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Pyramidhead by Fariko Reewayvs
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I cant help to think about Vincent Sinclair as Peter Steele. This perfectly could be a good inspiration to draw a fanart of him.
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Mood: cozy patchwork and pieced Halloween quilting 🧡
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Diabolical Ghost and Jellicle Cats
36 x 48
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Cute and spooky
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Waiting for Halloween . . .
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Trick or Treat (1952)
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At least we know OTGW will never get an awful live action adaptation.
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Slasher x touch starved s/o part 2
No one asked for this but I just wanted to do this. Again this is gonna be a slashers s/o crying from happiness while they’re cuddling, hugging, etc.
Includes: RZ Michael Myers, Thomas Hewitt, Brahms Heelshire and Billy Loomis
Warnings: None I can think of
RZ Michael Myers
You’re busy in the kitchen making lunch and Michael is watching. You’re humming to yourself while you cut up some fruit and putting in in bowls. You plate your lunch and hand it to Michael. You sit in the kitchen and he goes to the living room. A few minutes later you put your plates in the sink and enter the living room. You sit next to Michael on the couch and he grunts. That’s his way of saying get closer. You move closer and rest your head on his shoulder. He pick you up from under your arms turns you and sits you on his lap. He wraps his arms around you and let’s out a satisfied sigh. He holds you close and tight. He makes you feel wanted. He makes you feel seen. Tears of love start to fall and he tilts his head. “Sorry Mikey I just, I’ve never felt this loved before. You rest your head in his shoulder and let the tears flow. He holds you tighter and let’s you wrap your arms around his neck.
Thomas Hewitt
It’s a hot afternoon and you’re busy hanging up laundry on the line. Thomas is inside taking a break from his work. You wipe away sweat and hand up another shirt. Your shoulders hurt from all of the movement but you’re determined to get this done. After ten more minutes you finish. You carry in the basket and set it near the door. You go to the kitchen where Thomas is sitting. You give him a kiss on the cheek and smile. “Hello Tommy.” You grab a glass and fill it up. You take a few sips and get to work on the dishes. Thomas gets up and hugs you from behind. You keep scrubbing and he rests his head on your shoulder. You’re over come with a feeling of love you start to cry. It’s just a few tears but Thomas notices. He turns you around worried and wipes them away. You laugh and put your hands on his shoulders. “I’m ok Tommy. I just, you make me feel so loved I have to cry. You just make me feel so good.” You hug him tight and he hugs you back.
Brahms Heelshire
It’s a slow day at the mansion. Its rainy and grey outside and you’re reading a book to Brahms as he lays on the couch. “The bell rings and takes Judy out of her daze. She gathers her things and leaves the classroom. She goes to her locker and fills her back pack with her books and notebooks. She grabs her clarinet case and starts to head for the exit. Behind her trots up her good friend Lee.” You read from the page. Brahms groans.
“This is boring Y/N can’t we do something else?” He asks.
“Brahms it’s time for reading ok? Now I want you to sit up.” You say shutting the book.
“Only if you help me.” He says. You sigh and get up. You go over to the couch and grab his hand. Before you can pull him up he pulls you down on top of him. You let out a surprised scream and groan as you lay on top of him.
“Brahms my god you’re such a brat!” You say laughing a little. Brahms wraps his arms around you and hums.
“Just a few minutes please.” He says playing with your hair.
“Fine just a few.” You hear his heart beating in his chest and his inhales and exhales. His arms around you is so comforting. You hadn’t felt a touch like this in years before you met Brahms. You had boyfriends before but they never wanted to cuddle and touch. You’ve craved this for so long and now you have it. Finally getting this love makes you so emotional. So happy you finally got what you need. Tears stream down your face and you sniffle. Brahms sees this and gets worried.
“What’s wrong Y/N?” He asks, his childish voice stronger now.
“Nothing Brahms. I’m just so happy that I’m crying. It’s the only way I can really express this feeling.”
