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#Here have a very specific dnd meme I made for you all
thestalkerbunny · a year ago
When the Bard starts taking archery lessons from the Ranger they’re fucking
Tumblr media
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communistkenobi · 9 months ago
How to Write Din Djarin
I made a previous post here on how I go about writing various SW characters, but I think Din warrants his own post because he’s pretty unique in a lot of ways that can be difficult to translate into writing sometimes. A lot of people have asked me how I approach writing Din, so I thought I would share my notes!
Now, this is just how I write him personally. This isn’t meant to be a definitive interpretation of his character, but it’s the way I approach him whenever I’m writing, and I hope people find it helpful.
This is a lot more in-depth than my other post, so this will be more like a DND-style character sheet for him lol. I’ll go into his general outlook/worldview, mannerisms & temperament, how he talks and thinks, etc, along with some other stuff like his dynamic with Grogu. 
As always, this is all going under a cut ↴
General outlook on life
He isn’t surprised by most things. Din is well-travelled and world-weary, so he’s not going to be shocked by cruelty or injustice, and may even initially outwardly appear as if he is indifferent to those things.
However, he does have an idealistic streak. He is inclined to help people, though he may bitch about it because it will cost money/time/fuel/etc (ie, things that are very precious to him because they are resources he uses to find work and provide for himself/his covert/the kid). He also seems to want to trust people and believe in them, though he isn’t particularly shocked if/when they betray him.
He also does not want his heroics to be spotlighted - he dislikes being the centre of attention and would rather be thanked quietly than have a crowd cheer him on. In general, he looks for solutions that will give the people he’s helping the resources they need to solve a problem on their own, and Din will step in to provide support/guidance/etc when necessary. He doesn’t like being the only person in the room who can solve a problem - he’ll teach people how to fight, show them how to lay a trap, be a liaison between two groups in conflict with each other so they can settle their dispute themselves, etc.
He is distrustful of most big institutions and is deeply skeptical of their claims to moral superiority or political legitimacy. Generally prefers to steer by his own moral compass, which is heavily informed by his heritage and history as a Mandalorian.
Principled - generally wants to keep his word, tell people the truth, and be honest about his intentions. However, he isn’t naive; he will obscure the truth if he doesn’t trust someone, usually by omission or silence rather than outright lying (he seems pretty bad at that)
Din’s frame of reference is very much shaped by his work. What I mean by this is that he plans for the “future” in terms of days and weeks - long-term planning is essentially impossible because of how unpredictable and chaotic his life is. He may plan out his schedule, finances, travel, meals, etc for the next two jobs he has lined up, but not much further than that. He’s living paycheck to paycheck more or less, and because he’s used to personal misfortune and loss, he is hesitant to daydream about long term goals or aspirations. He’s a pretty in-the-moment guy.
Because of how precarious his life is, his interactions with people tend to be transactional (“you do this for me, I’ll do this for you”). This isn’t because he’s greedy or selfish, it’s because he’s chronically short on time and cash. A good tension to have in a story is his desire to help people coming into conflict with his need to make money to provide for himself and his covert (and even after the covert is gone, he will still tend to think this way because of how much it’s shaped his life and experiences). Din is realistic about how unstable his life is and how one bad decision can lead him to financial ruin (or serious physical harm), but he also is idealistic in that he wants to help people, precisely because he KNOWS how exhausting and difficult precarity can be.
He’s used to being on his own, both in a personal sense and in a societal sense. He knows that, most of the time, there is no authority to turn to for help or protection, and that if he does go to the authorities it probably won’t work out in his favour. As a result, any disputes he has or gets involved in need to be resolved by the people directly involved in said dispute. This means that Din is prone to action when a problem arises - he doesn’t assume that someone else will handle it because experience has proven that not to be true. The society he lives in is deeply atomised, and any political or criminal authority controlling a planet/region is generally not concerned with the plight of its citizens (and, more often than not, is usually just another form of conflict/danger to most people). This informs how people interact with him, and how he interacts with other people.
Areas of expertise
I know it’s a fun fandom meme to say Din doesn’t know anything, but he‘s a pretty knowledgeable guy! These are just some of the areas/topics he has expertise on:
Weapons - pretty self-explanatory. Will know the make and model of most weapons he looks at, has good intuitions about their usage, utility, maintenance requirements, upkeep costs, etc. Even if he isn’t familiar with the exact name or make of a weapon, he probably has a good idea of how to use it, what condition it’s in, and how to counter it in battle.
Geography - Din is a bounty hunter and travels a lot. He has a pretty good knowledge base of the Outer Rim. He’ll be familiar with a lot of planet names, but he’ll also probably know things about those planets - what their major export is, what the climate/weather is like, how populous it is, major political factions that control it, main languages spoken, things like that. These are all relevant facts he’ll need to help in his hunts. If he doesn’t know it off the top of his head, he probably did at some point and will have it stored in the Razor Crest (F in the chat) for easy recall, or will know how to find out this information pretty easily.
Ships/ship maintenance - probably a more narrow slice than the above two topics, but Din seems generally familiar with different classes of ships, might know the layout of specific ship models for infiltration purposes, and maybe even what kind of weapons and technical capabilities they have. This is probably limited to smaller vessels, though, since larger ships are more dangerous and usually signal bigger problems (like the arrival of the NR or Imperials). Din is also knowledgeable about how to conduct basic repairs on his own ship, and will tend to default to fixing it himself unless he doesn’t have the time or the problem is too complex. He’s generally handy with tools but also isn’t like, an engineer.
The “underworld” - Din is pretty familiar with the criminal economy of the Outer Rim. Not only does he need to know this for his job, but he also seems to know how to get work outside of the Guild (see 1x05). This means he’ll be familiar with regional and local criminal factions, militias, gangs, crime syndicates, etc. and seems to know how to blend in to those criminal elements when needed. He probably also knows of the general disputes and conflicts between those factions, though probably not the specifics. He may have some opinions on those conflicts but likely won’t share them with people, since that’s usually a dangerous thing to express publicly.
Mannerisms & Temperament
I would describe Din as a laidback grump. He seems to take most things in stride, even things that would send most people spiralling into a panic attack, but he will be openly grumpy about setbacks, especially ones that cost extra time or fuel to work around. In general, he knows how to handle bad situations, but he won’t hide how displeased he is about it.
On that note, Din also doesn’t whine or complain that much - he will usually make his displeasure known through the tone of his voice, curt replies, and body language. He won’t sit around bitching about a situation he’s in, since his usual go-to response to anger/discomfort is to become quiet.
I think he’s quick to become irritated but slow to genuinely anger. He is generally patient if the person he’s interacting with is nice to him, and is especially patient and kind with Grogu.
When he IS actually angry, he’s usually silent. Angry outbursts will happen, but usually only if provoked. Din tends to express this with words and body language - he isn’t someone who will throw a tantrum or lash out violently at people or objects. He has to be pretty furious to be pushed that far, which would probably only happen because of A) someone is hurting the kid, or B) someone is trying to take off his helmet/parts of his armour.
Din doesn’t revel in knowing something another person doesn’t, and in general doesn’t like feeling superior to others (intellectually, morally, etc). He seems to enjoy teaching people what he knows, though he isn’t always the best at imparting that information to people. Likes to teach via demonstration rather than explanation or lecturing.
Din is used to things being outside of his control, especially really large and important things that shape and control his life. As such, I tend to write him as being focused on the things he can control, even if they’re extremely small or inconsequential. This may come across as slightly neurotic to people, but him finding some sort of structure in an uncontrollable situation can be an effective way to cope with bad circumstances (this is a little bit more interpretative on my part since it isn’t explicitly informed by canon, but I thought I would include it in here anyway since I use this character tick often in my own writing).
Din is not openly affectionate at all. He will communicate trust, ease, happiness, and even love in a very understated way, usually by being more talkative or allowing someone into his personal space as a sign of trust. Grand verbal expressions are extraordinarily rare - he would rather give people gifts (which usually have a practical use; think of a rare replacement part for their ship and not like, a stuffed animal or flowers) or make a point of keeping their company. This also goes for Grogu.
I think in general it’s a good idea to go with him being understated. He isn’t dramatic about himself or his feelings, and if he is being dramatic, there should be a good reason for it.
Generally doesn’t feel a need to explain himself to other people. If people think his behaviour is odd or peculiar, he tends to ignore them or pretend they aren’t there.
Additionally, if someone asks him to do something and he turns them down, he isn’t usually going to explain his reasons why. He may snap at them if they continually prod him for an explanation, but in general, Din is not self-conscious about random people thinking he’s weird or mean or anything like that. He’s used to being a social outcast and people interpreting every behaviour of his in a bad-faith way, and as a consequence he’s largely given up justifying himself to other people unless they are a close friend or he values their opinion. If a stranger doesn’t like him, he isn’t usually bothered by that, even if they tell him that opinion to his face.
By the same token, Din isn’t afraid to stand up for himself. He doesn’t let people push him around or bully him. He has a high tolerance for stupid or ignorant comments made about him, but if someone crosses a line he WILL let them know - he just won’t go on a rant or feel the need to explain like, why bigotry is wrong or whatever. Din is definitely not a wordsmith, and is concerned more with keeping himself safe and maintaining his cultural heritage than he is justifying his existence/way of life to other people.
Dialogue & Body Language
I find people struggle the most with his dialogue. He doesn’t speak a lot in the show, so it can be difficult sometimes to find his voice while you’re writing. Here are some general rules I follow when writing him:
Usually doesn’t initiate conversation unless he specifically needs to ask somebody a question. Din tends to be more passive in social interactions and will respond to people based on how they speak to him, rather than controlling the conversation or being proactive about the tone of the discussion.
The answers he gives people when they ask him questions are usually short and to the point. He uses plain language in general, though will use technical jargon in certain circumstances (such as in conversations covering the topics he’s knowledgeable in - see above). However, he isn’t easily confused or intimidated by people who use flowery/complex language, so him talking plainly and simply is more of a conscious choice than a limitation of his vocabulary.
Din is more talkative around friends (notably Cara and Greef), and will offer them information about his life and the kid and things like that, but is still pretty subdued and usually needs verbal prodding from others to open up.
He isn’t emotionally demonstrative in conversation. He doesn’t laugh a lot, he doesn’t tend to shout, things like that. If he’s relaxed and trusts the person he’s speaking to, they’ll gauge his good mood based on his body being physically relaxed and being more talkative. If he’s uncomfortable, he tends to clam up and exit conversation as soon as he can, only speaking to get necessary information out of the other person. People may assume he’s being rude or anti-social, but he doesn’t do it for the purpose of being mean.
Din isn’t averse to social interaction and can even be chatty at times (usually with the baby), but he is used to being mistreated by other people, like being asked invasive personal questions or mocked for his beliefs, so he’s extremely wary about opening up to people, especially about his identity as a Mandalorian. He also needs to keep a lot of that private to protect his clan, so if he tells someone anything about his Creed or Mandalorian way of life, that is a very deep sign of trust and not something he would do with just anyone.
He also seems to have a general awareness of how intimidating he can be to others, and will either use this to his advantage or downplay it depending on the situation. Generally seems to default to leaning into it, again because of how often people mistreat him - it is a reliable defense mechanism to keep people away who might start trouble.
On that note, the way he responds to invasive or rude comments is usually to ignore them altogether. Din tends to only respond to those things when someone starts touching him (especially if they touch his helmet). 
Speaks quietly most of the time. He doesn’t yell unless he needs to be heard over a loud noise or is particularly angry, but that latter circumstance is pretty rare. He can be grumpy but he’s not an aggressive or hotheaded person.
Defaults to the other person’s native language if he knows it and makes an effort to establish this with whoever he’s speaking to. In general he wants people to know what he’s saying to them - he’s an honest person and wants to communicate the information he needs to get across.
His body language is often more telling than what he says to people. He keeps his emotions and personal information closely guarded, but his conversational partner will probably catch hints of his mood through how he holds himself. As I said, he’s aware of how he comes across physically in conversation, so he can use his stature to intimidate people. He may also fidget occasionally with his hands when he’s annoyed or anxious, but he isn’t prone to a lot of idle body movement/twitching. Most of his movements are intentional or deliberate, and he has a lot of body discipline.
He tells the occasional joke, but he isn’t mean-spirited and will almost never mock people in conversation unless he has a real problem with them (see his opening convo with Mayfeld in 1x06). Din is more often than not funny by accident - he will make a peculiar observation or respond to something in a way people don’t expect that is endearing and charming, but he tends not to be aware that he’s being funny. Whenever he tries to be funny on purpose (which, again, isn’t often), it’s usually pretty corny.
Din is not a good storyteller. He isn’t used to speaking for extended periods of time, and will give people only the bare bones facts if he’s relaying a story of some kind. Anyone who wants to get a story out of him will probably have to ask a lot of pointed questions to prompt him for more information. This tends to make his commentary underwhelming and understated, regardless of what he’s talking about, which can often be another point of (unintentional) humour. He doesn’t embellish or dramatise, and will get straight to the point with whatever he’s talking about.
Tends to speak formally. “Yes” instead of “yeah”, “thank you” instead of “thanks”, “hello” instead of “hey”, things like that. Again, his sentence structure is usually pretty simple and he doesn’t use fancy words, but he is formal in the way he talks, which can come across as stilted or awkward at times. When he’s more relaxed/at ease his speech is also more relaxed - more contractions and words like “gonna” will slip in. This is more of a guideline than a hard and fast rule, but I tend to lean more formal when he speaks to people he just met/doesn’t trust and more informal for friends, the most informal of which is reserved for Grogu when they’re alone.
Internal Monologue
This is a big one, and separate from dialogue. Din can reveal a lot in what he doesn’t say, and writing his POV especially can be a challenge.
I think the most important guideline I use when writing him is to steer clear of any explicit, internal examination of his own feelings - that has to be earned in narrative and come at a time when he’s at a very emotional turning point or crisis (ie, when his emotional state is the driving factor in the plot - he needs to reach a point where he cannot ignore how he’s feeling, and in order to progress he must attend to his emotions). In general, instead of describing how Din feels in his monologue, I describe how he physically reacts to those feelings - going silent during a conversation, tensing up, avoiding eye contact, etc. In a sense it can feel like he is an outside viewer of his own emotions. Din is slow to acknowledge his feelings and doesn’t spend a ton of time dissecting his own emotional state.
Again, the way to describe how he’s feeling is through physicality - body language, tone, demeanor, etc. He’s a dude in a full suit of armour who doesn’t talk much, so write him as if he is an outside party to himself trying to divine his own emotional state based on context clues. I find absence a lot more effective in communicating how Din is feeling and what he’s thinking than stating it outright.
Now, Din isn’t oblivious to his emotions - I think he has a general grasp on when he’s feeling happy or upset, but he isn’t prone to dwelling on them or reflecting on his emotional state. He can identify what he’s feeling, but instead of examining that feeling, he will repress it or distract himself if that emotion is inconvenient. This applies even when he’s feeling happy - he is wary of allowing himself to enjoy comfort and happiness because of his childhood trauma and how generally unfair his life has been. He may even feel guilty about being happy, which will be an undercurrent of tension even if the situation you’re writing is pretty lighthearted or fun. Din does not let his guard down almost ever, even to himself.
