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Tumblr media
Note : hey guys ! I hope you are well, I have nothing to say in fact <3
Cw : fingering, sub!reader, -18 do not interact.
Characters : Mikey, Hanma, Draken, Baji, Ran
Type : smut
Mikey only fingers you when he's sad. Your pussy is like an antidepressant for him, fingering you delays his impulses. Otherwise, when he does, his long thin fingers walk the wet walls of your interior. He likes to do it when you are on all fours and sitting right in front of him, your hindquarters right in front of him. He directly enters three fingers into you, while you twist with pleasure by moaning his first name. It can bring you a million times but as long as it is not completely stable it will not stop.
Baji teases you HUGELY. When you sit on him he takes the opportunity to slowly move his hand from your thigh to your entrance, which directly welcomes two of his fingers that he then makes you lick. He really does it for no particular reason, when he is in the mood to provoke you or when you were a "good" girl a little earlier in the day. It's crazy how he manages to find your G-spot even with his fingers... let me tell you that he is very clever and that you cum very quickly under the pressure he exerts in your dripping pussy.
Good God, how good he is. He fingers you perfectly and you enjoy in a very short period of time. Just his two fingers hit hard where they have to hit and voila! He lets your thighs close little by little due to the too much excitement, and he continues to finger you even when you tighten them. His movements are beautiful and you get off quickly just after a good fingering session with him. Wait for this little reward after you swallowed all his sperm earlier in the day.
He ALWAYS does it by surprise. For example, when a member of your family phones you and you sit on him, he will do it on purpose for you to moan on the phone. You won't even have the strength to ask him to stop, because you will reach seventh heaven very quickly. Your ass and fingers, a real love story.
You can have an orgasm when he does it well. He knows exactly how to do it, where to do it and how to do it: he knows your body better than yourself. When he fingers you, it's always with the tattooed hand "punishment" to punish you for making him impatient, while the tattooed hand "crime" firmly keeps your thighs wide open. You have absolutely no right to cum without his agreement; you very often come to beg him, to let yourself explode with pleasure, something he does after seeing a few drops of salty water flow from your eyes, you biting your lower lip to the blood.
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I feel like Jason expresses his love for the family in some of the most subtle ways, things that could easily slip your mind if you weren't paying attention.
Alfred cooks dinner, and he finds Jason has already started on collecting empty dishes before he can take a single step out of the kitchen.
Damian comes inside from checking on batcow to find his colored pencils sharpened to a fine, razor-perfect point so he can go right back to what he was doing.
Bruce can't find his favorite mug, but when he comes down to the batcave, it's full of hot coffee and sitting on a coaster in its usual spot, except Alfred is still upstairs and has long given up trying to make him use a coaster.
Stephanie finds her phone on the charger beside her favorite spot on the couch because it died while she was talking to Cass.
Cass, for that matter, can't find her old headphones. However, she does find a new pair of noise-canceling ones in their spot. She doesn't remember buying these. She likes them.
Duke finds the book he was reading before having to rush out on morning patrol on the table, his place marked with a sticky note. Duke already knows who left it, but the sentiment is nice, so he doesn't say a word.
Tim wakes up on more than one occasion after falling asleep in the batcave post-patrol and finds a blanket around his shoulders. Not tucked too tight, less it trigger his claustrophobia, but just enough that it won't fall off. He doesn't know who keeps doing this. He thought it was Bruce at first, but even Bruce isn't that sneaky to get that close without Tim waking up. Not since Tim became extra flighty, at least.
Dick knows exactly why he gets random food delivered to his house sometimes. He knows Jason worries, and as much as Dick hates that he took after Bruce in that regard, he's glad Jason guilts him into remembering to eat from time to time. Dick, like Duke, doesn't say a word. If there's one thing he knows, its that there are some things you just don't talk about, for fear of upsetting the natural balance.
I don't know man, I just like the idea that one of Jason's characteristics is rarely directly showing he cares for his family, but all the work he does behind the scenes for them does all the showing instead.
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angstcorp · 2 days ago
Summary: You're having a nightmare. How do they react?
Author's note: The nightmare itself isn't described so there's no Angst, it's all just some Comfort!
Characters: Ayaka, Ayato, Diluc, Kaeya, Zhongli
Warnings: Gender neutral reader, mention of nightmares but not described, slightly suggestive in Ayato's and Kaeya's parts.
Tumblr media
AYAKA is not a very heavy sleeper, but she won't wake up before you do. She can't stay asleep if there's someone awake in the room so it only takes her a few seconds to open her eyes and be fully alert. She is very confused and alarmed when she notices you panting or looking in distress, and will immediately start asking you what's wrong, her gentle hands on your back. Once you tell her it was just a nightmare though, she'll relax and start cuddling you gently, running her hands on your back and your hair.
She keeps her voice very soft when telling you you're safe, she's here with you, it was just a bad dream and no one can hurt you here. She'll absolutely ask about your nightmare once you're calm enough, but won't insist if you don't want to talk about it (but will probably ask in the morning or during the day, she is worried). She might offer some soft kisses to calm you down, and then ask if you want to fall back asleep or if you would like to have some tea to calm your nerves before going back to bed.
AYATO is a light sleeper. He had to avoid enough attempts on his life to be able to wake up at the slightest disturbance. So when your sleep is starting to get agitated, it doesn't take long for him to open his eyes, assess the situation, and gently start to wake you up. He is nice and soft about it, holding you against his chest and peppering kisses on your head, hushing you. His words are whispered in your ear for you alone, telling you you're safe, it was just a bad dream, he is here to protect you, nothing can harm you now.