Billy Loomis
You’re busy filing your nails at your desk when you hear a knock at your window. You stand up to go check it out and find Billy on the other side. You smile and open it. “You’re luck my parents are out of town.” He climbs in and you sit on your bed. “What brings Mr.Loomis to my bedroom tonight?”
“I was just feeling lonely you know? I thought I’d visit my Y/N.” He says sitting on your bed.
“Well what do you want to do about that?” You ask. Billy smiles.
“I wanna do this.” He wraps you in his arms and flips on his back so you’re laying on top of him. You laugh and cuddle closer into him. He starts massaging your scalp. “I’m so lucky to have you.” He says. You hum and trace his ribs. You feel calm and relaxed. Billy moves his hands back down to your back and he hold you tight against him.
“I’m lucky to have you too honey.”
“You’re such an amazing partner. I love you so much.” At these words your heart starts to beat harder. Tears start to flow and Billy sits up. “Hey hey what’s wrong?” He asks wiping them away.
“You’re just my first real boyfriend you know? I’ve never had this before. I’m just so happy to have you.” You wrap your arms around him and he smiles.
“I’m happy to have you too.” He gives you a kiss on your forehead and you kiss him on his lips.
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I had another cursed thought: so you know my last request about putting your face on the slasher’s badonkadonks? What about that… but in reverse…….. like now the slasher has THIER face in the readers chest? 👀👀👀👀 *sweats in I need to go to church*
Tumblr media
Brahms Heelshire ☆ aka horny wall gremlin
Michael Myers☆ aka THE bastard
Bo Sinclair ☆ aka greasy horny boy
Tw: canon violence, NSFW, mature language, Michael, mentions of voyeurism, smut (?) Idk man I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO WRITE SMUT IN ENGLISH
A/N: every single one of have been making me fight for my spot in heaven lately. You're turning me into a whore with all these SINFUL REQUEST. but I love it and I'll do it anyways, but keep in mind that i do not have a single clue on how to write smut and this is going to be just messy and cringy probably so DON'T COME AT ME IF THE SMUT PARTS END UP SUCKING ASS . I'll compensate later with some good ol soul crushing angst👹
I mean, are we really that surprised? No I think not
He was being uncharacteristically nice that day
Helping you out with chores and keeping the tantrums at their minimum if not even having them at all. 
Little did you know that all those long stares at you meant only one thing
Y/n you couldn't really blame him, you were being just downright cruel to him lately 
Admittedly you have been to busy lately so cuddles and other…activities with brahms had been rare these days
You were surprise he hasn't give you a headache about not getting enough attention 
Oh pretty y/n, he is a long game kind of guy. You don't even know what the FUCK IS COMING FOR YOU
He planned everything; he took a bath, he shaved ecc.. long story short he was doing really great and you didn't have to tell him twice to do something you needed him to do
You should've known that all that kindness came with a price
"Pretty y/n, can I hug you??? I deserve it, don't i? I've been really good to you" 
The way he said it, how he brushed his fingertips up and down the skin of your arms, his real voice raspy but still gentle and how he looked at you made it really hard to think straight. 
What harm could a hug do right? 
he slowly wrapped his arms around your waist, holding you tight to his chest but still being careful to not hurt you
His scent was so intoxicating and he was so warm that while you reciprocated the hug you didn't noticed how he was slowly lifting you
You just thought he was trying to hold you closer but then you watched him taking off his masks
"Brahms are you okay?? What are yo- "
his beard free soft face was now hiding in your chest, his head shaking no to snuggle even more in you
You were at loss for words. Your face was going through all the 5 stages of grief in one second 
"I'm sorry pretty y/n…you've been so busy lately, I've missed you" he said with his whiney natural tone of voice 
No he was not sorry. He was living the moment of his life and if it wasn't for the deep chuckle rumbling deep inside his chest you would've almost believe all that play dumb fuckery
You mentally cursed yourself for not seeing this coming. You felt you could drop dead from the embarrassment right there
His hands started to slip under your shirt while he placed his chin on top of your chest to look up at you
"You're not mad are you darling? I know that you've missed it too.." his voice was now like honey melting right inside your ears making your skin prickle up while feeling your cheeks and inside of your pants getting warm
He kept  lightly tracing the skin under your shirt and caressing every inch of it with his long and surprisingly soft fingers. 
safe to say that he has put at use all those peepholes on the walls of your room, so believe him when he says he knows. 