This detail is comparatively minor, but I think it’s important. Din almost never refers to Grogu as “Grogu”, either in dialogue or in his internal monologue. He might say it for emphasis or to get the baby’s attention, but 99% of the time he’s going to refer to him as “the kid” and nothing else (especially not anything flowery or affectionate, like green-bean or little one - just “kid”). Buddy and pal are also acceptable when he’s talking to him, but use it sparingly.
His relationship with Grogu
I wanted to make this its own section because I think their dynamic can be difficult to pin down sometimes.
This depends on which point in the show you’re writing them, but generally speaking, the more time they spend together the more at ease Din is around the baby. When they’re alone, he’ll tell the kid about what he’s doing, or where they’re going, simple things like that. He isn’t going to philosophize with the kid or try to have an actual conversation with him - most of what he says to the baby is inconsequential, stream-of-consciousness type stuff. If he’s speaking directly to Grogu to get his attention, what he’s saying will be a lot more concise and clear (“I know you’re hungry” / “you have to take a nap now” / “don’t do that” / “watch me” / etc).
Generally, Din will talk more to the kid when he’s just narrating what he’s doing, because he doesn’t expect a response. He’s mostly doing it to give the kid something to listen to and to feel less alone. When he does want to engage the baby directly in conversation, it’s usually when they’re doing something together - eating, playing, doing a task in the ship, etc. When that happens, his sentences are a lot shorter, and he’ll sound more like he does when he’s talking to other people, albeit more patient, more kind, and more at ease.
To reiterate what I said in the previous section: Din doesn’t reflect on his relationship with the kid or how he feels about him that much. Their time spent together tends to feel very in-the-moment - he may have vague worries about the future or how he’s going to provide for the baby, but he is not going to dwell on how much he loves the kid or how far they’ve come. If anything, Din is often in denial about his attachment to Grogu, which I think is partially informed by his own trauma - it’s painful to think about how much you love someone if you have a deep fear that the people you love will leave you (which Din very much does - he lost his parents at a young age in an extremely traumatic and violent event).
He gives Grogu pretty much unlimited access to his personal space, but he tends to wait for the kid to come to him for affection. Din usually only tends to be physically demonstrative with his affection if he thinks the kid is scared or upset in order to reassure him. Otherwise, he doesn’t really do stuff like pet his ears or head or whatever - the kid will just sit in his lap or in the crook of his arm. This may even cause some minor conflict between them if the kid wants more physical attention than Din is naturally used to giving him.
Man that was a lot! I THINK that covers everything. I’m probably missing some details but this post is already long enough. But regardless, I hope this post was helpful! A lot of this stuff is contextual, so you’ll definitely run into situations where some or even all of this may not always apply, but I find these guidelines helpful to me personally when I approach writing him.
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katewaliss · 8 months ago
! write with me or fight with me!
you either die by my sword or the most painful head canons imaginable! *merida vc* choose yer fate
just kidding!
 hey there gaymers, i am crissy! i am 22, live in pst, go by she/her pronouns and honestly would very much like a distraction from life -- preferably in the form of 1x1 and rp in general. i am currently doing online school plus trying/failing at adulting, being a crazy pink haired college student living on microwave dimsum with my crazy fluffy demon cat, but that still leaves me with a lot of time and what better way to spend that time then crying and dying, am i right, boys? 
so without further ado ( adieu? idk gusundheit ) here are a list of discomboblulated plot things that have been floating around in my head that i might be fun to do ( plot fragments, ideas, ocs, fcs i like, settings, genres etc )! i’d prefer a message if u liked any of these in the inbox or dm form, my tumblr ims are open and my discord user is mr. worldwide#2918 ( pitbull supremacy ) but if ur shy i will message u and be annoying! 
lastly: i prefer hcing in the dms to replies, however i will do replies/ask memes slowly, i don’t really like making blogs and prefer google docs/discord and i ask ( gently and respectfully ) that minors do not interact.
thank u and happy hunger games! xx
Tumblr media
COLLEGE TOTALLY SPIES -- i was really obsessed with this picture right here and i thought that the picture would be a good premise for a little four person group based on totally spies. i was thinking that these three college students/young adults some friends maybe not some enemies or just on completely different ends of the social agenda get bonded together when they accidentally end up roped in a top secret spy organization that is fronted by a record store. the details and flesh of the plot i think would be cute to figure out all together maybe in a google doc or a big discord so we can make the rp to perfect world building specifications. right now i have two spots open! 
my friend lexi over at comradc has taken the cool goth asian girl and is using lyrica okano
Tumblr media
i am playing the freckly backwards hat lesbian in the red polo named aj mccallis and i think im using diana silvers ( not sure might switch to tati rodriguez )
Tumblr media
we also have the cute blond girl w the dyed hair who is giving me kind of like sydney sweeney energies, blonde girl maybe like lalisa manoban/jinsoul,
and we have the rad black girl with the bandids who i would only accept black fcs for for such as diamond white, ryan destiny, salem mitchell, 
i’d prefer if this stayed kind of sapphic and female and enby friendly. we can def make make npcs and characters but i’d prefer if the characters looked like they do in the picture ( minus the white girls who can be racebent as long as there are vibes ) mostly bc i want the poc people to stay the correct poc! but yeah! if u like this message me specifically!!!!! seperately and hit me w a role ud like maybe an fc an idea anything < 3 im working on a google doc and discord sever
- i really want to play a himbo skater boy evan mock like its my dream i know nothing abt him other than he probably goes by something like mouth or juice or tris or dex or dante but !!!! he has buzzed hair he buzzes designs into, does stick n pokes, hates cops, will kiss anyone, likes to mosh at house shows, smokes a lot and sounds like crush from finding nemo, probably ur parents worst nightmare if im honest rodrick heffley energy -- adopt him for any plot
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- i also really am obsessed with simay barlas who is my mascot rn -- i want to play her in some sort of dark academia setting with like gossip girl blair waldorf energies lu from elite and have her be really mean and cold and pretentious and play the cello and probably have secrets and be uptight idk the name mallory is resonating hard w me ( we could even do a gossip girl the secret history type group if people liked that ) 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-ok i also really really want to play streak aka silas montgomery who is like very like sidekick best friend to the golden boy main character, does a kick ass goat impression, class clown, relentlessly hits on like the most difficult person in school, does crazy things for laughs and attention, just wants to make people happy, only wears hawaiian shirts, finger guns, is going nowhere in life, his dad is probably the dean at whatever prestigious school also he is very very depressed and drinks often! love u! a I Feel Like Im The Worst So I Always Act Like Im The Best electra heart baby PINTEREST
also yes his hair is pink reg verse he did it on a dare but hp verse he did a potion wrong and it never came out
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SOMEONE DO A LADY HANNIBAL WILL GRAHAM RP KILLING EVE RP W ME! i made this will graham adjacent gal for a genderbent hannigram rp her name is bisexual disaster enida johnson and sometimes goes by needy or will bc her middle name is willamena! has basically all the will things wears flannels is a mess but has a bunch of cats instead of dogs in her woods log cabin and im using crystal reed bc it fits perfect in my head idk if u like her hmu hit me w a lady hannibal PINTEREST
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
other stuff
ok i really want to do a princess and knight plot but with knight zendaya and princess anya taylor joy ???? ALKHALKSHALK LITERALLY HELLO literally modern or like dnd style i do not care but know i love dnd! we could make it like them goin on some skyrim quests like hi
speaking of dnd and skyrim if anyone wants to do like anything based in dnd stuff or skyrim stuff i am DOWN
jennifers body plot!!!! maybe set in college!!!!! sounds spicy i will do a f/f or m/m version leggo leggo 
UNTIL DAWN UNTIL DAWN!!!! i wanted to do a little like 6 person or mumu until dawn thing where everyone either makes new characters or characters based on the existing six! i made a girl adjacent josh character named riley PINTEREST who i love very much ( fc might change im thinking maybe medallion rahimi ) pls hmu if ur down
i looooooove breakfast at tiffanys!!!! like i really love breakfast at tiffanys we love a call girl broody author ship and i want to play a mishti rahman holly golightly type character so so bad 
pygmalion plot!!! basically like an author and the main character of their book comes to life and the book character is probably from a different period of time or realm so doesnt know how to do modern 2020 stuff like microwaves and the tv! and then maybe they get sucked into the characters book world thats written by the author and have to navigate that! enchanted! w the kdrama! energy!
any sort of the secret history murder society until dawn ahs horror type setting i am on a kick rn 
i still really want a deaf sailor and siren plot bc that is so spicy or even like anything involving sirens like maybe one thats like vegetarian and doesnt like to eat humans so it ariel rescues one and keeps it safe!! or like only men are susceptible to the sirens song but aha! i am a woman! Romance!
anything in the realm of percy jackson i love mythology lets go i kind of want a echo narcisuss plot and i want it to hurt me so bad 
i will do harry potter stuff but only if its completely removed from the current canon like years in the future no existing families also maybe beauxbatons salem and drumstrang plots bc thats what matters
iiiiiiiii really like anime so i will do anything kakegurui, soul eater, ohshc
i kind of like grew up on the hunger games so i will gladly take any hunger games plots like young effie and haymitch is spicy or like a career tribute and one of the weaker poorer distracts enemies to lovers leggo
i have a kind of oc that had their parents die in a factory gas leak that was the governments fault and it turned them into a vigilante assasin that is slowly picking off bootlicker government people one by one pretending to be one of them until bam! gets attached to the rich asshole son or daughter of the head hauncho or one of the higher ups ... drama
rich little celebrity fussy wussy being held captive by the mafia and the tired stoic mafia guard but they fall in love 
i kind of like any plot that involves one person that is really loud or angry or dramatic or whiny and the other one is kind of sweet and gentle or does not talk much idk make brain happy 
speaking of!
no nonsense law student studying abroad in a european country and an artist there falls in love w them and is all romantic and gush and is like ur my muse!!! and they are like Go awAy and they explore the city together and themelseves its nice!
i want to be an avan jogia super villain idk why i need to but i do 
not to be a disney adult bc i am not but anastasia princesses dont kiss kitchen boys 
rival cheer captians? best friends brother? pop princess celebrity singer and like antiestablishment really angry rockstar in a publicity relationship? broody detective and sunshiney diner person that works at the diner they eat at everyday?
idk i will think of more hmu these can all be made f/f or m/m if they arent 
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sidercal · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
@ofmusingsxandmayhem​​​​​ pinged: Mun Questions - 10, 20, 30,40 ,50 ,60
10. What’s the hardest thing for you to write?
very canon intensive things & smnut. once upon a time I thought I could write fairly well in regards to the latter, but I just stopped and then lost all skill lmao. as for canon things... i’ve always had this thing about being a stickler with knowing every single detail of the original lore. if it’s my own creation then pft– easy peasy. but it’s based on someone else’s imagination then um.. i’m a ball of anxiety. 
20. How much time do you spend roleplaying on average a week?
oh boy.. a good amount I feel like since I take some time out to rp during work. but I don’t really write on the weekends anymore so it’s not an exhaustive amount.
30. What do you like about roleplaying fluff?
it’s nice, easy, and i’m simply a sucker for soft romance at heart. and while angst and dumb things are equally as great, sometimes it’s a nice change of pace to write some fluff every now and then. also, there’s a sense / reveal of how a character can be when vulnerable in a safe space, etc.
40. Do you like to plot or improv?
a bit of both! though I do like to plot a little bit with new writing partners. just so I can get a basis of how their character is / how we might vibe, y’know? after we’re pals of some sort, it’s a roundtrip to random town. 
50. What’s something you like about FCs/Play-Bys?
helps give structure to specific muses / ideas for me. that’s.. about it though.
60. Who’s a roleplayer (or writer) you think you have learned a lot from? 
@amelorates​ from the get go. longest mutual ( i think ) that i’ve been frequently(ish) writing with for... x amount of years. first person i made private muses for, responsible for a good chunk of my muses over the years ( all across x amount of blogs ), and highly influential with the way my writing’s changed overtime. also? definitely helped me overcome that weird fear of writing canon characters, and is a genuinely great friend.
@riastracl​ you’re next, bud. talk about a lore king. always insightful with potential dumb ideas, helped my dumb of ass with forming muses especially with the sea goons. also very influenced by the way he writes ( like hello???? all of that prose?? how can I Not? ). also a seriously great friend to have over the year(s) ( i lost track of time oops ).
@moonwoken​ where do i even start. the easiest would be how amazing your writing is. simply put, it’s always been jaw dropping. i vividly remember how inspired i was to follow along when we first started writing – not to mention how nice of a challenge it proved to be! also? the overall kindness you show to others is aspiring, and i’m truly grateful to have gotten to write with you thus far!
@huntershowl​ `taps mic` HELLO? IS THIS THING ON?? IT’S A CRIME TO NOT MENTION RAINE. the sheer thought and time put into hellhound actually inspired me to give dnd a try. i was also given the incentive to actually y’know draw my own dang muses, because before that i just.. never thought to do that??? but also, also i can say for a fact that you’ve brought so much additional life to some muses that i honestly wouldn’t have been able to do without that wonderful brain of yours ( like specifically litho and oryn ).
@conorbyrne​ hi, yes, hello i have always greatly admired your skill in writing from both afar and up close ( whenever i didn’t fall off the face of the earth oops ). also? those hc posts always blow me away, because wow the D E P T H is astounding. 
@gothamicarus​ another pause because you are the sole reason joel and so many others have grown so much – hands down. not to mention, your writing has always been so beautifully constructed. also, i actually gained some interest in dc simply because your characterization of jason makes it impossible not to be. 
@womanlives​ and HELLO YOU. i know we haven’t been mutuals for a horribly long time, but i just had to say how a) your writing and muses are striking and b) you are a mastermind when it comes to plots. like?? the ideas never stop and it’s never not interesting!
@godbanes​​ i’m going to be 2000% honest here. i seriously didn’t know a whole lot about greek mythology until i started following / interacting with you. like the amount of knowledge you have blows me away – like at least 2 planets worth. and while it’s still a lil’ intimidating, i’m extremely happy to be able to interact with you and your muses!
@gentledeaths​​ never have i ever come across a writer that has created so much inspiration and awe in me. like your portrayal of thanatos genuinely had me deep dive into hades and gather the courage to extent the few demigod muses i have with existing mythology. not to mention that your writing is simply flawless!
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dungeonqueering · 8 months ago
The Tabletop RPG Ask Meme, originally from here:
1.) Game Master, Player or both? Why? 
I prefer being a player, but I’m usually the GM.
2.) When did you start role playing? How old were you?
Literally as long as I can remember. First major examples were maybe 6 or 7? I started doing text based stuff when I was 12 or so, and I started playing DnD when I was 17-18, with other games to follow.
3.) What was the first role playing book you ever owned?
Owned? I think The DnD 4e PHB
4.) Describe the first game you ever ran or played in.
I was a player in college. I still hadn’t come out as trans, but I played an Elven Ranger named Erilith Talren. She used a giant bow. The plot was about finding the various pieces of a fractured dragon demi-god and returning them to the dragon lady traveling with the party. Eventually I got bored of my character and we did a plot thing to swap her out with someone else, which absolutely devastated another character that was basically in love with her.
