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When he was dragged into municipal court, demanding the judge legalize marijuana and LSD, he was committed as an emergency case to the county hospital psychiatric ward.
In his admittance report, a physician noted, “The patient states that he has been hospitalized... with a diagnosis of chronic undifferentiated schizophrenia, which the patient describes as: 'Don't know if I want to make love with a man, don't know if I want to make love with a woman, don't know if I want to make love with myself...’” 
The doctor agreed with the earlier diagnoses. 
(Excerpt from "The Die Song" by Donald Lunde)
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This weekend's listening: Lasse Marhaug's The Great Silence.
Sounds straight up out of the 1990's. Love it.
Marhaug used to record as Herb Mullin. I have two of his cassettes. The name, "Herb Mullin", comes from a Santa Cruz serial killer, who, coincidentally, murdered one of my father's best friends. Small world.
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Herb Mullin “ Cloud Storm” painting framed.
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listen. I’m doing a write up for all of these guys because I’ve since lost the old ones I did but I’m done drowning the dash in headcanons and its gonna take a bit, so for now have this really simplistic list of Hook’s crew. (* this is taken straight from the wiki and in my write ups certain nicknames will be changed due to circumstances)
Mr. Smee: the Irish bo'sun, the only non-conformist in Hook's crew. One of two pirates to survive the final battle, and "henceforth wandered around the world in his spectacles, making a precarious living by saying he was the only man that Jas. Hook had feared." Gentleman Starkey: once an usher in a public school "and still dainty in his ways of killing". He and Smee are the sole survivors of the final battle, although he got captured by the Piccaninnies, "who made him nurse for all their papooses". Bill Jukes: used to be on the Walrus under Captain Flint, and is heavily tattooed. Cecco: a very handsome Italian fellow who was said to have his name in letters of blood on the back of the governor of the prison at Gao". Cookson: he is said to be the brother of real-life pirate Black Murphy this was never proved"). Noodler: not much is known about him, except for the fact that his hands are fixed on backwards, and he is superstitious, like all sailors. Skylights (Morgan's Skylights): he is killed off early on the novel "to show Hook's method". Black Pirate: it is only stated that he is gigantic and has had many names that still terrify children on the banks of the Guadjo-mo. Alf Mason: one of the pirates killed in mortal combat with Lean Wolf early on in the battle between the pirates and Tiger Lily's braves. Robert Mullins: he is killed by Peter in the final battle with the pirates. George Scourie: another casualty in the battle. Chas. Turley ("Chay Turley" in the play): he is said "to laugh with the wrong side of his mouth (having no other)"; another casualty in battle by the Piccaninnies. Foggerty: an Alsatian who also died in the above battle. Whibbles: he wears an eye patch and is the first casualty in the final battle. Ed Teynte: the quartermaster in the novel (but not mentioned in the play), was the first killed in the last battle (instead of Whibbles). Black Gilmour (only in play): killed in battle by the Piccaninnies. Alan Herb (only in play): "still remembered at Manaos for playing skittles with the mate of Switch for each other's heads"; killed in battle by the Piccaninnies. Canary Robb (only in play): killed in the above battle.
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Samhain(October 31st)
Cross quarter day – the midpoint between days and nights being of equal length and the longest night. Samhain is the best known of the Pagan festivals and is popularly termed Halloween. Samhain celebrates the cycle of death and rebirth. The veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest. The festival, often called "The day of the dead" is used to remember those who have passed on and to honor departed ancestors. Witches will use this time for spirit work, to communicate with the dead. Offerings of food may be left and many participate in the "dumb supper," where a place setting is set for someone deceased and mourned and the meal eaten in silence to remember the person with respect. Samhain is a time of finality and organization. It is a time to put worries and problems to bed so they do not spill over into the coming year. Many Pagans will use Samhain as a time to look for the positive aspects of negativity in their lives. It is the festival of looking for the silver lining to the cloud. Samhain is traditionally perceived as the start of the Winter.