He won't ask what the nightmare was about, but will listen if you tell him, his hands lazily rubbing your back. Once you're calm again in his arms, he'll ask you if you're ready to fall back asleep now. If you say yes, then he'll simply hold you close and let you enjoy the safety of his arms before falling back asleep after you. If you say no, then he'll slowly roll you on your back with him on top, and sweetly tell you that it's alright, he'll simply have to tire you enough once again.
DILUC is another light sleeper so he feels your agitation before you even wake up. It takes only a few seconds before he is fully alert and realizes what's happening, and he will absolutely wake you up. He hates seeing you in any kind of distress so he is very alarmed by this. What is your nightmare about? Did something happen? Is it his fault? Did someone bother you? When you finally wake up, he'll be quick to tell you you're alright, it was just a nightmare, you're safe, he is here.
Unless you struggled against him or moved back, his first reflex is to hold you close to his chest and gentle pet your hair, hushing you softly. He won't ask what the nightmare was about exactly, but he might ask some questions to make sure it isn't anything currently dangerous. Nightmare about your past or something bad happening? He understands those and won't pry. But if it's because of something or someone that made you feel unsafe? This situation will be dealt with in the morning. In the meantime, he encourages you to fall back asleep in his arms, repeating you he is here to keep you safe. Depending on how late it is, he'll either struggle to get back to sleep, or simply stay awake until the morning to make sure you're alright.
KAEYA is no stranger to nightmares. He'll only wake up when you do, unless you really started to struggle in your sleep, but he will absolutely feel you waking up. He'll start by ask you softly what you're doing awake, with a raspy voice. No matter your answer and no matter how sleepy he still is, he will recognize your distress in your voice immediately and will wake up fully. There's no fooling this man.
He is however, very soft and sweet about it. He will keep his voice low and soft, offering you sweet reassurances and if you allow it, he'll try to gently pull you in his embrace. He'll cuddle you until he can feel you relax, leaving kisses on your forehead and head, his hands running up and down your back. Once you're calm enough, he'll ask you if you want to talk about it. He won't pry, but he'll attentively listen anything you tell him, holding you closer if he feels you get agitated again. He will hold you and cuddle with you until you fall back asleep, but if you can't, he'll kiss you slowly and deeply, before asking you if you need a distraction.
This man has a sixth sense to know when you're in distress I swear, his dragon senses are tingling. ZHONGLI knows something is wrong before even you do. He'll wake up, not able to pinpoint exactly what's happening and will stay still while scanning his surrounding. It won't take him very long to put his entire focus on you and understand what's happening. He'll wake you up quickly, ready to enter your dreams if necessary to pull you out of them should you not wake up fast enough.
There's no escaping this man. He is holding you very tight against his chest and there's no point in fighting him. He doesn't want you to hurt yourself while struggling so he'll simply wait until you calm down, purring softly. Once you're fully awake, he might slightly relax his embrace but not all that much, just to run his hands on your body in a soothing manner. He'll tell you you were having a nightmare but it's alright, you're safe with him. He won't ask, but he will listen anything you tell him, gently encouraging you to keep going. He'll insist on you falling back asleep, and you won't have to worry this time because this man can enter dreams. Usually he uses it to gift visions or specific dreams, but in your case he is just going to make sure your sleep stay peaceful and soft. He'll talk more in the morning, for now, you just rest.
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Omg that octavinelle with an anya!mc was adorable so can I rq that but with heartlabyul?
im gunna be honest like i actually was thinking of i should do another but since this request read my mind and did it for me..i will thank you for this- now i have a free excuse to make this while taking requests
i will try to do a good 2 requests a day since some of them i might barely have a clue about...This was chaotic to make.
Tumblr media
It wasn't everyday that the magic mirror made it so that a literal child could enter the college. So it brought pure shock to crowley's face when he found out, not to mention you were put in heartslaybyul.
When you were brought to your dormitory Riddle was trying to figure out just what to do with you.
"Ah-..we don't have anything for a child here?..You! go to sam's shop this instant!"
"Yes dorm leader!"
Everyone was rushing around thinking of what to do with you until trey ( #1 life saver) stepped in to help them all sort it out. I guess Riddle is learning something new for the past few days now isn't he?
Ace was put in charge of you for a bit because the upperclassmen were busy. That doesn't stop him from messing with other people though and teasing them. He barely payed attention to you actually.
However what was unexpected was for you to become attached to Riddle. If he's scolding someone then your always by his side taking notes since he told you "a good leader must always have control and absolute dominance over their people? do you understand little one?"
"good, now let us continue."
I'd like to say that Trey is very much like that one cool uncle. The same goes for cater. Riddle is just your very strict, caring and loving mother while i see ace and deuce as your chaotic elder brothers.
Imagine it with me people yet again. You who's trying to look intimidating to some random terrible student and behind you is the rest of heartslaybyul looking like complete demons..yeah no someone had nightmares today.
I see cater as the type of cool uncle who basically brings you to those famous parks and if you want to try anything just let him know! he already got an appointment booked btw.
Ace and Duece somehow drag you into every terrible thing they do and its up to Riddle to keep you innocent
Let's be honest. Would Riddle be really Riddle if he didn't put your mind reading ability to the test?
If someone in the dorm is thinking of breaking a rule or even doing other forbidden things riddle has you report back to him instantly. Now this has crowley wondering "now that you mention it..dorm leader rosehearts hasn't collared anyone for a month..this is-..odd"
i swear wherever you go they are like literal bodygaurds.
