incorrectbatfam 2 days ago
Tim using his middle child privilege
Tim brings a blood-stained gun from a crime scene into the Batcave but forgets to put it in an evidence bag so when Bruce sees it laying on the table Jason gets chewed out
And he manages to get away with a whole-ass amateur drag queen side hustle because all the clothes and accessories he leaves laying around get pinned on the girls or Dick
At the same time, Tim knows he shares the middle child status with everyone except Dick and Damian
Tim and Duke form the Middle Child Coalition
And imagine Cass and Jason's faces when they're denied entry
Tim's reasoning is that they don't qualify for true Middle Child status since Cass is Bruce's princess and Jason is the black sheep who Bruce keeps the closest eye on
Whenever Tim wants something from an older sibling, Bruce tells them to give it because Tim's younger
And when he wants something to Damian, Bruce tells him to give it because Tim's older
Tim can literally sneak the entire Young Justice team into the manor, raid the entire kitchen in plain sight, and pull an all-night karaoke slumber party and no one will notice
Except for Duke
But he can't snitch because he was invited
Tim can get his brothers to blame each other for stealing clothes that he's literally wearing at the moment
Not even Bruce is safe鈥攈e gets the brunt end of Alfred's wrath when Tim puts a bowl of ramen in the microwave for 2 hours and 30 minutes instead of 2 minutes and 30 seconds
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ashdreams2023 2 days ago
I was wondering if you could do some headcanons on how the avengers would react to certain couple-y things that Loki and the fem!reader do around stark tower?
Thank you for your consideration,
-Izzy 馃挌馃煩馃煝馃悕馃敧
Avengers reacting to you and Loki doing couple things
Natasha would be the first person to notice them, how you two giggled when you made a mess in the kitchen
Bruce feels a little shy when he walks in on you two just cuddling on the couch alone
Tony almost always rolls his eyes when he鈥檚 looking for you but you鈥檙e asleep on top of Loki
Peter takes sneak pictures of when Loki let鈥檚 you braid his hair
Loki will only kneel for you, and when he does it to tie your heels or shoes in general the group kinda of just bite their tongues
Thor things it鈥檚 adorable how you鈥檙e always latching to Loki鈥檚 arm
Pepper finds it so soft when you two slow dance alone while in some party
Steve smiles to Himself when you do a little fashion show after coming from shopping and Loki just keeps throwing complement after another
Everyone can see how down bad Loki is when you do something cute or get dolled up for an event or a cute date
Natasha can鈥檛 help but smile cheekily when you defend Loki and get all worked up
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Tumblr media
That鈥檚 all I can think about after season 4鈥
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dirtyvulture a day ago
i hc that g!p!nat goes absolutely feral when getting head AND that it鈥檚 the only way to ease her when she get jealous, can i please request some feral and jealous nat? :(
18+ only, read at your own risk
So...You and Nat attend a lot of parties together, and while your girlfriend is usually the center of attention, you attract a lot in your own right. Guys and girls come up to flirt with you, and while you鈥檙e polite in turning them away, Natasha is not.
She鈥檒l come up behind you and hold onto your waist aggressively, sometimes pulling you against her so hard you can feel the bulge in her pants.聽
In public, you can only calm her down with your words and touches (over the clothes), but you know the second you two get behind closed doors, she has her pants down and you on your knees.聽聽
You take her cock in your mouth until your lips press against the skin of her hips, and every time you moan, it causes vibrations that have Nat鈥檚 eyes rolling to the back of her head. She grabs fistfuls of your hair to hold you in place as she fucks your throat, and her own moans sound more like growls.
But you can take every inch of her no problem, your fingers digging into her thighs to steady yourself. You can almost feel her heartbeat in your mouth and Natasha pounds into you harder the closer she gets to her release.聽
When she finally loses control, you keep sucking until she practically has to pull you off her cock. You make sure to clean every drop, leaving her cock shiny with your spit. Her eyes darken as she watches you, and she scoops you up and carries you all the way back to your bedroom.
Also, headcanons are so fun, please send me more. 馃ズ
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killingick 2 days ago
Hoodie: She blocked me鈥
BEN: Oh鈥 are you okay?- what are you doing
Hoodie putting his shoes on: I鈥檓 fine
BEN: Then why are you putting your shoes on鈥
Hoodie: She blocked me, so i鈥檇 assume that means she wants to see me in person.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary: things the mha boys and girls do that you鈥檇 find attractive
pairings: izuku midoriya, katsuki bakugo, shoto todoroki, denki kaminari, kyoka jirou, mina ashido
rating: 鈽 鈽
requested?: N
gender neutral!reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
WHISPERING IN YOUR EAR. Whenever Izuku needed to get his point across but couldn't say It out loud, he'd put his hand on the small of your back and guide you closer to him and whisper/mumble down in your ear. Most of the time, he didn't have something that important to say, but the hot of his breath on your ear and jawline would always send shivers down your spine.
BEING AFFECTIONATE IN PUBLIC. Izuku was more than happy to show you off. He wasn't the cocky type, but when it came to you, you were like his prized possession. He was never afraid to hold your hand when you walked around the mall together, or even hug you from behind when he was craving your touch a little more than usual.
TAKING OFF HIS SHIRT FROM THE BACK. When Izuku is back from training and in his dorm room, he wants nothing more than to take the sweaty UA uniform he鈥檚 had on all evening. With you in the room or not, he鈥檚 desperate to put back on the comfy pajamas he owned. He鈥檒l grab the hem on his shirt that just barely touched the tufts of hair on the back of his head and pull upwards, showing off his arm muscles and toned body.
WEARING LOW-HANGING SWEAT PANTS. Bakugo was a teaser. Whenever it was just the two of you alone in his or your dorm he鈥檇 wear these specific gray joggers that he knew drove you mad. Not to mention he鈥檇 keep his shirt off most of the time when you guys were in private so you got the perfect shot of his v-line which he loved catching you stare at.