Colors-Purples, Burgundy, Black, Gold, Orange
Foods-Small Pumpkins, Indian Corn, Gourds, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Garlic, pears, apples,
Herbs/Flowers- Rosemary, Mullin Seeds, Mugwort, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds/Petals, Wild Ginseng, Nettle, Mandrake Roots, Hemlock cones, Sage, Mushrooms, Pine Needles, Rue, Calendula, Turnip Seeds, Apple Leaf, Wormwood, Tarragon, Bayleaf, Passion Flower,
Incense-Myrrh, Copa, Patchouli, Heather, Gummastic, Clover
Crystals- Black Obsidian, Smokey Quartz, Jet, Amber, Pyrite, Garnet, Granite, Clear Quartz, Marble, Sandstone, Gold, Diamond, Iron, Steel, Ruby, Hematite, Brass
Symbols-Mulled wine, Dried leaves, acorns, nuts, dark bread, ears of corn, a straw man, tools of divination/spirit communication, offerings to ancestors, statues of deities symbolizing death
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ghostflowerdreams · a year ago
Vampire Films
It’s October! The month in which I watch even more horror movies than usual. Each year I tend to have a theme to help narrow down what to watch. So far I’ve done Zombie Films and Werewolf Films. This year’s theme will be vampires. I tried to include foreign films (at least those with English subtitles), but only if I was able to get my hands on them.
I also made sure that each of the films listed below primarily revolve around vampires. This isn’t in any particular order either.
30 Days of Night (2007) – is an American horror film based on the comic book miniseries of the same name. The film is directed by David Slade and stars Josh Hartnett and Melissa George. The story focuses on an Alaskan town beset by vampires as it enters into a thirty-day long polar night.
It was fun to watch! I love that the vampires were actually terrifying and not just pretty people with fangs. It does have some clichés and a basic plot, but I still enjoyed it. Did you know that the town of Barrow is a real place in Alaska? And that it does have 30 days of night? It’s a good thing that vampires don’t actually exist, especially these because this place would've been a paradise for them.
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014) – is an American vampire western film directed by Ana Lily Amirpour. It’s tagged as “The first Iranian vampire Western”. In the Iranian ghost-town Bad City, a place that reeks of death and loneliness, the townspeople are unaware they are being stalked by a lonesome vampire.
It’s stylistic, slow placed with a very gothic atmosphere. It might not be for everyone, but it was neat in its delivery for sure.
Fright Night (2011) – is an American horror comedy film directed by Craig Gillespie and produced by Michael De Luca and Alison Rosenzweig. A remake of Tom Holland’s Fright Night, the film’s screenplay was adapted by Marti Noxon. The plot follows a teenaged boy who discovers that his neighbor is actually a vampire, which culminates in a battle between the two.
I watched this film before watching the original Fright Night. This remake is actually pretty decent. It manages to be it’s own thing, while keeping the same concept as the original but with a modern take to it. It was fun.
Fright Night (1985) – is an American horror film written and directed by Tom Holland (in his directorial debut) and produced by Herb Jaffe. It stars William Ragsdale, Chris Sarandon, Roddy McDowall, Amanda Bearse, Jonathan Stark, Dorothy Fielding, Stephen Geoffreys, and Art Evans. The film follows young Charley Brewster, who discovers that his next-door neighbor Jerry Dandrige is a vampire. When no one believes him, Charley decides to get Peter Vincent, a TV show host who acted in films as a vampire hunter, to stop Jerry’s killing spree. 
It was released in the 80s so it certainly felt like I went back in time. What still stick with me after watching it was how the vampire dude did an excellent job at radiating charming yet creepiness, especially with his interest in Charley’s girlfriend.
