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Fire in the sky 16-20/? - 16-19: Haute Route Pyreneenne, August 2019
20:  Alpine Haute Route, June 2021
photo by nature-hiking
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ceranna · 2 years ago
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HRP 2019
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“I was born and raised over there in the Grays Ferry community,” Philly Thrive member [SS] said in an interview. “My grandmother was raised here too, she told me all about the refinery. [...] I watched my neighbors die. Cancer, all of them,” said [SS]. “Around the corner, down the street. They were all being erased. [...] A lot of us are what you call poor people and we don’t have the resources, the money to fight. This big company? We don’t have the money for that. Not even together. [...] So it was more so, ‘shut up, live your life, deal with it.’”
[SS] described the routine she and her family developed in response to the odors that would seep outwards from the aging refinery. “Family drill was, you put the blankets down,” she said, describing how her family sought to keep outdoor air from entering her home. “When we smelled the smell, it was like, ‘go get the blankets, go put the stuff down, make sure the windows are shut.’” [SS] said that she'd moved for a while out of the neighborhood. When she returned, she was struck by the odors seeping from the refinery complex. Then, five years later, her husband [R] was diagnosed with cancer, she said. [R] died of cancer nine months after the refinery blast [...].
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The Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES) refinery was — until last year [2019] — the largest and oldest gasoline refinery on the East Coast. The week it was sold began with a community rally that also served as a makeshift memorial service.
On Monday, June 22 [2020] [...], members of Philly Thrive, a local grassroots group, arrived outside the perimeter of the refinery complex in South Philadelphia. They posted “in memorium” placards bearing the names of deceased Philadelphians along the facility’s chainlink borders, handwritten fenceline memorials for departed members of the refinery's fenceline community. Speakers that day recalled less the fiery explosion that tore through the plant one year earlier and more the long-term harms caused by decades of fossil fuel production in the majority Black neighborhood.
Later that week, on June 26 [2020], Hilco Redevelopment Partners closed on the sale of this sprawling 1,400 acre refinery complex in the heart of one of the nation’s largest cities. [...]
One year earlier, nearly to the day, a never-inspected segment of pipe inside the 153-year old PES refinery wore through and burst, according to a preliminary report by federal investigators. The breached pipe released a mix of fossil fuel chemicals used to make gasoline as well as one of the most dangerous substances used by industry today, hydrogen fluoride. The blend ignited in a series of explosions, unleashing a fireball so large that it registered on weather satellites orbiting the Earth and some locals mistook it for the implosion of an atom bomb. [...]
Roughly 20,000 people live within one mile of Philadelphia Energy Solutions [...]. The majority of those living inside that radius are Black and a third of households have incomes below $15,000 a year. Expand that circle outwards to three miles of PES, and you'll find the homes of over 350,000 people, sixty percent of whom are people of color. [...] For those gathered at the June 22 rally and memorial, the now-inoperable refinery’s hazards remained all too vivid. For [SB], it lives on in her granddaughter’s respiratory problems, for [KJ] in her own multiple cancer diagnoses, and in the memories of those who passed away. “People, generations have died in South Philadelphia because of that oil refinery [...].”
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In 2012, the plant spewed over three-quarters of a million pounds of toxic chemicals into the air surrounding the plant, a 2014 EPA fact sheet notes, adding that was a reduction from the plant’s 809,945 lbs of pollution the year prior. For comparison, the next largest polluter in South Philadelphia reported 9,599 pounds of air pollutants released in 2012. More than 9 percent of the total reported toxic releases in South Philadelphia that year were just one chemical: benzene. Benzene is perhaps best known as a powerful carcinogen — but it can cause other impacts, including impacts for children’s health. [...] Neurological symptoms were among the most frequently reported symptoms among a group of children exposed to benzene by a 2010 incident at a BP refinery in Texas. [...]
HRP, the real estate redevelopment unit of liquidation firm Hilco Global, says it will take several years to demolish and begin rebuilding the site, parts of which are seriously polluted from more than a century of fuel processing,” the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. [...] Mass-mailings about the cleanup circulated to the refinery’s neighbors name Evergreen Resources Group, LLC as the company responsible for remediating the pollution left behind by decades of the refinery’s operations. The parent company of Evergreen Resources Group is Energy Transfer — the same company behind pipeline construction projects including the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL), Mariner East, and Revolution (which exploded less than a week after it was first used).
Photos, captions, and text published by: Sharon Kelly. “In the Shadow of Shuttered Philadelphia Refinery, Neighbors Recall Those Lost to Decades of Pollution.” DeSmog. 1 July 2020.
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skippyv20 · 2 years ago
Altar cloth turns out to be only surviving dress of Queen Elizabeth I
Queen Elizabeth I next to the famous “bear” detail in the Bacton cloth.
