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I hope you guys don’t mind my school progress here :,> not that anyone ever sees these post haha-

today is July 23, 2018, I just started my junior year of highschool, I’m taking English 11, Int Math 3, Art beginning, Apush, Hospitality, and chem honors, and though I’m nervous that I’ll fall behind as I normally do, I really want things to be different this year, but knock on wood, whatever happens happens.

7:25-8:12 p.1 English; I sat next to my bestfriend and we had our usual stupid conversation, my new English teacher says corgis are cuter than pugs and I agree, but that’s a topic for another time, he gave out a 8x14 paper and we made a lil booklet about who we are, since today was a short day, we didn’t finish our booklet but it’s okay, I’m pretty sure we’re finishing today in class.

(I’m actually not sure what the rest of the times are so I’m just gonna go by period)

2nd period Math: I got my sophomore year math teacher despite the fact that I nearly failed his class last year, but this year he doesn’t seem too bad, so we’ll see, this period I talked to a couple other people and I tried talking to people I don’t normally talk too. I’m trying to make friends so I don’t have to rely on my little friend group all the time

3rd period art beginning: ok so I walked in this class late bc I had to drop off my friend at her class but I walked in and knew one person but we weren’t that good of friends so I just sat near some friendly senior girls, then my friend came in and saved my life, FFFF

4th period Apush: so this class is a dousy (is that how you say it? idk I know what I mean) I have an old flame in this class and the second I saw him my heart was beating so fast for no reason, I’m the reason there’s bad blood between us ugh, but maybe this year I can clear it, idk we’ll see, maybe he’ll want to avoid me like before, but I don’t blame him, besides that, I really love this class but I’m nervous about the Apush exam next year ooooooooo I walked in late and he roasted me in Russian and that makes it okay :,) I love this class sm

5th period Hospitality: my school has a Hospitality program where we learn uhhhhh idk how to become travel agents, it’s probably my most boring class, but this girl who talks shit ab my bestfriend tried to sit near us and my bestfriend moved so that the other girl could sit near us and she still had the near to look at her nasty, and that’s the tea 🐸☕️

Annnnnd 6th Chem Honors: this class has a no phone policy and is filled to its ass in sophomores but it’s still not terrible, I like working by myself anyway ugh, this period was uneventful anyway :,)

And after school i went to a taco shop that’s near my school with my son (best guy friend) and his friend and the girl that doesn’t like my bestfriend, I got a California burrito and then we went back to the school and sat in my old bio teachers class cause he’s chill and I love him

that’s all for today, I should keep these in a journal I just feel safer leaving it in a blog no one knows about <3

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Hey guys! I am taking so many harder levels of classes next year, which include:
•Honors Chemistry
•Honors English
•Advanced Algebra 2
•AP Psychology
I am so nervous and stressed already! Do you guys have any masterposts or tips or helpful notes/studying resources for any of the classes or all?
Thank you all!

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20160502 10:03pm • 31/100
Definitely got off to a late start today.. Burnout is real kids ㅜㅜ At least I finally knocked out my chem revision for a scary quiz tmrw
Good luck to everyone taking AP exams !! Remember that the score doesn’t determine your worth!

♪: bts save me ♡♡

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chem teacher: so if i add the sum of the energy of the reactants and sum the energy of the products how high is the energy transfer and what individual reactions would you get??
me: death
chem teacher: could you simplify the compounds on either side of the equation?
me: you could cry that rhymes with simplify
chem teacher: you can have half an O2 even though oxygen is a diatomic
me: !!!!!!!!!!aaaa!!
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Enter: Honors Chem, second hour. We have a work sheet on atomic structure and nobody is volunteering to present their worksheet in front of the class to grade together.

Chem Teacher: Whoever volunteers gets a prize from me.

Me: Alright, it’s probably candy. (I don’t volunteer)

Classmate: gets shoved to the front of the classroom and presents her problem set sheet for us to grade together. She’s super smart, and we all know that she probably aced it.

Teacher: Alright. Big prize or small prize?

Classmate: Big.

Teacher: Goes into closet with a small smile on his face. He digs around for a minute or two, and comes out with a large black box and a huge grin.

Everyone: What is that thing?

Teacher: Congratulations, it’s a Laser Disk Player. You still want it?

Everyone: What’s a laser disk?

Teacher: runs back into closet to grab his three boxes of laser disks to give to classmate as we discuss that it’s basically a VCR and a Record Player mixed together.

We spend the rest of the hour making sure that it worked, and watching a college lecture on the laser disk player. It wasn’t his only one, and he gave the other laser disk player to the volunteer of his other Honors Chem class. So two classmates received a laser disk player for presenting their Problem Set sheet in front of the class. 

What even? American Education. Gotta love it.

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