 5.) Which system did you grow up with?
I mostly grew up doing Text based roleplaying stuff in forums and on gaiaonline. After 4e, I moved on to Pathfinder, and then to 5e. I’ve also played a few dozen other less known games.
 6.) Which system do you play now? 
Mostly 5e because it has the best balance of accessibility, popularity, playability, and so forth. My actual favorite games use Powered by the Apocalypse.
7.) Longest campaign you’ve run or played in? 
Around a year.
8.) Where did you meet your current gaming group? 
I have three ongoing games! My every-other Tuesday game, called As You Wish, consists of my best friend, my nesting partner, and his boyfriend/my metamour. I’ve known them all for years. My Friday game I met by asking around on Tumblr (This is the only one I’m a player in). My ongoing play-by-post game, called Herofall, consists of one of my partners, one of their partners, a friend I met through another game which I had found here on tumblr, and my best friend again.
9.) Strategic combat or dramatic plotlines? 
100% Dramatic plotlines. I’m all about the drama. Everything else exists to supplement that for me. I try, as a DM, to make a better balance of what my players like, but I absolutely build characters and campaigns around plotlines rather than combats. Combat happens, tho
10.) Favorite RPG genre?
Hands down, Cyberpunk. Followed by Space stuff. Followed by other sci-fi, followed by any setting that could be called <Something>punk. I mostly play fantasy though.
11.) Your first character. 
Erilith Talren, Elven archer. “I want to play a girl because I play games to do things I can’t do in real life” said the egg. She somehow used her bow to do splash damage a lot. In 4e, everyone was a wizard even if they werent a wizard. Eventually we had her involved in an accident, she lost her memory and cut off her hair and went off to do other stuff so I could play a cleric.
12.) Your favorite character. 
Arken Goldgrain, blind priestess of the Raven Queen. Originated in Pathfinder as an Oracle dedicated to Pharasma, but in 5e she’s now a Celestial Patron warlock, serving a Throne (the sort of angel that’s a bunch of wheels on fire covered in eyes) called Psychopomp.
13.) Your most ridiculous character. 
Dick McCready, noir style detective who insisted he not be called Richard.
14.) The best in-character line you’ve ever had. 
Uhhhhhhhhhhhh Fuck, man, I don’t actually know. Probably Arken saying something dramatically about death and how it works.
15.) Your most epic death. 
At a LARP, I killed my character off character via a letter. Printed in handwriting on paper I aged, covered in dramatically placed drops of fake blood, then tied with twine to my character’s signature weapon that she got from an important plotline, which was then sent to her long lost daughter that she’d only found a bit before she went missing.
16.) Your most disappointing death. 
Josephine Nightingale, trying to protect her friends from harm, fled and wound up being stabbed with a poison knife in a train station. Seeing as it was like 1810, no one found the cause of death other than “Knife”
17.) Something that shouldn’t have worked, but did. 
I don’t get to play enough to have these stories. :( How about one from my players when that happens? During a murder mystery, the changeling player morphed into the deceased, convinced the murderer and those who knew to be cool with this plan. He agreed to give the murderer the things she wanted out of the guy’s death, and in exchange he got to keep this guy’s extraordinary wealth.
18.) Something that went hilariously awry.  I know there have been so many, but I can’t recall a single one.
19.) Your most memorable in-character moment. 
Arken got a scene where she was tortured by a Beholder.
20.) The coolest item you ever got and how you came to possess it.
GAME MASTERS - Describe:
21.) Your favorite NPC and how the party reacted to him/her.
Dimble Timbers, the gnomish alchemist! After the mayor died, the players had him elected as mayor.
22.) A game you wish you could run or want to run someday. 
I want to run a very very special game in a game called Mirrorshades. I can’t talk too much about it, so instead I’ll talk about a Monster of the Week game I want to run. In it, there’s a Federal US agency designed to regulate and monitor the magical and monstrous population of the US. There was an older iteration of this organization from the 50s, that was way more Johnny Quest meets Buffy than X-Files meets Supernatural, as the current iteration. After an accident where the leader was vaporized, the old organization was reorganized and renamed and became way more boring. EXCEPT! It turns out the old leader was sent into the future by his boyfriend (a demon) to protect him. He shows up, and happens to meet the players while they go from being a bunch of regular folks totally unaware of the supernatural to being aware and involved. It’s a whole thing.
23.) Something you made up on the spot.
Oh my god so so so much. Like, 50% of my games.
24.) Your most successful game. 
Can I do one that isn’t over yet? Probably As You Wish, which is the one I wrote that downtime system for. But maybe Herofall, my PbP one. 
25.) Your least successful game. 
I’ve probably run a few dozen games that didn’t last more than a few sessions. :(
26.) The craziest thing your players have ever done, and how it affected your plans. 
THE THING WHERE THEY GOT ALL THE MONEY OF A ROCKEFELLER TYPE GUY Money is now irrelevant in that game. Whatever it is, if it can be bought, they can buy it. If it can’t be bought, they still might be able to buy it. I’ve had to reconsider EVERYTHING, because them having almost no resources was going to be a major point in the campaign. It’s cool tho.
27.) Your favorite setting or game location. 
Weirder stuff almost always. Stuff that I’ve not gotten a chance to actually play because its rough getting people into smaller games like that. 
28.) Your creative process when you plan a game. 
Start with a vague concept, spend a while refining it. Do Session 0, get everyone’s backstories and connections. Rewrite things based around that to include as much of it as possible. Now that you’ve got the framework, consider broadly what needs to happen, and then consider the steps that would need to be taken to get there. The campaign is the big picture, which is made up of arcs. Each arc represents one of those steps. I then specifically plan the next arc, and loosely plan subsequent arcs. So for example, in Herofall, I wanted to teach the players about the setting a bit with a murder mystery (I didn’t do so great on that one), then we did some downtime, followed by a story about the players recovering one of their important magic items from before their deaths.
Oh, and each player gets an arc that is more or less “Their arc”, although there’s always stuff for everyone to do. It’s just that the arc is built around that player. Their backstory, everything.
29.) The best / worst character concept you’ve ever heard.
Uhhhhh, I’m still mad about a guy at a convention game from like 7 years ago who played a Pixie Rogue, which would have been fine, except that he left us all to die. Look, one of my posts got popular because I was playing a Goo Girl. I don’t know that I believe in bad characters, just bad execution.
30.) What makes GMing fun for you.
Heavily involving player backstories, and making it hurt in the best way.
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annonrat · 3 months ago
15, 29, 30 for the ask meme!
asking the hard questions here
15. have you ever said something as your character that stuck with you for a while after? what was it?
Honestly everything between Fairheart and Kohl after Fairheart came back from the dead.
Particularly “maybe Helm didn’t do it for you”
It was a fun development for a character I made originally to be justice-above-all, death be damned, that Kohl was absolutely willing to be selfish right then - that she didnt CARE if Fairheart didnt like someone else paying a debt for them, or that it wasn’t Franks toll to pay, or that fairheart felt like they had committed a moral crime by bypassing their unlucky day, because SHE wanted fairheart alive.
obviously she understands fairhearts feelings NOW, and she respects them (mostly), but she’s still a little bit hurt that Fairheart even considered not coming back, because she was afraid it meant Fairheart didnt care about HER, if Fairheart was willing to leave her to fight giants alone when fairheart had literally any other option.
Her whole thought process here was INSANELY selfish, but Kohl will still stand by most of it - Helm has always worked to enable Kohl to keep doing his justice in the world - albiet indirectly - and if fairheart was angry that helm ‘broke the rule of luck’ by bringing them back, maybe helm was just looking out for Kohl, not bartering a favor from fairheart, so it took a while for Kohl to understand why fairheart wouldnt just let someone else take that ‘debt’ (wether that be Frank or kohl) when they were perfectly eager to.
(Kohl is also still insanely guilty that it was her evil clone that killed fairheart in the first place, and is very much not sure how to deal with that, other than fruitlessly trying to take fairhearts emotional death-related burdens off them.)
Just, very strong emotions and mental acrobatics from a character I didnt expect it of!
29. is there an artist whose style you associate with your character? (visual or otherwise; poets and musicians, etc. count)
I always imagine Kohl drawn in a very cartoon way like lots of people doodle their dnd characters. no specific artist, but thats what always comes to mind when i think of her - the fanart comission of her and fair is PERFECT. also weirdly Mercedes Lackey (writer) books. I based her mentor on the idea of a herald from that world, so she has a lot of aspects of that that i associate with her as well.
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chamerionwrites · 9 months ago
fjord from critical role?
Why I like him: Extremely biased here, because I’ve been fond of Fjord from the first handful of episodes and everything about his character arc since has been tailor-made to appeal to my id specifically. In the first place I’m weak for a metaphor made manifest (of course Mr. Mask-Of-Many-Faces is imposter syndrome embodied), and self-image and self-revelation issues, and the unfair expectations that masculinity imposes on people, and rocky religious journeys. He’s even tailor-built for the kind of guerrilla melee combat I enjoy playing in DND. 
In the second place...I think a lot about how it was demonstrably harder for him to be vulnerable with his friends than it was for him to shove a sword in his own chest and try to outbluff a monstrous demigod. Fjord is so tragic in the most easy to overlook kind of way - it’s not fantastical or grand, it’s not wrapped up in political conspiracy or curses or magical mind control. Ukotoa is a problem, maybe even a nemesis, but not a formative trauma. All his deepest hurts came from petty human cruelty and there’s something terribly poignant to me about that, and about how he’s responded to it, because Fjord comfortable in his own skin is peak dad friend - protective, steady, great at herding cats when he needs to be, a little awkward and impulsive otherwise - and it makes me really soft for him because nobody taught him that; this man never had a dad and he definitely never got much protection or nurturing but that’s who he naturally is, when he lets himself just be.
Why I don’t: Particularly early on when he was trying super hard to become the mask he could be a bit of a bully, and that intimidation modifier still tempts him that way on occasion. 
Favorite episode: Another predictable answer but it’s gotta be 72/Clay And Dust. The running theme of the M9 figuratively belting out “You Don’t Own Me” to a string of controlling assholes who use power to manipulate and subjugate is one of the most deeply satisfying parts of C2, and Fjord’s turn to do it was extremely badass.
Favorite line: “I don’t have to do things in the way they were done to me.”
Favorite outfit: The Eiselcross concept art is v sexy (for all of them, tbf, so maybe it’s just my weakness for a nice coat). 
OTP: Again, file this under “I’m open to anything as long as there’s interesting character payoff.” 
BROTP: THE BJREAUS, I adore both characters individually and their friendship gives me life. It’s hilarious to me that they’re both very bright but a little bit stilted about emotional expression in a such way that when combined their lovable dumb jock energy is absolutely off the charts, and also very touching how they manage to say the important stuff anyway and how ride or die they are. (Also I’m weak for well-portrayed male-female friendships in general, and I feel very seen by this one.)
Headcanon: For a 30-something character who is explicitly, canonically handsome and charming, he’s so broadly uncomfortable being flirted at, so easily embarrassed by sex jokes, and so cautious and careful even when he’s comfortable (even the thing with Avantika had such an intense aura of “let’s do something wildly out of character because I’m curious and impulsive and this situation is already so out there that I’m a little high off the rush of danger,” and he wasn’t particularly keen to repeat it) that I have a hard time imagining he has a whole lot of relationship experience. Whether that’s solely a function of his self-image/openness/control issues or he’s aspec or both I don’t really have a settled headcanon. 
Unpopular opinion: Like I said before I’m not really immersed enough in the fandom to know what’s unpopular so it’s entirely possible this is the majority opinion, but...nobody thinks Fjord is a reliable narrator about how fabulous Vandren was, right? Because from what little we know my every impression is that young Fjord was so starved for kindness he swore undying gratitude to the first person who was reasonably decent to him, and that Vandren is probably a nice enough guy but doesn’t have nearly the same emotional investment in that relationship. (Also Fjord attempting to emulate Vandren was definitely Fjord at his worst, so.)
A wish: I’d love a bit more of a glimpse into his backstory - not the Ukotoa part (which like I said isn’t really the most formative thing), but the orphan-and-sailor part. Vandren and Sabian are just dangling out there as tantalizing potential plot threads, and if nothing else I’d love to visit Port Damali for the sake of seeing Matt’s worldbuilding. 
Please never happen: In-universe it’s obviously the last thing from desirable but ngl, narratively I want Ukotoa to get released before the campaign is up if only so we get more extremely aesthetic high-seas combat.
Five words to describe him: Curious, controlled, self-conscious, chameleon, defender
My nickname: I think the moral of this ask meme is that I don’t nickname characters.
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andsotheuniverseended · 4 months ago
cephas my beloved
so i don't know if what you meant here was "answer all thirty of the dnd meme questions for cephas" but that is how i'm interpreting it so i'mma go ahead and put it under a cut
(also for those not in the know, Cephas (they/she/him/any pronoun you like) is my stone construct witch. yes those are both homebrew things I found online. i use this witch and just recently updated them to the 3.0 version and i'm very excited about it)
1. if one of their friends was jumping on a bed and asked your character to join them, would they?
Yes, absolutely, of course. The bed would then immediately break because Cephas is a couple tons of solid rock, but that's on their friends for not thinking it through. Or maybe that was the plan. Either way, Cephas is on board.
2. would your character carry around a tiny bath and body works hand sanitizer? if yes, would it have a specific scent?
I mean, Ceph does carry around smelling salts enchanted to smell like whatever would make someone feel better in the moment? Which is kind of the same thing? But anyways the real answer is Probably Not unless it was a gift, because Cephas has no sense of smell and has no need to sanitize.
3. does your character paint their nails? do they wait for them to dry fully afterwards?
Technically he doesn't have nails but Cephas will happily allow themselves to be painted over any part of their body, and will stay completely still until it's dry. I know because the party his done this to them before.
4. if you cut open your character’s heart and there was something inside, what would it be? why?
Hm. I mean. Literally speaking, no heart, you just find stone in there. Figuratively speaking... a jade earring. representative of their first steps towards freedom.
5. do/would your character carry lots of hair ties on their wrist?
Nah, not unless one of the other party members asked.
6. what parts of your character’s voice/manner of speaking are distinct, if any?
Hm. Mostly just that their voice is pretty rough and low. Otherwise I think they talk pretty normal??
7. what’s the first thing your character’s eyes are drawn to on a map?
New places. To all the parts of the world they haven't seen yet, and want to.
8. how did your character feel when they left home for the first time?
Okay I'm going to go with the definition of home that means Cephas has to feel like it's home, which would mean the place where they lived with their BFF Effie. And I think the first time they left there, with an intent to go out and adventure, they felt really excited, happy, and like they were finally doing what they were meant to be doing. They'd been feeling very restless up until that point, so it's kind of like scratching an itch. Very satisfying.
9. where does your character look when they’re the only one walking down a road?
All around. She likes to see everything and doesn't get particularly worried about other people or robbers or things like that, so there's a lot of being generally distracted by whatever scenery they're passing through. Sometimes he'll just stop and pretend to be a statue on the side of the road and people watch for a while, if there's time for it.
10. does your character have tattoos? were they alone the first time they got one?
