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Since there’s no info regarding girls’ teams in haikyuu, I create their profiles.

Fukurodani Academy Girls’ Volleyball Team.

1. Sasaki Mina

Girls’ volleyball team captain

3rd year class 4

Position: Setter

Height: 174 cm

Weight: 60.1 kg

Birthday: 12th June

Favorite food: Curry Udon.

Current Concern: Boys’ Team captain keeps inviting them to “have a friendly (not so friendly) match”.

2. Takeda Sakura

Girls’ volleyball team vice captain

3rd year class 1

Position: Middle Blocker

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 63.2 kg

Birthday: 18th september

Favorite food: Rice, just rice.

Current concern: “Too tall to date normal guys”.

3. Hirai Risa

2nd year class 3.

Position: Libero

Height: 169 cm

Weight: 55.4 kg

Birthday: 28th october

Favorite food: Strawberry cheesecake.

Current concern: “Sakura senpai, there’s no need to date boys when you can date me”.

4. Sawamura Yuri

2nd year class 6

Position: Wing Spiker

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 62.7 kg

Birthday: 4th december

Favorite food: Sushi

Current concert: “Doesn’t know how to tie her hair with actual hairbands, she likes to wear wool strings”.

5. Sato Akari

1st year class 4

Position: Wing Spiker

Height: 171 cm

Weight: 59.3 kg

Birthday: 26th february

Favorite food: Korean Bibimbap.

Current Concern: “Only plays volleyball because she’s tall, all she wants is to sleep”.

6. Yamaguchi Hina

3rd year class 6

Position: Wing Spiker

Height: 175.7 cm

Weight: 61.4 kg

Birthday: 20th november (02:59 AM)

Favorite food: Yakisoba

Current Concern: “Wants to train alongside the boys but captain Sasaki won’t allow it”

7. Yamaguchi Hana

3rd year class 1

Position: Middle Blocker

Height: 176.2 cm

Weight: 62.1 kg

Birthday: 20th november (03:03 AM)

Favorite food: Katsudon

Current Concern: “I don’t even know… I just live”.

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Noya Fluff? Sold. This man owns my heart. ❦ 

44. I don’t think anyone has ever said that to me before. 

⤳Genre: SFW, Fluff
⤳warnings: none (Noya’s very intense tackle hugs)
⤳Character(s): Nishinoya Yuu x Reader 

You and Noya had been dating since the beginning of his third year of high school. Although it was difficult for him to get over the crush he had developed for Kiyoko, it was more important to him to see Tanaka happy. Plus, love had smacked him harder in the face the first time he saw you, diving for a volleyball like it was nobody’s business. He remembers the way Tanaka slowly shook his shoulder, brows furrowed 

“Dude, you’re staring”

“Yea, I’m staring at the absolute BABESHOW–”

Anyway, the two of you were currently at his home, curled up into one another as a very cheesy action movie played. Nishinoya was lost in the film, eyes wide and constantly stuffing handfuls of popcorn into his face while babbling about some of plot points. You on the other hand, well it was easy to admit that you enjoyed watching Noya and his reactions more than you enjoyed the movie. 

Something very predictable happened on screen (a character death, oh no.) And Nishinoya’s gasp startled you more than the scene itself. Despite your form which currently sat situated between his legs he shot forward, almost knocking you right off of. “DAMN!”

“Yuu, be careful–”

“Didya see that baby?! They actually killed him off JUST LIKE THAT?! I really didn’t see it comin’ I mean holy SH–”

His words suddenly became lost to you as you stared at him. A smile of your own curled on your face as you watched him rant. The way his hazel eyes had a glow that held excitement, enjoyment, a glow that radiated like the sun itself. The way his hair fell perfectly over his forehead, and despite his need to spike it up every morning, it looked just as pretty down and shaggy. The way his grin was so contagious you could even hold back the giggle that slipped past your throat. 

The sound of it finally made Noya pause, his brows furrowing as one palm went back to your waist, subtly realizing his shifting might have made you uncomfortable. “What’s so funny (Y/N)? This is a serious plot development–”

“I love you, Yuu”

That shut him up again. The realization of your words hit him slowly as his eyes widened, light brightening up behind them as his mouth parted a bit. There was a silence before he spoke up. 

“You– Say it again, (Y/N).”

“I love you.” You said it just the same, keeping that soft smile on your face. 

You could see the cogs literally turning in his brain, making you want to laugh more and yet you held it in while he worked it out in his brain. Once he finally blinked his grip on you tightened a bit. 

“I don’t think anyone has ever said that to me before.”

“You don’t think?” You had to question, knowing very well you were Noya’s first serious partner. 

“Well I mean– other than the homies, y’know Tanaka tells me he loves me all the–”

Yuu–” you interrupted him, unable to hold in the laughter this time around. 

