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#Harry Potter
harrypotterhousequotes · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
"DAVROS: Compassion then. THE DOCTOR: Always. DAVROS: It grows strong and fierce in you, like a cancer. THE DOCTOR: I hope so. DAVROS: It will kill you in the end. THE DOCTOR: I wouldn't die of anything else."
–Steven Moffat (Doctor Who: The Witch's Familiar)
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dara-art · 18 hours ago
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"It's just this collision course — this clash of paint and canvas that someway, somehow makes something. And that...that's what happened with Malfoy. Draco. We just sort of collided with each other — stained each other with all of our problems and just sort of bled out all over the place. <...> And I had to tell you because it was so absolutely, ridiculously right. He and I are paint splattered all over the place and we're staining everything and maybe we absolutely don't go together, but to me — to me we're a fucking Jackson Pollock.”
Breath Mints /Battle Scars, chapter 22 by @onyx-and-elm
Friends, I have an account for Patreon! More information in my instagram, all links in the bio ✨
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letteredlettered · 22 hours ago
hullo! i’ve been obsessed lately with your lovely characterization of draco as a caretaker in many of your fics. i think it’s also a very unique take on him as a person, as most people would say he’s also very self-interested. i was wondering if him taking care of harry was something that’s very intrinsic to your characterization of him or just something you arrived at by accident (and if so, how?) do you have more thought on the matter on how this impacts the dynamics of their relationship/draco’s image of himself?
I do think it's possible to be extremely self-interested and also have a caretaker's instincts, so I don't find those traits mutually exclusive.
Caretaking is certainly something that isn't intrinsic to canon Draco. I think it's intrinsic to my characterization of him, and I didn't arrive at it by accident, though I would say I didn't set out to write Draco as a caretaker.
What I set out to do was take care of Harry. Harry was neglected and abused as a child, and when he gets to Hogwarts, he is used and manipulated. He is also physically, mentally, and emotionally mistreated and tortured by Voldemort and Voldemort's followers. And on top of that, he consistently and consciously makes choices that sacrifice and neglect his physical, mental and emotional health for the sake of justice or what he believes is good or right. I really want him to have someone who will notice these things, who will fight for and stand up for him and his needs and his comfort when he won't or can't, who will fight and stand up in that way even at the cost of what is just or good or right. I want someone who will encourage him to look after himself, who will tend his wounds, who will comfort him and care for him and give him a constant attention and tenderness he never had.
One of the reasons I think Draco could be that person is that it's quite easy, canonically, to read Draco as someone who cares less about abstract ideals and more about personal needs. He doesn't care if faceless strangers or even classmates get hurt or killed, but threaten his family and he will care quite deeply. Therefore, you could imagine he could be someone who wouldn't care that Harry has to save the world, but would care terribly that Harry is sick and needs to have soup and a lie down.
I also think Draco could be this person for Harry because evidence suggests he was raised by parents who spoil and love him; evidence also suggests Draco is well aware of the fact that he is loved. I think you could also posit, given his upbringing, that love for him partially means comfort, and getting to have what you want, and being doted upon. It's easy to suppose that someone with Draco's upbringing would only treat people they love with selfish entitlement, but I find it just as easy to suppose that with Draco's upbringing he could treat people with the same tendency to spoil and dote and indulge that he experienced.
I don't think there's much evidence in canon to support the idea that Draco is sensitive to people's needs. However, we do see quite a bit of evidence that Draco is very attentive to Harry. For all that people do seem to go on about Harry rapidly becoming obsessed with Draco Malfoy, I don't know why more people don't talk about the fact that it is readily apparent that Draco was always obsessed with Harry. He was always finding him, following him around, learning what he and his friends were doing, constantly ridiculing, pestering, and goading him in a way that screams for attention. I think that if he could get over his grudge against Harry, and thus get over his perception of Harry as someone who is spoiled and self-important, it's very possible he could learn a great deal about Harry given how closely he pays attention.
These things added together, I think, make Draco into someone who could quite possibly pet Harry and bring him tea and make him little lunches, which is really all I want, basically.
(I have not spoken here about Harry's caretaking, which actually stems from the same place as me wanting him to be taken care of. He never got to have a life in which there was any petting or tea or little lunches. The idea that he could do that for someone, and that is all it would take to make them happy, would I think satisfy his need to give give give, but also feel so cozy and homey that he would kind of ache with the desire, I think, to pet and make tea and little lunches for someone he really loved.)
