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Collab with @ineffable-human for A Big Spooky Fan Zine

You can find the fic, Scaredy Cat, by AnnatheHank on Ao3. 

It was a DELIGHT working with everyone on this zine project. We had so much fun!

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#GISH #Item64 - Rainbow Fright - I did this for this year’s @gish & sadly think I missed the cutoff right at the cut off time! But I had the most fun with this item of all!! Really brightened my #Halloween (literally, 😛) @misha Always wanted to learn that dance @thehillywoodshow !!💙💙💙 Thanks so much for creating those parodies!! Reliving/watching that video this year really made this Halloween & GISH hunt awesome during a crap yr! Thanks Gish! #SPNFamily #rainbow #dance #parody #vampire #misha #winchesters #ghostbusters

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Call me a Grinch, but I have no love whatsoever for any major holiday whatsoever.  Halloween is nice enough as there are no big social obligations for non-homeowners, but Thanksgiving and Christmas are the absolute pits.  Every single year, my family comes together, and every single year we get into a huge argument and end up hating each other.  We have never and will never have a good Christmas, it is always the same, and I’m the only person who ever recognizes it.  These seasons were stressful enough before the pandemic, and the threat of death isn’t going to make it somehow more enjoyable.  I don’t understand the capitalist need to consume in November and December, it’s expected of all Americans to just buy a ton of food they don’t want and spend hundreds of dollar they don’t have to visit relatives as part of some weird moral obligation instilled by our culture.  How is the fourth Thursday in November any different than any other day of the year?  What makes December 25th so special?  Why do we go through so much trouble over something we’re not going to enjoy and will actively forget the next day?  Christmas has so much buildup, regularly stretching back into August, and then it hits you like a freight train and is over the minute the clock strikes 12:00 on the 26th.

It’s all disingenuous.  It’s all artificial.

The alleged “reason for the season” is meaningless.  Instead of having a legitimate reason to celebrate, we all pretend like we do; we don’t have to worry about The Harvest or The Dark Winter anymore, these holidays feel like holdovers from a very different time, it’s all just ceremonial rigamarole, we’re going through the motions because that’s what we’re supposed to do, but were it not for the media telling us “it’s that time of year again“ we would be perfectly content with going about our lives uninterrupted.

Maybe it’s just because I’ve had nothing but negative experiences, but I’m just holidayed out. I’ve got nothing left, I just can’t stand it, I don’t want to play along anymore.  My family is chronically dysfunctional, and we will never have our cutesy Hallmark moment where we realize the true meaning of Christmas and overcome our differences.  We’ve been sold a lie, an unachievable fantasy of the mommy and the daddy and the two and a half kids in a suburban home with the white picket fence.

Why do we keep doing this if we don’t enjoy it?  My family already had a big reunion back in August, and it was meaningful to us all.  It wasn’t prompted by some company trying to sell us stuff, we just decided to come together and honor our aging grandmother before she passes.  That was real; there was still stress of course, but it was bearable because it was organic, not scripted.  No expectations, we played it by ear and had a much better time than if we had tried to stick to some national routine to appease the Turkey gods or whatever.

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@shudder coming in with another banger. Love the atmosphere this movie creates.

#halloween #horror #scary #tv #halloweeneveryday #halloween365 #instahorror #instadaily #instagood #halloweenobsessed #horrorfan #pumpkins #ghosts #ghouls #bats #thingswithwings #mummy #frankenstein #dracula #wolfman #shudder #special #seance #👻 #🎃 #🤡 #💀

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