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Our resident horse boy, Lyrus and the sad horse that the rest of the party is desperately trying to get rid of. From our Wild West themed DnD campaign we lovingly call “Yeehaw”. Sometimes a family can be a giant barbarian firbolg, two tiefling brothers who are also a werewolf and a vampire, and the vampire’s monster hunting ex boyfriend. 
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i’m sorry
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mason: hey liam, do you identify as bisexual?
liam: no, I identify as a fucking threat obviously
liam: well yeah, that too
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@ninnodesu made me simp on modern!thomas so obviously i drew him (even though i can’t draw chest hair so he looks a lot younger 😩)
thank u for making the best fic ever !!
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elsie hewitt icons!  like/reblog if saving. gigisfilm on twitter.
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happy halloween!! 😝🤠
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Thomas Hewitt x Reader (Part 4)
Tumblr media
“I see you already gave breakfast to her.” Luda, Mae smiled. “Is everything alright, m’dear?” She asked with a cheerful tone in her voice. “Yeah, I am okay.” You answered with a forced smile. “Then I will leave you two alone if you need anything just lemme know, darling.” She stated and disappeared in the hallway. You looked back at Thomas and could see how hurt he was by your sudden behavior. Even though he and his family literally kidnapped you, you felt the urge to apologize, so you did. “I am sorry for startling you; I really didn’t mean to. It’s just that I remember yesterdays’ events only partially. I-I think I might’ve hit my head or something…” you stuttered nervously as you could feel his gaze on you. Honestly, you felt incredibly exposed even though you were fully clothed. He kept staring at you without saying a thing. Right, he was mute… so how are you supposed to communicate, you wondered. Well, he could at least answer with yes or no by nodding or shaking his head, you thought. “So… umm…” you mumbled, not knowing where to begin. “I really want to remember everything, so there won’t be any misunderstandings in the future, but please bear with me, you know that this… it’s tough for me.” You tried to explain how you felt the best way you could. He nodded, but then pointed at the plate with breakfast. “R-right, I should eat to gain some energy first… after that, can you help me recall exactly what happened yesterday?” you asked as you took a bite of the bread with a slice of cheese. Thomas just nodded again and sat on the floor, his eyes not looking away from you for a second. 
As you were chewing the dry bread, you realized that they must struggle to buy food, that’s why they are doing all this. You suddenly coughed as the urge to throw up made you choke on the food. Thomas panicked but tried to help you by slapping your back. He was so clumsy when it came to human contact, and he hit you a bit harder than he should have. But it helped you because you stopped coughing in no time, and your attempts to catch breath turned into giggles. You enjoyed this lighthearted and awkward moment in the middle of your miserable situation. Thomas just got more and more confused by everything you did. “I am sorry, I guess I am just trying to laugh at the fact that you eat human meat instead of crying.” You didn’t understand your need to apologize to him and admired your brain for coping with cannibalism in such a way. You were stoked that you could remember something, even though it wasn’t charming this time. After you finished your breakfast and put the plate on the nightstand, you turned to Thomas, who was still exploring your body with his eyes. You took a sip of water to clear your throat and gestured for him to sit next to you on the bed. He hesitantly did what you wanted. “So, I know this might be a bit tricky, but I want to know what happened to me. Please just nod when I say it correctly.” You pleaded and took his hands in yours. He immediately nodded but looked away in embarrassment as he felt your touch. Everything he felt yesterday came back to him.
You calmly started speaking from the very beginning, talking about how you went to Luda’s shop, then about the spike strips that caused the accident, and after that, how Hoyt shot your friends and took all of you to this house. Still, you didn’t know where it was or how the house looked from the outside because you were unconscious until you woke up in the basement. Thomas just nodded as you seemed to recall everything correctly. “Now, it might be difficult…” you said as you tried to remember what happened there. You looked at Thomas’s face and thought about his mask for a while… Chloe and Matt… right, he killed and butchered them, as he did to Emma. “You killed all of them?” you asked, and Thomas looked away while nodding. He was nervous, he didn’t want you to hate him. “I guessed your name…” you looked over to the nightstand, “… and you gave me water when I asked for it.” You exclaimed after seeing the glass of water next to the empty plate. It bothered you because you didn’t understand why he helped you, why were you still alive. “I sang for you, and then Hoyt came into the basement and…” you stammered, “Emma was there because he did stuff with her.” You stopped talking to gather your thoughts, and Thomas just kept nodding. “And then we ate dinner… human meat?” you didn’t remember what happened at the table because of Hoyt. “You took me upstairs; I mean here, and I went to sleep?” You looked at Thomas who was now lost in his own thoughts. He was hoping you’d remember the kiss, so now he was disappointed. But maybe it was for the better. He knew that one day you would have to go, one day he will have to kill you… right? There’s no way you would accept him like this; he was a freak, an animal just like everyone has told him, plus his family was far from normal too. You, on the other hand, were simply perfect. After all, if you had the opportunity to run away now, you would do it without question.
