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Broken Bones III // H.S.
Tumblr and I messed up so you get two parts today🫣
Tumblr media
Harry took the steps of her apartment building two at a time. She lived in a nice set of apartments on the seventh floor and the elevator was broken. He couldn't find it in himself to care.
707. He knocked. It was about 5 till 8 and he hoped she wasn't that serious about waiting till 8, he hadn't been able to contain himself from seeing her any longer.
The door opened and a very different Y/N was looking at him. At the hospital she wore scrubs and looked like she was ready for anything. On Friday her make up was all done up and she had been sporting a dress, ready for some fun. Today she was wearing a too big shirt tucked into the front of her soft shorts and a pair of fuzzy socks on her feet. Her hair was back in double braids and her face clear of all makeup. She was nothing short of adorable.
"Hey." He said from where he was leaning against the door frame.
"Hi." She opened the door for him. "I like the pajamas."
He grinned, looking down at himself. An old pair of sesame street pajama pants and a t-shirt.
"Figured you would."
She shook her head leading him into her apartment. It was big, the kind of apartment you'd expect a doctor to have. It was filled with whites and grays, modern looking everything. Everything besides the pictures lining the walls. All colorful, all standing out against the bleakness of the apartment.
She led him through her kitchen, also modern but with brightly colored centerpieces and to her family room. There was a fireplace in white stone, also adorned with colorful pieces and a large tv in front of a large sectional. There were floor to ceiling windows instead of walls, thick curtains hanging on their sides. It was homey and modern all at once.
He put the movie on the coffee table and plopped down on the couch next to her.
"I like your place." He commented, looking over at her.
"Thanks." She smiled. "Normally it's really messy but my brother stayed the week a couple weeks ago and I haven't been around long enough to mess it up again."
He laughed. "Are you close with your brother?"
She nodded. "Very. He's an FBI agent and a workaholic, like me. He just finished a difficult case and he needed a break so he came and stayed here for a bit. I forgot how much I missed him until he was standing at the other side of the door."
"That must be hard, having a brother in danger all the time."
"Kind of." She shrugged. "He's really good at his job and he's not as reckless as he once was."
Harry nodded, wondering what kind of test he'd have to pass if he ever got anywhere with Y/N. And God did he want to.
“So I had an idea.”
“What’s that?” He replied
“How about instead of a dance I paint your cast? I’m not a half bad artist according to my family.”
He found himself nodding.
"Alright. Ready to make my cast pretty?" He asked her, wiggling his eyebrows.
"Born ready." She laughed climbing to her feet. "Come to my office."
He laughed, taking the hand she held out to him. She pulled him up and lead him through the kitchen and down a hall. He passed a guest bedroom, a closet, and than he was walking into what was supposed to be another spare bedroom. Instead it was filled with her art. There were canvases everywhere, both finished and blank. Bottles of paint were everywhere along with brushes.
"This is what the rest of the house normally looks like." She grinned at him.
He was to busy staring at some of her works to really notice.
"You're literally perfect." He said, aware of the awe in his own voice. "At everything."
There were paintings of oceans and mountains. People and animals. Colorful and black and white ones. Realistic and cartoonistic. Everything.
"These are amazing." He said, looking over at her. He hadn't really thought of how good she'd be but she was perfect at everything else so he wondered how he could have thought she'd be anything but.
She shook her head, blushing slightly. "Just tell me what you want painted."
He shrugged. "I don't know. You're good at everything, surprise me."
She shook her head again, grabbing a basket and putting several different colors in them. He took them from her and walked back to the living room after her. She was carrying some newspapers and brushes.
"Alright, you make the popcorn and I'll get the movie ready."
He did as he was told, finding the popcorn button on the microwave and letting it do its thing. And then he was going through her cabinets trying to find a bowl to put the popcorn in. He finally found one, a large blue tub, when the popping stopped. There was nothing he hated more than burned popcorn. He poured it into the bowl before walking back to the couch.
She already had the movie in and ready go. Star Wars episode one. He had taken a gander and judging by the look on her face he had nailed it on the head. And he also hoped it would be an opening, there were several more to watch.
"How'd you know I loved The Notebook." She asked when he sat down, an extremely large smile on her face.
"I took a guess." He shrugged. "You seem like someone who appreciates good cinema when they see it."
She laughed before grabbing the remote and pressing play. While she was gone she had also poured multiple colors on a board.
"Figure out what you wanted to paint?" He asked, laying the newspapers on the floor and on the couch. She didn't seem all that bothered by the potential disaster it could cause.
She nodded. "And if you don't like it it's your own fault."
He put his cast in her lap over a newspaper and told her to have at it.
"It's a surprise." She told him, pushing his head so he was looking at the tv. "No peeking."
"Alright." He laughed, grabbing the popcorn and putting it in his lap.
If it wasn't for her quoting the movie and laughing at the right parts he wouldn't have been known she was watching it. He had looked over a few times, not at the cast, and has seen the look of concentration on her face. Her eyebrows were furrowed, eyes never looking away from his cast, and body tensed and relaxed all at once.
"And done." She told him when the movie had an hour left.
Her looked over and his jaw promptly dropped. It was an ocean. complete with silhouettes of animals and a sunset. It was beautiful.
"Y/N, literally how." He asked speechless.
She laughed. "Shhh, the movie isn't over yet."
He honestly didn't really care, it was something he'd seen a million times. He was too busy turning his arm every which way to see the masterpiece that was on his arm. He never wanted to take it off. So he told her that.
Y/N gave him a look. "I'll paint you something else." Her attention turned back to the movie.
Harry wondered how much better her work would be when she had a flat canvas with no bumps on it. He really wanted to find out.
"Promise." He held out his pinkie.
She looked over at him. "Promise." She took his pinkie with hers.
When the painting on his arm was dry he got up and turned the lights off and grabbed a fluffy blanket from the rack.
She put everything on the coffee table and rested against his side, his arm around her. The blanket lay across them and he thought he might be in heaven.
He knew he was when he woke up to her practically laying on top of him, head rested on his chest. The sun shown through the window and he wondered what time it was. It had been a long time since he had slept past 8 in the morning. The clock above the tv told him it was 10.
"Y/N." He ran his arm up and down her back. "It's 10 o'clock, when do you have to get to work?"
She grunted against him, burrowing herself further in his chest. He laughed slightly, still running his hand up and down her back.
"Y/N." He tried to coax her out of sleep. "Let's make breakfast."
She turned slightly at that. Eyes blinking their way open.
"What time is it." She sleepily murmured, fists rubbing her eyes.
"It's a little after 10." He moved his hand from her back to her hair. "What time do you have to be at the hospital."
"Not till noon." She yawned, sitting up. "Breakfast sounds good though."
He sat up with her, smiling. "Good, I'm starving."
"I fell asleep on your abs and now I'm wondering how you have those."
Harry let out a surprised laugh. "I work out, and run around a stage for a living that's how."
She shook her head, climbing off the couch. "Come on." She gave him her hand. "I want bacon. And pancakes."
He took her hand. "All I know how to make is bacon so you're on pancake duty."
"Deal." She grinned.
He followed her to the kitchen and watched her take out everything they needed, trying to remember where she kept everything for next time. Hopefully there'd be a next time.
"Here." She got out the electric skillet for the bacon. "You'll take longer than me."
He got to work, opening the packet of bacon and squeezing as many as he could in the pan.
"How do you want yours cooked?" He asked her.
"I like mine crispy." She smiled over at him.
"Good." He smiled back. "Me too."
"Waffles or pancakes?" She asked, staring at the bag of mix in her hands.
" Waffles. " He said automatically.
"My favorite."
And they worked in silence, her finishing before he did.
"What do you want to drink?" She asked, breaking said silence.
"What do you have." He asked, flipping the bacon for the final time.
"Tea, orange juice, coffee, or water." She read off.
" Orange juice. " He smiled over at her. "Please."
"You got it."
"This smells so good."
Before he could say anything his phone started ringing from the living room. He wouldn't have answered it if it wasn't Mitch's ringtone.
"One second." He told her and ran to get his phone .
"What?" He asked in to the phone.
"Where are you?"
" Why? "
"You were supposed to be at the studio 20 minutes ago."
"I'll be there soon."
"Where are you?"
"Bye Mitch." He said, hanging up the phone.
"Everything alright?" She asked as he slid into his seat.
"I forgot I was supposed to be at the studio today.”
"Oh." She looked apologetic. "Do you need to go?"
" I've got time. " He smiled over at her. "You're only about a five minute drive from my place, plus they can’t really do much with out me."
She smiled. "Good, cause I can't eat all this myself."
He laughed, taking a bite of his waffle. It was really good.
"Is there anything you're not good at?" He asked her.
"Anything that requires musical talent." She said instantly.
"Really." He laughed. "One of the very few things I can do."
" I prefer to express art in other ways. " She shrugged.
"Yeah well you need to teach my sister how to cook cause she's complete shit at it." He told her, munching on the bacon.
"You're literally eating waffles." She told him. "Anyone can make waffles. "
"I can't." He stuck his tongue out at her.
"Sorry." She shook her head. "Anyone with half a brain can make waffles."
He gasped, bringing his hand up to his heart. "You take that back."
"Or what?" She challenged, narrowing her eyes.
"I'm going to tickle you." He raised his good hand menacingly.
"I'd like to see you try."
He got up as quick as he could, surprising her slightly. She shrieked and ran around the table, him catching her in about two steps.
"Stop." She laughed loudly.
"Say I'm smarter than you and have way better abs and a better personality than you."
"Someone's desperate." She said through her laughter.
"Say it." He tickled her harder.
"Okay okay. " She swatted his hands away. "You're smarter than me and have way better abs and a better personality." She turned in his arms. "Now can I get back to my waffles please."
He nodded, letting go of her before he did something stupid like kiss her.
"Want to come to my place on Tuesday?" He asked before he lost his nerve.
She smiled at him. "Can I come in my pajamas?"
He smiled back. "Of course."
"Sleepover?" She asked. "I get off at midnight on Monday and I normally sleep the whole morning away."
He nodded again, wondering if he was friend zoning himself.
"Sounds like a plan." He finished the last of his food and took it to the sink. She followed him, dropping the dishes next to his. And they did the dishes together, something that he normally hated but she somehow made fun.
"I've got to go." He dried his hands on a towel. "Thanks for everything." He dropped a kiss to her head. "Have fun at work."
She smiled up at him. "Anytime. And don't kill anyone, I don't have time to take on another off duty patient."
He laughed, walking out the door. "You're mine anyways."
The door closed behind him, shutting the laughter off from his ears. And when he finally made it to the studio, the smile was still on his face. Even if he got interrogated by Mitch and then Gemma when she arrived.
"Here." His phone dinged at 12:37 on Tuesday morning.
He smiled despite the time, heading out the door and down the stairs so he could walk her up.
"Hey." He greeted when he saw her at the bottom of his stairs.
She looked up surprised, and very tired. "Hey." She sounded tired too.
"Ready for bed?" He asked her, holding out his hand.
She nodded, taking it and following blindly after him. She was still in her scrubs and she had a bag on her back. He hoped she had brought her pajamas cause he had made sure he put his on. Red with fire trucks on them, he never thought he'd wear them again, or let anyone know he still had them.
"Long day?" He asked her.
She nodded. "There was a lot of near deaths and actual deaths tonight."
He stopped in front of his door.
"I'm sorry." He brought her into his arms, running his hand down her back. "People shouldn't do stupid shit." He tried to make light of the situation.
To his horror she started crying. "There was this old man who had a heart attack and I had to tell his wife of 50 years that he didn't make it." She wiped angrily at her face.
"Shhh." He ran his hands through her hair. "You should go take a shower, wash away some of the pain."
" I was thinking of punching a wall actually. "
He smiled despite himself. "You mean you didn't learn from my mistake."
She smiled through her tears.
He laughed this time, thinking that maybe it was okay and she wasn't going to start crying again.
" I mean the unbearable pain you go through when the annoying x-ray guy pokes and prods at your freshly broken arm for 20 minutes as he tries to keep his eyes open."
She laughs, running her hands down her face. "I'm sorry I'm such a mess, I'm normally okay, I just." She stopped, swallowing a visible lump in her throat.
He grabbed her face in his hands. "Hey, it's alright." He kissed her forehead. "I want to be this person to you, I'm here for you when you're tired of being perfect all the time."
She choked on her laugh. "Thanks. Now about that shower?"
He laughed, opening the door and pulling her in with him. The apartment was rather messy, something that happened whenever Gemma was in town.
"Sorry." He smiled sheepishly at her as she tripped on a heel. "Gemma's a mess."
She laughed, finding her balance on a wall.
"It's alright, I'm just like half asleep right now."
He smiled at her, leading her through the kitchen and to his room. He had bought a three bedroom apartment with the thought that maybe Gemma would need a place to stay if she ever left the bastard.
He used the master himself, he didn't care about the size, he just liked that he got his own bathroom. Y/N shut the door to it and he smiled to himself, walking out of his room, shutting it as he went. Gemma is waiting on the balcony to talk, something they did every time they came. Drake was on the couch sleeping. They had a rule, Gemma had to sleep alone, something he thought she was secretly grateful for.
He stepped out on the balcony, taking a seat next to the two.
"She's here." He told her. "But she's had a long day so I don't think she'll be ready to see you guys."
Gemma whined. "But I want to meet her, for real. In her non-doctor form."
Harry shook his head. "She'll be here tomorrow. Which reminds me, don't come in to wake me up, she needs a good rest."
Gemma sighed. "I can't wait to meet her, she sounds perfect."
Harry grinned. "She is." He stood up, pulling her in for a hug. "Goodnight Gemma." She hugged him back.
