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THE THING (1982) dir. John Carpenter  Released June 25th, 1982
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L’ESORCISTA aka THE EXORCIST (1973) dir. William Friedkin
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i'm a whore for him (he is is deeply damaged and mentally unstable)
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No tears, please. It’s a waste of good suffering.
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Yandere Kurt Kunkle (3/4)
Tumblr media
Word count ; 4.0k
“Just drive, faggot,” Mario shouted, pawing at his wet face.
Kurt was tense, but he tried not to show it. This customer of his deserved what was coming for him now that he scared off Y/n. The only plus to the situation was that maybe he’d get some more viewers from Jessie Adams. He would’ve respected her if she wasn’t stealing his girlfriend away.
Kurt readjusted his seatbelt, tuning out the man’s crude mutters. Mario was typing eagerly at his phone, surely noticing the flurry of hate he was receiving. Kurt, on the other hand, noticed on his phone that he snatched few extra viewers.
At least something was going his way.
Kurt rounded the bend, driving past a water tower. Mario scowled, motioning angrily as spoke. “Yo, where the fuck are we going right now?”
“It’s a shortcut,” Kurt fibbed with ease. 
“This is not a fucking shortcut. Are you serious?”
“Yeah, i - it is a shortcut. I know this park like the back of my hand,” he insisted, jut as somme notifications emitted from his phone. Mario was quick to check it.
 “You got to be kidding me.” Jessie’s video from earlier sounded, but Mario interrupted it with some retching. “Oh, fuck, I… I don’t feel so good.”
“You don’t… you don’t… Do you need me to pull over?” Kurt stuttered, feigning concern.
“Oh, yo, she’s got like two-hundred-K followers,” he ranted. “I’m getting all this hate already.”
“Don’t vomit in my car.”
“Oh, god, fuck! This fucking… got to be kidding me.” Kurt suddenly swerved, coming to a screeching halt. He was next to a water tower in the middle of the desert. “What the fuck, man? Keep going!”
“No!” Kurt roared, letting his true feelings be known. “If you’re going to barf, get out of my car.”
“I have some dumb bitch waiting for me. And I need to go fuck her. Right. Fucking. Now!”
Mario was trembling in fury, his fists balled. His face was red, although that was probably the residual poison. As e enunciated his words, he punched the back of Kurt’s seat. Kurt, though, was rather bored. He wanted so badly to move on to the murder part. His finger was itching for the gun trigger.
Kurt inhaled sharply, banging his fist into the passenger seat. “I need to keep my car clean!” he shrilly replied.
“Alright, you know what? I got to take a piss anyways. That’s the only reason I’m doing this. Fucking beta. Zero stars for you.”
Mario finally caved, stumbling out and not bothering to shut the door behind him. He went over to the bushes, his phone finally shoved in his back pocket. He clutched at his stomach, occasionally keeling over, yet no vomiting occurred. Yet.
Kurt was panting angrily. It wasn’t often he wasn’t in himbo happy mode, working hard for his follower count, but this man had driven him over the edge. He relished ending the man’s life. He was planning to take his sweet time, wanting nothing more than for him to suffer.
He reached over to the glove apartment, withdrawing his gun. He undid the seatbelt. Kurt clicked off the safety and adjusted the silencer. He flashed the cameras a boyish grin, his fury dissipating into a sick, sadistic pleasure. Mario was now doing as he said he would, pissing into a bush.
Kurt opened the door, causing Mario to peer over his shoulder. His eyes flashed with anger as he saw in one hand, he held a phone. He was still streaming. 
“Fucking creep! I should call the cops on you —!”
Kurt, with a bored expression, stepped out. This gave the asshole a view of the gun in his dominant hand. Mario stopped peeing out of fear, shoving his dick back into his pants and stumbling away with his hands in the air. His face visibly paled.
“Hey, man, what the fuck? Stop pointing that fucking thing at me!”
Kurt’s mouth twitched with pleasure. If only Y/n knew what he was constantly doing for her. The only reason he hadn’t confided in her was because he was busy clout chasing. Oh, and he was kind killing people and that was socially and legally frowned upon.
“How about you apologize for being a massive dick first?” Kurt sneered, pointing the gun at the man, who was trembling head to toe.