He didn’t realize you were getting closer to him this whole time. You were intrigued by this man, you didn’t know if it was the instinct to survive or the trauma you went through, but you felt like he was the only safe space you had right now. He never mistreated you; he helped you when you needed and did whatever you asked of him. And those eyes, you could stare into his eyes eternally. You felt a familiar tingling in your stomach that made you recall one more thing. “We kissed…” You wanted to think it was the fever, but you couldn’t deny it anymore. There was no logic behind it, only honest feelings. When Thomas realized how close you were, it was too late for him to react in any way as you cupped his cheeks with your hands and desperately kissed him with tears forming in your eyes. Thomas moaned quietly into the kiss as your hands traveled from his cheeks into his hair. Even when you were almost breathless, you didn’t stop hungrily kissing him. Thomas held you tightly around your waist and closed his eyes while he tried to keep up with you. This all was still very unknown to him. You finally parted lips gasping for air. “T-Tommy…” you whimpered, trying to hide your tears. You knew it wasn’t right, and you were beating yourself up for feeling this way, regretting your decision to ever go on this road trip.
Thomas’s heart was pounding so fast as it was about to explode. He was happy, yet hopelessly confused. Did he hurt you? What was he supposed to do? He remembered how you snuggled in his arms last night, so he hugged you and caressed your hair, trying to calm you. Your muffled cried were becoming even more desperate as gruesome flashbacks from yesterday appeared in your mind. He could’ve killed you the same way he killed your companions, yet he chose not to. He spared your life.  “T-thank you…” you sobbed into his shoulder as he kept holding you in his big, muscular arms. You were grateful that he let you live and even felt sorry for his situation to some extent. You could imagine that his life wasn’t easy, and you couldn’t bring yourself to hate or blame him.
But he was even more grateful than you because you were the one who actually saved him. In the moment of inevitable death, you showed him humanity and kindness. His whole life, everyone called him a monster, an animal, so he became one. You treated him like a human without prejudice or disgust, and by doing that, you managed to save that sad, pained boy deep inside him. You took him back to his childhood and his teen years when he didn’t resent every single human except his family. In those days, he still had hope that someday he would have a normal life. He had his dreams and achievements he wanted to accomplish. He lost all of those the day he snapped. After each kill, it became easier, especially as his victims fought back with more nasty words, and Hoyt just fueled his hatred. However, now, with you in his arms, he felt like he could take on the whole world. He still wasn’t sure about all this, and he didn’t trust you yet as everything he was taught telling him to kill you, but his heart warmed when you were next to him, so as long as you didn’t try to run away, it would be alright.
When you finally calmed down, you leaned your body against the wall while rubbing your eyes dry. You were embarrassed by being so vulnerable in front of your captor. Even though you just woke up, you were still exhausted, and intrusive thoughts about your situation bugged you to no end.
Then you looked at the man sitting in front of you… this man who you just spent such an intimate moment with. You knew him for one day, yet you felt a sense of familiarity when you were with him. You pushed away the reality of him being a killer and a cannibal at that and settled with a thought that if he didn’t kill and eat you, it was okay. “Thomas?” you raised your eyebrow playfully as you put your hand on his thigh. “Can I please take a shower? And… if it’s possible, get the suitcase from the van? I have some clothes there… Pretty please.” You decided to make the best of your situation, at least until you can escape… plus he wasn’t so bad after all. Thomas still couldn’t process your mood swings very well, but a smile made its way on his lips. That made your heart flutter as this was the first time you saw him smile… he was kind of cute… kind of. Thomas nodded and left the room when he realized that your hand was on his thigh. He still got startled easily when he got personal with you as he was very touch starved and only used to pain coming from encounters with other people. He made his mind up that he would try his best to fulfill your request, however, it wasn’t up to him. You looked after him as he disappeared from the room like he was a mirage never to be seen again, and your heart ached unexplainably.