He snapped out of the nervous rant, realizing the heat in his cheeks must have been blush and the heat in his chest must have been his heart. He snickered back at you, pressing his forehead to yours to rub the tip of his nose against yours. 

“I love you too baby, love you so much.”

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Genre: Angst, Drama, Fluff, Humor, NSFW Content 

A/N: THIS IS NOT AN SMAU FIC. I want to work on my writing as well, so I will be writing this one and cross posting to AO3 when it is complete :)

Warnings: Swearing, Alcohol Use, Cheating, Violence, Sexual Situations

Female Reader x Multi (Poly fic no surprise)

Y/N L/N and Hajime Iwaizumi had the relationship couples could only dream about. They were middle school crushes turned high school sweethearts. College was supposed to be bliss for the power couple, with the next step being marriage. Too bad, Iwaizumi decided he’d outgrown Y/N and thought he’d be better off without her. 

With a 7 year relationship down the drain, Y/N is left with no choice but to pick up the pieces with the help of her best friend Tooru, and her childhood friend Sakusa. The same friend that’s harbored feelings for Y/N for quite sometime. 

Her last year of college will prove, that there were always better men out there for Y/N. Better looking and more successful men than Hajime Iwaizumi; and it’s up to Oikawa and Y/N’s friends to help her see that these men can give her the world. But it definitely won’t be a walk in the park, especially with jealous fans, scheming exes, and toxic friends coming into play.

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For the Bad Things Happen Bingo prompt “Thwarted Escape” with Goshiki

He pushed his way through the thickets. Branches poked into his side along the weathered, woody trail. Despite the wilderness, Pvt. Goshiki crept onward through bush after bush. He was sure these were the directions Semi gave him.

Then, sure enough, like a page out of Hansel and Gretel, there stood a chocolate-colored cottage made of dark wood in a clearing.

Goshiki panted, astonished anyone lived in such a distant place, but it made sense to avoid detection. These were experts after all.

There was a special sequence of taps Semi told Goshiki to use when knocking: 3-2-3-1. He practiced the sequence in the air before attempting it for real.

He nervously began. Three taps, then two, then three, then one. He breathed a sigh of relief that he executed it perfectly.

A few moments later, an eye slit in the door parted, and Goshiki could see the suspicious, drilling glare of the cottage owner.

“Are you hungry?” said the man inside. It was the code that confirmed Goshiki was at the right place.

“I’m hungry for height,” Tsutomu replied as instructed.

The man clopped the slit shut, and then the door opened with an eerie creak.

Continue reading here: AO3  FFN
(1,672 words)


See below for Request Rules and update on pending requests

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So….. Yukie Shirofuku

You know.. Fukurodani Manager, eats like Bokuto and Hinata combined.. basically me irl


On the right here all gorgeous and all

She’s one of my favorites and I appreciate her🤍🤍🤍🤍

That’s it… that’s my post

P.s. I couldn’t find the artist to mention so if you see this I LOVE YOU AND YOU ARE AMAZING

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#LettresPromises informs you : You have one notification.
──➤ 𝐘𝐎𝐔'𝐕𝐄 𝐆


➤ @theastroooooworld​ 𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐚 𝐥𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫 :
oi oi oi nikki ♡! i hope you are well as always. can i have hc’s for Tanaka, Ushijima and Bokuto (separately) ? how would they behave with their childhood best friend who supports them since their beginning in volleyball but with whom they gradually fall in love ? thanks !!je t'aime tant, prends soin de toi et des tiens 🧡🌅

➤ 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐥𝐢𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐥𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫 :
❝my dearest cam, 
forgive me for the terrible, terrible sense of never being on time but i’ve heard this letter comes at the right time (hopefully this letter will help a tiny bit while you’re healing.) je t’aime fort fort, prends soin de toi (et de ton tibia et de tes cervicales) et des tiens!

sealed with a magic kiss to blow your pain away, 

──➤ 𝐋𝐄𝐓𝐓𝐄𝐑'𝐒 𝐎𝐁𝐉𝐄𝐂𝐓 : Tanaka, Bokuto and Ushijima gradually fall in love with their childhood best friend.
𝐒 : mentions of a nose bleeding.


──Tanaka Ryuunosuke sent you a letter, would you like to read it?