She called good night over her shoulder at him as he walked back inside. The bastard was still out cold on the couch and he resisted the urge to dip his finger in a glass of warm water and make him pee himself.
He snorted to himself, walking back to his room. The water was no longer running as he laid down on the bed. He wondered, not for the first time, how she managed to do everything she did. Being a doctor, having the life of someone else in his hands, Hell he could barely handle his own life.
The door opened and she walked out, hair soaking wet and curly, face void of all make up and a tired smile on her face. She had worn a pair of fuzzy pajamas and an old t-shirt this time. She was adorable. And he was really smitten.
"Feel better?" He asked her as she climbed in his bed.
She nodded, laying down so she was propped up on his many pillows.
"Want me to sleep on the floor?" He asked, he would willingly if that's what she wanted.
"No, I like sleeping next to you." She mumbled, eyes shut.
He tried to bite back the huge smile threatening to overtake his face and failed.
"Alright. You sleep with a fan?" He asked, getting out of bed.
"Can't normally sleep without one." She mumbled, eyes still closed.
"Me neither." He turned it on, flicking the light off as well.
He climbed back on his bed and helped her get under the covers. He liked seeing her this way, all vulnerable and like she needed someone for once.
"Thanks." She mumbled as she rolled to bury her head in his side. "You know I normally don't do this." She yawned. "But I really like you."
He tried to bite back another smile and failed again.
"I really like you too." He dropped a kiss on her head. "Now get some rest, superwoman."
She was already asleep, arm wrapped around his chest, legs intertwined with his. He joined her fairly quickly, the smile still on his face.
He grunted sleepily, hugging the softness closer to his body.
"Harry." She laughed. " I have to pee. "
His eyes blinked their ways open. Y/N was wrapped in his arms, looking back with a smile on her face. She looked a lot better.
"Good morning." He said, kissing her cheek.
"Good morning." She whispered back, closing her eyes as his lips made contact with her cheek.
He reluctantly let her go, hoping she'd come back if he didn't move. And she did, sliding back in his arms like she never left.
"What time is it?" He asked, nuzzling his head into her neck.
"Almost noon." She intertwined their feet.
"Wow." He muttered. "I feel like a teenager again."
She laughed. "What are we going to do today?"
"What do you want to do?" He rolled on his back, bringing her with him so she rested on his chest again.
"Something fun." She started drawing on his chest with her fingers.
"We can talk to everybody and see what they want to do, I mean as long as you're cool with hanging with them."
She nodded. "Yeah, that sounds good."
Harry nodded.
She sat up in the bed and stretched. He watched as her shirt lifted up revealing her freckle covered skin. Before he could stop himself his finger was tracing them. He had a thing with finding constellations in the stars and she had a ton on her.
She turned back with a small smile. "They're everywhere."
"I like them." He smiled back.
"Really?" She raised her eyebrows. "They're so ugly."
"No, they're cute." He grinned at her.
Before she could say anything her phone started ringing from her bag.
"Hello." She answered.
"A little warning would have been nice." An eyeroll.
"Yeah just give me a minute." She put her hand over the phone. " I have to go. My friend is standing outside my apartment waiting for me. " She gave him a sympathetic sort of smile.
Harry frowned. "Everything okay?"
She shrugged. "I think so, he tends to pop by unannounced because he thinks I have no life."
He. He resisted the urge to tell her to stay. "Alright, another time then?"
She nodded, reaching across the bed to place her lips on his cheek. "Yeah, I'm sorry, he's an idiot really."
"See you Thursday?"
She nodded, smiling as she grabbed her bag. "I really am sorry, tell Gemma I'm sorry I had to go."
Harry nodded, disappointment coursing through him. It was one thing to be ditched for hospital duties, it was another to be ditched for another guy. He tried to hold his jealousy and anger in.
"Of course." He got up to walk her out.
Her hand still covered the mouth piece and he wondered what it was that she didn't want this guy to hear.
"Thanks for cheering me up last night." She said as she slipped her shoes back on. "I'll see you Thursday."
And than she was gone. He sighed, running his hands through his hair.
"Harry." Gemma's voice called from the living room. "Did she just leave?"
He walked to her, collapsing on the couch next to her. Drake was nowhere to be seen.
"Yeah." He looked over at her. "Apparently one of her friends showed up at her apartment wondering where she was."
"Why do you sound so bummed?" She asked.
"It was a guy. I'd been thinking I knew a lot about her lately, we talk a lot and we're constantly texting but there's still stuff I have no idea about."
"Than ask." She pointed out like it was obvious.
"What if she doesn't want me to know." He looked over at her. " I think I really like her Gem, I don't want her to not feel the same way. "
"I think she really likes you too." She said, "What kind of person would come to a strangers house after a long shift at the hospital just to spend the night."
" I don't know. " He shrugged. "Maybe she just thinks we're friends."
"What's her last name." Gemma asked, pulling out her phone.
" Why? "
"We're going to look her up on social media, make sure she's single."
"Y/L/N." He responded. Even that was pretty.
She opened up Instagram and typed her name in.
"That's her." He pointed to the third one. @/yourinsta.
Her profile picture was of her and a blonde guy. His heart sank a little.
And there was a common feat in her pictures. A scrawny asian boy with glasses and a tough looking white haired guy with the same eyes as her.
"That's her brother." Harry pointed out to Gemma. "And I have no idea who that is."
"Her best friend." Gemma said, clicking on a picture. "Best friend since birth."
He didn't know what to think of that. Everyone said those made the best relationships but he could see the way she looked at him, like he was her brother. He sighed, adding this to the list of things he didn't know about her, a list that was longer than he wished it was
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harry's first live
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synopsis: Harry has to do an instagram live for the first time. 
Harry was forced to do a live on Instagram. 
He had never done one before and felt a little nervous about it. He was worried he'd say something wrong by accident and the tabloids would catch him out and post an article about it. 
He cringed at the thought and picked up his phone to walk upstairs where his beautiful girlfriend was currently editing her youtube video. 
Y/N was an influencer. She was part of booktube but also made fashion videos and vlogged her days here and there. She had just over a million subscribers and tried her best to promote as much positivity to each follower since she knew how toxic social media could be.
"Hi bubs," Y/N smiled, laying on their king sized bed. 
Harry smiled. She looked so cute and cosy in his t-shirt and her sweatpants and fluffy socks. Her hair was in a messy bun and she had her glasses on without any makeup. He loved the moments where she didn't feel the need to dress up. 
He collapsed onto the bed and buried his face in her soft tummy, wrapping his arms around her waist as he sighed. She immediately placed her hands in his hair and laughed. 
"What's wrong?" She moved her laptop and sat up slightly. 
"They want me to do an Instagram live for an hour. Said it would help promote the new album." He huffed, like a little child as he clung onto her. 
"Oh baby," She snickered, "D'you want me to help?"
He turns his head and nods, lips pouted that she couldn't help but lean forward and give him a quick kiss. 
"C'mere," She motioned for him to sit in bed next to her, patting the spot next to him. 
"I don't know how to turn the live on." He narrows his eyes as she enters his passcode (her birthday) into his phone and opens up Instagram. 
"You'll need better lighting first." She crawls off the bed and he follows her like a lost puppy, all the way to their open kitchen where the sunlight was coming through. 
"Here," She presses a button and places the phone in front of him. 
"Wait baby, is it live?" He looks to her as she walks over to make a snack. 
Y/N giggles, "Yes it's live old man, look there's your fans." She points to the top corner where it showed the number of people in the live. "And those are their comments." 
Harry grins, "Hiiii." He speaks, bashfully, waving into the camera. 
"Hi everyone, thanks for coming." He waits for more people to join until he feels like he has enough. 
"Umm.." He looks behind the camera, "Baby, what do I talk about?" 
Y/N grins, "Anything you want bubs." She spreads her avacado mixture onto a rice cracker.
"Why are they all commenting eggplant emojis?" Harry frowned, looking over his phone at his girlfriend. 
She chuckles, "Why don't you answer some questions bubs?"
"Oh good idea." He peers down to look at the comments. "Coachella was a lot of fun thank you for asking." 
"Don't Worry Darling was good ovioushly it was an intense shoot which ovioushly meant there were moments where we just had to put trust into each other to get through it." He rambled.
Y/N walked behind him in the background to grab a glass from the cupboard and the comments started to switch up immediately. "Yes that's m' girl." He wraps an arm around Y/N's waist and practically forces her to sit on his lap. 
He kisses her temple and looks at the comments again, "She likes to read." He bites back a grin and looks up at her as she runs through her hands through his curls whilst she too reads the comments. 
"How are you doing m' love?" He asks one of the questions.
"I'm doing very well, very happy and excited for your new music bubs." She grinned, kissing his cheek quickly. 
"I'm going to feed our kitty." Y/N grins and kisses her boyfriend on the lips in front a million people. "Love you."
Harry blushes, "I love you bug."
Aww he's blushing!
He's so in love </3
One of the comments points out and he tries to stop himself from smiling, "Ahhh you lot," He shakes he points both his fingers with a cheeky grin.
"Yes, I am very much in love." His gaze fixes on Y/N as she walks back into the kitchen with their new kitten. 
"Come be in it love," he holds her hand as she looks over his shoulder to take part in the live. 
"Oh yeah we want five kids." Harry nods to himself, answering a fan who asked if they wanted kids.
"Five!?" Y/N scoffed, "Three at most more like." 
Harry throws his head, laughing at her reaction, "Can't wait to have little people running around this place."
Y/N beams at the thought of it even though she knows it won't be happening anytime soon since she still had a lot she wanted to do with Harry before any children entered the picture.
"She is very pretty, M very lucky." Harry looked at Y/N, kissing her cheek. 
Y/N lets go of Harry's hand and walks out of shot, "Can we end it now?" She pouts, her demanour changing slightly. . 
He checks the time and realises he's been live for over an hour. "Oh yeah, thank you for coming a long everyone. Make sure to stream my album when it comes out May 20th and stay healthy, happy, drink water and be kind to people." 
Y/N helped him switch the live off and he made sure to check three times to see if it was still running because he wouldn't want to make the mistake of leaving the live on and having people follow him around doing his daily business. 
"Can we go upstairs and cuddle please?" Y/N pouts, he didn't realise that her eyes were all watery as she tried to hold back tears until he looked at her properly.
He furrowed his eyebrows, "Hey, what's wrong lovie?" He stood, now towering above her as he cupped both her cheeks.
"I don't know, I just want to cuddle you." She wiped a stray tear away. 
"Of course we can go upstairs and cuddle but baby, you've got to tell me what's the matter. Y' know I hate seeing you this way." He brushes the skin under her eye with the pad of his thumb.
"There was jus' a lot of hate comments on the live..." She mumbled, tears falling from her eyes, "I tried to ignore them but it's hard when there were so many."
Harry would be lying if he said he paid any attention to the hate comments on the live but, thinking back to it, he could remember seeing a few here and there. 
"Oh baby," He pulled her into his chest. 
"They were being real mean Harry." She didn't want to say what some of the people had said but a lot of them spoke ill of how she looked and how she didn't deserve Harry. 
"Hey," He held her face in his hands, "Don't pay attention to what any of those people say. Y'know I love you and you only. Nothing will ever change that, y' the girl I want to marry and have all my children with nothing they say can change that."
"I know," She sniffs, "It's just hard sometimes, it's not fair that people say that."
"I know it's not fair baby but people care far too much about what other people are doing and hate on other people's happiness because they're jealous and have nothing better to do. I only ever want to be with you, you're it for me you know that?" She nods and he kisses her nose, "Please don't cry over them angel, they're not worth your precious tears."
Y/N can't help herself when she sobs even harder into his shirt, "I love you Harry so much." She sobs, feeling so grateful to have him.
He rubs her back and kisses the top of her head, "I love you m' cherry girl." She tried to calm down as he whispered sweet nothings and pet her hair for the next five minutes.
"Still wanna go cuddle?" He wonders, "Can read you a book too."
"Yes please." She croaks and he picks her up like a little koala bear and brings her upstairs.
He laid back with his back against the headboard as Y/N laid between his legs whilst he read her a book. He wanted to make her feel happy and safe again so he comforted her for as long as she needed and tried his best to replace any negative feelings she had after his live on Instagram by showing as much love to her as possible. 
Harry had no plans on doing a live ever again. He cared far too much about his Y/N than to solicit a space for haters to spread mean things about her. 
Instead he posted a sweet picture of her asleep in his arms and posted it to his instagram story, with the caption:
'If I was a bluebird I would fly to you You'd be the spoon Dip you in honey So I could be sticking to you' 
And he thought that was the most perfect and the only way to promote his album.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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curly girl
hey!! just a little short but sweet one for you. got the idea when i was doing my own hair routine hahaha. enjoy!!!
Tumblr media
harry wants to join the curly girl train
word count: <600
warnings: none!!!!!! cuteness and more cuteness
“What now?” Harry says in an interested tone. You smile in the mirror as you continue to rake the comb through his long, thick hair. He usually loved to watch your routine through the reflection after you showered, meticulously raking different products through your hair to give it the classic curl and shine it always had. Harry got frustrated with his hair sometimes, as its length made it hard to manage, and his curls usually dropped out after the wash day and left a bit of a wave, and he’d mentioned quietly a while ago that it bothered him. One day in particular he was raking his fingers through it and tugging, sighing before he looked up at you from his position against your chest, asking quietly: “please can y’style my hair? Y’know, how you do it all fancy?”
