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theabbystabby · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
LOOK. I know I already did a piece about this but after watching streamers I like play this game they also heavily lean into what they think Susie's canon romantic preferences are when she doesn't even give any real indications that she wants to be in a relationship with ANYONE who hits on her. And for some reason its making me big mad.
All of these are great ships and all but story and character wise its just. Too much. This weird love square makes me feel bad for Susie. She's literally never had good friends before and yall are hopping onto her after 1-2 days of befriending her. CHILL!! ;__;
And before anyone asks, Kris has flavor text insinuating that they have feelings for Susie too. Especially with how Susie Tea works on them and having the options to say/do some romantic things. They also might like Ralsei too (even though its off putting with them looking so much like Asriel, having his name that's an anagram of Asriel, etc.) but they're the only one. He doesn't have a thirsty swarm like Susie does.
I hope this gets addressed properly in the upcoming chapters where she has enough of her closest friends being like this.
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otp-holic · 8 hours ago
A headcanon assaulted me today:
What if when Steve chose the gym to release some “super-strength” frustration after waking up from the ice it was not a random choice at all?
What if Steve chose the one where Bucky trained for boxing matches in the 30s? The one where Bucky (maybe reluctantly) showed Steve how to defend himself, how to fight back?
What if the first time he went there after the ice. He saw that, among the pictures decorating the walls, there was a big (unnamed) picture of Bucky from his boxing days?
What if he told the new management (apparently they just scanned some old pictures they found when they renovated the place and used them as decoration) who that unnamed boxer in the wall was and they added Bucky’s name by his picture?
What if Steve started going there not just to destroy some punching bags with his super strength, but also to read, draw or just to feel close to Bucky?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Good thing that when they meet again and move back to Brooklyn they can visit the place together. I’m sorry I cannot leave it at sad.
(Headcanon and manip fitting @stuckybingo sb045 i3 “super-strength”)
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lotsoffandomimagines · 4 hours ago
Hey Ace, could I possible bother you for some hc of Spencer falling for his TA when he's teaching?
spencer reid falling for his ta while he’s teaching would include…
Tumblr media
warnings: power imbalance (do NOT dare your professors)
Spencer his amazed when you get assigned at his TA you’re much more intelligent then he would have expected
It’s rather refreshing for him to work with someone who’s on a similar IQ level as himself
Not only that but you have similar interests so the arrangement seems like it’s going to work out perfectly
Things become less than perfect when Spencer realizes that, the longer you work as TA, he’s fallen for you
He feels extremely guilty about it. He knows it’s inappropriate of him to have attraction toward someone he’s supposed to be professional with
So he tries to distance himself from you and only interact with you when it involved work but you made it difficult
You always felt so comfortable around Professor Reid and you liked talking to him, so you often appeared in his classroom to talk casually and not just about the essays you were marking for him
It’s frustrating but Spencer can never ask you to leave. He enjoyed your company far too much
Sometimes when you’re alone together he stutters. You have to admit it’s cute to see such a smart man act so awkward
Spencer being the person that he is, wouldn’t dare try asking you out on a date while you’re his TA
He’d have to wait for a time outside the professional setting. Luckily the opportunity presents itself when you’re no longer his TA and you’ve earned your degree
Professor Reid made such an impression on you that you asked him to join you for coffee
Spencer couldn’t have agreed faster. Perhaps he can explore his feelings for you properly now without any of the guilt
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shlutnutt · 23 hours ago
The Evans X Headcanons That Simply Make Sense pt.2
click here for pt 1
(the evans x headcanons that simply make sense)
w: slight nsfw mentions, language usage, mainly fluffy headcanons
Tumblr media
Tate Langdon
admires hugs from behind more than anything
has an immense sweet tooth
loves "bad weather" such as rainstorms, snowstorms and cloudy days
perfers books over tv all anyday
cries whenever he gets the chance, it makes him feel better
into "old style" type of love. flowers, serenades, picnic dates, etc
really into neutral and deep colors such as beige, olive, tan, brown, peach, mustard yellow, wine red
has a natural baby scent
his main porn search history is definitely "hardcore bdsm"
Tumblr media
Kit Walker
literally can't do anything right without music playing in the background, its his fuel
adores the smell of fresh cut grass ( "ahh, see. this the type of stuff i like!")
dedicated 100% to his family
one of the few men to keep his word
smokes cigarettes whenever he's stressed or perhaps even bored
has really rough hands, the dude worked at a mechanic shop, not surprising
a total flirt, but wouldn't go for women who "seem easy" he's always up for a challenge
really fucking smart, just doesn't find the reason to brag about that though
will do literally anything to please his partner, anything.