But can we really forget you and riddle running away from Floyd? absolutely not.
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twinanimatronics · 2 days ago
Drops this and runs
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
BITCH (affectionate) HOW DARE YOU!
Tumblr media
@dana-chan-the-control-brain @shandzii
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welcome-to-hellfire · 17 hours ago
Steddie + Dustin Headcannons
because they deserve to be a happy dysfunctional family:
1. Eddie and Dustin play pranks on Steve, but Dustin’s always a double agent, sometimes he turns it around on Eddie, sometimes he turns it around on Steve, but neither of them can outsmart Dustin & prank him back
2. They have movie nights where they educate Steve on star wars, also Eddie reads lotr (yes he does all the voices)
3. Steve teaches Dustin to drive because Eddie drives like a bat out of hell and Steve refuses to let him corrupt Dustin, but he comes along in the backseat, it goes like this, Steve: Okay it's simple, green means go, red means stop, and yellow means- Eddie: FLOOR IT! Dustin: YES! Steve: NO.
4. Dustin 100% knows Steve and Eddie have feelings for each other before they do, Robin knew first of course, they team up for Operation: Get Steve to Spend Less Time Looking For The Right Girl & More Time Looking At Eddie
5. Steve and Dustin go to Eddie's shows, Steve tries to act like he's not impressed (please everyone knows he’s head over heels) but Dustin is EXTRA supportive, he worships Eddie so of course, maybe he eventually makes Eddie a poster and Eddie plays it down like oh cool thanks, but he’s actually so touched he hangs it up in his room
6. Eddie doesn't let anyone touch his guitar, ESPECIALLY Dustin and Steve, but he does learn to play their favorite songs, despite how much it kills him to play anything that's not metal
7. One of Steve’s love languages is sharing his food, for example he doesn’t like orange gummy bears so he gives them all to Eddie, and he pretends not to like the green ones and gives them all to Dustin bc he knows they’re Dustin’s favorite.
8. When someone picks on Dustin, Eddie talks shit to them while Steve gets the bat
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animeomegas · a day ago
can you do a short story on a clingy hawks? it could be either fluff or smut (or both if you're feeling generous lol). up to you
I sure can! I picked fluff hehe!
"Keigo, baby, what's wrong?" you cooed at the man on your lap who had completely cocooned you both in his wings. He'd walked in through the door and made a beeline for you, stopping only long enough to kick his shoes off.
"Nothing," he pouted against your neck. "I just... want to be here."
"You sure, baby bird?"
"Hmm, I'm sure, I just," he paused to take a big deep breath before relaxing against you. "Missed you, tha's all."
"Aww, I missed you too, Keigo!" you couldn't quite wrap your arms around in in return because of his wings, so you rubbed his thighs affectionately.
Keigo shuffled a little to get more comfortable before he suddenly sat up, wings unwrapping from you both so suddenly that you found yourself blinking rapidly at the new influx of light.
"I almost forgot," he said, excitement lining his voice and he rummaged around in his jacket pocket. "I found this today on patrol."
He opened up his hand to show you a piece of turquoise sea glass.
"It's beautiful, Keigo, what a great find," you said earnestly, enjoying the way he visibly preened at your comment.
"It's for you," he pushed it at you enthusiastically. "I saw it and I had to go down and get it. For you."
"I love it," you smiled at him and pressed a kiss on his lips. "I'll keep it safe and treasure it."
Keigo made an adorable trilling noise at your words that warmed your heart. You had learnt over the course of your relationship that Keigo had more in common with birds than just his wings. It had taken you a while you piece it all together, but between the noises you'd never heard before, his stress gripping and his penchant for bringing you every shiny thing he found on patrol, you'd figured out what was going on.
(You had a draw in your bedroom specifically for all the shiny things your mate finds for you.)
"You're such a good mate, Keigo, I love you so much," you muttered, tucking the piece of sea glass in your pocket for now. Keigo buried his face back into your shoulder and hide you from the outside world with his wings once more.
"Missed you," he mumbled into your shoulder once more.
"I know, babe," you ran your fingers through his hair. "I missed you too."
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cherrys-side-bitch · 3 days ago
𝔻𝕒𝕥𝕖𝕒𝕓𝕝𝕖𝕤 + 𝕃𝕦𝕜𝕖 ℂ𝕦𝕕𝕕𝕝𝕚𝕟𝕘 ℍ𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕔𝕒𝕟𝕠𝕟𝕤
Tumblr media
Canon x gn! reader, no pronouns mentioned, fluff, platonic and romantic
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Omg pamper him and he’s falling in love on the spot
Extremely touch starved and is unbelievably grateful for the attention even if it’s just platonic cuddling
Loves cuddle time, it can’t happen often due to living in two completely different houses so he cherishes every moment you spend together until you’re able to hand out again
He's saved in your phone as “Teddy Bear” for a reason
Another heater so it's likely not a good idea to have too many blankets while cuddling.
If anyone interrupts y’all they better have a good reason or he’s revoking someone’s life subscription
┉ˏ͛ ༝̩̩̥͙ ⑅͚˚   ҉  ⑅͚˚ ͛༝̩̩̥͙ ˎ┉
Tumblr media
(it was the only gif I could find..)
Unable to engage in such acts of affection often due to his work, similar to Lucifer.
If Barbatos even finds the time in his schedule to sit still for a decent period of time, he will almost always do so when utterly alone.
Quick hugs are the norm when you're walking the halls of the castle on your way to a meeting with Diavolo.
Admittedly, he's not used to receiving affection so even though he knows the future he still doesn't really expect it.