The reality of your situation dawned on you again as you blankly stared into the hallway. He left you to yourself, and you really didn’t know what to do. “Is he going to do what I asked for?” you started quietly talking to yourself to make yourself less lonely. Am I going to be here every day like this, you wondered? It felt so weird, especially how physically close you got to your captor in one day. “It just felt right at that moment! Don’t beat yourself up over it like it’s your fault! It was probably a onetime thing as well…” you argued with yourself, but then decided to stop acting like a lunatic and stretched your sore body. Your leg was cuffed to the bed, but you could at least stand up. Then you just stared outside from the window, lost in your thoughts. You ignored the passage of time. Loud footsteps that gave you goosebumps echoed in the hallway and made you realize that you’ve been doing nothing for more than an hour. Thomas came into the room with your purse and suitcase, looking defeated. “Oh my god! You actually got my stuff. Thank you so much, Thomas!” you jumped up, ready to look through everything, but your clumsy self, tripped on the rope again and felt on the floor with a big thump. Thomas chuckled under his mask when you tried to stand up again. As you noticed his expression, your face became completely red. So, he’s having fun at your expense, huh? A thought came across your mind, and you fell back on your knees, covering your face with both hands as you started sobbing. Thomas’s smile disappeared, and he rushed over to help you. As he got close enough, you suddenly burst out laughing and grabbed his hand. “Got you!” Your prank irked Thomas, but when he saw your genuine smile, he melted. That was the first time in many years someone laughed together with him and not at him. “Sorry, but that’s what you get for looking at me embarrassing myself like that.” You smirked at him. Talk about being positive in a bad situation you thought for yourself when you looked at his bloody apron. “So, now that we got this out of the way, can you take me to the bathroom, please?” you stood up and looked at Thomas, attempting your best to look as cute as possible. He nodded and uncuffed your ankle. You contemplated if you should just run for it, but he was too used to this, so he grabbed your wrist, almost crushing it. “Ow, ow, ow.” You cried out in pain as his grip was tightening around the abrasion on your wrist. Startled, he completely let go of you and stepped back to the door so that you wouldn’t escape.  “That hurt,” you looked at your bruised wrists. “How about we take it slow?” you sighed, and Thomas grunted. You opened your suitcase and took out a black lace top, white shorts, and clean underwear. “Now,” you stepped closer to Thomas, who guarded the only exit with his big body. “Let’s try this.” You grabbed his hand and teased him, “Don’t let go if you don’t want me to run.” He rolled his eyes and led you to the bathroom, clearly confused about whether to be happy or mad. When he closed the bathroom door behind you, your body finally gave in. You exhaled and felt all your muscles loosen. For the first time in two days, you were free to an extent. The bathroom was far from clean, but you felt happy, finally having some privacy and time alone without being tied up. You stepped into the tub and let the brownish water run down on your hair and body. There was nothing but a bar of soap, so you just used that to clean yourself. When you were done, you dried yourself with what seemed like a clean towel and put on your clothes. You weren’t sure if you felt cleaner, but you definitely felt more like yourself now. You then looked around for anything useful, but then scrapped your silly idea and just opened the door.
Thomas looked you up and down, mesmerized by everything. However, he snapped back to reality and grabbed your hand, so you don’t try anything to escape. He led you back to the bedroom. When you sat on the bed, he kneeled to inspect your wrists and ankles. Maybe he could get his momma to look at your wounds for him? He then loosely cuffed your ankle again so that it wouldn’t deepen your wound, but not that you could slip out of it. He glared at you with a growl, trying to say: Don’t try anything stupid. “Thank you for your concern…” you shook your head a bit. How could he think you’d be able to escape when he had the key? He stood up, prepared to leave as he had work to do, but you stopped him. “Am I going to die anytime soon?” you bluntly asked him as you braced yourself for the worst outcome. He shook his head and looked you in the eyes. There is going to be a time when he would have to get rid of you… He knew it would be hard as he saw you as a human, not a piece of meat. “I am glad to hear that… because you know, despite everything, I want to keep living.” You teared up a bit at the thought of his cleaver next to your skull but quickly wiped your tears off.
Thomas rushed out of the room, closing the door behind him, leaving you confused and alone once again. He wasn’t prepared to face the reality of you being a victim and him being a captor. Him being the one who took your life, not literally, but still. He took away your freedom, family, friends… They won’t ever know what happened to their precious y/n. You made his mundane duty so difficult to carry out by acting the way you did. You didn’t even realize it, but by everything you’ve done so far, you completely changed Thomas’s life. He wasn’t sure if he liked it, because it made everything very hard. All he had to do up until this point was providing for his family without any hope for having a nice future for himself. He just did what had to be done and listened to Hoyt’s commands. Sometimes he thought about having a normal life, a normal face. Everything could’ve been different, and he felt so desperate about being unable to change it. That’s why when he saw that handsome soldier boy, he ended up taking his face… because that guy had everything Thomas could only dream of. He had given up on his dreams after the first kill; he knew he became the monster everyone wanted him to be. However, you made him think about his dreams again.
His thoughts dispersed as he heard Hoyt’s voice. “So, how’s yer bitch doin’?” he snickered. “Why are you even keepin’ her, it’s just ‘nother mouth to feed?” he kept blabbering. “Let him be Charlie, and he can keep ‘er until we run out of meat.” Luda Mae interrupted. “Okay, whatever you say, ma, but maybe I could show him some tricks, so he gets the best outta her.” He teased. Thomas was clearly uncomfortable, even though he was used to the sex talk and knew what it was as he grew up next to Hoyt. This time it wasn’t just a random girl. You had a name. He also realized that even if he tried to touch you in that way, you would probably finally curse him out and look at him with disgust. Hoyt often bragged about how amazing it felt and how Thomas should finally become a man.  Hoyt even offered to show him how it’s done with some victims. Of course, he would love to try it someday, but only with someone who would like touching Thomas, and he was convinced there was no one like that in this world. He didn’t like the faces and sounds the girls were making when Hoyt did it with them. For him, it just tainted the fantasy.
a/n: I swear this was so hard to write, but I am trying my best <3 Thomas is so precious, I just wanna kick everyone who bullied him... and I want you to show him all the love in the world too, but you are still a victim of kidnapping... we are steadily getting there though. Any comments would be highly appreciated.
