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this was so fun to write thank you!!!

Clementine: Clem would smirk and cross her arms, raising a brow at her partner. “Really? That’s how we’re handling this?” After listening to them speak in Spanish more, finally she said ‘You are ridiculous. I’ll talk to you when you’ve calmed down,’ in Spanish. Leaving her partner in shock, Clem scurried away.

Marlon: Marlon would scoff. “You always do this to make me all confused and flustered.” Y/N responded with ‘Because it always works’ in Spanish. Flustered and panicked, he would storm away, leaving Y/N to smirk and giggle to themselves.

Louis: Louis would cross his arms, a small smirk resting on his lips. He would still penitently, letting them get their ranting and raving out. One they were done, he would drop his arms and take a seat. “I’ll always listen.” He’d say. “I’m here because I want to listen. So, no matter what language you rant in, I’ll be here listening.” Y/N found it funny, while admittedly also a little funny. He was too sweet for this earth.

Violet: Violet would take a seat somewhere near by, kicking up her feet, waiting for Y/N to stop. “I know this is how you figure out your thoughts,” Violet said softly, “so, just know that I’ll be here no matter how long you need to talk. I just might need a translator.” Y/N, finding the statement understanding of their situation, smiled. “Thanks.” Was all they could think to say. Violet sweetly smiled back, always smitten by them, no matter how angry they got.

Mitch: Mitch would cross his arms and smirk, listening to them rant and rave in another language. He would chuckle and occasionally look away to hide a smirk. Noticing this, Y/N finally asked. “I’ve been practicing Spanish just for you. It’s just funny now being able to understand your rants.” Y/N gawked, laughing and playfully shoving him in shock.

Aasim: Aasim would start yelling back at them in Spanish. In horrified awe, the other kids would watch the two of them have a full fledged argument - peaceful but passionate - fluently in another language. Nervously, the others backed away, letting them hash it out in private.

Ruby: Ruby would shake her head waggle her finger disapprovingly at them. “Oh no, that’s not fair.” Y/N continued to grumble in Spanish. Ruby scrunched her nose and squinted, flustered. “Why!” Y/N smirked at their reaction. “Because seeing how flustered you get always makes both of us laugh.” Ruby hated that they were right. “All I said was that you were a ‘frosty redhead’.” Ruby could only laugh.

Omar: Omar would shake his head and continue at a random task, listening to their rant in the background. Because he couldn’t understand what they were saying, he might as well have. “Have you been listening to me?” Y/N finally asked for a while. Omar smirked to himself. “Oh yeah, but don’t ask me to repeat anything you said.” Teasingly, Y/N rolled their eyes and left him alone.

Brody: Brody would stare at them, brows furrowed in confusion as they began their tangent. Time passed, Brody nervously staring at them in confused shock and awe, and eventually gulped and squeezed her hands together. “You know that I didn’t understand any of that, right?” Unable to hold onto their anger, Y/N burst into giggles. “Of course I do. I’m just messing with you.”

𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘯𝘬 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘴𝘮 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘥𝘪𝘯𝘨 💌☕️♡

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I want you to look me in the eye and tell me Present Mic doesn’t jam out to Eurobeat. 

You can’t do it can you? 

You can’t look me in the eye, huh? 

That’s what I thought. 

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• Armand hand designed most of the wallpapers in Trinity Gate. Tweaked reproductions of classic and well known flocked wall paper and scenes. But with modern day anachronisms here and there. Such as regency men in jeans, holding mobile phones etc. A sort of historical where’s Waldo or Wally

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Black Star is used to being treated poorly or dehumanized.  So when other demons in Hell show her kindness, Black Star is very shocked by it at first, and also feels like she doesn’t wholly deserve it.  

However, due to the years of dehumanizing and abusive behavior, it is very easy for others to take advantage of her kindness and desperation for work.  In addition, Black Star doesn’t question the negative attention others are giving her.  Again, fully believing that she deserves it.  But also because it feels normal to her.  It’s what she grew up with as far back as she can remember.  While the abuse wasn’t from her biological mother, it was from her stepmother and the other Caretakers/Ranked Members at the compound.