He felt you trembling and grinned at you mischievously 
He hasn't even touched you as much as he wanted and you were already getting so worked up. 
He placed you on the bed, then proceeded to cage you under his frame. Placing one hand at each side of your head and watching you directly into your eyes
His knee was brushing between your legs and you felt everything down there twitch slightly at his every single movement 
"Maybe I should stop pretty y/n?" That shit with the fact that he was literally breathing the words against your neck while brushing the tip of his nose right on your most sensitive spot was too much
so much that both you and brahms almost slept a whole day after that. You freaky bastards 
Now the problem is that brahms knows too much on how to get you all horny:
Knows that plating his face like that on your chest is going to get you feral
That spending so many days without touching each other ends up being worthy 
And that if he's horny you're even worse 
Weirdly enough the whole thing happen by accident 
One night he came back from his usual night routine of killing looking really down 
You woke up as soon as you heard his heavy footsteps approaching your room. 
You couldn't wait to snuggle against him in bed so you can finally fall asleep more easily
Your smile dropped as soon as you saw his gloomy mood
It was surprising seeing Michael so upset after killing. Normally he always feels better after snatching the life out of someone
He just sitted on the edge of the bed, looking at his hands fidgeting with his knife. 
You were getting worried because he rarely acted like this and you knew that something serious would happen if he was in this state. 
You got up and stood in front of him
"Do you want to talk about it??" You couldn't even say another word that he was already pulling you in for a hug.
You would never say no cause these occasions where Michael gets clingy are rare. You just stood there, hugging his masked head close to your chest. 
He slowly took off the mask and just hid his face in your chest. 
You could feel how he let go a deep sigh of relief after inhaling deeply your scent. Only you could make him feel this calm and relaxed
Every part of your skin was reacting involuntarily to his warmth and the feeling of his hair tickling your neck lightly 
He lifted his face from your chest only when he needed to breathe but placed his forehead on it again, closing his eyes and trying to think what he needed to do to feel better. 
You didn't even dared to move or talk, you just let him be and do what he needed
So when he just got up, lifting you by placing his hands under your butt so you could wrapped your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist, you left a gasp of surprise
He didn't lost anymore time and just captured your lips with his own while making his way towards the wall
You felt your back hit hard against it, making you groan inside Michael's mouth 
Once he was sure you were balanced and wouldn't fall if he moved his arms, he proceeded to just rip your clothes off effortlessly 
He roughly bite, sucked and kissed every inch of exposed skin he could reach in your chest 
Imagine him doing this and you're like rolling your eyes back to oblivion while running your hands through his hair hard enough to make him let a low groan from deep inside his chest I- YOU ALL ARE MAKING A WHORE OUT OF ME 
Since we're here, you returned the favour and rip open his coverall 
You could feel the huge bones pushing against your belly
You made it easier for him so while he was still violently assaulting your chest, littering your skin with equal parts kisses and marks, you just tried to lift yourself enough using your back (idk if it makes sense I DON'T KNOW HOW ANY OF THIS WORKS. I'M JUST TRYING TO DELIVER HORNY CONTENT) while pulling down your pants enough to guide him inside you
anyway you're getting fucking railed against the wall, I'm talking about the most brutal and orgasmatic fuck of your life right?
Michel has a hand placed against the wall next to your head for balanced, your basically  latching onto him and scratching his back while he has HIS FACE GLUED TO YOUR CHEST, PANTING HEAVILY WHILE HOLDING YOU CLOSER WITH HIS FREE HAND.
occasionally some moans of pain from the scratches and pleasure escapes his mouth. Their sound is so deep and rich that you could actually come by only listening to it. 
Moral of the story; when  Michael is sad he  likes to suffocate himself on your chest while fucking you against the wall. 
