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#Han solo
obeewankenobi · 2 hours ago
hello!! here's my new request list seeing as i am back on the blue headache app
star wars
obi wan kenobi
anakin skywalker
poe dameron
han solo
luke skywalker
padme amidala
rey skywalker
harry potter
fred weasley
ron weasley
hermione granger
draco malfoy
peter parker
tbh i will do almost anyone from these fandoms if you give me enough context, but these are by far my favorites to write about. i do ficlets, bullet points, etc. i write the full length fics at my own discretion (which is why only like two of them exist). i write fluff and nsfw, but if you do not specify in the ask i will write sfw!
send requests!!
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the-quibb · 3 hours ago
my math teacher stopping the lesson to talk abt clone wars n then proceed to go “JAR JAR BINKS GOT GAMEEEE” has made me laugh harder than it should have. 
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ivorydragoness44 · 14 hours ago
Dialogue Prompts from Movies/Misc. Vol. 4:
"Not bad for the end of the world."
"Unfortunately, I am awake."
"I just want to sleep."
"Can I go back to sleep now?"
"Never tell me the odds."
"Anything more to say?"
"Survivors, we adapt."
"Yeah... probably."
"So what?"
"Your fear is unnecessary."
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bibliothekara · 15 hours ago
oh no
this week’s fannish obsession (landing on Sunday night)
gender reversed (or lesbian)versions of Han and Leia in ESB
“You like me because I’m a scoundrel. There aren’t enough scoundrels in your life.”
“…I happen to like nice women.”
“I’m ‘nice women’…”
(I am thinking of Ted as Leia and Rebecca as Han, but talk amongst yer selves)
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batuurebel · 15 hours ago
I relate to Han Solo because I, too, pretend to be cool when in reality I am actually the biggest fucking dork in the galaxy
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ironhoshi · 18 hours ago
WAIT BETTER IDEA - this but JangObi. With MAndalorian Jango being like "there is no magic bullshit" and Obi-Wan being a serene Jedi asshole and then like, them slowly falling in love despite themselves. Except the issue is Obi could like, actually tell that 80% of it was bullshit, so idk how that part would work. Or maybe that's how he and Jango bond.
asdfaeg YES. this keeps getting better.
How dare you come into my ask box and give me these amazing ideas!!! Answer for your crimes! I have so many WIPs going and now I have another!!!!
Tumblr media
Naturally, I wrote something for this.
The war had ended before it could even start. Jango Fett had assassinated Palpatine with one extremely well-placed blaster bolt between the eyes and then promptly turned himself over to the Order of all places. The Republic was in an uproar for a bit, but soon enough the truth about the more nefarious plans associated with Palpatine and his lackeys came to light. Count Dooku admitted his part, the clones were uncovered, and life went on. Except now Obi-Wan was stuck with Jango.
He was a glorified warden.
Oh, if his late Master could see him now!
Keep an eye on him, the Order said. A good ally he could be, the Order remarked.
He found the man beyond vexing and if he floated minor objects around their ship to drive Jango crazy? Well, no one could prove it. Jango didn't believe in the Force or, as he called it, that magic osik.
Boba was enamored with it, often pouncing on Obi-Wan at strange hours, waking him from his rest. He had a craving to learn more. Anakin thought it was amusing. Well, he had right up until Boba had given him the same treatment.
Boba took great delight in making Anakin annoyed.
Their ship was anything, but peaceful.
They made a strange team and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Though, some peace now and then would have been nice.
Currently, Obi-Wan was sitting calmly on a couch in an apartment, a cup of mediocre tea in his hands while Jango paced the room. The Manda’lor looked like he was ready to explode at any moment. The family was positive they were in possession of some sort of strange Force artifact.
They weren’t.
Their youngest had supposedly been speaking in tongues.
He wasn’t.
Obi-Wan was beyond amused and had noticed the pile of holo discs containing old episodes of a once-popular serial about the Old Republic. Full of supposed Sith taking over people before being saved by some Lightsider in an act of compassion. Full of drivel. He could recite every word thanks to watching with his friends when he was younger, not that he was going to inform Jango of that. Actually, he wasn't going to tell Anakin either. His Padawan hardly needed more to tease him about. Thankfully, Jango hated shows like that. Said it just spread misinformation about all that magic osik. There was no reason to bring the show up at all.
The kid was merely mimicking the show. Had probably picked up the ‘artifact’ at the junk market and was now terrorizing his parents because he was bored. It was rather ingenious. The kid was certainly going to grow up to be an amazing swindler or smuggler.