BEING OVERPROTECTIVE. It was no surprise to anyone when people found out Katsuki had a significant other, he was protective as hell over you. He had little to no temper when someone he didn't like even mentioned your name. Bakugou would make it very clear to everyone that you were taken.
MAINTAINING EYE CONTACT. Whenever Bakugo had something important to tell you, he'd look directly into your eyes, holding you by the shoulder with one hand to make sure you were giving him all your attention. Katsuki didn't like to repeat himself either. Whenever he was done talking he鈥檇 add a little 鈥淕ot it?鈥 to the end to make sure you completely understood.
RUNNING HIS HANDS THROUGH HIS HAIR. Because of his longish hair, when Shoto was training it tended to get in his eyes a lot obstructing his view. Whenever this happened he鈥檇 instinctively push it back to clear his vision and get back to what he was doing without a second thought. He鈥檇 also do this when he was stressed about something without realizing it, giving you a subtle hint he was working himself (and you) up.
HAVING HIS HAND ON YOUR THIGH. Shoto always sat next to you at lunch, that was a given. This poor boy couldn't even stand the thought of being even somewhat away from you. Every day without fail, unless you were holding his hand, he'd test his palm right above your knee, completely oblivious to the effect it had on you. Whenever he had to use his hand for something, he'd do it quick so it could go back to its original place.
HIS MORNING VOICE. Ever since the dorms were implemented, you and Shoto took it upon yourselves to start sleeping in the same bed together. It was a simple act of romance, but it was something he enjoyed. Because of this, whenever you'd wake him up (or vice versa) for school he'd grant you with that sweet, deep morning voice he had.
SLEEPING SHIRTLESS. Denki slept hot. Whenever he went to bed (with you or not) he hated having his shirt on since he鈥檇 always wake up so sweaty in the morning. The first night you slept over he鈥檇 think nothing of it and slide it off without a second thought. After some explanation from him, it became second nature to you both, even asking you to help him undress when he was extra sore.
DRIVING WITH TWO FINGERS. We've seen that Denki knew how to drive. He wasn't a master or a drag racer of any kind but he knew how to manage himself on the road. Whenever he wanted to show off and relieve some tension, he'd keep two hands on the steering wheel with his head relaxed on the headrest and a hand firmly grasped on your thigh
SHOWS HIS HAPPY TRAIL WHILE STRETCHING. Kaminari will always stretch right before training or sparring, flexing all his muscles one way or another. When he did this, the bottom of his shirt would lift ever so slightly, showing off his happy trail.
BEING OVERPROTECTIVE. Surprisingly, Kyoka would be incredibly protective of her significant other. She wasn't as bad as Bakugo of course, but she wasn't afraid to give someone the dirtiest glare she could muster when she realized they were making a move on you. This wasn't limited to just jealousy either. If someone had talked bad about you that she was in earshot of, she'd make sure they'd never do it again.
BITING HER LIP. When Kyoka was concentrated on something like school work or strategies. She'd bite down on her lower lip while staring at whatever was in front of her with focused eyes. She'd also twirl her earphone jacks when doing this.
DRAPING HER ARM OVER THE COUCH AROUND YOU. Jirou wasn't the best with PDA. She didn't want to make those around her feel awkward or uncomfortable with her constantly touching and kissing you. What she would do, however, is loosely throw her arm around a couch or chair you were sitting in, displaying to everyone around you that you came in a pair.
STEALING YOUR CLOTHES. Mina didn't have much understanding of personal boundaries. Whenever she saw something in your drawers that she liked (and could fit her) she鈥檇 gladly slip it on, and continue to act as if nothing happened. If you were somewhat bigger than her, that'd only excite her more as she鈥檇 feel comfy in your bigger clothes. She also liked to smell them because they had your perfume/cologne reminisce on it.
BEING LOUD IN BED. Her bubbly personality wasn't just an outside thing. Whenever you guys were having sex or even just making out, she wanted to show you how good you made her feel. Not only would her moans exhilarate you, but so would her words. She wouldn't think twice about telling you 鈥榯o go faster,鈥 or how good you were doing to please her either.
BEING TOUCHY. Mina loved everything about you, including your body and she certainly wasn't afraid to show it. When you guys were being casual she'd have an arm around your waist to hold you close. However, when she was in a silly mood or just wanted more, nothing could stop her from getting a little squeeze of your ass or thighs (and if you were an AFAB reader, she鈥檇 do the same with your chest).