“Listen, man, I’m fucking sorry —“
“I said fucking apologize for how you treated Y/n, you asshole!” he burst, but only to return to a pleasant smile.
“Y/n? You mean that bitch —“
Kurt, not enthused in the slightest, knew he wasn’t going to reap anymore content from the man. He pulled the trigger, the bullet piercing him. There was an echo, but the silencer still did it’s job sufficiently. Mario fell the ground lifeless.
“Well, guys, three down. A few more to go for hashtag The Lesson!” he chirped robotically. “I’d show you guys, but I don’t think excessive gore and blood is allowed on Twooch.”
I was sitting inside the backstage living room. Jessie was touching up her makeup in the mirror, playing some of her favorite music from her phone. Both of us were finally cooled down. It was weird to be so grateful for a silent, lackluster Spree driver following the one with Kurt. It was safe to say, I wasn’t touching Spree Social anytime soon.
“I hope you finally have an idea for your show tonight,” I playfully remarked, scrolling through my Tumbleweed feed absentmindedly. 
Jessie laughed, finally able to find the humor. “Yeah. Your friend Kurt is already enough of a joke. I could make the whole show about him if I wanted to.”
Although I still felt loyal to the man, I had to agree. He completely and utterly embarrassed me earlier. I was angry and disappointed, but I still wanted to wipe the incident from my memory. I knew that wasn’t attainable if Jessie was making a mockery about it in five hours, though.
My phone suddenly lit up, and it displayed an incoming FaceTime from Kurt. I was about to ignore it, but I peered at Jessie, asking,” Yo, maybe this FaceTime I have with him will give you more content for your show.”
“Don’t answer if you’re not uncomfortable,” Jessie insisted.
I pursed my lips. “Well… I guess I’ll step outside. I’ll be back in a minute.”
I hopped off the couch and went into the hallway. By the point, Kurt hung up. But, not even a second later, he called again. Kurt was stubborn. I knew that by now.
I exited through the back of the building into the staff parking lot. The sun was still high in the sky, but I resided in the shade. I was able to attain some privacy. I let it ring one more time before I finally willed myself to answer.
Kurt looked sweaty. His bangs stuck to his forehead and his face was red. His eyes were wide and I could hear him breathing from how close his face was to the camera. I was about to greet him, but he beat me to it. “Y/n! Thank god you picked up. I was worried you’d still be with that girl —“
“I am actually,” I snapped. “What’s wrong with that, Kurt? It’s not like we’re dating or ever will. Especially with that stunt you pulled earlier.”
Kurt’s face fell, but a hopeful smile quickly replaced his despair. “Actually, don’t worry about that.”
“What —?”
“I took care of the guy. Besides, I’m working on it! As we speak, I have… twenty-four viewers —!”
“Kurt, are delusional?” I said, making my anger known. “I don’t care about the guy. I don’t care about your follower count. I care about you constantly making me uncomfortable. I hate that you call me your fucking ‘girl space friend.’ You never listen and you never give me privacy. You’re a bad friend and you’d be an even worse boyfriend.”
Kurt blinked, the words taking their time as they sunk in. A confused frown stretched across his face. “What? You don’t have to be shy. I know the only reason you aren’t into me —“
“Is because you’re a fucking psycho, Kurt. You know what - I’ve had it. I’ve had it with your clinginess and your delusions and - and - just everything wrong with you in general! I’ve had it with you, Kurt. We’re done —“
“But you said we weren’t dating —!”
“We aren’t, Kurt!” I roared, not caring about the people who were staring my way. “I’m talking about this shit show of a friendship we have. Jessie was right. I’m dropping you. Don’t ever try and speak to me again, and sure as hell don’t expect to see me around.”
“Wait! Y/n, no —“
I hung up. He instantly called back, but I declined. I kept trying to escape to the contact page, but he kept calling me. So, I let it ring, just minimizing the call. I clicked on his contact. I felt nothing but haughty satisfaction as I clicked ‘Block and delete,’ and my phone went silent because he finally couldn’t torment me any further.
There was a small sense of mourning eating away at my insides. I leaned against the outer wall, exhaling sharply. I was about to put my phone away, but I thought to open the photos app. A part of me wished to delete the photos. Another wanted nothing more than to reminisce about the past.