Tumblr media
Rory Monahan
likes experimenting with his sexual preferences
literally good at anything he do
super fucking energetic he'd go over four consecutive rounds if you'd agree to it
one of the kindest hearts there is
he smells like baked cookies and floral cologne
boobie man
really great with kids and pets
has an unlimited amount of hidden talents
definitely the type to do the funniest dances in night clubs then later on watching videos of himself from that previous night and nearly puking to the view
a great fucking cook, like literally.
when he loves, he loves hard. he's going nowhere
Tumblr media
James March
do not touch his hair, he'll literally kill you.
enjoys spending time alone but when a companion is needed he'll be quick to find one
uses loads of cologne, the man likes to smell good. always.
if complemented, he'll think about it for the rest of the day
spends over $1k on his shoes alone
a total romantic
likes to feel superior, in everything.
pussay pleaser
has many mental issues but would rather die again before admitting to them
hates it when people imitate his accent, he'll definitely give you nasty looks forever if you do so
a trimmer not a shaver
really good at board games
really adventurous when it comes to sex
will try to look as intimidating as possible, in which he has a difficult time doing so since he's got a showstopping appearance
Tumblr media
Peter Maximoff
enjoys dancing around to upbeat music when he's alone
also has an immense sweet tooth but his teeth never defy him, with all the sugar he consumes on a daily
gets well along with kids although he'll probably accidentally break one of their legs trying to show them a pov of what it's like to be him
gamer boy. he'll beat you in any game one way or another, don't try it with him
totally scared to flirt with girls although he'll fake flirt just for fun, but never down for the real deal
really into colorful and pattern clothing
definitely a whiner
he's fucking hilarious, although he believes not everyone believes so, which makes him a bit insecure
he loves reassurance, tell the man how perfect he us and how you'll never leave his side. he needs it
could definitely do some strange things with his inhuman abilities, just ask him, he'll show you ;)
Tumblr media
Kai Anderson
wouldn't admit to his pansexuality for one million dollars.
wakes up as soon as the sun comes out
definitely stares into the mirror and talks to himself from time to time
always knows what to say in an argument, don't even try it with him
a perfect mixture of insensitive and sensitive
perfers his food homemade
loves when people touch his hair, but will he admit to that? no.
feels like shit once in a while to which he looks for comfort in middle aged women.
breeding kink
smokes weed all the time, rolling expert
Tumblr media
Austin Sommers
talks shit about literally everyone to Belle
very dedicated and consistent to his wax, manicure, pedicure and hair appointments
wouldn't go anywhere without his mini mirror
this man's full of creativity, give him a pen and paper, he'll write whatever you want
can be very judgey, i recommend keeping on his good side
smells like alcohol all the time, not the nasty odor though, a heavy elegant alcohol scent
silver jewelry. silver jewelry. silver jewelry.
there's nothing he can't do, from singing, to dancing, acting, writing, performing, anything, everything. he does it all, no shame behind any of it either
can be cocky at times, but he has his reasons for being so
will literally eat anyone who even gives a side eye to anyone he's close to
definitely still does drag, just keeps it lowkey
sex addict
also an amazing pleaser, just gives off the vibes. loves pleasing but rathers get pleased before anything
Tumblr media
Colin Zable
doesn't know 4/5 times what's even going on
definitely into vanilla sex
puppy boy
loves deep formal clothing such as long vests, suits, dressing shoes, etc, it makes him feel great
bagles with coffee for breakfast is his go to
has a thing for thighs-
his awkwardness is mistaken for shyness all the time, he hates it. "why are you so shy?" people would say, to which he would reply with an awkward laugh, hysterically annoyed
really like cologne, the expensive ones. he has a whole collection
falls inlove far too quickly
adores giving and receiving hugs. his love language is definitely touch.