Tumblr media Tumblr media
漏 2022 happyteapots
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shuchu 2 days ago
鈾*鈾♀垶:锝.锝÷爐erms of endearment with luxiem + shoto聽锝.锝:鈭炩櫋*鈾
characters: vox akuma ; mysta rias ; luca kaneshiro ; ike eveland ; shu yamino ; shoto
warnings: slightly suggestive w/ vox鈥檚?聽
author notes: aaa first post! i hope i did well聽..銉伙拷锟斤拷(銆傦紴锛)銈 writing this made me all blushy hehe, i love them sm聽鈾 feel free to give me feedback on this post and/or send in ideas for my next posts!! decorative dividers credit to: @/mykaesu on twt聽 *:锝ワ緹鉁*:锝ワ緹鉁
Tumblr media
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 鈥渟weet thing鈥,聽鈥渄arling鈥,聽鈥済orgeous鈥,聽鈥渓ove鈥,聽鈥渕y love鈥
vox is very good with his words, well, he is the voice demon after all
vox is such a romantic and i just imagine him being all soft when he鈥檚 with you. he鈥檇 do anything for you, literally
i feel like vox would absently trace shapes on your thigh when you鈥檙e sitting next to him while he鈥檚 working on stuff for stream or on projects. if you wanna move somewhere else or just go to the bathroom he鈥檇 be like, 鈥渨here鈥檙e you going my love?鈥
after a night of passion (hehe) he鈥檇 definitely hold you close, stroke your hair and say, 鈥測ou did so well for me today gorgeous. i love you, my sweet thing鈥︹澛
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 鈥渂abe鈥,聽鈥渂aby鈥,聽鈥渃utie鈥,聽鈥渕ommy鈥 (if he鈥檚 feeling cheeky)
mysta is so goofy and playful when interacting with others but around you, he quite literally becomes a puddle or even a cat (well he is a fox so鈥)
if mysta鈥檚 feeling frisky he鈥檇 call you 鈥渕ommy鈥 just to see how you鈥檇 react. when you reply, calling him a bo鈥檕m he鈥檇 laugh and tell you to shut up (he secretly likes calling you mommy)
when you鈥檙e in the kitchen cooking up dinner for the both of you, he鈥檇 pop in after he鈥檚 done with streaming and say,聽鈥渉ey cutie, what鈥檚 for dinner?鈥 while learning against the counter, looking at you with his adorable smile
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽鈥渂abe鈥,聽鈥渂aby鈥,聽鈥渉oney鈥
i just have this feeling that luca wouldn鈥檛 use as many聽terms of endearment compared to the others
he likes calling you 鈥渂abe鈥 most of the time, though the thought of him calling you 鈥渉oney鈥 the minute he wakes up??? like imagine morning voice luca saying, 鈥済ood morning honey鈥 and giving that sleepy smile鈥m gone. hana has ascended (//鈻//)
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽鈥渂abe鈥,聽鈥渟weetheart鈥,聽鈥渟weetie鈥,聽鈥 盲lskling鈥 (darling in swedish),聽鈥渕y love鈥
i imagine that ike would be the type to just stop what he鈥檚 doing and admire you. when you catch him, he smiles and says, 鈥渋鈥檓 just admiring you sweetheart...and thinking about how lucky i am鈥
now i鈥檓 thinking about morning voice ike, he鈥檇 pull you close and say, 鈥済ood morning my love, did you sleep well?鈥 while stroking your cheek and again, admiring you
ike tends to stay up later than you so after you鈥檝e dozed off, he slips into bed quietly, kisses your forehead and whispers,聽鈥渟leep well 盲lskling, i love you鈥.聽
GAAAAHHH IKE EVELAND, he聽has me in a chokehold (//蠅//)
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽鈥渂abe鈥,聽鈥渂aby鈥,聽鈥渄arling鈥 (married life聽shu brainrot aa)
like luca, i feel like shu would mostly call you 鈥渂abe鈥
i鈥檇 imagine him calling you 鈥渂aby鈥 with the pien face and it makes you wanna squish his cheeks, he鈥檚 so cute i can鈥檛
but also, imagine after both of you get married, you鈥檇 come back from work, he鈥檇 greet you at the door to give you a peck on the lips and a hug saying, 鈥渙kaerinasai anata (welcome home darling)鈥. hana is now deadge聽(锛距紜嗉嶏季)
Tumblr media
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽鈥渂abe鈥,聽鈥渂aby鈥,聽鈥渄arling鈥,聽鈥渉oney鈥
all these are pretty much canon because he uses them with vox #voxto
but i think, like shu and luca he鈥檇 use 鈥渂abe鈥 the most
shoto is such a massive cuddler
he acts all tough on stream but when he鈥檚 with you he gets聽all soft and mushy, asking for cuddles and kisses from you all the time
you鈥檇 be playing a game on your pc, he鈥檇 come in and start whining saying, 鈥渄arling鈥an we go to bed and cuddle now? please?鈥
in the morning you鈥檇 wake up and hear shoto cooking it up in the kitchen
you walk into the kitchen to see shoto making his favourite breakfast food, pancakes
you walk over to him and wrap your arms around him, he鈥檒l then say, 鈥渙h, good morning honey, the pancakes will be done soon okay?鈥 ugh i love shoto, he鈥檚 adorable (醿λ樷專藰醿)聽
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levi-ish a day ago
a/n: some best friend jean to sweeten our nights
stumbling out of the taxi, you and jean leaned onto each other as the cold night engulfed your warm bodies, trying to stay composed enough to enter the building. his hand held tight to your waist and your arm ached from reaching his shoulders, being the man too tall for anyone's sake.
the whole trip upstairs was full of crossing gazes and trying to keep quiet, knowing other residents were fast asleep and being 4am in a sunday night wasn't ideal to get drunk and disturb everyone's peace.
it was a bad idea from the start, but when sasha texted you saying that you should come over (emphasizing that there would be beer), you couldn't just say no. what kind of friend would you be?
but jean was there, and you two always got drunk together, every. damn. time.
started when you were sixteen and you thought it would be a great idea to sneak into his mother's wine cabinet, trying a sip of everything and pretending to know shit about wine tasting as you both put on the worst french accent and swirled the red liquid around the glass. that didn't end well when his mother found you two sleeping on top of each other on the marbled floor.
then there was the incident on eren's birthday, when him and jean thought it would be a great idea to bet who could chug the most beer and it ended with them both throwing up in the pool as you cheered in the background.
and there was prom, then reiner's frat party, then ymir and historia's housewarming, list goes on and on.
in the end of the day, he was your best friend, and you trusted him with your whole life.
"I think your doorman hates me" jean said as he took off his shoes, placing them lazily next to the couch, almost falling on his feet.
"mr. jameson? why?" you turned around, eyes half lidded as you stared at the lanky man.
"he never replies to my 'good mornings'" he kept on rambling. "like, I always wave at him and he just ignores me. I don't get it."
you laughed as you both went into your room. you scanned your dresser for a spare set of clothing for him to sleep on, finding some old shirts in the drawer you separated for him.
