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rightleads · 2 months ago
How To Avoid A Virus That Can Take All Your Accounts With It
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llazyneiph · a year ago
Can't believe I'm making another post about Adf*y in 2021 but here we go...
I'm sure you all know the new adf*y page which (i'm pretty sure) adf*y skipper can't skip anymore, the one where it asks to send notifications and won't let you proceed until you let them send notifications.
I accidentally just allowed one of these notifications (not at home and using a janky mouse on a pillow, keeps going crazy), so I immediately headed to my chrome settings to get rid of it.
I'm going through blocking everything before I delete it (just so I feel better about it truly being gone lol) and I see this:
Tumblr media
I'm thinking, what the hell is a payment handler and why is it set to allow?? That super doesn't sound good... And after some googling I find yeah, it's probably not great.
So, what's a payment handler? Basically, it's when google saves your payment details to autofill later on when you're making an online purchase. So that includes your credit card, debit card, paypal, ect, details. (Source - askcybersecurity.com) Now these are usually fine on legitimate sites but this site specifically:
Tumblr media
You just google 'christianivory.pro' and every result is how to get rid of it because it's malware. (That picture was after I cleared the cookies it had already stored, no idea what they were)
Tumblr media
(btw, I wouldn't recommend clicking on any of these since malware/viruses are often hidden behind fake anti-malware ads/programs)
Luckily I don't keep any of my payment details saved so I'm pretty sure I'm fine after deleting it and MalwareBytes or Windows Defender hasn't detected anything. I can't say for sure what it would have done if I hadn't of deleted it, it seems to mostly be notification spam but the fact that it was trying to access my payment methods doesn't sound all that great. Even if having the payment methods allowed doesn't do shit, I've had money stolen from me through an adf*y virus before (source - my tumblr)
Like I said, I'm pretty sure I got lucky because I don't save those things but I'm going to offer a hypothetical situation which could be extremely likely in our community specifically;
Lets say I'm a 14 year old simmer who uses their parents computer to play the sims. I've recently discovered custom content and my favourite creator uses adf*y, but since I'm young and new to the community I have no idea that adf*y can be bad and I trust this creator so they would never link me to anything that could harm my computer... right? So I accept that adf*y notification and don't think anything of it, I get the CC I really like and I'm happy. But that notification I just accepted has saved my parents credit card details. I'm sure you can guess where the rest of this situation goes.
So this is me, creator to creator, telling you need to stop. I know finding a source of income can be awful right now, but your source of income could be coming at the expense of someone else who did not agree to this.
If you think your content is worth a price then I urge you to start a Patreon, Ko-Fi or even a paypal because these are platforms that are safe for both parties and are OPTIONAL. Adf*y is not optional for the downloader.
Stop putting the younger and more susceptible people in our community at risk. As creators it is likely that we gain a larger following so stop taking advantage of that. Especially if you're older or are someone who preaches the safety of our younger members in this space, step up and actually practice what you fucking preach instead of just saying it for likes and reblogs.
I am genuinely sick of this, I've been in this community for over half a goddamn decade now and I've posted before about adf*y, as have dozens of other people and this shit is STILL happening.
I am so close to wiping my old laptop and recording myself going through creators adf*y links and downloading as many malicious things as I can JUST to prove to people that adf*y is not safe. And no, I wouldn't blur out blog names, I would specifically be calling people out on their shit. This isn't just petty simblr drama, this can actually affect peoples lives.
It's Adf*y?? We all know it's bad, stop using it for the sake of our community members!?? I'm gonna start calling people out for pretty soon?? STOP PISSING WHERE YOU EAT
how to remove notifications on chrome:
Tumblr media
Checking/removing payment methods on chrome:
Tumblr media
I'm sure there are some of you who will take issue with my post for whatever reason so:
1. Don't comment saying that we should just keep downloading however many adfl*y skippers or avoidant addons or be careful about what we click, that is not the point of this post. We shouldn't HAVE to do that just to get cc, and new/young community members DON'T KNOW THIS.
2. SimGuruDrake explicitly saying creators cannot use permanent paywalls
Tumblr media
source (sims forums)
video on adf*y (old but still relevant info)
video (this dude basically just speedruns getting malware from link shorteners and the ads on the sites lol)
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anonymuslydumb · 10 days ago
Ok you have a looooot of fucking cypher content, how about !! Cypher fic where y/n just has a massive crush and just swoons over him without any embarrassment? Literally just complimenting him and flirting with him all the time
Thanks for the request anon! I need a bit of a break from sova x readers for now, I think I'm running out of juice..
No Dignity In Love
"I bet your wife loved it when you do that." He turns to you with a questioned expression as he paused from typing on the keyboard.
"I'm sorry what?"
"You know what I mean." You smirked as he blushed under his mask, shaking his head.
"You're quite right there, she used to love the sound of the keyboard clicks. She bought me my first one when I got hired for information breaking." He says dodging the somewhat dirty question while you stretched your arms.
"She's a lucky one, no doubt." You said, leaning onto your chair as he nods, looking back at the monitor before catching an unusual code line in the system and clicking on it.
"Got you." He smirked, taking the code line and typing it down on a word compilation of the other unusual codes he found in the system.
"Looks like that one's designed to eat any information related to it. A system worm, maybe?"
"I think so. Best we keep that off any website for now." He says before seeing the system code line end.
"That was exhausting, I could feel my eyes burst out of my sockets. How are you not hard of seeing?"
"My mask serves a purpose to relax light and catch anomalies in code lines so all I really have to do is just click on it and do some research." He says while you just smile at him.
"I did not understand what you said one bit but that sounds cool." He laughs at your cluelessness.
"It's alright habibi, it takes years to understand but I can help with that." He says, his hand on your arm rest as he gets closer to you, almost closing the space between you before someone clears their throat.
"You're done checking my computer?" Killjoy asked as Cypher just nods while you gave a thumbs up.
"That Killjoy double almost released a virus that would destroy all our hard work and research. You made the right call." You smiled as Killjoy sighed in relief.
"Oh thank god, I'm not being too paranoid again." She smiled before ushering you two away only for Cypher to hold his hand up.
"Not so fast, I have yet to clear the virus from the system which might take a few days."
"Hey, KJ, relax. We copied the research and placed it into my laptop so you can work on it while we wipe your computer of any more viruses. Are you okay with that?" You diffused as she huffs, nodding her head as you handed her your laptop and pat her on the head.
"Don't stress yourself kid, you still have lots of time." You smiled as she walks out of her workshop before peeping out the doorframe.
"You better not be doing your funny business in my workshop. I'd know, I have a black light." You stared at Cypher with a confused look as he blushed under his mask.
By all means, you both were NOT dating. You just swooned over him shamelessly while he returned the favor and flirted back.
He liked the attention, you liked the attention, in the end you were just friends, right?
"Are you guys like, friends-with-benefits or something?" Cypher choked on his tea as Fade asked the question, earning chuckles from Jett and Phoenix.
"Just friends, we haven't done anything serious like kissing or anything."
"But do you want to do it?" God, the only thing that's protecting his dignity is his mask right now. But even so, it was very clear that he was blushing.
"I suppose, they're quite beautiful after all." He stutters through his words while Phoenix and Jett smirked at each other while Fade laughs.
"That's cute... But seriously get together now so I can blackmail you more." Fade nonchalantly said as Cypher just chuckles at her behavior.
"Now I'm more unconvinced."
"Remind me again why you love him?" Viper stared at you weirdly as you giggled, scrolling through last night's conversation with Cypher (a mix of hilarious gossip and spicy flirting) before you sighed.
"He's just so charming, cute and don't get me started with being an intelligent gentleman."
"You're willing to be a homewrecker just to touch that man?"
"Eh, so-so. He's talked about Nora before but he's always using past tense. I don't know if they're divorced or something bad happened to her but if anything I respect their relationship." You explained yourself as your finger circles over the tip of the beaker before dunking it into the sink.
"It's why I haven't exactly made any official moves yet. I'm mostly just testing out the waters." You shrugged only receive an unconvinced expression.
"Really? Your flirting isn't an official move?"
"You're making yourself painfully obvious."
"I mean, that is the plan. It seems he gets it, but I'm not really sure if he's ready for that kind of commitment." Viper takes a deep breath, trying to hold back the urge to slap you in the face before sighing.
"He literally flirts back at you. You both spend so much time with each other and he cooks for you. HE COOKS FOR YOU FOR FUCKS SAKE!! HE DOESN'T COOK FOR ANY OF US!!"
"Hey~." Cypher greeted as you turned to see him with your laptop after giving Killjoy the run down of the things he did to wipe the virus off her computer.
"Hey~." You echoed, holding a bowl of potato chips and offering it to him.
"Want one?"
"Why not? Did you make them?" He asked, taking a piece before lifting his mask until his nose before munching on the salted snack.
"Yeah, Phoenix taught me how to cook them since Skye banned us from buying junk food." You frowned, meeting his smile.
"What's it made of?"
"Ehh, the usual, potatoes, salt, pepper and bit of love."
"Aw, thought it would be all your love." He smirks, taking another chip and munching it while you blushed at his remark.
"I mean, it is! I was just hoping not to burn them." You gushed as he just laughs before his hands trap you against the counter while you held your bowl of chips.
"Don't get all innocent with me, baby." He teases, your face getting hotter by the second while you stressed yourself with eating the potato chips in your hands.
"I'm not innocent--. Wait no, that's not what I meant--!"
"Shh...." He hushes, his finger on your lips as you almost dropped your bowl of chips on the ground. The shit-eating grin on his face made your legs shiver in delight as his mannerisms just turned you weak and naive.
Welp, there goes my dignity....
"Do you want me?"
"Yes." The empty common room fell silent as you both just stood there awkwardly at your immediate reply. He blinked absently before staring at you while you just looked at him with a puzzled look.
"That was a concerningly quick answer."
"Want me to make it more dramatic for you? Just fucking kiss me already Amir."
"Do I even want to know what you did last night?" Sova glared at Cypher as he just smiled under his mask while touching his neck, the fluttering kisses you gave him all night still wavering over his skin as he sighed.
"Maybe, if you ask the right questions."
"You're disgusting."
"Awww... That's what you told your bunny when you first fucked them." Sova blushed, sputtering before you walked in a sleeveless turtle neck and bandages around your hands.
"Oh hey boys, glad you could make it. By the way, Amir, you forgot this in my room." You said, tossing Cypher his locket as he caught it.
"Thanks habibi, you're the best." Cypher chuckled, shoving the locket into his coat while Brimstone just stood between you with a look of disgust.
"You're not even going to try hiding your relationship from me, are you?"
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that-yandere-life · 5 months ago
So… What about yan Tony with a fem s/o who is incredibly in awe with his mind? Like, she knows who he is but her world is not his world and then he’s like babbling about something that he created and she’s like “woooow, that’s so nice!! You so smart!!! but can you fix my pc?? it’s really slow” kind of thing 😂😂😂😂 i think he’d be intrigued.
Tumblr media
[Warnings: Yandere Themes *Obviously*, just fluff really.]
Tony had just been hanging out in the lab for most of the day, tinkering and playing with his latest invention he was putting the finishing touches on.
Basically it was like a drone but more advanced and hopefully a great asset on missions to get a closer look at a situation without actually going in, giving them more insight rather than being blind.
Pepper and yourself walked into the lab without him even realizing at first, that is until she cleared her throat breaking him from his concentration, annoyed initially until he gazed upon you.
Asking what he could help you both with, a friendly smile growing on his features as he winked at you, seeing you get a little flustered at the action.
Introducing you as her new assistant who would be his new liason when he needed anything business related, or they needed to speak to him about anything business related.
Getting a phone call she answered it, listening to the caller on the other end before huffing in frustration hanging it up, telling you to stay with Tony as she had something that she needed to attend to before the tour could continue.
Eagerly you began asking questions about what he was working on, entirely fascinated by everything you were surrounded by, never before encountering anything like it.
Immediately he began explaining the machine he had created, all the pieces that went into it, it’s intended function, even firing it up and taking a picture of you with it, showing you on his computer screen.
Mentioning how this was the first of many if it proved to be an asset, listing off all the things that it could be worth using it for other than its reason for creation in the first place, adding that it would not be accessible to the military long having retired from the destruction game.
