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#High School placement

26. 01. 20.

Why does registering for high school sound so much easier than it is? Ughhh…

Like seriously… the entire system involving clubs, extracurriculars, credits, zero hour, summer classes, honors, ap, dual-credit, and gpa is so messed up and complicated and I– *sighs*

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Hi everyone!
As a new student teacher, there are a lot of things I’m going to be learning and experiencing over the next eight weeks in my first placement at a high school, and then in the next 8 weeks after that in my second, elementary school placement. 

This blog is going to be a collection of daily updates about my experiences and the work I do as a student teacher starting tomorrow, my first day of actual teaching in the classroom. Though this is my second week in my placement already, the first week was an observation week, so I could get used to my cooperating teacher, the school, the expectations of the job, and the students in all my classes.

In a few minutes I’m going to post an overall update of how that first week went, but I’d just like to use this post to welcome you all to my recounting of my student teaching experience!

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Well, I had a pretty good successful run of some of the listings! Since the AP books sold so well, I decided to list my AP Human Geography book for reference. Hope someone would like to check it out:

Barron’s AP Human Geography, 7th Edition

Under the cut is a review of said book:

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