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#Harley keener
ironxprince · 7 hours ago
caught in the water (all for you), chapter 5
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incorrectmarvelquote · 8 hours ago
Peter: Harley? Do I have a thing for him? No way!
Peter: Why, did he say something?
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keenerkey · 8 hours ago
This is so stupid but
Harley Keener putting stickers on the Iron Lad suit, like you would your computer or a suitcase.
It started as a joke, with a Hello Kitty sticker, HK-HK. It worked. Then it just- grew. Stickers he found, ones Morgan gave him.
Pride month came and he put a lot of Pride stickers all over his suit.
He got stickers from places he goes to, adding them to the array.
It soon was covered by media, and sometimes people would stop him on patrols to ask him if they could add a sticker. (Some people in NY would carry stickers with them- just in case). He would have to see the sticker first before he allowed them, but if it was good they could put it on the suit themselves.
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71 for parkner??
Prompt 71: “How’s the weather down there, babe?”
“How’s the weather down there, babe?” Peter asked Harley who was laying on the couch below him.
“It’s fine,” Harley said. “Want to come down and lay with me?” Peter jumped off the ceiling and landed next to the couch.
“Of course,” Peter said before he laid next to Harley on the couch snuggling up to him.
“So you think the weather is fine as well?” Harley asked.
“I think it’s just fine,” Peter said. It was more like perfect laying in Harley’s arms.
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stark-strange-love2 · 9 hours ago
Stephen: I left notes of instructions for everyone this Evening.
Harley: mine just says ‘Harley NO’
Stephen: and I want you to apply it to every possible situation.
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irondadfics · 12 hours ago
I'm looking for a fic where tony (and pepper?) fosters a trans male Peter, and I think that they hadn't met Peter before he was placed there. Peter had been in the system for a while and had bad experiences linked to being trans. Tony was already fostering another kid, probably Harley, and I remember a line about how Peter was afraid that Harley would be aggressive because he was there first. and I remember the social worker was portrayed in a good light.
I measure every Grief I meet by candlebreak
She found herself once again staring down the Parker kid in her office. It was a familiar scene. He was curled into the sagging armchair she’d scooped off the curb, feet scuffing against his duffel bag on the floor, arms hunched over the backpack in his lap. Over the past two months and six moves, the boy had quietly trimmed down all of his possessions to fit in those two bags.
“What,” said Rhee, “the fuck.”
Peter shrugged, defensive.
If someone had told her three months ago that this doe-eyed white boy with his cheerful geekery and his pathological adherence to respectful forms of address would be one of her most troublesome cases, she would have laughed them out of the room. Now, she wasn’t laughing.
Yet another homeless Peter Parker fic feat. a very tired social worker trying to care; badass Ned and MJ; your friendly local trans Spider-Man; an actual real Stark Industries internship; extremely in-depth and realistic depictions of the US foster care, legal, and criminal justice systems; the beautiful disaster that is Harley Keener; dismantling systemic oppression with weaponized empathy; the unshakeable Pepper Potts; a small army of lesbians; hardcore hero Peter Parker; and soo much trauma
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funkylittlebidiot · 13 hours ago
Harley: rock, paper, scissors but if we have the same attack we have to kiss passionately on the lips
Miles: sounds gay I’m in
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stark-strange-love2 · 16 hours ago
Peter: hey harley can I borrow your valentines playlist for my date with MJ?
Harley, remembering he stuck the national anthem in the middle as a joke: sure have fun :)
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incorrecthick · 23 hours ago
Felix: Which country has the most birds?
Felix: Portu-geese!
Izzy: That's a language.
Felix: Portu-gull?
Izzy: Good recovery.
Harley: I think you mean good re-dovery.
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magical-ass · a day ago
Peter: sheeeesh
Harley: sheeeeesh
Tony: is this a trend?
Peter: sheeesh
Tony: sheeeesh
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Peter: What if… what if all the vowels in our names were o's. Tony would stay the same, but like… Poppor, Rhodoy, Clont, Notosho, Broco, Potor, Horloy
Peter: [hysterically laughing]
Harley: [also hysterically laughing] oh, oh man- [snorts] I love you Pete
Peter: [wipes a tear from his eye] Don't you mean Poto?
[Both of them continue to laugh]
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Tickle Thursday~~The Mechanic Returns
I’ve missed some Thursdays, but I’m back today!
This story is from 2013!! I was in high school when I wrote this. I miss High School sometimes. >-< It’s also from around when I was absolutely in love with that OG TFB Community we love so much.
The Mechanic Returns (Warning, Time Travel!)
Another little story from that I just added to Ao3, today, actually! It’s one of the only one-shots I’ve ever written, and also one of the only Marvel stories I’ve written. Some of you may know, but I struggle to write for live-action media. >-<
I hope you guys like it! I remember it being a lot of fun. >w< I was still poking around my novel while writing this, so I enjoyed the practice of writing a kid who wasn’t my OC.
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by UlternateFreak
School dances suck - ...until they don't.
Words: 919, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: Spider-Man (Tom Holland Movies), Iron Man (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Spider-Man - All Media Types
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: M/M
Characters: Harley Keener, Peter Parker, Sally Avril, Michelle Jones, Gwen Stacy
Relationships: Harley Keener & Peter Parker, Harley Keener/Peter Parker
Additional Tags: School Dances, Love Confessions, Friendship/Love, Idiots in Love, Peter Parker Needs a Hug, Hurt Peter Parker, Protective Harley Keener, Harley Keener & Peter Parker Friendship, First Dance, Teen Crush, Secret Crush, High School, Gay Harley Keener, Protectiveness, Precious Peter Parker, Peter Parker is a Mess, Friends to Lovers, Romantic Friendship, Boys In Love, Developing Relationship
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starkownsmyuwus · a day ago
Tony: why is the bathroom floor covered in water?
Peter: we used a bath bomb
Stephen: why would that splash water out of the tub?
Harley: *holding one of natasha's bombs above the bathtub* everybody, get ready to run
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stark-strange-love2 · a day ago
Tony, talking about Morgan: well, good news! We’re getting a new addition to the family!
Peter: Fantastic! Are we stealing them?
Harley: New or used?
Stephen: Wonderful responses, both of you.
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forgetful-nerd · a day ago
Peter: What if someone catches us?
Loki: We’ll burn that bridge when we come to it.
Harley: don’t you mean ‘cross that bridge?’
Loki, pulling out kerosene and lighting a match: nope.
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