Listening to every word, completely lost in his eager expressions, noting how handsome he was especially when he was passionate about the topic, wishing you could hear him speak for hours.
Realizing he had gone off on a tangent as he was apt to do, he asked if he was boring or confusing you with his explanation, noting that he had gotten far more technical than he anticipated.
Shaking your head you replied that while you didn’t understand all of it, you got the gist of what he was saying, not being technologically sound but that didn’t mean it didn’t interest you just the same.
Asking what you meant by that, you pulled your laptop out of your leather bag and opened it showing how slow it was moving, and how it was nearly impossible to get any work done on it.
Inquiring if he could fix it for you since he clearly knew his way around computers, having to force himself to keep from laughing, instead chuckling a little before getting to work.
Immediately he saw the problem, you had no antivirus software, it was completely riddled with viruses causing it to malfunction horrifically, knowing that the only way to fix it was to completely wipe it and start again.
Instead he went and grabbed a flash drive, moving over anything that wasn’t infected, saving everything he could before retrieving a new Stark laptop of his own design that was typically provided to Avenger’s.
Booting it up he transferred your files over and installed the best antivirus program on the market, setting it up to scan everyday and notify him of any potential threats, explaining to you what he was doing throughout the entire process.
Watching him you were in awe of his kindness and his ability to make sure you understood what he was doing in a way that was easily digestible for you once he figured out that it wasn’t your thing.
Honestly he was just enjoying your company, like being heard for his intelligence rather than what he could do to save the world as most people wanted to hear about when they encountered him.
Showing you all the included features that would make your job a lot easier from then on, optimizing it for how you wanted and needed it to function in your day to day life, taking in every word you said.
Somewhere along the lines he couldn’t help but study your features, watching your eyes light up as you recognized how this would change the game for you, shocked when you eagerly embraced him thanking him for assisting you.
Somehow you had made the Tony Stark blush with your actions, something he was rather glad there was no one around but you to see, as it would definitely be cause for teasing from anyone else.
Telling you that you were welcome, he wrapped his arms around your form as well relishing in the warmth you provided, finding himself saddened when you parted from each other.
Once Pepper returned it was time for you to continue on your journey of being introduced to the tower, he felt hollow missing the way you spurred him on, asking everything and anything about his abilities.
Sending him into a whole new kind of planning, a plot to steal you from Pepper’s employ transferring you to his own, he wouldn’t stop until you were his, that was a promise he made to himself at that moment.
[Thank you for this idea, it made for an adorable meet cute! I hope that you enjoy where I took it, and that it was what you were imagining! <3]
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sardonic-the-writer · 6 months ago
━"A Dangerous Game"
━Notes: This was a special celebratory 250 followers chapter. Thanks for getting me so far you guys! And as a reward I wrote some Simpbur stuff. I have brainrot what can I say {*shrugs with an evil smile*]
━Song: "Romance Is Boring" By Los Campionsheiuekjjfv-I-forgot-their-last-name
Tumblr media
"Come on Quin, I am not downloading that game!"
A whine emerged from (Y/n)'s computer speakers, making them wince and turn the volume down. The young adult's friend of five years on the other side of the world continued to complain to (Y/n) loudly at their offer being unceremoniously turned down.
Currently (Y/n) was resting in their grey-ish blue gamer chair (or "gay"mer chair as they liked to call it) while in a call with one of their high-school buddies from forever ago. They both had been on call for so long, neither of them even knew how they had gotten there in the first place. The topic would change so frequently it was hard to keep up with.
"But come on (Y/n)! I know you love the SMP! Plus, I already played it and it seemed fine." Quin pleaded, dragging out the e in his sentence as if that would make it more appealing; his loud words causing his discord profile picture to light up with a ring of green light.
(Y/n) could practically see his face making that little pout that he does when convincing people to do something. Or at least trying to.
They pinched the bridge of their nose, leaning back in their desk chair to sigh and rub their temples. From all around them, the contents of their messy apartment seemed to stare holes in the back of their head as if daring them to clean up. Stray articles of clothing, dirtied paper plates, stained tea mugs and so much more sat untouched in various nooks and crannies. That's part of the reason (Y/n) had not turned on the cam when Quin called. They didn't want him to see how much of a mess their life had gotten these past few months.
"Yes, I do like the SMP." (Y/n) grit their teeth, leaning closer to their mic so Quin would hear them. "But that game has gotten some pretty scary reviews man. I don't know if I'm willing to sacrifice my entire computer to a website that's probably crawling with hackers and viruses."
From the other end of the line, their best friend sputtered like a fish out of water.
"Are you really going to believe those reviews over me? Your absolute favorite person?" Quin put on a sugary voice that made (Y/n) want to laugh. But instead they cleared their throat and kept on a glare (although the effort was a bit more forced now.)
"I already told you dude, this is a game about real people and streamers. They already get sexualized enough, so do I really even need to explain why playing a love simulator with them in it isn't my preferred activity?" (Y/n) sighed, bringing up a good point.
"But you see my dear friend-" Quin paused his sentence to frantically type something on his computer. (Y/n) heard his mouse click a couple times before he continued. "-it's not about the content creators. On the contrary, it's about the server. A sort of player insert if you will." He said carefully. (Y/n) could practically hear his sly smile through the words.
They leaned forward a bit, subconsciously propping their elbow up on their desk top.
"Okay. I'm listening."
Quin did a silent fist pump to himself before clearing his throat and continuing.
"When I played the game, it basically dropped you into a minecraft world. But more enhanced yet pixel-y at the same time. Does that make sense?"
"I think so."
"Okay good. And then basically, well I don't want to spoil it too much, but you end up meeting a few people before making decisions and blah blah blah. Basic love simulator stuff, but with the Dream SMP!"
(Y/n) squinted at Quins profile picture (which just so happened to be a meme of Quackity beating his chair. What else of course).
"And you're absolutely sure that this does not include the content creators?" They prodded again in a more serious tone. Quin sucked at his teeth for a second while nodding and then remembering that they couldn't see him.
"Positive. I played the whole thing beginning to end. That fucker took me five hours to complete too." He mumbled the last part, closing his eyes in embarrassment.
"Fucking simp!" (Y/n) laughed, eyes being blown wide and a smile practically splitting their face in half. "You played it for Dream didn't you?!"
"Hey! Its not my fault I'm a raging homosexual!" He yelled at them, the bare hint of a smile forming in the corners of his mouth. (Y/n) slapped a hand to their mouth trying to contain their laughter.
"Whatever you say Quin." They snorted, falling into a desperate fit of laughter. He rolled his eyes with a scoff, but smiled at his goofy friends' antics all the same.
"Shut up (Y/n). I'm not the one who reads self insert fanfiction about Revivebur.'' He chided, ignoring the distant 'hey!' that followed his words. More clicking sounds came from his mic before a discord notif and its iconic little bell popped up out of nowhere on (Y/n)'s screen.
"There. I sent you the link to the game. I couldn't find the webpage I played it on, so it's a different link than the original. But I checked out the first five minutes and it's the exact same thing." Quin explained in a more casual tone. (Y/n) could picture him leaning back in his desk chair with his hands behind his head.
They sighed and glanced at the clock in the far corner of their computer screen while not answering. Dull white numbers projected the time "2:11 am" back at them.
"Hey Q, I think I'm going to try and get some sleep. I know it's the afternoon for you and all over there, but I need to try and rest before my weekend runs out." They sighed, disappointed that they'd have to end the call so suddenly.
"Its okay (Y/n). You have a good rest and think about that game, okay?" Quin reassured them with a soft smile. (Y/n) exhaled out of their mouth tiredly.
"Okay. G'Night Quin. I'll text you when I get up." They said sincerely, hand moving closer to the mouse. A small goodbye was tossed out from the man as a repercussion to their own.
And with that (Y/n) ended the call. Their discord icon disappeared from their computer screen with an echoing click that vibrated through their head like a sad mantra.
They ran a hand down their face slowly, letting out a groan as they flopped back in their seat.
Different thoughts ran rampant in their head as they debated on what to do next. As the enticing feeling of drowsiness sank farther and farther into their bones the longer they sat in their messy room, the more appealing the idea of sleeping became.
But after peeking open one eye to look at the link Quin had sent them, (Y/n) relented with a defeated sigh.
"What's the harm?" They grumbled, in disbelief with themself that they were even considering it. "I mean, it can't be worse than some of the smut I've seen..."
Despite their bitter protest and grimacing face, they still ended up sitting poorly in their chair to click the blueish link that Quin had sent them. It immediately switched tabs from discord to a brand-new website, a basic loading circle popping up. The rotating orb reflected in (Y/n)'s tired and blood-shot eyes; as if taunting her for not getting enough sleep.
While the (h/c) adult waited impatiently for the screen to load, they tossed around questions about what the game could be like in their head as if it were a casual game of ball. Would it be well modeled and smooth with movements, or full of clunky dialogue and chunky pixels? But based on the vague description that Quin had given them, (Y/n) could only assume.
Eventually the grey screen loaded up into a small boxed in frame filled with yet another loading symbol. Except for this time instead of multiple rotating dots, it was white mask with an engraved smiley face spinning.
(Y/n) cocked an eyebrow, but otherwise remained expressionless. As far as first impressions went, this wasn't the absolute worst. They were intrigued to see how the rest of it would play out.
Just as (Y/n) had stopped paying attention to the screen however, a screech ripped through her speakers and stabbed at her eardrums. They jumped in fear and shock before looking back at the screen while slamming their hands over the sides of their head.
As soon as they glanced back at the darkly illuminated device, the noise stopped. But that wasn't the only difference.
Instead of Dreams mask (at least, what they assumed used to be Dream mask) portraying the boot up, a lovesick face had taken its place. Only it wasn't moving in a circle motion anymore.
Frowning slightly and slowly removing her hands from their ears, (Y/n) squinted her eyes and leaned forward slightly to get a better view.
The head that had taken the place of Dream had strangely realistic features. Curly brown hair with a perfectly drawn beanie (Look! The game designers had even got the wrinkles in the cloth accurate) and an old band aid resting on his nose struck (Y/n) as vastly advanced. With little pink hearts for pupils and light blue drool spilling from their mouth, it got more realistic as they looked at it. As if she could reach out and touch him...
This isn't anyone from the DSMP. At least, not somebody that (Y/n) could recognize. Yet at the same time, a familiar feeling of knowing them itched at the back of their brain like a scab.
But as soon as it came, the icon disappeared. The game finally emerged ready and raring to go.
Just as Quin had described, the loading screen looked the absolute same as the login to Minecraft. Only if you took the time to stop and look at it would you notice the carefully picked and placed differences.
It wasn't the same old neather or overworld scene playing behind the login and sign up options; as it normally is in the block game. This time an invisible camera was panning across a messy and dark apartment. Monster cans, stray pieces of clothing, dirty dishes, and a trashed guitar were only one of the many immaculate details that (Y/n) could pick out before a pop up blocked their vision.
"Really?" They mumbled annoyed. Going to click the very tiny x up in the corner (and missing it a few hundred times), the irritable ad for an anime game disappeared into nothing more than a forgettable binary code.
And from out behind it popped the same guy as before.
(Y/n) made a confused sound as soon as they had clicked away the ad. From underneath it appeared a brand new addition to the login screen. It was the man with curly hair and a beanie, as stated before. Only this time he wasn't just a head. Now he had the rest of his body attached, which allowed (Y/n) to get a good gauge on how tall he was.
Along with the strangely acute facial details, he had on a black hoodie with long sleeved undershirt that was ridden with black and white stripes. Baggy grey sweatpants clung to his long legs like a life saver. He looked cozy, but broke. Like a college student.
The character was stuck in what seemed like a loop, waving their arms up and down in a gesture that seemed to say "notice me!!!"
(Y/n) once again was blown away by the amount of detail being put into this game. She almost couldn't tell that he was made of pixels, but then again every once in a while a small glitch around his eyes would remind them that this was a simulator.
"Seems different from what Q said..." They mumbled with a small chuckle. Despite their words, the gamer was not at all disappointed. In fact, they were rather exhilarated. No video game had this much dedication poured into it. At least, not that she had seen.
So with a hearty click and drag of their mouse, (Y/n) went to start.
Unbenownce to the adult, the moment that they clicked on the button they had sealed their fate.