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Unsurprisingly, a big part of Nyalter’s opinion on Gensokyou’s religious organisations is based on “Oooh pretty girl!” syndrome.

Hakurei Shrine: Reimu is beautiful, hard-working, and a little bit poor, hence… donations!

Moriya Shrine: Sanae is beautiful but Nyalter doesn’t like either of the gods very much. She thinks they’re annoying old gits who cause their Shrine maiden trouble for their own amusement.

The Buddhists: Nazrin is fucking cute but the rest of them are scary. Especially Byakuren. Kyouko’s also pretty damn cute but Nyalter’s not sure how affiliated she is.

The Taoists: Seiga and Yoshika cause massive bias, unsurprisingly, but Nyalter’s deathly terrified of Crown Prince. Especially since she’s been seeing Kokoro.

And unsurprisingly, Nyalter doesn’t give a jot about any of the religious stuff at all…

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Everyone always talks about angelfury!Cas rescuing Dean and Dean being smug about it, but what about badass!Dean coming to rescue Cas and Cas loves it.

Cas, tied up and bloody in a chair, stuck in a holy fire circle; the taste of blood a sharp tang on his tongue as he watches the witch and demon creep around the fire (quite an interesting duo, but he’s seen weirder). But he’s not worried, regardless of the fact the witch is eyeing him in a way that feels like he’s about to be eaten alive, literally.

“You’re going to regret this, just so you know,” Cas says casually, ignoring the sharp burning pain radiating down his arm.

“You’re cut off from Heaven. You’ve got no help from Up Above. Now tell us where it is,” the demon threatens, flashing black eyes.

Cas snorts, the snort turning into a gleeful hum as his angelic hearing picks up the sounds from the other side of the warehouse. There he is. “I don’t need Heaven. Not when I have a boyfriend who’s going to rip you both to pieces for even looking at me the wrong way.”

And sure enough, a few seconds later, Dean shatters the door off its hinges, fire burning in his eyes as he hurls himself at the demon, slashing at it with the demon blade; hard enough to incapacitate but not enough to kill. He then pulls an angel blade from his jacket and throws it with perfect accuracy, straight through the witches stomach so she collapses to the ground. “Stay,” he hisses at the witch before he painstakingly drags the demon blade across the demons throat until the thing is dead. “You’re next,” he points at the witch, before grabbing the bucket of water and diminishing the fire. He steps through and reaches out for Cas, untying him and yanking the angel to his feet.

“Thought I told you to wait for me before you went storming in?” Dean asks, tugging Cas forwards until they’re pressed against each other; hands scrambling to touch Cas and check him over for injuries.

“Sorry,” Cas shrugs with a grin, closing the gap to kiss Dean, because hot damn is Dean hot when he’s brimming with anger and possessive energy.

“My angel,” Dean says against Cas’ mouth, kissing him then and there, making sure everyone knew that Cas is his.

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Mr. Forkle is very soft for babies. I said what I said.

(People in the Lost Cities must be dearly baby-deprived, though. I bet the crew would be at least a little okay if they got to cuddle babies now and then. anyway)

People never offer him their babies, and he’s too formal to ask. Then Sophie and Fitz (or another couple) have a baby, and Sophie brings her to meet him, and it’s just like

Mr. Forkle (formally): Mr. and Mrs. Foster

Mr. Forkle (cooing): Baby Ms. Foster 🥺

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So hear me out….