From Dawn to Dusk (1996) – is an American action horror film directed by Robert Rodriguez and written by Quentin Tarantino. Bank robber Seth Gecko and his violent brother, Richie, are on the run – a robbery gone bad left several people dead – and the FBI and Texas Rangers are in pursuit. As they head for Mexico, the brothers meet the Fuller family heading the same way. They take the family hostage and continue the trip in the Fullers’ RV.
It was a fun and campy horror gorefest. Did you know that the director knew that he had a big gory movie on his hands, so to guarantee the film wouldn’t get a dreaded NC-17 rating he made all of the vampire blood green instead of red? 
Let the Right One In (2008) – Swedish: Låt den rätte komma in is an Swedish romantic horror film directed by Tomas Alfredson, based on the 2004 novel of the same title by John Ajvide Lindqvist, who also wrote the screenplay. The film tells the story of a bullied 12-year-old boy who develops a friendship with a vampire child in Blackeberg, a suburb of Stockholm, in the early 1980s.
Not bad! It’s not every day that there’s a vampire film that focuses on a vampire kid. It’s definitely not the childish type of film either.
Near Dark (1987) – is an American neo-western horror film co-written and directed by Kathryn Bigelow, and starring Adrian Pasdar, Jenny Wright, Bill Paxton, Lance Henriksen, and Jenette Goldstein. The plot follows a young man in a small midwestern town who becomes involved with a family of nomadic American vampires.
Not bad! If you like The Lost Boys, you’ll definitely like this film too. I could almost see this existing in the same universe, almost. 
Salem’s Lot (1979) – is an American miniseries television adaptation of the horror novel of the same name by Stephen King. Directed by Tobe Hooper and starring David Soul and James Mason, the plot concerns a writer who returns to his hometown and discovers that its citizens are turning into vampires.
It was okay.
Stake Land (2010) – is an American vampire horror film directed by Jim Mickle and starring Nick Damici, who cowrote the script with Mickle. It also stars Connor Paolo, Danielle Harris and Kelly McGillis. The plot revolves around an orphaned young man being taken under the wing of a vampire hunter known only as “Mister”, and the battle for survival in their quest for a safe haven.
Think zombie apocalypse, but with vampires instead. It wasn’t bad. 
What We Do In The Shadows (2014) -- Flatmates Viago, Deacon and Vladislav are three vampires who are just trying to get by in modern society. From paying rent and doing the housework to trying to get invited in to nightclubs, they are just like anyone else - except they are immortal and must feast on human blood.
I liked it! It’s a fun mockumentary about vampires.
The Lost Boys (1987) – is an American horror film directed by Joel Schumacher, produced by Harvey Bernhard with a screenplay written by Jeffrey Boam. Janice Fischer and James Jeremias wrote the film’s story. The film’s ensemble cast includes; Corey Haim, Jason Patric, Kiefer Sutherland, Jami Gertz, Corey Feldman, Dianne Wiest, Edward Herrmann, Alex Winter, Jamison Newlander, and Barnard Hughes. The film is about two brothers who move to California to a beach town and end up fighting a gang of young vampires.
This is great! No wonder it’s a cult classic. However, I’m not a fan of the sequels. They’re not that great. So I would recommend that you stick with just this film, but if you really want to watch one of the them...I suggest the Lost Boys: The Thirst which was okay.
Vamps (2017) – is also known as Ghouls; Vurdalaki and Вурдалаки. It is a Russian action fantasy horror film directed by Sergei Ginzburg from a screenplay by Aleksey Karaulov, Evgeniy Kolyadintsev, Tikhon Kornev and Aleksei Timm, based on a story by Alexei Tolstoi (Mario Bava previously adapted it in 1963 for I Tre volti della paura; Black Sabbath). In the distant part of the Carpathian Mountains, near the border with the Ottoman Empire, there is an old monastery. The monk named Lavr exiled himself there and is an expert on mysterious powers. Empress Elizabeth sends her godson, Andrey, to bring the monk back to St. Petersburg. Andrey travels to the ill-famed place and meets with Lavr, but before they can return to the city they must face evil forces and creatures of the dark side.