鈥渕aybe he thinks you鈥檙e a degenerate鈥 you smirked at him, throwing an old faded sweater from Paradis University at him. 鈥淚 mean, he sees you coming and going at the weirdest hours.鈥
鈥渁nd whose鈥檚 fault is that?鈥 he grabbed it mid air and took off his own shirt to get changed, not minding your presence.
it was usual for you guys to do that kind of thing. you鈥檇 been sleeping over at his every since you can remember. his mother was your second mom and yours was his. you were no stranger to his body, but things started to change when you turned seventeen.
jean had a spurt growth in high school. one day he was this tall stick-like dude and then, one day, after swimming practice, you met him at the pool only to find out that he鈥檇 grown quite an impressive build.
then he grew even bigger, and then he started styling his hair differently, he switched his cologne, his voice wasn鈥檛 as squeaky, and he became a whole ass man. and you couldn鈥檛 help how your heart raced a little every time he took off his shirt around you. and your drunken mind wasn鈥檛 helping either 鈥 imagining how those big hands would feel as his long fingers ran alongside your thighs and his muscular arms would wrap around鈥
jesus fuck, get a grip!
you turned around once more, now trying to find something for you to wear and focusing on anything else but those inconvenient thoughts. you were drunk. that鈥檚 it.
grabbing another sweater and some pajama shorts, you turned quickly and your balance failed you, as gravity worked its magic and you were now falling, only to be met with those same arms that were the roots to your recent desires, now holding you in place.
鈥渨oah there, what鈥檚 the rush?鈥
looking up, you found his face close to yours. you could see the faded freckles that spread across his nose and the stubble you knew he tried so hard to grow, heat pooling on your cheeks as you felt your whole body burn. but you weren鈥檛 alone in this, since you noticed a slight blush creeping onto his face, and you both were too stunned to talk.
鈥測ou have beer breath鈥 you snapped out of your trance as he quickly covered his mouth, furrowing his brows at you.
鈥渟o do you! but you don鈥檛 see me complaining!鈥 you pushed him away jokingly as he fell on the bed, and you took that moment to look anywhere else.
he sat straight and ran a hand across his forehead, brushing his bangs away from his eyes and you couldn't help but stare. everything he did looked like your own special private show, and he was the main event. it wasn't fair how pretty jean was. everything, from his mesmerizing hazel eyes to the dimples that painted his neck, to the v-line that followed his abdomen 鈥 fuck, not again.
you quickly excused yourself to go brush your teeth and he followed right after, taking his own toothbrush that you bought for him a while back, and looking in the mirror, the perfect frame of you sticking so bright, right in front of your eyes and intruding your mind, setting campsite in your brain.
jean seemed to notice how fidgety you got, and the silence surrounded you so thickly as if the whole tension could be cut with a knife, so he grabbed his phone and played some corny one direction song just to fill in the space.
you smiled warmly and finished brushing, shaking your head and singing along to 'they don't know about us' as he punched the air with his fists to the beats.
you were such a fool. that was jean, your best friend. you were so fucking silly to believe that there was something else going on. those dirty thoughts felt so wrong when they were directed at such an innocent face like his. he didn't deserve how your mind thirsted for him.
after finishing the song, you both washed your faces and grabbed water because jean had this strict rule of staying hydrated after drinking 鈥 to lessen the hangover the next day, or something like that.
"do you think eren got mad that I ruined his shirt?" you asked as you pulled the covers just enough so you could dive under.
'it's fine' eren said multiple times as you kept on apologizing, almost annoyed at how much you insisted on buying him a new t-shirt, even when he guaranteed you he couldn't care less.
it wasn't really your fault. sasha had bumped onto you and it made you spill cheap wine on him. you both laughed at first and then your hands gripped his stained shirt as you tried to help, only making it worse.
jean frowned at your mention as he tucked himself in, fluffing the pillow so he could lay his head on. "he said he didn't, right?"
"yea, but like, I ruined it either way."
"why do you care so much about what he thinks?" he said in a playful tone, but there was something that stuck to the back of his throat as he spoke.
you arched a brow. "why the attitude?"
"I don't have an attitude" he hit you with his pillow and you kicked his leg. "jaeger probably deserved it, anyways."
you laughed at him as you placed a hand next to your face, laying on your pillow as he grabbed his own, mimicking your movements. a small sigh left your mouth as you gave him a tight-lipped smile, staring for maybe a little too long.
"are you sleepy?" he asked.
"a little..."
a strand of your hair fell right above your eyes, and you frowned right away, looking at the disturbing piece scrunching your nose. but before you could take it away, you felt jean's long fingers moving it away from your face. he seemed to be deep in his mind as he did so, eyes focusing lower than yours, and 鈥 was he...?
a gasp fell from your lips and he quickly retracted his hand, grabbing his own wrist with the other one, eyes widened in shock. how could he let his heart control his mind?
feeling a little breathless, you tried to pretend that that just didn't happen. at all.
"goodnight then" you nodded and turned around, now facing your wall and grabbing the covers closer to your face so you could hide in embarrassment.
there was nothing actually wrong with that touch. jean had done far further than that in the past, from the lingering cheek kisses to falling asleep on your lap as your fingers dug deep into his scalp. a little ghostly touch to your face wasn't that big of a deal, but in that moment, it felt like it was.
it felt as if you were the most special girl in the world.
and you loved that.
you heard jean's heavy breathing behind you, the air hitting your neck just slightly to make all your hairs stand on your body. from time to time he shifted in place and you felt the duvet moving around you. every little thing he did made you feel nervous, and there was something growing in your lower abdomen as your mind ran all over the place with the deepest, uncontrollable thoughts that you tried so hard to keep hidden in your subconscious, failing miserably.
"jean, we should go to sleep" you whispered, feet rubbing together under the covers as you felt his breathing grow heavier by the minute.
licking your dry lips, you closed your eyes, trying to focus on anything else as both your bodies tried to stay as far away as possible on your cramped bed, while knowing that there was nowhere to run to.