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urfaveisunfuckable · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
fuck this bitch from the uk is unfuckable!
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harrypotterhousequotes · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
“I swear to God that all I’ve ever wanted was a little bit of everything all of the time a bit of everything all of the time apathy’s a tragedy and boredom is a crime I’m finished playing and I’m staying inside.”
–Bo Burnham (Goodbye)
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dr4cking · 20 hours ago
hey ☝️☝️can i maybe req an angst fic T_T where reader and draco r in an arranged marriage but draco is still in love with his ex (that he had to leave) and reader falls in love with draco yk.. but overtime draco falls in love with y/n but never told her or smthng BUT THENN reader maybe bumps into someone else and she slowly falls in love with someone else… then yk thise pureblood galas draco can see reader sneaking glances at her “friend” which shes in love with i hope this make sense??? BYEE (dont make y/n cheat tho.. so YEAH LOL) no pressure u dont need to do this! bave a hreat day!!!
Wrong Time.
masterlist taglist
draco malfoy x reader | angst |
a/n : hii! thank you for requesting i love this idea! <3 note this is the first time and would be the last time i wrote this long 😁🙄
October 8th, 2005
the pair stood in the altar, holding hands together. this was supposed to be the day that all couple had always been wishing.
but in their faces, they held nothing as they told each other the vows.
draco’s eyes roaming around looking for someone that should’ve been here with him. his dearly girlfriend, astoria greengrass.
then he found her, sitting at the front row with her sister beside her, he has to hold the tears that started to build up in his eyes the more he stares at her.
“do you draco lucius malfoy, take this woman y/f/n to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, in good times and woe, for richer or poorer, keeping yourself solely to her for as long as you both shall live?
the repetition snapped him back to the reality, he stares at his bride blankly before taking the last look at his girlfriend, mouthing ‘i love you’. the girl gives him a reassuring smile.
draco took a deep breath before answering, this is it. the moment that will change his life forever.
“I do.”
“I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.”
the kiss was only lasted a second, it was just a simple peck on the lips.
it’s official, now they are married to each other. this should’ve been a happy day, but for them, its not.
that was a year ago.
y/n is a woman who’s holding to her words. even though their marriage was arranged, but she still did the rights as a wife, that included loving her husband.
there were no force, she just let it happened, she just let it flow. after all, love cant be forced.
even though draco never dreamed of marrying other girl except his first love, it doesnt mean he would have to hate her, he would blame everything on her. no, at least he still tolerable towards her.
“how is your day, draco?” y/n greets her husband as he just got home from work, she helped him taking off his suit.
“good, like usual” draco gives her a tired smile as he take a seat on the couch to relax his body.
she nodded before making her way to the kitchen, making him a cup of tea.
“do you want me to give you a massages? you look exhausted..” she gave him the tea, he took it gladly and drink it.
“please, that would be so lovely” she chuckles at him before getting behind him, her hands slowly massage his back making him leaned into her touch.
after that y/n take him to their bedroom, making a warm tub for draco and give him his pajamas.
as draco finished in the bathroom, he saw her sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for him to join her.
“thank you y/n, i appreciate it.” he gives her a small kiss on her forehead before joining the bed, his eyes slowly drifted off to a deep sleep.
she admires his face, he looks so peaceful when he’s sleeping, everyone has no doubt to say that he is a handsome man.
her cheeks heated as she remembers the way he kissed her forehead, she touched it with her hand, giggling quietly feeling the butterflies erupted in her stomach.
she let that moment running free in her mind before finally joining his sleep.
“astoria..” y/n wake up when she heard rustlings from beside her, she sits straightly as she saw draco moving uncomfortably in his sleep, she was about to wake him until she heard another sentence left his lips.
“please dont go astoria, i love you..”
her world feels like stop spinning when she heard that from her unconscious husband, if only the world could hear the shattered sounds from her heart.
she held the thought about waking him up. minutes passed, draco finally getting comfortable and relax in his sleep.
deciding to take some air, she let her feet bringing her downstairs.
y/n sat on the couch watching some muggles program in the tv with an ice cream in her hand.
she takes a look at the clock, it was 3 in the morning but she cant back to sleep, not after her heart just got broken.
then she heard footsteps coming downstairs. she looked up and find draco who clearly still look sleepy.