┉ˏ͛ ༝̩̩̥͙ ⑅͚˚   ҉  ⑅͚˚ ͛༝̩̩̥͙ ˎ┉
Tumblr media
As an Angel, he is not used to receiving such requests but not completely unaccustomed.
Simeon will gladly give you cuddles and you’ll absolutely love it. If you weren’t completely sure he was an Angel you’re sure now! His hugs are absolutely heavenly, like make sure that you’re still in the Devildom and he didn’t just take you to the Celestial Realm.
Cuddles with Simeon would be just sweet and relaxing.
Tends to be a bit clingy on accident. If you express discomfort he will stop immediately.
Enjoys having you sitting in his lap while cuddling and you both talking about your day.
┉ˏ͛ ༝̩̩̥͙ ⑅͚˚   ҉  ⑅͚˚ ͛༝̩̩̥͙ ˎ┉
Tumblr media
Cuddles aren’t very common at first due to a sort of distrust and how openly vulnerable one must be.
He begins to warm up more as your relationship progresses. He mostly hides his mild discomfort behind harmless jokes, simply trying to distract the both of you from it.
Prefers cuddling in his room so he can at least try not to get interrupted but, the resident cockblocks always find a way.
Although in the human world they can’t really get to you!
┉ˏ͛ ༝̩̩̥͙ ⑅͚˚   ҉  ⑅͚˚ ͛༝̩̩̥͙ ˎ┉
Tumblr media
Lᴜᴋᴇ, sᴛʀɪᴄᴛʟʏ ᴘʟᴀᴛᴏɴɪᴄ
Loves side cuddles so much, snuggling up to your side and tell you all about his day and the sweets he’s planing on making.
Luke adores the bitter looks on the brother’s faces faces when he gets more attention than them
Has thought about asking to cuddle with both you and Simeon
He’s a good kid and deserves a little forehead kiss.
┉ˏ͛ ༝̩̩̥͙ ⑅͚˚   ҉  ⑅͚˚ ͛༝̩̩̥͙ ˎ┉
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multiverse-of-yn · 19 hours ago
*Jason seeing Joker getting beaten up by someone in the distance*
Jason: Oh Fuck. What idiot is fighting with Jason this time? WITHOUT ME?!
*Jason squints to look properly, noticing it’s Y/n*
JASON: OH SHIT! That’s my idiot!
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theold-ultraviolence · a day ago
Ok fuck it I know I still haven't caught up but I can't get this out of my head. Eddie seeing reader in his shirt/jacket and getting really excited about it. Alternatively, reader asking Eddie if they can join his next campaign bc they love watching him when he gets passionate and descriptive.
Hi Sage!! thank you for dropping by! I must tell you that I've been thinking a lot about this since you sent it to me; originally I was gonna write a short blurb but I didn't want to give you something so short! So please accept these long ass headcanons (it occurs to me this is the first time I'm doing headcanons!? so I hope these aren't too lame!)
So I watched what video where the costume designer is explaining every little detail of each character’s wardrobe and when they got to Eddie MY MIND started going all over the place
Everything he wears is special to him for different reasons, literally every single detail is significant to him, no matter how tiny.
I’ve included this bit in the latest chapter of my fic, No One Like You, but I headcanon that his leather jacket was a gift from his uncle, right when Eddie was experimenting with his look, growing out of his awkward phase and embracing his identity through his style 
Eddie’s always been into classic rock but as he grew up, along with the way music was evolving, is when he started getting into heavy metal and more of that ‘wizard’ metal like Dio.  
After he started buying those records and further immersing himself in that music, clearly he wanted to look the part – look like he belonged in that world. 
So his Uncle Wayne, who is actually super supportive of him, got him that leather jacket. It was either his or he found it at a second hand shop (still torn between which, but my heart goes a little soft at the idea that it was his uncle's originally).
When Wayne got him his jacket it was still too big for him, but Wayne was super cool and fatherly about it, telling him that, ‘you’ll grow into it, son.’ But initially it fit Eddie like a leather version of a wizard's cape (which he didn’t mind, actually!) 
So his leather jacket is one of those things that he’s had for a long time and that is very dear to him, like his own version of a teddy bear. Later he gets his denim vest and that one’s special because it’s his own little canvas where he can put all his band pins and patches. The DIO one is extra valuable to him because it was a limited edition one that he got when he bought the album.
His jacket is already chipped here and there, the leather is a bit worn, and he’s had to add different chains and links to mend the few rips around the cuffs that it has. 
Because it’s so fragile now, obviously he’s very picky about its handling. 
He gets weirdly annoyed when he’s hanging out with his friends, either at a casual get-together at someone’s house, or at school for the D&D campaigns, and everyone sheds their jackets and gets mixed up in the heap of clothes at a corner. He’s not a tidy person in the LEAST but that’s his one pet peeve; he makes sure that his jacket is properly hung someplace. 
So when Eddie meets you and starts going out with you, you know it’s the real deal the moment he puts his jacket around you. 
He wouldn’t have done it were you anyone else. 
It happened one Thursday night; you’d gone to a midnight double-feature at the drive-in, and afterwards you stayed back to comment on the movie, pass the time inside your own little bubble before heading home and ultimately having to face the reality that it was a school night. 
Obviously with Eddie, one thing led to another; the night passed you by as you spent it making out with him and only did you realize how late it had gotten because of the chill creeping in your bones, making you nuzzle into his chest, rubbing on his shoulder blades trying to absorb his heat. 
Of course, being the gentleman that he is, upon noticing you shivering, he didn’t think twice before shedding his leather jacket to envelop it around you. 