Valdo Marx headcanon:

he’s a perfectly likeable guy and him and Jaskier just fight on grounds of musical genre…and that they used to fuck.

but unlike the many stories ive seen where Valdo plays pretty classical “highbrow” music and jaskier plays things “only suited for a bar” its flipped.

imagine a valdo thats like a mix of timmy timato and ninja sex party…or flight of the Conchords… Valdo writes parody and satire that the masses say isnt really music at all. hes experimental and jask found that fascinating.

jaskier likes valdos music and they even tried to date. but when jaskier tries to write something like a bo burham or trixie mattel song it fails hard… remember the abortion song reception….

they break up and its ugly.

so jask is secretly jealous of valdo’s ability to write stuff like “my fart is forver” (timmy timato) or “heartboner” (ninja sex party) and instead writes beautiful or epic songs like “toss a coin” or “her sweet kiss.”

valdo accuses him of pandering to the public… not being able to write anything outside of the box… but really valdo is just butthurt they broke up even though he knows they weren’t that great together. Valdos out there making songs like “wondering tonight” (ninja sex party) about jaskier.

then they meet again later at some lords house or something… jask has geralt with him… and jask goads valdo saying he cant right an epic… then valdo busts out a banger like “tribute” by tenecious d and even geralt likes it… he hums it on the way out of town. and jaskiers just like “if i ever get my hands on a djinn so help me”

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Dating Drew pt 2


Originally posted by sketchingslut

I would sell my soul for him

  • You were the only one who could calm him down sometimes
  • Especially when he’s had a hard day at work
  • He’d come home in a sulk slamming the door and huffing about
  • So you’d make his favourite dinner
  • And cuddle the poor boy under a pile of blankets
  • You’d be whispering sweet things to him
  • And his heart would melt
  • and you’d feel his breathing slow down and go back to normal
  • “What did I do to deserve you y/n”
  • I feel like the pair of you would get bored in quarantine
  • So you get a dog…
  • Or at least try to
  • “Hey Drew….i was thinking..”
  • “Y/n no becauee then I won’t get any of your attention”
  • He gives you puppy dog eyes and pouts
  • And you’d burst out laughing
  • And pull Drew into a cuddle awssjs
  • Cute pet names
  • Drew was a gentle spirit…most the time
  • And he’d definitely call you things like love and darling
  • To show how much you mean to him
  • I feel like Drew would also be whiny and needy sometimes
  • Would love your attention
  • You’d probably hold this baby in your arms at night
  • I mean let’s face it we all know Drew is the little spoon
  • And place kisses over his face until he falls asleep
  • But he’d always swap the roles for you
  • Would love playing with your hair while you cuddle him
  • Maybe lying on his chest under all the blankets
  • and he’d talk to you gently as you drift off
  • His voice is so soft and precious
  • But then Drew was so full of energy and chaotic other times
  • Especially when Rudy was around….
  • “Hey y/n…I made my famous casserole for dinner”
  • “Again..?”
  • “I thought you liked it..”
  • Snajsjs plss
  • He’d accidently flip the camera on a live
  • and everyone went mad seeing you to together
  • Even though you both tried to deny the dating rumours
  • Wanting to keep your private life together private
  • But Drew eventually admitted that you were dating
  • and the internet went wild
  • “See this is why I don’t use socials often…”
  • “You sure it’s not just cuz your a boomer…”
  • Tickle fightsps id give anything for him to tickle me
  • Kshsjsjsj
  • He’d catch you when you were least expecting it
  • Maybe when you were walking out from the bathroom
  • And wrap his long arms around you
  • And tickle you until you fall to the fall of laughing
  • “Drew what the hell”
  • “Just getting my revenge babe”
  • “For whattt!”
  • Lmao bet he’d just shrug his shoulders with a smirk and walk off
  • You both weren’t massive fans of pda
  • You liked to keep to yourself
  • But there would definitely be lots of hand-holding
  • He’s a caring sweetie and would be protective of you awksksksk
  • would probably have his hand around your waist pulling you closer
  • And you’d always feel so warm and safe in his arms
  • Drew’s hands would fit perfectly around yours
  • It was the sweet little things he loved the most
  • And tbf you did too
  • Although he’d never admit it
  • He loved it when you’d lie down next to him
  • And your foreheads would be touching and your noses brushing together
  • Okay I’m so soft now

Part three :/

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Jack isn’t really one for doing internships or he wasn’t but Ana becomes the first intern at Torchwood, when he brings Torchwood back several years after the events of miracle day. 

