you deny, Kags, you need new clothes, no offense, but you really have a bad fashion sense. Luka-bae, I need you to carry my bags. Adri-kins, Kags need you. And Mari-bear, you have a good fashion choice." Luka and Adrien sighed, guess they have to carry their bags forever.
"I don't know Chlo, I really need some coffee and have to do some work. I guess I will go to a café instead." Marinette said sheepishly
"Hmm, if you say so." Marinette was genuinely surprised that she let her off the hook. Usually she would be dragged with them. "You can send us your location and we'll meet you there in two hours?"
"Sounds like a plan."
"Okay, bye, don't have a overdose~"
"Bye queenie!"
"Now let's find a café with an internet connection and quiet environment." She quickly searched all the café near her, fortunately the nearest café was within walking distance.
She walked for ten minutes before she reached the café "coffee and joy" apparently this café has amazing coffee and the batfam, mostly Red Robin, always comes here. The atmosphere was good, not too crowded but enough for it to be good.
She walked inside, it was good. As soon as she walked in she was greeted by the fragrance of coffee. The circular tables had plants on the side, couples were talking and chattering. There were families enjoying themselves, and a person who was typing away on his computer, huh, he almost looks dead. Well, who was she to judge, she was sure she looked the same while she was working.
She went to order. The workers there were happy and cheery. Weird, this is Gotham. Aren't people supposed to be gloomy and annoyed here? Well, Paris, the supposedly city of love, the people there are--the ones she knows the rest she is sure are good--are evil. She is not even exaggerating.
"Hi! How can I help you today?" The worker, she learnt the name was Sam, asked her.
"Hey can I get a black coffee with…..eight espresso shots? thank you!" The worker looked shocked, obviously anyone would be shocked if someone ordered this much caffeine. She muttered something that she couldn't quite make out but it sounded like 'there's three of them' . What did she mean by three of them? Eh, whatever.
"What name should I write on the cup?"
"Marinette." Marinette, the only reminder of her fam- the people she lived with. The name that was given to her by her grandma that she loves dearly. At Least her grandparents are good people.
"Okay, why don't you wait and I will call you?"
"Sure" She went to the table in the corner. So she would not grab any attention but will be able to go to the counter easily when called.
Tim was having a sucky day. Firstly, he was almost late to the meeting because Bruce thought it was good to let him sleep in. Fuck you Bruce! I don't need to sleep. Then Alfred banned coffee. Why? Because apparently he had a little too much coffee. Thirdly, his brothers were still obsessed with making him sleep, he already slept last night!
"Ughhh" Tim groaned, luckily his favourite café was just around the corner. He would go and grab some coffee there and work in peace.
Upon entering the café he was greeted by the sweet fragrance of coffee. Oh, how much he loved it. If he didn't find his soulmate he would marry coffee. Bruce wouldn't have a problem, right?
"Hey Sam!" Tim greeted the always cheerful barista
"Hey Mr. Drake. Your usual?"
"It will be ready soon!"
Thanking her Tim made his way to his usual table and took out his laptop to go over the meeting details. After a minute or so grabbing his coffee and feeling alive again Tim started working on the documents. He was so lost in his world that he didn't realise someone coming in. Only when her name was called did he realise that.
Out of curiosity, Tim looked at her, and what he saw was something he would remember forever. That woman was beautiful. He knew that it was wrong, he knew that he had a soulmate, he knew he should wait for them wherever they are, but he also knew that he felt a connection with her, he also knew that he had to take his chance. So that's what he'll do.
Waiting for a while to gather some courage and thinking about what to say. He started to make his way to her. Only to be stopped by her sad expression, she was angry, mostly sad looking at her laptop. Huh, looks like she's not having a great day. He decided that he will go to her with coffee, after all what was something that coffee couldn't solve. He ordered two coffees for them, he knew that her order was the same as his.
He took a deep breath and made his way across the café to her and offered her the beverage in his hand. "Having a rough day?"
Marinette was relieved that she got her coffee. She hasn't had any since morning. Why does the world have to be sooo unfair to her!? Opening her laptop she found some new commissions…..and some emails from her old class. Can they just suck it and move on? How childish can anyone be.