Quite possibly the only surviving remnants of a dress worn by Queen Elizabeth I are about to go on display. Of the many objects from history that are being preserved, textiles are one of the most difficult.  Unless the item is carefully protected throughout the years, moths, creasing, light and humidity can ruin delicate fabrics.  It’s difficult enough to keep clothing from the 18th and 19th centuries much less during the reign of Elizabeth I which lasted from 1558 until her death in 1603.  Eleri Lynn, curator of historic dress at Historic Royal Palaces in England believes that is exactly what she has found.
Gowns for royalty were so costly they were often repurposed or given as gifts to members of the court.  There were often precious jewels and threads of silver and gold making up the sumptuous gowns.  Elizabeth especially liked pearls in honour of her mother, Henry VII’s second wife, Anne Boleyn, who favoured them.
In a portrait done by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger about 1600, sometimes called the “Rainbow Portrait”, Elizabeth is wearing a colourfully hand embroidered dress adorned with flowers, insects, forest animals and most importantly, a small bear matching an illustration that Lynn had seen in previous research in a book from 1594.
“Rainbow Portrait,” c. 1600–02, attributed to Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger
When Elizabeth had grown tired of certain items of clothing, it is known that her favourite lady in waiting, Blanche Parry, was given some dresses. Now for the first time actual pieces of a dress worn by Queen Elizabeth I is believed to have been identified. The embroidered silk of the cloth, which feature gold and silver thread, had been used as an altar cloth for centuries in Herefordshire. It is thought to have come to the town of Bacton though Elizabeth’s close associate Blanche Parry.
the Bacton cloth was once part of two sections of a dress – bodice and sleeves. Photo courtesy of Historic Royal Palaces
“When I saw it for the first time I knew immediately that it was something special. As I examined it, I felt as though I had found the Holy Grail, the Mona Lisa of fashion,” curator Eleri Lynn of Historic Royal Palaces told The Telegraph, when the cloth was first discovered in 2017. But only now has it been identified as most likely belonging to the famous Queen.
“None of Elizabeth I’s dresses are known to have survived, but everything we have learnt since then points to it being worn by Elizabeth.”
Detail of the Bacton cloth. Claire Collins/HiRP
During her reign, Elizabeth elevated these laws to include restrictions on collar and sleeve ruffs, hosiery and the length of swords worn to court.  It was commonly understood that no one should ever be dressed better than the Queen.  Even her court attendants were instructed to wear subdued clothing for fear of offending the vain Elizabeth.
Detail of the bear from the Bacton cloth, which is embroidered with nature and animal scenes. Photo courtesy of HRP
These laws prohibited Parry from wearing any of the dresses given to her by the Queen so Lynn believes Parry cut the silver chamblet fabric, made of silk, wool and linen which she may have helped to embroider herself, and presented it as an altar cloth at 13th century St. Faith’s Church in Bacton, Herefordshire where she worshipped or it was possibly sent to the church by Parry’s friends at court in memory of her.
detail from the Bacton cloth showing different kinds of plants. Photo courtesy of HRP
In 1909, Reverend Charles Brothers of St. Faith’s had the cloth framed because he also believed it had been part of Queen Elizabeth’s wardrobe long before Lynn’s research work.
While there is no concrete evidence that the slips of fabric were worn by the Queen, circumstantial evidence abounds and the experts are convinced.  The cloth is the correct type for the late 1500s; the embroidered images were popular at that time; the style of the embroidery which is no longer practiced; the lady in waiting in question was a part of Elizabeth’s life almost since birth; the church elders possibly having the knowledge of the fabric’s origin and the close resemblance to the fabric of a dress known to have been worn by Queen Elizabeth I.
After the English Civil War ended in 1649, Oliver Cromwell temporarily ousted the monarchy from England and appointed himself Lord Protector of England, Scotland, and Ireland.  He sold much of the royal collections to finance his takeover which makes finding something from the Tudor Dynasty that much more important.
After extensive restoration the precious fabric will be displayed at Hampton Court Palace, Elizabeth’s residence, from October 12, 2019 to February 23, 2020 along with the Rainbow Portrait on loan from Hatfield House in Hertfordshire and a reproduction of the gown as the Virgin Queen would have worn it.
Thank you...cool!😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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yogap · 2 years ago
Sammy the Sledgehammer and His Wife Keighliegh Pledge $100 Million Worth of Alleged Criminal Assets To Fight New, Deadly Outbreak of D.A.N.C.E. Fever
The outbreak of a virus called D.A.N.C.E. (Degenerate Anterograde Necrotizing Corneal Erosion), has been declared a public health emergency of international concern. D.A.N.C.E. fever – so named for making its sufferers experience a fever and dancing themselves to exhaustion or even death while suffering eye and brain damage - is sweeping the globe.