It was a okay movie with a decent story, and it was also beautifully shot. I found it engaging enough to finish it.
Vampire Dad (2020) -- is an American comedy horror film directed by Frankie Ingrassia, who co-wrote the screenplay with Kathryn M. Moseley. In the early 1960s, Dr. Raymond is the picture-perfect husband and father until one night when everything changes. Victoria, the “Goddess of the Underworld”, bites Raymond and turns him into a vampire. Victoria recruits Raymond to be the therapist for creatures of the netherworld because monsters have feelings too and they desperately need his help!
It was lighthearted and nice to watch!
Blood Red Sky (2021) -- (also known as Transatlantic 473) is a action horror film directed by Peter Thorwarth, who co-wrote the screenplay with Stefan Holtz. When a group of terrorists hijacks an overnight transatlantic flight, a mysteriously ill woman must unleash a monstrous secret to protect her young son.
It wasn’t perfect, but it was a lot better than I expected. The mashup of terrorist hijackers on a plane, vampires and a protective mother actually worked well. It was refreshing to see something different in the vampire genre. However, be aware that you may need to turn on subtitles because there’s both English and German dialogue.
Boys From County Hell (2021) -- is a vampire comedy horror film directed by Chris Baugh, who also co-wrote the film with Brendan Mullin. A crew of hardy road workers, led by a bickering father and son, must survive the night when they accidentally awaken an ancient Irish vampire.
It was fun to watch! It was great to see something different in the vampire genre. It takes place in Northern Ireland in a fictional backwater town, whose only claim to fame is that Bram Stoker stayed there once and based Dracula on the local legend of Abhartach.
NOTE: This list was written in 2020. I’m sure by now there’s been plenty of vampire films out. If I really enjoy one of those films then I might come back to this list and add them on.
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(July 1, 1981)
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kirttrik · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Here is a page from my 10 page submission to Last Comic Book on the Left contest. I’m a bit worried I’m not gonna complete it by Feb 1st so I guess this page works as a one page illustration. Anyways, I will do my best to getting it done. I’m doing a tiny comic about big Herb Mullin, earthquake killer of Santa Cruz. #Z2comics #lastpodcastontheleft #lastcomicfanartcontest #lastcomicontheleft #comicart #horrorart #horror #fantasyart https://www.instagram.com/p/CZIL9V-PjeQ/?utm_medium=tumblr
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yes-this-is-not-ok · 4 years ago
So I hear you like serial killer facts...
My favorite type of serial killers to study are visionary serial killers. These are people who have had some sort of break with reality so their stories seem like a 4 am tumblr shitpost.
Joseph Kallinger murdered because a disembodied head named Charlie told him to. Herb Mullin murdered and sacrificed 13 people to stop the earthquakes in California. Richard Chase (known as “The Vampire of Sacramento”) believed he had soap dish poisoning. According to Chase, you would get soap dish poisoning if you lifted your bar of soap out of the soap dish and found the underside to be gooey. Soap dish poisoning was turning his blood into a powder, eroding him from inside, and destroying his “energies.” To combat this, Chase would murder and drink the blood of his victims. Chase also thought he had a Star of David birthmark that was causing Nazis to persecute him via UFOs.
J: OMG This is awesome! I live on the ID channel watching murder show after murder show. I am fascinated by this.
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hannibizo · 4 years ago
lace, velvet, pearl, sea? man i wanna send you all of these
LACE: my best friends are all SO SO different, it’s kind of wild to think about. but they all love deep, in their own unique way. they each have a big heart, and they bring a lot of passion and commitment to their lives. sometimes finding the way to communicate best with each of them is challenging, but there is nothing better in the world than knowing someone well enough to know exactly how your words are going to impact them and which words they need to hear.