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Balan would never even think of taking an accident out on a visitor, especially not something small like this. Sure, he’s extremely particular about his wardrobe and will absolutely become derailed if something is amiss with it, especially any physical damage, but he would never, ever blame anyone -especially not a visitor.

I think would laugh and wave it off, making sure that you understand he’s not at all angry and it was an accident. But I do think he would talk the entire time with a hand covering the tear, as a force of habit to hide any imperfections. It would bother him immensely that the suit was torn, but not in a way that was blaming the visitor -he would just be eager to disappear behind the scenes to get it fixed again. Cue Balan rushing down the halls of the theatre in a blind panic yelling about the fact he needs a needle and thread RIGHT NOW.

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Imagine seeing Project 936/Blade switch from being docile into his ‘I have been ordered to kill’ mode.

It would be fucking terrifying.

His blue lights would suddenly switch to red, you’d hear some kind of scary cybernetic chime, and if you’re his target? You might die before you even have the chance to register what’s going on

And I kinda wanna write it.

Even Rebel!Blade, the friendliest version of him, can enter his ‘weapon mode’ if you trigger a bad traumatic reaction. His biology has literally been edited for him to be the ‘perfect killing machine’, so uh… no need to be surprised, I guess?

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LadyBugNest headcanon

when the time comes to go to sleep. Ruby always asks Blake and Oscar to read her to sleep because it what Summer and Tai did for her when she was younger. When Ruby finally goes to sleep. Blake and Oscar gets ready to go sleep but instead sleeping on their own bed. they sleep with Ruby. Which they never noticed that when they do this Ruby smiles.

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Walker is Supernatural’s sequel :) After Dean dies Sam moves to Austin, marries a lovely lady that looks like Ruby. He knows that it is not healthy but he just can’t help clutching something familiar from his old life. All the undercover duties he goes of to are actually hunts. Being a hero that he is when he is not on a hunt he assimilates as ranger. He chose the name in honor of Dean’s favorite fake FBI name. Even he wants to be a good dad, he struggles to connect to people after yet another loss. But he was raised by Dean so he will do better. Dean was an awesome father after all.

It’s 2:30 a.m. sorry for the brain fart. 

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Look, if you’re small, no matter your age or rank, Ukitake will dad-protect you

Or try to

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I’ve never actually considered it but now that you mention it, I can absolutely see Lance flashing bright colours as a warning signal. I’ve never made the visual connection that the bright, luminescent markings on their tentacles is very akin to the way animals in the wild display bright colours as a means to ward off predators/showcase the fact they are very, very poisonous if ingested! Especially in a dark setting, I absolutely could accept the headcanon that Lance will use colours as a visual warning to not mess with them.

Honestly, I think Balan might sometimes just change up his colours because he simply feels like it! It would be purely an aesthetic choice unlike his counterpart, and it would be especially present around certain holidays like Valentine’s or Xmas. I think he really prefers the colour scheme of red, gold and pearlescent white (to which he decorates a lot of his personal spaces in like his bedroom and office), but sometimes he’ll try something different if he’s feeling into it that day.

As for shapeshifting, we know from the opening movie that Balan can at least make his doubles into objects (hence the Balan chair), and I assume he can do it too. Which makes me think Lance can also do this in some capacity, but probably just chooses not to because it’s flashy and mostly for show. I do think it would add to their character if Lance could change into things like fog, so they can glide soundlessly through rooms sometimes and appear out of thin air for dramatic effect.

