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Cane likes the “Indiana Jones” movies and he understands why some people dislike them. But for him, the objects in the movies are very real.

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Time to ask the age-old question: is Barbara cis?

No one really knows. Like, she probably is? But also is she?

Adam is the cissest boy. He’s great and a giant ally because you can’t really be multiple-gender-loving without being an advocate ally, but like still he’s good boy.

But Barbara.. I mean she’s also multiple-gender-loving but she just.. kinda gives off a vibe? Adam can kinda tell but Betelgeuse can DEFINITELY tell. Other than the fact that they both prefer having vaginas, that “vibe” is mainly why they go to her first when they feel dysphoric.

Betelgeuse asked her about her gender and pronouns once, and she said: “Well, I’m not an egg, but I do feel a bit gnc. I mean, I prefer she, but I don’t require it like you do they, or Adam does he. I’d answer to most things”

So there you have it. She’s.. a bit gender nonconforming, and doesn’t care too much about her pronouns. Still leaves a lot up for question but oh well! We all love her and she’s perfect the way she is

Sorry for the early morning weekend spam but my mind told me this is more important than going back to sleep 👉👉

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So I was looking at screen caps of Sanctuary of The Mandalorian  and I found the moment when Din, Cara and the baby are riding in the wagon to get to the village and I suddenly wanted  a headcanon wish that sometime they get another moment like this but it’s on water, like a river to somewhere. I love water adventures and there could be some good story like fending off a dangerous water beast, marauders or other foul some people on the opposite banks. Trying to stay afloat during rapids, even just keeping baby from getting into too much mischief would be fun.

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Dating James Maguire Would Include…


Originally posted by teratomat

•First meeting James when he moved to Ireland from Britain

•James immediately taking a liking to you because unlike everyone else you don’t seem to mind that he’s British and you’re actually really nice to him

  • “Aren’t you going to make fun of my accent or something?”
  • “Why would I? I think it’s cute”

•The girls recognizing that James has a crush on you and them trying to set you two up. Well all of them except Michelle, she’s convinced that James doesn’t stand a chance with you

•It taking forever for James to admit that he likes you and he does so at a school party after he’s had one too many drinks

•Luckily you like him back, much to James’ great surprise

  • “I really like you and it’s okay if you don’t feel the same way but-“
  • “James stop… I like you too”

•Immediately starting to date after that night and becoming one of the most adorable couples around. Even Michelle thinks so, although she’ll never say it

•You and James studying together and him never failing to admire how smart you are

•James proudly proclaiming that you find his accent cute whenever he gets made fun of for it

•Being absolutely worshipped by James. He’s willing to get you anything and do anything to make you happy

•It being incredibly difficult for you and James to get any alone time because the girls are constantly interrupting you

  • “Can I just be alone with [Y/N] for two seconds?!”
  • “Oh quit you’re whining James”

•Loving how sensitive James can be and him being a phenomenal listener

•Indulging in James’ interest in Doctor Who and him getting you into it

•Affectionately referring to James as your little nerd

•Your boyfriend sometimes being a little self conscious about the idea of you leaving him for someone who’s more of a man but you assure him that you love him

•Being the main reason James decides to stay in Ireland instead of moving back to Britain with his mum


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Order: Are they the type to eat their favorite part of a meal first, or do they save it for the end?

((Tsubasa’s the type to eat her favorite part of the meal first, just in case she gets full towards the end. She’d hate skipping out on her favorite part of the meal.))

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hello! Are matchups currently open? Sorry if youve been asked this before!

Don’t be sorry, dear 🥰 Mathes and headcanons are still open!

- Love, K&S ❤️

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@princessfroslass asked for headcanon a so headcanons she shall receive!

Get ready folks because today I will be spamming.

So I headcanon that Meliodas doesn’t care shit about all the paperwork that comes with being king.

Like, his tanks could be filled with mountains of paperwork, but the moment Tristan or Elizabeth walks in Meliodas swoops all that shit onto the floor and goes “yes my darling, what is it?”. Of course this leads to many many scoldings by his wife, his father in law, and even his son who still thinks of his father as irresponsible…(and small)

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Have you ever search a character so you can watch fanart and read headcanons but actually all the headcanons you can find are like “[character’s name] and how they have sex” or “[character’s name]×reader”?