You didn’t even wait a beat before excitedly saying yes. Harry didn’t mind your hands in his hair in any kind of scenario, but he wasn’t fond of others touching it, never mind styling it – he was a particular man at heart. So, the fact that he was allowing you to perform your curl routine on his long hair was an offer you wouldn’t miss. He had grinned once you gave an enthusiastic answer, and this brought you to now – him sat on a stool in front of the bathroom mirror whilst you stood over him with a wide tooth comb.
“I’m going to put a few products in it to hold it and keep its shine. You’ve got a nice curl pattern so this should work quite nicely.” You pinch his shoulder, and he smiles, closing his eyes at the satisfying feeling of your fingers massaging product into his scalp. He’s patient, watching you pull every bottle and tub out of your side of the bathroom cabinets, raking each through his hair and scrunching his curls up around his face. He looks surprised at hwo good of a job you’re doing, the ringlets starting to form around your face.
“Excuse me, baby,” you hum, bending down next to him to get the hair dryer. His hands find your waist and thighs briefly and you swat them away, bubbling a laugh from his chest, “can’t you keep those hands to yourself?” You giggle.
“Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.” He sighs. You plug in the hair dryer and bring the diffuser around his head. His eyes widen, “I said I’m sorry, don’t need to pull out some kind of death contraption.” He jests, hands up in mock surrender. You just shake your head, fighting off a grin as you dry his hair and add a few finishing touches, ruffling oil through it once you’re done it smooth it all out. He looks elated, fluffing the curls with his palms and praising you for doing such a good job.
“Never seen m’hair so curly.” He says in awe.
“It looks cute on you.”
“You’re cute.” He muses, spinning in the stool and securing his arms around your waist, rising from his chair and hoisting you over his shoulder. You squeal as he throws you on to the bed, diving down next to you. You frown, “Don’t mess up your hair!”
He ignores you, pulling your body on to his lap and lying back, arms stretched above his head.
“Guess you’ll have to do the work, then.” An amused glint is in his eye as he rubs up and down your thighs.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Erm…uh…not to be dramatic? But I’m genuinely, honestly, really bamboozled?
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I was on my way to buy some flowers for you 🥀
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EfC ROs pet peeves?
Camila: slow carriage drivers.
Narcissa: nail biting. The sound drives her up the walls.
Sabina: when people interrupt her when she's talking. She finds it so rude, and it always makes her feel bad.
Val: people who wear too much cologne or perfume. He's allergic! He'll sneeze! >:-( Also slow walkers. Also people who love to brag. (He has a lot of pet peeves.)
Calvin: when people talk way too loudly. Also people with poor grooming.
Harry: chronic late people. Have some respect, please!
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Tumblr media
As it was 🥀✨
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Broken Bones IV // H.S.
PART 1   PART 2     PART 3
Tumblr media
He knew something was up when Ryan met him at the door.
"Harry, right?" He asked before letting him in.
"Yeah, is everything alright?"
"It's a bloodbath up there." He shook his head. "She had been coming to get you when all the doctors were called in, apparently a bridge collapsed and there's a lot of injuries."
"Why aren't you up there?"
"I was just clocking out when they all were summoned, I have to go get changed again and everything. She ran into me and told me I should come get you so you weren't sitting out there forever."
"Where am I supposed to go?" He asked.
"Waiting room, she'll come get you if you're still there when she's done and something tells me you will be."
He winked and walked off, leaving Harry at the door to the waiting room. He opened it up and was instantly met with panic. There were injured patients and crying family members everywhere. Doctors were running around trying to assess people's needs. He noted, somewhat proudly, that Y/N was not amongst them, she would be in surgery saving people.
Harry took a seat as far away from the chaos as he could, not wanting to be in the way. He wanted to help but he had no idea what he was doing, the only thing he could do was wait for Y/N to finish and be there in whatever way she needed.
There was a constant influx of patients, all sporting serious wounds for the next hour, and all the non serious injuries were pushed to the back of the line, they didn't mind.
There was a man crying a couple chairs down from him. He looked a little worse for wear, a couple nasty bruises on his legs and an oddly shaped arm.
"Anything I can do?" Harry asked before he could stop himself. Someone he loved was probably dying back there, what could Harry do to help him.
"Can I borrow your phone?" The man choked. "Mine got crushed in the accident."
"Of course." Harry handed him his phone. "Take as long as you need."
The man nodded, dialing up a number. Harry blocked the conversation out, not wanting to intrude. Not that he would have been able to discern much through all the crying.
"Thank you." The man tapped on his shoulder, handing him his phone ten minutes later. "Thank you so much."
"Of course." He gave the man a small smile. "I don't know how much this will help but my friend is back there, working on people, maybe even the person you brought in, and they're in the best possible hands."
The man nodded, lip quivering. "My wife and son." He choked on a sob. "They were on the side that got hit. Oh my God." He cried.
"They have their best chance here." Harry patted him on the shoulder.
The man nodded, putting his head in his hands and trying to control his breathing.
The waiting room was devoid of all patients in the next hour, filled with anxious people waiting for news. Harry felt somewhat out of place in all the grieving. But he figured Y/N would need someone when it was all done and he was determined to be that person.
After another small chunk of time doctors started coming out, reading names off clipboards. Some people got taken back to see their healing loved ones, some were told to stay but that things were looking good, and the unfortunate ones were told what no one wanted to hear.
Harry was going to go for a walk when a doctor called a name and the man next to him head shot up. And the doctor was Mia.
"Are you Mr. Bown?" She asked.
The man nodded, fear written all over his face. "Your son wants to see you now, your wife is still unconscious but she is expected to make a full recovery."
"Thank God." The man cried, although they were tears of joy now.
"Harry." Mia nodded to him before leading the man to what he thought would be the happiest moment of his life.
It was 2:17 when Y/N finally came out. Her eyes flickered across the people in the waiting room until they landed on Harry. She looked exhausted but she tried a tiny smile at him, one which he returned.
He went towards her when she jerked her head, wrapping an arm around her when they were on the other side of the door.
She practically fell into his embrace, arms tight around him. He squeezed her back, kissing her head.
"How are you?" He asked into her hair.
" I've been better. " She mumbled into his chest.
He smiled slightly. "Is it over?" He asked.
"Not really." She sighed leaning back. "I was supposed to get off two hours ago from a 24 hour shift, they're sending me home."
"Isn't that good?"
"Kind of." She shrugged a little. " I'm too tired to think straight anymore and all the immediate surgeries have been performed but they need people elsewhere. "
"When do you have to come back?"
"Noon, for however long they need me. '' She sighed, unwrapping one of her arms.
"You should get home, get some rest." He told her, walking with her to the elevators. She popped into a room, coming back out with her purse.
" I don't want to sleep alone. " She looked at him, a vulnerable look in her eyes.
"I can come with you." He offered. "I'll drive you there and drop you off on my way home, I don't think you're in any condition to drive."
"I don't want you to feel like I'm forcing you too." She sighed, pressing the down arrow. " I've been doing this long before I met you. "
"I want to." He dropped a kiss on her forehead. "Let me do this?"
"On top of sitting in a waiting room for no reason with a bunch of crying people imagining the worst of the situation?" She raised her eyebrows.
"Come on, give yourself some credit. You're a good reason."
She smiled, turning her head away. "Let's get out of here, I'm going to crash."
"Piggyback ride?" He asked, completely serious.
She looked like she was going to say no when she nodded. He gave her his back. She jumped on, laying her head on his shoulder.
"You're the best person I ever met." She muttered into his shoulder.
"Funny, I think the same thing about you."
He felt her smile even though she couldn't feel his. He walked out of the elevator, through the hospital, and to his car. She was half asleep on his back, so tired that he had to buckle up for her. He didn't mind of course.
Pandora sleep station came through his speakers as he hooked up his phone. It wasn't really helping him stay awake but sacrifices.
He pulled into her apartment complex only two wrong turns later. She is completely gone now. Head dropping to the side. Normally he would have just carried her in but he knew she would regret not showering in the morning.
"Love." Shit, where'd that come from? "You need to wake up so you can take a shower."
He rubbed her shoulder, shaking her until her eyes opened.
"What?" She rubbed her eyes.
"We're at your place."
She nodded, moving to unbuckle her seatbelt and get out of the car.
"Thanks for this." Y/N looked over at him as they walked up her stairs.
"My pleasure." They walked through her door. "Now go shower."
Y/N nodded, heading to her bathroom. He followed her, he had never been in her room before.
It matched the rest of the house. White walls, dark curtains, and a gray bedspread. Her pillows were all different shades of blue. She had a large window seat with white and gray sheets and blue pillows and blankets. He figured it was safe to assume blue was her favorite color.
He laid on her bed, listening to the water run from the shower. It didn't take long for her to finish, shorter than his showers.
"Do you need something to wear?" She asked, stepping out of the bathroom, hair still dry, in nothing but a sports bra and shorts. She had a tattoo on the side of her rib cage and words snaked under her bra. Her freckles were on full display and he had a problem ripping his eyes away.
"You have something?"
"Luke spends the night sometimes." She shrugged, motioning for him to follow her to the other bedroom.
Her back was open to him, showing off her spine tattoo. There were words all the way from the bottom to the top but he couldn't read them. He had never found tattoos so attractive before. He wanted to figure them out, learn their meanings, and trace them with his fingers.
She handed him a pair of sweatpants. "These good?"
He nodded. "Perfect, thanks."
"You can change here then." She shut the door on her way out.
He did that, taking his shirt off to reveal his own tattoos.
He left his clothes folded on the bed and went back to Y/N's room. She was under the covers, fan on and light off. He slid in beside her and she rolled over so she was facing him.
"If you're not careful I'm going to get used to you doing things for me." She gave him her hand over the covers. He took it, mixing his fingers with hers.
"I'll keep it up then." She smiled. "Now go to bed, you've got to save lives when you wake up."
Harry leaned in to kiss her temple, she looked like she was already sleeping. He watched her until he fell asleep, memorizing the curve of her nose and the freckles on her cheeks. She was beautiful, really. And he was falling hard and he didn't want to stop.
When he woke up his clothes were on the bed next to him, a note and key on top of them.
I was going to wake you up but I figured it was the least I could do for you. Mia picked me up on her way so don't think you inconvenienced anyone by sleeping in. Thanks again for taking care of me, you're honestly the best. Lock up when you leave, I'll pick them up when I come by for a redo of last Tuesday on Tuesday?
- Y/N
P.S. I like the tattoos
He buried his head in her pillow, trying to contain his smile. It smelled like her so it didn't help. He thought that maybe she was falling hard too. God he hoped so.
"Am I going to meet her this time?" Gemma asked, sitting with him on the couch. Drake had gone home a couple days but she had elected to stay here and even he wasn't dumb enough to pick a fight with her two brothers present.
"You should." He shrugged, keeping an eye on his phone. "She's pretty spontaneous if you hadn't noticed."
"I have." Gemma laughed. "How long was her shift this time?"
"Uhhh." Harry shut his eyes, thinking. "I don't know actually, she visited her mom on Sunday and she was texting me all yesterday morning so I'm going to assume 12 hours."
"Wow." She whistled. "I could never do that."
"I know." Harry grinned as a knock on the door rang through the house. " She is pretty amazing isn't she. "
Gemma watched him go, a funny smile on her face. It was good to see her brother like this again, for a while it felt like she had lost a brother.
She heard his laughter after her voice and she thought she already loved the girl for getting her brother back. He sounded almost normal now.
And then Y/N was walking through the kitchen and towards her, smiling back at Harry who was laughing at her. She thought that maybe he was already a little in love, he just didn't know it yet. And looking at Y/N, she thought that maybe it was mutual.
"Gemma, this is Y/N in her non doctor form." Harry sat on the couch next to her, pulling Y/N down so she was sitting next to him. His hand was still wrapped in hers, their fingers tangled.
"It's so nice to meet you slash see you again." Gemma smiled at her.
"You too." Y/N smiled back, tucking her legs underneath her.
Harry's phone rang from the kitchen.
"Who calls someone after midnight?" Gemma asked him.
"Probably Jeff." He shrugged, getting up and going to answer it, leaving Y/N and Gemma alone.
"Hello." He answered, he had been right, it was Jeff.
"Hey man, are you free for a gig on Friday?"
"Yeah." He ran his hand through his hair, no matter what he wouldn't be wrapping the cast back up on Thursday. He hoped it was healed. "What is it and what time?"
"9 o'clock and a charity concert for that bridge collapse." He paused. "Did you hear about that? "
"Yes." Harry reassured him. "I'm getting the cast off on Thursday."
"Alright, I'll text you more details before it comes."
"Where is it?" He asked, he wasn't in the mood to go very far.
"Downtown, so not very far. Thank goodness you are going to have that cast off."
"Well your prayers have been answered by a little doctor."
"Oh yeah." His voice sounded different, much lighter. "I heard about the girl who's got you enamoured lately, had I known that all it would take to get you smiling again is her I would have introduced you a long time ago."
Harry laughed. "I wish you would have."
"Alright," he laughed, "bye Harry, see you Friday."
" Bye. " he hung up, making his way back to the living room.
"Seriously?" Gemma's voice reached his ears, laughter evident in it. "And he thought you would still want to date him."
" I know. " Y/N laughed back. "And I'm like you literally fuck every girl with a vagina and suck every guy with a dick and I just interrupted you in a closet with someone going down on you, why the heck would I say yes?"
Gemma's laugh boomed through the hallway. "Even his name is creepy, like Ryan, it gives me the chills! "
Ryan asked her out? Just another reason to hate him, he guessed.
His seat had been taken, Y/N had moved over. He squeezed in on her other side, smiling as they barely noticed his return. He had never thought it would be an important thing to him, his sister and whoever he liked getting along with, but looking at the two made him extremely happy.
Her hand found his and he grabbed on to it, tuning his way into the conversation.
