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#Hanta Sero Fanart

So this ismy family au so far;

Yasei Bakugo (15) (Kacchako kid)

He got bit by a chihuahua when he was three and has been scared of dogs ever since. He’s really asocial like he hates being in large crowds especially when he’s the center of attention. He loves hearing his dad’s voice when he reads and loves his mum’s singing voice.

Joo Bakugo (18) (kacchako kid)

She’s the opposite of Yasei. She’s super popular and social. She’s a really good baker and cook. (she learned from her dad) She’s dating Yama and had recently graduated from UA. She loves cooking with her dad and talks a lot with her mum. (She’s a huge daddy’s girl)

Sukoshi Kirishima (15) (kirimina kid)

He’s a huge goofball and loves dancing a lot. His favourite is break dancing to rap. He’s not that big on manliness as his brother. He dances with his mum every weekend and he tries to train with his dad but honestly both of them just like spending together.

Yama Kirishima (18) (kirimina kid)

He’s super big on the idea of being manly. He’s Joo’s boyfriend and just graduated from UA. He can’t really dance but his mum tried to teach him for the big dance. He’s really close to his dad but he loves his just as much.

Hiroto Sero (15) (sero’s adopted son)

He was born in Edinburgh Scotland and lived in England for 4 years and still visits every summer with his dad. He hates being cold and the snow. He almost ended up like Eri which is why he has werid marks which are scars. Sero rescued him and that’s why he wanta to be a pro. He loves surfing with his dad and fish (like he loves fish).

Tori Tokoyami (16) (tokoyami x tsuyu kid)

She’s quite and reserved. She gets bullied which why she has bandage over her eye. She basically never talks but she’s a good listener. She loves apples liker her dad and she like swimming with her mum.

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