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@thefatalmarksman​ said: HC + fashion

send me  ‘ hc ‘  + a word and i’ll write a headcanon about it regarding my character.

Does Marluxia or Lauriam have a sense of fashion? I’d say yes, especially considering we do see his somebody with normal clothes. They seem to be confortable yet not really thrown out there you know? The kind of clothing that could fit everywhere if you ask me.

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  • She has no time for your drama.
  • Doesn’t give a damn about what she looks like.
  • Has done a battle in her pajama.
  • Even if she is no nonsense kind of gal, she gets really flustered when her partner cheers for her and is being cute.
  • Her partner is from another region and they both adore one another.
  • She’s holding a tiny velvet box in her pocket, she’s waiting for a good moment to propose from her partner.
  • But she gets often challenged by tourists, young trainers and old trainers alike so she hasn’t been able to actually propose.
  • After the battle, she’ll walk swiftly to her partner and propose to them as they finally have the time and it feels like a good moment.
  • She invites the player, the rival, professor (their older sibling) and the gym leaders to her wedding.
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I really like this character, Archie or Arch Illager is what he was called and i even come up with a pretty cool headcanon for this character.
(And will explain why he’s wearing a oversized pink sweater :3 )

Also, this is just my headcanon of the game and ending.. so, please do not hate on it or accept it as “canon”

Archie was born during a everlasting war between Villagers and Illagers, he was only a baby when he was given to a Illager Warlord by his parents.. but it wasn’t ill-tent.

The parents were honestly worried for their son and had no choice, these parents were peaceful illagers who don’t want war but were trap between it.
So they had a plan on escaping the illage and to find a new, quiet and peaceful home.

But, alas, the trip is dangerous and they didn’t want to risk their son getting harmed, sick or worst, killed during this trip to sanctuary. 
So, the parents had no choice but to give Archie to the Warlord who promised to take care of Archie (alongside promising that he’ll make a good warrior, much to the parents dismay and heartache but it was too late now).

When Archie hit the age of ten, he was trained to fight but however.. despite being ten he was still the smallest of the illager orphans and he couldn’t even pick up an axe.

So, he was exile by the illagers and deemed “too weak to fight” much to Archie’s dismay, he tried to find sanctuary in each of the enemy’s villages but of course, they didn’t want anything to do with this small illager child.
And of course, you know the whole story, he finds a orb, the orb corrupts him, he takes over the illager village and the villager’s village and lastly, a bunch of heroes defeated him.

The heroes taken Archie to one of the villager’s village to be spoken to by the grand villager leader, who of course, wanted the young child executed for his crimes against Minecraftia and their village.

But the main hero fought for the illager’s life and Archie even explain about how he was an orphan and his parents had given him up to the warlord.
The grand villager thought for a moment but agreed to let the illager live and even wanted to welcome him open arms to the village as his adoptive son.

The little illager Archie, was accept by (nearly) every villager and even gotten a family with the grand villager and his wife Marian who made him a (oversized) pink sweater.

Despite being a “girly” color, Archie seems to like it.

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Headcanon: Logan will very routinely just forget how to speak English and will often lapse into Spanish or Simlish.

Like, Logan is self-taught, right? And you know how sometimes you can learn something super complicated and forget the simpler things, right? (Like, completing a difficult test and forgetting your own name but you can recite the Pythagorean theorem in your sleep.) It’s sort of like that.

Also, he and Roman would talk in Spanish a lot when they’re just gossiping or talking about something more private. Or if it’s just the two of them, since Logan believes it’s the best way to keep practising.

He also usually ends up just confusing himself.

Imagine him in the kitchen, half-asleep and thinking he’s talking to Roman.


Logan: -y yo dijo, “Eso es una mierda. Necisitamos abordar… el…”





Logan: You’re not Roman.


Logan: I mean this in the nicest way possible, but shut up before I… uh…

Logan, sighing and turning to Roman: Ugh. ¿Roman, como se dice ‘un zapato’ en inglés?

Roman: A shoe?

Logan, nodding: That’s it.

Logan, turning back to whoever he was talking to: Shut up before I throw a shoe at your head.


Additionally: Remus also knows Spanish and sometimes helps Logan, who practises on Roman.

Logan: Hola, Roman. ¿Te gustaria tener sexo conmigo?

Roman, wheezing: You WHAT?!

Logan: Pardon?

Roman: Wha- no, I do not!

Logan: What?

Logan: *Puts it into a translator*




Logan: Goddammnit, Remus.


AND: he knows a bunch of other languages, too! Which make it pretty difficult for him to get his point across when he’s either spaced out or too overwhelmed to think properly.

Patton: Uh, what do you think, Logan?

Logan, half-asleep: Uh, non.

Virgil: What?

Logan: Oh, uh, je ne sais pas.

Virgil: What?!