loud during sex
Tumblr media
Kyle Spencer
would sleep anywhere, whether that'd be on a public bench, the literal floor, or even in the middle of the sidewalk, know if he's tired he will get his sleep
likes to play around with his hair since it's got a manageable length, he'll go around sneaking little rubber bands and tying a bunch of tiny ponytails on his head
still has a hard time processing why the fuck he's alive
has a really feminine side, just keeps it lowkey from people in fear of getting shamed by it
definitely mixes up different liquids and powders together and lables them with creative names, he's really proud of them
when he's alone he tries to hold his breath to see how long he'll go before passing out
a total goof ball in general, loves to make people laugh all the time
definitely a hugger, he'll go around hugging everyone and everything, he believes hugs have the same effect on other people that it has on him
has the most adorable laugh, enjoys tickling, pillow fighting and cuddles
Tumblr media
Luke Cooper
has an immense passion for action figures, dude has a whole collection
a whore for head rubs
likes to be babied, anywhere, anytime, but who would refuse? tell him how adorable he is, squeeze his cheecks once in a while, just love the guy!!
definitely a bruno mars fan
his room is probably a mess for sure, but tends to try to clean up by stuffing everything under his bed and in the closet when he knows he'll have a visit
really into bets but kinda pusses out when its time to actually do the bet he lost against
zones out 24/7, daydreaming king
goes to sleep at 4am and wakes up for work at 5:30am
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bastardbvby · 5 hours ago
i am thinking......after techno helps dream escape he tells him he has a home with the syndicate, but he’ll have to take care of the dogs (techno knows dream would never accept free kindness), but dream runs off immediately - after being in the prison for so long, the thought of being stuck in one place doesn’t seem right. until one day techno is walking past the dog house and softly hears them boofing, when he opens the door he sees dream hesitantly reaching out to pet one and once the dogs realize they can trust him they swarm him. he’s soon lost in a soft pile of fluff and techno sees the hint of a smile on his face before he carries on with his walk. 
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otp-holic · an hour ago
Bucky is out of cryo, but not awake yet. Steve lays down beside him and gets under the state-of-the-art blanket (black and white, with a beautiful wakandan pattern) so he can pass on some body heat.
Bucky wakes up to a smiling Steve just inches away from his face. He wets his lips a bit, smiles back, and says: “I knew you would be here, punk.”
Steve cuddles closer and they both fall asleep.
(I needed something soft after that painful edit before going to bed)
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superstition13 · 6 hours ago
NSFW Headcanon (18+)
Pairing: Dabi x Reader 💙
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Aight, but imagine riding Dabi who's handcuffed to the headboard. He's got his head thrown back and he lets out the filthiest the moan, so obscene that it should be illegal. He looks so fucking sexy that you get your phone to take a video to capture the moment, and the second he notices he says something like:
"Fuck yeah sweetheart, make me your porn star."
Good God I would let this man break my back, I kid you not 🥵
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silencer-lemonade · 19 hours ago
Headcanon God!Scott of MCC
c!Scott has a God Name in MCC that no one knows about except for like, all of Noxcrew and some of his friends ((and by some, I mean like, 2 or 3))
I just have the funny image of it being a nice break time during MCC and suddenly you hear Noxite's voice screaming "ASTRAIOS!!" so loud that it reaches all the way to the Gates of MCC. It just, stops everyone and they look over to the Decision Dome with worry and fear in their eyes
Then it just jumps to Scott running past everyone quickly, bumping into them, mumbling "Fuck fuck, shit shit, oh fuck—!!"
Fun Fact : Astraios was the Titan God of Stars, Planets and Art of Astrology
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beyondspaceandstars · 18 hours ago
Hi! Could I request hcs about Yelena Belova and touchstarved gn reader?