(Ye Olde Goldyn Appyl Presse, the newspaper from an alternate universe!)
Author: Carla Marks Published: 03/01/2020
Boston, Mass., United States of Vespuccia – Alternative businessman Samuel Balzta D. Wallz, AKA “Sammy the Sledgehammer,” whose alleged vast, international criminal empire is said to make him billions of dollars every year, and his trophy wife Kailegigh Wallz that he won in a pie-eating contest five years ago have been charitable through their organization, The Sam and Keighleigh Wallz Foundation For Making Us Look Like We Give A Fuck, for the last 32 years. And now they are continuing that so-so tradition in a time of great need.
The Foundation will commit up to $100 million worth of alleged criminal assets toward efforts to control the current outbreak, the organization announced on Wednesday. This includes the $10 million the foundation has already committed in the form of diamonds that were allegedly stolen from Second International Bank last year. The donations will go towards various response efforts.
Up to $20 million will go to building medical facilities and mass graves in Xing, Alkebulan, and Atlantis, which the foundation considers to be at high risk due to high concentrations of people living in extreme poverty, thanks to centuries of Europan enslavement, theft of resources, and colonization.
Other portions of the foundation’s donation will go towards research on vaccines, treatments, and diagnostics for the virus, as well as canes and seeing-eye dogs for the luckier survivors, wheelchairs for the less lucky survivors who suffered the side-effect of acute sudden-onset acquired ALS, necromancers to reanimate the dead, hiring people to keep track of individuals with “Do Not Reanimate” orders on their medical records, resources to help the International Undead Citizen Reacclimation Foundation, and finding a better name for the disease than “D.A.N.C.E. Fever,” which is reportedly not being taken very seriously, hence the massive worldwide outbreak. That last one has been a bit more difficult since last year’s outbreak of the virus “2019-DbStp,” which the media freaked out about and immediately dubbed “Ebola AIDS Smallpox Cancer That Turns Your Genitals Into Soup,” a disease that infected 10 people worldwide, permanently sterilized 3, and killed only 1.
This strain of the D.A.N.C.E. Fever, which has been given the scientific moniker 2020-DDR-FN-DIS-KO, was first discovered in a disco hall in Beijing, second in unfortunate hilarity only to 2014’s hRp-BK virus, a form of herpes that causes the penis to become painfully erect and fall off, which was discovered in Bangkok.
Said Global Health Organization spokeszombie Harry Butts Junior, “‘D.A.N.C.E. Fever’ wasn’t our idea for the name. The video of the outbreak in Huan Pablo’s Disco and Bodega in Beijing went viral, if you’ll pardon the pun, under the name ‘Dance Fever Kills 20 At Xingese Disco,’ and within 20 minutes some chucklefuck at 4Chan had named it ‘Degenerate Anterograde Necrotizing Corneal Erosion’ just so he could call it ‘D.A.N.C.E. Fever’ and make it an international meme sensation. I mean yeah, it’s not an inaccurate name, since it does in fact necrotize the flesh of the eyeballs and cornea before working its way into your brain and making you dance until you pass out or die, but like… dick move, user ‘cuminbutts42069,’ dick move.”
We asked Mr. Wallz about the reasons why he donates his allegedly ill-gotten gains to charitable causes, suggesting perhaps he felt guilty about being a criminal, and he responded by saying, “So’s yeahs, we’s was thinkins we’s coulds, ya knows, look like we give a shit or somethin. We lays down, what? $100 million? I makes thats in an afternoons, capice? I was doin’ biggah heists in college, know what I’m sayin! But ya know, it makes the little people feel yanno, like somebody fuckin cares or some shit. Yeahs, I admits I’m an asshole, but at least I’m nots as biguvan asshole as Second International Bank, eh? Sures, I murders dozens or hundreds of people every times I makes a heists, an’ I’s gots whorehouses an’ casinos an’ I smuggle drugs and guns and people around, but the banks, ahhh, theys keeps murderings the moons elves and stealings theirs diamonds bones. The peoples who runs da banks, they ahhh, their ancestors tooks everythings the peoples of Xing, Alkebulan, and Atlantis had and ahhh, built an empire on it. Compared to them, I’m an amateur. Why’s yous so keen on me, eh? Write one a those eck-spoh-zay thingies on them bastards, why not?”
Worldwide, there have been 420,666,069 confirmed cases of D.A.N.C.E. Fever, and 4,200 deaths, according to the CDC. Over 600,000 of these cases – and all but 42 deaths – have been in Xing. As a result, Xing has now tripled its undead citizen population, making it overtake the United States of Vespuccia for the #1 spot, and necromancy is now the #2 growing industry in Xing, beat out for #1 spot only by undertakers.