After inserting their preferred pronouns, customization, and name into the game ( (Y/n) had almost put their gamer tag, but something in the back of their brain told them to put their real name) they jumped right into the simulation.
It slowly opened up into the same setting as the login screen. A dark apartment with messy surroundings, the same items thrown around aimlessly. As if somebody had been playing darts with random objects and losing miserably.
(Y/n) glanced over their shoulder behind them to do a quick sweep of their own room. Yup. Looked about the same.
Breathing out of their nose in a small laugh, she looked back at the screen. With a few taps on the arrows of her keyboard, they made the character stand up from the couch that they were, presumably, sitting on.
At the bottom of her screen, a speech bubble popped up for her player.
"Wow. I sure aṁ̶̡̘̳̫̰̫̻̤̭̜̔͘ ̸̞̥͙͋͗̄̄̽͆̇̋͠t̷̥͍̞͑͒̎̔̑̈́͒͐́i̶̡͖̳̪̐̿͋̊́̑̏̎̾͘r̷̰͓̯̺̹̩͑̃͊̂́͋̚e̸̯̺̰͕͚͊̂̍̀̾͋d̸͕͈̰̯͉̝̝̀̌͐͝"
(Y/n) rubbed at her eyes swiftly before opening again. Yeah, she saw it right the first time. The damn game was glitching again.
With a tired groan, they began mindlessly clicking their mouse over the reload button at the top of the tab. I mean, sure. A game as detailed and visually pleasing as this must come with repercussions, one of them being how glitchy and slow it was. But still! Couldn't the developers do something about this?
The more and more (Y/n) thought about it, the stranger the innocent seeming game began to seem. Didn't Quin say it dropped you in a minecraft world? With pixels? And what was up with this new character she had never seen before. Something just wasn't adding u-
With a ding, her mind was (Y/n) was being pulled back to the game once more. No longer was the dialogue twitching with jagged letters and symbols. In fact, there wasn't any dialogue. Just the POV.
The same exact guy as from the beginning ran into the frame. He had a toothy smile on, his heart pupil eyes pulsating in his irises. Gauzed hands fussing over his appearance, smoothing down his staticky hair and clothes, managed to successfully captivate (Y/n) for a moment.
They leaned back a little after taking in the strange character for a third time that day, surprised that the game was speaking and not just spelling out the dialogue before her with conveniently timed closed captioning. She just kept getting surprised every time they turned a corner in this game, it seemed.
"Uhm, hello?" They tentatively spoke out loud after waiting a lengthy period of time for something to happen. When nothing did, that's when they had decided to say something.
"Hi there (Y/n)! I'm Wilbur! Nice for you to finally meet me!" A long and lanky arm waved largely, white pearls still smiling brightly up at her.
Blanching slightly at his name, (Y/n) furrowed their brows. This wasn't Wilbur. He lived in a drug van at a currently being built country (as sad as that sounded); not a cheap looking apartment with a sticky pool of aged soda on their kitchen counter.
"But you can call me Simpbur if you'd like." He added on after a small silence. After his words came the dawning realization of recognition in (Y/n)'s brain. They could practically hear their own gears turning; creaking and snapping into place as the shade of Wilbur's brown eyes resonated something within them.
"Oh!" They switched tabs for a second, going into personal files before pulling up one titled Fanart. Inside it were multiple pictures of different DSMP members, some more than others.
After scrolling with long strides for a second or two, (Y/n) found the picture that they had been looking for. Inside the boxed in digital frame was a piece of fanart that they had found long ago, quickly forgetting about the work of art in their whirlwind of a life.
Digging up more memories, they remembered a period in their life a few months ago where they had read every Simpbur fanfiction that possibly existed (even the, ahem, 18+ things dare I say...); and saving every fanart that had ever been drawn. But the phase hadn't lasted very long, only stretching a week or two at most. I guess it was the lack of Simpbur content that had sucked (Y/n) dry of any passion for the pathetic man.
Flipping back to her original tab where Wilbur was patiently waiting for her with fidgeting fingers, (Y/n) cleared her throat with little effort to speak once more.
"Well, hey to you too Wilbur." The end of their statement seemed to go up in pitch. Almost as if it were a question. They still had no idea how this speech recognition worked. "It's nice to meet you as well."
His smile widened, if that's even possible. It had more of a dreamy quality to it now than the friendly and general one that was plastered over his monster stained lips before. But (Y/n) brushed it off. After all, this was a dating simulator. The characters were probably supposed to act smitten in certain ways.
But they couldn't help but wonder where everyone else was...
"You have no idea how long I've waited to finally talk to you!" Wilbur giggled nervously. He bounced up and down on his heels with hands clasped tightly. (Y/n) looked to the side, breathing out softly as a laugh.
"We certainly haven't known each other long, that's for sure. And I'm positive that later in the game after I meet other people we can talk again." They joked while trying to make small talk with him. But he seemed to freeze in place, eyes wide with a more strained smile.
"Haha, what other people?" Wilbur's eye ticked, and a small growl came from his throat. (Y/n) checked behind her computer, thinking it was a piece of machinery acting up. Again.
"I really need to get this piece of crap fixed." They murmured before turning back to what their new companion had said before.
"What do you mean Wilbur?" (Y/n) asked. "The other people...in your, uh, town."
"Oh it's just us for now!" He said nothing more after that, only taking a step forward to the screen. But she didn't notice, too busy taking in how surreal this whole experience was.
(Y/n) hummed and went to inconspicuously switch tabs. The discord home screen popped up again, her DM's with Quin coming into view.
They typed a quick, "hey dude, this game is hella weird and not at all what you said. hope you didn't spend money. i think it might be an advanced ripoff, as weird as that sounds :/" before going right back to Wilbur once more.
"Sorry about that Wilbur, had to-"
"Why do you keep doing that (Y/n)?" He interrupted, hands no longer interwoven tightly with each other. (Y/n) paused, blinking twice while observing his new potion. Wilbur seemed to be much closer to the screen now. His eyebags that (Y/n) had somehow missed before cast shadows on his face. And a smile had no longer appeared on his lips.
He now was staring- no that isn't the right word. Boreing holes into her face with a stony expression. As if waiting for an explanation. Like an owner trying shaking his head at a puppy for making a mess in the house.
"Doing what." They asked carefully. This time (Y/n) certainly noticed how the corners of his mouth twitched and hand flexed dangerously.
"Switching tabs. Am I not good enough for you?" He asked with a newfound pout, a small crack forming down the shape on the inside of his heart pupils. (Y/n) gaped, mouth opening and closing at random intervals.
"W-w- how did, no of course not!?" She sputtered incredulously. "But how did you know about that!?"
A more severe glitch than ever before spread across the screen. (Y/n) watched helpless and with eyes wide as saucers as the screen changed from the game, to pure white, a mess of binary code, back to the game, white again-
They sat there terrified as in between every switch on the screen, the only constant interval was Wilbur, standing there with glowing pink eyes and drool dripping down his chin from a crazed and dare I say loveing smile.
"Have I ever told you that I LOVE you (Y/n)...?" Wilbur cooed with a staticky voice, walking closer and closer to the screen.
"Have I ever told you that you're mine?" He asked again, still walking towards (Y/n) with a lovesick and wobbly grin. She pushed herself into her gaming chair, telling their mind that this was just a hallucination and that they needed to go to sleep.
"And that you're only mine."
Then nothing
Quin bit his finger nails anxiously as he typed yet another message to (Y/n)
It had been almost seven hours since he had gotten her last message. Normally the internet addicted pair would respond within mere minutes of receiving a text from the other. But like I said, it had been seven hours and no sign of Quins other half.
With a sigh, he leaned back in his chair, draping arm over his baggy and bloodshot eyes.
"I'm sure they're okay.." He mumbled, not sounding convinced in the slightest.
"I'm sure of it..."
Tumblr media
Also, I would like to give a shoutout to my avian today. I absolutely love you King and cant wait to give you a big fucking hug. I wouldn't be here without you <3
Thoughts on Quin? I think he's a fucking bad ass bitch in my opinion
3738 words
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babyboibucky · a year ago
Salt, Sugar and Viruses
Pairing: Office!Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: You’ve been secretly making coffee for Bucky at the office.
Word Count: 1,962
Warnings: Two idiots just doing idiot things
A/N: This was done in a haste so I kinda hate it lol but I can’t get this story out of my head and thanks to @bitchassbucky for pushing me to write a full fic of this 🥰 luv u 🥺
Tumblr media
"You have a crush on Barnes' grumpy ass?!" Sam choked out.
You angrily hushed him and frantically looked around the pantry to make sure that your secret was still safe. Fortunately, only you, Sam and Nat were inside having your respective afternoon breaks.
"What? He's nice. And cute." you told Sam as you stirred your coffee, smiling to yourself at the thought of your office crush, Bucky.
"How'd you even meet him, he works all the way at the IT department." Sam asked.
Nat snorted recalling the encounters she witnessed for the past few months. Some of which were unintentional but most of them? You had carefully planned out just so you could come up with an excuse to request for Bucky's assistance.
"She might have gotten viruses in her computer once...or twice. Or thrice." Nat teased.
The first time you met Bucky was when most of your files suddenly got corrupted. It was hella embarrassing because you didn't know shit about how computers worked and well, you've been illegally downloading torrents since the office's internet connection was a gift from the internet gods. Without a doubt, your computer was a nest for viruses.
Bucky showed up in your floor that morning and you almost sunk into your seat from shame. You'd heard the IT Department complain about everybody else in the office messing up their computer systems. When you turned around, Bucky greeted you with a charming smile and soft hello. You could still remember how he felt when he stayed behind you as you sat on your chair, bending over to take your mouse in his hand.
God, he smelled so good you almost turned your head to nuzzle your face into his neck.
He was very soft-spoken you realized; Bucky was kind enough to walk you through the process and to be honest, you couldn't recall a damn thing he said. Something about firewalls? And shields? Whatever, you didn't really listen. You just stared at Bucky as he explained everything, solving your problem in less than fifteen minutes.
Since then, your crush for Bucky grew bigger. You'd entered the elevator together a couple of times, shared small conversations that made your heart flutter. When those little moments didn't seem enough, you started your devious plan to fuck up your computer a bit. By the third time Bucky fixed your computer, he was already comfortable enough to tease you for being a "virus magnet".
"Hello? Young lady, come back to earth." Sam snapped his finger right in front of your face, interrupting your thoughts.
You clicked your tongue at him and swatted his hand away. "If you ever tell this to anyone, Wilson. You are dead." you warned, poinitng a finger at him.
Sam rolled his eyes, "It's so unfair how he's kind to you. Last time I requested for his assistance he got all smug and grumpy at me." he complained.
Nat shook her head in amusment, "That's because you've been downloading porn. You know the IT department can access our browser histories, right?"
You choked on your coffe, "WHAT?!"
Nat narrowed her eyes at you, "You been up to no good for you to react like that?"
You faceplamed, "I've been stalking his Facebook account."
Sam chortled, "What are you, in high school? Jesus, calm down. You're gonna be fine. Why don't you just tell him you like him?"
You made a face, "I'm not Nat to have the guts to do that."
Nat hummed, bringing her mug to the sink to wash it. "Why don't you start by making him coffee?"
"I don't know how he likes his coffee."
You received a pointed look from both your friends. You groaned in defeat, "Okay, fine. I know how Bucky likes his coffee."
Nat smirked, "Stalker."
Bucky always arrived in the office half an hour before nine in the morning. This gives him time to settle into his cubicle, buy a sandwich at the stall downstairs and to make himself a cup of coffee. It was his daily routine and upon going back to his desk after buying his breakfast sandwich, Bucky was surprised to see a cup of newly brewed coffee on his desk.
He looked around but there were no signs of anyone. There wasn't even a note of some sort. Carefully, he brought the cup to his face and inhaled its scent. Shrugging, he took a tiny sip.
"How's the little secret admirer doing?" Nat asked, grabbing a chair and sitting down beside you.
You deadpanned, "I've been leaving him his coffee for an entire week now and nothing's happened yet."
Nat frowned, "Are you kidding me? Why would you expect for something to happen when you haven't been leaving any clues?" she said.
"I'm shy, okay?! Maybe I should hide somewhere, check for his reaction. See whether I have a chance." you shrugged.