Being made of stone, my darling Cephas can't get tattoos. If they had actual flesh I do think they'd wanna get some.
11. if a button came loose from your character’s shirt, would they make sure the replacement matched?
Cephas doesn't wear clothes, and if they did 'matching' would not be the thing they cared about, so for sure No.
12. how loudly do they cry?
Gods I feel like a lot of these answers are just "Cephas is a stone construct and therefore cannot/does not do the thing" but like Cephas is a stone construct and cannot cry. There have been a lot of times where they wished they could, but their body wasn't built for it. Typically if they're sad, they're quiet about it, reserved.
13. does your character like holding hands? do they do it often?
Yes! But he doesn't do it very often at all. Stone isn't comfortable for other people to hold, and they have to be careful not to hurt people when touching them, so it's generally more dangerous for whoever they're holding hands with than its worth.
14. is your character more likely to wear a necktie, a bowtie, or a bolo tie? (if any at all)
Again, no clothes. But I think Cephas would enjoy a good bolo tie.
15. have you ever said something as your character that stuck with you for a while after? what was it?
Oh lord. Uhhh... hm, well there was this one thing but it is very dependent on the context of the moment. Which is that they were talking with another character who was frustrated about not knowing things, and talking about how in order to be people you have to ask questions even if you don't get answers, you have to keep asking questions. And then they discovered something that was a step in a mystery they'd been trying to deal with and Cephas said "and sometimes you do get answers" and I don't know why but that one did stick with me.
16. what does getting flustered look like for your character?
Stuttering. Awkward hand movements. Maybe reverting to the old "I am but a simple construct with no consciousness" trick if they're really feeling out of sorts.
17. does your character have to glance at their hands to remember left and right?
Ha, no. Cephas knows what they're doing, unlike me.
18. does your character have stuffed animals? would they if they could? what kind?
Hm, no, xe doesn't. But I think they would if they ever settled down and stopped traveling. Even if Cephas can't really feel the softness, they would like it. And they'd be very careful with them too. As for the kind... I'm thinking those, like, huge round ones? Fuck there was a name for them. Squishables?? I think???
19. does your character walk or run down stairs?
Walk, typically. Running could damage things lol
20. if your character saw a turtle stuck on its back, would they flip it over?
Oh yes 100%. And also try and talk to the turtle and see if it needed any further assistance.
21. has your character ever climbed out of a window? would they do it again?
I don't have a moment in mind specifically, but there's no way Cephas hasn't, and they would absolutely do it again.
22. what’s your character’s ideal way to wake up? what usually wakes them up?
Cephas doesn't so much sleep as... go into Obedient Construct mode for four hours, which is to say they will obey any order given to them. Ideal way to wake up from that is in some weird/compromising position because it means his friends were messing with them and they love that. And they can't be woken up unnaturally, so its just that after Four Hours something in their head goes Ding and they're back.
23. what’s the pettiest thing your character’s ever done?
Dyed a nobleman's hair bright pink because he was kind of rude to them when they were pretending to be a normal construct.
24. what made your character the angriest they’ve ever been?
Cephas... doesn't really do anger, generally. But! There was a man who pretended to be a prophet of a god, and collected a small group of true believers. And then he took over a town, and made the townsfolk slaves. And that really got to Cephas, in a very personal way. (They did take care of the man and they still have mixed feelings about doing it.)
25. how does you character smile?
With great effort. Cephas wasn't built to emote, so any facial expressions are subtle and take a lot of concentration and effort to make happen. Over time they've gotten more practiced at this and can do it almost without thought, but it's still the smallest movements for a great amount of toil.
26. does your know the names of their constellations? how did they learn them?
I think, some of them? Cephas lived with her best friend's family for a long time and I think they would've learned some of them there. But then they also definitely made a game out of making up constellations and naming them whatever they wanted, so it's a toss up whether what they know is a real constellation or one they made up and then forgot they made up.
27. do/would your character draw or write on themself?
Oh yeah, for sure.
28. would your character race someone to the top of a tall tree for bragging rights?
Not for bragging rights, but absolutely yes Cephas would race someone. And they would lose because they are big and heavy and not made for climbing, but its more about the fun of it than the winning or the losing for them.
29. is there an artist whose style you associate with your character? (visual or otherwise; poets and musicians, etc. count)
Hmm... not really?? I don't really associate artists with my characters. My friend drew Cephas once, so I think that's the closest I'm gonna get to that. Maybe Delta Rae? I feel like Delta Rae has got those witchy vibes, and that makes me think Cephas.
30. how has your character’s first impressions of their party members changed since they met them? have they stayed the same?
Oh this is delightful because when Ceph first met the party, they were pretending to be a normal construct, so the DM was 'playing' them. Which meant I got to sit there and watch, and so I wrote down what Cephas was thinking. They only met the first three members of the party that day, but I literally have it written down that it was three "good first impressions" because one of them stole a book, another one turned invisible to draw a face on a trash can, and the third called Cephas 'interesting'. Overall impression? A group of messes who just went through something tough and are not dealing with it super well.
Current impression? A surprisingly competent group of messes who are working through some stuff, and very much don't like talking about their feelings. Also, I'm invested.
Seriously though it started out as Cephas thinking they seemed fun and wanting a distraction, and now Cephas is like actually really invested in all of them and their growth and wants to help them as much as they can.
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bread-with-sentience · 2 years ago
Here’s another Soulmate Au prompt list First thing you hear them say is tattooed on your arm AU:
My soulmate mark is just...screaming. What the hell.
 Mine is just “Hey”, which sucks bc that’s generic af, so I made a hobby of making the weirdest shit I can imagine to everyone I meet
One of mine says “watch it asshole” and the other says “right back at you” so I’m hoping my two soulmates don’t fight each other
You’re my internet best friend and I’m secretly in love with you, we agree to meet irl and wouldn’t you know it the first thing you say is my soulmate mark
I really hope my soulmate’s a DND player because “I shoot a fireball” would be concerning if they aren’t
It’s in a different language. Goddammit. Time to learn French.
Turns out my soulmate is blind so they have no idea what their mark is and think that I’m lying when I say that we’re soulmates, how fun
“YOU UR EMO” is a weird one to have but aight
I seriously didn’t understand why mine is “okay boomer” until now and always thought it would be easy to find my soulmate since it’s so weird, but now it’s inconvenient bc EVERYBODY SAYS IT
 Mine is “You! You’re the one!” And I always assumed that they would say that first and then I’ll say my first thing to them, but turns out that I screamed at them and they recognized the paragraph of curse words, whoops, sorry
 The quiet kid in my class finally talked to me and wouldn’t you know it? They knew we were soulmates since day 1 since I never shut up. They just never said anything
 Someone tried to rob me but they yelled the very specific speech on my wrist. And I responded with “Damn it’s gotta be like this.” Now we know we’re soulmates and it’s awkward
 My soulmate is a super popular kid who talks all the time and talks to me all the time, but I’m too shy so I never respond, and they only found out after I revealed we were soulmates and asked them out
 Mine’s the lyrics to a song, but that song didn’t come out until a month before I met them. So for my whole life I thought it was from something that was somewhat meaningful, but instead it was from *Insert meme song here*
 Mine is “what’s uppdog?” My soulmate really is a damn idiot
I really hope that I unknowingly met my soulmate in first grade because “What’s two plus two?” Is way too concerning of a mark
 Mine is “truth or dare?” And really? That sucks bc then I either say Truth or Dare and then idk who my soulmate is, so I always answer with something weird and everybody questions my sanity
 I am so so sO sorry that your mark is legit a string of curse words. To be fair, I did fall down the stairs.
 Did my soulmates REALLY have to be the school bullies? And did I REALLY have to meet both of them when they’re trying to insult me? Sucks to have insults as soulmate marks you know
I thought that having “Damn bitch” was bad but uh oh your mark is me screaming at you for how bad my mark is....sorry
...didn’t expect my “I love you” mark to be sarcastic
“Snickers suck”??? My soulmate better be ready to throw hands
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chthonickeys · 10 months ago
———  BASICS!
Tumblr media
NAME: gio
PRONOUNS:  she/her
TAKEN OR SINGLE: taken uwu
i went to a comic/art academy for three years instead of university and worked with ppl who drew for marvel and disney. they all said that the higher ups in disney are all Basards and honestly??? i believe them
i enjoy cooking a lot!!! it’s far from being a relaxing hobby bc LEMME TELL YA I STRESS A LOT but seeing people happy because i cook or bake them something good fills me with the purest joy so its a stress i love going through :°> also i mean im italian im forced by contract to enjoy good food and cooking
i ADORE dnd!! i’m currently in two different sessions - one as a player and one as a DM - and boi lemme tell ya i miss playing and rolling dices
PLATFORMS USED: i started in italian RP forums, eventually moving on Facebook, making 237894 different profiles im genuinely surprised are mostly still up to this day, and while i was there i was also playing on IMVU dontjudgeitwascringebutitwasMYcringe; after a while FB annoyed me so i moved on where i discovered the magic of using icons, skype, e-mail and eventually tumblr, starting with askblogs and then going for properly (?) written rp stuff, and jumping on discord RP thanks to Best Bot aka tupper also ill never forget that one time i rp’d in chatchat for the sake of being stupid with my bff and we ended up actually rping some hurt-comfort heavy enough that made us both cry.
GENDER:   i can barely call it a preference but,,, i find myself getting muse for mostly male characters
MULTI OR SINGLE:   LOOK i adore single blogs, but. i learned from experience (aka getting 2983473 urls in the pokemon rpc) that theyre uhhh. kinda hard to focus on :^)  im slowly learning to check on multis if i have less than 3 STRONG strong strong muses or if i know that i have generally low muse for them, but i’d much rather keep my multis fandom specific. so far i got four and really helped my current mental state so :^) thats good ig,
FLUFF :   oh i’m gonna sound terrible here ansfmdg buT!!! ok look i adore fluff but i need it in. somewhat little doses? mostly because i get easily bored with stuff that is nothing but 100% fluffy uwu everyday coffee shop au stuff, i need drama and action in my stuff asfmdg this said hurt/comfort???? that’s one hell of a fluff i’m always in for this is very good
ANGST :   heheh hohoho look. look in my FB days i was known to be an angsty bastard enough to make my sona into an angst-eater and,,, yea i always need to remind myself not to overdo because boi. i love myself some angst. not specifically sad crying angst i just. enjoy writing about strong strong emotions, i love exploring my muses in their darkest moments and lemme tell ya fight threats in which things are truly fucked are my favorite kind of rps so,,, yea also, again: hurt/comfort gr8
SMUT :   i like this, but out of all three of these type of threads,,, this is the one i need to be Truly in the mood for to rp, and even then it’s the kind that takes me the longer to answer generally. i cant write about dongs and stuff while chilling i need to feel the horny vibes you know??? also i’d much rather play it with someone i can feel like im truly vibing with to begin. also lemme tell ya finding synoyms for dong every single post is stressful fasdmg
PLOT / MEMES: turns out im terrible at plotting asndfmg. i enjoy memes much more than plotting generally, but i tend to go with the flow and prefer threads from dash commentary and unprompted asks way more. this said plotting is also fun and for big big heavy stuff i’d rather have a general idea of where i’m going/what are the limits
Tagged by: @deathxdefied​ ty uwu
Tagging: shrugs just steal it from me and tag me fnasdmg
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mirraclematter · a year ago
2, 8, 9, 15, w/ bakura!
this doesnt specify which one so im gonna do all of them, as a treat. in other words im so sorry for how long this is going to be. im gonna call them ryou, yami, and thief king for sake of clarity because they never bothered to give them different names in the show theyre all just bakura (and thats usually what i default to lol)
2. whether or not they’ve ever made me cry
ryou: not cry but this scene does makes me emotional
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
actually i read a fic where his dad was absent instead of dead once and that got me pretty close if that counts.
yami: if yami bakura ever made me cry real sad tears there would be something wrong with me and you would have to take me out on the spot
thief king: i only cry at how dirty they did him </3
8. something about them that made me laugh
ryou: him zoning out & then snapping back to reality like “huh whats happening” is always funny 2 me. its definitely a side effect of being possessed which is less funny but. Well he cant rlly help that. i think its also funny how joeys vaguely scared of him like here
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(hes 100% possessed in the 2nd image but i think he would do that regardless)
ALSO THE PART IN DUELIST KINGDOM WHERE JOEYS DUELING BONZ MEANWHILE BAKURAS HAVING THE SHITTIEST LUCK (skeletons fall on him, he trips & gets rolled over by a fake boulder) IS HILARIOUS idk if i could find just that part somewhere but its so good
yami: literally. Everything he does. like hes so fucking funny i wish i could compile all the moments hes onscreen because hes an absolute joy to watch?? heres a video i found with some moments.
like hes got everything. dumb evil laughter, calling everyone a “foolish mortal”, he loses duels all the time but he loses in style like its “all according to plan”. he just shows up, says a bunch of ominous shit, then leaves and waits a hundred episodes so he can be the main villain finally. i normally dont like villain characters as much as heroes but he is a huge exception
thief king: same as yami Honestly. like they arent the same but the anime kindof makes them the same (idk its a little hard to follow sometimes. yami kinda laser beamed his soul inside thief king or something during millenium world idfk) i liked specifically when he pulled the power of reversing time out of his ass just so he could extend the arc 20 more episodes to win but loses anyways (that was also yami but you dont know that at the time it just sort of happens)
9. my favorite canon outfit of theirs
ryou: okay theres a couple actually. hes not really one for fashion so he wears a bunch of plain stuff mostly but i like the sweater he wears in season 1 its cute & he looks warm. finding good pictures of these straight off google images is hard
Tumblr media
then theres what he wears in dsod. he normally wears a striped shirt (sometimes with an overshirt) which is just kinda plain but in dsod he wears a shirt under it that i like. he also wears a plaid shirt that i Really like in one part.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yami: his fashion is the same as ryous considering they Share A Body but. i REALLY like the stupid black trench coat he wears in season 5. hes like “im here and im ready to be evil”
Tumblr media
thief king: he literally only has like 1 outfit that i know of and i dont even know how i feel about it. Heres my mood after trying to find a good picture of him on google images after scrolling through nothing but horny fanart
Tumblr media
15. what i dont like about the way canon portrayed them
ryou: my one big complaint is how he hardly EVER shows up in the show. i love him so much please where is my boy.?? Actually okay another complaint abt the show is they dont really. Give you a good idea of what hes rlly like. which i guess is also caused by him barely showing up GRRRR. like you know that hes very Nice and Polite and Upbeat but nothing really beyond that. they dont tell you that the occult decks yami duels with were built by RYOU cus he Likes ghosts and supernatural/scary stuff. they also dont tell you that hes a huge nerd who likes dnd, or that hes popular with the girls at school for god knows what reason. Like. i would not have guessed any of this just by watching the show LOL. literally every time he shows up its (spongebob pointing meme)
yami: i dont have any complaint beyond “he steals screentime from ryou” and even then i hardly mind because of just how funny he is
thief king: oh boy. heres this post that explains it Simply, because its 5 am as im typing this and i could not be comprehensible if i tried
basically thief king bakura was extremely right to be pissed off about his entire village getting uh Slaughtered and i will never get over them making it seem like what happened was completely 100% justified. Anger.