"should we, really?" he whispered back, voice hot on the back of your ear as you felt he scoot closer, until your shoulder met his chest, feeling the scorching body on your own skin.
you tried to say something back, but your voice died in your throat as his hand hesitatingly found place on your side, fingers ghosting the same way they did before but now on uncovered flesh that burned through his nails. you felt your chest growing heavier and heavier as your breathing became erratic, and so did his.
it's just the alcohol acting.
you scooted even closer, your back now glued to his curled form and hardness pinched your thighs, making a small whine escape your mouth. his hand trailed lower until you felt his hot palms applying a small pressure just above your sleeping shorts, his pinky sneaking inside the elastic band.
his breaths grew into small groans as his hips moved just slightly to relieve some of the straining, and your body betrayed you by letting a moan sneak away.
you slapped your mouth, trying to contain yourself, but he was quicker to wrap those long fingers around your wrist, leaving the place where you needed him the most just so he could keep listening to you.
"I want to make you feel good" he said, almost in a plea and you couldn't help but nod, not even bothering to remain in denial. "please, let me make you feel good."
it almost felt as if you had a fever, and cold shivers ran down your spine each time his breath fanned on your neck.
jean lowered his hand once more, not bothering to tease as you felt his fingertips barely brushing against your folds, pulling your shorts and panties to the side just so he could rub those oh-so-long fingers. it almost tickled.
you moaned low and deep, hugging your pillow close to your face as he grunted, playing around with your slick.
鈥渏ean, please鈥 your voice sounded muffled but your whines were clear as a day.
鈥渃an I put it in?鈥 he leaned closer to your ear, lips tickling your love as he placed a fuming hot kiss where your jaw met your neck, making you jump in place. only then you felt his cock pulsating right above your entrance. 鈥渏ust the tip鈥攑lease鈥
there it was again, your voice dying in your throat, and in response, you wrapped your fingers between his where his other hand met your waist, pulling him closer, if it was ever possible.
in a slight movement, his fat tip nudged itself in between your folds, taking rest inside your velvety walls and making it into its own home. both you and jean left slow and soft moans as some of the tension was now relieved. your hand squeezed his, and so did your cunt, letting him know that you had some kind of struggle to take him.
鈥渁h!鈥 he groaned and let his head fall down to your nape, letting a long exhale fall from his lips. 鈥測ou feel even better than I imagined鈥
鈥測-you imagined me?鈥 you turned your face, looking at him over your shoulder and he gasped.
鈥渟hit, you clenched hard鈥 quickly, you relaxed yourself.
he sighed, lifting both of your wrapped hands and placed them above his lips, kissing each of your knuckles so soft you almost didn鈥檛 feel it.
鈥測es, you are in my mind every day. I couldn鈥檛 help but daydream about seeing you first thing in the morning鈥 a kiss, 鈥渓ast thing in the night鈥 another kiss, 鈥渁nd under me.鈥
you looked the other way, trying to avoid his burning gaze, but to no effect. you could still feel it piercing your shoulder.
鈥渏ust let me make you feel good, now, would you?鈥
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lyssys 2 days ago
here have a random wilbur thought ive had on the brain.
just him doing skincare with you most night, and maybe your stressed so you guys do a face mask. sitting on the couch cuddling, watching hamilton probably, while waiting for it to dry.
just jokey self care days with wilbur
pairing: cc!wilbur soot / gn!reader
[rules for requesting]
Self Care Night with Wilbur
You were just doing a little self-care night for yourself
Whenever you had had a really rough day, you would try to make yourself feel better by doing a face mask and skin care and just pampering yourself, and Wilbur knew this
Wilbur finished streaming as soon as he heard you come in the door, and he came to find you in the bathroom, gathering up your materials for a self-care night.聽
鈥淏ad day?鈥
When you looked up, he was leaning his tall form up against the door frame and watching you with a soft smile聽聽
鈥淪o bad, Wil.鈥
He comes in to hug you, squeezing you against him and picking you up to sit you on the bathroom counter.聽
鈥淐an I join in tonight? I鈥檝e been wanting to.鈥澛
鈥淩eally? You鈥檇 want to join?鈥
鈥淚t looks so calming! And you always look so peaceful and refreshed afterward. To be honest, I haven鈥檛 had聽 too great of a day either.鈥澛
He stands between your legs and gently wipes off any makeup you鈥檙e wearing with micellar water
鈥淲il, you can go a little harder than that.鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 want to hurt your pretty face though.鈥
You also wash his face聽
The two of you decide to take a little bubble bath and get all relaxed and calm and clean, and he definitely cuddles up close to you in the bath and puts bubbles on your nose.聽
Washing each other鈥檚 hair :( <3
By the time you decide to get out, the water鈥檚 gone cold and your skin is wrinkly from the bath
When you鈥檙e done you get in your comfiest clothes- obviously in one of Wilbur鈥檚 oversized sweaters and sweatpants
Then you do the facemasks- you have a whole set of them and you let Wilbur pick which one he wants. He of course picks a shiny holographic one or the fanciest one you have
鈥淚s this going to make me pretty?鈥澛
鈥淵ou鈥檙e already pretty, Wil.鈥
He keeps on poking at the mask and you have to take his hands and tell him to stop
When you take off the masks he gives you a little gasp
鈥淥h my god, you鈥檙e so prettyyyyyyy (y/n). I鈥檝e missed this pretty face :)鈥澛
He lets you put like moisturizer on his face and hair products in and his heart gets all warm
You鈥檙e just taking care of each other and it makes you both so sajfjahg
Then you get cozy on the couch and curl up under the softest blankets you have (that have been sitting by the heater to get all toasty)聽 to watch something on tv
Hear me out: painting your nails together
You let him paint your nails, and when they dry, he lets you paint his too
鈥淎re you sure you want me to?鈥澛
鈥淵eah, of course!鈥 He鈥檚 kinda squirmy and bad at sitting still while you paint them, but it turns out okay (and the next time he streams he definitely shows it off to chat- 鈥渓ook, my lovely partner painted my nails for me! Aren鈥檛 they so pretty?鈥)
After all your nails are dry, you snuggle up and end up falling asleep in each other鈥檚 arms, whispering words of affection back and forth
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ananotheroutsider a day ago
in my star wars era, sorry not sorry guys.