A/N: ooooo i love this thank you for requesting it! i hope this is okay, i don't think i've written many touchstarved readers before so i fingers-crossed i did it right :)
i imagine that early on in your relationship with yelena she wouldn't do much touching
besides some hand-holding and kisses, her touches could be lacking, especially in public
there isn't really any reason for it and there certainly was no love lacking between you two
it just seemed that she expressed affection mainly through words or gestures
but unknowingly to yelena, you soaked up every brush of a shoulder and touch of a hand
you absolutely craved feeling your partner against you but when it became clear yelena was not exactly the same, you shied away a bit from it
you hadn't dated in a long time and had even hesitated when it came to going out with yelena
you two could be quite the opposites
she was loud, expressive, opinionated
while you kept more to yourself, liking to watch everything from afar
how you two worked well as partners was beyond most people but it was a good relationship - great, even - except for the sparing touches
yelena hadn't even realized what she was doing to you until one night when you two were watching a movie
halfway through, she was dozing off a bit and leant her body into yours
you audibly sighed in content
yelena was a bit surprised how...relieved you sound to feel her against you
and that was when it hit her
you wanted touch. you longed for it.
"everything okay, love?" she had asked
"yes," you responded. "everything is great."
from then on yelena was so attentive in giving you the affection you needed
the hand-holding turned into her brushing her thumb over the back of your hand or around her arm around yours while you two were out
every now and then she'd let her hand trail up and down your back as a sign of comfort, letting you know she was still there
you were less hesitant to touch her as well
she became pretty open to PDA, amazingly, and you took advantage of it
in the middle of the grocery store you would just throw your arms around her
you were especially always eager to intertwine your fingers with hers
you even would rub her shoulders lovingly when waiting in line at the mall
cuddling became very big for you two
while you usually savored it before bed at night, yelena was taking more opportunities to cuddle you when watching tv or having a picnic in the park
it was such a comfort thing for you and yelena somehow knew it
she reveled in the fact she got to offer you such support and love in a simple way
it was almost reasurring for you two as well
just a little brush of fingers was enough to let the other person know "i'm here. i love you. everything is okay."
yelena's world could get crazy and while you didn't want to admit it, you had some anxiety about it
but it all disappeared once your partner would throw her arm around your shoulder and litter your cheek with kisses
it was crazy what a touch could do
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ankarkitty · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
reddit mods wouldnt let me post this
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heroineoftwilight · 15 hours ago
Having a non-threatening, huggable design:
Sky 🤝 Baymax
Like spooning a warm marshmallow. 💕
(Also both can kick ass if provoked😉)
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lotsoffandomimagines · 6 hours ago
Hi! I’m allergic to cats and I’ve always grown up around dogs. Can you please write headcannons about Sebastian Michealis with an s/o like this? It’s fine if not! :)
sebastian michaelis with a s/o who’s allergic to cats but loves dogs would include…
Tumblr media
warnings: nothing!
Normally Sebastian won’t even associate himself with people who don’t like cats. He thinks they’re foolish
In your case Sebastian acknowledges it’s not your fault that you have allergies. If anything he pities that you’ll never be able to fully enjoy the company of cats
What he isn’t so understanding about is your love of dogs. He thinks they’re foul creatures and can’t stand being around him
However Sebastian would be lying if he said he didn’t like seeing the excited twinkle in your eyes and hearing you giggle when you got to pet a doggie
So he allows you to have dogs around as long as you keep them away from him and he makes sure not to allow any of his cat friends to go near you
When they take in Pluto, Sebastian kind of forces you to take care of him because he can’t be bothered
Luckily Pluto adores you just as much as he adores Sebastian so he lets you give him pats, feed him, play catch, etc
You try to get Sebastian come around to dogs through Pluto which fails but at least you tried 😔💔
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tags: @curlyhairedblueeyedangel / @thingsforimagination / @zeldafreak688 / @natasha-danvers / @simonsbluee / @ravenmoore14 / @rabeccablake / @czarinera / @tvwhoresblog / @curiouslilbeast / @styxiasstuff / @goldenhoney-cas / @crapimahuman / @leighbechilling / @marvelfangirllll / @laudthingcat / @duhsies / @fangirlsarah16 / @mangoessassafras / @issamomma / @poe30 / @barrysimpparker / @asainpersuasion / @lovinghufflepuffgirl / @haroksan / @idklol237 / @inu1gf
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guccimins · 6 hours ago
bts boys taking care of y / n while she is pregnant
jungkook knows nothing about having a child
hormonal changes ? okay . . . morning sickness ? what's that ? weird cravings ? aren't you always in the mood for pickles with chocolate syrup in the middle of the night ?