  • Despite his flamboyant sense of worship for Kiyoko, Tanaka does not know how to handle emotions, romantic ones, that is. Sure, he (alongside with Nishinoya) are willing to kiss each centimeter of concrete blessed by Kiyoko’s footsteps, but despite his burning passion, Tanaka is rendered into a stuttering mess when the attention is focused on him.
  • He has hidden and sometimes projected his blooming crushes for other people onto proves of love for Kiyoko, and in that sense, knowing he could solely focus his attention on her brought him a sense of security because he is so scared of the unknown, especially romantically-wise.
  • Hence why, whenever he would find himself appreciating someone who wasn’t Kiyoko a bit too much to his own liking, he would bury that feeling deep down and instead transform these hushed sentiments into demonstrations of love for his one and only goddess. 
  • However.
  • Sometimes, feelings tend to be a bit stronger when they are mixed with nostalgia, that is, childhood nostalgia. Truth be told, you, Tanaka and Noya were always found together… And often in the worst scenarios (just like that one time you and Ryuu were waiting for Nishinoya and you had to help Tanaka contain all the blood leaking from his nose at the sight of the bombshell accompanying Nishinoya’s grandfather.) 
  • Surely enough, Tanaka had always seen you like the equivalent of Nishinoya, meaning that he would confess every little secret locked in the back of his mind, even those including Kiyoko. 
  • Your presence was comforting, and he always considered you extra fuel to animate his fire whenever you would watch him during practice (and you were the first to throw an empty bottle straight to his head whenever he would throw his shirt off after scoring an impressive bottle.)
  • But in a very, very dramatic way, Kiyoko found herself become gradually set free of Tanaka’s romantic antics and devotion which led her to question the cause of all of this— despite her dislike for any kind of grandiose display of devotion, the fact Tanaka had started to stop giving her attention was a huge red flag regarding his state.
  • She hesitated to go talk to Nishinoya, but she was expecting to be met with no serious answer, and instead, just watch him drool during several minutes. 
  • She, thus, went to the next best person who would be able to comprehend this sudden switch in attitude: you, and your lifelong experience regarding Tanaka.
  • You were undoubtedly quizzical, but things took another turn when Tanaka himself showed up around the corner of the gym, and an uncharacteristic blush crept on his cheeks, Kiyoko took it as a clue to leave you alone.
  • Is there anything you wanted to tell me, Ryuu? Are you sick or anything? You haven’t been, you know, following Ki—
  • “I like you a whole lot. A lot. Like, a lot.” He confessed, his body was rigid but his eyes testified of all the love he had for you.
  • You couldn’t help but allow a soft giggle to break free from your lips, “does that mean you’re going to be worshipping me now?
  • And as soon as the words died on your lips, his dropped on one knee, and delicately reached for your hand which he enveloped with his palms and soon smothered with love-infused pecks. “Anything for you, my beautiful divinity. I’ve been waiting for this day since we were kids, now I got to worship you everyday, the sunshine of my life.

──➤ Bokuto Koutarou sent you a letter, would you like to read it?

  • Before Akaashi came in the picture, you’ve always been his pilar, his rock, his pivot, his safe person. Bokuto soon learned to identify you as the person he could go to if anything were to happen.
  • You knew firsthand how to handle his emo mode since you were kids, and as a child, Bokuto would make himself appear look sad on purpose just so you could focus your attention on him and smoother him with love and kind touches.
  • Years later, this side of his personality never faded away, but never did your calming antics, nor did you stop always keeping an eye out on him during practice.
  • Bokuto expressively asked you to be the manager of the team, he said it was to “give you the best seats in the house to admire the way of the ace”, but truthfully, you were the fuel to the fire burning like an inexorable inferno within him.
  • You and Akaashi completed one another perfectly to find a balance for Bokuto, but at times, when Bokuto would find himself being overwhelmed by sad thoughts on the court, Akaashi would always suggest him to look at you, sitting on the benches.
  • It had become a ritual, each time Bokuto felt nervous or tortured by his own emotions, his shining golden orbs would find your frame, and a smile on your end was enough to make him feel at peace again. And that, ever since Bokuto started playing volleyball.
  • One day, during training, Bokuto had ententered a severe streak of shots, and each time the ball slammed the ground loudly in victory, his eyes darted on your form to study your reaction. He started doing anything to impress you since that day, even the silliest things like carry all the water bottles for you until (inevitably) tripping on the ground.
  • But striking for your attention and validation over and over again also meant that his emo modes were going to be even more intense too.
  • As his palm slapped the surface of the ball into a diagonal strike, his body shifted in a straight position, thus transforming the shot into a straight line.
  • The whines of protest were already leaving his lips, and soon enough his entire body language testified of how his emotions got the best of him: his shoulders were slumped, the tips of his hair faced down, his brows were weakly furrowed. It was a crisis situation.
  • Agaaaashehhh! Can you get me Y/N, pleaaaase? I feel like I’m gonna melt and freeze at the same time.” Bokuto pleaded, his golden orbs were glossy under the gathering of the salty pearls in the corner of his eyes.
  • Without wasting more time, Akaashi jogged to you, and quickly explained the situation with a hint of worry in his tone which was unsual for him.
  • Your palm brushed Bokuto’s back in a soothing manner, only to find yourself prisoner of his embrace as his forelimbs found shelter on the small of your back, the tip of his nose nestled in the crook of your neck.
  • Y/NNNN, I can’t even do diagonal shots anymore… It’s, like, my body goes for diagonal but I keep on hitting straight lines, I feel so dumb and useless…” His words were accompanied by whines of discontent, clearly indicating that this emo situation was more alarming than the others.
  • Your palm rubbed invisible shapes on his back in a soothing manner, humming at his confessions, “I can’t do anything right, can’t hit diagonal shots, can’t be a good captain, can’t even confess to you that I’ve loved you since day one.
  • An angel passed.
  • Kou, did— were you serious?
  • Does that mean you don’t like me? ‘S fine, I swear.” He now had his state focused on you, eyes as glossy as ever, and it took you all the strength in the world not to soothe his pain away by smothering him with kisses.
  • I like you too, Kou, as big as the sky.” You offered him a genuine smile, your palms having moved to cup his palms while your thumbs were brushing the skin of his cheeks.
  • The tips of his hair immediately quirked up, and his signature grin throned once more amongst his facial features : “Wooooah! As big as the sky? That’s so big, sunshine! Guess what? I love you as big as the court!
  • Another giggle found its way past your lips, soon quieted by the way your planted a peck on his cheek, “That’s a lot, Kou, more than I could’ve ever hoped for.
  • And as Bokuto cradles you in his embraces, he excitedly stares at Akaashi who has a hint of a smile on his face, jumping a bit over the excitement.
  • Kou, I know you’re happy and all but it’s hard to keep up with your hug if you’re jumping all over the place.
  • My bad, sunshine, you just make me so happy, ya know?