Tumblr media
sleeping with anakin skywalker includes:
- have him attached to your body all night.
- but you can't blame him, since he left tatooine, he has certainly felt lonely despite being surrounded by people who love him.
- and honestly, he's afraid you'll leave him.
-he wakes up easily having been raised to be always alert.
- support his head on your chest when sleeping, so you can caress his hair. <3
- before going to sleep, he tells you about his day and you about yours, you talk a little about random things and fall into the arms of Morpheus a while later.
- morning kisses >>>>>>>
- you're forced to sleep in his pajamas because you look extremely small in his clothes.
- have his hands at your sides while he sleeps completely comfortable on you.
- his lips swell a bit when he sleeps, but if you tell him he'll be able to never sleep again in his entire life.
- obi-wan scolds him for being late for some morning training and it's always your fault, no one tells you to be comfortable and warm.
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tozier-lena a day ago
steve munson and eddie harrington as parents
Tumblr media
after all the vecna stuff happened, steve and eddie learned how to get along much better
some dared to say they even became lovers friends
but that鈥檚 a long tale for another day
anyway once the two got married(the 80s weren鈥檛 homophobic ofc), settled down, actually became decent adults (decent enough for eddie anyway) they wanted to move onto the next step. children.
at first eddie was mortified at the idea
he didn鈥檛 wanna end up like his dad, neglecting his kids and leaving them for something 鈥渂etter鈥
and as prepared as steve was once having been a babysitter for most (all) of his teenage and young adult years he also felt nervous as to not end up as his parents
still, they decided on making it work. knowing that if they kept a group of children alive from a weird demon monster person, they could do it normally for a good eighteen years鈥opefully
their first one was isaac
after leaving hawkins, and indiana as a whole, steve got a good job. it wasn鈥檛 exactly what he loved doing every single day, but it was good enough.
which meant they had fortunately enough money to either adopt or have a surrogate
and surrogate they had
isaac was their first little boy, and looked wildly like steve 鈥渢he hair鈥 harrington
he was lanky like eddie, but had wild brown hair, and was possibly the most charismatic toddler they knew
his full name was isaac dustin harrington munson btw
which made dustin absolutely cry, sob, and pass out when he found out
after isaac they had thomas
who was actually steve harrington
you see, at about age 2 or 3 issac just became eddie munson with no warning
he was loud, wild, and became a straight up munson
while thomas wayne, named after a munson family member, was steve harrington
he was much calmer than his older brother
but about 100x more charismatic
he played sports, swam, and had his first crush at about 3 years old
simply steve harrington
and when isaac was 5 and thomas was 3 they made the big decision to have a third child
and they ended up with their daughter matilda maxine
who ended up being the perfect mix of harrington and munson
she was quieter than the two boys, but was smart like eddie, and sweet like steve
eddie and isaac were the most protective people in her world
no one would look at her, speak to her, or god forbid touch her without their permission
though that didn鈥檛 mean steve or thomas weren鈥檛 protective either
cause y鈥檏now, thomas wasn鈥檛 suspended from school for punching someone for nothing
don鈥檛 make fun of his little sister
about their family :)
steve made it his mission to have normal sunday dinners
and eddie made it his mission to ruin all of them
鈥渄oes anybody wanna say grace?鈥
鈥渋 thought grace died 10 years ago?!鈥
that type of thing
in addition the kids learned quickly if they asked their pop (eddie) about his day it was sure to end in a cafeteria rant
one time he even got on top of the dinner table
steve uh鈥asn鈥檛 impressed
speaking of eddie, he himself made it his mission to attend and like his kids extra curriculars
isaac was a dnd playing and skateboarding fanatic? eddie taught him everything he knew and made sure he had the best skateboard
thomas was on swim team and debate? he went to every match and cheered the loudest every time
matilda was in show choir and dance? he went to every show and learned the dance with her before she went on
he always wanted to be there for his kids no matter what聽
steve, also, cared about his kids a stupid amount
and vowed to never end up like his mother nor father
and i think they both did a damn good job
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ronance i will forever hold you as my favorite headcanon in my silly little gay mind bc the duffers will fail the queer community. i just know it
Tumblr media
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ashdreams2023 2 days ago
Can I please request reader drawing on Loki's hands and playing with his fingers when she is bored鈾★笌
Playing with Loki鈥檚 hands
He usually doesn鈥檛 care what you do to keep yourself entertained when he鈥檚 busy
Including messing around with his hands
It started with painting his nails, which was fine as long as you picked something he liked
Though one day you got the bright idea of drawing on them
You used water colors so he can wash them later
It started as little doodles
Flowers to a tiny house, horns and even creative shapes you鈥檝e seen somewhere
Sometimes when he wears rings you move them around and put each ring on another finger
Comparing the size of his hands to yours
Jokingly wrapping his hand around your neck
Putting paint on his hands and printing on paper like some toddlers
Cupping your face with them
Making him run his long slim fingers through your hair
Holding his hand close to your chest when you cuddle on his lap
Moving his finger along the lines you鈥檙e reading in a book
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prismatic-bell 2 days ago
Mission Brief: Headcanon 01, Q Is A Technophobe
Tumblr media
It's a natural assumption, really.
Q's office has two computers with a total of five screens between them, and a laptop, and a tablet, and nobody's actually sure how many work phones he has (only three are confirmed, but sometimes when all three and his personal are in his locker someone will hear a ringing sound). He's the head of Q Branch, for fuck's sake, the man must adore technology.