And you are kinda “why, they are such an interesting character, I would really love to know what people think their day-to-day life would be”.

Yeah, I’m talking about Doppio.

He’s so interesting and we know so little about him! there are so much think you can speculate about.

Maybe I just haven’t search enough? I scrolled for at least two hours in the character’s tag but this is not the first time I can find only sexual(/something romanting implied) things about a character.

So I decide to screw up my fucking tumblr and write my horrible headcanons, whit my inglorious english, about something no one cares about.

You know, people don’t care about what I post anyway so prepare yourself.

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Hello, everyone! I hope you’re having a beautiful weekend💕. This announcement is for three things:

The first: here there’re the request I have:

✨NSFW Thorkell’s scenario- his s/o face fucking (Thorkell POV).

✨Some SFW/NSFW of Jigen

✨Poly relationship: Thorkell, Asgeir and s/o (SFW & NSFW).

✨NSFW Thorkell scenario with dom s/o.

✨Asgeir, Thorkell and Askeladd react to their s/o to tie, tease and control them in the bed.

✨Thorfinn yandere headcanons.

The second announcement is the next week (30-05) I will open the match up request. Yes, I have in the mailbox, I will start for these.

The askbox for the match up will open the Monday 30 and will close the 5 Sunday of April. You know, if you want a match tell about you: your hobbies, your appearance, etc. And the fandom, also you can ask me about the both fandoms.

The third is I was thinking about the last request what I did (ninja stuff) and I pick up a list of tropes and AU of fanfics. If you want use some of this cliches and ask me a request with these parameter.

So there’re:


🌙One bed

🌙Fake dating

🌙Marriage of convenience

🌙5/7/10 things


🌙Enemies to lovers (and all of his variations)

🌙Yandere stuff

🌙Poor-prince/ss stuff

🌙 Hanahaki


🍃Coffeshop AU

🍃Florist’s AU

🍃College AU (I did some request about that but more is a good thing)

🍃Historical AU

🍃Fantasy AU

🍃Any supernatural creature AU (the mosterfucker chart is welcome)

🍃Domestic AU

(If you want complete it, ask something that isn’t on the list always is welcome. You don’t hesitate in ask me whatever you want, if even you think if is a stupid thing or cliché-I love clichés, ask me clichés-).

And If you don’t know something, ask me and I will resolve your doubts.

I don’t write:





I hope you like these ideas, so I hope you have a great weekend and week. Rest and enjoy.💕


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Oikawa crushing on Kageyama’s sister?


Pairing:  Oikawa x Reader

Request: “hello! could you do a headcanon on oikawa finding out about the wing spiker and ace in aoba johsai girls volleyball team and being in awe by her scary and powerful spikes, serves and game sense. she’s usually pretty kind to everyone and easy to get along with but seemed to be a bit cold towards oikawa, later on though he finds out he’s kageyama’s younger sister. but they get close in the end! too detailed?? i just had this at the back of my head for a while and you’re my fav writer 💓💓 - Anonymous”

Note: You’re the sweetest, thank you!! I hope I did your request justice.



