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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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I’m still here, don’t forget that

I’ll be by your side

Waiting for you

Even if the sky falls apart

I won’t let it hurt you

If you break, I’ll mend you

In some way,

I’ll complete you.

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Wherever you Real Estate needs takes you … I AM THERE FOR YOU.

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Why? Why is that the life we live?

Speaking as a proud bisexual, we need to right a few wrongs. 
First, the overall discrimination of anyone who isn't straight. 

I shouldn't have to be afraid that my parents will find out I'm bisexual. I shouldn't have to worry about what my grandparents would say. I shouldn't have to go through the stupid people who are all like, 'oh, well, don't get a crush on me!!' 

And I can joke. 'Oh, well, I have Standards, lol.' 
But do you know how that hurts? Or people to expect I would cheat if I ever dated? Or to want a threesome? Even if they know nothing about me, because I'm bisexual, I will be hated by so many people. 

No. I will fall in love with either a male or female. I am not straight sometimes. 

And this isn't just the fears of a bisexual. Not being accepted is the fear of everyone. 

And for anyone reading this who is afraid to be who they are, well, 

So am I. 

And I wish I could tell you it will be okay, but I don't know. I don't even know if I will be okay myself. 

I tried to force myself out of it. For months and months I told myself it was a phase. Because I knew it was going to be really hard to tell people who I was. 

But I'm okay with it now. 

And I am so sorry to anyone who feels like they have to hide. I know what that's like. 

But don't give up. 

I can't tell you it will be okay, but I can tell you I'm there for you. I can tell you that, no matter what your sexuality is, no matter what race, gender identity or life you choose to live, 

I will be there for you. 

I'll be your friend in the dark when you need one. I will stand by you. I will help you. 

Don't give up. I love you so much. I might not know who you are, or what your struggles have been in life, but I am there for you. 

You have someone who loves you here. 
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today was nice, i was happy:) well now i have shit load to do but whoever this is, you’re loved<3 im here for you if you need anyone to talk to!! 

much love,
i must go and study now:(

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Hellloooooo my friends, 

I just wanted to put it out there that I am available to help you if you need. If I do not have any experience with your problem or what is happening in your life I will be completely honest and let you know. I don’t want to give advice on something that I personally have never experienced… that wouldn’t make sense would it? 

I want you to know that you are not alone. If you need someone to vent to, here I am. If you need someone to just read your story and listen, I am here. If you need someone to be your friend, I will be! 

Feel free to message me at any time! 


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You can always talk to me!
Author-Chan: Hey guys!!
Author-Chan: Sooo I hope you are all coping well during this pandemic, I have lost a lot of family, and a lot of friends of mine have too.
Author-Chan: I know a lot of you are coped up and bored, sometimes it gets depressing and lonely...
Author-Chan: I probably don't know you very well, yet I am always here, and I care about you, so if you ever need somebody to talk to.
Author-Chan: I am right here...
Loki: That is... odd
Bruce: I think it's very sweet.
Loki: No, I mean, you don't know these people, why do you care so much about them?
Author-Chan: I care about them even if I don't know them Loki, the only reason I write fanfiction is to make those who are upset very happy. Everyone deserves happiness, and nobody should ever feel alone.
Valkyrie: That's deep, I hope your readers will listen to you Author-Chan.
Author-Chan: So do I, I know this still seems weird to some people, but I care about each and every human being, and I hope they understand that and open up to me.
Loki: I see... I guess it isn't that bad to open up sometimes to other people.
Bruce: Yep, please, if you don't talk to anyone about your troubles, you mental health will deteriorate, and as a doctor I can't allow that :)
Valkyrie: We are all here for you readers! Till the end of the line...
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It is such lies when people say that they be one text away or one phone call away — because in all honesty, it’s like they could be living down the street and saying, “just hit me up / I am there,” and then behave like they have to travel from Bangalore to Jammu barefoot.


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Hello everybody! I joined Tumblr in hopes of showing people my writing skills and to make everybody’s day better. I believe, there is a writer in everybody. Everyone has got a story to tell. It just takes time to find it. You have to dig deep. But before that, you need to believe in yourself. Can you do that? Good. I hope you people find my blog interesting and fun! There’s more to come. 

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PLEASE LISTEN. You are not alone, I promise. I will always be here if you need a friend. Please do not hesitate to message me. My dms are always open. I’m always open for knew friends, especially if you need someone to talk to who will listen.

I have issues of my own, so I know what things are like. You ARE loved. You ARE worth it. You ARE appreciated.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


I know this is something different and not kink related but please share this. I’ve had many friends who I have helped, as I have been helped. We must stand strong for those in need and be that comforting voice to tell them that they are okay. That we care, and will always care.

I love you all, whether we know each other or not. You have a friend in me, forever and always.

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I know that being stuck inside alot is taking its toll. I understand you are spiraling, weather slowly or quickly. I am sorry you are going into this dark place.

I see you, everytime i look in the mirror i see the pain that many of you are going through right now that others may not see. I want to tell you that its okay to need help right now, many of us do.

If there is nothing else that I can do I want to tell you I will talk to you if you need someone to talk to. Sometimes thats all we need and if you need that from me please do it. You are important and the world needs your beauty and shine in it. 

Remember that its okay to be in a bad place but dont stay there please. 


Someone who will listen if you need me to 

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