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the archer | t.h. ~ lover blurb series (3)


A/N: Part 3, whoop whoop! ngl I wrote this at 2 am but with a little help from my wonderful friend @rcmxnoff​ it’s not crap lol

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 392

Warning(s): angsttttt, fluffy ending.

Special Thanks To: @rcmxnoff​ for being editor and beta reader ilysm

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summary: Tom realises that it is not your fault, but his too.

words count: 1233

warnings: cheating (not really), badly written

a/n: this imagine is actually based on the music video of a Vietnamese song called “Em Không Sai, Chúng Ta Sai” (“It’s Not Your Fault, It’s Our Fault”) by ERIK. It was actually planned as an imagine, but I turned it into a headcanon, because halfway through I wasn’t able to form whole sentences anymore… lol.


  • with your nails digging into your palm you stomped your way out of the fancy restaurant
  • leaving Tom back
  • so he could enjoy the night with his famous friends
  • without being embarrassed about you, an average female, being his girlfriend.
  • You really wanted to scream
  • to cry
  • to throw things around,
  • because you were angry
  • disappointed
  • frustrated
  • and above all…
  • heartbroken.

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HM Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands

She is the youngest Dutch monarch to ascend to the throne at 18 years of age and reigned the longest at 58 years.

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lover | t.h. ~ lover blurb series (2)


A/N: Part two is here! Hope y’all like it!

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 741

Warning(s): slight angst if you squint? flufffffff

Special Thanks To: @rcmxnoff​ as my editor and beta reader!

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So like a live-action spider-verse with Tom Holland as Spiderman THEN Tobey Maguire as Spiderman from his universe AND THEN Andrew Garfield as Spiderman from HIS universe

All meeting

To save Mary Jane

AG Spidey: Who the fuck is MJ?

TM & TH: *looks in confusion*

TM: uhhh the love of my life

TH: yeah man she like is so smart and cool and I really like her alot so let’s go ok?


TM & TH: *looks at each other with confusion and back at AG* wHO?

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you slowly stirred from your night of blissful sleep and blinked open your eyes, still trying to take some time to get used to your surroundings. you shifted a little, and that was when you noticed a pair of warm, strong arms firmly wrapped around your waist and a nose pressing into the back of your neck.

tom’s hand was still resting on top of yours lightly, his chest moving against your back as he breathed. his fingers were loosely intertwined with yours, and you felt your eyes slide closed once more at the peacefulness of the moment you were living in.

you felt tom slowly start to stir awake, and nearly jumped as you felt him press soft, light kisses to the back of your neck as he woke. “mornin’,” he mumbled sleepily, his voice still raspy. “sleep well?”

you hummed in response and turned around in his grasp to face him. you giggled at his sleepy expression and kissed his nose. “slept amazing, what about you?”

tom cracked a smile and cupped your jaw lightly. “best sleep i’ve had in weeks,” he admitted, smiling at you tenderly. you nearly teared up from his gentle, sweet caresses as he moved in to kiss your cheek. “thank you for staying with me, love.”

you blushed deeply and smiled back, taking his other hand with yours. “‘s no problem,” you whispered back.

“you know what today is?” tom continued quietly, unable to keep the smile off his face. before even waiting for your response, he sang, “valentine’s day!”

you laughed lightly and shifted closer to him. “yeah, i know,” you winked. “any big plans?”

tom blushed. “n-no. why would i have big plans? i mean, you are my girlfriend, but i-i don’t really know why you’d expect me to have plans. i mean not have plans. i mean-what did you say again? w-what were you saying?”

you rolled your eyes playfully and pulled away from his grasp to roll out of bed. “okay, dork,” you teased. “i’m going to go get breakfast ready, okay?”

“no!” tom practically screamed as he flew out of bed and grabbed your wrist. your eyebrows shot up in surprise and confusion as he immediately tumbled out of bed and straightened his back, slowly standing up. “no, what i meant was, i’ll get it.”

you furrowed your brow. tom holland was flawless, and you knew it. he was adorable, sweet, hilarious, the total package. except for one thing.

“you can’t cook.”

“says who?”

“haz. harry. me. your mom. jacob. pa-“

“okay, okay,” tom said quickly, holding his hands up. “but it’s valentine’s day. you always do the cooking, so now, it’s my turn to make something for you.”

you bit your lip nervously. “don’t burn anything down.”

“no promises,” he said weakly as he slid out the door, shooting a slightly confident smile in your direction. you sighed and smiled. you were one lucky girl to have a boyfriend as thoughtful as tom.

you decided to crawl back under the covers and wrap the blankets tighter around you. the sounds of tom in the kitchen slowly lured you back to sleep, his excited singing chasing away every worry from your mind.

the next time you opened your eyes, tom was standing over you and brushing your hair out of your face. “breakfast is ready, love,” he whispered as he kissed your forehead. “c’mon, you’ll see that i’m not so bad in the kitchen after all.”

you rubbed your eyes as you followed tom into the kitchen, where he’d set up two small plates of pancakes and blueberries. he beamed at you, as if to say in your face and see how much i love you? at the same time.

you smiled as you sat down next to him. “you may be right,” you winked as you picked up a fork and dug in. the second the pancake touched your tongue, you winced, but still ate it anyway. “i-interesting recipe.”

tom’s face fell. “goddamnit,” he said, frustrated. “i knew i put in too much flour.”

you bit back a giggle as you reached over and ruffled his hair. “it’s okay!”

“it’s not,” he sighed in defeat, prodding his own pancake with a fork. he dropped it, letting it clatter against his plate. “for once i wanted to do something nice for you, like making you breakfast or something. but i really can’t cook, apparently. haz was right, i should’ve just stuck with the chocolate.”

you kissed his cheek and smiled. “honey, just because you can’t cook doesn’t mean you’re not doing nice things for me everyday,” you reminded him. “there’s a reason why i love you.”

“oh, you love me?” he teased, as if you were back in elementary school.

you rolled your eyes playfully and pulled him in by the collar of his shirt, pressing your lips to his gently. tom kissed back soft and slow, love overflowing with every motion he made. he pulled you closer by the waist and brushed your hair behind your ear, smiling against your lips.

when you finally managed to pull away for air, you smiled and blushed. “more than anything, holland, and don’t you forget it.”

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