I scrolled for a few years. Finally, I was at the bottom of my thousands of photos, although half were downloaded meme images. Regardless, I scrolled up until I found it. Emerging photos of high school me and Kurt. I clicked to enlarge the photo. Kurt was a lot shorter and had an acne phase. Even though he had braces, he still smiled for the selfie. I, on the other hand, looked almost the same, just less fashion-coordinated. 
I kept swiping. One photo was of our first DND session .We really tried to set a spooky atmosphere, even though it was literally a pop princess campaign or something. We even dressed up for it. Another was of us at an anime convention. We decided to do a not-canon ship (even though it should be,, and I still thought this as of now), except he was the girl and I was the boy. Damn, we were good at crossdressing. And, finally, a few that really meant something to me. It was secret photos of him that I took because, god forbid, I had the hugest crush on Out in eleventh grade when he finally had his braces removed and his puberty was at an all-time high. He shot up like a tree and that was enough to make me fall for him.
I missed the times where blogging was about him genuinely enjoying it. It used to be a side hobby he used as a healthy self-expression. But now, it had completely consumed him. But I took a step forward instead of letting myself be left in the dirt by him.
I finally clicked off my phone and headed back inside. I entered the private living room again, but paused in the doorway when I was met with an unfamiliar man. He was leaning over Jessie’s chair, adorning a Cheshire grin that rolled shivers down my spine. Jessie was frowning, seeming to be relieved by my presence.
“Y/n!” she exclaimed in relief, shoving her chair back into him. The man groaned, but also noticed me and steeled himself. “Uh, this is Miles. The douchebag I’ve told you about.”
“Hey, hey, the man now known as Miles chuckled,” that’s no way to treat your best friend. So, uh, this is the legendary girlfriend I’ve heard about online. Y/n, huh?”
He walked over and shook my hand without permission. I strained a smile, sending Jessie a pleading stare. This guy already rubbed me the wrong way, especially from what I’ve heard about him. “Hi, Miles. So, you’re one of the comedians. The one before Jessie, right?”
“That would be correct,” he exclaimed, but pulled away, turning his attention back to the woman who was now saddled up beside me with her arm intertwined with mine. “So, uh, what is this? Like, a fling? You’re not actually a lesbian, are you —?”
Through gritted teeth, Jessie seethed,” No, it is not a fling, Miles. Yes, I am a lesbian being men are trash. And yes, this conversation is over. Y/n, let me show you around.”
So, Jessie and I turned tail and left Miles in the dirt. Rightfully so.
“Fucking dad’s texting me,” Kurt grumbled, untrusting the monologue to his screen. He was so happy before, what, with his five-thousand new viewers. Y/n was always on the front-burner of his brain, but at least he had something to help make it up with her.
‘Hey, I wanted to surprise you…’
‘But I got some BIG news for you!’
“Fuck. Anyways, tonight’s going to be crazy with, like, the gun and killing Jessie Adams, and I might even wear this.” He zoomed in on the now deceased Bobby BaseCamp’s leopard print bucket hat. “Y/n and I dressed up as cats one Halloween together, and she was a leopard. I was a tiger. Fuck!”
‘C'mon Kurt, come and get me’
Kurt rotated the camera again, showing his annoyed expression. His hair was still dripping from the shower. “Dad is texting me again.”
‘Pick me up and we’ll go spin together!’
“Okay, this deadbeat is trying tofuck up The Lesson,” Kurt groaned, rubbing his forehead. “Jessie Adam’s show is in two hours and this douche is texting me and he wants me to go to this DJ show with him. Pfft. With some DJ… Uno, I think.”
His eyes quickly scanned the chat, brows furrowing. “Wait, you guys know who this is…? Wait, you guys like DJ Uno?”
A donation came in, reading,’ Yeah, dude. You stupid? Take us to Uno right fucking now.’
That was all Kurt needed. He scrambled to his feet. Before he knew it, adorning Bobby’s bucket hat, he was in front of his dad’s house, although he was better known as Chris. 
“It’s open!” he shouted crossly. 
His father tugged once more, and the door finally opened. Dad muttered under his breathe, shoving some bags in the back. He finally plopped up front, though, clicking on his seatbelt. “Thanks for the ride,” his dad continued. “Really. You’re coming in clutch - whoa you’re not going to let your dad get his fucking seat belt on, bro?”