Q hates it.
There's a video camera by his door, but it's live feed, not recorded, and he mostly has it because M expressed concern over his 'rather low tech, isn't it' security system. He has a computer at home, but it's a monstrosity he built himself when he was in Year 9 and deliberately never connected to the internet--it doesn't even have an ethernet card. Nobody understands how his fridge still runs when it might actually be older than he is. His television still needs a digital converter box. There's parking available on his street, he could easily afford the expense of a car--has his driver's license, even--but he bikes where he can't walk and takes the Tube where he can't bike, and when the distance is too far for any of those things he pretends he's not grateful for James Bond winning a car from the 1960s as he signs out its decidedly-uncomputerized bulk. When he's at home he has a single-use burner phone by his bed for work--it is to be called only by M or Q Branch employees, only to summon him in, and he replaces it every three months--and all his other work devices go in a Faraday cage he built into the bottom of his record player.
He's a hacker, he explains to Bond one night, when they've unbent enough over a glass of scotch to actually have a halfway normal conversation, and any hacker--indeed, any IT tech--worth their salt knows device opsec is only as good as whoever designed the program, and the Big Three leave more holes in their programming than a good piece of Swiss, and Q isn't an idiot who wants his whole life laid bare to any bored teenager with fifteen minutes and access to instructions on 4chan.
At the MI6 winter holiday party, someone gives Q a gift he opens, and raises his eyebrows at, and stashes in his office.
Two months later, he gives Bond kit for a mission to Seychelles. Bond raises his own eyebrows at the item Q's labeled as a smoke grenade. Bond isn't particularly technologically inclined himself, but the Echo Dot is ubiquitous enough he knows one when he sees one.
Q wraps his fingers firmly around it.
"Bond," he says. "Don't bring it back."
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dirtyvulture 13 hours ago
can u do hc beefy!nat finding comfort in r鈥檚 boobies when she鈥檚 stressed or when she just wants to cuddle 馃憖
18+ only, read at your own risk
Being an Avenger means Natasha has one of the most stressful jobs in the world, so when she comes home after missions, you do whatever you can to help her relax.
First, you鈥檒l shower together, and it鈥檚 never easy for you to see the cuts and bruises along her perfect body. After you lather soap over her broad shoulders and arms, Natasha will stand behind you, resting her chin on your head, and just hold you as water cascades down your bodies. Her hands will trail up your stomach to cup your breasts, but there is nothing sexual about it.
After you rinse and dry off, you guide her to bed, both of you still naked, and lie down next to her. Your back curves against her front, and she wraps her strong arms around you, making you feel safe and comfortable. You guide her hands to your breasts, knowing that the intimate contact will help her sleep faster. When you hear her soft snores against your ear, you know you鈥檝e done your job well.聽
Tumblr/Beefy!Nat鈥檚 obsession with boobs is so funny and wholesome. 馃槶
Send me more Nat x R headcanons!
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pjobroadwayslut14 10 hours ago
eddie munson HATES getting his hair wet, so sometimes steve will invite him over while he鈥檚 swimming so eddie can sit in the beach chair next to the pool with his sunglasses on reading lord of the rings (watching steve swim)
and occasionally at night, eddie will find his way into the pool with hair tied up into a bun so steve will walk around the shallow end and carry him around on his back while they talk
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meembyers 21 hours ago
Healing Party HCs (st4 spoilers)(pre st5)
When Mike writes works, Will does audio versions so Max can listen to them
Mike has a border collie service dog and Will has a samoyed one (both for anxiety/PTSD episodes), they are the best of buddies, and have matching outfits
El covers Max's walking stick and Dustin's crutches with stickers (puffy/glittered ones for Max so she can feel them)
Lucas struggles with insomnia so he'll usually call Dustin during the night and Will during the morning
After Dustin's healing period from his leg injury, he had to keep himself busy. So he ended up finding a passion in baking
El always rambles to Will about his hyperfixations
Will and El both have noise-canceling headphones for their sensory issues. They painted them together
El's comfort food is obviously sweets and treats of varying types, so it's a great thing for her and her bf (Dustin) to bond over
Lucas becomes more in touch with his emotions and El is always the first one to give him the biggest hugs
When things get bad for Mike he gets his comfort from weighted blankets and the heartbeat of Will's chest
Will puts his stuffed animals to good use to keep him propped up in his sleep (which helps with sleep apnea)
Lucas and Max still give each other letters, but this time its in braille
El stims with her powers from time to time
Mike loves to paint his nails and try out new styles, and he usually coats them with a coat of bitter nail polish so he doesn't bite them
Will has a variety of bandage colors he wraps around his hands in between electric power use
Dustin and Mike always try to make new concoctions to see if Max will be able to identify all the ingredients since she now has a heightened sense of taste
Will uses the Cookie Method鈩 to help aid his depression. That being grabbing a cookie from the jar across the bed, and cleaning the room while eating it. Dustin obviously is his supplier
Therapy, so much, for all of them. ALSO tons and tons of group hugs and cuddle piles.
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spocksbrowneyes a day ago
I love that Jim never stops moving while Spock is effortlessly still. They鈥檙e opposites in so many ways, and yet they work together so perfectly. Like, Spock will be meditating as Jim sits across from him, drumming his hands on his knees and humming to himself. They鈥檒l be walking through the halls and Kirk jumps around as they go. I think that watching him would always remind Spock of the planets and their constant motion, and always remind him that Jim is his world.