Logan: Sorry, ich weiß nicht

Logan: Um, hindi ko alam

Logan: Wait, uh- yo no sé



Logan: *Becomes weirdly silent as he loses his whole sense of self*

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Requested:  hiii! i rlly love ur one shots, so i was wondering if u would do a Katherine x Fem!Reader? it’s oki if u can’t :)

Warnings: some smutty(ish) stuff 

A/N: I don’t really write one shots so I’m not sure if you meant a headcanon or something else so I’m sorry if this isn’t exactly what you wanted, but nonetheless I’m glad that you love them :)


  • You and Katherine always had an on and off relationship
  • One minute you loved each other 
  • The next you were trying to rip each others throats out
  • None of the boys eve paid much attention to it
  • Knowing you both would get over it soon enough
  • It wasn’t uncommon for one of you to come to the lodging house a day after an argument with hickeys littering your necks
  • You’d always find your way to your favorite alley
  • One of you pinned against the brick wall while the other went to town
  • Both of you tried to be stubborn and keep quiet
  • But the arguments melted away once the first moan left either of your lips
  • It had almost been a way of both of you giving in
  • You couldn’t remember all the times it would take almost an hour just to get the smallest noise to come from either of you
  • You couldn’t stop loving Katherine no matter how much you argued
  • You couldn’t help but think that had been the only thing that kept you both together
  • It wasn’t ever big arguments, only arguing about the smallest things
  • It had seemed that any real problem you both had would actually be talked about
  • On the other hand you remembered you’d argued about a sock left on Katherine’s floor
  • There was no doubt that both of you loved each other to death
  • No matter the reason for arguments, you both still slept peacefully in each other’s arms at night 


Tag List:  @mathletemadison @hats-or-badges @theatrequeer @snakeyboimusical @mariah-vg @briefexpertgladiator @the-moon-looks-old-and-gray @neko-kaiyo

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Originally posted by baka-kags-blog

  • Nishinoya - honestly, for the top two it goes without saying
  • Tanaka
  • Daichi - would try to progress their relationship further step by step
  • Ennoshita
  • Kiyoko - probably in a different manner than you’d imagine but y’know it works
  • Sugawara
  • Hinata
  • Kageyama
  • Kinoshita
  • Narita
  • Tsukishima
  • Yamaguchi
  • Yachi - the bottom ones are more likely to go with the flow
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Bambietta, like all Quincy, can manifest a bow. But her preferred type of Heilig Bogen is a sword in the style of a Chinese Dao, and a Zulfiqar. This is because Lord Haschwalth uses a sword and she’s certain her own proficiency will earn his attention.

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DCA Events

Ever since the fairy gala event I decided to make a list of supposed events in DCA but they won’t get any art yet after I’ve finished with the stuff I need to do first.

Spring Events:

  • Horse Parade Event - An event for those who participate in the derby and horse shows. They dress up their horses with a flag of their dorm and dress up in royal derby attire for the parade.
  • Royal Tea Event - a huge tea party dedicated to the historical figures is held in the school’s garden where they dress up in preppy style dresses and enjoy tea and sweets.

Summer Events:

  • Crystal Beach Party - A summer holiday where students gather near the beach to enjoy the summer activities.

Fall Events:

  • Masquerade Ball Event - A ball held in the fall season where students dress up in unique themes and wear matching masks.
  • Dragonfall Festival Event - A festival that is similar to a Chinese new year except it isn’t held on the start of a new year. It is held at the end of fall where the land goes into hibernation in order to give way to a new spring.

Winter Events:

  • Crystal Gala Event - An event that celebrates the glittering snow. The snow fairies come out and dance amongst the snowflakes.

There is also the seasonal idol competitions but I won’t list it yet because I am currently occupied.

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As a side note- If anyone whos read the Keroro manga would know that Pururu’s resonance can clean rooms apparently? 


But since that’s a bit TOO ridiculous for me, I’m just going with that she can do it at a frequency that helps promote healing, ala cats. Hell they can probably do a lot, since music and songs seem to be a big focus of Keronians.

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Peaky Blinders Headcanon: Since he was a kid, John makes a mess every single time he eats. Food gets absolutely everywhere besides a napkin. Everyone from his own parents, when they were around, to his sister, brothers, and aunt would scold him for staining his clothes, knocking over glasses, flipping forks and spoons on his lap, tripping over nothing and sending plates flying. As an adult, it only seemed to get worse, and it passed on to his children, too, all of them worse than the last. He’s the one up late now scrubbing his white collared shirts, thanking God the inky black of his coats showed nothing of his disasters. No matter how much he tried, he could always make a mess out of something It’s become a joke between the family, especially when they have to make a good first impression. All eyes are on John, especially when he’s drunk. Eventually they start to make bets on how fast he can drop his whiskey on his lap.

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Since I’m in a Mood™ here are some of my comfort hc’s for one of my comfort characters:

- Maka is absolutely gonna be one of the first people to recognize when something is off about you. Sometimes, she can see it before you even do. Maybe if you’re being standoffish in a crowd, she’ll make a point of including you more. Maybe it’s asking to tell a story of your funny trip to get food the other day, or asking for your opinion on a question everyone else already answered. Her first instinct is to let you know that she’s with you.

If you’ve been distant lately, she may find an excuse to come see you. She’ll bring your favorite food and claim she was hungry on the way over. She enjoys quiet activities so if you don’t want to talk or do anything, she is perfectly content just being with you while she reads a book. Maybe she’ll nudge you a bit and ask you to do a simple activity with her, like coloring or doing a puzzle.

She’s patient with you, but if she sees that nothing seems to be improving your mood, she’ll be straightforward with you. She’ll tell you that you’ve been acting off and she doesn’t want you to feel like you’re alone in whatever problems you’re facing. You’re her friend and it hurts to see you hurting. Even if it isn’t something tangible that can be solved, she’ll keep staying by your side and keep making time for you until you can feel okay again. She’s a deeply loyal friend and wants you to see the good in yourself.

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