“I’m sorry, but we don’t have time,” Kurt robotically stated. “And I’m charging you. Go on your Spree app and request a ride.”
“Do you think this is for free?”
“Seriously? Can you imagine me charging you for every fucking meal I gave you?”
Kurt, equally stressed and equally wanting to give his viewers drama, snapped,” I wonder what that would account to. One cheeseburger? Because mom pretty much took care of everything.”
“Oh-h-h,” dad drawled, a mocking, playful expression dawning. Sarcastically, he remarked,” So you want to get into the details about me and your mother? Because I got fucking details we can get into about me and your mother.”
The radio played quietly, and otherwise, silence fell over the car. It was only for a moment, though, because both men were too peeved to let the conversation drop. Well, one of them, then, because dad continued,” I like the fucking cameras and the lights. Action…” He turned to Kurt with a grin, but his eyes were glued to the road. Oh, the lengths he went for love. He wanted to kill his dad right then and there, but he had to make it to the Jessie Adams show. “Do they change color?”
“Whoa, fucking red light!”
Kurt drove right past it. The roads were empty and he was a good driver. He was practicing for the escape he’d have to make later.
“What the fuck? Do you really expect to win over that friend of yours when you’re such a fucking moody loser, Kurt? What the fuck is that? Dumbass.”
“Hey, what the fuck?” Kurt boomed, a scowl stretching across his face. “Don’t fucking bring her into this.”
“What, so you can bring up your mother, but I can’t bring that bitch you’ve been obsessed with for years? Fucking pathetic. I’m trying here, Kurt. Maybe show your old pop she appreciation —“
“For what? For showing me how not to be? A shitty excuse for a human being? And for your information, we are dating —!”
“Uh huh, I’m sure, son. I believe it.” Chris opened the glove compartment to drop the plastic water bottle he stole inside. However, terror struck him as he saw a silver pistol with a silencer equipped inside. “What the fuck is this?” He pulled out the gun angrily. “It’s a fucking gun. Kurt, Kurt, I told you about guns.I thought we were on the same page.”
Kurt snatched the gun away, dropping it in his lap. His patience had worn thin a long time ago, and after what Chris said about Y/n, it took every fibre of his being not to shoot his father dead immediately. “Listen, I have a gun, alright. I’m smart, unlike you, okay?”
“That’s crazy.”
Tense and shrugging, Kurt interrupted.,” No, it’s not crazy. You don’t know what this job’s like. You don’t know…”
Kurt was waving it wildly without thought. He was honestly seeing red. Blood lust pounded into his brain. “Put the fucking gun away!” Chris demanded, reaching for it. “You’ll fucking kill yourself!”
“You don’t know what type of thug or gangbanger is going to get in the back of my car —“
“Kurt, Kurt, Kurt, Kurt. There’s a police officer. Put away your gun.” Kurt finally stopped when the lights turned yellow. However, he didn’t backdown to his father’s caution. He still gripped it tightly, and waved it just as high to the steering wheel.
“It’s my fucking gun. I use it for safety.”
Kurt’s heart stopped momentarily when the sirens suddenly started up. Both Chris and Kurt’s eyes were glued to the car. However, it drove right by. Kurt knew better than to think he possibly would’ve been arrested, but Chris was shaking in his boots. Good.
Kurt ran that red light, too.
“What the fuck,” dad objected. “Another red light. And a fucking gun. Are you and your girlfriend having fucking problems? Did she break up with you for being a violent fucking bastard?”
“As if that’s any of your fucking business, you junkie! Why are you going through my shit, anyway?”
Chris sighed exasperatedly. “Kurt, amigo. Are you trying to downgrade my confidence before my set?”
“Well, yeah, seeing as you’re a complete fucking asshole. Y/n and I are very together, by the way.”
Chris sighed. Kurt growled. Awkward silence fell over the car until Kurt finally pulled into the club parking lot. The rest was all a blur for Kurt. All he wanted was Y/n. The club experience could be summed up as : his dad was still an asshole, DJ Uno was a bitch, and the club sucked. He barely remembered the details of the interaction by the time he was back in the safety of his car, though.
“I don’t know what to say, guys. Bobby cam is canceled because it was not lucky to me. And, honestly, you guys led me astray. Let’s just move on. I’m not angry at anybody. I just want to get to Jessie Adam’s show to see Y/n.”