It was stupid of you to leave the coffee on Bucky's desk. You never stayed to wait for him. You just left it there without a note or anything that would even give him a clue about you and your little crush on him. You knew the reason why, of course. You were afraid of rejection. Sometimes, you'd feel like you have a chance with him since he was always so kind and warm to you. Not to mention, everyone in the office knows him to be grumpy but around you, he was totally the opposite of that.
But then again, maybe he was just nice to you because you were nice to him too.
One morning after leaving Bucky his coffee, you finally decided to leave him a note. You ran back to your cubicle to get a post-it and a pen. Before you could even walk around your desk, you spotted Bucky headed over to the pantry, the cup of coffee in his hand.
"Fuck, okay. Maybe I should just directly ask him out?" you thought to yourself.
You quickly followed Bucky into the pantry and almost whined when you saw that Sam was inside as well. You widened your eyes at him, signalling for him to leave but Sam was preoccupied on observing Bucky who seemed to be in a bad mood.
"Rough morning?" Sam just had to ask as you awkwardly stood by the doorway, finding the right timing to butt in.
Bucky's forehead creased as he let out a huff, "Rough weeks, actually." he answered.
You opened your mouth to say something comforting, wanting to lift Bucky's spirits up but he turned around and glanced at you and then back to Sam.
"Does anyone hate me in this office?" Bucky asked.
You and Sam exchanged looks, both of utter confusion before shaking your heads in unison. "Why'd you ask?" Sam asked.
Bucky lifted the cup of coffee that you made, "Someone's been making me coffee." he stated.
You cleared your throat, "...is it bad?" you asked.
Bucky made a face, "Terrible actually."
"I mean, the first time I saw it I was actually flattered. And then I took a sip and it's just...salty." Bucky said, pouring the coffee into the sink before throwing it into the bin.
Sam's head snapped towards your direction, his face almost red from biting back a laugh. Your face heated up at the realization that you've been putting salt into Bucky's coffee instead of sugar. All this time. You wanted to disappear right then and there. And Sam had to be the one to witness your huge failure.
"I thought it was a mistake since the next day, there was another coffee on my desk. I tried it out and it's still salty. It lasted a week, you guys. And I was dumb enough to keep on tasting it in hopes that it might have been a genuine mistake. But now I'm starting to think that someone hates me that much to fuck my coffee up." Bucky explained, face scrunched up into a mixture of irritation and curiosity.
Sam failed to stifle his laughter and exploded, "Funniest shit I've ever heard." he told Bucky before standing up and making his way to the door where you stood.
Your face was red and if the salt and sugar mishap was already humiliating enough, Sam decided to make things even worse for you.
"You really need to check the labels before pouring shit into his coffee." and with that, Sam gave your shoulder a squeeze before leaving the pantry.
Closing your eyes, you took a deep breath and tried to calm yourself. When you opened them, Bucky was staring at you with an expression you couldn't paint.
"Did you...were you the one leaving me coffee?" he asked.
You secretly pinched yourself in the arm to check whether you were just dreaming. Fuck, you hoped you were having a nightmare but the pain that you felt made it clear that you totally fucked up.
You nodded in embarrassment.
"You hate me that much?" Bucky asked in disbelief, as if he was offended that out of all people, it had to be you.
You quickly shook your head, "No, God no! I just...it's because I..." you stammered, trying to find the courage to spit out the words you've been dying to tell Bucky.
Bucky tilted his head, "Because you...?" he urged.
Your hands balled into fists as you let out another deep breath. Bucky probably hates you right now, but whatever. This was your only chance and to hell, you were going to confess.
"Because I like you?"
You didn't think that Bucky's confused look could even turn more...well, confused. But he was looking at you incredulously as though you've grown a second head, or a third head.
"You like me so you decided to put salt in my coffee?" he asked again.
You honestly didn't know who sounded even more stupid now, you or Bucky. Because if he still didn't understand what was going on, he was dense as fuck.
"No!" you explained. "I wanted to make you a decent cup of coffee but I guess I was too careless and didn't realize that I've been putting in salt instead of sugar." you said.
Bucky didn't say anything after that. He just stared at you, but he didn't seem confused anymore. If any, he looked like he was processing the entire situation.
"You like me." he stated again.
Will your embarrassment ever end?!
"Yes, Bucky. And I messed up my chance and you know what? I'm just going to show myself out and leave you alone." you told him and forced a fake grin before attempting to walk out.
A hand gripped your wrist, pulling you back into the pantry. This time, Bucky was the one who looked embarrassed.
"I might have...done something pretty stupid too." he said, avoiding your gaze as he rubbed the back of his neck.
You eyed him suspiciously, "What do you mean?"
"I uhh...I did something to your computer...the day before you requested for my assistance for the first time." Bucky admitted shyly.
It was your turn to get muddled at Bucky's confession. "But why?" you asked.
Bucky offered a shy smile, "Because I've been seeing you around the building and thought you were cute."
And then everything clicked. It was a light bulb moment for the both of you.
"Oh. Ohhh okay. I see." you said before suddenly breaking into laughter.
Bucky joined you and scratched his head, "I guess we're both idiots." he said, placing his hands inside his pockets as he stared at you.
"This went...way more interesting than I thought." you said with a nod.
There was a pause before you decided to speak up, "So, do you want coffee?"
Bucky beamed at you as he nodded, "As long as you'll use sugar this time."
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strawberrymilkgeorge · a year ago
Part Nine. Minecraft Dating 101
warnings: swearing, mostly super freaking fluffy but some oopsies at the end (which is the barely-there angst that i mentioned before!!), pet names?? if that bothers you??? (like...... one or both of them might use baby.........) word count: 5.3k (not including pictures)
behind the screen (irl dream x f!reader) series masterlist ultimate masterlist
A/N: HEHEH SORRY ITS SO LONG SORRY hope you guys like it!!!! hope it lives up to your standards of minecraft dates lol also thank you guys all for all your suggestions!!! i loved all of them so much!!!! i would have added every idea except this was already 5k words so its much less “flirting” and more so “oh gosh im so nervous what am i supposed to do” from both of them so hehe i think thats more endearing anyway
Tumblr media
The familiar sound of a FaceTime call connecting rang in Y/n's ears and she held her phone up to her face. "Hi, Karl," she sighed.
"Y/N!!" he said with a cackle. "ARE YOU READY FOR YOUR DATE?!"
"Shut up, I'm doing this for you."
"I already gave you the tour though so really you could back out. You're choosing to stay." His voice was teasing and giddy. "Why's that, hmm?"
Heat rose instantly to Y/n's face. "Because I'm a woman of my word?"
"OkaAaAyy," he sang. "Or because you liiiiikeee himmm."
"Shhhut up, Karl. No, I don't."
"Is this why you called me?"
He giggled. "Yeah, but—"
Y/n disconnected the call and set her phone down with a small laugh and a shake of her head.
Tumblr media
With her stream started and her chat greeted, the donation limit raised to $100 (both because she didn't want to be flooded with questions on the date and because she didn't want people to donate their hard-earned money), Y/n logged onto Dream's SMP and found the voice call Dream was in, George's name right under his.
After she clicked it to join, a small gasp emitted from her headphones before she heard Dream mutter something. "Get out, get out, leave."
George's voice was normal. "But I wanna—"
"GEORGE!" Dream yelled, making Y/n giggle.
"Fine!" George yelled back. "Have fun you two," he sang like Karl did before a sound from Discord told them that he left.
It was silent for a second before, "Hi."
"Hi." She giggled. "What was that about?"
"Oh, nothing, nothing. Just some last minute, uh, setting up."
She hummed, amused at the sound of his frantic voice.
"So, um... are you ready for our date?"
"I don't even know where you are. I'm still in my house."
"Knock, knock," he said with a laugh. Y/n turned to see green peeking through the cutouts on her oak door and she laughed.
She ran to the door and opened it for him, revealing Dream in a slightly altered version of his Minecraft skin. He looked the same, except the white blob appeared to be wearing a necktie of some sort. "You look ridiculous," she admitted with a smile. "Wait, is this a fancy date? Should I change my skin?"
"It's not fancy, I just wanted to look my best for the prettiest girl in the world."
"Ohmygosh," she muttered to herself, hoping that writing off his charming words and actions as annoying would make her face not heat up as much. So far, it hadn't worked. Two minutes in and she was already blushing like a schoolgirl whose crush asked her to play tag at recess. "So, I'm not underdressed?"
"No, you're always perfect."
She didn't comment, opting for an eye-roll instead. Truthfully, she wanted to flirt back with him, try to make his heart beat fast like hers already was, but she was worried her words wouldn't come off joking and that the true intention would be obvious, that he'd be able to breeze right past the jovial tone and hear the sincerity in her words. Wait, true intention? What was her true intention? Her true intention should obviously be to just joke around and have some fun, but deep down she knew the motivation for teasing him came from somewhere different, somewhere more meaningful.
She wanted to tease him because she wanted to be the one to make him blush, to make him trip over his words and not know what to do with his hands.
Why? Well, she was still figuring that out.
"If you're ready, follow me, ma'am."
"Where are you taking me?" she asked as she followed his character down prime path.
"Hmmm..." he mused. "A secret, obviously."
"Obviously," she scoffed. She noticed that he was several blocks ahead of her and she smiled to herself. "Hey, Dream?"
"Hm?" he asked, spinning to face her as he ran backward.
"I don't know how many dates you've been on, but usually people walk together. You know, gives them an excuse to maybe hold hands or at least enjoy each other's company?" She made sure her voice had just the right balance of teasing and seriousness, curious as to how he would respond.
"I, uh... oh."
"Unless you want me to just meet you there. I mean, you're practically running away from me."
"I'm just excited!" he excused, stopping briefly so she could catch up with him.
"But look at how many beautiful things there around us to look at while we get to where we're going!" she told him. "Well, maybe not that," she said with a laugh as she punched her fist towards Tommy's dirt house. "But other things."
Dream laughed and continued to walk next to her like she requested, pausing if he ever got too far ahead. "How can I look at all those when the most beautiful thing is walking right next to me?"
She's never rolled her eyes so hard in her life. "Shut up," she mumbled as she punched him.
"OW! BUG!"
"That was supposed to be a pat on the arm but Minecraft only has one level of hitting and it's a punch. Sorry."
Dream wheezed briefly before containing his laughter. "This way," he instructed, getting off the path and starting into the woods.
"Oh, really you're trying to kill me. That's why you didn't want me to wear anything nice. Didn't want me to ruin any of my fancy stuff."
"Foiled my plans," he joked lightly. "Okay but really, um, I was thinking—well, so you already have a house but I was thinking we could build one together. Or build something, I don't know. But you're really good at building and I know you really enjoy it so I thought maybe you could show—like, teach me and then later I'll teach you something and then we can have a little picnic dinner."
Y/n smiled at her nervousness. "Hey, that actually sounds really fun!"
"What? What do you mean actually?" He laughed. "What, did you expect me to plan something boring?"
She laughed over his dramatic pouting. "No, but I mean, I didn't know what to expect," she said shyly. "I do have to say, though, I'm not sure what you plan on teaching me. I'm pretty much a master at all possible Minecraft skills, so..."
"Oh, really?" he taunted. "Everything?"
"Mhm," she hummed, her confidence wavering at his smooth voice.
"We'll see about that..."
"Unless you mean you're gonna teach me how to code Minecraft. That's a Minecraft skill I will admit I know nothing about."
"No, no, nothing like that," he said with a laugh.
"Good, save the programming talk for later."
"For laaater, hmmm?" he sang flirtatiously.
"Oh my gosh," she said through a laugh. "You would think that's what I meant."
"Hey, you're the one that said you think it's cute when I talk about coding. Maybe you're into that."
"I was saying it's sweet hearing you talk about stuff you like, you nerd. Why did you immediately think—what, is your idea of dirty talk talking about... like... computer viruses?"
"Hey girl, lemme clean out your motherboard," she mocked in a deep voice. "You overclock my processor. Lemme program your, uh—uh...hAHA, nevermind, ew, no."
"BUG?! WHAAAT? What is wrong with you?" His gasps for breath between wheezes made her laugh with him. "Don't ever talk like that again, pleASE."
"I won't, I won't, I'm sorry. Oh my gosh."
"Is that your idea of flirting? You are bad!"