You hesitated, knowing what it meant for him, but there was nothing but earnest in his eyes; so you smiled and wrapped it more snugly around your frame. 
With the intention of giving it back the next day, you wore it to school and you reveled in parading around Hawkins High with it, showing off that YES, you’re Eddie The Freak Munson’s partner and proud of it.
(And all the cheerleeders who are secretly into him but never want to admit it can back off now lol)
He actually freezes on the spot when he sees you from afar, going to your locker room. His belly fills with a warm, fuzzy feeling which tugs at the corner of his lips until there’s a wide grin blooming on his face. 
He’s elated, totally over the moon by the sight so all words escape his love-struck brain and all he can do is tackle you against your locker and attack you with smooches all over your face. 
He’s completely glued to you all day, wanting to proudly display that you’re his. 
Obviously he keeps lending it to you and insists you wear it on different ocassions, more often than not, when you're in the back of his band and sexy times ensue lol
His favorite thing ever is when you're wearing nothing but his jacket on.
More and more as the relationship progresses, he does little things to make you part of his world, gives you things like pins or cassettes or bracelets so that you’d always keep parts of him with you. And he also includes you in his outings. 
He wants you to accompany him to the record store to buy music, the bookstore as he strolls around browsing and skimming through horror novels, comics, fantasy books and music magazines (not music related but I headcanon that one of his favorite magazines is Fangoria). 
He has you with him, in charge of changing up the radio station when a song he doesn't like comes up, when he’s working the weekends at Thatcher Tire. 
But the one place you haven’t been to is one of his D&D campaigns, because you’re nervous about disrupting the fun, interfering with his friend’s established dynamic. 
Although you’ve always been curious to see him being a Dungeon Master – after all you’ve sat beside him countless of times as he worked on all the details and narrative for his campaigns. 
One night you finally gather the courage and accept one of his invitations to join. You don’t play on that first night, simply want to watch him in his element – in his own little kingdom. 
And of course, since the nervousness is still there, he lets you wear his jacket as a token of luck but also to comfort you. That way you'd have his embrace all night, even if he was sat afar from you.
Knowing that you’ll get to hold onto a part of him all throughout gives you all the confidence you need that night, as you get to the drama club classroom hand in hand for the night’s game. 
Obviously you didn’t have anything to worry about; everyone is super friendly and affectionate and you’ve never laughed this hard in your life. You’ve found it hilarious whenever his friends would get ACTUALLY, SERIOUSLY mad or frustrated over the scenarios unfolding for them. 
But the highlight of the night is of course, watching him smile with full teeth, move about the place with such speed as if he was in a jungle gym and sit on his throne at the top of the table like the rightful king of the game that he was. You’ve never seen him so unabashedly himself. In there, no one called him a freak, no one gave him shit for his grades or his life choices, he was totally, utterly free, and you felt the luckiest in the world to be a part of that. 
You’re also swooning with how handsome he looks,  with the back lights highlighting his hair and the warmth of the candles all over the room softening all his rough edges, as well as the red fill-lighting illuminating his face in all the right angles. 
It’s truly a sight to behold and it makes you smile, knowing that you’re with him – and that you have his jacket on to proudly display it.
Tumblr media
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the-cooler-kira · 2 days ago
Jotaro Kujo HCs: head over heels for his S.O
Tumblr media
For him to develop such a crush, I think he would've known you for a long time. Even before your relationship.
Classic childhood friends trope. Beautiful.
Poor guy was sweating bullets when he asked you out in case he accidentally ruined your friendship or made things weird.
He was over analysing everything to try and predict your answer, most likely thinking you would reject him because he saw you as someone who's much better than him.
To be honest, he still does.
Nothing could've prepared him for you being happy and reciprocating his feelings, but he sure as hell wasn't complaining.
He often finds himself stealing glances at you, no matter what you're doing. Concentrating on your work? Staring. Tidying your surroundings? Staring. Getting changed? Staring... respectfully.
Often, he wonders how on earth he got so lucky to not only know you but to date you too!
He also finds pretty much anything you do perfect, almost like you can do no wrong.
Definitely compares you to an angel. But not a biblically accurate one, those are terrifying.
When he eventually manifests Star Platinum and it's time-stopping ability, he would definitely use it just to admire you.
He usually wonders if you have some sort of stand that makes you appear perfect to him, but it's not. Just him being completely infatuated with you.
Will not let anyone lay so much as a finger on you and will try to keep you out of harms way as much as possible, even if you are capable of defending yourself and/or a stand user.
If anything, your strength is just reassurance just in case he's not there to protect you. Which is rare.
All in all, he's completely obsessed with you so you definitely don't have to worry about anybody else taking his attention away from you.
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kokomoneys · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Note : the second post of the day ! I'm inspired, enjoy <3
Characters : Nahoya, Mikey, Baji, Chifuyu
Cw : cunnilingus, tongue penetration, extrem teasing, sub!reader.
Type : smut
He prefers without too much reflection to have your ass on his face. I will not go through four paths to admit that his favorite position is 69. He will give you majestic tongue strokes without intention that will make you lose your head, but of course he will not realize it. Above all, he prefers to give little taps to your juicy pussy, when he notices that it is swollen with excitement. He likes when you cum on his face, but he won't stop so soon. It will continue until you twist with pleasure and can't take it anymore. He will not refrain from slamming and kneading your buttocks a few times while his tongue strokes become faster and faster.
