#Houseplant Appreciation Day
philamuseum · 14 days ago
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This post is for the plant parents. Happy Houseplant Appreciation Day!
"Cactus," 1931, by Charles Sheeler 
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floridaboiler · 14 days ago
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HAPPY HOUSEPLANT APPRECIATION DAY!!! January 10th is a day to find a new appreciation for your houseplants. Now that most of us have put away our holiday decorations, you might be thinking that your house looks a little drab. But don’t forget your beautiful houseplants! Give them a little water, spray the dust off their leaves, talk to them a little bit and they will make your house shine again.
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introverted-gardener · a year ago
Happy Houseplant Appreciation Day!!
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jewishmuseummd · 2 years ago
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#DYK: January 10th is Houseplant Appreciation Day? 
From the JMM Collections: A fine looking potted plant in this trade card for Meyer C. Hecht’s store on S. Broadway. Can you guess what this image is trying to sell you? Gift of Maxwell Whiteman, JMM 1989.1.2.
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warholslandfill · 2 years ago
Please water regularly...
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Starting the new year with a new series of receipt drawings in addition to my regular daily art posts!  The Receipt-A-Day project will document and give a brief summary of a variety of historical events, famous birthdays, and holidays on discarded consumer ephemera. 
January 10: Happy Word Nerd Day everybody! The Christmas tree may be gone, but the ferns remain!
"Houseplant" (3" × 7" Pen on a discarded Convenience Store receipt)
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uwmarchives · 3 years ago
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#Feathursday Bonus Post: Houseplant Appreciation Day
Today, January 10th, we celebrate Houseplant Appreciation Day with a bird sitting on a potted plant from the James Blair Murdoch Photograph Collection. Murdoch was a commercial photographer in Milwaukee and did promotional work for Boston Store. This photograph has a Boston Store note on it, perhaps it was used in an advertisement.
This is also a bonus “Name That Bird” post!
We call him Jerry.
Title: Bird on a potted plant Alternate Title/Photographer's Note: Boston Store Date of Photograph: 5/??/1945 Digital ID: uwmmss131_2533
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ezriela · 3 years ago
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Thistle be the best day ever, @danielhowell & @amazingphil, BECAUSE its #HouseplantAppreciationDay! Let your succulents know they're extra plantastic today! 🌱🌵
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mylifeisjustafeverdream · 14 days ago
Happy Houseplant Appreciation Day
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I love all of my babies and each of them brings me so much joy 🌿🌱
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caminholonge · 14 days ago
Happy National Houseplant Day!
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Some of my babies!
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gentwenty · a year ago
National Houseplant Appreciation Day
National Houseplant Appreciation Day
It’s Houseplant Appreciation Day! What a glorious day day for all of us plant lovers. If you are a beloved #plantlady or #plantdaddy, then you know all too well why houseplants deserve their own holiday where we show our appreciation for them. Houseplants are not just a décor statement; they are real, living things. They utilize oxygen to survive, they need water just like the rest of us, and…
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plants-pls · 11 days ago
omggg I'm so excited to post some plant photos over the next week or so. the light was decent in my room and they came out so well 😌 🌿🌱🪴📸
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hagleyvault · 2 years ago
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January 10th is Houseplant Appreciation Day, a celebration invented in 2012 by the Gardener's Network to remind people that after the holidays, their forgotten houseplants may need a little attention. You don’t need to tell that to whoever cultivated this charming little jungle, though.
This scene from the interior of Tinicum Bank in Essington, Pennsylvania was captured by photographer Charles Yessel (1877-1953) on February 7th, 1927. The bank, which opened in October 1919, stood at the corner of what was then Printz Avenue and Island Road.
The photograph is part of the Hagley Library’s collection of Westinghouse Electric Corporation Steam Division photographs (Accession 1969.170). You can view more material from this collection online now by clicking here to visit its page in our Digital Archive.