"No, no, no!" She laughed. "I was making fun of you. No, I'm actually really good."
She couldn't stop giggling to herself for a few minutes, embarrassed but also proud of the reaction she got from Dream. She loved hearing him laugh as if he would never stop, it made her heart so happy to hear, especially when she was the one who caused it.
Though she feared her horrible pickup lines, if you could even call them that, were already clipped, ready to be used against her for the rest of her life. Worth it. Probably.
They approached a cleared-out area in the woods and Dream stopped and turned to Y/n. "So, we're here. What should we build?"
"Oh, so now I have to plan? Wow, you are so underprepared," she joked.
"What, no! I originally... I wanted to build a, like, a house together because I didn't— I forgot you made your—your house already and—but since you already have one—"
"We can still build a house," she interrupted with a soft voice. Him fumbling over his words was very endearing but also very confusing. How serious was he taking this bit? Or was he... actually nervous? She was actually nervous but she had reasons to be: a huge live audience to entertain and not ignore, and the weird staticky, itchy feeling in her tummy every time Dream spoke to her. Both valid reasons to be nervous. What was his excuse?
"Really? You wanna build a home together?"
Heat rose to her cheeks at his wording and she hummed. "Mhm. You can be my secret lover I hide in my vacation home. Like a second life kinda deal."
He scoffed. "Oh, now I'm just your side piece, Bug?"
"Nah, you're my main bitch, baby. I just wanna hide you away to keep you for myself because I'm selfish."
There was silence on his end for a few moments, making Y/n's face practically catch fire as she thought about her words. Why did she say that?? How can he flirt all the time but as soon as she says something: dead silence.
"Well.... shhhhhit," he finally mumbled definitively.
"You wanted me to flirt with you, Dream. You literally asked me too!" She laughed, trying to cover up her embarrassment. It had been less than 20 minutes and she already made a fool of herself.
"I did, I did, I just—wow. Come on, that was... I didn't expect you to go from never flirting to calling me baby!"
"Too much?" she bit her lip as she waited for him to explain if it was a good or bad thing.
He paused again. "....no."
She laughed loudly, pulling her hoodie collar up to her face in an attempt to rid herself of the giddiness and heat on her face. Like anyone could see anyway.
"So, a house?"
"A house."
"What kind of house do you think we should build together, Dream?"
"Maybe...." he thought as he ran around the area. "Maybe, like, a log cabin? Since we're in a forest. It's fitting..."
"Very true, very true..." she thought. "I was thinking a castle was more suited for you, king, but a cabin works too."
"Bug!" he yelled, laughter bubbling up in his voice. "What is wrong with you?"
"What?" she said defensively, giggling.
"You're a handful today," he groaned under his breath and she smiled. Though his words said one thing, Y/n could tell he was enjoying her energy.
"So, a dinky, old cabin, or what?"
"Whatever you want to build," he sighed.
"You always this agreeable?"
"Only to you."
"Well, I honestly don't have much practice with building cabins and since I want to show off my skills, I mean, that's the whole point of this, right? For me to impress you with my skills?"
Dream laughed so she continued.
"I think we should build a treehouse."
"A treehouse?"
"Mhm. What do you think? I make a pretty bomb treehouse."
"That sounds awesome!" he agreed. "Oh, and it could go from, like, one tree to another and, like, connect with a bridge! Like, the living room on one and the bedroom on another."
"Yeah, exactly! Okay, it's settled."
"What do we need? What do you want me to do?"
"I'm thinking.... we use cobblestone?"
Dead silent. Literally no noise until a few moments later, ".......Bug. This might be a deal-breaker."
"I'm joooking! You think I'd build something out of cobblestone? Who am I, Tommy? No, what's your favorite wood?"
"Dark oak."
"GOOD. Me too. So.... we need dark oak. Or, wait! Okay, hear me out."
"I'm hearing..." Dream prompted as he pressed A and D on his keyboard back and forth, earning a giggle from Y/n. He character was bouncing left and right is excitement.
"Dark oak planks..." she started.
"Stone bricks..."
"Go on."
"And green wool for accents."
"Well, now you're just pandering."
"No!" she laughed. "Not, like, lime wool. Green wool. It's close to you but not as... obnoxiously blinding."
"I trust your vision. I'll go get materials."
"Perfect, you're the best, Dweam."
"Yeah, yeah," he grumbled before laughing. "You pick out a tree you think would be best for the main part."
40 minutes later, they were nowhere near being done. Y/n had shown him how to make a good house layout after he placed the floor in the shape of a square. She had yelled at him for it first, of course. They also had the frame of the walls and one bridge but nothing on the other side of said bridge. Not wanting the stream to last six hours since this was only the first part of the date, Y/n made a suggestion.
"What if...."
"What if what?" Dream asked, pausing to look at her character, who had stopped fixing his mistakes. "Did I mess something up?"
"No, I was just thinking. What if we make this the whole house and do a little garden on the other side of the bridge? Or like a little cute thing."
"A little cute thing?" Dream laughed.
"You know, like a thing," she said, knowing she hadn't clarified anything. "I forgot this is only date one, you can't read my mind yet."
"Oh, so there are gonna be future dates? I thought this was just to pay off your debt?"
She paused, playing with her hoodie strings between her left hand. "Well, I guess we'll see."
Dream laughed. "So, what little cute thing did you want to make?"
"We could put a bench facing the sunset and have some potted flowers and hang lanterns and stuff."
"Oh, like a romantic spot?"
"I guess if you wanna think of it like that."
"Sounds cute," he said. "So, we have to change the layout in here then?"
"Nah, I mean, we can just not add a kitchen, we obviously don't need one anyway."
"True. Then all we need is to put our bed down, right?"
"Beds," Y/n corrected.
"Well, when they're together it looks like one big bed."
"Who said we're putting out beds together?"
"Buuuuggg..." he whined. "Come on... lemme put my bed next to yours."
She giggled again. What was with all the giggling, sheesh. "No. There's plenty of space, put it somewhere else." She placed her white bed down in the corner and went across the bridge to bring her idea to life, or, to Minecraft.
It only took about ten minutes and she finished when Dream spoke again. "I think I'm done."
"I am too! Let's take one final look around." She went back inside and immediately noticed his bed right next to hers. She stared at his character and he laughed.
"Whaaat?" he asked shyly and she just sighed, letting it happen. They took a look around and agreed that it was basically the best treehouse in the entire universe, both in Minecraft and real life.
"Bug, you're so good at building," Dream complimented as he ran around the house. "What's your favorite part?"
"Ummm...." She looked around before deciding on the bridge. "I like how you made the bridge. And I like the little touches you added to it. It's nice."
"Thanks! I think the 'little cute thing' you did is the best part."
"Shut up, I can't stand you," she scoffed. "But thanks."
"Hey, Bug?" Dream asked, leading her back into the house. He faced the two beds placed together and she prepared herself for the worst joke of all time. "Is this where all the programming talk happens?"
"I knew it! I knew you were gonna say that! Shut up!" She punched Dream as he laughed loudly and she couldn't stop smiling. "You're such a nerd. You're so annoying."
"OH! I have an idea, wait here."
It had been a solid eight and a half minutes of Y/n waiting for Dream and he showed no signs of returning. He was silent too, so she resorted to saying random things to get him to crack.
"When will my husband return from war?" she joked, her voice laced with sadness and longing.
There was a small suppressed laugh from his mic, but still no words.
"Sometimes I think I can still hear him laughing at me."
He must have gotten reeeaaalll close to his mic, because his next words, the first ones he had spoken in almost ten minutes, were whispered but she felt like he was in her ear. "I'll be home soon, baby."
Once again, she was so glad her chat couldn't see her because she literally shivered and her face was so warm she felt like she was glowing.
For the first time all stream, her eyes betrayed her and she looked at her chat as she pulled her hoodie collar up to her face.
user4: i think i just passed out
user2: hey bestie i cant do this rn
user9: they can't talk to each other like that and say they're just friends pleASE
Also for the first time all stream, someone dared to donate at her limit (which, again, was ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS).
karakatara donated $100 I had to donate bc I just HAD to tell you how cute you and dream are! honestly my favorite couple ever and I was just wondering how long you've been dating??? love you and your videos!!!!!
It was $100. She had to answer it. Meaning, she had to use words after Dream said that like that and she wasn't sure that was physically possible right now.
"Aren't you going to answer?" Dream taunted.
"Wha—what, are you—you stream watching, you weirdo?" she forced out. "Why?"
"I wanted to read your chat, they're really funny."
"I haven't been reading it."
"What, why? They've been so funny this whole time."
"I've been too scared to."
"Too scared? Of what?"
Of the jokes that she wanted to be real? Of seeing something so cute only to break her heart when she remembers it's all a joke? Of seeing someone hate her for being so close to Dream? Many things.
"Of seeing something... that boosts your ego."
"What? Oh, come on. Hey, answer the dono. Someone gave you their hard earned money for that."
"Yeah, wait, chat, I had the limit that high so you DON'T donate! Why on earth would you—"
"You're avoiding the question."
"We aren't actually dating! Not actually a couple!" she said with a laugh, though something in her heart was very much against laughing at that fact. "Obviously not."
"Well, it's only the first date, so, we'll see I guess, but..."
"I cannot stand you. Thank you so much for the dono, though, Karakatara. You're insane for... yeah. Thank you so much." She turned her attention back to Dream. "Actually though are you ever coming back?"
"Yeah, what, I'm almost there. I see the you staring out the window. ."
When he got inside, he dropped a blue cornflower for Y/n and stepped back. "Okay, now, give that to me."
She followed, not understanding. "For you, Dream." She dropped the flower.
"Aw, Bug! That's so kind! Aw! Thank you! Here's a flower for you, too!" He dropped her a red poppy and then put two item frames on the wall above their beds. He put the blue cornflower above his bed and she followed by putting the red one above hers. "Now that's my favorite part of the house."
"You didn't want to use the real ones? What, did you lose my flower or something?"
"Hell no!" he defended loudly. "No, I just don't want someone to steal that one. It's in my enderchest for safe-keeping."
He said it so casually like it was no big deal, but her heart soared. She too had his flower in her enderchest.
"This," she said dramatically with a sigh, "is now a treehome."
"I already told you I'm the best PVP player out there."
"Bug, honey, I've seen you play Bedwars. You're trash."
"Hey!" Hehe, honey. Shut up brain.
"But that's okay! I'm here to teach you."
Y/n's character stood across a makeshift battlefield from Dream's, an axe in hand and armor that was definitely donated by DreamXD on her body. "This is kinda sexist of you. Assuming I know how to name a cute house but not fight."
"Oh no, that's not—crap. Bug, I'm only basing this off of your streams, which I watch all the time—"
Once again, he said something so casual and yet it still made her heart skip three beats and once again, she grabbed the collar of her hoodie and pulled it up to hide her face. This thing had to be stretched by now from how often it was yanked on in this stream alone.
"—and don't get me wrong, you're great! But you're also good at a lot of stuff and—"
"Dream!" she giggled out. "I'm teasing. I admit you're much better than me."
"I wouldn't say much better but... it's the only thing I could possibly teach you anything about because you're just so good at Minecraft." His tone was sarcastic at this point but she knew he was meaning what he said.
"Whatever. Come on, Dream, show me how it's done."
He actually had a lot of very useful tips that Y/n otherwise would have never thought about. I guess when you tryhard Minecraft, she thought, you learn a thing or two about pvp. It was a complete joke, but she still kept it to herself.
"I could basically beat anyone now," she said confidently.
"Yeah, basically. Except maybe Technoblade."
"Nah, even him."
"Let's see how good you really are. To the death."
"What?" She laughed. "You're gonna try to kill me on our date?"
"Yeah, scared?" Seconds later, a creeper exploded near Dream and he screeched, jumping back. Y/n lost it. She laughed loudly, clutching her stomach.
"Dr-Dream!" She laughed. "What the hell was that?"
"It scared me!" he argued. "Here, I'll protect you," he offered, running past her and killing a skeleton that was shooting towards her.
"I don't need protecting, especially from you! Besides, if you're trying to kill me, you'd let the mobs get me."
"No," he decided. "No one's allowed to kill my Bug."
She was literally going to explode. "Wh—"
"Only I get to."
"Dream!" she scoffed, running to kill the skeleton first. She succeeded and he pouted.
