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#Harry Osborn

A/N: Happy birthday, Mate!

For: @yourfriendlyneighborhoodnerd

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It was something he did when he was young. A thing that didn’t make any sense to him at first. His aunt had looked at him (just freshly an adult), and smiled. She may have hated them but she loved their meanings. The first one was something important that connected to Ben. A tattoo of “With great power comes great responsibility” which was something Ben told him all the time. Under the tattoo was the Millennial Falcon. His uncle had been the one to get him into Star Wars.

“It was Richard’s favorite movie when it first came out,” Ben had said. Peter had smiled at that. It was a thing that meant a lot to him. Under the Millennial Falcon, Peter had the date 10/22/15, the date he lost Ben.

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Source @love-me-a-good-prompt

I challenge you to use one, some, or all of these words in your next piece of writing:

  • fluffy
  • melody
  • whisper
  • fire
  • possibility
  • remember
  • chase
  • mountains
  • abnormal
  • perform

“Ah, so fluffy…” Ock rubbed his weird creatures. “Don’t you think so too, Normie?”

“Why did you bring me here?! What do you want?!” Norman asked angrily. He and Ock were at the harbor in one of the warehouses. The madman kidnapped him when he was heading home from work.

“Change that melody of yours, please. I’m tired of it.”

“Then let me go. Problem solved.”

“Tsk tsk, I don’t think so. You owe me, Osborn. And I’m gonna take what’s mine.”

“I have nothing to give you. You don’t want money or anything I offer and I’m immune to the Goblin serum. So I’m no use to you,” Norman shook his head.

“So you think. But don’t worry, I have a perfect thing planned for you. Just be patient,” Ock grinned.

“You maniac…” Norman’s tone change into a whisper.

“What was that?”


“Good. Now keep quiet while I finish my precious research. Soon it’s about to start raining fire!

Norman had a very bad feeling about this. Harry was probably already worried sick.

“If you think your brat and Parker can find us, I suggest you forget such a possibility. I can’t be tracked down.”

“So you believe. But remember that boys are smarter than you think.”

“Hah, they can chase us as much as they want. But I have already planned everything. I have a hideout deep in the mountains on the other side of the state. No one can find us there.”

Eyes widening, Norman started yelling for help as Ock wrapped his tentacle around him and started to drag him towards the door. If they manage to get out of the city, he would never be found.

“Let me go! HELP!”

“Shut it!”

“Do as he says, Ock!” came a sudden yelling from the roof. Looking up, the duo spotted Spider-Man and Patrioteer.

“Boys!” Norman yelled in relief.

“Hold on, Dad!” Harry shouted at him. “We’ll save you!”

“What?! How did those two runts get here?!” Ock hissed.

“Some of the workers reported abnormal noises coming from this part of the area. They knew it was suspicious because usually, it’s quiet around here. Your own foolishness turned against you, Doc. Even your allies perform better,” Spidey jumped down and kicked Ock with his leg, making the villain fall backwards and free Norman.

“Dad!” Harry ran to his father and opened his ropes. “You’re okay?!”

“Yes, but how I did you find me?” Norman asked.

“You heard what he said. I was worried when you didn’t return home and hours went by. I knew something must have happened and then I called Peter. We searched for you everywhere and as we started to lose hope, we heard about strange things happening at the harbor. We just felt that we should try there.”

“Well, you were right. He was going to take me out of town”

“I’m so glad we got here before anything happened. I would have been devastated if you…”

Smiling, Norman embraced his son. Danger or not, they would always find a way back to each other.

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day 19: “do you believe in monsters?”


Monsters are Real

For @doctorwhoover

Ao3 Link:

Hanging out with the gang was always nice. Marco and Harley would flirt but nothing would ever come of it. Ned and Betty would make out when no one was looking and if they were caught they would brush it off. MJ and Gwen would sneak off near the end and go out somewhere. They didn’t think anyone knew they were dating but they all did. It wasn’t much of a secret. Flash would end up getting into an argument with MJ or Peter about something which ended with him leaving early. Normally to go out for a date or get home before his parents. Not that they were ever home, to begin with. Peter and Harry would always sit cuddled up most of the night. The two would talk to friends but they wouldn’t do much else. They did make out around their friends keeping PDA to places where they couldn’t be seen. Harry and Peter just held each other and occasionally kissed each other’s cheek if no one was looking. The rest of the group found it cute while they just thought of it as normal. They were like that in public and nowhere else.

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Day 16: writer’s choice - Halloween Music


Halloween Memories

For: @lilacsandlilies4

Ao3 Link:

A/N: this is part of another series but can be read alone. If you reblog this is you can tag your favorite song title in the tags I would like to see which one everyone likes!

Peter was used to the sound of the bass and the beat of the drums. He was used to being backstage while his lovers were on stage singing away. This time though it was at a party for a friend of Peter’s. Charles had asked Peter to get the band over to play for his Halloween Party which led to Peter creating a whole Halloween playlist for the group that Peter found spooktacular. Not that the others would agree. They just found his enthusiasm wonderful and gave him kisses on the check. Hearing the songs Peter knew that he enjoyed this day because he had memories and that is what each song showed as they played through the songs.

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red - what are you most passionate about? how did this passion develop?

Harry: Don’t tell my Dad about this, but I’ve always wanted to go into illustration and maybe creative writing!… I’ve been a bit of a loner up until high school, so I usually preoccupied myself to my own thoughts and well, I tend to put those thoughts down on paper. Self explanatory from there, I guess.

yellow - what’s your happy place? real or fictional?

Harry: Definitely the Cobweb Paranormal Society Office. It just feels like I can actually relax there and be myself without Dad looking over my shoulders or trying to lecture me on this and that about OsCorp or what he expects out of me… he’s been doing it a lot more recently because I’m gonna be 18 soon.

green - do you prefer to be indoors or outdoors? which is your favourite flower to smell?

Harry: I have mixed feelings on both the indoors and outdoors. I guess I don’t have a preference..? On one hand, Dad makes me go on this father and son camp trip ever year and it’s…. it’s a trip, alright. But on the other hand, I can’t stand being indoors for too long or I’ll start being sluggish, so…

Harry: I’m not too picky about flowers, I’ve been around them since I was a little kid, but probably Freesias would be my favorite.

violet - what’s your favourite cake flavour? are you any good at baking?

Harry: Hm… I think my favorite cake is butter cake. And as for baking I’m pretty ok at it! Not the best, but as long as I have a recipe on hand, I’ll manage.

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