“why are you not sleeping?” he asked as he takes a seat beside her.
“i can’t really sleep” she replied half-lie to her husband. draco just hummed, joining her watching session.
“want some?” she offered raising a spoon full of ice cream, he laughed and nodding at her. she gladly feed him the ice cream.
“hmm.. thats good, what flavor is it?”
“cookies and cream, my favorite” draco nodded at her not really sure how to answer her.
the next day they do the routine, y/n making breakfast and draco was getting ready to work.
“draco, may i ask something?” he dropped his fork as he finished eating, fully listening to his wife.
“go ahead, y/n”
“uhm- i was wondering if you could be home early.. i’m planning to make a special dinner for us to you know, celebrating our first anniversary..” she nervously asked hoping that draco wont rejects her.
draco seems to have a moment thinking about her offer, he took a big sigh and gives her a smile.
“really?” y/n was beyond excited as soon as she heard him agreeing.
“yeah, maybe its time for us to get to know each other” he cant lie if he said his heart isnt breaking when he said that, his mind wondering to astoria, he hadnt seen her for so long.
y/n clapped her hands happily making him laughed softly. he takes a look on his watch and quickly standing up.
“its time for work, see you tonight” he took her hand in his bringing it to his lips and he kissed it softly making her cheeks heated.
the dinner was set. draco keeps his promise and come back home earlier like y/n asked.
“it tastes so good. you’re a great cooker y/n” he hummed happily at the food she made. y/n was smiling ear to ear.
“well thank you for the compliment. i’m glad you enjoyed it, mr. malfoy” they both laughed at her words.
they talked and get to know each other for the night. draco cant help but feels that his heart melted as he understands her better.
now they were in the bathroom, getting ready for bed. when suddenly draco wrapped his hands around her waist startling her.
“y/n.. i have something to tell you” he looked at her in the mirror, her face was flushed due to his sudden action.
“what is it, draco?” she could feel her breath hitched when she answered him.
“my parents, they sent me a letter last week..”
“yeah? what did they say?” she looked back at him through the mirror, she was getting nervous when she saw the expression on his face.
“they- they asked about an heir..” he clears his throat, whispering the last words unsure of her reaction.
y/n froze for a seconds, her mind is flipping around at the thought of finally having her own little family. she closed her eyes letting the butterflies flying around in her stomach before turning around to meet his face.
“i’m ready”
“wait- are you sure y/n? this is a big decision” draco search for hesitation in her eyes but he found nothing.
“i’m sure if you are sure about this too.” she replied hooking her arms around his neck.
draco gives her a warm smile before pulling her for a kiss, for the first time in their marriage. the tension between them was magical when their lips finally met.
he slowly let themselves to the bed. dropping their body on it as the kiss got rougher and the room became hotter.
“f-fuck astoria..”
y/n stilled, her breath got caught in her throat as she heard her husband moaning ‘her’ name. draco freezes when he realized at what he just said.
“y/n i-”
“i need to go to the bathroom, draco” she quickly picks up her clothes and runs to the bathroom.
draco cursed himself at what he did, he didnt meant to do it, her face just crossed his mind reminding him of what they used to have before.
he puts on his clothes back, rubbing his face in regret. he just hurt her.
y/n let tears streaming down her face as she stares at herself in the mirror, she looked pathetic. what she wanted is just to be loved by her husband.
“how could i be so stupid?” she whispers to herself taking a deep breath at realization. letting herself crying in the bathroom before deciding to go back.
days passed by, theyre still not talking to each other after that incident, draco has tried reaching off to her but she always shut him down.
“listen y/n, i’m really sorry about what happened.. it just came out like that, please forgive me.. we dont have to do it if we’re both not ready.” he was pleading at her, grabbing her wrist tightly as she walked past him.
y/n sigh and turns around, looking at his face. regret and concern filling his eyes.
“okay fine..” she shrugged her shoulders, she was still heartbroken but she couldn’t ignore her husband any longer.
draco finally let a relief breath and pulling her for a hug. he was scared that he would lost her but she was too kind to leave him just like that.
“thank you y/n.. i promise i’m trying” y/n nodded at him, stroking his back gently before pulling away.