"Worst date you ever went on?" Y/N asked, leaning back so she was resting on his shoulder.
"Ugh." Gemma groaned, leaning so she rested on the arm rest facing the two. "I was like 21 and it was my junior year of college and this broke ass college student took me for cheap gas station food and I spent more time on the toilet than with him."
Y/N laughed. "That's terrible."
" I know and then he asked if I wanted to take it back to his dorm and I was like, no, my friend's coming to pick me up. "
She laughed harder, throwing her head back. "That's gold."
"Why is your species so disgusting?" Gemma asked him.
" Hey. " he shot her a glare. "Don't bring me into this."
Gemma snorted. "Yeah, you used to be worse, he used to be like Ryan."
Y/N laughed, and to his relief it sounded genuine. "So there's hope for the bastard yet."
" I thought you liked Ryan? "
She shrugged. "He's alright when he's not talking."
He laughed, shaking his head at her. "You're something else."
"Thanks." She looked over at him, a grin on her face.
"You're welcome." He said, his voice soft.
"So." Gemma asked, "What did Jeff want? "
"I have a gig on Friday apparently."
"So no matter what your cast is coming off Thursday?" Y/N asked.
"Yeah." He studied her face. "Is that alright?"
"It's your arm." She laughed. "I'm surprised you lasted this long to be honest."
"That's because he wanted to impress you." Gemma told Y/N, a smile on her face.
"And look at it." Harry butted in, throwing Gemma a glare. "This is the prettiest thing that's ever been on my body."
"I don't know." She grinned at him. "I like tattoos. And you where some pretty fancy stuff, Mr. Gucci"
He grinned down at her. "I like yours too, I've been trying to think of what they could say."
Y/N laughed. "Bunch of old literature quotes my dad used to spew at us."
"You know classic lit?" Harry asked curiously .
"That's it." Gemma interrupted, hurrying off the couch. "I'm going to bed."
"You're into classic literature?" She asked, eyebrows raised, not bothering to say good night to Gemma.
"Yeah." Harry laughed. "I like it all."
"Really?" She laughed lightly. "My dad would have been very impressed."
"Would have?" He asked.
"He died a couple years ago." She shrugged.
"I'm sorry." He said.
"It wasn't your doing." She shrugged.
"Still." He draped an arm around her and squeezed her to him. "No one should have to lose a parent."
"Anyways," she lifted up her shirt. He leaned in close enough to read the words. For what, for whom. "Luke has the second half, 'must I kill and be killed'."
Harry resisted the urge to touch it. She leaned forward, bringing her shirt up so he could see her back, and the back of her very black and very lacy bra. In the same cursive letters as the front, only bigger, was the quote, The gates of Hell are open night and day; smooth the descent and easy is the way.
"You're dad sounded like a treat." He said, wondering what the one on her rib cage was.
"He was." She laughed, leaning back. "I hated him for most of my life."
"Than why did you get the tattoos." He asked, keeping judgement from his voice. Just curiosity.
"At first it was because they were already engraved in my brain, why not my body." She looked up at him. "And then it was because I started to understand him, his methods were twisted but his intentions were pure."
"Twisted how?" He asked, hoping it wasn't what he was thinking.
"For a while his abuse was limited to words and eventually it escalated a little. I never had to go to the hospital or anything, I just had a couple of nice shiners from time to time." She shrugged. "My mom left him after that, we moved in with her childhood best friend, they got married a couple of years ago actually, and it's been good."
" I'm sorry. " His voice was soft again.
"It's alright." She smiled up at him. "Nobody's life is perfect, but it made me who I am today. I wouldn't have grown a love for helping people if I wasn't always patching myself and my brother up."
She traced patterns on his shirt. He smiled into her hair. He kissed her head softly. "You're kind of my favorite person already and I've only known you for a month."
"You too." She smiled into his chest. "I don't open up to people very well, normally."
"It's the same for me." He rubbed her arms. "It's weird, I miss you when I'm not with you, I've never really felt that before."
She buried her head in his chest. "No ex-girlfriends?"
"Yes." He shook his head. "But it never felt like this." She laughed. "Relationships weren't in the works for me, girls never kept my attention for long enough . And when covid hit I just kind of stopped with them completely. Until you." His voice was almost a whisper by the end.
"Why me?" She looked up at him.
"You're beautiful." He pushed her hair behind her ear. "And I'm not talking about your looks, although they are very beautiful, I'm talking about your mind and your soul."
"Yours is too." She smiled shyly. "When I first saw you two thoughts went through my head. The first was that you were possibly the most beautiful person I had ever seen. The second that you were probably the biggest asshole on planet earth."
He smiled slightly, it wasn't completely without cause. “You had no predisposed predilections of me?”
"I did but, you happily surprised me. In every single way."
"You're so fucking perfect." He dropped a kiss on her head, unable to help himself.
She blinked her eyes open. They were lighter than he had ever seen them.
"Really? Cause I think you are." She said, laying her head back down on his chest.
He had never been so content to just sit with someone before. He was on fire, from his fingers to his toes.
"Can we go to bed?" Y/N asked, looking up at him.
"Yeah, you need to shower?"
She nodded, standing up and stretching. He copied her before leading the way to his room. She followed him, grabbing on to the hand he stretched back. Her eyes were more unfocused now than before.
"Long day?" He asked, turning around and grabbing her other hand.
"Yeah," she sighed, "I had never been so excited to get out of there before."
"How come?" He asked, still walking backwards.
"We're still recovering from the bridge collapse, everyone's stressed out." She shook her head. "I felt like I was on a tv instead of at an actual hospital."
His hands rubbed circles on hers. "When do you have to go back in?"
"24 hours." She let go of his hands, walking to the bathroom. "And I'm exhausted, I don't know why."
"Maybe you need a break longer than a day for once." He suggested.
"Maybe." Her voice came through the door. "I actually have the weekend off, I switched times with a lot of people which means I work pretty much the rest of the week."
The water turned on and she wouldn't have been able to hear him. He grabbed his sleep shorts and took off his shirt, climbing into bed. He grabbed his phone and opened his Snapchat. It used to be his favorite social media before a lot of random people got his Snapchat and he didn't know who his friends were and who were not.
The amount of nudes he opened up was alarming. And very annoying. He stopped opening up any Snapchats he didn't know all together a long time ago.
The door opened and Y/N walked out, hair dripping wet and wearing one of his t-shirts. It swallowed her. He doubted she was even wearing pants.
"Goodnight Harry." She climbed into his arms, pressing herself on him.
He buried his head in her hair , disappointed when she smelled like him instead of her normal self.
He kissed her cheek. "Goodnight angel."
”Angel?" Her eyes peeked open.
"It's cute, like you."
She laughed, closing her eyes again. "It's a new one. I like it."
"Good." He closed his eyes, falling asleep to the rhythm of her heart against his chest.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Harry Styles As It Was (Behind the Scenes)
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it's so important to me that matilda goes from "and not invite your family 'cause they never showed you love" to "you can start a family who will always show you love" because both lines hold such a significance but the difference in them because the "family" in the first line is your blood related family and the one in the 2nd line could be blood related but doesn't have to be because family is who YOU choose and idk it's just so beautiful to me
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cherievol6 masterlist '22
she’s only gone and done it. my completely up to date masterlist. pls read to your heart’s content, and give it a little like or reblog if you wish. tysm for the support...love and hugs - M x
Tumblr media Tumblr media
curly girl 
harry wants to join the curly girl train
midnight snack
you and the boys get pretty hungry on the tour bus
hey, neighbour!
harry is your insufferable, yet slightly hot neighbour.
harry always treats you and you want to treat him back, but it fails miserably
you wake up feeling ill, but harry doesn’t think it’s the chicken you ate the night before
poorly 2
harry is unwell and feeling a bit sorry for himself
sun and moon
harry gets high and has a lot to confess...
new parents
you and harry are learning the ropes as new parents
drunkrry - my first blurb! :’)
harry comes back from a party a little wine-drunk
not waiting around
harry can’t make up his mind and you won’t be second best
put a ring on it 
harry is a bad listener and you’re not wearing your engagement ring… 
jealousy, jealousy
you and harry can’t seem to remain exes for very long, you’re both just too jealous
sunflower vol. 6
harry misses your special vday dinner and makes up for it with a surprise
harry gets cocky about directions
Tumblr media
this work all belongs to me, it should not be uploaded or copied anywhere without permission. don’t steal my shit! i work hard on this stuff lmao. 
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the-darling-badger · 2 months ago
Crookshanks being an unpaid intern for Sirius Black is my favorite thing about Prisoner of Azkaban. He had that cat running ERRANDS. Ordering the Firebolt for Harry, stealing Neville's list of passwords. Crookshanks was Booked and Busy
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userkoo · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
you got me cursing the daylight
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2tiedships2 · 28 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Then and now.
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queerhalo28 · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Just how fast the night changes…..
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Tumblr media
this is the funniest tweet to come out of this tbh
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watchmegetobsessed · 28 days ago
A/N: ceorry is finally here with plus size reader!! hope you guys will love it, i really enjoyed writing this and i can't wait to read your thoughts!
WARNING: sexual content, struggle with body image
SUMMARY: You're about to start your business as an interior designer. Thanks to your best friend, your first client turns out to be none other than Harry Styles, the insanely handsome and stupidly rich business man.
Tumblr media
 “I quit my job.”
The front door shuts closed behind you just as Bianca drops the spoon she was holding into her bowl of ice-cream upon hearing your announcement and before she could even speak up you continue.
“And I think Vincent and I kinda broke up.”
She coughs with wide eyes, placing her bowl to the coffee table as she moves to one side of the couch.
“There’s a lot to unpack there, come on, sit down and tell me about it all!” she urges and sighing you drop your bag by the front door and walk over to her, collapsing onto the couch after what felt like the worst day of your life so far.
You eye the ice-cream Bianca just discarded and you feel like you could inhale it in one go so you point at it turning towards your best friend and flatmate.
“Can I eat that?” you sigh with a frown.
“Uh, sure, go ahead! Seems like you need it more than I do.”
You dig into it right away, drowning everything that happened today in the sweet, creamy, icy dessert. You eat it way too fast so you get an instant brain freeze, but in your current state it’s not even that painful.
“So, what happened?” Bianca asks cautiously.
“Um, well, my boss threw out the window everything I worked on the past month and wanted me to start over so I had enough and quit,” you start with the first part of your announcements.
“It’s kind of good, isn’t it? I mean, you hated working there and you’ve been thinking about leaving for a while.”
“Yeah, but not this abruptly. I knew I wouldn’t work at fucking Ikea forever, but it would have been nice if I had a full plan before quitting.” 
Shoving one spoon full of ice-cream after the other into your mouth you try to keep yourself together and not think about how uncertain your life has just become. Everything you had and thought to be stable a few days ago is now gone.
“You’ll figure it out. You can finally start your own business, like you always wanted!” B tries to cheer you up.
“Yeah, I guess,” you shrug, still focusing on the ice-cream.
“I’ll help you, okay? I have some connections, it’ll be fine.”
“Thanks,” you sigh with a weak smile.
“Okay, now onto the next thing, what did that scumbag Vincent do?”
Bianca has never been a big fan of your… who was even Vincent? You never agreed to be boyfriend and girlfriend, just acted like it, but every time you tried to bring it up he just dodged it. And because having someone was more than having no one, you went with it and stayed quiet. But lately things have been rockier and you’ve had enough.
“He… He sent me a text with a picture that was definitely not meant for me.”
“What?” she gasps. “What did he send?”
“A picture of a lingerie set and the text said he can’t wait to see me in it. The set was for a woman who is the size of my arm, B.”
You almost fainted in the kitchen section when you saw it, had to hide behind one of the displays to pull yourself together and not have a meltdown in the middle of Ikea. You had to wait until your lunch break to call him and question what it was about, it turned into a screaming match and at the end he just saved his ass by saying you were never exclusive so it’s not cheating.
Then you told him to go fuck himself and all of his side bitches and ended the call. Two hours later you also quit your job, so it’s a miracle you’re not crying like a baby right now.
“Fucking hell, I always knew he was a pig. But you’re better off without him, he never appreciated you enough.” Bianca circles an arm around your shoulders as she brings you closer to her and you lean into her, spooning the rest of the ice-cream into your mouth.
“I think he always had an issue with my looks,” you mumble.
“Because he is a fucking assturd, that’s his issue,” Bianca scoffs and the way she says assturd always gets to you, so you can’t help, but laugh. “There’s nothing wrong with your looks, you look fucking sexy, don’t let an idiot make you think otherwise.”
“Maybe I should go on a diet again. Last time I lost a few pounds, so…” Placing the empty bowl to the coffee table guilt washes over you for eating the ice-cream.
“Fuck no! There’s no diet in this house!” Bianca protests. “You know what? We’ll go for a pamper day tomorrow and then the day after we’ll start to work on your business. Update your portfolio, I already have a few people in mind who would be open to hiring you.”
“I don’t want to put you into extra work, B. You have enough work at the firm.”
“It’s not work, and you’re not putting me into anything. I offered it so just take it. Alright, now let’s watch a movie to cheer you up and never talk about Ike or Vincent again.”
Tumblr media
You know Bianca has connections in circles that fall way out of your league. She’d done all kinds of hostess works during college and she made an advantage out of them for herself, networking and connecting with the right people, building herself relationships in fields you can only dream of stepping foot into. She’s been going to business dinners and high end bars with people that hold the kind of power a normal person can’t even imagine. She has dragged you to some outings as well, mostly where drinking was included and whenever she mentioned the name of the places your eyes fell out of their sockets.