VELVET:ahhhhh okay i love this question.my dream home would have a lot of wooden furniture, preferably things that have been in mine or my spouse’s family for generations. lots of quilts and woven textiles, an herb garden, a big kitchen. tons of windows, as little artificial light as possible. a brick fireplace, bookshelves everywhere. one of those old timey white bathtubs you know what i’m talking about? ah good stuff
PEARL:can i just go full sensory experience on this one?the taste and texture of a perfectly ripe mango. the smell of djondjon rice and the spice-laden sauce giselande’s aunt makes to mix with it. the sound of familiar hymns being sung in an unfamiliar tongue. the mountains in the distance to the east, the ocean in front of me. the sun burning off the mist.
SEA:this is my favorite question wowwhen i need to feel peaceful i listen to really familiar music, or music that i connect really strongly with a particular event. it grounds me in the moment. rich mullins, swim good, and the johannesburg EP by mumford & sons.there’s a painting of a monk by the sea done by caspar david friedrich that i could just live inside.and for lit, i could talk all day about that one, but the poetry of wendell berry, walt whitman, and derek walcott always makes me feel very peaceful and able to see the abundance of the world.
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geekyzelda · 5 years ago
Sarah Heap, nee. Willow, was born and raised in the Castle to her parents, Titus Willow and Thomasin Tremaine.
The trio lived in the Ramblings, in a home with one room and a rooftop garden. An only child, Sarah was close to her parents. She enjoyed gardening and learning about plants with her mother. In the evenings, Sarah would listen to her father ramble about Magyk.
Sarah never had much of an interest in Magyk. Rather, she preferred to sit in the garden, learning about herbs and their different healing properties. None the less, she couldn’t help smiling at her father’s enthusiasm when her eyes turned a brilliant shade of wizard green.
Sarah was a talkative and chatty child. Her calm and caring nature during her youth made her easily likeable and she got along with almost everyone who met her. However, Sarah only ever made one close friend during her school years, Sally Mullin.
Sarah took many a trip with her mother, Thomasin, to see the healing woman, Galen, throughout her childhood. When Sarah turned 16 she accepted the offer of an apprenticeship with Galen. She lived with the healer in the woman’s tree house in the forest for anywhere from 3 to 5 years.
One day during her apprenticeship, Sarah was in the woods collecting herbs when she ran into Silas Heap who was terribly lost. She guided him to Galen’s hut where he spent the night and the pair fell deeply in love.
After her apprenticeship with Galen ended, Sarah moved back to the Castle where she married Silas Heap.
Her father, Titus, fell ill a year after his daughter’s wedding and the man passed soon after. Sarah’s mother suffered a heart attack about a month after her husband died. She passed within twenty-four hours after her cardiac arrest. It was rumored Thomasin died of a broken heart. Titus never had the chance to meet his numerous grandchildren, but Thomasin lived to see the birth of Sarah and Silas’s first child, Simon Heap.
Sarah never quite recovered from her parents tragic death. Because of this she is constantly worrying over her many children.
Sarah and Silas birthed seven children together, all boys. They also adopted one girl who happened to be the lost princess of the Castle.
After a rather, thrilling, fourteen years (during which time Sarah and Silas thought their youngest child to be dead, found him again, lost their eldest child to the Darke, almost lost their third child and his girlfriend to a past time, found them again, almost lost their youngest three shildren multiple times, and their eldest child returned from the Darke), Sarah now resides with her husband of over thirty years in their home in the Ramblings. Sarah enjoys watching the sun rise, reading romance novels, taking care of her pet duck, Ethel, gardening, fretting over her eight children, gossiping with her long time friend, Sally Mullin, and spending time (albeit, not too much time) with her dear husband Silas.
Sarah has said that her life has turned out far more exciting than she expected. However, she would not change a single day of the past 50 years for anything. (Except maybe the day her youngest son, Septimus, was born. She would go back in time and punch that midwife in the face.)
((We know virtually nothing about Sarah so I decided to write my own back story to Mama Heap. She deserved more than just one sentence in the Magykcal Papers.))