"Hey—I did more damage than you, you just had the final hit."
"Really? Cause to me it looks like I'm your knight in shining armor."
"Nuh-uh," he spat.
"Dream. F5 right now, you're covered in arrows."
There was a pause. "Oh whatever." He hit her once and that's all it took for them to start fighting, throwing jokes and taunts at each other the whole time, eventually resulting in a satisfying win for her.
Dream was slain by Bugsy
<Tubbo> i thogt you were on a date <Ranboo> well definitley not anymore <Ranboo> is that canon <JackManifoldTV> WOMEN
"What was that about you being better than me?" Y/n teased.
"Oh, come ON! I still had damage from the skeleton, and besides, I taught you everything you know!"
"That just makes you a very good teacher, Dream," she said sincerely and he paused, probably expecting her to insult him instead of compliment him.
"Yeah, suck up now that you've murdered me."
They were finally at their final stop, three hours into the stream. Not too bad on time, though this was probably the longest Minecraft date in the history of Minecraft dates. Also the best, but maybe Y/n was biased.
There was a huge tree, obviously built instead of naturally generated, with lanterns hanging down and lighting areas of the dark world around them. Under that was a checkered pattern of carpet, a single chest in the center with a potted plant sitting next to it.
"The carpet is supposed to look like a, uh, what's it called... picnic blanket?" Dream explained as they approached the scene, clearly not happy with how it turned out. "It looks weird. Nothing compared to the treehouse you built."
"We built," she corrected. "And this looks awesome, Dream," Y/n complimented. "It's is also my favorite colors."
"Yeah, I had some help from Karl on that one."
She leaned back in her chair in real life and pressed her hands to her face. Oh, it was so unfair how cute he was when he was shy like this. She glanced at chat, which only made her face go from the temperature of molten lava to basically the sun. She was going to explode.
She hummed, a little giggle coming out as well. "That's cute."
She sat (crouched) on the picnic blanket (piece of carpet) while Dream put a disc in the jukebox off to the side.
"Is that a Tommy disc?" she giggled and Dream laughed.
"No, no, no, don't worry. There shouldn't be any continuations of wars interrupting our date."
"Shouldn't be," she emphasized, noticing someone approaching them from the distance.
Dream was about to speak when Quackity reached them and quickly joined the voice channel.
"Oh no," Dream sighed. "We've come so far."
"AYYEEE WHAT'S GOING ON, MAN?!" Quackity yelled in his Mexican Dream voice, his voice bubbling with laughter. "IS THIS A DATE OR SOMETHING, MAN?"
"Quackity, go AWAY!" Dream ordered, punching the character who had stripped to his underwear. "YOU'RE INDECENT! THERE IS A LADY HERE!"
Y/n laughed, enjoying the scene of fancy Dream hitting naked Quackity away from their picnic dinner.
"I'm your waiter, I'm your waiter!" Quackity said in his normal voice, still laughing. "DREAM! WILL YOU STO— QUIT HITTING ME!"
This had turned chaotic very quickly.
"We don't need a waiter," Dream informed him.
"Then I'm the singing gram you ordered." He started singing a song and Dream groaned. "HEY THERE DELILAH WHAT'S IT LIKE IN NEW YORK CITY—"
"No! You're being a clout chaser, go away!"
"I'm honestly impressed we made it this far without anyone coming into the voice channel," Y/n admitted.
"I paid them," Dream joked.
"You did not!" Karl's voice suddenly came through and Y/n laughed. "We were all just being polite and staying away but we're getting bored! We've been so patient!"
"Yeah, hurry up! We wanna play!!!" Sapnap whined. "Dream, it's not fair for you to steal Bugsy from us for so long."
"Oh my gosh!" she exclaimed with a laugh as Dream laughed along.
"Just ten minutes! Ten more minutes!" Dream bargained but none of them would have it. "Just so I can say goodbye!"
"No!" George insisted. "Right now!"
"Look, wait, wait, hold on—"
<Sapnap joined the game> <GeorgeNotFound joined the game> <KarlJacobs joined the game>
"—hold ON!" Dream begged, watching as the three boys ran and joined Quackity by the picnic blanket.
Y/n could not stop laughing at all the avatars around them. The date had been so peaceful and cute but all good things must come to a chaotic end.
"Wait, come on, Karl, Karl, Karl," Dream said quickly. "Come here. Bug, just a sec, please. Stay right there."
"Okay," she agreed, curious to see his plan.
Karl followed him and of course Sapnap couldn't help but also join them.
"Okay," Dream whispered loudly, clearly wanting everyone to hear his offer. He crouched and the other two copied. "Just give me ten minutes—"
"Ten?" Sapnap asked loudly.
"Shhh!!! Yes, ten minutes, to say goodbye and, you know, end the date."
There was a long, thick pause. "What exactly are your intentions with Bugsy Games," Karl asked seriously, matching Dream's whisper.
"Well, I wanna make sure she gets home safe, you know, so I'm gonna drop her off and, I don't know, see if maybe.... maybe she'll give me a hug?"
Karl and Sapnap both gasped dramatically and Y/n giggled, sparing a glance at her chat who were all freaking out.
"What the hell?" Quackity said while laughing. He and George were still standing near Y/n so they were just watching the goons with her.
"Bugsy is not that kind of girl!" Sapnap protested. "You think she's just gonna give you a hug?"
"Sapnap! Do you not know how to whisper???"
George let a loud laugh slip before slapping his hand over his mouth, which his mic picked up.
"Okay, Dream, wait, so you're gonna try to... hug her?" Karl clarified. "She won't even let me hug her. Good luck."
"Well, I'm not going to force her into anything but, I don't know, she said something about holding my hand earlier so I just thought maybe there's a possibility—"
"WHAT?" Karl yelled before going back to the whisper. "Okay, okay, don't panic, but that's huge. Dadnap, a word?"
He and Sapnap broke off from Dream and formed their own huddle, except their whispers were incoherent mumblings that weren't even English.
"Oh my gosh," Y/n groaned loudly, an unmistakable laugh behind her words.
"Okay," Sapnap said, rejoining Dream. "We'll give you five minutes but if you take any longer, we're barging in and killing you."
"Yes, sir!" Dream said. "Thank you, sirs."
"Mhm. Okay, break!"
They all uncrouched in sync before Dream ran back to Y/n.
"How did it go?" she asked as if she didn't hear the entire conversation.
"Bad news," he started. "Your dad's want you home."
"Shame, I was quite enjoying my time."
Dream slowly turned towards the boys as if to glare at them for ending the date before turning back to her. "Then, maybe, I don't know, we could do this again sometime?"
"I.... think I'd like that," she said slowly, trying to tease him.
He giggled and told her he was going to drop her off at her house, even though when the date was over, they were all probably gonna mess around together anyway so there was no point in them leaving the group. But it was the thought that counted.
He ended up taking her back to the treehouse, which warmed her heart. She also noticed when they faced each other at front of the door, she could see the four other boys watching them.
"Goodnight, my sweet Bug," he said poshly.
"Goodnight, Dream." He turned away but she stopped him. "Wait!" She moved to his side and made a loud, MUAH, sound before stepping back in front of him. "A kiss on the cheek," she clarified, not wanting him to think she gave him a real kiss.
"Cute," he said under his breath, almost like he didn't mean to say it out loud. "Night night." He turned away and ran down to the others, screaming the whole way. "GUYS, DID YOU SEE THAT? BUG GAVE ME A KISS ON THE CHEEK!! OMG DID YOU SEE, DID YOU SEE?"
Chat was gonna have a field day with that. Actually, with a lot of things that had happened. Oh, she could see the clips and edits now.... oh boy.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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hagelpaimon · a year ago
How about #25: can you help me with the zipper? And #35 spanking with our favorite purple genius?? Spice things up lol
👁👄👁 I am-
Y’all heathens, I’m more than happy to.
Rated Explicit (18+ only)
Tumblr media
Stepping into the Lair you took in the serene and quiet atmosphere. It was late, very late to be honest but work parties can get pretty crazy after all. Regardless it had been fun, tiresome but fun.
Originally you were going to go home and crawl under the duvet for about ten years if possible.
But you missed Donatello.
You couldn’t drag him anywhere and while sometimes you wish you could it wasn’t best to dwell on it. Heels in hand you patted through the living room area and into his lab where you could hear him speaking. Judging by the time you figured he was doing his part time job. He had picked up the thing out of pure boredom and to actually have some income for future supplies. It was child’s play for him, with nothing too above his skill set. Usually you sat and listened to the colorful array of clients and had a good laugh while doing so.
Most times you liked just hearing him giving the step by steps of things, or how he remotely accessed the person’s computer to fix the issue himself. His distaste over viruses and worms while he angrily typed away. So what? You were hella in love, the mutant terrapin had slithered his way into your heart.
But you kinda wanted him to slide in your pants, or well dress.
You entered his room with sly smile, Donnie was bouncing a little ball while he spoke in his best ‘customer service voice’ as you liked to joke about. He gave you a tired smile, bouncing the ball towards you which you caught. “Well sir, if you in the near future receive an email stating some prince from Asia is trying to protect his rubies it’s adviced that you don’t give out your social security number” He briefly muted the microphone. “Hey beautiful” He greeted you as you wrapped your arms around his waist.
“That ruby scam is honestly my favorite of this week” Came your muffled words, Donnie chuckled and rubbed your back. “He’s called me every name under the sun, brb” He clicked a button on his headset and kept up his polite tone. Reluctantly you let go of him and placed the little bouncy ball on his desk. “Can you help me with the zipper?” You whispered at him to which he happily obliged.
Giving a set of easy to follow steps to the nasty customer, Donnie gripped the delicate zipper and gently pulled it down. His gaze followed each patch of soft skin being reveleaed to him, which he couldn’t help himself but touch. You felt the palm of his hand on the middle of your back, the sweet gentle caress made you roll your neck until it popped a few times. As he continued his argument with the customer he let both hands wander, kneading the flesh presented to him, much to your delight.
“I’m more than happy to remove those viruses but the rest has to be solved with your bank, in the mean time I’ll email you a forum to fill out about the incident while I work on this” Donnie’s voice could be described as a verbal version of an eye roll, so much sass he possessed. Again he muted the microphone and sighed. “Men truly are stupid,” He gripped the straps of your dress and pushed them aside and down your body they slid. “I’m glad that even as a large mutant man you can accept that” The two of you chuckled.
You felt his lips on your exposed back and caught the small inhale he took of your scent. “Where’s your bra?” He peaked over your shoulder and made a soft surprise sound. “The lines ruin the dress so I put these nifty little cups on” You grabbed his mug of coffee and took a generous sip.
Then you felt him tap your rear.
“You gotta learn to share your coffee, babe” You smirked at his disapproving noise, he could be quite greedy with his caffeinated beverages. “I share, but I’ve seen you chug my coffee before” He sat back down on his swivel chair and shamelessly ogled you.
Donnie’s hand landed on your rear, palm caressing the left cleft of your cheek. “Shifts would be a lot more exciting if this is what I had to look at all night” He gripped the flesh, enjoying the silky material of your underwear. Looking over your shoulder you raised an eyebrow at him, not minding in the very least his ministrations.
Not even when he let go only to smack your bottom with a little more force, enough to make you grip the table for support. “Jerk, you get handsy when you’re running on three hours of sleep” You placed your palms on the table, leaning a somewhat forward and giving him a better view of your bottom. “Five actually, managed a nap” He pulled your underwear down to your surprise and leaned in to give the reddened flesh a soft kiss.
Then he gave a series of much harder taps, nothing to brash for it to be loud but enough to make you bite your lip. “You haven’t clocked out, you know?” You wiggled your rear to tease him, enjoying the happy content sigh that escaped him. “I’m supposedly fixing the mess this guy has on his computer,” He gave your rear two more hits before gripping the burning flesh. “But this is way more exciting” The outline of his hand on your bottom made him smile, job well done in his mind.
He pulled you back onto his lap, back to his plastron and used his own legs to keep yours spread. That delightfully merciless hand of his gripped your core, the warmth making him hungrier with anticipation. “Don,” You sighed his name enjoying the lazy outline he mapped out around your core.