As mikey eats food, he eats your pussy. To tell you the truth, this is mikey's favorite food. Obviously, he licks every corner of your interior, which usually tickles you but makes you cum much faster than usual. He is never serious when he does, he slightly scratches your thigh and keeps your leg tightly rolled up on yourself. He sucks, licks, slightly bites every part of you while you bubble with pleasure. Forbidden to cum when he has his head down, so when you feel you're going to do it you pull his hair as best you can. He likes when it's fast and effective, he's not going to take hours to do it. He will often give you a few words to excite you even more: "Baby you're so full downstairs, do you think my tongue will be able to clean up all this? ”
He doesn't eat your pussy, he devours it. He usually does it after you have kindly asked him, or when he just wants to please you. He gives the necessary tongue strokes where it is necessary and he is extremely precise. He self-assigns ten minutes (depending on the free time he has) to lick your inside rigorously, and as long as his ten minutes have not passed he forbids you to cum even if you sometimes come to cry. He prefers to do it when you are lying down, his thighs apart and his head inside. Let me tell you that you explode with pleasure when he finally decides to let you reach seventh heaven. On the other hand, be careful not to close your thighs on his head, otherwise he will go much slower and increase time.
At first he will be embarrassed by the request you made to him, but he will still accept. It will blow gently on your clitoris before passing some languorous movements on your already extremely humid entrance. He prefers to do it when you are standing, and he kneelings in front of you. Despite what one would think, chifuyu is extremely gifted with the tongue and he shows it well. You are practically in ecstasy, limit to two fingers to reach orgasm. His tongue movements are very slow, he doesn't like to rush, he prefers you to feel every time his tongue enters your thrilling pussy. He will sometimes make a gap of a few minutes, during which he will not make any movement, his tongue just inked in your dripping core.
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billy with a drama queen!reader, like she’s in drama class/club and is just really over dramatic
Ohhh this will be fun! Enjoy!
-Billy with a dramatic reader hc's-
Tumblr media
He honestly doesn't mind how dramatic you are! He actually kinda enjoys it!
He finds it so amusing every time he goes to a play, or you are just being super dramatic.
You kinda make things more fun for him every once in a while!
He also can be very dramatic too though sometimes....so do be careful when it comes to arguments....
Arguments between you too can be a bit worse then normal because Billy can be super dramatic about some things and since you are a drama queen you also are the sane say.
But then again sometimes you both can thrive off of it too!
Sometimes he'll be extra dramatic around you to see how you'll react....
But when it comes to actual drama like with people he can also get into that a lot.
Usually he would need someone to pull him out of whatever hes getting himself into which can include fights, and sometimes parties.
But besides all that when it comes to theatrical drama, hes all for it!
He loves coming to watch you perform and he finds it super funny how you are so expressive!
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noose-lion · a day ago
Based off canon evidence, I'd say that Dazai is far better with young children than Chuuya. This is not to say Chuuya wouldn't be alright with kids, just that if a kid was 'difficult' Chuuya would be stumped and Dazai would know what to. Our favorite mafia executive probably actively avoids young children.
That being said, teenagers? Yeah no, Dazai has no clue what to do with them, where Chuuya is like the cool older mentor/brother. Chuuya actually was around teenagers as a teenager, while Dazai only had Chuuya and Akutagawa. Dazai doesn't have a good track record with teenagers, but hey he's trying.
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snoozeeroo · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It's the end of Pride Month! Here's the last of my DCMK headcannons! Be yourself, you are loved! 🌈
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twinanimatronics · 16 hours ago
The reason why Fazbear Entertainment had no problem explaining away Foxy being missing as a animatronic at the Mega PizzaPlex is because of Foxy’s character.
Foxy is the old man Pirate/Lighthouse Keeper.
It’s easy to just say he’s living it up in retirement or off having pirate adventures and kids will accept that as why he never came back or why he’s temporarily MIA from Kid’s Cove.
Bonnie though?
Bonnie’s missing is harder to explain.
They can replace him with Monty in the band and get rid of his art/merch. But how do they explain his absence in a way children and preteens will accept /not question?
Tumblr media
Fazbear Entertainment hasn’t figured that one out yet.
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knylinphd · a day ago
being tengen’s fav wife
Being Tengen’s favorite wife | Headcanons
female reader
-> Maybe it is because you’re a demon slayer as well…. but you’re Tengen Uzui’s favorite wife.
Tumblr media
You were already a slayer before he met you. You started quite young, actually, having lost your parents to demons and being adopted by your master, training you ever since that day.
He was already married when he met you, as he only encountered you once he became a pillar. It was love at first sight ; this had happened to him for Suma, Makio and Hinatsuru. But it was different with you.
All of his wives were strong. But still, not as strong as him. But you ? When you started training with him as he became the sound pillar, he couldn’t believe how easy it was for you to beat him. Maybe it’s what attracted him.
You seemed not to care that he had other wives when you started dating and when he asked you to marry him. You liked them and they liked you ; you just found it very odd that he seemed to share more moments with you.
Maybe it was because you were new. But as a few years had gone by, this certain privilege you had never ceased. Sure, he was comforting for Suma, he was caring for Hinatsuru and he was calming for Makio. But you knew it was different with you.
Maybe it’s why, despite polyamorous relationships not being usual for you, you didn’t feel any ounce of jealousy ; he loved all of you in a different way, but he loved you more. It often made you feel bad ; yet the girls would never tell you about it. It was surely better to act this way.
« We spend more time together. » you said. « Well, we have the same job, we stay there when we’re on a break and we often go on missions together. » he replied, playing with your hair as you had just come back from the hot springs.
