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Originally posted by freddieweasleywashere

The Bookworm and the Prankster by Misha Young

“After fourth year, Hermione and Ron made their peace and moved on as friends. But what if another Weasley fell for the brains of the Golden Trio, and what if Hermione began to have feelings for one of Hogwarts most famous tricksters? As the story unfolds from the end of the Triwizard Tournament, we’ll see if Fred and Hermione are really meant to be. K plus for now.”


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“I have nothing to do in this world / except burn / I love you unto death

your restlessness / a mad wind whistles in your head / you are sick from laughing / you flee me for a bitter void / tearing your heart apart

tear me apart if you like / my fever-burned eyes / find you in the night”

- Georges Bataille, The Collected Poems. trs Mark Spitzer.

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“you smell like a dead woman

your breast open like a coffin / and laugh at me from the beyond / your two long thighs rave crazily / your belly is as naked as a wail of death 

you are beautiful like fear / you are mad like a dead woman

the unhappiness in unnameable / the heart is a grimace”

- Georges Bataille, The Collected Poems. trs Mark Spitzer.

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