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Michael Myers Art Dump

Soooooo…. I decided this weekend to spend some time practicing some semi-realistic art styles- and ended up doing two Mikey pieces (one of which is a self insert of myself cuddling the big boi).

Figured I’d put them up on here for others to enjoy (normally I color my art digitally-but I was feeling lazy and decided to stick to my roots-and just fill and shade on paper.



Ok so this was my first piece- and listen hear me out… I KNOW Mikey never cry’s I know, BUT I had a certain urge to add some random tears after finishing the shading details to this.


Ok so this was the position I tested for my second piece- which took me about two days (on and off) to complete.


This was my base sketch, which took about an hour…


And this is the completed piece ☺️.

Dialogue In Second Piece:

“Are you going to let me up?”



“…” *squeezes tighter*

“O-Oh… okay big guy we can sit for a while.”


“You know I’m starting to think your not as cold as everyone says you are.”

Even though the second piece may be a little OOC I though the idea was pretty cute.

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