you kind of have to boss him around because he's so clueless
telling him to bring you ice cream and rub your feet and take you back and forth to your appointments
once you've whipped him into shape , though , the boy is a quick learner
Tumblr media
while he knows a bit more than jk about pregnant women, his knowledge is still limited
taehyung would constantly be asking if you're okay , how you are , " what can i get for you ? "
attentive but not overbearing
he takes a lot of pictures while you're pregnant , so the two of you will have some memories
and you know he'll be taking even more once the baby's here
Tumblr media
jimin is attentive and sweet of course
but you are horny as fuck while you're pregnant
and that's where jimin really shines
he has so much stamina he can go all day for you
not to mention how willing he is to make you cum over and over on his tongue
* bonus : jimin loves sucking on your nipples while you're pregnant because they're so sensitive - " i'm gonna have to say sorry to our baby once they're here ; i'm going to steal all their milk ~ . "
Tumblr media
definition of a ' high value man '
cleans everything , does the dishes and the laundry , constantly doordashes your favorite food
whenever you see him cleaning , you go to stand up and join . " shit , sorry , babe . i don't mean to be so lazy . "
" lazy ? baby, you're pregnant . " he eases you immediately back down to the sofa
the best thing about namjoon is that he isn't just like this when you're pregnant ; he's like this all the time ♡
Tumblr media
hands down the perfect father & husband
he be building shit with his own two hands ; cribs , baby carriers , high seats
not to mention painting the entire nursery himself
and bringing you things before you even have to ask for them
it's like he has a sixth sense - " babe , i could just tell you were craving more oreos so i brought you some . and a few painkillers because i know you've been getting headaches recently "
Tumblr media
yoongi spends all his time talking to the baby
crouching down low over you , putting his mouth right next to your belly
“ this is your mom . “ he pats your stomach . “ and i’m gonna be your dad . . . “
he glances up at you . “ we have to pick a name soon . “
“ why so soon ? “
“ so i can call our baby by her name when we have these little conversations . “
Tumblr media
this man is ecstatic that you're pregnant
like balls to the wall excited
on amazon every chance he gets , every other sentence out of his mouth is " i think we should get this for the baby "
not to mention your weird cravings give him an opportunity to experiment in the kitchen in ways he never has before
" can't say i've ever made ramyeon with candy before , but how hard could it be , right ? "
Tumblr media
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hood-ex · 39 minutes ago
Drunk!Dick Headcanons
I don't necessarily have any because Dick has stated that he doesn't drink. It's why him getting a job as a bartender was a bit ironic (although, there are sober bartenders so 🤷🏻‍♀).
Some writers haven't been super strict with that so we've seen him have one drink with Wally, and he drank champagne at a Wayne event. He also was fine with Donna and Garth buying him a drink. There are probably some other instances where he's had a glass but it's not something I've taken particular note of when reading. So I guess maybe you could say he's a social drinker but usually limits himself to only a glass or so.
However, I did write a fic where Dick got tipsy and had a habit of high-fiving everyone, including Jason. So I guess you could say my headcanon is that he's an excessive high-fiver lmao.
Oh, also... Ric was certainly a drinker. My headcanon for him (which is kinda based on canon events) is that he constantly overtips at restaurants and other places even though he's broke af. I think that could translate over to Dick as well (minus the broke part).
So yeah. What we've come down to is:
Dick becomes an excessive tipper and high-fiver when he gets tipsy.
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harrypotterconfessions · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
While I can see where the headcanon comes from, I've never liked the idea that Percy Weasley was under the Imperius Curse when he abandoned his family. I feel like it takes away from his redemption if we can use the excuse that he wasn't in control of his actions during that time period.
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pansaraxual · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
I like to think that this is a common occurrence with Luca whenever he’s laughing really hard; he falls ALL THE TIME.
You know how on Impractical Jokers it’s a running gag between the guys that Sal always falls over laughing? Yeah, that’s Luca.
Alberto and Giulia are both so used to it that they both brace their arms behind Luca if he starts laughing just so they can catch him.
Sometimes Luca will be so out of it that he’ll end up pulling one or both of them down with him, the three of them lying on the ground in a giggling little pile.
+ bonus:
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Anor Londo has a lot of peoples with skin problems, sometime very dire, both due to elevation & the fact many there feel like protecting your skin against the sun is an insult to Gwyn.
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