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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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#Happy Birthday

Likely with the ‘rona. Fun. I was looking forward to something low-key with friends and family… Now It looks like it’s just me and Clara. It’s my 30th y’all! Light a pink candle for me <3

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Anyone with eyes could tell that the executives of Port Mafia weren’t exactly your average people. Anyone capable of holding that position was prone to a certain level of…excentricity as Mari had discovered through years of being at her father’s side while he ran Port Mafia. Perhaps that’s why she always hesitated outside the door before going to talk to an executive she wasn’t already personally familiar with. 

“Excuse me? Shiga - san? Do you have a moment?” 

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@mega-aulover  I made you a quick fic   Happy Birthday again 

Name of it ( thinks of one) Baby steps…

This is about Peeta becoming a father and his journey though fatherhood. Now I know how you recently lost your own father so this is another  somewhat honor thing for him as well. I hope you like it…   Hope you don’t cry to much But it is okay if you do I personally had a hard time not tearing up a bit writing this. 

Now it is a little rough but I made it quickly  it could use a bit of clean up… But I wanted to get this out for you 

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Happy 18th birthday, Leo! He’s growing up so fast sujssij

Uhhh, here’s a very rushed wip I did yesterday because I wanted to post at least something for my boy, @eye-dentity00 ‘s baby boy Leo Fincher

Art block has been a real bitch this month and this is the only decent thing I’ve been able to make, so have this shitty wip of baby Leo because I literally cannot get over how great this boy is. I’m a sucker for feral, unloved ‘problem’ kids, smh (maybe cause I’m also one myself so I relate). Please check out his creator because he’s amazing and super talented and I know he’s been working his ass off developing Leo and his story.

Feels weird posting a wip like this cause it’s just a messy sketch and flat colors, but oh well, some of you wanted to see me post more like this sø here you go.

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