Kurt was stressed. If only he wasn’t streaming and the LED lights were off. Then, with ease, he could reach into the glove box, grab some tissues, and —
The back door of his car suddenly opened. Kurt gasped, turning to see DJ Uno had hopped in. Kurt was frazzled and confused and flustered. Uno didn’t give him the chance to speak. “Oh, do you know where something is?”
“Uh, do I know where what is?”
“Oh, you know Los Angeles taco truck?” Uno prodded, staring at him from the back expectantly as she pulled on her seatbelt.
“There’s a lot of, uh, taco trucks in Los Angeles —“
“Okay, so take me to L.A, taco truck. And I will tag you, really.”
“What time - I’m kind of in a hurry. What time is it?” 
“Okay, I’m in a hurry, too. Need to take pictures at L.A. taco truck.”
And that settled it. There Kurt was, standing and taking photos of DJ Uno as she crouched in front of the food plaza. A lifestream was going on Instagram, but Kurt was barely paying attention, despite the internal nagging to promote his stuff. As Uno prepared for another pose, Kurt couldn’t help but glaze over the stream of comments.
‘Uno, you looking freaking cool ANYWHERE’
‘When is your next sex tape coming out?’
That peaked his interest. So many people were mentioning sex tapes. Were they really that popular? He and Y/n had to make one then. As a testament of their love and commitment to their relationship to each other. Not to mention, Y/n would be incredibly happy with the amount of views they’d get. Especially now that Kurt had at least one-thousand followers and ten times the amount of viewers on his stream for hashtag The Lesson —
Before Kurt knew it, he was coaxed into buying Uno something from the truck. That was probably the last normal thing that would happen for the remainder of the night.
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Sputnik (2020) dir.  Egor Abramenko
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Bill Skarsgård in the trailer for Barbarian (2022). 
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behind the scenes pics from the Scream movies 🔪
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Tumblr media
Elvira, Mistress of The Dark by Zomberflie
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me resisting the urge to change all my social layouts to fit my current like 10 hyperfixations
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WILLARD (2003) dir. Glen Morgan
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loved the black phone bc the cops literally did not do shit the entire thing. They relied on a possibly psychic child to solve a serial killer case while her brother and his ghost squad home alone'd the killer to death
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The Thing (1982)
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Bo Sinclair with a (horny on main) AFAB reader who purposely fucked up her car near Ambrose just to meet him 👉👈
I’m a feral animal for the way you write him I am so sorry
-Housewife Anon 🧁
YESSS IVE BEEN SO EXCITED TO WRITE THIS ... FUCK your fan belt i want bo's belt smh. innacurate description of cars bc idk abt them (bo should teach me sometime). also inappropriate use of the hood of a car. they fuck on a car is what i'm saying. bo used way too many nicknames bc it's hot idc.
bo sinclair + AFAB! reader who fucked up her car to meet him (nsfw under cut)
"Need a hand there, darlin'?" You hear a distinct southern accent coming from behind you.
You turn to see the smoking hot mechanic you were told about, running a hand through his annoyingly perfect hair. His sharp suit throws you off, but you understand when you remember the funeral Lester warned you about in the church.
"Oh! You're Bo, right? Yeah, I don't know what's wrong with her, thought she just needed filled up-" you wonder if he'll catch your double meaning - "but I'm hopeless with cars."
Are you batting your eyelashes too much? Maybe tone it down a little - no, wait, he seems interested.
Bo raises an eyebrow and grins, subtly trailing his eyes up and down your figure.
"Well, sweetheart, you just let me see if I can't work my magic on her. I'll open her up, you just relax yourself and have fun in town, how's that sound?" Bo offers, now less subtly eyeing the outfit you picked out specially for the occasion.
"Sounds great," you reply, almost breathlessly. Something about his southern charm is making your head spin, and you leave with Bo's reassurance that your car will be taken care of in less than an hour.
You decide to spend your time at the wax museum, it being the only other interesting attraction in the little town of Ambrose other than their ridiculously attractive mechanics. You're admiring a wax figurine when you start to wonder if Bo is able to tell that you broke that fan belt on purpose. In your defence, it probably needed replaced anyways. And it wasn't like you'd miss the opportunity to meet (and hopefully do more than meet) Bo Sinclair.