(Go to page 10 for an exposé on Second International Bank’s theft of its diamonds from the sacred burial mounds of the endangered diamond-boned moon elves, whose culture goes back over 10,000 years.)
(Go to page 8 for an article about the alleged $100 million in bribes the FBCI [Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigations] receives from Samuel Wallz every year.)
(Go to page 9C to learn about the recent FBCI crackdown on illegal soup kitchens for the homeless in Texarcana and Kiowa.)
(Opinion: Do we go too far praising international criminal empires for ‘giving back to the community’ in only the laziest ways? The recent $100 million donation by Sammy the Sledgehammer to fight the D.A.N.C.E. Fever epidemic is less than 0.0000000000000000000000001% of his total net worth. Should we be insisting he do more? Find out what Carla Marks thinks on page 13C.)
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studywebblog-blog · 3 years ago
UGC NET Management Important Topics and Exam Pattern
UGC NET Management
Management is the act of getting people together to accomplish desired goals and objectives. Management comprises planning, organizing, staffing, leading or directing, and controlling an organization or effort for the purpose of accomplishing a goal.
UGC NET Management is the subject for those aspirants who wish to become an Assistant Professor or work as a Researcher in the National Labs in the field of management only.
From December 2018 National Testing Agency (NTA) became the exam conducting authority.
NTA made certain changes regarding syllabus and the exam pattern.
Here in this article, we tried to cover updated syllabus with the important topics for UGC NET Management and exam pattern.
 UGC NET Management Important Topics
As per the new notification, NTA revised the all the UGC NET subjects including General Paper. The revised syllabus will be applicable from June 2019. The exam will be conducted for 7 days from 20th June 2019 to 28th June 2019 (except Saturday and Sunday).
Want to know the important topics for the UGC NET Management subject? Don’t worry our experts have designed list of important topics via Unit wise.
Keep reading and know all the topics;
  Unit –I
·Management –Concept, Process, Theories and Approaches
·Functions –Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Coordinating and Controlling.
·National Income
 Unit –II
·Organisational Behaviour
·Individual, Group & Interpersonal Behaviour
·Recruitment and Selection, Induction, Training and Development
·Job Analysis, Job Evaluation and Compensation Management
 Unit –III
·Competency Mapping &Balanced Scoreboard
·Organization Development
·International Human Resource Management
·Accounting Principles and Standards
·Financial Statement Analysis
·Financial Management
·Capital Structure
·Budgeting and Budgetary Control & Leverages
 Unit –V
·Capital Budgeting
·Mergers and Acquisition
·Working Capital Management
·International Financial Management
 Unit -VI
·Strategic Management
·Strategic Analysis
·Strategy Formulation
· Strategy Implementation
·Market Segmentation
 Unit –VII
·Logistics and Supply Chain Management
·Service Marketing
·Customer Relationship Marketing
·Retail Marketing
·Emerging Trends in Marketing
·International Marketing
 Unit –VIII
·Statistics for Management
·Hypothesis Testing
·Operations Management
·Operation Research
 Unit –IX
·International Business
·Foreign Direct Investment
·Information Technology
·Data Warehousing and Management
·Managing Technological Change
  Unit –X
·Entrepreneurship Development
·Women Entrepreneurship and Rural Entrepreneurship
·Innovations in Business
·Business Plan and Feasibility Analysis
·Micro and Small-Scale Industries in India
 Above are some of the topics of UGC NET Syllabus. These topics will help you score good marks and to qualify for the exam.
 UGC NET Management Exam Pattern
UGC NET Management exam held in two parts. Paper-1 and Paper-2. Paper-1 is the obligatory paper for all the students. Paper 2 is a specialized paper which is opted by the candidate
Tumblr media
NO break will be given after finishing of Paper-1
Hope the given information will help you to qualify you UGC NET Exam in Management subject.
For more updates Stay Connected!!
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Hiking up along the mountain stream - Haute Route Pyreneenne, July 2018
photo by nature-hiking
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HRP 2019
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Individual Assignment 4 Current Trends in Health Care Delivery, HRP 310-90 Indiv
Individual Assignment 4 Current Trends in Health Care Delivery, HRP 310-90 Indiv
Individual Assignment 4 Current Trends in Health Care Delivery, HRP 310-90 Individual Assignment 4 (30 Points) Module 5 Assignment Review and study Chapter 10 in the textbook (Shi & Singh, 2019). Review and study the PowerPoints posted in Blackboard, Materials and Resources. Use critical thinking skills and metacognition to: Explain the meaning of long-term care and its main…
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