“let me take you somewhere to spend the day together okay, i wanna make it up to you”
they ended up in an ice cream shop after getting breakfast in some cafe, y/n told draco to go first to the store because she needed to check on something.
then she found it, her wallet. she was too hassle holding her cup of coffee on her hand and a wallet on her free hand. she turns around to follow draco but only to bumped into a person making her coffee spilled onto the person in front of her.
“shit! i’m so sorry sir!” she widens her eyes as her coffee staining all over his shirt.
the man finally looked at her, he was about to snap but he hold his voice when he saw her face.
“oh- its okay miss, its my fault too.”
y/n was lost in her mind as she studying his face. his soft deep voice ringing in her ears.
he’s such a sight for sore eyes. for a second she forget the reality. captivated by his green eyes she couldnt help but feels her heart beating faster. until the man snapped his fingers in front of her and laughed.
“right- yeah sorry.. please kind sir let me buy you a new shirt” she slowly back at reality, pulling out her wallet.
“its justin calderone. and dont worry about it you dont have to i’m fine with it, miss-?”
“y/n” she replied, her intonation was still hesitant, feeling bad for him.
“yeah y/n please dont worry about it, its truly fine.” the man shook her hand before pulling up the zipper on his jacket to cover up his staining shirt.
they both still made no move to separated but y/n quickly remembers that draco is still in the store.
“i’m sorry justin i really have to go, it was nice to meet you and once again i’m sorry about your shirt” she gives her an apologetic smile before finally be the one to leave. the man just nodded returning the smile and continuing his walk again.
“what happened y/n, are you okay?” draco asked as y/n finally meet him in the store, he saw the whole accident from the store.
“yeah, i just spilled all of my coffee onto his shirt, but he was so kind and didn’t let me buy him a new one” he was about to confront her about the way she was flushed around him but he decided to let it go.
“here, cookies and cream. your favorite.” he handed y/n her ice cream making a smile plastered back onto her face.
the day went so fast, after getting ice cream they take a walk together and stopping at the nearest park. they both sat near the lake.
draco and y/n spend their time together forgetting about the incident from the other night, they talked and laughed for hours.
“no way you did that y/n!” draco laughs when she told him about how she and the weasley twins pranked dolores umbridge when they were still in hogwarts.
“you should’ve seen her face draco, the twins pranked her really bad that she was in a bad mood for the whole day. i was lucky enough to not get in trouble” she joined his laughter, holding her stomach as she remembered the funny moments from her school year.
draco cant help but feel his heart fluttering at her laugh, he finds it really brightens the mood. he was studying her face his mind wondering if he had met her first. he shook his head and chuckles as he saw a single tear coming out from her eyes because she was laughing too hard.
“i love you, draco.” he freezes feeling his heart jumped out of his heart when he heard her saying it to him.
he was looking anywhere but her eyes, trying to find the perfect words to answered her. y/n know it was too good to be true so she just smiling sadly.
“i know. i’m sorry” she understood what he means but doesnt mean it didnt hurts.
“i promise i’m trying. it’ll be soon”
they stay silence until they heard crying sounds coming from behind them. they turns around only to find a little boy running to their direction.
“hey little guy, whats wrong?” y/n said worriedly getting to his level.
“i lost my mom- i was getting a candy there but then mommy was nowhere to be seen” the boy rambling and cry harder, she feels her heart breaking at his cry.
“hey hey dont cry i promise we will find your mom” she tried to calm him she asked draco to look after him while she goes looking for the little boy’s mother.
draco smiles when he saw how she was so caring around children, his smile got bigger when he imagining y/n with their child.
he sat the little boy down on the bench. reassuring him that everything will be okay.
“hugo!” a voice called out making he turns his head.
the boy run to his mother immediately crying and hugging her legs.
“granger?” draco is shocked when he saw one of his -used to be- enemies.
“yes draco, the boy is hermione’s. oh my god i cant believe we meet again” y/n answered him before pulling hermione for a quick hug.
draco just rubbed the back of his neck, finding this situation is really awkward but hermione already got it and laughed it off.