Speaking of him, it was probably time to get back to the gas station. But he was nowhere to be found, the station empty. You began to worry a little when you see your car, but no Bo - was your plan foiled?
A sharp whistle interrupts you from your thoughts, and, once again, Bo is behind you, smirking at your surprise. He lets his hand lazily rest on your waist when he comes closer to hand you your keys.
"Car's ready when you are, doll. Unless you're planning to stick around for a while?"
Was that an invitation? Maybe you should see how far you can push this. Does he want what you want?
"How much do I owe you?"
You reach up a hand to wipe off a dark smudge on his cheek, cheeks heating up at how his frustratingly handsome face breaks into a sweet smile.
"You don't owe me nothin', girl, happy to help. Now you let me know if there's anything else I can do for you, got that?"
It's your breaking point. Your hand moves to his perfect jawline and tilts his head down to yours for a long-awaited kiss, Bo's grip on your waist becoming more confident. He breaks away to move you until your back is on the hood of your car, caging you in with his body on top of you. It's then that he asks if you're sure, if this is what you want, if you're comfortable. The eager 'yes, please' he receives rewards you with a delighted chuckle from Bo, unbuttoning his shirt as you likewise free yourself of yours.
The electricity in the moment, the way his lips leave marks as he kisses down your chest, ridding you of all your clothes on his journey...this is what you came to Ambrose for. Bo stops his venture momentarily to unbuckle his belt, but not before giving you a taste of what his wicked tongue can do.
"How 'bout I see what else I can work my magic on, honey?" He quips at you, flashing that grin.
You got precisely what you bargained for.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Don’t fear the reaper
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Similarities of Multiverse of Madness and Evil Dead
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Remembering #ColinClive
January 20, 1900 - June 25, 1937.🕯
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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What are some songs that you remind you of a slasher? You can pick whoever you want
There's like this Tyler the creator song that reminds me so much of Michael myers
Specifically this verse:
Actually, if you even consider leaving
I'll lose a couple screws in due time, I'll stop breathing
And you'll see the meaning of stalking
When I pop out the dark to find you
And that new dude that you're seeing with an attitude
Then proceed to fuck up your evening
Make sure you never meet again like god damn vegans
Cause when I hear your name I can not stop cheesing
I love you so much that my heart stops beating when you're leaving
And I'm grieving and my heart starts bleeding
Life without you has no god damn meaning
Sorry I'm passive aggressive for no god damn reason
It's that my mood change like these god damn seasons
I'll fall for you, but I love you
Like I feel it describes perfectly how a relationship with him would be, in particular at the beginning of it all when he hasn't still shown himself to you but he already thinks you're his. And overall the whole songs feels like how Michael actually lives through emotions ecc
other songs for him:
Let it happen - tame impala
Beautiful is boring - bones uk
Genesis - grimes
I've never felt so alone - labrinth
Freaks - surf curse
Hearing damage - Thom Yorke
Fuckthepopulation - $uicideboy$
Unfair - the neighbourhood
Quiet, the winter harbor - mazzy star
You can't possibly tell me this isn't Bo's song
Other songs for him:
Blood gets thin - Pete and the pirates
Hey kids - molina feat late verlane
April to death - flower face
Yeah right - joji
Goodbyes - post malone
Sadderdaze - the neighbourhood
Ghost town - Kanye West
World smallest violin - ajr World
Young folks - Peter bejorn and John
Cigarettes and daydreams - cage the elephant
I- this one THIS ONE
Other songs for him:
Line without a hook - Rick Montgomery
Breezeblocks - alt-j
I love you so - the Walters
Babydoll - ari abdul
Good looking - suki Waterhouse (it feels like a sort of conversation that could happen between him and a s/o)
Clair de lune - Claude debussy
Me in 20 years - moses Sumney
Only in my dreams -the marias
Run cried the crawling - Agnes obel
Lights are on - Tom rosenthal
Don't you want me baby - the human league
I cry in silence thinking about him while listening to this:
Plus these ones:
Flowers - the neighbourhood
Noise - the neighbourhood
Body - mother mother
Antartica - $uicideboy$ (tw suicide mentions for this one)
I can't handle change - r.o.a.r.
Wires - the neighbourhood
I'll be okay - gin$enji ft velvetears
Civilian- wye Oak
Tumblr media
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