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farahdecorsoudage ยท 4 months ago
For just $405.00 Moroccan Tea Table, Moroccan Engraved Brass Tray/ Folding Table, Wrought Iron table / Brass Tray Moroccan folding table, handmade tea table. This cute brass engraved table is a practical and stylish, fordable coffee table - ideal for either permanent or temporary use indoors or outdoors. The decorative wrought iron base holds a large gold tray, which has been hand-etched, displaying an ornate Arabesque design. These tables can be used for serving tea or simply as a home decor for everyday. includes : tea pot + 4 tea glass Dimensions: Height 48 cm x 60 cm Materials Brass, Iron-at farah decor, everything is authentic and origin. thank your for shopping from us.
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