She knows that she shouldn't be but she was sad looking at it. She was just about to delete them when a voice startled her.
"Having a rough day? Have a coffee, It will make it better." Marinette being Marinette jumped at the voice.
"Ahh! You scared me! Wait a second….. You are my soulmate! Thanks for the coffee by the way." As soon as their hands touched there was a golden glow around them, a welcoming glow.
"Hey, soulmate. I am Timothy Drake-Wayne please call me Tim."
"Hey Tim, I am Marinette. Nice to meet you."
"The pleasure is all mine, Marinette." Tim kissed her knuckles to which she responded by blushing.
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lala-ladybug · a year ago
Healing Hands: Chapter 1
Hello hello! First fic here, it’s a Maribat AU with a side of Sword Art Online. Or what I remember from having watched the show once about five years ago. We’ve got Marinette and minimal class salt, Young Justice but only the good parts, and primarily Jasonette. Please spread the word (I am a tiny sideblog) and let me know what you think <3
Read here on AO3
Chapter 1: You have no idea how many baddies I’m going to blow up because of you
Friday, at long last. Marinette could not have exhaled a bigger sigh of relief. It was mid-way through the school term, her commissions were ramping up, and Hawkmoth had become frustratingly active. Her duties as class president had only increased as she and her friends neared the end of lycée, not to mention all the studying she was doing for the baccalauréat on top of her regular school work. Commissions were booming now that her popularity as the anonymous designer MDC was soaring worldwide. She wouldn’t give any of it up for the world, but she might enjoy getting more than three or four hours of sleep for once.
There was only part of her life that had gotten easier since that day three years ago when she was entrusted with a pair of spotted earrings and an old god to match. Ladybug started out with one partner, but she now had a whole team to share the responsibilities of keeping their city safe. Ryuko and Viperion became permanent fixtures of the Parisian rooftops, and Bourdonne replaced Queen Bee after the infamous (albeit self-inflicted) unmasking of Chloe Bourgeois. The people of Paris looked to these heroes with pride and trust.
And Marinette Dupain-Cheng, now the Guardian of the Miraculous, looked to her partners with trust as well. She had decided that with her in charge, she could no longer keep secrets from her friends, from her new Order of the Guardians. She discussed it with Chat Noir, and he had smiled and agreed that it was time. And one day, when Ladybug gathered her teammates on a remote rooftop in the dead of night, she said only “I trust you,” before allowing her transformation to fall.
She wasn’t nervous, not really. She knew Kagami and Luka had good hearts, and she had seen firsthand how much Chloe had grown. Those three accepted her civilian self, her true self, without half a thought, and followed their leader in dropping their transformations as well. Chloe got her quips in while Ladybug looked to Chat Noir.
He passed his gaze over the faces of their friends and smirked like he was holding in a laugh. As he said “Claws in,” Marinette could hear the laugh in his voice, an intonation that sounded so very familiar, and oh. Of course.
Adrien Agreste beamed at his friends, both in the mask and out, and said fondly, “I’m so glad it’s you.”
The rest, of course, was history. For the year and a half since then, the five heroes of Paris had kept the city safe from threats magical and mundane alike. Hawkmoth had, of course, gotten craftier and more vicious with his attacks, sometimes choosing to send bursts of weaker akumas over the span of a week, sometimes waiting a month before sending an especially brutal villain their way.
But it was nothing that the Order of the Guardians couldn’t handle. Even though it could get exhausting after a while, which is why the incoming weekend was a welcome reprieve. There was another reason why this particular weekend was so exciting, which was that a new video game, Mindscape, was debuting. It would be released at midnight EST, which was 6:00 in the morning for Paris.
“Today’s the day, girl!” Alya squealed as she flagged Marinette down on their way to the classroom. “We are so lucky that our class won that raffle to get these exclusive passes. I bet I’ll be the first blog to get the scoop on this new tech they’re using!”
Marinette giggled and started to reply, “Super lucky, right? I’m excited too, I heard--”
“You know,” Lila cut her off as she sidled up to Alya. “I’m not saying that I didn’t enter us to get those downloads, but I was a big help with beta testing.”