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taking-thyme · 8 months ago
Feral Housewife Aesthetic
If "Domestic Housewives" are a thing, that implies the existence of a "Feral Housewife", so I've decided to make a silly little Aesthetic for that idea. Please take this with a grain of salt, I just wanted to make this for fun. Also, this could apply to all genders, so Househusbands and Housespouses are always welcome too!
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Baking and Cooking at weird times, like getting up to make brownies at 3 in the morning
Playing your favorite Music for your plants to help them grow
Planting catnip in your garden so the local cats will visit you more often
Appreciating Dandelions, Mice and other “pests” that most homeowners would despise
Cleaning while listening to stuff like ‘The Crane Wives’ and ‘The Oh Hellos’
Tongues and Teeth by the Crane Wives is their anthem
Probably has plenty of Pets instead of children
Does whatever they want, has plenty of agency
Either Tomboyish, or Feminine in an unconventional way
Hates having visitors inside the house
Telling folktales and scary stories to local people and children
Probably a Kitchen Witch, or even just a Witch in general
Flirting with the postman, or the local gardener
Living life like a Ghibli Movie, or like they live in Moomin Valley
Hair done up in a messy bun or braid that ends up falling out as the day goes on
Silly Apron designs for cooking and baking
Afternoon naps that last from 2 to 4 pm
Painting and Drawing on the walls of the house to “give it some character”
Drying herbs on ceilings and in large, old books you won’t be using
The kind of neighbor that has fairytale-like rumors spread about them, like kids telling one another not to go by their house or she’ll steal your voice right out of your throat
Befriending local animals (and spirits?)
Embodying Sophie Hatter from Howl’s Moving Castle
Passive Aggressive or very Sassy
Doesn’t want to be tied down, hates the idea of being bonded to one person for the rest of their life
Planting easy-to-grow plants on the side of the road
TONS of houseplants
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itsplanty · 5 years ago
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Happy Houseplant Appreciation Day!!! January 10th
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apparently today is houseplant appreciation day  so go and appreciate your houseplants! ~ 🌵 🌺 🌱 ~
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pharry · 3 months ago
you guys seemed to like the ship one so here’s a sequel. Once again these are all (affectionate)
Asra: as a child you had plenty of Lisa Frank merchandise, and as an adult you really value afternoon naps.
Nadia: a strong and powerful woman makes you blush and weak. You like someone who can do it all, and I mean literally it all.
Julian: Came for the mysterious and edgy fugitive you saw in the ads, stayed for the gangly dramatic dork.
Portia: You aren’t a fan of conflict, but you are a fan of drama! It’s quite a thin line you walk…. Or you’ve gotten into this cottage core trend. You have plenty of houseplants.
Muriel: you have often considered what it would be like to live off the grid. Fuck society. Let’s live off the land and avoid people and taxes!
Lucio: You’ve ascended into a higher being, one who knows no shame. You’re the kind of person who would make a hate account for your own favorite character.
Valerius: You love a bitchy snob, and want him to either belittle you or be belittled. Or both. You can appreciate a sour personality behind a pretty face.
Valdemar: Prime monster fucker. More than monster fucker. Eldritch being fucker. The more incomprehensible the better.
Volta: you think she’s pure cinnamon roll uwu… her hoarding food from the city and cannibalism are minor character flaws.
Vlastomil: Vlastomil stans bring out such a morbid curiosity in me. I want to know what makes you tick. Please tell me, I am so curious. I love and support you.
Vulgora: Youre not even trying to pretend to see the best in evil characters. You’re unapologetically a villan simp. If every character died by Volguras hand, you’d see it as an absolute win!
Nasrin: Nadia wasn’t enough to satiate your powerful woman thirst. You’d gladly take Namar’s place any day.
Namar: We can appreciated good doting father in this fanbase.
Any of Nadia’s siblings: You wanted more female LI’s to choose from. I get it. The tale with Nahara gave you hope for more content. You’re still waiting.
Mazelinka: you can’t get enough of the badass old woman trope. You can also appreciate how well she raised Julian and Portia. The kids are alright.
Morga: you’re a strong MILF fan. You can’t see the abusive parenting over the dummy thiccness of her thighs. Thighs that would crush you like a grape.