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You Are What You Eat - Chapter Two (Thomas Hewitt x Reader)
It has become quite a common occurrence to see Luda Mae sitting at the tablet closest to the window and door in your little bakery. Sometimes with Kathy and Henrietta, and other times just sitting and chatting with you as you baked. And frankly, you enjoyed the company, she never demanded that you speak at all times, and seemed quite content when you fell into your quiet episodes, choosing silence after a long day or a calm humming tune. You had once voiced your concern for the price of her tea break, offering to forfeit the charge if it was too much. Frankly, the place had been doing much better than you thought it would, and the loss of a couple dollars every other day wasn’t going to hurt it. You’d rather her company and didn’t want her to stop showing up because it was financially incompatible. But she had tossed your concerns away with a flip of her hand.
“With the extra food you give to us dear, a few bucks a week is nothing. If Charlie wants to chuck a spat over it, he can go back to buying groceries every week.” You’d giggled and nodded, happy that your contributions were going to good use. You had been trying out different recipes and trying to gauge what locals liked best, and some things were much more favoured over others. You had discovered the town enjoyed classic pastries but also didn’t mind some otherworldly influences like Croissants and Cannoli. But sometimes that had left you with ingredients you just wouldn’t use on your own. Then you had begun making small baskets of food that were about to expire for Luda Mae, sometimes even for Kathy or Henrietta, if you had enough leftovers. That way, you didn’t feel terrible for throwing away food, and some other deserving people received some help.
As you had begun to offer more food, Luda Mae had started making small baskets for you. Little jars of jam made from the fruits you would give them and new family recipes to try. They were always fantastic and it had become quite a joy to exchange them. However, during your months of growing closer, despite how much Luda had spoken about her little family, you hadn’t met any of the men in her life. And frankly the more she talked about them, the more curious you grew. She spoke of how hardworking her dear old Tommy was, about how he would round up the cattle every other day and was always in the basement, butchering. You’d learnt he used to work in the meat factory but was laid off when it shut down. Initially, you had assumed he was a teenager. Still, now you figured he may be a bit older, but then again it wasn’t uncommon for people to start work young here. Make he was only an apprentice when he worked at the meatworks.
But for all your wondering, you never received a real answer. Not that you had asked of course. As motherly and welcoming as Luda was, you had realised the family was a big deal to her, and she could be quite secretive about them. You had chalked it down to wanting to keep them safe in her own way, given how the town seemed to react to them. You hadn’t missed the odd looks and sneers that Luda would receive from the other folk that frequented your bakery. Quiet mumbles to their companions and quick leaving were common when Luda was around. You had noticed she would come an hour before you closed, fewer people would come around that time. And you didn’t blame her at all. However, you had refrained from saying anything because you still needed the business and Luda understood. That didn’t stop you from giving those people the day-old bread and the nearing sour milk. You had no time for their ridiculously childish behaviour. It was part of the reason you had left the city. People always felt the need to judge when they were never really better off themselves.
You hummed along to your thoughts, eye’s darting every now and again towards the entrance, hoping to see the kind woman walk through the doors. It had been a week without any real sight of her, and you were becoming worried. You had a basket of food awaiting her arrival or the past couple of days, and you were afraid it would go off before you ever managed to give it to her. With a frown you pulled the last tray of muffins from the oven, ready for cooling overnight. Your eyes flickered to the note sitting on your wall, Luda Mae’s cursive phone number written, calling out to you. Maybe you should just give her a quick call to make sure everything was okay and to tell her you had some things to give her. She wouldn’t mind. And with that thought, you washed your hands clean of filth and reached for the phone, anxiously awaiting as you listened to the dial-up tone.
“Hewitt’s, what you want?” demanded a gruff-voiced from the opposite end of the phone. You panicked. Was it the wrong number? No. It couldn’t be, he said Hewitt.
“Er…um. Y-yes.” You stammered, trying to find the words to speak. However, your mind seemed torturously blank at the moment, forgetting why it is you even decided to call in the first place.
“Out with it, would ya? I haven’t got the time to stand over the damn phone.” You almost hung up immediately, opting to never call anyone ever again. You always preferred face to face conversation anyways. However, you faintly heard the sound of a familiar woman’s voice over the end of the phone, and your eyes darted to the little basket of goodies you’d organised.
“Luda Mae! I would like to speak to Luda Mae, it’s (Y/N) from the bakery.” You smiled wide, far too proud at being able to answer a simple question over the phone. You listened as the man mumbled and yelled out to Luda. With some shuffling and complaining from the man, you finally heard Luda answer.
“Oh! Luda! It’s (Y/N)! How have you been? I was getting worried something had happened.” You bit your lip, wondering if maybe that sounded bad. You were just concerned thought, wasn’t that a good thing?
“Oh, dearie! Hello. I’m quite alright. Sorry about Charlie, the old grump. I’ve been fine darling, just very busy with livestock, I’m sorry I haven’t been out to visit this week. I should be back by next.” A wider smile curled on your lips, shoulders finally relaxing. However, you were not sure when they had hunched in concern originally.