How she managed to time that comment just as the three girls crossed the threshold of the classroom, and how she managed to know that nearly the whole class would already be there to hear it, Marinette would never understand. She only had to wait a moment before the rest of their friends rushed to the door to thank Lila.
“This opportunity is amazing, we are incredibly grateful!” Max was first in line, ever the technology-enthusiast.
Kim pushed his shorter friend out of the way and vigorously shook Lila’s hand. “You have no idea how many baddies I’m going to blow up because of you.” Lila looked a little overwhelmed as he continued to shake her hand all the while, and she gave him a nervous smile.
He was soon pushed out of the way as Alix muscled her way to the front next. “I definitely owe you for giving me the chance to kick his ass in a brand new way!” She jerked her head to where Kim had landed on the floor, pouting at her.
As the rest of the class who would be joining them in the game’s premiere expressed their thanks, Alya looked on with an affectionate smile. She was so very happy that she now had two kind, selfless best friends. Her smile fell a little as she noticed Marinette stoically edging her way around the crowd and up to her seat, not having said a word to Lila. Alya just wished that her two besties would get along.
Alya put a hand on Lila’s shoulder and smiled her thanks before following Marinette to what was once their shared desk. “You really should thank her, you know,” Alya implored hopefully.
Without turning around to face Alya, Marinette paused and shared an incredulous look with Adrien, who was already seated at his shared desk with Nino. She then shrugged and replied, “Lila never actually said that she got us the passes,” before continuing up the steps to her seat at the back of the class. Alya shook her head and sat down. It was always like this, a cool indifference from Marinette whenever Lila came up. They were both such incredible people, Alya couldn’t understand why they didn’t get along.
As for Marinette, she was semi-content to let Lila be as long as her lies didn’t hurt anybody. Her unrealistic promise to take away all of Marinette’s friends was never fulfilled, and honestly the amount of emotional energy it used to sap from her just wasn’t worth it anymore. Marinette had no idea how Lila was going to get her hands on a copy of the game when Mari was, of course, the one who had won the raffle. She distributed the special access passes herself, and Lila certainly hadn’t gotten one. If this was the way that she wanted to make friends, she would eventually have to face the consequences.
But for now, Lila was basking in her praise. That is, until she glanced at her phone and gave a small gasp of dismay.
“What’s wrong?” Rose asked, concern already etched on her face.
Lila covered her mouth with one hand and started rapidly blinking back tears. “It’s my VIP copy of the game. There was a mixup in the mail and it won’t get here in time for tomorrow morning! I’m so sorry everyone, it looks like you’ll have to do it without me....” She buried her face in her hands and her shoulders trembled with barely restrained sobs.
The class shared a worried look, and Sabrina piped up, “It’s okay Lila, you can borrow my copy.” Lila immediately looked up and surged forward to clasp the hands of her friend.
“Really? But won’t it have the same problem?” Sabrina smiled and shook her head. “Nope, it’s a digital download! I don’t mind, you can always trade it back when your VIP pass arrives later.”
Lila gave her a brilliant smile, any tears long-since dried. “Oh, thank you so much Sabrina! I’ll see what I can do about getting you a VIP pass too once mine gets here.”
At that moment, Chloe walked in, and one look at the scene displayed in front of her had her rolling her eyes at her former best friend. She gracefully swept up the steps to join Marinette at the back of the classroom and whispered to her, “Aren’t they all digital downloads?”
Marinette, who had started unpacking her bag to prepare for class, inclined her head and gave the blonde a meaningful look that indicated yes, they were indeed all digital downloads. Chloe snickered and started preparing her own side of the desk.
After the fiasco of outing herself as Queen Bee, Chloe had lost the minimal support and tolerances she had been allowed before. It gave her time to truly reflect on how she acted and treated other people. She had since been quietly making amends with those she’d wronged, and the person on the top of that list was Marinette Dupain-Cheng. It took time and a lot of effort on Chloe’s part, but she mellowed out and did a lot of growing up. She still spoke her mind, though.