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rcdimusprime · a year ago
to the end of the decade
I started this decade out…not great. And straight. I’m ending this decade maybe not perfect but accepting that I need to get better and working on it through therapy and drugs. And bi. So I’d say that’s at least something of a step up despite that I’ve had bad depressive episodes this year alone.
I also started this decade being a shadow in fandom, a lurker with nothing to say and not making friends. I’m ending it on a completely different note having actually begun creating and writing and having people on this site I’m more grateful for than anything. (and I’ll put my thanks to specific people under the cut cause I am nothing is not a weak, soft bitch at heart)
To all mutuals, thank you really for sticking around. I know I’m not the easiest to get along with and I hope to talk to some of you more at some point. I’m just so bad at it but <33333
@lembeau, I know things have been weird this year and that’s on me but at the end of the day you are always my forever girl and original otp. I don’t know how I would have gotten through some of the years without you, you’ve been my (salt)rock and best friend and everything in between. I hope things go well for you in the coming decade and know that I’ll always have your back and be immensely proud of what you’ve accomplished. I love you more than Eliza loves Goliath and in every universe the Middleman could ever give us.
@xsarahx, you were the very first person I started talking to and befriended on this site, even pre-musketeers days which is more of a throwback. We’ve come a long way from the Andrew Lee Potter days and I am always glad to talk to you about anything, including, of course, how comics have fucked up so badly these days. I’m with you till the end of the line, babe.
@sidewaystime, okay this one time I’m not gonna go with the red vs blue joke with your name I promise. Even if in my head I definitely am. Thank you for standing by all these years and I disastered my way through a career in computers, I’ll always appreciate someone knowing my absolute pain when it comes to users. Beyond that you’ve always got the best ideas for fandom aus and I love to hear them, especially if they’re old 90s fandoms. (and Canadian)
@sweetlyfez, remember back in the day when I was figuring out I was bi and it was all Constance’s fault? Well thank you for standing beside me as I figured that all out. And then laughing about it later because okay let’s be real, it is amusing in hindsight. You encouraged (and sometimes goaded) me on to writing femslash and I’ll never forget that.
@fonapola, we’ve come a long way from the musketeer-ing days. Who’d have thought our love our rare pairs would take us here but I’m glad we got there. Thank you for always letting me ramble on about those ideas and your own amazing ideas and fics and vids and everything when it came to that. You let a small thing grow large and kept the excitement going. Maybe one day we really will write our own thing together and have a shared world of sci fi and magic and someone clearly ready to be played by Howard Charles…Here’s hoping there’s more games I can drag you into it because I cannot wait.
@biportamis, oh Hannah I’d say I’m sorry for the million and one spams this year but that’s a lie and I’m not and if you’re gonna make me have musketeers feelings in 2019 then I’m gonna make you cry over Hawke. It’s equality. Jokes aside though I’m glad we always have those and holy shit you wrote a book!! Remember that?? That’s wild and I’m so proud of you for it, I can’t wait to see what you do this next decade.
@vulpyx, I am eternally grateful we got to talking and sharing fandom things, you’ve always been fun to talk to and I look forward to every pokemon game so we can make jokes about it and just be excited over it. And books! We need more good books, I hope that next Kyoshi one is gonna be good. I’m also really thankful that you’ve understood my anxiety and I wish I could help you with your own but know that I’m always here if you want to talk or need a distraction. <3
@waverly-earp, we have been through a lot of fandom madness together. Starting with AoS way back in the day and it just kept going. You’ve been a wonder through it all and an inspiration to make better gifs that look half as good as your beautiful edits. I love everything you create and wish this site wasn’t so terribly broken that it missed out on a good chunk of that stuff, but I hope you don’t stop because they always look so good. See you in the next decade with probably a dozen other fandom things to complain about (sorry not sorry)
@amandatapping, wild how quickly we bonded when it came to star trek but I’ll never regret that, the crazy things and injokes we ended up coming up with still make me laugh and you are the only person (aside from those femslash events) I’ll make ENT gifs for. Sorry I don’t love it like you do but I’m always willing to hear about how much you love it because it’s important to you and you’re important to me. #legged, baby!
@girlonthelasttrain, has it really only been two years since we started talking because it feels like we’ve been sharing memes forever. I’d say I’m sorry for spamming you with them but let’s be real, I’m not and it’s what Tidus would want. Truly a millennial icon. But really thank you so much for being around these past few years, I appreciate it every time you let me go on about my latest worries and panics and hyperfixations. I hope we get to share even more terrible memes over the next decade and I love you more than 13x7.
@alluringcliche, it’s been a while since the AoS days which really feels like it was already a decade ago but regardless I’m glad those days made us friends. Thank you for supporting me when I needed it and being there, I hope I could do the same when you needed it. I’m always down to talk about whedon shows even if joss has disappointed us terribly and this is our city now. All the best for the new year/decade and I hope to keep up more.
@dragoncharming, I was gonna call you my fandom backup but then that doesn’t feel like the right term but I also can’t think of the term to use when you’re always the person I count on to know if I’d love/hate something. You’re my guiding star for fandom, knowing where to steer me and what to steer me away from and I love you for it. I hope we get to play dnd together soon because that would be so exciting and thank you for everything.
@boydetective, oof I need to get better at texting more because I feel like I fell off the map this year and I’m sorry. I love getting to talk to you about small fandom-y things and sharing the wildness of KH and BNHA (aaaand I need to catch up again) and thank you for just rolling with it as I appear and disappear and I’m sorry about that. I’ll try to do better next decade.
@vulpixelates, thank you so much for letting me join a dnd group, it’s been a lot of fun and I am looking forward to meeting more of your characters in one shots and later on. And thanks for letting me ramble on about a million things and have Bi Panic about fifty times a year because that’s very real and I am very bad with it.
@adhd-athena, you know how next decade is starting with the KH DLC and it’s like…finally…some answers…. Well I bet we spend the next decade with just more questions and by the end of it we’ll finally have KH4. And even more questions. Regardless I’m looking forward to speculating all about that and DSC and other things with you, sorry for all the spams about those in advance I’m sure. Thank you for always listening <3
@malarkiness, I’m tempted to stick a picture of troi in here because that’s usually what I send to you and I have no regrets. Okay that’s a lie, I send you other things and I’m grateful I can always send you the most random things or rambling things and you just roll with it and amazingly haven’t blocked me yet. I hope we get to talk more about KH and FF and holy shit the remake is so close but it’s only like ¼ of it and Nomura what are you doing. (no one knows, not even him) All my love for you and the next decade of SquareEnix confusion.
@twilightacespect, it’s funny to think that I didn’t know you on this site until only about three years ago because it feels like we’ve always had this friendship. And by this friendship I mean you sending me cowboy things and me being haunted by them. Thanks beks. Okay okay, I love you a lot despite the cowboys. We’ve shared a lot of stuff and you’ve let me go on about a lot of fandom things and I’m sorry for the million and one spams over it when I hyperfixate on something we share. Except I’m not and suffer with me.
@organasoloskywalker, this year has been hard and I’ve said it a dozen times before but I wish I could be there with you. I’m always here for you though and I love you so much. Thanks for always being around to watch things with me and dragging into PGSM hell (“it’s a musical, you like those!” LIES LEXI, IT WAS PAIN) and a dozen other things. I hope we get to see each other sometime in the future and do a TAZ show or something but I’ll always be the voice on the other end of the line texting you pictures of my cat and loving Wedge Antilles. (and you) Also you know see you tonight for Fantasy High watching. <3
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askderynsharp · 2 years ago
wow, tenth leviathan anniversary. i feel old tbh. as i am currently obsessing over dnd, what class and race do you think deryn and alek would be?
I think about this too much. 
Obviously based on their personalities the first inkling is to make alek some kind of wizard and dylan some kinda knight, but dylan doesnt actually know how to sword fight and Alek is referenced multiple times to have more combat training. Furthermore, one could argue that Dylan is more fit to be a scholar class because of his extended knowledge of the natural world due to being a Darwinist, whereas Alek’s knowledge is more... diplomatic in nature. so, based on that, lets see what skills and stats the kids showcase in the books!Dylan:
For all he’s a soldier, we dont see Dylan get into scraps that often. And when we do, he usually just uses his fists so its difficult to pinpoint what weapon he’d use. But we still shouldnt consider him a martial artist too easily, because you’ll notice that the three times he is referenced getting into a fistfight the text implies he’s not super good at it. 
The first inkling we have of Dylan’s fighting prowess is when he mentions off-handedly that he couldn’t take the other middies in a real fight and thus would have to get revenge in other ways. its also mentioned that he enjoys getting 'rowdy’, but this could easily be in reference to the sneaky ways in which he takes revenge, like pranks and sneak attacks. 
The second we get is a little snippet in Behemoth in which he tells Alek that there is only one guard stationed in the Orient Express’ control room, and that he thinks he can take him. While this implies he is a good fighter, i think Dylan is more relying on the element of surprise. We dont see how Dylan takes the guard out, only hear a quick grunt from him before he hits the floor and Dylan opens the door for Alek. This implies he hit the guard fast and hard without a chance for him to fight back, and i’ll explain how this was likely when we get further down. 
The third instance of Dylan getting into a fight is hypothetical, during his and Alek’s fight in Goliath. Alek mentions that he was punched fairly hard but that Dylan’s stance was all wrong and he could easily counter attack. We dont actually see how right Alek is, but considering he was specifically trained for combat and Dylan’s used to winning fights on the first blow, I think its fair to say he would have beaten Dylan.
Now I know i’ve made a case for how weak Dylan is, but we know from the Bonus Chapter that Dylan is physically stronger than Alek when it comes to power. This power is attributed to the time he spends climbing the ratlines, and which we see in his rescue of Newkirk that he can do without hooking his legs. I dont know if you’ve ever tried to climb a rope without hooking your legs, but it takes a tremendous amount of upper body strength. Dylan laments that he is handicapped by being afab, but i’d remind you that later when he needs to wear his formal shirt he notices that his muscle mass has doubled. 
Furthermore, we learn during Dylan’s stay in Alek’s castle that he can apparently toss an apple and throw a knife through its heart. We dont get many other examples of his proficiency with daggers but he prefers to keep one on hand when skulking in Istanbul. I think its safe to say that his preferred weapon is a dagger, but also that he shows a high dexterity as well. Most of the badass moments Dylan has in the series are attributed to his dexterity, from being able to catch the flailing ladder of the stormwalker or when he spice-bombs the saboteurs on the dauntless. Theres too many examples of him being quick on both his feet and with his thinking for me to go into them all like i did with his fist fighting, but if you read the books you’ll know that Dylan’s main strength lies in his acrobatic abilities: jumping, swinging, balancing, and striking a target. 
Moving onto his mental ability, I think a lot of people overlook just how smart Dylan is. 
He’s described as a ‘quick study’ in most subjects from aeronautics to natural philosophy, and Dr. Barlow openly laments Dylan’s interest in ‘tying knots’ over exploring his intellectual potential. During The Storm Scene he’s shown calculating the weight of the water on the ships back, he picks up on the german conspiracy when meeting with the sultan before even Doctor Barlow, and he’s able to ace the entrance exam with what he’s already studied from the Manual of Aeronautics. 
But the single most impressive mental feat Dylan has showcased is his proficiency with language. In their initial meeting, Dylan is shown to not understand a word of German, which Alek and Volger use to their advantage. Its fair to say that in the following three weeks they kept up this contingency since Alek didnt completely trust Dylan yet. This means that by the start of Behemoth, Dylan’s german vocabulary is limited to the word ‘dumbass’.
He then spends time with Clankers in Istanbul, and once returning to the ship, is able to understand and speak casually with Alek’s men who cannot speak english. This means that Dylan picked up enough of the german language to hold a conversation in just over a month, and based on how he spent his time in Istanbul, purely through osmosis. Now, some people pick up languages easier than others, but the fact he was able to essentially teach himself german by ear is widely overlooked in how impressive that is. 
Now everyone knows the differences between wisdom and intelligence are a meme in themselves but the official definition for wisdom is perceptiveness and insight, which i think his accomplishments showcase. I’d argue that despite the case i’ve made for his overall smarts intelligence actually lags a bit behind his wisdom, due to how he handles the whole Alek situation. 
I’ve stated this before, but Dylan has a painfully low emotional intelligence. I’m gonna keep this brief because I’ve written that analysis before and this is already super long, but a lot of his issues with Alek could have been resolved early on with a self-aware heart to heart. He doesnt understand Alek’s feelings, he doesnt want to understand his own feelings, and he’s consistently surprised by other people’s opinions of him. Lilit’s very obvious infatuation, for example. I know this doesnt really factor into combat and stuff, but i think this makes the case that both intelligence and charisma are on the weaker side. 
With all of this in mind, its fair to say he’d favour daggers and his stats would fall somewhere in this order:
So I’d put Dylan down as a dual dagger Ranger, considering his top 3 stats are optimal for that class and the play style is similar to what we’ve seen in the books. 
Wow, this is long. I might actually need to stop it here and do a part 2 in another post. I guess I favour my son too much, heh ^^;
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summerdutkowsky · a year ago
For the DnD questions - 5, 7, 9, 55, 57, 59, 75, 77, 79, 95, 97, and 99!