Then he switched the mic back on, your eyes widened. He greeted a new customer with the usual name of the company and his name just as he spread your lips. “I’m sorry to hear you’re having difficulties with your new system ma’am” You wiggled in his grasp trying to glare at him but could only muffle your sounds when said digit dipped inside. Your back arched as he thrusted indolently, enjoying each squirm and quiet gasp. “I’m goin to walk you through some basic steps if it’s alright with you” He spoke dangerously close to your ear, tongue sneaking out to lick the shell of your ear.
You almost moaned right next to the mic of his headset.
It was torturous.
The call was reaching the half hour mark from what you could see on his computer and by now he was fully rubbing your clit. You prayed the wet noises couldn’t be heard through the call. Each swipe made your toes curl, sweat had already broken out on your skin and you had bitten down on the inside of your cheek with enough force for it to throb with pain. You knew you wouldn’t last long, and the feeling of Donnie’s hard on against your rear was driving you crazy. You smacked his thigh signaling him you weren’t going to make it.
“Ma’am Im going to be placing you on a brief hold, thank you and my apologies” He muted the mic quickly and grinned when your body went stiff. “OhFUCK!” You gave a loud and lengthy shakey moan as Donnie continued to rub you through your orgasm. He pressed his lips against your cheek, tapping your sensitive nub, clearly entertained with each tremble you gave. “I think you’re the happiest customer I’ve ever had while working” You chuckled breathless, smacking his leg again.
“God you’re such a jerk! They could’ve heard me” Your cheeks flushed embarrassed. “Half the fun if you ask me” He whispered it across your skin as you felt him shove his sweats away then lift you by your thighs. Your eyes nearly bugged out, he couldn’t possibly...?
He entered you, the position making it a tight fit and causing the two of you to moan.
“Can’t make a peep, darling” He thrusted lazily upwards. “Don- theresOH- don’t switch back to the ca-“ You covered your mouth when he unmuted the call.
“Sorry for the delay ma’am, as I was explaining” He cleared his throat, feeling the effects but recuperating quickly. His hips moved lazily, hands gripping the backs of your knees firmly. You caught a glimpse of his blissed out face through the monitor, god you bit down on your bottom lip and moved with him.
You were in for a long shift.
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skellebonez · a year ago
So, I have a weird request: Mei, Jin and Yin with 28 and 50. I fell victim of my own au and now I just want these three to be friends and cause mayhem.
Tumblr media
Ok, you both sent me these SO CLOSE TOGETHER BY CHANCE that I had to combine them. This is the most prompts I have shoved into one fill and I consider this an achievement.
You call this luck? No, this is all skill./That cute act is all just a lie./I was not expecting that to work as well as it did./Ok, who gave out my number? I have 12 missed calls, 4 voicemails, and 75 unread texts!/No, listen, hear me out. All we need is some really good disguises.
“Ok, who gave out my number?” Mei asked as she slammed the door to Jin and Yin’s workshop open with a harsh kick that sent it slamming into the wall, a scowl on her face. She wasn’t particularly angry, just annoyed, but they didn’t have to know that yet. “I have 12 missed calls, 4 voicemails, and 75 unread texts! I had to change my number because before I cleared the first set of notifications I had over 80 each!”
“How do you know it was us?” Jin asked defensively from his spot sitting on the nearest table, and Mei allowed her face to fall into an deadpan expression, raising just one eyebrow.”... ok, fair, it was Yin.”
“Hey!” Yin yelped as he rolled out on a skateboard from... whatever in the world it was he was working on. “Why are you calling me out like this? I thought you were my brother!”
Mei watched at the two got up from where they sat, getting in each other’s faces and arguing about “brotherly betrayal” and if she was being honest Mei almost thought that this would have been nearly enough to make up for her needing to change her number for the first time in years. Almost. It was when Jin yelled “That cute act is all just a lie!” and Yin gasped in offense that she decided she had enough amusement for the moment and whistled as loud as she could to get the twin’s attention.
“Alright gentlemen, may I ask why my phone number was leaked in the first place?” Mei asked slowly, gaze firmly centered on Yin.
“... In my defense, I didn’t post it publicly,” Yin said as he held up his hands in surrender. “I only gave it to one person and they said they were a friend of yours because I needed some tech they had and they said it was payment for the favor!”
“One person made 82 calls?” Jin asked with a look of disbelief and horror on his face. “Who has time for 82 phone calls?”
“They’re all spam bot calls and texts, it isn- Wait, go back a second,” Mei held up a hand, gesturing for Yin to speak again. “Who said they were a friend of mine?”
“A streamer guy, Bo-something?”
“BoFullStrike,” Mei said with venom lacing her words, a low growl sounding in the depths of her check. “Of course it was Bo, he’s been trying to get back at me for beating him at his best game for like 2 weeks now since our crossover stream like the sore loser that he is. He’s been trying to spam my email this entire time, apparently spam is how he gets revenge.”
“Is his name actually Bo?” Yin asked in curiosity.
“No, it’s just his screen name, but lets not get distracted!” Mei smirked, walking up to the twins and putting her arms around their necks in a half hug each. “To make up for ruining my phone, and because you like me, you two are going to help me get back at him so he will just leave me in peace.”
“Uh,” Jin and Yin looked at each other, then back at Mei and Jin continued. “Is, you know... Macaque gonna have to know about this? We’re already kind of in deep water with him as it is and-”
“No, listen, hear me out. All we need is some really good disguises.”
“And why am I being pulled into this?” Jin asked with a sigh.
“You two are a package deal.”
Mei had to admit, when the demon bros had someone who knew how to make a plan for them? They were scary good at what they could do. All three of their technological knowledge combined was a terrifying force to behold, and Mei could see they weren’t too shabby with designing things they weren’t tech itself either. The three of them, both Jin and Yin in their human forms, were disguised so well that Mei almost didn’t recognize her own reflection in her wig and make up. It was perfect!
What was also perfect was the absolute chaos erupting in the internet cafe they had tracked BoFullStrike down to. He really should take internet security a little more seriously, it was far too easy...
Just as it was far too easy to remote connect to the computer he was using to practice his gaming in on an alt account and completely mess with all of his controls and download some nasty nasty viruses onto it from the other side of the building. They weren’t anything too hard for the cafe to get rid of, and it wasn’t anything that would affect the entire computer network, but it was just enough to make the cafe owner pissed off enough to kick him out (that would have made her feel bad if she didn’t know Bo also lived on his own in his own house on his parent’s dime and only came here so no one would track his ISP to alt accounts, and that there were 20 other such cafes in the city for him to move to).
Now the other streamer was angrily stomping out of the building passing by the chaos trio and would have not even been aware of their involvement had Jin and Yin not yanked him half a foot into the (admittedly brightly lit and easy to see into) alleyway beside the cafe.
“Hey, BO,” Mei said with a smirk as the twins held an arm each for extra security. Like bouncers. Or very strange bodyguards she didn’t actually need. “Still angry I beat you in front of all your followers huh?”
“You!” Bo, or whatever his actual name was Mei didn’t care enough about this to remember that, said after a moment of confusion when he recognized her voice. “You humiliated me on purpose! Just like last time!”
“This time yes, that time? No, you humiliated yourself behind the scenes when you started trying to sign me up for car insurance scams,” Mei said with a sigh. “Look, guy, just leave me alone. No one except you cares that I beat you in a few matches at a game I was already on the leader boards for.”
“You just got lucky!” He scoffed, pulling his arms and tensing with a fearful look as he realized he couldn’t move.
“You call this luck? No, this is all skill,” Mei said with a smirk as she held up her phone and Bo’s face went white as a sheet at the information scrolling on the screen. “Yeah, you should probably invest in something. Like a firewall. A VPN. Literally anything. This was not hard to find at all. Dude, I kinda feel bad that you’re so bad at tech security so I am doing you a favor, just leave me alone and I will literally give you a high tech security system and never speak to you again.”
“Or... what?” Bo said with a shake. “You’ll post all my info online?”
“Hell no!” Mei winced with a disgusted look, shaking her head. “You’re being an asshole, but I’m not evil! I was just gonna sign you up for spam too until you took my offer. Ew.”
“Oh... well... I guess... sure?” The man looked mostly confused more than anything else, shrugging as much as he could before Jin and Yin let him go. “That’s... really it?”
“Yeah, dude, I didn’t want that much revenge just a little bit. Like I said, stop signing me up for spam and I will never speak to you ever again.”
“... OK,” Bo said, and yelped as Mei tossed some kind of USB drive at him. “Uh-”
“You have everything you need in there,” Mei said with a shrug, waving him off.
Bo shrugged again, still looking incredibly confused as he ran off, muttering something like “ok maybe that was kind of badass I guess” under his breathe.
“I was not expecting that to work as well as it did,” Mei said with a laugh, holding up both hands to either side. “Good job, my dudes, you are off the hook.”
Both twin’s palms met her own in very satisfying high fives, and all three thought they should totally team up for stuff like this more often.
(The next day BoFullStrike sent her an actual email with a proper apology.)
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astridthevalkyrie · a year ago
12 with Levi plz
this is. an ADORABLE prompt. also i kin reader in this bc i do this crap at night too.
12. “Come cuddle.”
requests are closed!
Fuck Peter.
Not all Peters, just the one that you're so desperate to get an email to.
At 1:30 AM in the fucking morning.
The blinding light coming from your laptop isn't what's annoying him about this whole thing. It's how you're sitting up, furiously typing away, focused completely on your work. It's how he's receiving none of the soothing warmth that he is entitled to at night. Call it possessive, call it needy, but Levi desires your closeness, and he needs it to go to sleep.
"Oi." He kicks you in the side gently. "Come cuddle. Before I break that shitty laptop."
"That would be a waste of money," you mumble offhandedly, not breaking your eyes away from the screen for even a second to acknowledge him properly. Levi scowls.
"Tell the incel to fuck off and go to sleep already."
"The incel's technically my boss." You sigh tiredly, and that's really the worst part of this—you're not even doing something you enjoy. But that asshole that you work with is lazy, and he always piles a ton of work on your shoulders, making it clear that it will look poorly on you if you fail to comply. This is the eighth night in a row that this has happened. There are dark bags under your eyes, for fuck's sake.
The day Levi meets this Peter is the day that he ends Peter, he swears to fuck.
But it's not your fault, so he's not frustrated at you, as cold and lonely as he's been these past few nights. Instead of insisting that you send him an email filled only with computer viruses (now wouldn't that be fucking funny, Peter), he sits up, grabbing the glass of water from the table next to him and bringing it up to your lips. You take a sip, mumbling a quick thanks before he gathers you in his arms and buries his face in your neck.
You let out a pleased sigh, nuzzling back up against him. Hell, if this is the only position that he can sleep in, he'll take it. Sitting up and sleeping is better than laying his head on a pillow as long as you're in his arms.
"M'really sorry about this, baby." You find his hand and squeeze gently.
"You shouldn't be. S'not your fault."
"Still." You turn, cupping his jaw tenderly and placing a sweet kiss on his lips. "I'll make it up to you. Just a few more minutes, okay? Then I promise I'll go to sleep."
Levi hums, kissing your shoulder. Whether that's true or not, he'll sit here with you until you really do go to sleep, and then he'll make sure the two of you sleep in for at least three more hours than you need to.
And then, he's going to hunt down Peter and he's going to kill him.
i've tried not to put notes at the ends of these requests but i just wanna say if i had a boyfriend who would make me drink water that would literally be a dream come true. and someone holding up a glass of water to my mouth is my fucking love language.
also, requests are finally done, so i can finally work on my wips!
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johnworden · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Whether it’s a virus, worm, trojan, malware, ransomware, or anything in-between, one thing is clear: It’s not something you want on your PC or Mac. If you browse the internet, it’s a good idea to think about antivirus protection..
If you follow these six tips, you’ll have a better idea of how to spot a virus on the internet.
1. Install antivirus software -
• If you want to avoid getting a virus on your devices from the internet, installing and running antivirus software is important.
2. Be careful with email attachments -
• Email services like Gmail and Outlook ask for your permission before downloading an attachment. There’s a reason for that. Downloading an attachment can be dangerous. While email services often have virus protection built into their software, emails with viruses as attachments can still reach your inbox.
3. Patch your operating system and applications -
• Tech companies routinely put out software updates to make their devices or software safer to use. Without these updates, cybercriminals can abuse security flaws and force a device to download a virus.