“That’s alright, I just wanted to make sure. I also have some things for you I was gonna give to you on your next visit, but I’m not sure they will last much longer in this heat, sorry.” You frown slightly but heard a chuckle over the phone.
“Oh, ever the generous girl you are. I’m not sure who sent you to us, dear, but you’re surely an angel. I’ll send Thomas down to grab it before the day’s out, okay? Now as I’ve said he is mute, but you’ll know it’s him.” You quirked an eyebrow at her statement. Unsure of what she meant. You had never met the boy; how could you possibly know? But you didn’t have time to question as you suddenly heard faint yelling and cursing from the man on the phone earlier, and a quick goodbye from Luda before they hung up on you.
Pulling your eyebrows together, you looked oddly at your phone before putting it down. What an odd family. You shrugged and decided to get back to work, your mind absentmindedly pondering what the Hewitt boy would be like.
You had almost forgotten your arrangement as you were handing out coffee and cakes left and right. Around 5pm every day, it would suddenly get busy for an hour. Everyone leaving their jobs or heading to families houses for dinner, eager to grab a small treat to share on the way. You smiled and thanked each person, unable to see the end of the line before you head another jiggle form the bells on the door.
“Welcome, I won’t be one moment.” You called out, just as you did with everyone. But suddenly there didn’t seem to be as much background noise. Chattering and laughter stopped abruptly as you continued to serve. Confusion ran through you, wondering if you just imagined it all. But you turned to the next customer, and the faint sounds of chatter began to pick up again. Only this time it was whispered with hushed giggles filling the room. You shook your head, slightly confused still but looked towards the door before freezing momentarily. And there he stood. A tall, broad man, he seemed enormous compared to the people around him. Who seemed to all step back as far as they could? You didn’t really blame them, as you continued to look, you realised he had a leather mask strapped to his face, rough stitching revealed his lips that seemed oddly full for a man, but obviously chapped and peeling in some places. The skin around them that wasn’t hidden behind the mask was red and blotchy. You wondered if it was the sun. He was incredibly tanned, dirt-covered his clothes and skin, obvious he was a man who worked hard in a field somewhere. You bit your lip. Eyes travelling higher as you took in the furrow of his brows, blue eyes glaring down at the ground in an oddly shy manner, his greasy hair still wavy and hiding his face as much as he could. He was huge and could easily be the most intimidating man in the room, however, his demeanour was that of a scared, shy teenager, merely wanting to be ignored rather than the centre of attention.
You imagined with a frame like that though, he was hard to miss. And suddenly everything clicked. The silence, the hushed whispers, the giggles. And the demeanour. A frown curled on your lips once more as you started to tune into the conversations more, clearly, no one actually cared about being heard. Especially the man you had initially been serving.
“What a freak. Hard to imagine he even had the balls to walk into a place like this. Lowers the value a bit.” His friend behind him snorting. You frowned harder.
“Yeah, not like that family could afford anything from here. His mothers always around, but I’m sure she probably just rummages the bins for everyone’s scraps.” The two men laughed boisterously at that. And it hit a nerve in you. You hadn’t met the poor man before. You had the opinion that he was used to the chatter. Still, hearing Luda mentioned in such a foul way had you clutching the paper cup harder than expected, eyes glaring up at the men before you. IN your haze you noticed the other man seemed to stiffen as well, hearing the two idiots talk. But before anyone could retaliate, you grabbed the two orders. You flipped off their lids, whistling low to get everyone’s attention, including the two men before you threw the contents of hot coffee into their faces. Listening as they yelped and tried to wipe off the burning liquid quickly. Gasps were heard from everyone in the shop.  
“What the fuck, Lady?” They turned to you, still trying to cool down their bright red faces. You sneered at them before they had a chance to say anymore.
“Let me make it very clear to each and every one of you in this building. It is mine. I own it. And you will all abide by my rules when you walk into this shop, so help me. And that means if you ever feel the need to pick on another human being, you will be banned and reported, do you hear me? Hot coffee will be the least of your worries when I am through with you. You will treat everyone with respect, especially the Hewitt’s in this store.” You growled out, sounding far more confident than you felt. You were angry, but you had never threatened people before. But your message seemed to get across as the murmuring stopped and people ordered their coffee and food in silence before leaving in a hurry. Eventually, everyone ran out of the door, and you sighed heavily, leaning back against the counter.
Before you could make your way back to your cooking, you heard a huff from behind you. You turned around quickly, bright red as you took in the sight of the man before you. Somehow amongst all of the people leaving you hadn’t realised he stayed. It wouldn’t have been that you were pointedly ignoring him, the embarrassment of your outburst being too much to handle. Never.
“O- Oh… Thomas?” You had assumed this was the “boy” Luda had been referring to all the time. Although boy was the furthest thing from your mind as you craned your neck up to look at him before you. He nodded, shaggy hair following the moment. You liked it. Heat began to pool on your cheeks once more. You released a shaky breath.