5. Does your character have any biases for or against certain races? she’s not fond of humans at all, she’s an air genasi so she’s half human but after the slaughter of her clan and her family by wealthy, shitty, judgmental humans who saw her clan as a cult and a bunch of freaks (because it’s rare for a mix of genasi races to live together in such harmony) and attacked, wiping everyone and everything she knew and loved out completely so she’s very very very bias against full blooded humans (especially rich humans in power)
7. Describe your character’s current appearance: clothes, armor, scars they’ve picked up along the journey, etc. currently, we just started this campaign so we haven’t done too much danger wise for scars, but she has her monk robes (way of the shadow so they’re dark flowing robes) with her quarterstaff held on her back, pouches for holding items on each hip, a few scars (that cliche sexy eyebrow scar) on her face, arms, and legs from monk training (not too many and not too prominent but still), a nose ring, she has light blue skin and since she’s an air genasi she always has a little bit of a breeze happening, just enough to whoosh her hair for dramatic effect, and kind of shimmering light hair that’s in a bun with the sides shaved
9. What deity, if any, does your character worship? What’s their opinion on other people’s worship? no deity, she wasn’t really into the whole religion thing, she has a slight bitterness towards the gods for the loss she suffered, and sometimes when she’s having a bad moment mentally she gets a little rubbed the wrong way by other people’s worship but for the most part she’s a ‘worship how you like just don’t judge me for not and i’ll give you the same respect’
55. What type of creature in the world is your character the most intrigued by? she’s interested in so many creatures. she read and studied a lot in monk training (though bookish wasn’t really her specialty) and would read a lot to her brother so she has a vague understanding of her world and the creatures in it but i don’t know if there’s a specific creature she’s most intrigued by yet
57. The player character to your left admits that they’re passionately in love with your character. How would your character respond? listen if someone in my party falls in love with my character then i will simply have to return these feelings because my character adores everyone in her party (really though idk what i would do, i guess if it happens we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it but it would be interesting, also we play on discord so i have no idea who i would count as sitting on my left)
59. Does your character value their own best interest more than the party’s? absolutely not, party always comes first for her. she will put herself between her party and danger without a second thought. after the loss of her family she has pretty much adopted her party as a surrogate family and made a vow to herself that she would never lose another person she cares about and if that means sacrificing herself then that’s just how it has to be and she wouldn’t even question or regret it as long as her party survived 
75. If your character had the chance to rename the party/give the party a name, no questions asked, what would it be? fdsajfkldsaj after this little adventure we’re on i’m very very tempted to kill us the killjoys for many reasons (between the bad puns and the memes and the fact we’re mid battle with the fantasy times equivalent of emo boy and killjoys is a mcr reference....i meeeean)
77. If your character had to multi-class into a class they currently aren’t the next time they level up, what would it be and what reason would they have for doing so? OH i was literally just thinking about this and talking about it with my DM and i’m definitely going to multi-class as a wild magic sorcerer. i haven’t thought out the whole thing but she’s always been interested in magic, seeing other genasi in her clan use magic to heal and protect, and she’s not adept in it but having genasi blood she taps into it in her party’s most vulnerable moment and throws out some wild ass cobbled together fuckery magic that works and she just kind of goes with it and works her ass off to learn a few spells here and there
79. What unusual talents does your character possess? i haven’t really thought of that yet outside of just my out of this world stealth stats, so she’s very good at sneaks, but idk i’ll have to think about this. she does try very hard to make others laugh and feel cared for, she’s the big sister of the group
95. How did your character learn the languages that they speak? she doesn’t know many languages yet but she made it a point to learn a few words (and working on learning the full language) in each of her party members languages so they can communicate and she can make them feel as easy and cared for as possible
97. What is most important to your character: health, wealth, or happiness? health. she doesn’t give two shits about wealth, she wouldn’t complain if she had it but it’s not priority, and she will never ever really be happy after losing what she did but she can fake happiness enough to make her team think it’s all good but she really won’t ever heal so she’s given up on happiness
99. Are there any social or political issues your character feels strongly about? eat the rich, just fuck the royals that rule over her area and fuck the super wealthy in general
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Where I've Been and My Relationship with Social Media
Do I think anyone actually cares about this and missed my presence online? Well yeah. I have friends on here so I would like to imagine they did. I had one amazing and lovely soul sending me memes during my break and I love her for it! Am I screaming into the void in a way to work out my own emotional state? Well, yeah. This isn't for notes. This is for me.
It all started about two years ago. One of my best friends in the whole world, who I will refer to as Amy, messaged me one day before school and told me that she was stepping away from social media. She was deleting snapchat, Instagram, facebook and any other various profiles she had. At the time I felt like King George in 'I Know Him', I wasn't aware that was something a person could do. Why would this gorgeous, college age student want to get rid of her social media? Didn't she want to be connected to the rest of the world? Didn't she want the validation from her peers? Didn't she want to just be able to look up someone and know everything she ever needed to know about them? Keep in mind this was the time where I considered myself something of an internet sleuth for my friends, family and occasionally teachers (Shout out to Mr. Hunter). But she was my friend. And I was going to support the hell out of whatever Amy wanted to do.
To this day she is still off social media and she is happier than ever. And that freedom she felt from society constantly throwing all sorts of unachievable standards in her face all the time? Slowly became more attractive to me as I got older. A while ago, maybe around the same time Amy deleted everything (I really can't remember) I uninstalled Facebook from my phone. It was so freeing? I didn't have to see all the negativity on there and the politics from my father's side of the family. It was so nice. That's when I got my first taste for it. This freedom. But that's about all I did until my first year in college.
December - February were weird months for me. Specifically when I was at school. Looking back on it, some of the reasons why it was so weird seem trivial. But at the time they meant everything to me. It seemed like I was losing some irl friends and a few online ones. Not to mention college chemistry and accounting made me breakdown about 10 times total. I remember calling another one of my best friends, Ellie for the sake of the story, sobbing. I felt so genuinely alone. I felt like all the people up at my school either just barely tolerated me or hated me. I think that's the loneliest I've ever been.
You might be wondering why this has anything to do with social media? Well. Let me tell you. This emotional breakdown of mine happened after I saw a photo posted of two of my friends out getting doughnuts from our favorite place without me. It's so stupid. But I was in a very fragile place. I was trying to figure out a lot of things. Classes, friends, sexuality, past trauma, self worth, whether or not I should have gone to therapy. Looking back on it, Jesus Christ I wish I did. It was just a lot. So in a brash decision I deactivated my Instagram. Didn't tell anyone. Didn't think anyone would care. People did. So after about a week I reactivated it. I couldn't stand not knowing what people (aka Tom Holland and Taylor Swift) where posting. So I chugged along.
And then a fucking Pandemic happened.
It's nice to be home. I'm a total mama's girl and am attached to her at the hip. Which is another reason why I wasn't doing so hot at college looking back on it. But all I was doing at home was my class work and scrolling through the toxicity that is Twitter, the pretty photos of Instagram or Tiktok. I would get frustrated at the people not wearing masks or that people were still going out in public. And it slowly worked at my nerves.
Before I knew it, Black Lives Matter was in full swing because of the disgusting murder of George Floyd by the racist police officer. There are two things you need to know about me: I am extremely empathetic and I have seen some shit. I have never been so distrusted or viscerally affected by a piece of footage in my whole life. After that, I was on Twitter reading and retweeting everything I could. Signing every petition I saw pop up. Trying to educate myself. And I did. I will be the first to admit, I still have a lot to learn what it means to be a good ally. But the negativity and guilt I was feeling, was coming from me. Nothing I did felt good enough. I wasn't able to attend protests because of online classes and I was only able to donate about $20 dollars to charity because I am not working right now. It just didn't feel good enough in my eyes. I wanted to do so much more. And for the record I still want to do more. I'm looking into ways that I can help the BLM movement, even though I am currently off social media.
And that's when something happened that I wasn't expecting. I was rewatching an old episode in Jacksepticeye's animal crossing series where he went off on a tangent about social media and mental health. I was making breakfast while I was watching it. I stopped dead in my tracks and listened to what he had to say. And I kept it in my as I watched the current state of my YouTube life get turned upside a few weeks ago.
That's when I realized social media was really hurting my mental health. That day I deleted Twitter from my phone and deactivated Instagram again. At this point I had already deleted Tumblr from my phone because at the time I thought this site was the soul reason I was unhappy with my relationship on the internet. This was the first time I purged myself of all three of these social medias at that the same time. Also I stopped looking at snapchat stories and privated a lot of my boards on Pinterest. And it was so good. I have been so much happier since cutting the negativity and helplessness I felt out of my life. I was calmer. I allowed myself to focus on the things that made me happy.
I was getting to hang out with my friends a little bit more. I started playing DnD and am in love with my character. I started taking more Polaroids. I was taking drives. I'd sit at the park with ice cream and enjoy summer. Dancing alone in my house. I was writing again and developing characters that I've had for years that are desperate need of a face lift. Baking and cooking again. Watching things that made me happy. I was living for me and finding positivity in my life again.
And I still am. It's still a work in progress sometimes to be happy like I want to be. But I'm willing to put in that work. It just so happened that cutting social media and that tie to society was what I needed. It was a small step, but it put me in a good direction. I've decided to come back to Tumblr and take my blog back for me and ignore some of the personal reasons why I got rid of it in the first place. This was a power move for me, and I'm happy to be back.
I've been debating about making a new Instagram account, to follow a select number of friends but probably not. I'll be damned if I ever redownload Twitter on my phone again. So if you're one of my mutuals and you want to talk outside of tumblr the social medias I still have are: discord, pinterest, and snapchat.
TL;DR: I got really sad and frustrated. So I pulled a Taylor Swift pre REP era and disappeared. I'm doing pretty good and am still working on achieving my definition of happiness. And if I had to give advice, I guess I'd say that take a week break from social media see how you feel. Who knows, you might not even miss it.
Remember: Drink water, moisturize, wear a mask, Black Lives Matter and Always Keep Fighting
W/ Love,
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just-binch-thoughts · a year ago
I sent myself this ask because I'm bored. I will reply to this ask, because, I'm bored. I will most likely do something stupid in the response, like show one of my favorite gifs, or say "fuck" a lot, or show a meme I made in the last few days, because I've been making memes. They're mostly dnd memes about my party and DM but I'm really excited about my character so I might just ramble about that. Yeah imma do dat.
Tumblr media
This is one of my favorite gifs.
I don’t feel like saying fuck
My character is a kenku (bird person) named Cure. Kenku don’t have their own voice, don’t have creativity and were banished to the land of DnD by their god, who didn’t like them collecting shinies. Which, shame on you god, birds are meant to collect shinies! It’s in their fucking nature! Fuck you god! please keep in mind that this asshole god who banished my babies is not at all a god that people actually believe in except if... you believe in dnd gods....
Anyway, Cure has a whole plague doctor outfit, which is incredibly funny because kenku have BIG BEAK. + plague doctor mask, how the fuck does that fit. HOW. They’re a divine soul sorcerer, which is magic dude that heals, which funnily enough didn’t develop because of the VERY OBVIOUS part of him being a PLAGUE DOCTOR. He introduces himself by saying “I am the cure” which is not at all a reference to a certain SCP I forgot the number of. He’s gone adventuring because his sister, Remedy, (Fight me fuckers, her name is Remedy) is sick and he’s looking for a.... he’s..... his name. It’s not hard to understand. fuck. So she’s the reason he’s gone and focus on the healings madjiks. Which I realized a few sentences ago also fits with the whole plague doctor thing. Also, since he’s a sorcerer, he’s got mainly charisma which I rolled a fucking 18 for. Which is HIGH. So I’m going to abuse that charisma to seduce, and my pick up line is “You are my cure”, and I’ve got no idea where he heard that but I like it. just think of a big bird with arms and no wings and a plague doctor outfit looking you deep in the eyes, leaning slightly forward and saying seductively in a preferably deep voice “You are my cure”. Now I’m not a furry nor turned on by that but it’s funny so I’m definitely doing that. Fuck the DM. Don’t fuck the DM he’s my friend and also creepy. But fuck his plans for the game! So, since it’s an aberration campaign apparently, and I had to pick a language, I picked deep speech as one of Cure’s languages, and I’ve made a meme that explains his predicament with that, so I’m going to place that here.
Tumblr media
Poor Cure. I’m laughing at you and am not at all feeling empathy towards your situation. You are a joke made when I was stuck on the question of what my character is and everyone agreed that it was a good idea. You are a mistake. I love you, you piece of shit. Good boy, have some bread. *throws the crows some bread*
I’ve thought about making Cure family of my other kenku character, Hoot, (yes I’ve made a crow person and named them Hoot, this is DnD I will fuck with names whenever I want) but I don’t think that’ll be a good idea since hoot is a fucking basic binch. Her motivation is “getting wings”, which is so basic and lame for a kenku like wtf binch get your shit straight. Hoot is also fun, she hates the gods for what they did to her people and she’s a druid trying to mix her crow form with her normal bird-person form and give herself wings. Which is very different from Cure, who is a sorcerer that’s got “favored by the gods” which is funny because kenku, and apperently sorcerers can get magical wings late-game? That’s what my DM said, so Cure has more chance to actually get wings than the one who’s goal it is to get wings, but damn if his sister doesn’t die she’s going to be my next character and you bet she’s going to be a bard. Or a cleric.
I’ve formed a deep love for kenku the moment I heard of them, but it’s better than being a goddamn tabaxi lizardfolk because you can’t fucking choose between the 2 *glares at very specific party member*
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americankimchi · 2 years ago
i have enough to buy one of the dragon age games, but im not sure which one to get? they all sound so good !! do u have any recommendations??
it depends on what kind of experience you want!
each of the dragon age games are self-contained stories set in the same timeline, a few years apart. each has its own main character (customizable to your heart’s content) and each has its own cast of lovable npcs to be charmed by
they’re also connected stories that lead into each other! playing one gives you information important to understand the next one (not required per se, but sort of like watching marvel movies: if you watch the first avengers movie you’ll more understand the second one and etc.)
dragon age: origins is first, followed by dragon age 2, and finally dragon age: inquisition (dragon age 4 is currently being made)
pros and cons of each game:
the oldest, and it sure looks like it. the graphics are old, but dragon age origins has an EXTENSIVE selection of mods to choose from that you can tweak and edit to your preference (dragon age: redesigned is a perfect choice for this imo and one i use) the combat is reminiscent of pillars of eternity, so if you enjoyed that game you’ll thoroughly enjoy this one. this game is about a small band of unlikely heroes looking to save the world; sort of your typical fantasy story but it doesn’t mean it’s predictable. out of all three games it has the most in terms of skill selection and character builds. it also has the most in terms of dialogue choices and characterization; your character is not voiced, so the devs and writers had more freedom on that front. 
(“do you need a ladder, so you can get off my back?”)
it also has the most, in my opinion, flexibility wrt world states (the current state of the world wrt a specific save file. world-states are basically shorthand for ‘the overall effect of the choices you have made and how they impacted thedas, the setting, at large’). for fear of spoiling i won’t say more but compared to dragon age 2 and dragon age inquisition, dragon age origins allows you WAY more options regarding the fate of your main characters and the country you play in. 
the second in the series, this game is more focused on a small area over a long period of time. specifically: this game feels more down-to-earth, more about the relationships between people than about saving the world. the combat is similar to origins, but the skillsets have become more streamlined and condensed. there’s still a LOT of customization (wouldn’t be a dragon age game if it wasn’t) so no fear on that front; there’s less subclasses in this one though but that just means that you have more abilities wrt the one that you choose. less bigger choices for class progression, more smaller specific ones. 
your character is voiced, and you can only choose your gender and appearance, not your race. that’s not a bad thing, of course, just that you start off as a human. this is the only dragon age game so far that has this restriction, but it’s not weaker overall for this decision. it allows for more focus on the interaction between your player character and the npcs in the game: you have a family who you can decide the dynamics between, you have a home, you have a city. you also have, interestingly enough, the choice to more solidly define your character’s personality in ways that will change how they can interact with the world. 
i think this game is interesting because it’s not your typical “heroic” story. it’s not about doing good for the sake of doing good, but doing good for the sake of survival and the struggle to stay afloat during turbulent times.
i will say dragon age 2′s greatest weakness is the lack of different maps, but since this game was made fairly quickly i can forgive that. the story is excellent, however.
the largest out of the three games, and the most visually impressive. the combat is the MOST streamlined in this game, and forces you to make strategic choices wrt your skill selection. While you can unlock as many skills as you want (so long as you have the ability points to spend) you can only take a few with you into each combat encounter, and skills cannot be swapped on the fly. (think of it as preparing spells at the beginning of each day in dnd, except instead of once per day it’s any time so long as you’re not in combat)
(or you can be like me and just shove walking bomb into your repertoire and rain hellfire and damnation on ur enemies……………………..coughs)
your character is voiced, but does not have a defined backstory; you are provided a nebulous idea of your character’s general background based on your race, but unlike origins and da2 it does not provide you an in-game cutscene or level to explore that background. inquisition starts you in media res of the newest global catastrophe, and has a middle ground in terms of dialogue between origins and da2. the dialogue wheel is still there, but the game doesn’t lock you into a personality type, allowing your character more flexibility in responses. 
inquisition has the MOST in terms of raw content, with enough quests and things to do to have money and power (the in-game currency to unlock new areas and quests on the war table, your hub for interacting with the world at large) spilling out of your pockets by mid-to-late game. the boss fights are nothing to sneeze at either… me big love dragons :’)
as for story, this game feels more…….. political? and i don’t mean that it talks about real world politics i mean that you’re pretty much juggling saving the world and appeasing international powers the whole way through the game. inquisition is also VERY closely linked to dragon age 2′s storyline, so i can’t say more without spoiling that game as well. again, you don’t need to play the preceding dragon age to play the next one as you will be provided with that information in-game, but each game heavily influences the next one.
you want story: pick any game
you want the FULL story: chronologically from origins -> da2 -> inquisition. 
you want a highly customized main character, an underdog story, and a world that you can influence down to the smallest detail: origins
you want a more personalized story that deals with the raw, ugly relationships between people and a realistic take on the heroic journey: dragon age 2
you want streamlined combat, to take control of an international organization as both its religious and political leader, and cool boss fights: inquisition
i actually made a more meme-y post regarding the pros and cons of each game here if you don’t care about spoilers hgfjgf: [link]
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autumnsidhe · 2 years ago
Answer all the things
D&D Ask Meme
ah fuck. i can’t believe you’ve done this.everything’s going under a read more b/c it’s gonna be long as all fuck
2. Your favorite character that someone else has played.ollie……….. little shit idiot i love him? he and james are both anarchist dumbass but in different ways. brothers in arms.