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miep-knipperdolling · 2 years ago
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(July 8, 1981)
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weliketheiroldstuff · 2 years ago
Rockstar Energy Disrupt Festival comes to an end, here's a look at their takeover of Michigan's DTE Energy Music Theatre
Rockstar Energy Disrupt Festival came to an end yesterday after a 6 week cross country inaugural run. It helped fill in a 10 stage hole with dueling stages since June. Disrupt is a stacked lineup that hit ampitheatres across the US and was an absolutely sweaty and humid blast in mid July Michigan. The Michigan lineup was as follows: The Used, Thrice, Sum 41, Circa Survive, Atreyu, Sleeping With Sirens, Four Year Strong, Memphis May Fire, Trophy Eyes, Juliet Simms, and Hyro The Hero. The first six bands and artists played in a side stage in the parking lot.
It was like standing in a fucking frying pan for most of the day. I could definitely be sweating more. But at the moment I'm perched under a tree at DTE trying to stay cool. All I keep thinking about is how a full mid week Siesta should be normal for everyone. I’m lucky enough to have a day job that allows me to have Wednesdays off and here I am at DTE at 2:30 already feeling like I need another shower.
Trophy Eyes are playing as a four piece today and still sounding excellent. The official word came July 16th that Kevin Cross’ last show with the band would be Splendor In The Grass. Kevin will be missed for sure but his departure comes as he is going to start a family and live the adult life and no one can really complain about it. Touring is grueling and brutal and if you don’t want to do it forever, then eventually comes a day where you gotta hang it up. We bid thee adieu Kevin!
After their set I took my sweaty ass to the bsthroom to wipe the sweat out of my face. I ventured closer to the main ampitheatre to pop a squat in some shade next to the waterfall. I forgot how truly hot pavement festivals are and am dreaming of 2.5 hours from now when I can go back to my car. And Hyro the Hero just skated by to go check out soundcheck at the main stage.
Reminds me of the days at Warped when Rick Thorne would ride by or Steve Caballero would skate by and before you can say "Hey Steve!" he would be gone.
Holy shit, $5 for a 20 oz warm water and a cup of ice. Of course they gotta keep the cap of the water. I feel like this dates back to policy from the early Ozzfests here where bands like Limp Bizkit and Sevendust got the rowdy crowds on the hill to chuck sod, dirt, and bottles of whatever down onto the pavillion. It was fun at first until bottles full of dirt were being chucked.
Memphis May Fire have elevated the technicality and strength of sound with a set that packed the parking lot stage and set the bar quite high for the rest of the day. This was my first time seeing them, shooting them, and enjoying their live experience. I get it. They fucking wail. Matty Mullins skillset as a frontman keeps the crowd into it through their entire set.
Four Year Strong is one of the most underrated bands on the face of the planet. Rise or Die Trying is one of the absolute best pop punk or technical punk albums I've ever heard. The boys have never let me down live and today is no fucking different.
Sleeping With Sirens got the biggest crowd in the parking lot and also what seemed to be the hottest set of the day so far. I'm absolutely dripping sweat through the first three songs. It's not the hottest day but it seems like each trek to the photo pit is during a cloud break and pulling the sweat out of me. As this dehydration is happening the dudes in SWS are going fucking off.
“Kick kick kick me when I'm down... errrgggahhhh!”
