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aretherestarsinhell · 2 days ago
“i am hard to love.
that, i have always known
but you climbed the barbed wire fences that guarded my heart
and said you were here to stay
i believed you;
that was my mistake
i guess i scared you away;
i was too much for you,
or not enough,
or somewhere in between
but regardless,
the ending remains the same
i am here,
with my lonely, wounded heart
and the shattered remains of every empty promise you made.”
-i am hard to love, but you were easy to lose. c.r.
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charlangclaire · a day ago
Anthony Ramos having his own pamphlet after he cheated on Jasmine Cephas-Jones:
Tumblr media
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sensory-dump · 2 days ago
Hey there! May I request number #14 on the angst list for Kazuha? Thank you!
Hi! Tysm for requesting! I hope you enjoy :))
Tumblr media
Kazuha x reader
Prompt: "You taught me how to love."
Warnings: Angst, Breakups.
Overview: Inazuma wasn't the only thing Kazuha was leaving behind.
Pronouns: No specified pronouns <3
Tumblr media
The sunset kissed the lands of Inazuma, illuminating the water and bouncing off the wood from the docks. The sound of the waves crashing down gently mixed with the distant chatter of the crew boarding the boat.
At the end of the dock, sat two lovers. Their feet dangling off the side, their feet inches away from touching the cold waters beneath them.
The moment was bittersweet. The last time the two would ever be able to indulge in each other. The last time you would ever be able to love Kaedehara Kazuha.
"Kazuha, will you return?" Your eyes didn't meet his, they stayed focused on the setting sun across the horizon. Your heart was filled with searing pain, one that you knew would slowly erode with time. However, at that moment, you allowed yourself to become one with that pain.
"As long as the wind blows, my heart will forever be yours." His smooth voice filled your eardrums, only worsening the ache in your heart.
His words would have been sweet if it wasn't for the given situation. Normally, his words would reassure you that he loved and cared for you.
However, you knew that his words had a different meaning now. Instead of that reassurance, he was telling you that even though he will never return to Inazuma, Kazuha would always love you, no matter how many years pass.
You smiled at the sun, your head falling to meet your lover's shoulder, his head leaning to rest on top of yours. You both sat in a comfortable silence as the last remaining crewmates boarded the ship.
"Kazuha! Anchors coming up in 10 minutes!" Beidou, the captain of the Crux Fleet yelled from aboard the ship. You felt him sigh as you slowly disconnected himself from you, standing and holding his hand out to you.
You took his hand, standing along with him. You brushed out the creases on your clothing before looking back up to meet your lover's worried gaze.
"Will you stay safe for me?" His hair was gently lifted by the wind as it ruffled through his clothing. He looked absolutely angelic as his face was kissed by the last rays of sunlight.
"Only if you promise to do the same." You replied, watching a gentle smile flood his features. His eyes lit up with adoration as you gently leaned his forehead to connect with yours, his eyes closing along with yours.
"Thank you." Your brows creased in confusion at his words, lifting your hand up to cup his chick. Your eyes opening to meet his.
"For what?" Your voice cracked as you swallowed the lump in your throat. You held back the tears that threatened to fall from your eyes. He lifted his hand to cup your cheek, his thumb gently caressing the skin.
"You taught me how to love, and for that, I am forever grateful for the time I spent being yours." He wiped the tears that began to fall down your cheeks and pressed a soft kiss on your forehead.
You choked out a sob, pulling him into your embrace. He immediately hugged back, hiding his face in your shoulder as he tightened his grip on you.
After a few moments, you both pulled away, wiping each other's tears away before you stepped back from him.
"Come visit sometime alright?" You took gently punched his shoulder, both of you chuckling as he slowly walked away from you.
You watched him board the ship, the anchor slowly coming up from the seabed. You stood at the end of the dock, watching the ship slowly leave.
However before he could get too far away, you yelled out to him.
"Will you keep your promise to stay safe for me?" You shouted, watching his body spin around to meet you, a smile etched across his features as you watched him nod and lift his hand to wave.
You waved back, tears falling freely from your eyes as you watched him slowly disappear into the sunset.
"Goodbye, Kaedehara Kazuha." You whispered into the wind, hoping the sea carried it to him.
Tumblr media
Note: I hope you liked it, its kinda short but im having a bit of a mind-blank for that so sorry about that.
This is unedited.
Tumblr media
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Sorry but I have to admit this.
People that are your soulmates are 100% better than your twinflame.
Twin Flame connection can be sooo toxic sometimes. Which I just really really hate.
I rather marry my soulmate than my twin flame.
Why ? Because twin flames connection always go through up and downs and i just hate that. Most twin flame connections are also not good for your mental health.
Twin flame connection will only work out if you guys are 100% healed and are matured enough.
I've seen alot of twin flame connection acted more in like a karmic connection than a twin flame.
Tumblr media
Just an advice :
If you guys want to have a stable partner or have a more stable relationship. I recommend manifesting meeting your soulmate instead of your twin flame. Trust me it's better than your twin flame.
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a-musingmichelle · 2 days ago
I will wait I will wait for you here In the stillness of my heart That occurred as soon as you left me I had hoped you would stay Until the end of our days But I understand your spirit had to go When you are ready or When you need A place of solace or refuge I will open my door to you And my hearth shall be your home Forever, if you want it to —Michelle Dana Sabado
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lg-secretsx · 2 days ago
How to get over a breakup
Spend the first day begging for them back via text and email. Once you have that out of your system...
Call your friends. Immediately cut anyone who takes your ex's side in any way out of your life (jk but do they really need to say that thing?)
Clean your room. Throw out the used tissues you left by your bedside when you were crying. We are moving on.
Take a shower. You literally haven't showered in days, it's gross.
Uninstall social media apps. (Besides Tumblr. Let's be realistic.) Your life and identity have changed now that you don't have that person in it and for now, you don't need reminders of your old life.
Spend at least an hour taking selfies & nudes but don't post them or send them to anyone!!! They are for you. You don't need anyone else's validation.
Go outside. Sun, leaves, trees, wind, snow, any and all of it.
Rework your physical space. Maybe that's moving out, or maybe it's just moving your furniture and the painting on the wall.
Envision your independence. Don't go looking for rebound sex, it never helps and you'll be disappointed in yourself. Come into your power & think about all of the things you will do by yourself.
Do the things. Are you an artist? A runner? You still are those things. Get out of bed, be yourself, and do the things.
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dramatic-spill · a day ago
I read your favorite book, do you love me now?
I watched your favorite movie, do you love me now?
I memorized your best poems, do you love me now?
I researched your favorite topics, do you love me now?
I stayed up late just so i can talk to you, do you love me now?
I changed the way i speak, do you love me now?
I changed my style, do you love me now?
I became vulnerable infront of you, do you love me now?
I changed, i tried, i did everything i can
But you don't love me
Never did
Never will
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