Originally posted by alltheanimus

  • One of the Aoba Johsai’s gyms is under construction so the girls and boys volleyball teams are forced to share the gym with each other
  • The team captains thought it would be good to play a girls vs boys match as an ice breaker
  • Your spike is unrivaled and quickly grabs the attention of Oikawa. Every time you slam your hand down on the ball it comes down with such force and precision that he actually saw a few of his teammates flinch.
  • They try to send the same back to you but their spikes are no match for your receiving skills (like goddamn woman are you a Libero or an Ace!? Save some ball for the rest of us)
  • You’re also great at communicating with your team and when your team ended up losing against them you didn’t seem too upset about it
  • Even with your skill though, you’re actually pretty humble
  • You bow, shake hands, and even go above and beyond by going over to certain players on his team and telling them how great they were and asking for advice
  • Oikawa, being the cocky guy he is, walks right up to you when your done talking with one of his teammates and introduces himself
  • He was surprised though when all you said was “I’m Y/N.” And then you walk away. Not even allowing him to continue the conversation.
  • (You always go by your first name just bc you don’t like being compared to your brother so he doesn’t realize the relation until later)
  • His teammates laugh joking about how at least there’s one girl immune to the ‘Oikawa charm’
  • He doesn’t give up though. Anytime he sees you in the gym he always tries talking to you, but you barely pay him any attention
  • He asks around school desperate for some information about you other than your name, and out of the entire school, not one person had something bad to say about you
  • It just frustrated him more. Why was he the only guy you were so cold too? What did he do?
  • He finds out that your Kageyama sister when he sees the two of you hanging out together but he doesn’t catch on right away
  • His first thoughts are “umm excuse me? You’ll give Kageyama a chance but not me? Explain?”
  • He comes up to casually say ‘hi’ and get a grip of what’s going on, but only gets angrier when you call Kageyama by his first name
  • Exactly how close are you two!?
  • He doesn’t realize he’s your brother until you get a call and say “mom wants us home to help with dinner” and you both say goodbye to him and suddenly it clicks. And he feels like an idiot
  • It surprises him but doesn’t change the way he feels about you. He likes you and your nothing like your brother so it doesn’t bother him
  • You don’t start to warm up to him until you see him after school one day coaching the Lil Tykes Volleyball Classroom
  • You end up seeing a side of him you don’t normally see, a less cocky, and nicer version of the usual Oikawa
  • He catches you observing, and with your guard down he makes his move. This time turning down the “Oikawa charm” and approaching you more casually
  • And he actually manages to get a conversation out of you. It’s a short one but he’ll take what he can get
  • The gym is fixed faster than expected so the boys and girls practices are back to being separate
  • But that doesn’t stop him from visiting you almost every day. Because if there’s one thing we know about Oikawa, it’s that the man is persistent
  • And it isn’t until his seventh visit with you, that you finally agree to go on a date with him 
  • (for the rest of the day he had on a smile that not even Iwaizumi can smack off of his face)
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Hi. I know I've already sent you a lot of Kit Fisto head anon requests (and I love every single one, thank you ♥️), but have this weird one floating around in my head: Kit Fisto’s padawan going undercover as a singer... And that's how Kit finds out his padawan is a REALLY good singer. Idk, it was just a weird thought that poped into my head and wouldn't leave me alone...

°he was unsure about letting his padawan go undercover for the first time but since it was the council’s desition he couldn’t argue

°he was to have no communication with them for a few days as to not draw suspicion

°him and his clones where tasked with protecting the real singer and he realised how mush his padawan and the singer looked alike.

°the day of the consert he was tasked with standing above the stage on the look out for the assasin

°his padawan sang and it was beautiful. At first he thought it was a recording of the original singers voice but it wasn’t.

°their voice was powerful and they looked so happy

°he tried not to get distracted since his padawans life was in his hands

°in the middle of the consert he spotted the assassin pointing a gun at his padawan threw a vent.

°he kept into action getting into the vent and taki g down the man without disterbing the consert.

°with the assassin caught and his padawan safe he had time to enjoy the rest of the consert and his padawans singing

°after the consert he met his padawan back stage and told them what had happened and how proud he was of them

°he told them how beautiful and powerful their voice was and that they should Sing more often.

I hope you like it and thank you for the request. Sorry it took so long to do this one iv had a lot of requests and am going threw ones I can think of things for xx

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Hello there! I was kinda bored, so I created a server in Discord to cope with the quarantine. Here, anyone can chat, meet new people or share anything related to Batjokes, Batman or The Joker, like:

  • Fanfics
  • Headcanons
  • Fanart
  • Comics
  • Etc

Feel free to join when you want to! Reblogs helps to reach more people, so they’re appreciated!


(If there’s a problem or something, let me know! My DM’s and asks are always open, also my tag there is BrutalHatter#1083)

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1ST  RULE:  tag  9  muses  you  would  like  to  know  better.
2ND  RULE:  BOLD  the  statements  that  are  true  for  your  muse.
3RD  RULE:  Repost,  DON’T  reblog  ! !

