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LEWIS on Twitter...
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That Would Be Enough
Viktor x GN!Reader (reader uses they/them pronouns)
synopsis: Viktor was a man who came from nothing, and somehow he had someone like you fall in love with him. Unsure of himself, he doubts if he's good enough for you (based of this idea)
warnings: Viktor overworking and doubting himself, mostly fluff but angst if you squint
a/n: idk if arcane fics are still getting attention but i've been procrastinating writing so here it is
i also took out the pregnancy part of this song just to make it more inclusive for all readers. enjoy loves! <3
find the song here
(all photos found on pinterest, dm for credit)
Tumblr media
The door to the small apartment of Viktor's closed with soft thud, followed by the sigh of the young scientist.
10 years. A whole entire decade worth of research that hextech would have to under go before it would go out into the world. A whole entire decade that Viktor did not have.
"You're home early. Or rather, early by Viktor standards." You spoke, leaning against the kitchen counter, a small laugh coming from your lips. "How was your's and Jayce's meeting with the Professor?"
"Vik?" You questioned, tone softening. "What's wrong love?"
Viktor's head remained hung low. "Do you enjoy it?"
Tilting your head in confusion. you frowned. "What?"
"Do you enjoy being a poor man's spouse?" He started, shaking his head. "A poor man, who is unable to provide for your life? A man, who came from nothing? A man who is nothing? Do you enjoy it?"
You had known of Viktor's insecurities, he had talked of them before. How could he not be? Especially with you coming from one of the most prominent families in Piltover.
Your father had been skeptical of him and your mother constantly tried to sway you into finding a suitor with more "secure financial status" as she had put it. Your sister would always warn you to be careful of him, saying he was one of the men who would do anything it took to survive.
But you didn't care. You were in love with him and all his brilliant ideas. You had told your family you would be with him, and that nothing would stop you.
Calmly taking a few steps towards him, you cradled his face in your hands. "I enjoy being your wife."
Gazing into the warmth of his eyes you smiled. "You may have came from nothing but you are far from that. Look at where you are, look at where you started. As long as you're here at the end of the day, alive and well, that is enough."
You run your thumbs across his cheeks, causing him to lean into your touch. Taking this moment to examine his features, it reminds you of all the small things that caused you to fall in love with this extraordinary man.
"We don't need a legacy. We don't need money." You reassured him. "I won't pretend to know what is going on in that wonderful mind of yours, I know I don't and I probably never will. But if you could let me into your heart, if I could somehow grant you peace of mind, that would be enough."
Taking his hand in yours, you whisper a reminder. "I love you, no matter what Viktor"
Viktor's head leaned forward, placing a soft kiss on your lips. forehead touching yours in a loving gesture, he smiled. "What would I do without you my love?"
He was there, and you were by his side. That's enough.
a/n: i may possibly do another part of this inspired by "Burn" but instead of Viktor cheating, its just him losing himself with the whole Machine Herald situation so let me know if you're interested :)
likes, comments, and reblogs appreciated! <3
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I miss how I felt when I first watched the masterpiece that Hamilton is.
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Me waiting to see who, among the F1 drivers, will say something about racist Piqu3t...
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jgroffdaily · 13 hours ago
A new podcast interview with Jonathan from ‘Broadway gives back’.
SPRING AWAKENING, HAMILTON, FROZEN, LOOKING, MINDHUNTERS, GLEE… Jonathan Groff is a Grammy winner, Obie winner, two-time Tony nominee, and Emmy nominee. From Melchior to Olaff, King George, and more, he’s a familiar face on stage, screen, and television. In addition to supporting causes like Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, LGBTQIA+ rights, and the Entertainment Community Fund, he recently produced a SPRING AWAKENING reunion on HBO as a charity benefit. Join Jonathan as he discusses his amazing career and the challenges and rewards of giving back.
There are errors in the text description and introduction with Jonathan, which he comments on (kindly).
Jonathan says he is still looking for ‘The Cause’ he will devote himself to for the rest of his life, or a series of ongoing causes.
Jonathan also talks about choosing to think of empathy and kindness in small moments in everyday life, and the power of being empathetic and generous.
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brunosaderogatory · a day ago
Luca, Encanto, and Turning Red having the same affect on the movie-fandom as Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, and Be More Chill had on the theatre-fandom
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transgendercyborg · 6 months ago
i just spoke with thomas jefferson and he says he wears an among us binder now
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weaver-z · 10 months ago
I think that the Hamilton musical is objectively the funniest thing that could happen to that man's memory. Imagine dying of a gunshot wound infection in 1804 and learning from the afterlife that tweenage girls in 2017 are drawing thousands upon thousands of images of you making out with your fellow congressmen because someone wrote a 2-hour rap opera about you. I like to imagine that Hamilton found a monkey's paw and wished to leave a legacy, and this is what it did to him.
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some of F1's journalists speaking up after the media (FINALLY) picked up on the story of Nelson Piquet Sr. calling lewis the N-slur back in november last year during an interview...
how pathetic can you be to post an screenshot of a tweet instead of actually speaking about the issue directly? Is that energy only when they want to put a certain narrative in lewis? it's fucking infuriating to know that if someone with the championships that oldfuck has can talk like that about lewis, we don't actually have a clue about what the ppl in the paddock can say.
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madrewrites · a month ago
les mis: takes place over 15+ years
phantom of the opera: at least 3 months
hamilton: 28-ish years
wicked: between 2 and 5 years
west side story: just a really stressful 48 hours for everyone involved
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The Father
Tumblr media
The Son
Tumblr media
And the Holy Spirit
Tumblr media
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sch-uwu-lchen · 6 months ago
ok this is the stupidest thing but i want a muppets version of hamilton JUST so when the schuyler sisters have their song and they go angelicaaa eLIZa i can watch miss piggy dramatically steal the stage and chime in AND PIGGY
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Theater kid (which is official)
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an epiphany
Tumblr media
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theycantstoptheatre · 4 months ago
I think we all at this point know Mariano’s walk in Encanto:
Tumblr media
All this time it reminded me of something…
And now I remembered!
Tumblr media
King George’s walk in Hamilton!
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