Tasya: You also are a MILF fan, but for one who has power with words over strength. You’d love to be her sugar baby.
Aisha: Nix Hydra is your number one enemy
Salim: “Are you winning, son?”
Khamgalai: Youre still upset she was taken out of the story so quickly. Another instance of wasted potential.
Faust: yeah! YEAHHHHH!! FAUST!!!
Any of the other familiars: You like the familiar of your favorite LI, because they’re their precious animal companion. We can all appreciate pets.
Any of the major arcana: You’re a furry
The devil specifically: you’re a kinky furry
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teacupplant · 5 years ago
Happy Houseplant Appreciation Day everyone!!! Remember to water your plants!!!
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indulge-that-sin · 4 months ago
Sexy Good Boy
Characters: GN!MC, Asmodeus, Mammon (mentioned)
Wordcount: ~600
You discovered that Mammon was on the cover of the latest issue of Devil Style because Asmo, having come across the magazine, made the rounds to show it to everyone in the House of Lamentation. 
It did strike you that for someone who complained so bitterly about Mammon's modeling career, Asmo seemed to put an awful lot of effort each time to bring attention to the latest of Mammon's shoots. But either way, you got your own turn with the magazine when you came to Asmo's room that day, and you sat on his bed leafing through it as Asmo sat at his vanity, going through all steps of his skincare routine with extra thoroughness.
It was slightly surreal, because you'd never been friends with someone who'd get on magazine covers before, but Mammon's photos were, you had to admit, gorgeous to look at. You'd heard before about his reputation as one of Devildom's sexiest, but the pictures you were looking at almost seemed to bely that. There was a natural charm to them. 
You paused to stare at your favorite: a full page shot of Mammon taking off a chunky sweater to reveal the white tanktop beneath, as sunlight streamed through a window. Houseplants in the foreground and an armchair to the side with a quilt hanging off an armrest implied something of a domestic setting. Seeing the flex of Mammon's biceps, and the lean confidence of his silhouette, you couldn't deny he was attractive, though that might have been your own biases at play. But this image implied more 'boy next door' than 'demon on the prowl'. It wasn't necessarily what you expected the Devildom fashion mags to push as sexy.
Unless you were missing some cultural nuance here?
You asked Asmo about it, and Asmo scoffed at first, but after a few seconds of silence, he did answer.
"Demons are supposed to be corrupting influences, so playing against type can make one appear more desirable, you see," Asmo explained.
"So... appearing corruptible parses as attractive to a demon?"
"You've got it!" Asmo winked in the mirror at you. "As demons, it's just so hard to resist temptation, and there's nothing more tempting than leading an unblemished soul into sin."
"That's what you do, right? The image you project?" It made sense; Asmo cultivated a certain... virginal softness in his looks that you knew played against his actual personality. 
"I've found, over the centuries, that a little drop of angelic innocence goes a long way." He smoothed over his expression and fluttered his eyelashes.
"So, that's what makes Mammon attractive? That he appears corruptible?"
"Ugh, not even," Asmo said, now exasperated. He looked at the magazine, and scrunched his nose. "The exact opposite, actually. He comes across as so genuinely good, it's like he could put a demon on the straight and narrow."
"H... He seems sexy because he could... make demons good?" you said, stunned.
You couldn't help an incredulous laugh at this. Asmo seemed to think it was some form of agreement with his point, and nodded.
"Ridiculous, isn't it?" Asmo said, gesturing vaguely before he turned back to his mirror to continue primping himself.
But you were simply bowled over by this insight into demon culture. Their equivalent of liking the bad boy wasn't looking at someone and thinking 'I can fix him', it was looking at Mammon and thinking 'he could fix me'. You would have to explain this to someone so they could grasp how hilarious it was, but you didn't think any of the demons would appreciate your amusement over this particular cultural insight. You were going to have to drop by Purgatory Hall soon.
Until then, you flipped to the next page of the magazine, with entirely new appreciation for Mammon's career.
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