“its okay draco, we were just kids back in the school” he laughed it off to at hermione’s answer.
they catched up for awhile before they going back to their own homes.
later that night, draco and y/n snuggling onto the bed, reading a book together but y/n already went to sleep because she was too tired.
he closed the book and put it back on the nightstand before getting under the covers. he studied her beauty. y/n is a nice girl and he blamed himself as to why his heart doesnt wanna open up to her. he sighed and wrapped her in his arms letting the sleepiness took the best of him.
the morning after y/n woke up with the brightest smile on her face when she realized draco’s hands were around her waist.
maybe, maybe this will be the chance to start over their marriage.
draco is off to work. y/n was getting bored and decided to go outside for some fresh air.
she decided to went back to the ice cream shop for a little break.
she was enjoying her ice cream until a voice interrupted her. she looked up and find the same guy from yesterday.
“hi y/n, we meet again.. i’m sorry to disturb you but can i sit here? all the seats are full” justin asked holding his ice cream on his hand.
“oh hi justin! you’re not disturbed me. of course, please take a seat.”
they opened the conversation and talked about their life, introducing to each other.
“so you’re from durmstrang? how come i’ve never seen you in triwizard champions?” y/n asked still eating her ice cream. the feeling of her heart beat faster was coming back to her.
“oh i’ve never got invited. i’m bad at sport and i’m not so popular” justin chuckles somehow she found his voice making her happy. she shakes her head in disbelief.
she nods at him changing the topic. the more time she spent with him the happier she gets although she was trying so hard to deny it but it just happened.
“oh you’re married” justin said looking at her hand then back up to her eyes.
“yeah i’ve been married for a year” she explained, she swore to herself that she almost sees a hint of disappointment look in his face but he quickly brushed it off.
“you dont look happy tho.. i mean-”
“no no you’re right, i wasn’t at the first time. it was arranged but yeah now i’m used to it. its not like he is a bad husband” y/n cut him off staring at her ring, her eyes widened as she realizes, draco.
“oh my god.. i’m sorry justin i lost track of time! i have to be home right now. it was nice hanging out with you. see you again someday.” she grabbed her stuff hurrying back home after hearing justin gives her permission to go.
she walked faster knowing draco would be home by any time soon. but then she stopped when she spotted a familiar blonde hair in a cafe sitting with- with astoria greengrass.
she stilled in her steps, watching the scene in the cafe, no they didnt do anything but it just hurts to see draco meeting his old lover, and he looks much happier.
he never even looks that happy when he was with her.
y/n quickly made her way to home before getting caught by draco. she feels really stupid right now.
but little did she know whats truly happening in there.
“how is y/n, dray?” astoria asked sipping her apple juice.
“she’s doing really great, i’m happy with her.” draco replied with no doubt.
it was weird that now he met his past but he doesnt feel anything anymore. even before knowing she already married to another man.
“well that’s good to hear, i’m happy for you as well.” she replied with a genuine smile.
“i’m happy for you too. i hope theo treats you better and makes you the happiest.”
“thank you draco. he makes me the happiest i’ve ever been.” draco look at his watch and outside before gathering his stuff.
“it’s getting late, tori. i should be home now. send my greetings to theo.” astoria waved him a goodbye before making her way out of the cafe too.
draco doesn’t know why he was so eager to come home. he misses y/n, long day at work and not seeing her. he thinks he was get used to having her around.
“hi y/n. how was your day?” he asked her as he got home, taking off his cloak.
“hi draco. its good how about you?” she gets up from the couch doing her routine, giving him his tea.
“its quite hectic today.”
hectic, he said. y/n laughed sarcastically to herself.
draco get on the couch drinking the tea, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
“you’re not staying?” he asked as he sees her making her way to their room.
“no, i’m tired.” he flinched at her tone, he wants to chase her and ask her what’s gotten into her but he just shrugged it off thinking she was really tired.
for the past few days, y/n has been grew distant. it was now only a quick “good morning” and a tired “good night”.
draco was losing his mind, all he wanted is to wrap her in his arms and tell her how much he misses her. but he cant.
y/n was out saying she needs to buy some groceries. draco was waiting at home holding out an invitation on his hand.
y/n was getting some groceries with a trolley. she was looking for some sauce but she bumped into someone, again.
she looks up and find the same person she bumped into when they first met.
“justin!” she shouted laughing at their situation.
“y/n, oh my god we really have to stop meeting like this..” justin chuckles picking up the sauce that she dropped to the floor.
“want me to help you shopping?” he offered and y/n gives him a nod with a happy smile, her heart beat faster as they walked next to each other.
then it hits her.
for the first time in her life, she felt alive.
no, no! she shouldn’t have feeling this way. she’s married, but like she said before, love cant be forced.