“U-Um. Sorry about t-that. I just… didn’t like what they were saying, y’ know? Sorry if I overstepped, I didn’t mean-“ You were cut short as you felt a very large, very hot, hand rest on top of your head. You were stunned as you looked up at him. He didn’t seem to be smiling, but something in you said he was happy you had done it. You smiled up at him. For a bit too long, you looked into his eyes, wanting to know precisely what he was wondering behind those pretty blue irises. You shook your head suddenly, feeling his hand retract suddenly. You felt bad, you hadn’t meant to make him react. You liked the feeling. But you bit your lip instead of trying to gather your thoughts.
“U-Um, I have some things for you and your mother. I hope you like them. I was worried they would go off before I got to give them to you guys. But I’ve also added some fresh bread and some chocolate chip cookies… Luda said she had a son and I thought….” It dawned on you that you were talking to that son right now, and he certainly wasn’t the teenager you had been assuming. You wanted to smack yourself in the forehead. What grown man wanted cookies. You winced as you handed him the basket. He tilted his head, and you tried not to press your thighs together too obviously. He lifted the basket full of ingredients with seemingly no difficulty, pulling back the checker drape before snatching one of the cookies you’d mentioned. He broke off a small piece and slipped it through the slit of the mask, he made a little approving noise and nodded. Which was more than enough to make you break out into a broad grin, clasping your hands together in front of you in delight.
“Oh! I’ve so glad you like them! I’ll make you some more next time.” He stared at you for a moment, you stood stark still, once again wondering what he was thinking as he looked down on you. Before he nodded once more and made to leave for the door.
“Goodbye, Thomas! I’d love to see you again!” You waved him away with a bright smile, watching him freeze before continuing on his path home. You had meant it too. Your mind wandered back to your dreams of wanting a man who could hold you with one arm and work with the other, and by god, every bit of you believed that muscle of man could be very well that. You placed your hands on your cheeks, trying to cool them down as you flushed bright red. Suddenly talking to Luda about her son wasn’t going to be so easy anymore.
Hi! Thank you all for the beautiful words and support! I hope this was enough Thomas to last you until the next update. I originally planned for more to happen, but it was already getting a bit wordy. Feel free to message me if you have questions or even theories for the story! I’d love to talk about it! Did you guys like your response to Tommy? I want this to be a bit of a slow burn, but I’m a sucky for love at first sight. <3
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Thomas Hewitt Masterlist
**None of these works belong to me or this blog. All credit goes to the authors of each work.** These are only recommendations of my favorite stories, and I think they deserve notice.
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Reaction to His (Future) S/O Tending to His Wounds (Author: boodalinski)
Disruptive (Author: slasherhaven)
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angelicichor · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Those hot Texas days, huh?   👀
My dumb ass under cut
Tumblr media
I also made a shirt version but I’m too tired to finish this one too forgive me.
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douguru · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
USS Hewitt (DD-966)
Hong Kong 1991
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winchvstrs · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
todd and viola matching icons
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ninnodesu · 11 months ago
“The Butcher’s Block”
You’re invited to join the Hewitts and the Sawyers! They’re having some kind of cook out, I think? I don’t know, Tommy didn’t tell me much and Bubba is too pre-occupied with his makeup that he won’t even tell me anything...
So I was tasked with handing the invite out; Beware though, it’s an 18+ server only! 
Also of COURSE it’s totally fine to talk about other slashers too! Just beware; There’s a lot of Big Texan Boys in here.
We’re riding horses to save cowboys.
Everyone is invited to the dinner party...  ...and the boys would love having you over for dinner
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jaeisnotokay · 9 months ago
liam: mason tell theo i’m mad at him.
mason: no, you do it.
liam: no.
mason: you’re literally sitting on his lap.
liam: NO!
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ask-theslashers · a year ago
I guarantee you that when everyone first saw Thomas they were like,"Strong Pretty Boy. Must hug him instantly," cuz that was my first reaction. Also I feel like everyone who likes TCM instantly assumes that Hoyt is a flat out a*shole killer, but people gotta realize that he was a P.O.W.(i still wish I could hug him tho. Fight me haters). Same for Luda and Monty. People assume the worst out of them, but they're really one of the most civilized families you'll meet. They don't waste anything.💜💜
“Finally, someone gets it!” Hoyt can’t help but smile, fixing his hat on his head. “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Us Hewitts have got quite the kind fan base!”
“You’re too darling!” Luda Mae says with a smile and an extended hand clutching a pitcher of sweet tea. “Have a drink, Tommy would love the company!”