It was one of those rare days where neither you or Bo had any chores to do
The heat was killing you, it was so hot you genuinely started to think you were going to get crazy 
Bo wasn't in a better situation. He laid flat on his back in the bed staring at ceiling 
He was shirtless and was wearing only his boxers
With how handsy Bo is one would expect him to try to spend the day doing mischievous things with you but the heat was unbearable even for his constant horny mind
You couldn't take it anymore so you just decided to take your shirt off in hope that would help with the heat
You could feel his stare from a mile away 
"I could give you a picture if you want to stare like that" 
"Oh don't ya worry darling…you already gave me one remember?" This man shouldn't have the right to speak sometimes honestly 
You could feel your cheeks getting their usual red tinted all over them. You tried to ignore him and just laid back on the bed while closing your eyes to get some relax
He couldn't resist the urge to gently trace with tips of his fingers a line from the top of your chest down to your stomach. It was such a gentle and light touch that your skin reacted almost instantly and you had to shut your eyes open
His fingers felt rough and calloused from hard work against your soft and warm skin
He was now laying on his side facing you, his head resting on his free hand while the other one kept touching you.
His stare was what sent shivers down your whole body. His blue intense eyes were darkened by desire as he eyed your body
He wasn't staring at you like you were some kind of object, it was almost like he could see your soul and was hungry for a taste of it. It was a mixture of love and lust that was driving you crazy, you couldn't even move as if you were under some sort of spell 
"You always had the most soft and beautiful skin I've ever seen… I never know if I want to take a bite or just kiss it…or maybe even both, what you say doll? What should I do with you?.." his voice was raspy and rumbled from deep inside his chest almost as he had just woken up. It made you hold your breath with anticipation 
He smirked at your reaction and with a swift move, he positioned you on top of him. Putting your whole phat ass in a strategic place; not too far away but close enough for you to feel a certain…something 
You had to place your hands on his chest to keep you still 
That reminded him of what you did the other day when he was getting ready
"You know… I've never understood your passion for planting that pretty face of yours in my chest. Maybe I should try to do it too, shouldn't i?" He leisurely caressed up and down your thighs that were on each of his side while looking you right in the eye. The heat was long forgotten, now you were the only thing Bo could think about
The heat and Bo's words were decorating your forehead with small pearls of sweats, you found yourself nodding without even think about the meaning of Bo's words 
He pulled himself up, always keeping you on his lap close enough to feel his ever growing boner under your ass, his palms placed flat against your back to keep you close, your hands gripping on his shoulders as if your life depended on it. 
Ever so slowly he started to get his face closer and closer to your chest, you could feel his breath crashing onto your skin making you shiver as you held on your own breaths trying to prevent your heart from beating faster and faster.
You just closed your eyes, waiting for the feeling of Bo's skin against yours
He knew you were waiting and just to tease you he blown a soft exhale of air on your skin (picture it as the way he blown on Carly's lips to get the glue to dry)
You couldn't hold back the sigh of frustration and pleasure that broke free from your lips
"We're getting impatient aren't we??" God he's such a FUCKING TEASE 
Bro kept teasing you and slightly moving your hips to make your ass rub on his dick until you didn't beg him to just take you right here and then 
And take you he did
Since we're talking about Bo you the drill, save a horse ecc
The whole time he kept planting soft and wet kisses on your chest, burying his face onto it to muffle the moans and occasionally biting onto your skin slightly because he couldn't say no to that. 
10/10 would recommend Bo wanting to plant his face on your chest
And now we know what he likes  to do when you're too hot because of the weather 
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i think it's so funny that the original halloween was like Look unto the face of evil oOoOoo. and its just william shatner's face
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Michael Myers from Halloween (1978) is Forklift Certified!
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It’s me. I’m “something” 🥰 *twirls hair around finger*
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Thats how I feel today:
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163 days til halloween!!
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I am upset that I just found out about Tom Waits 1983 album "Swordfishtrombones" here in May and not in October. This shit is the best not-about-halloween Halloween album I've ever heard
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