“y/n! where have you been? i was so worried that something happened to you.” draco quickly approaching her as soon as she entered the house.
“i’m sorry draco. i got so lost in time getting all of these..” she apologized. shit, now she feels guilty for him.
“just dont do that again.” he lead her to the couch after helping her with the groceries.
“here.” he gives her the invitation and placed it on her hand.
“what is it?”
“there’s a gala held by this saturday. and i want you to come with me as my wife.” y/n feels her heart melted at his words but the scene of him and astoria came back to her mind.
“of course, i’ll be there for you.”
draco was waiting for y/n downstairs. its the day, the gala.
y/n is still in their room, finishing off her makeup and hair. after what feels like forever, she finished the last touch. twirling her body in front of the mirror to check her look.
then she walked downstairs, her heels clicking off the stairs making draco looked up to her, he froze in his seat.
tell her draco, tell her she looks breathtaking.
do it, show her that she’s succeded getting inside your heart and have a special place in there.
“you look nice.” he lets out that words instead, cursing himself mentally when he couldnt even compliment her the right way.
“oh, thanks. you dont look bad yourself too” she answered, theres a hint of hurtful in her voice and he blamed himself for it.
they apparated to the gala. seeing all their friends made it to the gala too, catching up with them.
draco gives her a wine, keeping her close to him while he talked to some of their friends.
y/n was feeling bored and her eyes looking around to find her friends but instead, she found him. justin calderone standing next to the drinks.
it was too late for her to look away, he already caught her. their eyes glued into each other for a few seconds before their cheeks heated in embarassment. he smiles at her which make her heart flutters.
but what they didnt realize is that draco beside her was watching the two of them.
watching how y/n gave him a longing look to him. the man she met when they were in the ice cream shop.
he watched how her cheeks heated when he threw her a smile.
he watched how she gets flustered and was shifting uncomfortably.
he wanted to let it go, thinking he was delusional but he saw it with his own eyes.
and when y/n made a reason to go outside to look for some air, he knew he had lost her.
i’m emotional rn so i posted this lol idc
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hillnerd · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ron Weasley
Doin a spell Pen, white gel, Copic and Sharpie 
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hogwartshousefriends · 15 hours ago
Slytherin: *curses Gryffindor*
Hufflepuff: Slow down there. Let’s just talk about this, like two adults, over coffee, or maybe dinner, if you prefer that. There’s a great Thai place up the road, if you like Thai. I’m Hufflepuff, by the way. You must be Slytherin. It’s nice to meet you.
Ravenclaw: Are you asking her out on a date?!
Gryffindor: Are you kidding me?
Hufflepuff: I am negotiating.
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sayilovedragonage · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Back To December
So I finally watched the Harry Potter series, and its pretty good! Though I seemed to have found myself entranced by the crack ships. Sorry Ron, but I have a thing for Slytherins.  
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pottahishotasf · 21 hours ago
Sirius: y/n you're overthinking again...
James: yea, c'mon spit it out.
y/n: erm, if your leg got cut off would it hurt?
Sirius and James: DUHH
y/n: How?
Sirius: Because your leg got cut off fool.
y/n: where are you gonna feel the pain?
Both James and Sirius: In your le...g
y/n: Exactly bruh.. how are you gonna feel the pain in your leg, your leg is gone!!!
All the marauders except for moony: ooooohhhhh....
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shitslytherinssay · 20 hours ago
Why the heck is Harry Potter trending
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Slytherin: *arm around Hufflepuff, standing on a particular property* Perfect for a wedding.
Hufflepuff: I know, right?
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harrypotterhousequotes · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
HUFFLEPUFF: "... if a thing is to be done, there is no time like the hour that has not struck." –Amelia E. Barr (The Maid of Maiden Lane)
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hogwartshousefriends · 3 hours ago
Hufflepuff: *about Slytherin* I can’t help who I’m attracted to, even if it is the… sexy, intense, deadly ones.
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mischiefhasbeenmanaged · 6 hours ago
Marlene: [barging through the door] Lily what’s the problem? Why did you need me right now?
Lily: I’m trying to write my vows and [sighing] this is all I have [pointing to paper in front of her]
Marlene: Well..that’s a nice picture you drew of yourself in a wedding dress
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