“Huh that’s strange, I got the VIP package too, but mine was a digital pass,” Chloe loudly proclaimed, studying her nails nonchalantly as the rest of the class turned to look up at her.
Lila grit her teeth into a forced smile and replied sweetly, “Well that’s because mine was an original beta testing copy that they had to update for the full game.” She turned her attention to Marinette and a note of false concern crept into her voice. “Oh Marinette, I hope you’ll still have time to come too! I know you’ll be busy this weekend with planning the spring class field trip. It would be such a shame if it didn’t happen because you were too busy playing a video game.”
Marinette suddenly felt very warm under the gazes of the entire class. She stammered out, “Oh-of course we’ll get to go! Don’t worry, I have a meeting with the school board on Monday.” Trust Lila to sniff out the one thing that had slipped below her radar.
Lila’s eyes lit up with an opportunistic gleam. “That’s great! Where will it be?”
“Well, uh, the school board has to review the location, so I don’t want to get your hopes up, but I can tell you that it will be in, um,” her eyes flicked around wildly and landed on the posterboard of different flags from the prior week’s lessons. “America!”
The class burst into excited chatter moments before Madame Bustier arrived and the late bell rang. Marinette released a breath and sagged in her seat. Saved by the bell.
Chloe gave her a sidelong glance and murmured, “America, huh?”
“Shut up,” Marinette shot back.
* * *
Madame Bustier tried to get the class to pay attention, she really did. They struggled through their lessons before lunch, the volume of side conversations between deskmates swelling all the while. The moment the bell for lunch dismissal rang, the students exploded into conversation as they left the classroom.
Marinette waved as Chloe and Adrien walked off to go meet Kagami and Luka at a nearby cafe. She breezed into the patisserie across the street from Francois Dupont and gave her surprised Maman a kiss on the cheek.
“I thought you were going out with your friends for lunch?” Sabine asked, balancing a tray of eclairs on her hip. “I forgot I have to plan our class trip!” Marinette replied cheerfully as she hurried into the kitchen to quickly fix herself a croque-monsieur. She gave her Papa a hug as she finished preparing her meal. He shouted up at her to not make a mess as she retreated into her room to eat at her desk.
She gave a small snort at that. It was nearly impossible for her to make a mess of food when she had over a dozen Kwami there to clean up after her, but he didn’t know that. She greeted said Kwami with a delighted grin and a wave as she set her plate down by her desktop computer.
“Marinette, why are you back so early?” Tikki asked, “is everything okay?” The other Kwami swarmed around her as she woke her computer up and logged in.
The girl waved one hand nonchalantly and opened up a web browser with the other. “Everything’s fine, I just forgot about planning the class trip!” She took a huge bite of the sandwich and started typing furiously. Several Kwami dove after the crumbs that sprayed everywhere.
“Ohhh, I see! Do you have an idea of where to start?” Tikki zoomed around Marinette’s shoulder to hover next to the monitor screen.
Marinette had the same determined gleam in her eye as when she finally found the perfect fabric for a design. She said confidently around a mouth full of ham, “America.”
* * *
By the time the lunch break had finished, Marinette had a preliminary list of cities on the East Coast of the United States. She had researched Gotham first, but it looked far too dangerous and gloomy. Next was New York City, which she determined was too big. Philadelphia was historic, but in a way that would definitely bore her classmates. Boston was too cold despite its excitement. Which left Metropolis as the perfect candidate. It was also protected by the perfect superheroes, Superman and his family, so she was absolutely confident the school board would approve of the city.
Of course, the meeting on Monday would need more specifics than just the city, but she was pleased with her progress so far. Marinette shut down her monitor, grabbed her backpack and plate from lunch, and went downstairs to the kitchen. She quickly scrubbed and dried her plate in the sink before waving to her parents as they bustled around, accommodating the tail end of the mid-day rush.
Marinette walked across the street with a spring in her step and, spotting a tall flash of blue hair, half-jogged up to her group of friends.
“Hey guys, sorry I couldn’t make it to lunch!” She grinned apologetically at Kagami and Luka.
“That’s alright Melody,” Luka gave her a side hug, “Chloe told us you were busy planning your class trip.”