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elsiehwitt · a year ago
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slasherfilth · a year ago
You Are What You Eat - Chapter One (Thomas Hewitt x Reader)
You hum along to the chorus of the song blasting from your radio as you drive along the seemingly endless dirt road. Your eyes were squinting now and again to try and see through all the dust your car was kicking up as you made your way down to your Fathers old property. It had been at least a decade since you had seen it; since you'd experienced dirt roads and the sticky feeling of sweat dripping from your forehead in the sweltering Texas sun. You'd moved out of the home a long time ago, eager to leave the backwash town of Fuller and onto something greater as you had once told your father. He'd been supportive in the decision but always said you would come back to the quiet life. Like your privacy too much to be livin' in those tiny places with too many people. You had rolled your eyes naturally, adamant that you would never miss this place once you made it out. But here you were. You were driving along the same dirt road from your childhood, surprisingly eager to be away from the hustle and bustle of city life. He had been right. A small smirk curled on your lips as you thought that. He'd have a field day if you'd ever managed to tell him that. However, a small pang of sadness hit you just as quickly as the thought came. That's the main reason your back. You couldn't tell him. The only reason you could afford to move back out was because of the inheritance and a house already paid into your name. A small sigh left your lips as you tried to focus on the music once more, at this point too exhausted to cry about it anymore.
It wasn't long until you finally pulled into the old house. A smile bloomed on your face as you took in the sight of the place you once called home. Memories of you running up the steps to the patio in a hurry from school, ready to blurt out your day to your parents. A simple rope and plank swing still hanging from the big sturdy tree that sat outside the front of the house. Remembering how you would read books from dawn till dusk under the cool shade of the tree as you grew older. With a huff of effort, you jumped out of the car, eager to stretch your legs after hours of driving. And with that you began to walk towards the all too familiar house, ready to start your new life. You could only hope you enjoyed it more than your last one.
Making your way inside you couldn't help but appreciate how cute your home really was. A housewife's dream really. Sky blue the outside, and a mix of light colours painting the interior. Big white windows over the walls, letting in natural light that bounced off the wooden furniture beautifully. You'd been fortunate. Dad had left everything to you. Which you'd appreciated since all you had yourself was a small couch, TV and a washing machine. This would be a much different experience. Humming, you made your way around the house, opening windows to let light and air in. Hoping to remove the musty smell that had built up over time. Once you finished your task, you sat down on the dining room table, taking it all in. You felt lighter already. The sadness of why you now have all of this was still there, but you pushed it away to think of the better opportunities. You could do so much more here—no one to tell you what to do or what to make. A broad grin enveloped your lips as you thought of that. And with that lovely thought, you made your way back to the car. You were initially going to wait before heading to the old business, give yourself time to adjust before setting to work. But the hardworking mentality of a country upbringing wouldn't let you. There was so much to be done, and you were more than a little excited.
 By the time you got to town it was already in the evening, but you were too eager to take a look at the old bakery and see how much work is needed to start up again. You promised yourself you wouldn't stay long, that you could come back tomorrow and begin the real work. Still, for now, you just wanted to bask in the idea of finally being able to live your dream of having your own bakery. You hoped it would all work out. Hoped the locals remembered how good the bakery once was and feel the need to come to inspect again when word got out it was open once more. It wouldn't take long. Word travelled like wildfire through these parts. And with that, you wondered how long it would take for people to realise there was a new face in town. Not too long, you hoped. You were not always the most social person, but you would still like to make friends and have tea sometimes. Maybe you would even find that once special guy out there. You almost laughed at the thought. How many times your mother had asked about boys in your life. When were you gonna get yourself a man? You ain't gonna be bringing back one of those city boys are ya? You'll need a country boy, someone who can work and take care of you. At one time, it had made you laugh. How were you going to find a country boy in the city? But she had been right in the long run. Them boys had never tickled your fancy much. Always focused on their looks, carrying around combs and swaggering around all the ladies, acting smooth. You saw right through it all.
None of them would be able to handle a good day's work. Too weak to do some heavy lifting, no matter how much they bragged and too vain to get a bit dirty to accomplish something. You wrinkled your nose. You'd be lying to yourself if you said you hadn't fantasied about a tall, muscled up, hardworking family man taking you for a spin when you were planning your new life out here. Someone that would come along and just sweep you off your feet with one hand and help you around the house and bakery with the other. Another laugh left you; good luck, girlie. How about you make it through setting up and living here before you start fantasying about all that jazz.
As you were lost in your own thoughts, you checked around the small joint, happy to find big working ovens, a register, walk-in cooler and massive pantry. It had definitely been revamped since the last time you were here which made you happy. A lot less work than what you were expecting. A simple clean down and electricity organising and it would all be good to go. You would be open by the end of the week with any luck. A hum of appreciation left you as you walked back out to your car. Thinking of some recipes, you thought the locals would like. Maybe you should try to catch up with that old meat business. See if you could strike up a deal for some meat pies. And with that you drove home, giddy about what the next few days would bring.
You were in the back, kneading some dough for a new apple pie recipe you had been dying to try. After finding an apple tree at the end of your yard growing some beautiful juice fruits, you'd spent some time trying to perfect a recipe. Today you were eager to make it and offer some free samples to see if the locals would like it as well, maybe it could be a signature dish in your cosy little bakery. You'd been here for a few weeks by now, settling in nicely to your new house and property. And even happier with the bakery opening the week prior. You had been quite busy that day, everyone seemed to have noticed the work you'd been doing there. Maybe the few brief conversations you'd had when visiting stores had managed to get the word around enough for people to be interested. You smiled as you went to grab the rolling pin however paused as you heard the faint jingle of bells, alerting you to someone's presences. Putting on a big smile, you dusted the flour off of your hands onto the lavender apron you donned making your way to the front. You found an older lady waiting in a lovely floral dress, thick glasses perched on her nose. She immediately gave you a loving grandmother vibe that you adored instantly.