3. Your favorite side quest.oh christ. there’s no real particular side quests but my fave side plot in general is what i’ll summarise as “alora is a rat bastard.”
alora met a hot rich socialite guy who seemed really into her and she decided she was gonna play the long con on him b/c he might be useful
she and james both agreed to side w/ king clockwork, but when the king actually mentioned it alora gave james a Look™ and he was mad as fuck. he’s still kinda mad as fuck
she decided to be pals w/ a main antagonist (gluto) and didn’t tell us until days after it happened that he’d talked to her in his dreams
alora was told to not tell anyone abt the repugnant’s secret organisation. she immediately spilled the info to everyone
she was told to not mention the organisation’s meeting or anything that went on there. she immediately spilled the info to the motley and literally sent us a photo of the repugnant on his throne speaking to everyone
she was told to keep a specific person away from castle repugnant. she let him waltz right up to the castle w/ everyone else and seemed confused when they said he couldn’t go in
she broke into somewhere w/ gluto and then left him in a room full of very important documents b/c she somehow didn’t think taking him there to begin w/ wouldn’t backfire
the last thing james said to her was literally “i take it back, you’re a stupid shit idiot and i hate you”
4. Your current campaign.random sideplots get to go here this time! most of them are james or ollie b/c we interact the most w/ npcs
james and galant romance sideplot and the sheer amount of wild scenes that have happened as a result (the date, le fway showing up, addy’s dating advice, “ollie, you’re pretty ignorant”, “so you killed your boyfriend”)
ash coaches a baseball team
ollie tries to handle pink drugs, fails to provide any evidence that he’s not the cause
alora helps the repugnant, always immediately regrets it b/c he’s a little bastard man
the gang trying to figure out what’s going on w/ the repugnant’s amnesia
james accidentally making friends w/ a black spiral dancer and being heavily in denial abt why cylus probably got so attached to begin w/ (hint: it’s the anarchy and the horrid rebellious streak)
james nearly sides w/ the main antagonist b/c he’s got the right idea but his methods are fucked
ollie goes to fairy prison, makes friends w/ a vampire and some old sidhe, is currently in the middle of trying to break out
5. Favorite NPC.unfortunately it might be cylus? cylus is like 6 levels of batshit at any given moment and was introduced to us as a nameless dangerous prisoner that galant was holding for some sort of treaty? and james and addy were told to not listen to him for any reason and to not let him free. and of course james let him free. he shifted into a giant 9ft-ish tall war form and then james realised he was really in over his head. upside: he went back in his cell afterwards. downside: he got attached to james. also downside: james didn’t actually get warned that he was a dangerous war criminal until after all this went downthen cylus literally showed up in james’ dream to tell him a few things and warn him that he was planning to escape? and there was nothing james could do b/c “i heard it in a dream” isn’t exactly a solid claim esp when he doesn’t have any sort of future sight. and of course cylus broke outthen james ran into him in the dreaming and james was losing his mind the entire time b/c cylus is an absolute freak and james was stuck walking w/ him for like 2 hours. then like an hour after they parted ways james got flung into a ditch on the edge of town (in the real world) and cylus carried an unconscious james like a sack of potatoes into waffle house and just let him sleep on the table for a bit. then like 3 days later cylus broke into his apartment and made him breakfast.and then james got flung out into the middle of nowhere again for reasons and cylus was there and james had the choice of dealing w/ cylus or being horribly lost in the woods so he chose the first one. and he nearly got caught in the middle of a big werewolf fight that cylus orchestrated. and also nearly got caught in some extremely violent family drama.throughout all of this cylus is acting like he’s james’ best friend and last time they spoke cylus really wanted to do buddy cop stuff! they’re pals! totally! and james wants absolutely none of it but he can’t explode on him b/c he’s a skinny little twink and cylus could snap him like a twig w/ no effort
to summarise:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
6. Favorite death (monster, player character, NPC, etc).we actually haven’t had many deaths! the only ones i can think of in game that aren’t random monsters were the old bastard and nor nan, which. were both interesting in their own ways, but nor nan’s was mostly tragic and i don’t wanna get feelsy so i’ll just use the old bastard set the scene: we’re at a fancy party. ash and marike (an npc, he’s an unseelie lord and overall a hell of a time) are off on their own trying to catch chimerical creatures that stole their weapons. marike curbstomps one, meanwhile the other has climbed up onto a curtain rod. the place has really high ceilings. his solution? pick up ash and toss him at the creature. ollie and the old bastard (who owns the house) walk in just as this is happening, and the old bastard sees ash tear down the curtain rod for no damn reason. of course he demands answers. ash tries to bullshit a story abt an entire family of raccoons they were trying to chase outthen the old bastard gets shot in the head. ollie and marike are splattered w/ blood. he hits the ground, ash makes a joke abt “telling his wife the bad news”then he notices his wife is the one who just shot him
7. Your favorite downtime activity.the entire arc’s taken place over the course of 15 days in-game, including downtime. we haven’t had any specific downtime activities per say, but the best moment we’ve had during downtime was when ollie broke into james’ apartment and now he refuses to let ollie anywhere near his apartment complex
8. Your favorite fight/encounter.i’ll stick to generally hostile meetings for this since we’ve only a small handful of solid fights? but it’s either “james nearly dies” or “ollie is a good distraction”
to set the scene for the first one: the hospital chimerically burnt down, so the motley decided to investigate and sneaked in as janitors. james ended up alone down in the morgue after finding a body covered in chimerical burns getting wheeled down there. he checks it out, takes a couple photos on his phone. then the door opens.james starts cleaning and stuff, but it turns out the person who came in (gluto!) was also a changeling and very easily noticed the fact that he’s got really noticeable pointy ears in his fae mien. and of course he starts threatening james. and after he pulls out a massive scythe. james sends everyone an sos but they all get stuck in the elevator. so james pulls a gun in a fucking hospital. and he gets called on the bluff but before he can put it away, in bursts galantgalant starts kicking a bit of ass, and then gluto ripped the (already weak from the fire) chimerical ceiling down on top of them! galant did some shit to lift the rubble off them with little to no effort and james was kinda like “oh no he’s hot” for a second before galant kicked a bit more ass and gluto ran like hell!then he next night galant literally died for james (it’s okay, he got better) and confessed that james is his true love and just. man.
for the second one: there’s 3 assassins after galant. he fucked off to lovescreek in order to avoid them, but when ollie found him, one of the assassins had found him! so ollie joins the fray against this troll (who are like 8′ at the shortest), and after a short bit gluto joined in as well to distract ollie from the main fight! so what did ollie do? start loudly singing “i’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts” for a chicanery bunk to turn galant invisible. and of course both assassins turned on him and he ended up having to run like hell but when he lost them galant reappeared and was like “well that was fun”
9. Your favorite thing about D&D tabletop RPGs.i’ll keep it real, i’ve disliked every dnd system i’ve experimented w/ and i’m not a fan of most fantasy so it’s unlikely i’ll every actually play a proper dnd game but god… tabletop stuff is just so much fun? mostly the story and the fact that joe is absolutely godly
10. Your favorite enemy and the enemy you hate the most.cylus may be my fav npc but my fav antagonist is definitely king clockwork? ic my very first encounter with him led into him and james talking about their beliefs and ideals for like 2 hours straight and when he was getting ready to leave james was ecstatic that he’d finally met someone who fully understood his mindset. then the bomb dropped that he was the boss of the other antagonists and james was hit w/ this utter horror. and then james considered siding w/ him for a long ass time before eventually trying to kill him to put a stop to everything. yeah. yeahmy fav enemy/antagonist is absolutely gluto b/c he’s creepy as shit. during anyone’s first encounter w/ him i was completely solo and it was horribly unsettling and i simultaneously love and despise him
11. How often do you play and how often would you ideally like to play?we meet once a week! what game we run varies but recently it’s been changeling every week since we’re still waiting on player characters to start hunter the reckoning lmao
12. Your in game inside jokes/memes/catchphrases and where they came from.we have a bunch of them but uhhhhh random ones off the top of my head
“it’s always sunny in coolville” b/c i realised early on that we were going to be up to a lot of dumb shenanigans and it was easy to make it’s always sunny title cards based on each session
#saveduke b/c there was a whole thing at one point where we had to keep him from getting kidnapped. spun off from that are #SaveDukeFromHimself, #SaveGalantFromJamesStupidity and #SaveDukeAgain?
“appearance 4, captivating” b/c dom said it regularly for multiple sessions until his character dirty danced with a hot guy at a party, after which he decided that alora was a lesbian
“does [insert art] let me throw fireballs?” b/c dom wanting to throw fireballs down the street is a running joke but also he unironically asked if primal 2 would let him throw fireballs
“james got norted” b/c he nearly joined the main antagonist, which devolved into “[insert random character] got norted” at the most random times
james and galant touching tips b/c at one point while they were casually talking ollie just started going 👉👈 in the background and james got really mad and flustered abt it so everyone started doing it
“ultra instinct ash” b/c he’s our shaggy and also has done like fuck all nothing productive in game so him going fucking super saiyan to kill the final boss is hilarious
“i got two hands!” b/c people regularly ask why ollie dual wields broadwords
#OllieOllieOxenFREE b/c ollie got himself sent to fairy jail
“i did [stupid thing], can i buy [half related skill]?” like “i attempted murder, can i get chronos 2?” or “i was an assassin in a past life, can i get melee 3?”
“people, let me tell you bout my best friend!” abt james and cylus b/c boy does james have bad taste in friends
14. Introduce any other parties you have played in or DM-ed.uhhh exalted is the only one i’ve been a part of that’s been solidly active, but we’ve got characters for scion for when 2e drops, and i’ve got characters set up for chaos reigns when joe starts the next arc b/c i didn’t wanna peter parker myself into the finale. i don’t remember the rest of the scion crew well enough but i love them
15. Do you have snacks during game times?we almost always grab food on the way there and eat before we properly start
16. Do you play online or in person? Which do you prefer?in person! it’s the only way i’ve ever done it but i’m 🙏 that maricopa gets running online b/c……….. vampire good………..
17. What are some house rules that your group has?the big house rule for changeling is “ run things fast and loose.” joe knows the characters well and what’s on their sheets so we don’t do too much dice rolling except for arts. joe also takes some artistic liberties w/ some things, mainly wayfare and the inanimae, b/c his main goal is to make a good story and he’s sure as fuck succeeding
18. Does your party keep any pets?do addy and duke count? they’re a white rabbit and a beagle. beyond that, addy’s got pet rabbits, and ollie might be feeding a stray cat
19. Do you or your party have any dice superstitions?not really. dom claims that dice rollers hate him but he also keeps using his dice roller rather than pulling out physical dice
20. How did you get into D&D? How long have you been playing?i got into tabletop years ago when harley introduced me to the dystopia rising larp and i decided to check out the tabletop version for more lore. the current tabletop system sucks but onyx path is handling 2e and i’m so hyped for it. at some point a bit later i played vampire the masquerade bloodlines, and it got me into the world of darkness and well. i still love for how long i’ve been playing, uh. around a year i think? i forget when we started exalted the borderlands-ing. i’d been sitting in on the group for around a year before that, mostly getting a feel for things and also we were trying to figure out a good jumping in point for me and i wish i could’ve started earlier but it let me mesh w/ everyone a bit easier and also have an outsider’s viewpoint when it came to certain issues
21. Have you ever regretted something your character has done?oh absolutely, “i fucked up” is the semi-catchphrase for james for a reason. he theoretically has common sense b/c i usually say “this is gonna be stupid/bad” either ic or ooc before i do some shit and well. yeah it doesn’t usually go well but we have fun
23. Do you use premade modules or original campaigns?i think the only thing not original we’ve run since i moved up is strange aeons and maybe a coc scenario? everything else has been original campaigns
24. How much planning/preparation do you do for a game?not too much, really. i sometimes plan out a little of what i’m going to do, but half the time i never actually have the chance b/c stuff moves in a different direction than i was expecting. however i also write the summaries of the shit we’ve gotten up to every session so there’s that
25. What have your players done that you never could have planned for?i’m not a dm but i’m answering this for joe b/c he flat-out admitted that he couldn’t predict what was going to happen in at least half of changeling b/c we’re an unpredictable mess but everything’s come together to make a really interesting finale
30. Are your players diplomatic or murder hobos?answering this one too even tho it’s still a dm question b/c the players themselves are half diplomatic (me, mal, joe depending on game) and half murder hobos (fredy, dom). dom’s been going more diplomatic w/ alora but also she’s so bad at it and it’s wonderful
31. What is your favorite class? Favorite race?classes aren’t a thing in changeling but out of the kiths ouuuuuuuugh i love sidhe a lot. like they’re honestly cool as hell and i fucking love the house lore? i’ll also do houses b/c fuck it, my fav house is beaumayn b/c they have no chill and every bit of house lore they have is brutal as hell
32. What role do you like to play the most? (Tank/healer/etc?)just looking at my trends of characters i’ve got currently (re)built, i have:- the face (james, rex, val)- support (henri, caoimhe, river kinda?)- the antisocial son of a bitch (nomi, neil)- “i’m going to wreck anything you point me at” (hound, oliver, elliot but not by his own choice)- pure chaos (nora, glitch mage)gemma is kinda hard to put into any category b/c she’s babey?