« That’s why you should spend even more time with the girls when we’re home. » He smiled. He found it nice that you always wanting to include them even though you weren’t a part of this relationship since the beginning just like them.
But truth is, you didn’t think about them whenever Tengen was feeding you with his own chopsticks during dates. Neither when he would shampoo your hair and paint your nails. And neither when you would sleep only together, and not feeling like sleeping in a pile of people during the hot summer.
Maybe he managed to make each girl feel special whenever he had alone time with them, and you weren’t actually his favorite. But you had to admit, he spent way more alone time with you than the three others…
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lexxiisstuff · 2 days ago
𝐓𝐬𝐮𝐤𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐦𝐚 𝐤𝐞𝐢
Warning: none.
Academic Rivals AU but he's been pining for years.
"Come on y/n I just need the answer to question two" You rolled your eyes playfully at your best friend, Akira and slid your Economic notes over to her.
"You really should attempt this exercise on your own yunno. How will you ever get better if you don't try to do them yourself" You grabbed a pencil and began jotting down notes on the new section and Akira scoffed.
"Listen here smarty pants not all of us are intellectually gifted like some in our class" Her eyes went to you and drifted lightly over Tsukishima who was seated far left of the lecture hall. His blank bored expression clear as day. You glared at her
"I hope you're not actually complimenting Satan's spawn over there because I'll be very disappointed in you" You said harshly.
You and Tsukishima had been in the same class the whole of high school and were now sharing three classes in your first year of University. To say you disliked him would be an understatement. You loathed him. He was obnoxious, rude and arrogant not to mention exceptionally smart. You couldn't remember how many times you had battled it out with him for first in the grade. He'd won majority, but on the few times you did beat him nothing was sweeter.
"You two really need to hug out all this animosity" Akira said shrugging "you've been at this since high school"
You were about to respond but the professor began to hand out last weeks essays. You smiled at the large bolded 94% above your name. You hadn't expected to do so well considering economics wasn't your strong point. You watched Tsukishima take his paper and frown at the grade. You smirked lightly. He wasn't the greatest in economics either.
When class finally ended Akira asked you to meet in the dining hall a bit later because she had to talk to her advisor. You nodded smiling and walked out of the lecture hall.
"Y/n!" You froze at the sound of your name behind you. Maybe if you continued walking he wouldn't see you. You took another step cautiously but Tsukishima was unfortunately next to you a second later "What's the rush?"
"What do you want Tsukishima?" You said continuing your walk along campus. The tall blond matched your stride easily and you glared up at him.
"Just curious as how you did on the Eco Essay" He said adjusting his glasses. You thought it was kind of endearing actually. Endearing??? You shook the odd thought away.
"None of your business" You muttered
"Did you flunk? There's nothing to be ashamed of. Economics is hard" You glanced at him skeptically and stopped walking.
"Did you flunk?" You whispered it like it was some sort of crazy conspiracy and Tsukishima snorted.
"Don't be an idiot" He lifted his paper to flash the bright red 97% and it was your turn to frown.
"Good for you Tsukishima" You said and began to walk again. This time alot faster.
"Come on are you seriously not going to tell me how much you got?" He said and you sighed. He wouldn't quit if you didn't. You handed him your paper and watched him smirk. Smug bastard.
"What a shame" He tsked and you snatched your paper back.
"Whatever. Can you go away now I have things to do and your presence slows me down" You mumbled
"Aww am I your distraction?"
"More like a nuisance" You heard his laughter as you entered the dorm building and hated the small smile that twitched at your lips.
"I hate parties" You pouted as Akira held your hand maneuvering you both through the masses of people. The dress you were wearing was one that was slightly out of your comfort zone but still you enough that you weren't insecure but the hills Akira had shoved you in were slowly damaging your feet.
"You've said that four times and it's only been 10 minutes. Come on loosen up. You only live once" She grabbed two cups of beer and handed you one.
"That's what they say in every idiotic teenage movie where the protagonist is about to do something stupid" You sipped the beer slowly and cringed. Cheap beer was not good. Ever.
"Akira! Hey come play with us" You saw a good looking boy call her over to the beer pong table and she glanced at you hesitantly.
"Go" You said smiling.
"Nah I don't want to leave you"
"I'll be fine Akira. I don't need a babysitter. Have fun" she bit her lip.
"Alright but only one game. Call me if you need anything. Anything at all okay" You nodded watching her drift towards the boys. You wish you had that type of energy. The kind people were drawn to.
You made your way through the large house towards the kitchen. Only a few people were in there. You leaned against the wall filling your empty glass and taking a hesitant sip.
"Well hello there Cutie" You glanced up at the short dark haired boy and tensed. Was he talking to you?
"Um hi?" He was a boy from your English lecture and he was known for having terrible grades and an even worse reputation. You glanced towards the exit. Maybe you should run.
"Having fun" He leaned towards you caging you between him and the counter and you trembled. He was definitely wasted
"I have a boyfriend" You nearly shouted. The boy only chuckled.
"Oh yeah? Where is he?" He leaned closer and you shrank away. If push came to shove you could punch him. Maybe kick him. You were thinking of the best way to defend yourself when you saw the tall figure behind the boy.
"Get the fuck away from her. Right now" Tsukishima growled threatingly. You glanced up. His jaw was clenched his eyes were dark and you'd never been more relieved to see him.
The brunette stepped away holding his hands up in surrender "Sorry man. Thought she was single"
"She's not so fuck off." The boy scampered away from you and you leaned back closing your eyes with a small sigh.
"You okay?" You looked up to a concerned Tsukishima and nodded slightly.