Adrien slung an arm around Kagami’s shoulder and pulled his girlfriend closer to whisper conspiratorially to her, “I hear we’re going to America.” She laughed softly at his antics and at Marinette who stuck her tongue out at him. Kagami then said to Marinette, “That sounds delightful, Marihime. I trust you will still be joining us tomorrow morning?”
Marinette’s eyes lit up with excitement at the prospect of playing the game with her friends all weekend long. “Definitely! I’m going to finish preparing for the school board meeting tonight so that we can play the second it comes out.”
“If you can wake up on time,” Chloe teased.
Marinette crossed her arms defensively and stated with pride, “I already set three alarms, thank you very much!”
Adrien burst out laughing at that. “Leave it to our everyday Ladybug,” he winked. Her face flushed as she pouted. He chuckled again and kissed Kagami on the top of her head. “See you later, mon coeur.”
She and Luka waved to the rest of the group as they left to return to their own schools. The three Francois Dupont students watched them go for a moment before returning inside.
“So, you and Kagami have plans?” Chloe asked.
“Yeah! Our parents gave special permission for a sleepover at my place tonight so we can play the game right when it comes out tomorrow.” Adrien rubbed the back of his neck, a nervous habit he had never quite abandoned. “But I’m not sure how often we’ll be able to be online with you guys after this weekend. You know how busy our schedules are....”
Marinette elbowed him lightly as they walked. “It’s a blessing you both managed to convince your dad and her mom to let you come to the launch at all! We’ll play together when we can, it’s no big deal.”
Adrien smiled gratefully at her and held the door open for both Marinette and Chloe as they entered the classroom. Alya was already there, and once she spotted her best friend (well, one of them), she skidded down the steps with a huge grin and held an invisible microphone up to Marinette.
“Thank you Nadja, and good afternoon Paris! This is Alya Cesaire, and today I am joined by young fashion designer Marinette Dupain-Cheng. Mlle. Dupain-Cheng, can you give us an exclusive scoop on the trip you’re planning for your class?”
“Good afternoon Mlle. Cesaire,” Marinette giggled, “Unfortunately, the trip has yet to be approved by the school board so no details just yet. But I can tell you with certainty that we will be visiting the resident city of some popular American superheroes.” She winked as she finished in her best interview voice.
Alya gasped and dropped her pretend microphone as she hugged her best friend. “Really!? Oh my gosh girl, you are the best!”
Marinette laughed and hugged her back as Alya jumped and spun them around. Once they pulled apart, she told the brunette, “As soon as the school board gives me the green light, you’ll be the first to know.”
The late bell rang and the girls practically skipped to their respective seats as Madame Bustier called the class to attention. Well, “attention” in the loosest sense of the word. They struggled once more through the majority of their lessons, but Madame Bustier seemed to sense defeat and she let them chatter excitedly for the last twenty minutes before dismissal.
Kim and Alix were boasting about how they were going to stay up all night, while Max encouraged them to maximize the time they would be able to play the next day by getting a full night’s sleep in before the launch time.
Lila bragged about her role in the creation of the game from its conception to even having suggested the highly anticipated date of release. Adrien pointedly ignored Lila in the row behind his and discussed the music they had recorded and mixed for the game with a very enthusiastic Nino.
Sabrina looked on a little sadly until Mylene, Ivan, Rose, and Juleka invited her to join their Disney movie marathon double-date instead. Mylene was too nervous to play the game so Ivan chose to sit out to support her, and video games weren’t really Rose and Juleka’s style. Sabrina’s face softened as she gratefully accepted their invitation.
Nathaniel turned around in his seat to talk to Marinette about the art rendering and the programs they used while Chloe scrolled aimlessly on her phone.
By the time the bell finally rang, the class was beyond excited to go prepare for the launch the next morning.
Marinette, to her credit, swallowed her enthusiasm and sat down to fully plan out their trip to Metropolis. It was grueling work, researching the safest hotel that was still in a central location. It had to be affordable but not shabby, too, because they had a limited budget. She eventually settled on the reputable Wayne Hotel, apparently part of an enormous corporation called Wayne Enterprises, and then began to build an itinerary with different events from there.