"Good morning, Ma'am. What can I get 'cha?" You placed your hands on your hips and turned to the lady.
"Morning, Darlin'. I just wanted to come check out this old place. Haven't seen it so busy since ol' Danny passed, rest his soul." You smiled gently, feeling an odd tug at your heart. No one had mentioned your father at all since this place had opened. You were relieved but also sad in away. You would have hoped people remembered him a bit more.
"Well thank you, Ma'am. I'm trying my best to continue in his likeness. I'm (Y/N), Danny's daughter. I recently moved out into his old place." You extended a hand, feeling your cheeks heat up as her eyes widened briefly, giving you a once over from head to toe before taking your hand in a soft but firm handshake.
"Well, I'll be darned. Who knew someone like him could raise such a good-looking young lady? I'm Luda Mae. I'm on the property next to yours with the Hewitt family. Got Charlie, Monty and my boy, Thomas out there." A smile flashed on your face. You had seen the old white house briefly before and wondered if anyone was even there anymore. The idea of having neighbours was a delightful one.
"Pleasure to meet you, Luda Mae. It's nice to know I'm not the only one all the way out there. How about I get you some coffee and cakes, I'd love to hear a little about the town and yourself." You decided to be a bit more forward than usual. This woman just made you feel comfortable, and you were interested in who exactly was staying near you. A wide smile adorned the older woman face.
"Well, I'd love that darlin'. White with two sugars, please. And I'll like to try that lemon tart you've got in there. Haven't had a good one in a long time since this place shut down." Joy filled you as you nodded and set to work, making double for yourself as you went to sit down with her.
"I hope it's just as good as you remember." The two of you seemed to get along great, the conversation flowed smoothly as you explained why you came back out and your ideas for the business in the future. How you had gone to culinary school in order to start your own little bakery and how excited you were to share it with people here. The two of you exchanged recipes, and Luda let you in on what local flavours and harvests were available at different times of the year. She also told you about her family, the town's history since you left and odd bits and pieces that came to mind. In between the conversation, you would have to get up to serve some people, but she seemed to enjoy the talk and food which made you happy. No one had been incredibly rude or anything here, but this was the first time someone had shown you that good old country friendliness you remembered so fondly from your childhood.
"Yeah, is a shame the old slaughterhouse shut down, would have been great to have some meat pies around this place." That piqued your interest.
"Oh? I hadn't realised it shut down. I was thinking about trying to get some meat just for that. Well darn, I'll have to think of something else now. Will be too expensive to import for now." A small frown tugged at the edge of your lips. Luda Mae clicked her tongue but smiled.
"No worries dear, I'm sure you will figure something out. If you're ever in desperate need for something you just us know. Us Hewitts aren't the richest folk around, but we're the most generous if you can look past all that ridiculous talk." You kept a smile on your face as you took in Luda's small rant, slightly worried about what she could mean. Where they not well-liked amongst the community? Luda Mae looked like a typical town grandmother though. It was very strange to you. But you didn't wish to comment as you could already tell it was a sore spot. Instead, you nodded and thanked her profusely for her offer, offering a hug as she stood tidying up the plates and cups.
"Oh, don't worry about that I'll handle it. It was lovely to meet you, Ms Hewitt, you can come around anytime for a good chat. Feel free to bring the family too." She smiled wide at that and nodded at you while you gathered up the dishes quickly.
"Will do dear, you take care now. I'll be back." You move to the back with a warm feeling, dropping the dishes next to the sink. Turning you look back at the pie you were initially making before you had gotten interrupted—thoughts of Luda Mae's rant filling your mind. From what you gathered, they weren't the most well off and were considered outcasts even in this small town. You frown. You wondered why. But shaking your head, you turn back to work. You decided you would make up for the town's ridicule and begin making small goodies for the family. You're sure she would be appreciative. She also said she had a son, you wondered how old he was. Maybe a teenager? Perhaps he would like sweets as well.
So I’ve kind of been lurking around my favourite slashers for awhile and I love everyones stories so much. And now I feel confident adding my own little peices. I’m sure you can guess where the story is going from the clues and I hope you can see which amazingly gruesome muscial this is derived from. Tell me what you think and if you guys like it, I’ll be sure to bring that next chapter with lots of our amazing beefy boi. 
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madd-mcgeeky · 2 years ago
I posted this on my gram and people liked it, so,,, here!! I just threw this together for halloween and made the mask myself! It's almost done!!
Hope u like!
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moodmoodmoodmoodmoodmood · 2 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Big Fat Moodboard about the Girl that survived and becomes a part of the Hewitt Family. (Pic's are from Pinterest)
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monday morning tune.
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