“B, I cannot pay for a night there, I would end up just drinking tap water in the restroom!” you protested, but she just rolled her eyes.
“We are not paying a penny. Everything is covered, we’re gonna be guests!”
And that’s exactly what happened. Your money remained in your purse while the drinks just kept coming and coming. During these occasions you got to see what she’s like around these men. It was always obvious they saw her as just an eye candy and nothing more, a pretty woman they can walk in with and earn jealous glances and they probably never even realized how smart she really is, working at an all women law firm. Whenever business talk started and she could chip in once legal topics were touched, she impressed them all with her knowledge and she knew they would be calling her soon, willing to pay any amount just to have her work with them. 
Bianca is naturally confident and the kind of woman every man stares at when she walks into a room. But she never makes other women feel less, what’s more, she can go absolutely feral when someone treats a woman in her presence less just because they don’t find her that pretty or charming. 
One time, when you were freshmen in college you were out at a bar near campus. A guy came up to the two of you and very obviously tried to flirt with Bianca, completely ignoring your presence. He didn’t last more than five minutes before she grilled him so badly he walked away without a single word, never even glancing her way for the rest of the night. 
So when she told you about this “friend” of hers who might be interested in your work, you knew it would be some prestigious businessman, one of the big fish, but now as you’re nearing the office building that towers above most of the city’s other skyscrapers, you can feel your stomach churning. This is not just a big fish, this might be a whole shark and you might not survive a meeting with him after all.
Walking into the lobby you’re met with a modern design, it’s spacious and minimalistic, but also kind of welcoming, makes you want to linger around longer. You approach the front desk where a woman with a headset smiles at you, her makeup and outfit absolutely spotless and suddenly you feel underdressed compared to her. 
“Good morning, how can I help you?” she asks in a nice, warm tone.
“Hi, I-I’m here for an appointment with Mr. Styles?” you tell her, already cursing yourself out for making it sound like a question, as if she knew why you were here.
“May I ask your name, please?” she turns to the computer, her fingers already typing away on the keypad. 
“It’s Y/N Y/L/N.”
She hums, her eyes glued to the screen, the smile never leaving her features. A few more clicks and she turns back to you.
“Welcome, Miss Y/L/N. Mr. Styles will see you in a few minutes, would you be so kind and go to the 78th floor? They will be already waiting for you. Elevators are on your right,” she instructs, gesturing towards the three elevators.
“Thank you,” you nod breathing out the words before making your way to the elevators. 
People come and go, you’re not the only one waiting at the elevators, but you’re definitely the odd one out. The blue midi dress Bianca urged you to wear is out of your comfort zone and you feel like it’s tighter around your curves than what’s considered classy. You paired it with a white blazer you haven’t worn in ages, but it’s the most business-looking piece you own. The women around you seem to be wearing outfits that cost about three times more than yours, designer purses and ankle-breaking high heels appear to be the normal around here while you’re wearing flats, because you simply don’t put yourself through the torture of forcing your feet into heels.
And the cherry on top? The massive folder you brought your portfolio in is anything but professional with the colorful fruits printed all over it, strawberries, watermelons and cherries are floating around on it. You swore you had a simple black one somewhere in your desk at home, but you failed to actually find it and this one was the only one that wasn’t used to the point that it was threatening to fall apart. You thought you could play it off, but seeing everyone around you know you wish you chose one of the beaten-up folders instead.
On the way up the elevator stops three times before you reach the 78th floor and stepping out you’re immediately met with a woman who could easily be the clone of the one at the front desk downstairs. She is just as spotless and perfect as she was, her smiling lips are painted red and so plump, you wonder if they are even real.
“Welcome, Miss Y/L/N! Mr. Styles will see you in a second, would you like to have a coffee or tea while you wait?” she asks, walking you over to a waiting area with comfortable looking couches and massive paintings on the walls. 
“Uh, no thank you, I’m good,” you shoot her a shy smile and she nods before walking back to her desk near the elevators.
Pursing your lips you look around and decide to drop your bag and folder to one of the couches before taking a better look at the paintings. With your arms folded over your chest you squint your eyes looking at the first one, trying to make out what it’s supposed to be picturing. 
All of them seem extremely abstract, minimal color schemes to fit the design of the office and while they look sophisticated and expensive, you’re still looking for the meaning behind the patterns. You get so into the decoding that you start tilting your head to the sides, a frown etched over your face and you don’t even realize when someone joins you in your examination.
“I think they look like birds,” a male voice with a heavy British accent speaks up behind you, making you jump, your heart racing in your chest as you turn around with wide eyes and finding yourself facing the most handsome man you’ve ever laid your eyes on.
He is tall, broad shoulders and a muscular build paired with a charming smile that’s already making it hard for you to think straight. The fitted suit he is wearing must be designer and the massive rings adorning his fingers are also subtle reminders of his wealth. His appearance is oozing confidence and power, there’s no doubt he knows what he is doing and he is good at it too. 
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you,” he chuckles softly at your reaction. “I’m Harry Styles and you must be Y/N Y/L/N, right?”
Holding out a hand he smiles at you warmly as you slip yours into his, the touch of his palm sending a shiver down your spine. He’s got a firm hold, but not the kind with which someone would try to dominate you. It’s more like a reflection of his strong personality. 
“Yes I am. It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Styles,” you manage to speak up despite your awe, though your voice sounded thinner and weaker than you intended it to be.
“Please, call me just Harry,” he asks you, his hand letting yours go and you love how his words are dripping from his accent. “Follow me into my office and we can get down to business,” he gestures towards the door and nodding you gather your stuff from the couch, rushing after him while trying to get your thoughts straight so you don’t make a complete fool out of yourself during this meeting.
His office matches the rest of the building, it’s modern and clean in every way, one full wall covered with floor-to-ceiling windows, gifting you with an incredible view of the city. 
“Please, take a seat,” he gestures towards the couch and armchairs with a coffee table in the left side of the room instead of approaching his desk. You opt to sit on one end of the couch, not sure where he’ll sit, and after dropping your bag next to you, you place the folder onto the coffee table, trying not to cringe at how ridiculous it looks compared to basically everything in the room. 
“Can I offer you a drink?” he asks and you see him standing by what seems like mini bar, it’s got that typical crystal set wit the amber colored liquid in it that very much appears to be whiskey and your eyes involuntarily wander over to the clock on the wall, checking that it’s ten in the morning and he’s offering you alcohol. Harry catches your reaction and lets out a chuckle, opening the built-in mini fridge underneath that’s got all kinds of non-alcoholic drinks as well.
“I know it’s too early for whiskey, I’ve got other choices as well.”
“I’m good, thank you,” you breathe out a chuckle, shaking your head. Nodding he grabs himself a bottle of water and pours some into a glass before walking over to join you, deciding to sit on the other end of the couch.
“Thank you so much for coming in, the last few designers I connected with could only squeeze me in weeks later,” he chuckles and taking a sip from the water he sets the glass down on the table before placing an ankle over his knee, giving you his undivided attention.
“My schedule is not that full at the moment,” you clear your throat and what you meant by that is that you’re free all the time. But he doesn’t need to know that. 
“Lucky for me, I guess,” he smirks, his eyes wandering over to the folder and you expect him to comment on it, but he just keeps smiling before nodding. “So, where should we start?”
“Um, I brought my portfolio, I know Bianca suggested me without anything to show, so I thought you might want to see some of my works,” you explain, taking the folder from the table and laying it to your lap you open and start roaming through, trying to figure out what to show him first. “I have some digital plans I’ve done and some actual ones that I was able to create. I don’t know how much B told you, but I used to work at Ikea.”
Just as you say it out loud you regret it, your previous job at Ikea does not sound too prestigious and respected, but now you can’t take it back. Clearing your throat you hand him the booklet that has your digital works, seemingly he didn’t have a problem with your slip about Ikea, so you just move on.
“I like to try myself out in different styles, though of course I have favorites.”
Harry starts to flip through the booklet, taking his time examining the pictures in it before glancing up at you for a moment.
“And what are your favorites?”
“I’m… I’m a fan of everything vintage. My taste is more of a maximalist, if we want to categorize it, I like mixing different styles and being creative.”
Interior design is truly your passion. You chose this as your career because it’s the only thing you see yourself doing even decades later and you always wanted a job that was also kind of a hobby as well. 
You don’t notice it, but Harry is watching you in awe as you talk so openly about your work. It’s rare he sees someone be so passionate and in love with what brings them money and seeing you be that person is like a breath of fresh air. 
“And do you have a favorite project?” he asks and he doesn’t miss the shine in your eyes as you nod with a shy smile and pull out another booklet. You flip through it until you find the section that’s dedicated to your parents’ weekend house you worked on a few years ago. Handing it over to Harry he doesn’t even need to ask you to tell him more about it.
“Growing up we spent almost every summer here. My mother inherited it and my parents decided to renovate it fully a few years ago. I wanted it to keep its charm and all the memories we have, but also get it into shape.”
“Do you have any photos of what it looked like before?” he asks and suddenly you realize it’s something you should have included in the portfolio. Harry catches how your face falls and somehow reads your expression perfectly. “I wasn’t expecting it to be included, don’t worry. I’m just curious about what parts you kept.”
“I have a few on my phone,” you breathe out, pulling your phone out of your bag. Frantically swiping back you find some old photographs from your childhood, you digitized them for your an anniversary gift for your parents last year, now they come in handy.
Without a second thought you scoot closer to him on the couch and show him the screen where you swipe through the handful of photos.
“I convinced my mom to keep the hardwood floors and the wallpapers needed to be changed, but I managed to hunt down the exact same design, so it’s new but also old,” you smile, you’re pretty proud of it, took you weeks to find it and you drove to the next state to get it yourself. “We kept a lot of the furniture in the living room, I just gave them a little makeover and I kept almost everything in the same place as before.”
The pictures also feature you and your brother as kids, as well as your parents’ younger version. Though you’ve changed quite a lot throughout the years, people always tell you how easy it is to recognize you in older photos. Harry notices as well. The last one you’re showing is of the back porch and you’re sitting on the stairs, your hair is a mess and you’re wearing a yellow sundress, one you loved wearing at the time as much as possible. You have an ice-cream in your hand and some of it is smudged around your mouth as you smile at the camera. Faintly, but you remember this day and the moment your mother snapped this particular picture. It was the last day of summer and she tried to get your mood up with the ice-cream so you wouldn’t be too blue about going home in the morning.
“I assume that’s you, right?” Harry asks, pointing at your younger self on the screen.
“Yes,” you let out an airy chuckle. 
“The house looked incredible before, but I truly love what you did with it too,” he then continues, switching back to business. “I can see why it’s your favorite project.”
“Thank you,” you reply, your cheeks heating up from the compliment. 
The two of you go over some more projects, Harry seems to be interested in anything and everything you say, he is impressed by what you’re showing him and as the minutes go by you slowly loosen up in his presence.
“So, what do you think?” you ask, when you get to the end of your portfolio, booklets and pictures splattered over the coffee table in front of you.
“I love what you showed me and I think that Bianca did not lie when she told me you’re the best I could find,” he smiles at you with that charm you’ve been feeling ever since you laid your eyes on him. “I had plenty of questions, now I assume you might want to ask me a few.”
“Well, B didn’t tell me much about the project you want to work on. Can you tell a bit more about that?”
“Of course. I just bought a new home and learning from my past experience it might be a better idea to furnish it with someone who knows what they’re doing,” he says with a smile that definitely hides a story, but you only have guesses what it meant. “It’s completely bare, I only have a few things I want to bring with me from my current place.”
“Do you have a budget?” you ask, and grabbing your notepad from your bag you start scribbling notes down. Harry smiles as he shakes his head no.
“No budget. Don’t worry about the money.”
Your hand that’s holding the pen stops in motion as you glance up at him, making sure you heard that right before crossing over the word “budget” in your notes. 
“I have a few ideas, but I’m open to basically anything and judging from what you showed me, I know I would like anything you come up with,” he smiles. Standing up he walks over to his desk and awakening his laptop he clicks a few times before glancing up at you. “Y/N, if you’re free, I would love to give you the project.”
It surprises you. how fast he decided and didn’t even ask for time to think about it and hear out other designers. He can see the shock on your face and walking back he sits on the couch again.
“I love what you showed me, I can tell you’d take it seriously and put your heart into it. There’s nothing else I need, Y/N. I’ve only met two designers at this point and neither of them caught my attention like you did. I don’t want to waste my and your time. So, if you’re available, I’m open to start whenever you’re free.”
“I uhh–I’m definitely available and I’d be honored to take the project, Mr–erm, Harry.”
“Great, then I’ll handle the documentation, if you’re fine with that and we can meet for a more in-depth meeting, I assume you have more questions for me.”
“Yeah, I do. And it’s perfectly fine by me.”
“Amazing. As much as I would love to stretch this meeting longer, I have a call in a few minutes, I’m very sorry. But my assistant will get in contact with you about the rest.”
Nodding you quickly gather your portfolio and stuff it back into the folder in a frenzy, not wanting to make Harry late in any way, though he doesn’t seem to be in a rush. As you stand you hold the folder to your chest and follow Harry towards the door.
“Thank you so much for your time, it was a pleasure and I can’t wait to see you again,” he smiles at you as he opens the door for you and walks you out to the elevators. “If I’m correct you live with Bianca, right?”
“Yes, we share an apartment,” you nod.
“Well, when you get home and meet her, please thank her for bringing us together. It’s not the first time she helped me out and she always has a solution for me.”
“She is just that good,” you chuckle in agreement. The elevator arrives and the doors slide open.
“Thank you again, Y/N. I’ll see you soon.” Reaching into his suit jacket’s inner pocket he pulls out a business card and hands it over to you. “Call me if you have any questions, anytime.”
