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Ch. 42 is up of “A Light in the Dark” !

This chapter - Been thirsting for some lemony Lex and Diana goodness? Lex has been, too, despite all the cockblocking. And on a much more wholesome note, Wally pays a visit to Wayne Manor to check on Clark. 

(Justice League: Animated Series) Diana knows that she and Bruce have a connection. But it’s always push and pull and Bruce always ends their tango with pushing her away. Until the next time. Except one night at a charity ball, none other than Lex Luthor notices Diana’s sadness and offers a dance to make Bruce jealous. Instead, Lex accidentally makes Diana fall in love with him - and Bruce and the Justice League have to figure out how to deal with the aftermath.

[Future updates will probably be every 3-4 weeks until Red Knight is finished (very soon! only a few chapters left!) Then, we’ll most likely be back to bi-weekly updates.]

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How many times has Kendra punched Luthor in the face since this whole thing with source wall/totality/perpetua thing started?

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