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Letters to Dean

Happy Birthday Dean!!! You’re 42 today! I know you’ve never loved celebrating birthdays, especially yours but I also know that you secretly loved it. You always said your infamous “No chic flick moments” line but you’ve always been the one to sit and watch every single chick flick with me….. and dont forget jamming out to Taylor Swift whenever I feel low, (dont worry I wont tell anyone😂)………. Every 23rd January we’d be prepping for the clock to strike 12! Sam, Eileen and Cas and then Jack as well, everyone would be busy in either distracting you or decorating the place and getting the food ready, (YES REAL BACON). And everytime the clock struck 12 and it was officially the 24th, a.k.a my favourite person’s birthday, we’d sneak into your room, risking our lives because hey, you know you’re an angry AND scary sleeper. But what you didn’t know is that we knew that you knew we’d be upto something for your bday so you’d purposely act like sleeping……..

It was perfect, everything from you and Cas ,and Sam and Eileen. And it was supposed to be the same this year too…… I’m in your room right now you know, not the first time im here after….. but usually I’d be here eating your ear off talking about our plans for the day, for YOUR day…… I used to come here with only happiness, or if I was upset, you’d comfort me… The Deancave as you called it (I still think it’s the perfect name unlike what Sam and Cas say) this, was my comfort spot….. Always had Dean Winchester, my best friend to rely on. It’s not the same now, it never will be…. I come in here trying to find comfort but I’d find myself crying myself to sleep. After Cas, I know you were broken, I dont think I’ll ever understand exactly what you went through….. But no matter what, you were here for me, I lost my other bestfriend but I had you.

And then I didn’t. That day my heart broke into pieces and I know that I could take all the time in the world to heal, hell, an angel or Jack himself could try, but there would always be that one part that would forever be lost, gone, a void that nothing could fill.

Now I know you wanted me to move on, live life, enjoy it, and all that, and im trying and it is getting better, but I miss you, I miss you so much Dean…. I miss your stupid smirk and you going absolutely crazy with Zeppelin in Baby. And you remember that one time we totally pranked that guy outside the motel and ran for our lives….. That day was hilarious and probably the best days ever! Oh and that one time we made pie and it was so good, so good that we finished it even before we could serve it for the rest…… And that time you told me about Cas, and how he was an absolute “angel” (yes im clearly winking at you) oh and that time, YOU tried testing your pick up lines to use on a particular angel, and his confused expression, those moments oh my lord (or Jack) I still have those polaroids that I took btw… Oh love, I wish you were here so that I could tease you more and help you out with your date, and hug you, hug you so much more…. I’d never let you go…… But now you’re in heaven, both you boys, I hope you’re having fun (but not too much, okay kids?!) Saileen is doing amazing, you can see them from there right😂….. Aw man, Dean also! We went to the beach yesterday, and I stayed there and did all those dares we decided to do when we went to the beach and I’m going to be honest, it felt like you were there with me, but I may have also cried myself to sleep, but more of a content cry… you get it right? You always got me anyway <3

There it is, It is 12 here, MIDNIGHT! Happy birthday old man (yes, no explanations given) I miss you, way more than I could ever, and I love you so much. And don’t, please don’t try the hot coffee thing on Cas, please. I love you and I know you know. Happy birthday love.

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Kedvem lett hozzá sooo,for ya’ll here have some

LeviHan headcanons:

  • Hanji nagyon szereti az ölébe húzni Levit,és elég sűrűn meg is teszi (Levi olyan kis apró :3)
  • Levi még mindig gyakran szólítja “négyszeműnek”
  • Hanjinak egész érdekes ötletei támadnak néha napján,ezért folyton elrángatja Levit nagggyon fura randikra,Levi persze zsémbelődve de mindig bele megy (muszáj neki😂)
  • Levi folyton takarít Hanji cuccai között,és szépen rendbe tesz mindent,amit Hanji haszontalannak tart,hisz ő kiigazodik a körülötte lévő “rendezett káoszban”
  • Hanji gyakran próbálkozik tea készítéssel Levi kedvéért… kinda katasztrófa. De Levi sose mondaná el neki,hogy szörnyűek az izék amiket teának nevezve készít. Egyszer még sót is tett bele cukor helyett
  • Levi szereti megfésülni majd összefogni Hanji haját,modván,hogy “amikor magad csinálod jóval szarabb” pedig az igazság az,hogy szeret a hajával piszkálni <:
  • Hanjinak mindig is titkos vágya volt ellopkodni Levi ruháit,viszont sajna nem talál a méretük :/
  • Hanji nagyon bújos és nagyon szeret ölelkezni,és ezt nem is rejtegeti.
  • Levi néha elég féltékeny tud lenni. Amikor Hanji beszélget valakivel,és az illető személy flörtölni probál -bár általában csak Levi érzékeli így-,olyankor oda megy,majd feltűnően megfogja Hanji kezét, és egy gyilkos pillantással jutalmazza szegény barátkozni probáló embert. Ha nagyon elfajulnak a dolgok akár még szájra puszit is kaphat Hanji. Amit amúgy nem igazán tenne nyivánosság előtt. Hanji nyilván tudja mire megy ki a játék,de legalább az esetleges “udvarló” hamar elhúzza a csíkot. Emelett Hanji egyáltalán nem egy féltékeny típus. Viszont ha úgy látja,hogy valaki tényleg flörtöl Levi-al, akkor ő is gyakran közbe lép,párjához hasonlóan.
  • Levi tipikusan az a személy,aki nagyon nagy rendezetségben él. Ez persze a konyhára és a benne folytatható tevékenységekre is igaz. Így,amikor esetlegesen neki áll főzni,azt nagyon pontosan a recept szerint csinálja. Emelett Hanji inkább “ezt is bele rakom,meg azt is” típus… így az ételmérgezés lehetősége sem kizárt ha beszabadul a konyhába.

• Hanji gyakran lehúzza éjszaka Leviról a takarót…

Remélem tetszett,nagyon élveztem a megírását,szóval lehetséges,hogy majd hozok egy part 2-t is <3

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Random Hisoka headcanons

Thank you!! I am very glad you enjoy my writing! 

Here are some random Hisoka headcanons I put together.

Main Masterlist

Originally posted by obaachan

  • He has cold hands, and you never thought you’d find cold hands comforting until they were his. Hisoka likes to trace circles on your hip when you’re lying in bed together, the coolness oddly comforting and it puts you to sleep instantly. 
  • Whether you’re in public or in the comfort of your own home, he is always touching you in some way. He likes holding you close, it gives him a sense of security that he isn’t alone, that he has you. And, since you give him this feeling of security, he won’t be willing to give you up. So be prepared to be with this man until he decides he no longer wants you.
  • He holds all the power in the relationship, and he knows you know this. Everything you do is controlled by him. Now, Hisoka isn’t super harsh or anything, but he isn’t above isolating you to a single room and depriving you of human contact.
  • “Keep that up and I might just have to kill your parents,” is a common threat from Hisoka. He likes to make those types of comments every now and then to remind you he is in control, not you. It’s his way of keeping you in check, and trust me, he is more than willing to go through with his threats.
  • While Hisoka does have his bad side, he also has his good one, which you see often. 
  • He enjoys planning little picnic dates. Often, he will take you to the local park to feed the geese together and eat the lunch he packed. 
  • One time, he got a little too close to a momma goose and her babies, which ended in him being chased for a good 5 minutes. “Those things are monsters,” is what Hisoka said, panting and laying on the ground next to you. 
  • Needless to say, he hates geese now and observes them from a distance while you feed them.
  • Hisoka likes to take you shopping and buy you expensive clothes. It’s his way of spoiling you. And, it is useful when he takes you on the more extravagant dates. 
  • “I don’t like people touching what is mine,” is a common sentence you hear from Hisoka. Anytime someone flirts or gets too close to you, he gets annoyed and there is a high chance they’ll disappear for daring to touch you.
  • Please do a spa day with this man, he would love it. 
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