──➤ Ushijima Wakatoshi sent you a letter, would you like to read it?

  • Now, I have already stated that Ushijima is not emotionless, rather he decides whether or not something or someone is worthy of the reveal of his emotions. And only three things fit on this list: Tendou, volleyball and yourself.
  • You actually met Ushijima as a child at an art discovery class for children. Ushijima had isolated himself from the rest of the children because the remarks of his mother were still ringing loud and clear in his head, but when you approached him and complimented how unique of an approach his left hand offered, he was over the moon (not that he showed it though.)
  • Much like Bokuto, Toshi is the kind of person to associate someone as his safe person, someone he can go to if needed, or at least feel their presence for reassurance. Needless to say, you are this person to Wakatoshi, always have been since the first doodles you’ve shared together.
  • In his case, Tendou actually pushed you to be the manager of the team, remarking that your presence would probably motivate Ushijima even more and make him more grounded if he had someone to hold on to during games.
  • To this day, you’ve always stayed late after practice and watched over Wakatoshi, spike after spike, serve after serve, until his fingers were bleeding and the moonshine outshone the neons of the gym.
  • You always carried medical tape with you, because you knew he was always bound to push behind his limits, only because he knew that you’d always be there for him, which happened to be true.
  • Now, now. Wakatoshi does know what feelings are, he knows how to recognize them kinesthetisically and tends to do mental notes of how people manifest their own emotions. Thus, he starts to notice the way his stomach creates knots whenever you’re in the same vicinity.
  • After training, Tendou finds him reading ads in the latest Jump edition, but Ushijima is quick to interrogate him : “Ah, an ad for plant medicine. Do you reckon this would help my stomach ache, Tendou?
  • Tendou blinks once, then twice “Mhm, ‘depends on what kind of stomach ache we’re talking about here, Wakatoshi-kun.
  • It‘s odd. It’s not so much painful but it always happens when Y/N is near me.
  • Tendou wipes an inexistent tear away in a dramatic manner, “Toshi-kun, you’re not sick at all, you’re in love.
  • Since this sudden realization, Wakatoshi tends to avoid you because he believes that despite the sweet nature of this feeling, this stomach ache is taking a bit too much space to his liking.
  • He realizes soon, however, that the longer he waits, the worse it becomes.
  • After practice, and in an ever so natural manner, Ushijima grabs your wrist, and sends a glare to the rest of the team in order to silently tell them to leave the gym now that practice is over.
  • Y/N, I’m sorry for taking some of your time so suddenly, I hope I did not startle you.” His grip on your wrist fades away slowly, and you offer him a hint of a smile.
  • Don’t worry, Toshi, you’re all good.
  • I requested your presence because it seems I have developed feelings for you.
  • A vivid blush colors the apples of your cheeks, your mouth is set agape for a few agonizing seconds: “You think or you know?
  • I don’t know.” He replies, and there’s a hint of disappointment in himself at the lack of retrospection on his end.
  • Well, let me help you then.” Your palm is now enveloping his cheek in a loving hold, whilst your lips plant a lingering kiss on his opposite cheek, leaving Wakatoshi at loss for words.
  • I, um, I’m positive now. I truly have feelings for you.
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