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Hello all!

My dear friend’s birthday being today, I decided to get my act together and quickly draw them something! Granted that, last time I rambled to them about Hannibal, they ended up rating Will and his dogs, their liking particularly directed towards Winston (and Will ;P), I decided to grant their wish :D


As you can tell, I like excessive amounts of light :P

As always, the program used is IbisPaint X on phone <33

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Margot: You’re still with that rusty old man?

Will: *gasp*

Will: That rusty old man is my husband and the love of my life, Margot!

Margot: *eye roll*

Will: Also, he’s um….. He’s anything but rusty….

Margot: Ewww!

Alana, simultaneously: Details!

Will: ….

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why didn’t will just fucking eat hannibal first?

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+ Lucifer is Liquid: part 2 (temperature, tone, weather, life/death) +


i lied about not doing this chronologically? woops lol anyway here’s some meta! comments and discussion are welcome here on the post 🥺<33 <<33 <<33 (taglist below the cut)

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will: do you think killing people is funny? does it make the big strong man proud ?

hannibal: you think i’m big and strong? 🥺

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i know su-zakana has some of the best and also weirdest lines in the show (nietzschean trout, is your social worker in that horse) but i have to say “the only thing stranger than finding a woman inside a horse is seeing you back in therapy with will graham” tops it for me. actually im gonna say finding a woman inside a horse is always gonna be the strangest thing alana

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All cannibals do is be gay, eat foie gras and lie 💅

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okayyyy so i might have a new obsession… called Mads Mikkelsen 😩😩😩

not me simping over old men all day…

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It really does look black in the moonlight

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i really like hannibal because literally NO ONE is good at their job. not one. all that bs that was happening and no one was good at it.

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standing here trying to cut into my boiled ham that i reheated in the microwave knowing hannibal would probably kill me out of disgust and disapproval

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Willy Haas in the Preface of Letters to Milena by Franz Kafka // NBC Hannibal (2013-2015)

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