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#Hayakawa Mitsuhiro
Team Kaijo are seated in the crowd as their s/o is about to perform (athletic, musical, dance, or ect). How do they react when their s/o blows them a kiss before she starts?

Hayakawa: He’s a mess, trying to hide behind his hands. He can feel the many stares, especially after making a squeak, and he shrinks in his chair. Not once does he take his eyes off you.

Kasamatsu: Internally, he’s scolding you for not being professional. On the outside, his cheeks are burning from the small intimate gesture. He tries to keep a neutral face, but he corner of his mouth curls against his wishes, and he sits up straight, watching your performance.

Kise: He’s quick to return the gesture, ignoring the many stares from several fangirls. He’s proud of you , grinning from ear to ear, and waving his hands frantically to show his enthusiasm. The smile on your face is worth it.

Kobori: He gives a curt nod, keeping himself composed as you begin to play. Not once does he move from his seat, focused completely on the sound. And he feels his heart swell with pride.

Moriyama: He’s quick to shout how much he loves you, adding a wink for good measure . He can tell you’re trying not to laugh, further making his heart race in his chest. But he’s unable to keep his composure, doing everything he can to show his support.

Nakamura: Pushes his glasses up to hide the faint blush on his cheeks. Its hard for him to keep neutral, because he’s much more reserved, but he wants to show his support. So he tries his best to keep his eyes on you.

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How would the Kaijo members react when there S/O comes to practice drenched from the rain because her umbrella broke and her shirt *cough* is kinda see through and the other members start gawaking at her.

These guys are such precious dorks.. This is how it would go..

Hayakawa: Immediately turns red, left speechless at your appearance. It takes him a bit of time, and a lot of awkwardness, before he snaps out of his gawking and begins fussing. 

Kasamatsu: Nearly faints, if not for him remembering he’s at school. His brain shuts down and he can’t concentrate with you soaking in front of him. He’s quick to grab a towel, though shoots everyone a glare, because he’s still speechless, and helps you get dry.

Kise: Gets possessive!! It’s one thing if you’re alone and showing off more than necessary.. But this is at practice, and he doesn’t like how his team stares at you. So he’s already running to you, whisking you from everyone and takes you to a more private place. He forces you to wear his jacket for the rest of the day, not that you complain.

Kobori: He’s fussing over you like a mother would. He doesn’t want you getting sick, so he brings you to the showers, watching the door to make sure no one comes in. When you dry off, he dresses you in his clothes, drying your  hair with a towel and presses a soft kiss to your forehead. He doesn’t leave your side the entire time.

Moriyama: He’s secretly enjoying seeing your bra, considering he’s never seen that one before! But the idea of men seeing you the way HE should, makes him upset. So he helps you get into comfortable clothes, before leaving a tiny hickey on your neck, as a reminder you’re his.

Nakamura: He’s shaking from nerves when you come running to him. So much is showing,  and he doesn’t want to embarrass you further.. Instead of making a scene, he’ll calmly take you away, grab a clean towel, and helps you into dry clothes. He’ll offer to walk you home,  because he doesn’t like the idea of you being alone after what happened in the gym.

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Team Kaijo notice their s/o is staring into space, lost in thought. How do they get her to snap out of it?

OOOO this one is soo cute!! I hope you like them ^^

Hayakawa: He’s at a complete loss, because he’s never seen you so focused.. so attentive on something other than homework and himself.. But he’s fascinated at how you look, so he tries his best to remain quiet… It doesn’t last long as he slams the door on accident, and begins to freak out, startling you from your peaceful trance.

Kasamatsu: He wonders what you’re looking at, but watches carefully from the door. There’s a part of him that wants to catch your attention, but seeing you in a peaceful trance is… beautiful. So he chooses to sit beside you, carefully wrapping his arm around your shoulder. He immediately starts blushing when you smile at him and lean into his embrace.

Kise: He can’t help but squeal when you’re staring out the window.. God, there’s just something about it that makes him… giddy.. So he’s quick to take a picture, keeping it as his screensaver, before proceeding to silence your startled cries with a kiss.

Kobori: He decides to join you on the bench, rubbing your shoulder carefully.. As much as he doesn’t want to disturb you, practice is over and he’d rather see you staring into space somewhere else. When you look at him, he smiles, moving to rub your leg before helping you stand.

Moriyama: He’s clueless as to what you’re looking at, because he doesn’t see anything… But the idea of you being so… relaxed makes him happy, instead of seeing you worry about everything. Wanting the attention for himself, he picks you up, smiling at your squeal and carries you to the bedroom where he gets all your attention for himself.

Nakamura: He’s happy for the silence, because it gives him time to think. Rather than try to force your attention his way, he joins you on the couch, wrapping one arm around you. He tries not to make a sound, though a small grunt leaves his lips when you rest your head on his shoulder. His cheeks are warm, but he’s glad you know he’s there for you.

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