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soroseful a day ago
avenger men in bed ;)
pairing: bruce banner x reader, bucky barnes x reader, steve rogers x reader, thor x reader, stephen strange x reader
warnings: smut, oral sex (f & m recieving), somnophilia (consensual), hair pulling, semi-public sex, restraints and tying up, choking
a/n: let me know if i missed any warnings :)
Tumblr media
Bruce Banner
you. you you you you it's all about YOU always.
he literally just wants to eat you out like ma'am coochie plssssss
obvi he likes a good blowjob and fucking you, but god there was absolutely no better feeling for him than you sitting on his face.
you barely did it, but when he did, he prayed he could die right then and there with you just grinding on his face
he literally just shoves his fingers in his mouth after fingerblasting you cause he's so obsessed with your taste
im sorry but this man absolutely loves to stick a finger in your mouth... the way you suck on it and hallow your cheeks slightly, LORDDDDDDD thats it for him truly
he's more cautious than the rest, but god when he gets horny, he gets HORNY he doesnt gaf where you are
like you guys can be out but he will put his hand in your pants under the table as subtle as possible and then suck on his finger in front of everyone, pretending he was just cleaning some food off his finger
like horny bruce is an absolute different person....
he just doesn't even think about cumming he just gets absolute and total pleasure from watching you finish, there are so many nights he forgets and doesnt cum, and he doesnt care
after care is his thing, he doesn't even mean to do it, he just loves you
brings you tea and some midnight snack while you guys play a board game or watch a movie after
but then he wants to fuck like 5 mins later cuz this man is so desperate for ur cookie ong
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes
he's definitely rougher with you, into more bdsm type stuff and is super experimental
i feel like he's so into mutual masturbation
like nothing would get him off like telling you what to do while you touch yourself, making you cum without even touching you
mild choking would fs be a thing, but i think he would just always tie you up somehow
metal hand metal hand metal hand
if he doesn't have a tie to tie you up with, his metal hand pushing you down does the job
vertical sixty nine. i said it.
he loves watching you cum, like seriously, the sight of you moaning and twitching relentlessly is enough to make him cream his pants like a teenager
he'd be a huge talker
"you're so good for me" "i'm gonna cum if you keep doing that" "i just wanna fuck the brat out of you" shit like that yk
i think he likes to take control to kind of cope with the fact that he never had any, but its all safe and fun, esp for you cuz yum
this is so random but i can just imagine him coming into the kitchen while you prepared a snack and just putting whipped cream or icing or something like that on your and sucking it off. like its so him
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers
i know a sub when i see one.
this man is a knee begger crier all of it like
i can imagine the first time you guys are in the bedroom, making out more heated than normal and all of a sudden this man WHIMPERS
hes such a boob guy
peace and luv but he is so desperate
like you guys will be out eating dinner with the others and you'll just see his pecker staring at you
he wants you everywhere and any time.
i could imagine you at tony's for some cocktail party, and you go to the restroom to take a piss, but you cant cuz your 6 foot something super human boyfriend is already in the stall waiting for you, hand in pants
he just humps you like a dog and whines so loud, hes definitely a moaner j whispering in your ear in public "im so hard right now, please touch me, i'll do anything" "you're so hot, please just jack me off before i cream my pants just looking at you, god"
HANDJOBS god, you just sitting next to him and jacking him off while you whisper simple "good boy" "you like that, baby?" in his ear... he'd just be thrusting into your hand and moaning so loud he can barely hear you
he loves when you use him to get off, like when you ride his thigh or abs
THAT AMAZONIAN POSITION FUCK WHAT IS IT CALLED cuz god ik steve would just absolutely cumbust when you did it
he basically j loves being your bitch and wants you all the time
Tumblr media
i do not fear much, but lord knows i fear being anywhere within a 100-foot radius of a bed with this man.
he will literally fuck you until you're on the brink of unconsciousness
he's in control but in a more aggressive (consensual) way
FREE USE i j know this man loves to just eat you or fuck you when you're cooking or watching tv, using you when he wants
he loves fucking you in your sleep (you agreed and spoke about it before, its 100% consensual)
like he literally naturally wakes up at 8 everyday just to finger fuck you til you wake up
this man comes home and doesn't even say shit, just bends you over and goes to pound town
no bro face fucking???? absolutely his thing
theres nothing hotter for him than grabbing your hair and just thrusting in and out
the slightly watered eyes, the messy spit, god he sometimes comes close to cumming just THINKING about it
he shows no mercy. oh, you came 10 times and cant move? too bad spread your legs
since he's so rough, i feel like he'd get a little guilty and do the absolute MOST to pamper you afterwards
face masks, full body massages, he'd even give you a little nail trim. like you're in a whole mf spa after you fuck
Tumblr media
Stephen Strange
confidence. this man has it. (ok but if i looked like him i would too tbh)
he's so chill it scares u, like what is this man up to???? even when he takes control, he has this smug chill 'i know it all' tone to him
he absolutely makes you call him doctor when he's in control...
he loves blowjobs like fuck there is nothing hotter than watching you so passionate about taking the most of him you can, the sight of it is even hotter than the feeling
"you're so warm, fuck, just a little longer" "you're being so good, i'll give you a reward, darling, don't worry."
THIS MAN IS AN ABSURDLY GOOD PUSSY EATER LIKE not like ohhh thats a dude who can eat puss its like WTF THAT MAN CAN EAT PUSS...
like it is the most toe curling hair pulling lip biting eye rolling headboard grabbing head like where did this man learn so much
i feel like he is in control more often, but every now and then he presses your buttons (not washing the dishes, being late to dinner, leaving dirty clothes everywhere, etc) just to get you angry. once you're mad enough he just says "show me how angry you are"
when hes sub, he still has a certain chill to him, but its hot
his eyebrows furrow and he just does as told, wanting you to touch him
"yes, i promise, i'll be good." "yes, yes, that feels good, thank you" like this man breathes so deep and just groans so loud
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firstprincelovechild a day ago
alex: good morning to everyone except my boyfriend who literally fleed the country overnight to escape talking about his gay feelings and ghosted me right after, not once, BUT TWICE
henry: i thought you said 鈥渋 love the way you look鈥 when i wake up
alex: yeah, the face you make when the first thing you鈥檙e met with upon awakening is an insult
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