She worked nonstop the rest of the night, with the exception of a brief dinner break, and it was nearly 11:00 at night by the time she finished. Marinette sat up from her desk chair and stretched, then double-checked that her alarms were set before finally heading to bed.
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thechaoticflowergarden · 26 days ago
2,4, and 8 for the little ask ur author thingy :):):) <3 <3
2: what work of yours, if any, are you the most embarrassed about existing?
WELL don't even get me started lmAo so I used to write books with my sister (like she would write the story and I would do the art (we have very much flipped roles in this (we don't write stories together anymore, she just does art now and I do writing))) um and basically do you guys remember that Ever After High show? We wrote fanfiction for that. Like lots. Of fanfiction. We didn't even know what fanfiction was, but by God we were writing it! Also when I was a kid, when I was waiting for my mom in the car and stuff I would write (in a notebook) these stories about me and my siblings but actually the characters were like very cool, idealized versions of us whose names were just our middle names idk what to tell you, anyway the stories involved locking each other out of the car in a rainstorm, running through cornfields being chased by a combine (I'm from the midwest what do you expect), climbing a lamppost and falling off, falling into a lake in the middle of winter and going on a hypothermia-induced fever dream, etc etc. And then also one time my sister and I wrote these zombie apocalypse stories that existed in the same universe, and our goal was to build up to our characters meeting. So. Yay writing!
4: favorite character you've written
Omg WHAT don't make me pick between my babies!! But I would have to say either Jenna Goldsmith, the original main protagonist of my novel (she has a special place in my heart because she's the one who's been with me the longest) OR Chloe Beaureguarde, because she's just so fricking cool and I love her so much and she likes to murder bad people, which is just queen behavior!
8: favorite genre to write
FANTASY!!! Fantasy fantasy fantasy, sometimes branching off into Sci fi, I just. Reading/writing is such an escapist activity for me, so I love creating new worlds to run off to, and it's so special when it's MY world and the only people who know it are people I tell about it and choose to share it with!
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test-tube · a year ago
Bitter Wine
kaeyassi asked: HELLO KAT BESTIE, SIBLING, AND ANY OTHER TYPE OF RELATIONSHIP WE HAVE OUT THERE, for the 200 follower event thingy can i possibly get an angst drabble for kaeya with the song Too Close by Sir Chloe? thank you vv much. have a nice day darlin' ;) Author's Note: hi vin!! you very well can, no probleroni, you as well sugar <3 (i don't know if this is up to par i kinda just let my hands/brain go with the flow) Pairings: Kaeya x GN!Reader Word Count: 274 TW: state of drunkenness (drink responsibly!)
How had you managed to snag the coquettish Captain Kaeya wrapped around your little finger? You honestly had no idea.
You agreed with everyone in town. He was a handsome young man and is so passionate- it's hard to resist his charm.
This man, however, also came with several flaws.
"This is the third time this week Kaeya." You frown. You had to literally drag him away from the Angel's Share with Diluc's help. "And it's only Tuesday."
"NoO it's oNly been twICe." He muttered loopily.
"Mhm." To be completely honest, you were running out of patience.
Each time "Honey, I'm so sorry. It won't happen again." rang through your ears you had a little hope. But week after week the pattern has yet to come to a halt.
"One last chance."
You were seething with rage. Here you were. Again. Carrying not one but two drunkards; your lover and the Tone-Deaf Bard.
Diluc waved you a goodbye, Venti slung over his shoulder, before disappearing into the streets.
You gently set Kaeya on the sofa, took a deep breath, a yelled. "What the hell was that?!"
"You look kinda mad." Kaeya muttered.
"Well I am mad!"
"If I had known you'd be so annoying I wouldn't have tried." Kaeya muttered.
That hit hard. He could've stabbed you and you'd be less surprised. Less pained.
"You're a lot prettier when you don't talk." He continued.
That's it. You turned away, ready to leave.
"Listen to me." Kaeya insisted.
"Don't tell me to listen when you've got nothing to say." You counter spitefully. You slammed the door shut, tears falling down your face.
No more chances.
Tumblr media
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