“Thank you,” you nod, slipping the card into your bag. 
“Have a nice day, Y/N,” he calls after you as you walk into the elevator and turning around you face him one last time.
“You too, Harry,” you breathe out as the doors close and you’re taken down. 
Tumblr media
When Harry said you’d meet soon to go over your further questions you imagined that you’d have to come into his office again. Yet, now you’re just about to meet him at his current place, it’s six in the evening, definitely after business hours, so you’re a bit thrown off by it.
His current home is not far from the office building and of course, it’s just as luxurious as you expected and you can only imagine where he is moving from here. 
The doorman greets you with a bright smile and when you say you’re here to see Harry, he doesn’t question who you are, just walks you over to the elevators and pushes the button for the 45th floor. Harry must have told him he was expecting a guest and for some reason it fills you with excitement, just the thought of Harry talking about you.
The elevator takes you up so fast, it’s like you teleported to his floor and when the doors slide open you’re met with a hall with two doors. Just as you step out the door on the right opens and Harry appears, no suit, just a pair of simple jeans and a black t-shirt that bares his tattooed arm you couldn’t see last time. It’s like a whole different version of him, but the warm smile he flashes you ensures he is the same man you met a few days ago.
“Y/N, hi! Come on in!” he invites you inside, holding the door open.
“Hi, thank you,” you return the smile and walking past him, you enter his private space.
It’s a modern looking, spacious apartment with a similarly amazing view of the city as his office, lots of big windows, a simple, but luxurious looking interior design, and it makes you think about what he said about his current place and how it was furnished and designed.
“Thank you for being so flexible about the time, I just simply could not fit in another meeting during the day and since I thought you might want to see the things I want to bring with myself, this seemed to be the best solution,” he explains as the two of you walk further into the apartment. It’s spotless and tidy, he definitely keeps his home organized, or has someone to do it for him. “Do you want a drink maybe? It’s after business hours, so it could be alcoholic, right?” he chuckles and you follow him into the open concept kitchen.
“Just maybe a water, please,” you smile. It’s not that you don’t drink, you just don’t trust yourself when drinking, especially around Harry. 
“Alright, a water coming right away,” he nods, smirking as he opens the massive fridge. “Could you find a parking spot somewhere near? I forgot to tell you to use the garage, I have a few extra spots.”
“Oh, I don’t have a car,” you tell him and he gives you a surprised look. “I usually take the subway.”
“You’re not planning to go home by that as well, right? It’s gonna be dark out there.”
“I don’t have many other choices, I can’t really finance a cab drive every time I need to be somewhere.”
He grabs a bottled water and just nods to himself, though you can see the gears turning in his head. He pours some water into a glass and hands it to you, before suggesting to take a seat in the living room. 
“Is this the interior design you did?” you ask, taking a look around. It’s not what you think would suit him, but it’s not as bad as he made it appear to be.
“Oh, no. It’s… I shared this place with my ex-girlfriend,” he tells you and your ears perk up at the personal detail he just shared.
“Ah, I see,” you hum, taking a sip from your water, pretending not to be dying to know more about him.
“The design was redone by her, so it’s all her style. We broke up a few months ago and neither of us wants to stay here. She moved out already and I’m staying just until the new place is being finished.”
“You didn’t have a saying in the design?” 
“Not really. I mostly didn’t have the time to care about it and she willingly took the project into her hands. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately I don’t have any photos of the before,” he adds with a cheeky smile. 
Following some chit-chatting you get down to business. You have tons of questions for Harry and he answers them all willingly. He also shows you the floorplan of the new place, arranging another meeting already so you can check it out in real life.
Hours pass by and the picture gets clearer with each crumb of information you learn about him. The project now definitely has some stronger points you can lean onto when you’ll build up the whole plan. Time flies and the next time you look at your phone to check how long you can stay without feeling like you overstayed your welcome, you realize it’s past eleven. 
“Oh God, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you for this long,” you snap out of your comfort.
“You did not bother, it didn’t even feel like work,” he chuckles. 
“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” you smile sheepishly as you start packing your stuff. “Can I use the restroom before I leave?”
“Of course. First door on the right down the hallway,” he instructs you.
Quickly finishing your business you take a moment to smooth out the wrinkles on your clothes and fix your hair before walking back out. Harry is now standing with his phone in hands, smiling when he looks up at you.
“Alright, I’ll head out then,” you exhale, grabbing your stuff from the couch.
“I ordered you a car already.”
“What?” you ask with wide eyes.
“I can’t just let you go home alone so late. Please, I insist!”
“Harry, you don’t have to–”
“Yeah, but I certainly want to. It’ll be here in a few minutes, I’ll walk you down.”
“Okay,” you nod, accepting defeat as the two of you walk out to the elevators. “At least let me pay for the ride.”
“Absolutely no way.”
The way he said that leaves no place for protesting so you keep your mouth shut and just go with it. 
“I can’t wait to see what you come up with, Y/N. First amount will be forwarded to you by the end of the week, okay?” he says as the two of you arrive at the downstairs lobby of the building.
“Oh, yeah, that’s perfectly fine,” you nod. The amount Harry insisted on paying you when you negotiated the costs earlier is about three times of what you originally thought about and he didn’t budge when you offered to lower it. He said your time and knowledge are worth this money and he would feel bad if he didn’t pay the right amount. 
He also told you the first third of the payment would be completed by the end of the week when you sign the papers and it seems like he’ll definitely keep his word.
A car parks down right in front of the building as you step outside, Harry opening the door for you like a true gentleman.
“Thank you for everything, Y/N. Have a great night and I’ll see you soon,” he smiles as you’re about to get into the car.
“Thank you too. See you soon,” you nod with a shy smile. He shuts the door when you’re inside and he waves after you once the driver starts driving to the address you just told him. 
Tumblr media
Over the course of the next week you spend every waking moment working on this project. Your room turns into a full time office as well as 80% of the dining table. The remaining space is just enough so Bianca can eat her breakfast in the morning while you’re already working before she even leaves. 
You want everything to be perfect, down to the smallest bit. The trust Harry has placed in you is something you simply can’t afford to waste, this is the base of your business. If he likes your work he might recommend you to some of his friends or partners and you can build a clientele then. 
You’re more nervous when you present your plan to Harry than you were at your last college exam. You made a board, several digital designs, floorplans and basically anything that could help him visualize what you had in mind.
He loves it. All of it.
When you ask him if there’s anything he would want to change he can’t bring a thing up. 
“I’m blown away, Y/N. It’s perfect, really,” he tells you and it feels like every weight you’ve been carrying on your shoulders is now lifted and you can finally breathe.
So then starts the actual, physical work.
Harry is willing to pay any amount to get things done as fast as possible, so you get him the best team to do the needed construction work in his new penthouse. In just a couple of days you get the base of the home to the level where you can start with the designing as well. 
It’s a Friday evening when you’re still at the penthouse, working on arranging some decoration on the massive built-in shelves in the living room, the workers have already finished for the day so it’s just you in your yoga pants and an oversized shirt that’s one of your most comfortable ones, definitely not an outfit you’d normally meet with anyone besides Bianca, probably.
So when you hear the elevator doors open, signaling that someone has arrived, you jump in surprise. With a vase in one hand and your printed digital design of the shelving in the other you watch Harry walk in, carrying a takeout bag along with his laptop bag. 
“Sorry to drop by unannounced, but I was in the neighborhood and thought I would check out how things are going,” he smiles as you put the vase down and shove the print back into the stack on the coffee table that arrived just earlier that day.
“It’s your house, you can come and go whenever you want,” you tell him, wiping your palms into your pants as he walks up to you. He must have come from work, he’s wearing his usual fitted suit in royal blue this time, and he looks ridiculously good, as always. You kind of want to dig yourself a hole, looking like this next to him, but it doesn’t seem to be bothering him at all as he places the bag to the coffee table, looking around with an excited smirk adorning his handsome features.
“I could give you a tour,” you offer, folding your arms over your chest.
“Do you want me to see it half-done?”
“Well… my original plan was to show it to you when it’s fully done,” you admit and that’s all he needed.
“Alright, then I’ll just stay right here. I brought food, have you eaten?”
“Uh, I had a sandwich in the afternoon…”
“Then I’ll take it as a no,” he smiles, moving over to the massive couch that’s already put together in the living room area, luckily.
“Harry, there’s no need–” you try to protest, but as always, he cuts you off again.
“No need, but I want to. Come on, I haven’t been able to consult with you properly all week, so we can catch up.”
He brought some Italian, and it seems like he was expecting to find you here, because he brought food enough for two people. Since there aren’t any plates or cutlery yet, you eat straight from the box with the wooden forks the restaurant packed for the order.
“You’re working extremely fast, Y/N. I’m surprised I’m seeing this much progress to be honest,” he comments, digging into his pasta.
“You said you want it done as soon as possible,” you shrug. 
“When do you think you’ll be done with everything?”
Taking a deep breath you look around as you go over everything that needs to be finished. There’s not much left, but some of the furniture will be delivered only next week, so you have to wait for those.
“I would say… next weekend.” Harry’s eyebrows rise at your estimation and then it’s followed by a nod of appreciation. 
“Y/N, you impress me every day. But I don’t want you to overwork yourself, it’s past eight in the evening and you’re still here. No one is expecting you to be home on time?”
“Only Bianca,” you admit with a chuckle. “But she is a workaholic too, so she might not even notice my absence.”
“Just your roommate? No dates?” You can’t help but scoff at his question.
“Exactly. No dates.”
Ever since you parted ways with Vincent you haven’t been in the mood to think about getting yourself out to the dating field and then you didn’t even have time to think about it, putting every free hour of your life into this project.
“That sounded like you had some not too pleasant experiences,” he hums, peeking at you curiously.
“Let’s just say, that a certain guy ruined my willingness to enter the dating scene again for a while.”
“Well, I apologize in the name of every male, then,” he says, hoping to earn at least a tiny smile, and it happens, so he feels like he succeeded. “So, I never asked how you know Bianca.”
“We went to the same high school. She somehow befriended me, don’t ask me how it happened and then we ended up going to the same college, moved in together and we haven’t been able to let go of each other since then.”
“So you have quite the history together, huh?”
“I guess you could say that,” you nod with a chuckle. “How about you?”
“How do I know Bianca?”
You never asked her this detail, but now you definitely want to know if they have hooked up before, because then you’ll force yourself to never even think about Harry outside of business thoughts. You respect the Girl Code.
“We met at a conference about two years ago. Somehow got into a conversation and I was in need of some legal help around that time, so she recommended me her boss. We kept in touch, I often go to their firm when I need the help of some outsiders, since I have my own legal team at the company, but it’s nice to get some fresh people involved in some projects.”
“Ah, I see,” you nod, processing the information.
“Not what you expected to hear?” he asks with a smirk as he tilts his head.
“Well, it’s just that some of B’s connections… she tends to make them in unorthodox ways,” you try to explain, in no way meaning to judge your friend.
“We never hooked up, if that’s what you meant by that,” he chuckles and heat crawls up your neck to your cheeks and ears. “We’re strictly friends, sometimes business partners. That’s it.”
“Alright, I have no judgment at all.”
He smiles before returning his attention to his food. You eat in silence for a while before he breaks it next.
“So, do you have a next project after this one?”
“Erm, no, not really,” you admit. You feel like you can be honest with him at this point and drop the professional act. “You are actually my first client, so I’m not quite popular just yet.”
“I’m your first client?” he asks with genuine shock on his face.
“Yeah, I recently quit my job at Ikea. I was a designer for the displays, you know, those fake rooms and little apartments you see on the first floor.”
“You worked on those? You designed them?”
“Yes,” you nod with a soft chuckle. “But I knew I didn’t want to do it for too long and then I had an argument with my boss and got fed up so I quit before coming up with a plan. Bianca said she’d help me out and that’s when you came into the picture.”
“I wouldn’t have thought you just started it. You work so fast and efficiently, I mean it’s obvious you haven’t been doing this for a decade, but you didn’t come off as a rookie.”
This is the best compliment he could give you. You feared possible clients wouldn’t take you seriously because you were just starting the business, but if Harry thought that upon meeting you, it seems like you had nothing to worry about.
“So, no next project then?”
“Not yet,” you shake your head.
“Well… I have news for you then.”
Your eyes widen as you look up at him, a cheeky grin stretched across his face as he places his food box down to the table to give you his undivided attention, so you do the same, unsure what he’s about to tell you.
“If you agree to do it, I want you to design the new office we’re opening soon for the marketing department. They are moving into a separate building, because we plan to eventually turn it into an independent agency, and I have discussed it with the board and we would love to give the project to you.”
“What?!” you breathe out in disbelief. “I-I don’t—that’s… Harry, you don’t have to do it just because I don’t have anything else after this.”
“Up until a minute ago I didn’t know that,” he points out with a warm smile. “And I actually had no power over the decision. I presented your portfolio along with two others I chose, no names, no nothing, they just voted on which one they liked the best. Yours won.”
You stare back at him, total loss of words as you wrap your head around the news you just received. Doing the penthouse was already a good start, but designing a whole office building would skyrocket you into more and more projects, there’s no doubt. And you didn’t even have to ask for Harry’s help, he did it voluntarily.
Touched by the gesture, you can’t stop yourself before you throw your arms around him and hug him tight. Your reaction surprises him at first, but a moment later he wraps his arms around you as well, pulling you close to him.
Then you realize that it might have crossed a line, so you pull back, clearing your throat.
“Sorry… I just… thank you, Harry. Really,” you breathe out, fixing yourself up quickly.