Those of us in the photo pit are actually matching the energy on stage, it’s fucking chaos. Crowd surfers going off and Kellin Quinn is right in my fucking face and this is one of those moments where the camera drops down for a few seconds and I just scream along with him. Fucking a. And there are photographers and journalists here who don’t know who half these bands are btw, and here’s one screaming all the lyrics to “Do It Now Remember It Later”. In this little section cut out of time I realize how so many people would do so many fucked up things to be in this situation. I can feel an epiphany coming…
I realized after the set that I’m celebrating a few months off the dabs on 710 but it is different because I’m not off concentrates as I wolf down on this fucking cartridge. Although sitting around dabbing myself stupid has stopped and for that I sweat out some toxins and know that today is about releasing a lot of energy and unveiling creativity and perseverance. My throat itches from screaming a ton and shooting more in the crowd and I run into my good younger friend from my day job Nate who is enjoying himself thoroughly as I shoot from the crowd. I’m glad someone from my job has seen me in action and knows I’m not fucking full of shit. I still have “friends” that don’t believe I even do this shit.
My mind is racing in down time awaiting the opening of the main stage. I don’t feel good at all. Mentally my life in this moment is held together by a couple cameras and the promise of free water all day. I have the ability to go back to my car and smoke herb and get in the ac for a few which removed a shit ton of stress as I started to cool off. I think if it was a beautiful day my mind would find it easier to wander and maybe this day would be more painful mentally. Instead it’s physically grueling as temperatures near 95 before the humidity. And you know your boy was in all black too baby!
Atreyu haven't missed a beat since seeing them at the Shelter damn near 20 years ago. It makes sense how these guys are in such good shape as their running all around the stage and not taking any time to stand still. Their chaotic and melodic dueling vocals lead for a broad audience of metalheads who appreciate the rhythmic harmonies these incredible musicians create. And well, Porter McKnight is one of the wildest bass players in all of music with energy that really can’t be matched by many. If him and Steve from Every Time I Die had a bass-off our faces would melt. Atreyu bring the heavy and give us a show unlike any other on the lineup with guitar solos that shred and double bass rhythms to make your fucking chest cave in, this is what summer festivals are about my friends.
Circa Survive is a band that connects me to friends no longer on this planet. So to be able to photograph them for the 3rd time since Dec 2017 is an absolute privilege. Act Appalled into (2nd song) into Child of the Desert ending in absolute chaos and catharsis.
Releasing negative energy is what I associate with Circa Survive. Forever will they be a band of existential wonder that repairs the connections between loose and broken heart strings in my chest. It does not get better than this band or this music. I would be flat out lying if I said I wasn’t happy with sweating right now as it’s blending in with the crying. I’m literally soaking my fucking camera as I shoot this shit. And like that, I’m walking back up the steps. I left a massive part of me in that photo pit. I left it there to fade into the pavement and never be a part of me again. So much negativity gone. So much fucking animosity, gone. So much just fucking gone. To Circa Survive, thank you.
Now that I let go of a ton of emotional shit while my past partner of 7 years was sitting 25-30 rows behind me, sending me photos of me shooting and I’m realizing we’re both where we need to be. Apart. My back to her and her watching me from afar. In this moment I realize this is the absolute end of the line and we are both free to live the way we really want to. Now for gratitude… I adore the two women who help run media for 313 Presents. I feel for both of them as they have to sit out all day with us and suffer in this fucking humidity. Holy shit, how dare I say I’m moist as fuck, I hope that makes you feel weird. I am missing the breeze while waiting for Sum 41. The sweating continues. Don't give up your dreams of free ice water kids the ladies at the Arbor bar will hook you up. And for that I tipped her 5 bucks (and now know it should’ve been 10) and will be getting another after Sum 41 as proper hydration should always be important when festing.
Sum 41 is another band that I’m shooting for the third time today, others include Thrice, Circa Survive, and Four Year Strong. I know the level of showmanship is about to be through the roof. I should just ask a security guard for a water but I’m not about it at the moment as it seems they’re about to come out on stage.
This is the third time I’m photographing Thrice. Thrice times I’ve shot Thrice. This is weird. I’m high. I’m stinky. I’m soaked in sweat. All I keep thinking about is can I get a fucking towel before I shoot another fucking outdoor show this summer? Like a white towel that rappers would have on stage with em during this shit? I’m sure I’ll forget it like I consistently forget the bugspray and sun tan lotion and end up frying like an egg in a parking lot frying pan baby!