“I am telling you, Han only stops talking like some Dark Lord when we offer him sweets.” Jango grunted in annoyance.
Yes, a very good swindler.
“Master,” Anakin called while walking in from the other room. “Boba and I can’t find anything. If anything-” “Mm, I know,” he replied serenely before taking another swig of the tea. “The boy is merely acting up.” Jango spun around with a look of betrayal on his face. “You let this go on for hours!”
“Well, yes. You did eat the last of the honeyed crumble this morning before I got any for my breakfast, dear.”
Anakin let out a faint sound of disbelief. “Master, revenge is hardly the Jedi way, but…” “Quite. One must not overlook the lack of honeyed crumble,” he finished with all the sage confidence he could drum up. Jango let out an impressive list of swears that left Anakin with an awed look on his face.
Not long after that, they cleared up the case. Jango radiated annoyance the whole time, grumbling under his breath. Obi-Wan couldn’t exactly fault him. It had been petty of him. It would be best to keep that bit out of the official report he submitted to the Council. They didn’t need to know he was toying with Jango. He tugged his outer robe off and draped it over the chair while he replied the look of utter betrayal on the Manda’lor’s face. His lips quirked and he quickly hid his mouth behind a hand.
Oh, that had been well worth it, even if he knew the man would get revenge later.
Boba popped his head into the room a moment later. “Me and Anakin-” “Anakin and I,” he corrected without thinking.
A loud puff of air escaped Boba before the boy spoke again, “Anakin and I are going to run an errand for buir. Have to pick up supplies before we take off for the next mission.” Ah, yes, the next mission. They hardly had time to relax in between checking out the sudden surge in reports of the Force popping up everywhere.
The Jedi had been dwindling in numbers, but lately, he had to admit that there was more static in the galaxy. A new generation of potential Jedi, if they wanted to pick up the blade of justice and peace. The cases they were looking into were pointless. Everyone was far too old to not have been on the lists before.
“Take my credit chip, Boba,” he said softly. “Buy some sweets for you and Ani.” A brilliant smile appeared on Boba’s smile before the boy lunged at him. Obi-Wan froze a moment while he found himself in a hug. Happiness buffeted him. He patted the boy’s back, a faintly bemused expression on his face. “We can watch those holo discs you swindled Han out of over said sweets later."
Han was still learning and this would only help him in the future. Obi-Wan had a good feeling about that kid's future.
They might even meet again.
A faint wince escaped the boy hugging him. Ah, Boba hadn’t realized he had noticed that. He chuckled and pushed him towards the door. He could sense the storm that was Jango Fett outside his room, waiting to talk. The Mandalorian had most likely sent the boys on a trip so they could have it out again. Their conversation could get a tad… heated.
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arwcn · a day ago
concept: han solo keeps stealing things from museums and indiana jones has to chase him down and steal them back
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Leia, walking into the kitchen: is something burning?
Han, seductively leaning against the counter: just my desire for you
Leia: han, the toaster is on fire
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theorganasolo · a day ago
Tumblr media
Han and Leia on the Falcon
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grogusdads · a day ago
han really had the weirdest time during the star wars movie him straight up just being a Regular Dude like...
ben kenobi old hermit who hires him is actually the wanted jedi fugitive obi wan kenobi
luke seemingly normal farm boy (lmao sike this boy is actually a space wizard!!!)
leia literal royalty and leader in the rebellion against the empire (also lukes twin sister??? has some wizard powers as well???)
immediate reaction to seeing darth vader is to just...shoot him
even chewbacca fought during the clone wars with the jedi so he’s affiliated with the fucking space wizards as well
and then there’s han the only normal goddamn person in star wars
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I honestly can’t even tell the three of you apart half the time, because I don't go by height or age. I go by amount of pain in my ass. Which makes you all identical.
Han Solo, to Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin
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fandomman · a day ago
Solo : A Star Wars Story
Solo : A Star Wars Story - full review of #Solo after last night's tweet-long one. Score remains the same though, but I go into it more here. #StarWars #AStarWarsStory #ObscureReferencesInside
I know, I know, I’m late to the punch on this one. By like, three years. Heck, I bought the DVD last May, so I know full well that I’ve missed the boat on this being relevant, but hey, when did you lot ever come here for current stuff, eh? You know, in case you doubted it. I have, literally in the last fifteen minutes, finished watching it, so here’s the immediate opinions I have, written here…
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