“No need to thank me. You’re good at what you do, it’s a fact.”
You stop yourself from thanking him over and over again, but your look says it all. And that’s enough for Harry.
Tumblr media
You finish the penthouse in time and have the big reveal just like you planned it. Harry’s jaw is on the floor the whole time you walk him through his new home, showing him every tiny detail you put into the project with him on your mind.
It’s perfect from the bottom to the top and though Harry was already impressed by your work, now he is completely blown and he keeps telling you that as you wrap up the paperwork to end the project, however you both know it’s not the end of your work together, because meetings about the office building are starting next week.
“What are you doing tonight, Y/N?” he asks when you’re just about to leave.
“Uh, probably just gonna watch a movie with Bianca,” you chuckle, shrugging.
“Would you two like to join me and some of my friends for some drinks? I have a table reserved at my favorite place and I would love to thank you for your work here.”
“No need to thank, you already paid for it,” you add chuckling.
“But this deserves more,” he gestures around, his eyes trailing to the massive windows watching over the city, one of your favorite thing about the place, even though you had nothing to do with that. “And Bianca deserves a thank you for recommending you to me too. Please, be my guests for this one night.”
“Okay,” you breathe out, unable to resist his charm. You’re convinced he could make you do anything with just a few looks and a smile.
“Great,” he beams and pulls you into a hug when you reach the elevator. “I’ll text you the details and I’ll see you tonight!”
“Bye, Harry,” you nod as the two of you part and you step into the elevator, staring at each other until the doors slide closed.
Just a couple of hours later you find yourself at a bar you would probably never go to if it was your choice, it’s obviously way too high end to you, but Harry made it clear no one is spending money tonight except him.
Bianca made you wear a dress you’ve been keeping in your closet for probably years. You never felt the confidence to wear it, finding it too revealing for your appearance, but tonight you changed your mind and took the risk.
Walking into the bar you throw one last look at your reflection in the mirrors lining the walls, the dress wraps around your body way tighter than what you’re used to, making it impossible to hide your true figure. For a moment you second guess your choice and contemplate going back home and changing, but it’s too late for that. At least your cleavage looks good, thanks to your best bra you chose to wear for tonight.
Harry spots you from across the place and his lips part as he watches you approach him, barely even noticing Bianca next to you, which is quite a rare occurrence. You’re not typically the one to be in the center of attention, but you definitely are when it comes to Harry.
“Wow, ladies, you both look amazing!” he compliments, kissing Bianca’s cheeks in a friendly manner before he turns to you and pulls you into a hug for your surprise. The way his hand slides over your spine and down to the small of your back makes your knees turn into jelly, but you manage to stay stood.
“Thank you,” you breathe out as you let go of each other. He is wearing another pair of fitted pants and a white shirt without a jacket this time, the first few buttons undone on his shirt, revealing part of his chest and the necklace you’ve caught a glimpse of before.
You join the circle of his friends, everyone seems incredibly friendly and open and you try your best to remember the names. Drinks keep coming whenever you finish one, but you keep it slow and steady, not wanting to make a fool out of yourself. Throughout the night you catch Harry’s eyes lingering on you several times and you just nervously smile at him before averting your gaze.
“Someone is into you,” Bianca teases you leaning closer so only you can hear her words.
“Don’t be ridiculous,” you shake your head, taking the straw of your drink into your mouth and sipping on it to keep yourself busy. Why would he be into you when there are several prettier and thinner women around. It’s hard for you to believe that someone would took interest in you when Bianca is sitting right next to you.
“I’m gonna go to the bathroom, be right back,” you let B know as you stand from the table and head to the restrooms.
When you’re washing your hand, you take a good look at yourself in the mirror. The outfit makes you feel exposed and you can’t help but spot everything you’d want to change on yourself. Think about how much better you’d look in it if you lost a few pounds, if your arms were thinner and your tummy flatter.
You force yourself to stop before you lose all of your confidence, so turning away from your reflection you head out to return to the table and numb your thoughts with the conversation going on and preferably some more drinks.
As you walk past the bar you almost trip and fall when you spot a familiar face sitting on one of the stools. Vincent is nursing a drink just a few feet away from you, but he’s not alone. There’s a tall, thin woman next to him, one hand on the counter, the other one on his thigh, suggestively scratching her nails over the inside of it.
It’s obvious she is either the woman he intended to send the picture to or maybe another hookup he kept while dating you. Your heart drops seeing the way he looks at her, because you never saw a hunger this kind in his eyes when you were with him. He’s almost devouring her with just his looks and it feels like you’re being stabbed in the chest.
You want to leave, from the bar, from the face of Earth before he notices you, but you’re out of luck. Vincent spots you, a surprised look on his face as you look away in an instant and try to escape, only to bump against a hard, muscular chest.
“Everything alright?” Harry’s hand come to your arms to steady you. He saw you look upset and wanted to check in on you, but now as he sees your expression from up close he is even more worried.
“Yeah, I mean no—I just…” you stutter and before you could give him an explanation, Vincent walks up to the two of you.
“Fuck,” you mumble before turning to face him. “Vin, hi!”
“I saw you, but thought it’s not quite a place you like to come to, so I wasn’t sure.”
“You’re right, it’s not my usual place, so I guess that’s why you’re here with someone,” you snicker back, surprising not just Vincent, but yourself with the venom your tone carried. Harry doesn’t need more to realize who he is facing right now, the anger crawling up his spine is hard to control as he thinks about what Vincent could possibly do to hurt you.
But he manages to put it aside and out of the blue he takes the lead. He curls an arm around your waist, pulling you to his side as he flashes a sweet, sugarcoated smile at Vincent.
“I think we haven’t had the chance to meet yet. I’m Harry,” he holds out a hand for him and Vincent is seemingly shocked by the scene, his eyes keep snapping to Harry’s hold on your waist.
“Um, Vincent. Are you two together or something?”
You open your mouth, but Harry beats you with the answer.
“Yes. And I’m the luckiest guy in the city she chose me,” he says, eyes meeting yours as the words roll off his tongue. “Seems like you know her well, so then you know she is the absolute best, right?”
There’s something passive aggressive in his tone, something threatening as he stares back at Vincent who for sure can feel how far behind he is compared to Harry.
The woman from the bar walks over to Vincent and wraps around him like a clingy koala bear, eyeing you with a challenging look, she doesn’t even try to introduce herself.
“I’m getting bored, babe,” she whines to Vincent and you can’t stop yourself from rolling your eyes.
“Not gonna keep you up longer, we have some celebrating to do too,” Harry smiles at them, squeezing you to his side. “It was nice meeting you two, whatever your names are,” he shrugs as he simply pulls you away and your eyes widen at his last comment, but don’t say a word, just walk away with him.
But instead of returning to the table he walks you out to back of the place where people usually disappear to have a smoke. When he finds a peaceful corner, he turns to face you.
“It was him, right?”
“Yes,” you nod, feeling the tears stinging the back of your eyes.
“What did he do exactly?”
“He… He sent me a picture of the lingerie he bought for some other girl, maybe that was her, I don’t know. I just know it wasn’t meant for me, because… Because the sizing definitely couldn’t fit me.”
It feels like you’re dipping yourself in acid, admitting it all to Harry and talking about your insecurities to him. And now that you started, you want to unload more of what you’ve been keeping bottled inside.
“I mean, I would choose her over me too. He would be stupid to settle with me when he can get women like her,” you chuckle bitterly, and it’s the last straw for Harry.
“That’s it, you’re coming home with me, we’re gonna get things straight in that pretty head of yours,” he says and taking your hand he pulls you back inside.
It all happens so fast, Harry tells the rest of the group that the two of you are leaving and before you could even get a word out, you’re sitting in his car, on your way to his place.
When you arrive he helps you out of the car, his hand wrapping around yours and he doesn’t let go as you cross the lobby of the building, marching up to the elevator. The way up to the penthouse is silent, but only verbally. Harry’s hand remains wrapped around yours, his thumb keeps brushing over the back of your hand, squeezing it from time to time. You can’t tell what’s gonna happen now, not after the evening and the shocking turn it took, but you know you wouldn’t be anywhere else now.
The elevator arrives and the doors slide open, Harry’s familiar home welcomes you. The lights are out and you expect him to turn them on, but he just pulls you inside in the dark, towards the windows that are now showing you the incredible night sky of the city. Without a word Harry walks you to the window and then stops, turning you towards the sight, standing behind you.
“Tell me what you see, Y/N,” he then says, his voice coming from right next to your ear, sending a shiver down your spine. 
“I see the city. The buildings, the lights…” you softly answer, eyes glued to the picture in front of you, while your mind keeps circling back to his close proximity. 
“Do you find it beautiful?”
“Yes,” you nod shortly and involuntarily lean back, your backside meeting his chest, but instead of pulling away you stay. What’s more, his hands find your waist, the warm touch of his palms reminding you of what it felt like when he pulled you into his hold when you were talking to Vincent.
“Now take a better look. Do you find anything you don’t like in this sight?”
“Yes,” you answer again.
“Tell me, what are these things?” You feel his nose brushing against your hair and you almost instantly forget his question biting back a moan, his front still pressed against your back.
“I see… I see chimneys and messy rooftops… some graffiti…” It’s hard to focus, but you keep your eyes on the skyline and try to find more things that aren’t that beautiful. “I see into a few messy rooms through the windows…”
“It’s not perfect, right?” he hums, his fingers gently stroking your waist as he talks.
“No,” you shake your head.
“But it’s still beautiful, something you admire and love looking at, right, Y/N?”
As the words roll off his tongue you realize what it’s about, your breath hitching as your heart starts racing. Harry notices the change in you and his hands squeeze your waist to earn your attention back.
“Yes,” you breathe out, barely more than just a whisper.
“Stay right here,” he tells you and a moment later he disappears from behind you, your body instantly aching to feel his closeness again. You hear his footsteps move away from you and a few seconds later he turns all the lights on. The sudden brightness turns the windows into mirrors, the city lights fading as the inside of the penthouse appears in front of you mirrored, along with your standing figure. Your eyes spot Harry walking back to you until he takes his previous spot, but this time he keeps his hands to himself as his gaze catches yours in the mirror.
“You’re beautiful, Y/N. When I look at you, I see the most breathtaking woman I’ve ever laid my eyes on and I want you to see this beauty too. Look at yourself,” he tells you and you force your focus to move to yourself. “Do you see things on yourself that you don’t like?”
“Yes,” you answer right away.
“But that doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful. All those things make you who you are and when you see it as a whole, you shouldn’t see them, only the beauty.”
Your lips tremble and tears are dwelling in your eyes. No one has ever said anything like this to you and even if someone did, you wouldn’t have believed. But with Harry, you know he meant every single word. You’ve been battling with your looks for so long, beating yourself up for not being pretty enough, thin enough, attractive enough, making yourself believe that no one would ever look at you like you’ve seen other girls being looked at. The envy, jealousy and hurt you had to deal with your whole life never let you see yourself as Harry made you. 
“Hey,” he softly murmurs, turning you around when he sees your teary eyes. He takes your face in his palms, worried he might have said something that hurt you. “Talk to me, did I say something that upset you?”
“No,” you breathe out, your hands coming up to wrap around his wrists as you finally look up into his eyes. “I just… You meant it?”
“All of it,” he answers without hesitation. “Do you want to know what I thought when I first saw you?” he asks with a tiny, cheeky smile as he wipes your tears away with his thumbs, his hands remain holding your face.
“At your office?”
“Yeah. I walked out and you were standing there, staring at the art on the wall, your head tilted as you were trying to make out the painting. You wore that dress and I just took a few moments, staring at you, because I was in awe. I thought… I thought wow! This woman could easily be the end of me and she hasn’t even looked at me!”
You can’t help but laugh at how he recalls his thoughts and the sound of it is making his heart soar.
“That first time, I had to try so hard to stay professional and not make it obvious how attracted I was to you. The way you talked about renovating your parents’ weekend house, I was drinking up every word, you talked so passionately and it just made me fall for you even more.”
“I was so fucking nervous,” you admit, leaning into his touch.
“Yeah?” he chuckles softly. “I made you nervous?” he asks with a hint of pride in his words.
“Of course,” you nod. “I saw you and then… I wanted to be professional so you’d choose me, but I was also very into you at the same time.”
“Really? So you wouldn’t have minded if I flirted with you?”
“No, but I would have probably turned into a giggling little girl,” you admit grinning. 
“I’m sure I would have loved it,” he hums and leaning closer he nudges his nose against yours, your whole body buzzing to be touched and worshipped by him or at least you need him to kiss you before you pass out from excitement. “I’m sorry your ex made you upset tonight, it’s not what I planned.”
“He’s not my ex,” you correct him.
“How come?”
“He never wanted to be in a committed relationship with me, I guess I was never good enough for him,” you tell him with a shrug, your hands moving from his wrists to his waist where you fist his shirt, wrinkling the expensive fabric, but you couldn’t care less.
Harry doesn’t like this answer. At all. The thought of you with Vincent was driving him crazy all evening, but now that he knows he treated you like this is just the last straw. Vincent is lucky he is not around, because Harry wouldn’t be able to hold himself back and not punch him in the face.
Growling, he slides his hands from your cheeks to your neck, tilting your head up by the chin with his thumbs so you’re staring right up at him. Your lips part and Harry's eyes are mesmerized by the view of having you like this, in his hold.
“Let me show you what you deserve, baby,” he breathes out before the dam breaks.
Hunger takes over him and he presses his lips against yours as if his life depended on it. His kiss is demanding and heated, but you’re returning it with just as much enthusiasm, the feel of his perfect lips against yours seals the weeks worth of pining that’s behind you. Like two puzzle pieces, you click perfectly and the moan that bubbles from your chest when his tongue pushes past your lips destroys the last bits of Harry’s self-control. 