Thrice is using more smoke than I wish they were. Sure, some of the photos look super dreamy and artsy and that’s great but it creates so much noise and it seems like now the last three shows I’ve shot, the guys and gals running the fog machines have been a tad on the trigger happy side. Regardless, I’m able to hit the vape pen because of it, and elevate myself while watching one of the best bands of the last 20 years go the fuck off. Thrice could easily be headlining this show but more than anything I hope they made a ton of fans at this tour because outdoor ampitheatres are where they belong. Their sound is so fucking big it just feels right on huge stages with massive production. The more ethereal and moodier they go the bigger the stages would fit. Even the older music like “Under a Killing Moon” and “The Artist In The Ambulance” vibe so hard on these huge stages. Fuck I wish they would’ve played “Silhouette” that fucking song rips so fucking hard and Riley’s fucking drums are so fucking good live regardless of what they play, but man that first snare hit. BOP!!!
The Used and I have history. I dated a girl when I was about 19 from north of Detroit. She was something else, and so were her friends. One of which became my connection to this band. I won’t go into further detail as I don’t know everyone’s personal histories on the road and shit, I just know the shit I was told led me to understand we walked very similar paths of chaos and chemicals. I’ve been bonded to them for so long, it makes perfect sense that I would finally shoot them the first time I get to see them. Yeah even with that connection I never tried to go see them through those other people. It was something I almost avoided for a while too. I’m so fucking happy I waited as they are in such better shape mentally, physically, and overall health wise. This leads to what becomes such an unforgettable performance. They used the entire stage to rip through “Take It Away” then “The Bird And The Worm” and then “Listening” before I was making my last trek up the staircase to head back to my car and make the hour+ drive home.
The drive was almost as cathartic as the whole fucking day. The freeway was closed only a few miles down the road from the venue and I ended up taking Telegraph for an hour and a half back home. A nice doob cruise that helped me cap off a day of release, new experiences, meeting new people, and saying goodbye to old relationships. I could’ve gotten this post done in time to be relevant for marketing but once I got home I knew it was time for a break…
My personal life had done a 180 degree turn since early June and I had been dragging my knuckles on moving forward completely. I’m no longer with my cats. No longer at my condo. No longer with this person I’ve been with for almost seven years. It was massively important to me to make the time away from this, my time I took away from my day job, and being away from everything the reason I could go on much further. I thought a few days might do it. That turned into a week. And then two weeks. Then I woke up this morning the last day of Disrupt and felt like I could let go of it all. This is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. I could stop doing this. Put all my energy into being that guy the other person wants and try to get them back. I’ve done it before, and it literally led me back to the same exact conclusion. On my own.
2 years ago I started really pushing live photography. I started brainstorming about what the next website/blog/media outlet would be as at the time I was doing one called Shrbrt, which was just my own personal branded website. I knew I wanted to work with other contributors. I knew I wanted it to be snarky but also counter-snarky in title. I knew that it had to be nostalgic. I knew I had to not give a fuck. A few months later ILIKETHEIROLDSTUFF was born. Now, we’re ready to take it to the next level. A level that would never get encroached on if my personal life stayed in the shambles it was in. I can breathe again. I feel like my inspiration is coming back. I feel like my muse is now myself and not someone else. I feel like as much as I left at Disrupt on the floor of that photo pit, I took away so much new shit. So much new information. So much new intel on myself and who I want to be. See when people get shitty about music festivals and say “How could it change your life?” those fucking people don’t have a clue about the power of music. They don’t love it like we do. That’s what festivals are for. For people like that to have their mind open. I hope plenty understand how dope this shit can really be and how truly we are all spoiled musically to have so many choices and genres and artists and bands who want to create. Not just for us but for the sake of creating.
Disrupt your fucking life. Disrupt your way of thinking. Disrupt what you’re supposed to do. Disrupt the status quo.
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