33. How do you write your backstory, or do you even write a backstory?it depends on the character? some characters don’t have backstories (caoimhe, nora), some i’ve fleshed out heavily (james). it’s usually assembled from a bunch of random snippets written over the course of however long. some of it’s heavily thought out, other parts are just kinda arbitrary. i also tend to run some more important chunks past joe or mal just to see how they feel? james being from house gwydion was originally arbitrary and wasn’t really gonna matter (joe himself said it would just be a bit of flavour) then he figured out how to fold it into plot and i’m thriving b/c le fway is wild
34. Do you tend pick weapons/spells for being useful or for flavor?flavour, though use is also a bonus? artswise james currently has naming/chronos/contract, which are all useful in their own ways but also reflect his past lives / him as a person
35. How much roleplay do you like to do?yes. if i’m not able to embrace the character i’m playing is it really that fun? is it really? no b/c when that happens to this group we get the dumbed down version of chaos reigns and i go fucking batshit b/c of the fact that combat takes way too long
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Because I was asked to do them all...
1. A favorite character you have played.
Gwyn the Clanless, she’s a cute little vampire barbarian with a sword that’s almost as big as she is. Basically a magical girl. She lost her vampire clan several years before and has been searching for a new one. She’s bubbly, a little clingy, and had the hilarious habit of befriending people affiliated with Pelor. Her making and breaking of vampire tropes was always fun and she always brought some great RP to the table. I’ve had several other friends of mine tell me that she’s their fave :3
2. Your favorite character that someone else has played.
Oh man, I never want to play favorites so I’ll list my top 3
@circleofmoon‘s Vakiya Betrynn Xalos, a prissy drow moon cleric with a heart of gold
@zerases‘s Lucent, a halfling bard who was the scariest little ray of sunshine I have ever met and ever will meet
@yeens-human’s Diero, an aaracockra swashbuckler, also known as the birb police. He and my character HATED each other but I thought he was HILARIOUS
3. Your favorite side quest.
When the Rona Renegades (more on them later) had to investigate a wizard’s cottage that fell from the sky. It was anachronistic and delightful and my paladin almost lost her arm to a mimic.
4. Your current campaign.
I am part of two currently! The first is affectionately dubbed the Rona Renegades and it’s being run by the fabulous @circleofmoon! It follows the adventures of four lovely, badass ladies as they try to deal with the ghosts of their pasts, the threats to their future, and figure out what the hell happened to the party warlock’s kingdom.
The second is @yeens-human‘s Sphinx School! I play a drow wizlock with an overly dramatic birth secret
5. Favorite NPC.
Oh dear, that’s another suuuuuper hard one! I love so many! So once again I will list my top 3
@yeens-human‘s Fletch, the sweetest aaracockra druid you could ever hope to meet! My high elf barbarian disaster teen’s ride or die best friend
@yeens-human‘s Taenth Suntouched, a kindhearted and extremely flirty brass dragon who lit my half dragon battle mage’s first boss villain on fire so he could go on a date with her.
@circleofmoon‘s Mikhael Darron, a wickedly brilliant but emotionally constipated charm wizard. My paladin has the GROSSEST crush on him and he’s been a champ about it. Probably because he hasn’t noticed....
6. Favorite death (monster, player character, NPC, etc).
Oh man, it’s super bad but I’ve seen some good ones. I think the best one was the death of Seph the necromancer because that WRECKED Harker, my vampire rogue, so badly that she turned him into a vampire to save his life in possibly one of the greatest RP/dice magic moments I have ever been a part of.
7. Your favorite downtime activity.
8. Your favorite fight/encounter.
Narandur vs. Thorn. It was the most traumatizing fight I have ever been in. I was crying by the end of it. My barbarian disaster teen had like 5 HP at the end and I didn’t think he was going to make it
9. Your favorite thing about D&D.
The ability to have so many people together in a room that are as excited about a story as you are! I love the energy and how interactive it is and how I can see an epic build itself right before my eyes
10. Your favorite enemy and the enemy you hate the most.
Oh man, this is super hard, I love death knights. I’ve never actually fought one but I love them
11. How often do you play and how often would you ideally like to play?
I usually play every two weeks in person when our schedules line up. But over text, I play whenever I can
12. Your in game inside jokes/memes/catchphrases and where they came from.
So during a run with the Rona Renegades, our warlock stealthed off to go spy on someone in an inn, came upon a bellboy, panicked, knocked him out, stuffed him in a closet and used Disguise Self to assume his form. None of the rest of the party knew she was doing this. She then pretended to have a breakdown as the bellboy when she was confronted by one of the maids and barely made the deception check.
Now every time one of us fucks up we start yelling about “Knocking out the Bellboy”
13. Introduce your current party.
Meet the Rona Renegades!
Corellia (me), a half elven pistol whipping pirate turned paladin to the god of progress and invention. Wants to be a charming scoundrel, is actually just a lovable fuck up.
Nyx, (@zerases), a high elf warlock of the archfey who’s just trying to find her family and found an overly eager squad of do gooders instead. Prone to being broody but is actually the mom friend
Cora, a punk rock halfling bard who will tell you she’s just here to steal money and take names but actually cares just as much as everybody else. The voice of reason which horrifies everyone, including her
Gloria, a half orc barbarian with a heart as big as her biceps. Prone to rushing into situations full tilt if she thinks she can help, loves everyone until given a reason not to. Probably the most well adjusted person in the party.
The party for Sphinx School is never consistent because of the way it’s formatted but so far Dorian (my drow wizlock) has encountered, a half elf gentleman thief, a yuan ti bard wizard, a tiefling conjurer, a human abjurer, a warforged, and half elf divination/sorcerer with a magic sword.
14. Introduce any other parties you have played in or DM-ed.
I’ve been part of many, so I’ll introduce the two wackiest.
The Glitters Gang
Bibbety, a gnome wizard that works as a fairy godmother
Miya (@zerases), a winged elf druid princess with a hummingbird companion
Niri, a human eldritch knight with a whip and a killer storm aesthetic
Liam (me), the trashiest vampire rogue/ranger multiclass you will ever meet
The Cult Crushers
Diero (@yeens-human), an aaracockra swashbuckler, the birb police
Ulfgar, a Russian dwarf cleric, the squishiest tank
Seph, a the world’s most reasonable necromancer, became the party healer
Harker (me), a vampire crossbow rogue, basically pissy Widowmaker
15. Do you have snacks during game times?
In person, hell yes! When we play online, sometimes
16. Do you play online or in person? Which do you prefer?
I really enjoy playing in person, but time and distance doesn’t often allow it. I’ve had a great time playing via discord with the Rona Renegades and via text with @yeens-human
17. What are some house rules that your group has?
Use the “wave” emoji when you want to talk on discord so you don’t interrupt anyone
18. Does your party keep any pets?
Narandur the barbarian disaster teen has a baby gryphon that he’s raising to be a mount
19. Do you or your party have any dice superstitions?
All d20s have to be arranged 20 face up. I also have a dice jail
20. How did you get into D&D? How long have you been playing?
I’ve been playing for about 3 years now.
How I got into it is actually a pretty funny story. @yeens-human and I have been friends irl since our freshman year of college. I didn’t know two things about DND when he and I became friends, but around the end of junior year/beginning of senior year he started loading me up with these absolutely wild campaign stories. I thought the stories were fun, but I didn’t have all that much interest in playing at first. Mainly because I had zero idea what DND actually was. That was about when he took it upon himself to get me into it. I resisted at first, until he said two things that we both knew I wouldn’t be able to resist.
“It will make you a better writer.”
“You know, I would totally let you play a vampire.”
If my memory serves, my response was, “Damn you.”
I was at his place rolling up a character that weekend.
21. Have you ever regretted something your character has done?
Yes. All the time. Every time. There are too many instances to list.
22. What color was your first dragon?
Black. @yeens-human threw her at Narandur when he was level 6 and it scared the absolute shit out of me
23. Do you use premade modules or original campaigns?
I’ve been writing all my own one shots myself!
24. How much planning/preparation do you do for a game?
I obsessively outlined at first, but then when my players kept throwing me for a loop I adopted a looser outlining style that put more control in their hands.
For DMs
25. What have your players done that you never could have planned for?
I once had a player accuse my very non-magical NPC of being a sorcerer in my shitty forced low magic setting. It took me so off guard that I cracked up and completely broke character for a few moments until I calmed down.
26. What was your favorite scene to write and show your characters.
In that same one shot, the villains were a trio of green hags that had kidnapped a river spirit, the reveal of the hags as the villains was probably my favorite part of the game because my players FREAKED
27. Do you allow homebrew content?
I live for the homebrew. Homebrew is the true brew
28. How often do you use NPCs in a party?
In larger parties, very rarely. In small parties I often use one NPC just to round them out. For example, I had a one shot with two players that both decided to be super squishy spellcasters, so I gave them a samurai buddy to be their meat shield. It worked out really well! They both loved him.
29. Do you prefer RP heavy sessions or combat sessions?
I love love love RP, so if I had to choose, I’d choose RP. But I’m also a meathead sucker for punching things....
30. Are your players diplomatic or murder hobos?
No murder hobos allowed
For Players
31. What is your favorite class? Favorite race?
I love Barbarians, I have 3 barbarians. Being a barbarian so unbelievably satisfying. I love being able to go into a rage and punch the shit out of things, especially when irl I’m 5′4″, weigh less than 120 lbs, and am not allowed to rage in public.
Call me a basic bitch but my favorite run of the mill player race is elves. Specifically because I love bucking all the tropes about elves. Have you ever met a barbarian high elf? Let me tell you, they are FUN TO PLAY
However, my true favorite race is vampires, but I had to fully design my own homebrew race build for them the be playable, so I feel like that doesn’t quite count.....
32. What role do you like to play the most? (Tank/healer/etc?)
I play the tank almost exclusively because I’m a meathead but occasionally I will dip into tank/healer combo territory
33. How do you write your backstory, or do you even write a backstory?
OVERLY COMPLEX BACKSTORIES ARE WHAT I LIVE FOR. I usually write them down and spam my DMs with pretty much an entire novel. Sorry not sorry
34. Do you tend pick weapons/spells for being useful or for flavor?
35. How much roleplay do you like to do?
All of it. All roleplay all the time.
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arbi-official · 3 years ago
Do all the dnd asks
D&D ask meme:
1. A favorite character you have played.
Honestly, I loved playing Agramon. It’s fun to be an asshole
2. Your favorite character that someone else has played.
Amare had so many #classic lines, I gotta.
3. Your favorite side quest.
When we convinced a mayor that a ship we crashed into a fountain was an art installation.
4. Your current campaign.
Like... what about it??? I’m currently playing a revenant warlock who causes me more stress with each passing campaign because i’m realizing how easily-exploitable she is, and also because an extremely specific thing that really upsets her (and me) keeps. fucking. happening.
I’m also the DM of a murder mystery with some fucking... shenanigans going on. The party is two disaster children and two spice boys.
5. Favorite NPC.
To play? Reid Nightwing, my drow gunslinger. To interact with? I would fuuuucking die for Ireena and Ismark.
6. Favorite death (monster, player character, NPC, etc).
Getting to roll 20d12 to kill one of my players via smiting felt Very Good, Very Nice.
7. Your favorite downtime activity.
LANGUAGE-LEARNING WITH YURA! Even though both of us were teaching each other languages we already knew...
8. Your favorite fight/encounter.
Nenkos was the most fun I’ve had as an enemy NPC. Her abilities were surprisingly well-balanced considering I slapped them together with no real idea of what i was doing.
9. Your favorite thing about D&D.
It’s like writing, but with less writing! And it allows me to make characters and then get to explore their motivations and personalities in first-person. God I like making characters
10. Your favorite enemy and the enemy you hate the most.
Favorite is the same as 8.
Like, the #1 most hatred i have for any character is always and forever Kai, but tbh? Strahd von fucking Zarovich has moved in at a reeeeal close 2nd.
11. How often do you play and how often would you ideally like to play?
I play twice a week rn but that easily totals 16-18 hours. Ideal would be like two six-hour sessions a week, and preferably not two at the same time. pls
12. Your in game inside jokes/memes/catchphrases and where they came from.
“I can’t believe you gave me inspiration for getting him laid.” -Ashley (Gordain)
“It’s all fun and games until the bard hugs someone.” -Vinneak and Ezrah
“If you’re going to get fucked in the woods, it might as well be on your own terms!” -Me
“In this world, it’s either yeet or get yote.” -Me, Rhiannon, and Kate
13. Introduce your current party.
This is basically just all of our discord nicknames but..
Cerene- the coach friend: like the mom friend, but more tsundere
Yura- the sweetest and toastiest of boys
Anasthaea- spicy grandma
Imora- dudebro teen
14. Introduce any other parties you have played in or DM-ed.
we would be here all fucking day mdude
15. Do you have snacks during game times?
try full meals. when you play for 10 hours straight you kind of have to
16. Do you play online or in person? Which do you prefer?
i think i would die if i had to play over the computer. idk how you do it lorn
17. What are some house rules that your group has?
I came up with a system for lingering injuries that has now been carried through in future campaigns. sorry
18. Does your party keep any pets?
well...... we had a dog
19. Do you or your party have any dice superstitions?
we have a dice jail for the naughty dice
20. How did you get into D&D? How long have you been playing?
I started hearing about TAZ and had no idea what D&D was and then one of the people I was on a club e-board with offered to teach us
21. Have you ever regretted something your character has done?
Basically anything Cerene has ever done, even the things I don’t know about yet
22. What color was your first dragon?
Green! Hi, Siccarsus.
23. Do you use premade modules or original campaigns?
I like using my own campaigns but CoS is cool and I’m fine with using them.
24. How much planning/preparation do you do for a game?
Usually starts with me planning weeks in advance and then as time goes on I slap together encounters an hour before we play
For DMs
25. What have your players done that you never could have planned for?
The entire events of night1.png
26. What was your favorite scene to write and show your characters.
The final boss fight! I had it planned for so long, it was so exciting.
27. Do you allow homebrew content?
Hell yeah, I’ve made homebrew classes. I played my tactician in a one shot and i have a blood mage character planned
28. How often do you use NPCs in a party?
I had a companion NPC in my last campaign and tbh i wasn’t a fan. But I love making story-important NPCs since I feel like the interactions give the story a lot more realism and depth.
29. Do you prefer RP heavy sessions or combat sessions?
I’m not a huge fan of a lot of combat. It gets boring quickly
30. Are your players diplomatic or murder hobos?
Surprisingly diplomatic
For Players
31. What is your favorite class? Favorite race?
I love playing mages!!! Especially wizards, but I do like my warlock. I make a lot of human and elf characters but I think dwarves and tieflings are the most interesting lore-wise
32. What role do you like to play the most? (Tank/healer/etc?)
If we were talking Overwatch classes I would be defense. I like to do damage but at a distance
33. How do you write your backstory, or do you even write a backstory?
I usually start with a class and from there develop the rest of it. I try to define one or two major events in their life and how they handled them, and from there i try to let the character develop itself. I write.... so much backstory.
34. Do you tend pick weapons/spells for being useful or for flavor?
I try to be as useful as I can while still being true to the character. Like my one bard that has basically stopped adventuring and hates fighting to begin with, so there’s no way he would load up on attack spells, but would probably have 1 just in case.
35. How much roleplay do you like to do?
I love it! Honestly the hardest part is being afraid of talking to NPCs. And that’s not even because of social anxiety, it’s because I know if I want to get anything done I’m going to have to roll for it and I might fuck up horrendously even if what I’m saying makes sense.
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