His hands move from your neck, fingers brushing against the swell of your breasts before they reach your waist and dig into the soft flesh, pulling you flush against him while he keeps kissing you, claiming your lips as his.
One hand remains on your waist, while the other moves to your ass and he wastes no time taking a handful of it, squeezing and feeling the curve of it up shamelessly. He loves how it fits perfectly into his palm, it’s so soft and bounces with every movement. 
You circle your arms around his waist, nails scratching his back over the fabric of his shirt and you wish there was nothing between your palm and his skin. When his lips move down to your jawline, then your throat, kissing and biting you on their way, he starts walking forward, backing you until your backside hits the cold glass of the window. Gasping your back arches and Harry uses the opportunity to bury his face into your breasts, giving in to the desire he felt every time his eyes wandered down to your cleavage in this dress throughout the night. He’s losing his mind, licking, kissing, biting and sucking your exposed skin wherever he can reach, inhaling your sweet scent that was intoxicating enough when he wasn’t this close to you. 
The difference between how Harry is all over you and how Vincent treated you when you were intimate is astronomical. Normally your thoughts would be revolving around everything that could go wrong, how you might be looking, your flaws and imperfections that could ruin the experience, but they are now locked and forgotten in the back of your head.
Harry makes you feel so wanted like no one did before. You see the genuine passion and hunger in his eyes, all of it just for you and for once in your life, you feel confident enough to be fully present in the moment. 
His right hand moves to your left thigh and he urges you to lift it up, his hold grabbing the back of your knee as his hips press against yours in a whole new and tighter way now, your soaking wet pussy rubbing against his thigh in this position.
His lips return to yours, kissing you like it’s been decades since the last time you locked lips, it’s impossible to tell where he ends and where you begin. He loves the feel of your breasts and tummy pressed against him, the way you’re involuntarily rolling your hips to create some friction for your pleasure, how you keep moaning when his hands touch you in a new area. He is convinced he is losing his mind, but if this is the way his life ends, then he’ll go as a happy man.
“You’re fucking perfect, Y/N. Inside and out. Let me show you just how much I love this body of yours! Let me show you your worth!” he begs, his words muffled against your lips, but you understand every single one and they make your core throb even more.
“Please!” is all you manage to get out, your own desires taking control over your mind and body.
Harry wastes no time. Pulling back he moves you away from the window just enough so he can reach the zipper of your dress at the back, the fabric instantly loosening around your form before falling to the floor. He steps back, his eyes roaming your body and you’ve never felt more exposed and vulnerable, people you’ve been with usually didn’t take the time to even take a good look at you and you got used to the rush that usually comes with sex. But Harry is different.
As his eyes return to your gaze you see the adoration and awe in them, you could get addicted to the way he looks at you and then he takes it even further.
He drops to his knees, his hands grabbing onto your ass again as he starts to kiss every inch of your exposed thighs, devouring you completely and shamelessly. 
“Harry!” you moan, when his head pushes between your legs and he kisses your clothes pussy over the fabric of your underwear, one hand grabbing onto his unruly curls, the other one slapping against the glass to find leverage and balance. 
“I want to taste you, Y/N, can I? I want you to come with my head between your thighs,” he growls, looking up at you with begging eyes and you can only nod.
Needing nothing more, he pulls back just enough so he can pull your underwear off of you, making you stand against the glass almost completely naked, your bare ass facing the city as Harry moves back, helping you place your left leg over his shoulder so he has better access to you. 
The moment his mouth comes in contact with your throbbing pussy, he moans as if he was eating the best meal he has ever tasted. He licks through between your lips until turning his attention to your sensitive clit, kissing and sucking on the bud so perfectly, you start to think it’s not his first time pleasing you. 
“Oh my God, right there!” you gasp out when he finds a spot that sends jolts of pleasure through your body and he loves how vocal you are, telling him exactly what he’s doing right. 
When he replaces his tongue with his fingers and moves a bit further, you already know you won’t last too long. It’s been building up inside you for so long and having him like this, on his knees, face buried in your pussy, it sends you over the edge way faster than anything else ever could.
His tongue pushes into you just as his fingers move exactly how you like to be played with and your head falls back against the glass, his name rolling off your tongue over and over again as your orgasm washes over you just a couple of moments later. He doesn’t slow down, keeps going with the same movements with his eyes glued to your blissful expression, helping you ride out your orgasm to the fullest.
When you come down, he presses a kiss to the inside of each of your thighs before standing up and he keeps eye contact while licking his fingers and smirks at you. Just the sight of this scene turns you on again and you can’t believe he got you to want to go for more so fast.
“You think you can take more, baby? Because I’m not done with you just yet,” he murmurs, kissing you in a slower and softer manner than before.
“Yes, but it’s your turn now,” you answer, a bit out of breath, a lazy smile tugging on your swollen lips. Harry exhales sharply through his nose before diving in for another kiss. 
You pull away from the window and without breaking the kiss, you unbutton his shirt until you can tug it off of him, revealing his bare, tattooed upper body that looks just as mouthwatering as you imagined before. Now it’s your turn to ogle him and he is seemingly enjoying the attention you’re giving him. With some delicate touches you run your fingers over some of the designs on his chest and then the butterfly on his stomach before leaning in and kissing him everywhere your fingers danced over his skin. When your lips brush over the necklace you’ve eyed before, you take the cross pendant between your teeth and gently tug on it, keeping eye contact with him and you see his eyes darken at the sight alone.
You let go of the pendant and lean in for a kiss while your hands work on the button and zipper of his pants. During the process you can’t help but palm his bulging erection through his pants, a desperate moan from him melting against your lips.
And now it’s your turn to get on your knees. 
You have no idea if you can be seen from outside, if someone is now watching you kneel in front of him as you take his cock out, but at this point, you don’t care. It seems as if he is even into being seen, that he’s enjoying the possibility of someone witnessing the passionate scene blossoming between the two of you.
Well, if someone is watching you, they are in for a show for sure. As Harry’s pants and underwear pool around his ankles you take his hard cock in your hand before licking a long stripe up from the base to the top, taking the head between your lips as you suck on it gently, teasing him a bit.
“For fuck’s sake, Y/N, you have no idea how perfect you look with your lips wrapped around my dick,” he grunts, one hand cupping the back of your head, gently pushing it as you take about half of his cock into your mouth. 
He’s massive, but you’re determined to please him just as good as he did with you. You start bobbing your head, focusing to keep your gag reflex under control, taking more and more of him with each movement. One hand is wrapped around his base, covering the inches you can’t fit into your mouth, while the other one comes up to play with his balls, hoping to push him towards the edge fast and hard. 
“You’re taking me so well, baby, just like that!” he moans when you can almost fit his whole length and when you pull back you take a deep breath and going in again you deepthroat him fully, keeping him down for as long as you possibly can, the muscles of his thighs jump and flex and you feel like he’s close so you pick up your pace and start sucking him even harder than before.
“Oh my God!” he grunts, his hand grabbing a fistful of your hair and about a moment later he comes right into your mouth, hot spurts of cum hitting the back of your throat and he realizes he didn’t even ask if you were alright with him finishing in your mouth. “Y/N, you don’t have to–” he starts, but as you pull back with a pop you just place a hand to his hip shaking your head before swallowing every drop. 
He helps you up from the floor, your knees are aching already, but it all vanishes into nothing when he kisses you with so much gratitude and passion that it makes your toes curl. 
“You’re incredible,” he murmurs against your lips. “Fucking incredible.”
He is not bothered that he is fully and you’re almost fully naked. standing in front of the windows, all he cares about is you. 
“Let’s move to the bedroom,” he suggests and taking your hand he pulls you down the hallway on your right, straight towards the master bedroom. When you were designing it, you felt like an outsider, as if you weren’t supposed to be there, at the place where Harry will spend some of his most intimate moments.
Now you’re part of those moments. 
He pulls you in for more kisses as you walk into the room, backing you towards the bed while his hand slyly works on the clasp of your bra, the last remaining clothing item you’re wearing. The straps loosen on your shoulders and he frees from the garment in one swift motion, baring you fully to his greedy eyes.
Being seen fully naked has been one of your biggest insecurities. All the extra weight, the rolls, the dips, your tummy, your not at all toned arms and legs and your breasts that are not quite as perky as you’d like them, they all worried you before when the clothes came off of you.
But not this time, not with Harry looking at you like a deadly predator, ready to devour you completely.
“Lay down for me, Y/N,” he tells you and you obey him with no hesitation as you climb onto the bed and lie down, eyes glued to his tall frame at the end of the bed. He stands there in his naked glory, one hand wrapped around his cock that’s hard again already and he takes his sweet time looking at you before deciding to join you.
He climbs over you until he frames your head with his arms, lips capturing yours in a deep, needy kiss, his cock pressing against your thigh as his hips sink down. You’re desperate for him, to have him fill you up entirely, but he has other plans before that could happen.
His lips travel down to your chest, sloppy kisses placed on your heated skin wherever he can reach you, then he takes your hardened nipple between his teeth and tugs on it gently, with just enough hardness to make you moan in pleasure, your back arching at the rush of sensation it sends down your spine.
“Your moans are like honey, so sweet and keeps me stuck to you.”
He moves down your body, one kiss after the other, all over your stomach, your stretch marks around your hips and then on the insides of your thighs. Sitting back to his heels then he pushes your knees apart, spreading you open entirely, his gaze practically burning over your naked body.
“I love the art you hung up above the bed,” he starts nodding towards the painting you chose to decorate the wall above his bed, “but I might change it to a picture of you, spread out like this. It’s fucking gorgeous, Y/N.”
“No picture, but you can see it anytime you want,” you manage to speak up through your rigged breathing.
Harry grunts in approval at your words before climbing on top of you again, his lips smashing against yours as the tip of his cock nudges at your sensitive clit.
“Harry, please!” you beg against his mouth and he almost comes just from hearing it.
“Condom?” he questions, already reaching to the side, but you pull his hand back shaking your head.
“I’m on the pill, I want to feel you. I want to feel you raw.”
“Fuck, you’ll be the death of me,” he growls before moving a hand between your legs, teasing you a bit with his fingers to make sure you’re ready to take him.
Then he wraps his palm around his base and slowly pushes into you, inch by inch, filling you up as total bliss washes over the both of you. When his full length is inside, he stop for a few seconds, waits for you to get adjusted to his size and also to pull himself together and not come right away like a teenager at his first time. When he feels like it’s safe, he slowly starts moving, in and out, gliding so nicely as he starts to pick up his pace until he finds the perfect rhythm.
Your hands are groping at his back, nails sinking into the massive muscles and you’re definitely not holding back your moans every time he hits that one spot that makes you see stars.
“I want to see you on top, baby,” he tells you, his lips smeared over yours messily.
“Okay,” you breathe out and the next thing you know is that he turns the two of you over, you settle on his lap, thighs locking on each side of his hips.
Being on top is usually not your favorite thing to do, it puts you in the focus way too much, but when you see the way Harry looks at you, his hands grabbing onto your hips, you get just the right amount of confidence boost to go for it.
“How do you like it?” you ask, eager to please him.
“Do whatever feels good for you and I assure you I’ll like it, baby. Use me however you want.”
Whimpering you start rolling your hips, hands on his toned abs to keep your balance and judging from the deep, guttural moan that leaves his lips, it’s pretty obvious he does enjoy it. Doing as he told, you just keep moving in ways that make you feel the best, enjoying having control over a man like Harry, though you don’t last too long on energy, your previous orgasm has worn you out and you can’t keep up with the pace you want to go in.
“Hold onto the bedframe, baby, I’ll take the lead,” he tells you and nodding you lean forward, grabbing onto the frame, your chest right above his face, granting him an amazing view of your breasts as he strengthens his hold on your hips and starts fucking up into you.
It’s wild, it’s raw and so fucking mind-blowing, your eyes roll to the back of your head as you scream from the sensation, your orgasm rapidly nearing now.
“Come on, Y/N, cum on my cock! Let me feel your grip!” he pants, obviously close as well and all you can do is keep screaming his name until you finally break.
You come so hard, your breath gets pushed out of your lungs from the impact of your pleasure washing over you. Your walls clench around Harry’s cock and he feels you pulse around him, that’s what pushes him over the edge too. Falling out of his rhythm he thrusts up into you a few more times, hard and long, his chest heaving as you let go of the bedframe and collapse on top of him.
His arms wrap around you in an instant and he rolls you onto the mattress, pulling out of you slowly, though you still grunt in disapproval.
“I know baby, I’m sorry,” he hums, kissing your lips gently before falling to his side next to you, his hand cupping your cheek as he caresses it gently.
You stay like that for a while, completely worn out, but equally satisfied until Harry gets up and suggests to take a shower before you fall asleep. Unwillingly, but you follow him to his bathroom where the two of you share a steamy, relaxing shower in the massive walk-in shower you never knew you’d use when you chose. It’s all about soft kisses, tender touches and so much intimacy in such a normal, everyday task.
When you’re fresh and clean you both fall back into bed, Harry pulls you into his embrace and becomes the big spoon, his body melting against yours from behind. His hand is on your stomach and without even noticing, you suck it in to make it appear flatter, but he hums in disapproval.
“Just relax, baby. Nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of,” he tells you, pressing a chaste kiss to your shoulder as you loosen up your tensed muscles. “There you go.”
“Sorry,” you mumble.
“No worries. Now get some sleep, because I intend to get between those gorgeous thighs of yours in the morning first thing after I wake up,” he warns you, his spicy promise bringing you the sweetest of dreams.
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