Tagged  by: @luvxxvision
Tagging: @munniexmuses (Muse of your choice), @xxxxtaehyungxxxx0, @mvxnn (Muse of your choice), @graphitecrystals (Muse of your choice), @hidden-among-you (Yoojung), @scarletxaya (Vivian)

NAME: Mamoru
AGE: 28

i  am  5 ’ 7 “  or  taller.  i  have  at  least  one  tattoo.  i  have  at  least  one  piercing. i  have  blonde  hair. i  have  brown  eyes.  i  have  short  hair.  my  abs  are  at  least  somewhat  defined. i  have  or  have  had  braces.

i  love  meeting  new  people.  people  tell  me  that  i’m  funny .  helping  others  with  their  problems  is  a  big  priority  for  me.  i  enjoy  physical  challenges.  i  enjoy  mental  challenges.  i’m  playfully  rude  with  people  i know  well.  i  started  saying  something  ironically  and  now  i can’t  stop  saying  it .  there  is  something  i  would  change  about  my  personality.

i  can  sing  well. i  can  play  an  instrument.  i  can  do  over  30  push  ups  without  stopping.  i’m  a  fast  runner.  i  can  draw  well. i  have  a  good  memory.  i’m  good  at  doing  math  in  my  head. i  can  hold  my  breath  underwater  for  over  a  minute.  i  have  beaten  at  least  2  people  in  arm  wrestling.  i  know  how  to  cook  at  least  3  meals  from  scratch.  i  know  how  to  throw  a  proper  punch.

i  enjoy  playing  sports.  i’m  on  a  sports  team  at  my  school  or  somewhere  else.  i’m in  an  orchestra  or  choir  at  my  school  or  somewhere  else.  i  have  learned  a  new  song  in  the  past  week.  i  work  out  at least  once  a  week.  i’ve  gone  for  runs  at  least  once  a  week in  the  warmer  months.  i  have  drawn  something  in  the  past  month.  i  enjoy  writing.  i  do  or  have  done  martial  arts.

i  have  had  my  first  kiss.  i  have  had  alcohol.  i  have  scored the  winning  goal  in  a  sports  game.  i  have  watched  an  entire season  of  a  tv  show  in  one  sitting.  i  have  been  at  an overnight  event.  i  have  been  in  a  taxi.  i  have  been  in  the  hospital  or  er  in  the  past  year.  i  have  beaten  a  video  game  in  one  day. i  have  visited  another  country.  i  have  been  to  one  of  my  favorite  band’s  concerts.

i’m  in  a  relationship. i  have  a  crush  on  a  celebrity.  i  have  a  crush  on  someone i  know.  i  have  been  in  at  least  3  relationships. i  have never  been  in  a  relationship. i  have  asked  someone  out  or  admitted  my  feelings  to  them.  i  get  crushes  easily.  i  have  had  a  crush  on  someone  for over  a  year.  i  have  been  in  a  relationship  for  at  least  a year. i  have feelings  for  a  friend.

i  have  at  least  one  person  i  consider  a  “ best  friend ”.  i  live  close  to  my  school.  my  parents  are  still  together. i  have  at  least  one  sibling.  i  live  in  the  united  states.  there  is  snow  right  now  where  i  live.  i  have  hung  out  with  a  friend  in  the  past  month.  i  have  a  smartphone.  i  have  at  least  15  cds.  i  share  my  room  with  someone.

i  have  break-danced.  i  know  a  person  named  jamie.  i have  had  a  teacher  with  a  last  name  that’s  hard  to  pronounce. i  have  dyed  my  hair.  i’m  listening  to  one  song  on  repeat right  now.  i  have  punched someone  in  the  past  week.  i  know someone  who  has  gone  to jail.  i  have  broken  a  bone.  i  have eaten  a  waffle  today.  i  know  what  i  want  to  do  with  my life. i  speak  at  least  2  languages.

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Andromeda can’t have kids because her organs were damaged beyond repair just as she entered puberty. That being said, her powers are also not hereditary. There is no way that she can pass it on. That’s for Etro to do. 

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