"I hate parties" You whispered
"As do I." He approached you slowly as if not to scare you off and you stood still. Weirdly you didn't tense or freeze but willed him forward. "Why come?"
"I though it would be fun" You mumbled sadly. "I wanted to do something different other than reading Austen and watching reruns of criminal minds on a Friday "
"Then read Wilde and watch reruns of X-Files but you don't have to make yourself uncomfortable. You hated parties since high school" You stared at him.
"How do you know?"
"Because I went to every one in hopes you'd be there" He muttered quietly. Before you could answer he stretched out a hand "Message Akira. Tell her I'm walking you home"
"How do you know I came with Akira?"
"Because I know you. If you're doing something out of your comfort zone there's a high chance Akira is lurking somewhere" You couldn't help the smile you gave him. Maybe he did know you. You pulled out your phone and sent a text to your best friend.
Tsukishima led you out of the house and all the while kept a strong hand on your lower back. You flushed lightly at the feeling of him touching you. God this was crazy. Tsukishima and you could barely stand each other and yet here you are seeking refuge in him.
"Thanks Kei" You mumbled softly when you finally made it out of the house and onto the sidewalk. He stumbled lightly.
"You've never called me that before" He looked at you and gulped anxiously. You were so beautiful he thought. Like something written out of a story about princesses and fairies. He never felt as angry as he did tonight watching that asshole hassle you. He watched you rub your arms awkwardly and tried not to smile. God he wanted to hold you. He wanted to take you into his arms and give you all the comfort he could offer. Maybe someday you'd let him.
"I think after tonight I deserve to call you that no?" You grinned playfully and he nudged you rolling his eyes.
"You can call me whatever you'd like y/n" His voice was soft, gentle almost tender and you felt a flutter inhibit your chest. What was happening?
The two of you made your way down the campus walkway. It was a 10 minute walk to your dorm. Tsukishima watched you waddle in your heels and grinned. "Would you like some help?"
"Unless you're offering to swap shoes I don't think you can help." You muttered uncomfortably.
"Wait here" He instructed and dashed off. You stood staring at light post in contemplation. Kei arrived five minutes later with a pair of sandals he bought from the schools merchandise in his hand. You giggled incredulously.
"Take off your heels" You slipped them off and shoved your feet into the sandals. They fit perfectly.
"How'd you know my shoe size?"
"Years of observation" You leaned down to grab the heels but he beat you to it grabbing them before you could
"I got it" He walked with your heels dangling from his left hand the other he pressed firmly against your back.
"Why are you being so nice to me tonight" you asked because you couldn't help it.
"I don't know." He said quietly "I'm tired of being at odds with you"
"You really think we can be friends?" You asked curiously.
"No. Because I don't want to be your friend either" He looked away nervously.
"Okay then what do you want Tsukishima?"
"Everything" He muttered
Ahh I just love pining don't you?? I think I wanna do a part 2 lemme know what you guys think!!!
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animeomegas · a day ago
okay lights dad being traumatized by seeing his son fuck his alpha but what about his dad having to look lights alpha in the eye from then on knowing they’re an absolute stud in bed. knows damn well how to give someone a proper pounding. except it’s not just someone it’s his son light 🙃🙃🙃🙃
Hilarious 😂
This is especially funny because you know that Light's dad is a traditional alpha who only had sex with Light's mother in missionary, in the dark, five minutes and done.
He's never made his wife react like they made Light react...
Just imagine how awkward family dinners would be now. Sayu and Light's mum don't know anything, but Light's dad is being so weird when interacting with Light's alpha best friend lol.
After the cameras are gone he takes to walking into his son's room at random moments whenever he's home to discourage any kind of... misbehaviour.
This poor man will literally never recover. He had his entire worldview on sex shattered while simultaneously realising he doesn't know his son quite as well as he thought lmao.
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guts-blood-n-screamzz · 2 days ago
Any of the boys with a s/o who is very touch starved and easily flustered Hc's?
The Boys With a Touch Starved S/O > a/n; I decided to do two of the boys for you <33. i need to learn steve's character better first </33 I'm sorry > content warnings; lime _________________________
Tumblr media
_________________________ < Oh god, this man would have you a blushing mess. Everywhere you go you're practically shaking with embarrassment. Like you'd be a flustered message basically twenty-four seven.
< Petname galore, and not the cutesy ones. Be prepared to absolutely be recked by this man.
"Baby, come here," Billy said, holding out an arm for you. You obeyed and came over, he pulled you into his arms and sat you on your lap. You were stumbling over your words, hiding your face in the crook of your neck. "You're such a little whore for me hun." He stated, running a hand through your hair. He tugged on it roughly with a sigh. "Aren't cha." "Yes sir..." You meekly muttered out, latching onto his side. He bounced you up and down on his legs with ease as if your weight meant nothing to him. _________________________
Tumblr media
< Eddie's the same as Billy, however, he's much softer with it. He'll use cheesier and cuter petnames as well. He'll have you simping faster than a blink of an eye.
< "Baby/Babygirl/Babyboy/Babydoll" is his favorite. however he often uses "Sweetheart" / "Darling"
"Hey, sweetheart," Eddie said wrapping an arm around you. You tensed up for a moment before practically melting into his side. "Why so tense?" He joked, he knew how you were.
"Shut up, Eddie." You said softly hitting his chest. He let out a wolfish laugh, hugging you from the side. He brought his hand to your chin, forcing you to look at him. "May I?" He asked, referring to kissing you. You gave a small nod, leaning forward to kiss him.
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