4. Avoid questionable websites -
• Avoid clicking on links to websites with suspicious names, such as mixtures of letters and numbers that don’t resemble words.
5. Avoid pirated software -
• It might be tempting to get a free copy of a game, movie, or application that everyone else has to pay for. But if you download a cracked or illegal version of software, your computer or mobile device could be at risk.
6. Backup your computer -
• This tip may not help you avoid getting a virus on your devices from the internet, but it will help you sidestep some of the damage and stress that comes with it if you do.
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crypto-chris80 · a year ago
How to speed up Windows 10
Speed up your Windows 10 device with these tips
If you’re finding that your Windows 10 device is constantly lagging or taking minutes to perform tasks that should be almost instant it can be rage-inducing.
Windows 10 is a remarkably efficient operating system, but it’s still prone to the slowdown that can make using your laptop or desktop a chore. It’s understandable, of course; Windows 10 has plenty of systems all competing for your device’s resources, and that’s before we even talk about bloatware.
If you’re using a Windows 10 device every day, odds are there’s plenty of temporary files and additional programs that alongside the core functions of the OS are putting a significant strain on your machine. This is even more of a problem if you’re using older or less powerful hardware.
Don’t worry, you’re not doomed to a lifetime of slow loading and crawling through menus, as there are several things you can do to give your device a jolt. You don’t even need to be a computing whiz to do most of this stuff either.
As a first option, you could boot into safe mode; just follow our guide on how to boot into Windows 10 safe mode if you’re unsure of the process. If you’ve already tried that, or just want alternatives, below you’ll find several tips and tricks that you can use to speed up Windows 10.
You’d be surprised how many users don’t regularly restart their Windows 10 device. With the inclusion of sleep and low-power modes on most modern devices, it’s easy to go weeks without doing a full reset of your device.
This can dramatically slow down your device as it essentially never gets a break and processes carry on in the background nonstop. We’d recommend doing a full shutdown at least once a day if possible.
Make sure you close any running programs and save any required work before doing so, of course.
Check for Windows 10 updates
Tumblr media
Constant updates might seem like a pesky annoyance, but Windows 10 is asking you to update for a reason. These updates fix common bugs and issues that could be causing your device to slow down. Here's how to check for a Windows 10 update:
1. Open Settings. You can easily find Settings using the search bar in the left-hand corner of your screen.
2. Select Update & Security. From the Settings menu locate the Update & Security submenu, there's a search bar at the top of the window if you're having any trouble locating it.
3. Click Check of updates. At the top of the Update & Security submenu, your device will tell you if you're fully up to date, and if not you can manually begin updating by pressing the "Check for updates" button. Make sure you’ve saved all required work beforehand, and be prepared for the process to take a little time as well.
Disable startup apps
Tumblr media
Do you ever boot up your device and find that several programs all automatically start up at once? Not only is this rather annoying, but it can also be a huge drain on your device’s resources.
In order to speed up your Windows 10 Wdevice, it's best to only have essential programs set as startup apps. Here's how to disable startup apps:
1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del. Press the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys on your keyboard at the same time to bring up a blue screen (officially called the GINA screen) with several options.
2. Select Task Manager and navigate to the Start-up tab. From the GINA screen select Task Manager, then head over to the Start-up tab which is located on the top navigation bar.
3. Disable any non-essential programs. From the Start-up tab, you can see the "Start-up impact" value for each program, anything labeled as "High" is likely to slow your system down. If it's not essential then right-click and choose disable. This won’t remove the program from your device, it will just stop it from automatically opening every time you switch it on.
Clean up your disk
Did you know that Windows 10 has a Disk Cleanup ability built-in? This allows you to clear out any lingering temporary files that have accumulated, which can happen remarkably regularly as things like unneeded launchers stick around. Here's to up to clean up your disk:
1. Search for Disk Cleanup. Using the search bar in the left corner of your screen, locate Disk Cleanup.
2. Select the drive you wish to clean up. If you have multiple drives on your device then you will be asked which one you specifically want to clean up.
3. Remove unneeded files. The Disk Cleanup tool will offer you a choice of what files to remove, simply mark the ones you want rid of and then hit "clean up system files" to start the removal process.
At the same time, why not check your “downloads” folder for files you no longer need, it’s often a place that users neglect and can be a huge drain on system memory and in turn performance.
Uninstall software you don't need
Tumblr media
Many PCs come with a variety of software preinstalled. These often unnecessary programs are referred to as “bloatware,” and having them on your device can slow it down. Here's how to uninstall unneeded software:
1. Open Control Panel. The easiest way to open Control Panel is to search for it via the left-hand corner search bar.
2. Select Programs and Features. Once in the Control Panel, you need to locate the Programs and Features submenu.
3. Uninstall unneeded programs. The Programs and Features window will give you a list of all the programs currently installed on your device. Right-click on any programs that you’ve deemed not needed and select Uninstall. Windows might ask for permission to perform this task, so make sure you’re on an administrator account before doing this.
Disable effects
Tumblr media
Windows 10 features a lot of cool visual flourishes like transparency effects and animations. Sure, these might look fairly pretty but they can actually be very taxing on your device’s resources. Here's how to disable effects:
1. Press Windows+X. Press the Windows key and X together to bring up a menu on the left side of your screen.
2. Select System. From this menu, select the System option which is located on the top half of the list.
3. Scroll down to Advanced system settings. From the window that pops up after selecting System, scroll down right to the bottom and you'll see an option labeled "Advanced system settings". Click it.
4. Open Performance Settings and disable Visual Effects. From within "Advanced system settings" there will be a tab called "Performance settings." In there you'll see a "Visual Effects" tab where you can uncheck any effects you want to disable. The more you get rid of the better impact it’ll have on system performance.
Run System Maintenance
Tumblr media
Another built-in feature of Windows 10 is the ability to run routine system maintenance. This is basically asking your device to scan for updates and check for any malware or viruses.
These checks do typically happen in the background by default, but you can set one up manually if your device is really starting to chug. Here's how to run system maintenance.
1. Open Control Panel. Using the search bar on your desktop toolbar, find Control Panel.
2. Select Security and Maintenace. From Control Panel, select the Security and Maintenance from the list of options.
3. Click Start Maintenance. Once in the Security and Maintenance window, you will be able to Start Maintenance, which is located within the Maintenance tab. This will begin a thorough check of your system and report the findings back to you. Note that this can take a little while and we strongly recommend saving any files you need before doing this.
Upgrade to an SSD
Tumblr media
This one isn’t so handy for those using a laptop or tablet, but if you’ve got a desktop PC that is running slow then you could look to upgrade to a solid-state drive (SSD).
These drives are more expensive than traditional hard drives, but they’re significantly faster and will allow your Windows 10 device to run much quicker even with a more taxing load on its resources.
This method of speeding up Windows is a little more involved as you’ll need to make sure you get the right drive to fit your PC, and it’ll come with a cost, but if you have the ability it’s well worth the effort.
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thewatermelloncat · a year ago
Safe Hands
Summary: Peter hasn’t been out on patrol in a while. Tony goes to find out why.
Author’s Note: A fanfic that I abandoned before I finished it, and found in a random folder. Quality might be inconsistent – had to rework some things.
Warnings: None
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
“Huh’tchh’yih” Peter sneezes into a tissue and groans in disgust. He throws it away before quickly grabbing another one and sneezing twice more.
“Ow” he moans as pain spikes in his head. Why could he not win with this? Every time he stifled sneezes his brain wanted to explode but when he let them out it would sear his throat. Hence why he had been trying to hold them back for the last little while. Now he regrets that – them all starting to catch up with him.
He blows his nose and clears his throat, throwing the tissue away again.
In the distance he hears a collective of sirens switch on from the police station. He flops backward with a groan, lying on his bed feeling helpless that he can’t do anything to help. He turns his head towards his desk and gives his Spidey suit a distasteful look.
The moment doesn’t last long as he rolls into his shoulder “hih’iKEWhh!” His breath continues to hitch in preparation for a second sneeze but it quickly fades away. Sniffling, he pulls himself back up and reaches over to the tissue box next to his bed, grabbing a few before blowing his nose again.
It doesn’t matter that the tissue misses the trashcan - plenty of others had. He’d pick them up when he was healthy again. For now, he just focuses on tying his shoelaces so he can head to the store.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Walking through the empty living room, he wishes May were there, she would have gone instead of him in a heartbeat. But she isn’t so Peter had spent a good while procrastinating and trying to summon up the energy to get himself out of the apartment.
It would also be nice if he could wear his Spidey suit, the programmed heater would be amazing against the snow outside. But that isn’t going to work. Nevertheless, he carries on through the apartment complex down to the street level, hoping his neighbours will ignore that he looks like the embodiment of death.
As soon as he steps onto the sidewalk the cold air hits him like a shockwave, having him immediately lifting an arm to cough into when it reaches his already agitated lungs. A shiver runs down his spine and he huddles deeper into the jacket he is wearing, like he’s trying to disappear. As a last effort to keep warm he breathes through his hands for the next few steps, trying to acclimatise to the outside air on his way to the pharmacy across the block.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Tony sits at his computer alone in the warm comfort of his office. He’d noticed Peter’s Spider suit remain out of action for a few days now, and rechecking the report feedback he sees that nothing has changed.
Up until now he hadn’t thought much about it. Winter break is in session, the kid is probably taking some time away from it, catching up on lost sleep, especially when it’s cold outside. But with the stats showing the suit not having been picked up in three days, he knows that’s a long time for Peter to neglect it.
With nothing better to do other than important emails, he decides to get to the bottom of it and call the kid. They were due for a check in anyway.
The ring goes through to answerphone which is no big surprise. It wasn’t unlike Peter to leave his phone to die. It’s no big deal either, Tony formulating an excuse to leave his office - the long hours have made it seem claustrophobic. He’d go see the kid face-to-face.
Without another though he pulls up the trackers onto his desktop screen, seeing two appear on the map. The suit locator still at Peter’s apartment and the tracker implanted in his web shooters moving down the block. He smiles to himself knowing that Peter rarely takes them off.
“F.R.I.D.A.Y. transfer information to GPS” Tony commands, rising out of his chair.
“On it, boss” the A.I. replies as he makes his way down to the garage.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Tony clicks his tongue in frustration as he tries to find a carpark in the busy street. He settles on one a street away from where the tracker has stopped, not able to find one closer. Turning off the ignition he glances at the tracker still seeing it close by.
Walking along the footpath Tony switches his gaze from the tracker app on his phone to the labels of the stores trying to figure out which one Peter could be in. After stopping at a driveway to let a passing car through he sees the tracker start to move again, going away from him.
Glancing back up his eyes scan through the crowds of people flocking the streets until he finds a familiar head of brown hair moving slower than the rest.
Tony only has to quicken his pace a fraction to catch up on ground in a matter of seconds. “Pete?” he calls out through the buzz of the crowd when he is a few paces behind him.
“Mr Stark?” Peter turns around confused. He’s so out of it he wouldn’t be surprised if he is imagining things.
“Hey, kid” he says putting a hand on Peter’s shoulder, steering him off the footpath into the entrance to an alleyway out of the flow of foot traffic.
“What are you doing here?” Peter asks turning around to face back to him. Well aware that Tony never really comes this side of town.
“I came to see you. I tried calling but you didn’t pick up.”
“Oh shoot” Peter mutters, patting down on his pockets suddenly realising he left his phone back at the apartment.
“Doesn’t matter” Tony dismisses before Peter can apologise profusely. “I just want to know what’s the dealio about you not going on patrol for the last little bit.”
Peter swallows nervously. Remembering Karen shutting down his suit a few days earlier when he was starting to get sick. Tony having installed program that made it unable to operate if Peter’s temperature got over 38°C.
Of course, he had argued with her but when she suggested that he could appeal the decision to Mr Stark or have him alerted of Peter’s state as a condition for going on patrol, either way involving him finding out Peter was sick, he knew he wouldn’t take the matter any further. Ever since then he had left the suit alone until he could get better.
“The suits not really working.”
“Like a virus?” Tony’s brow furrows. Unaware that there are viruses evolved enough to attack his tech.
“Something like that” Peter murmurs. More like he had one.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
It takes Tony a few seconds to process but he eventually settles on the fact that Peter’s voice sounds decidedly off, “you sound stuffy.”
“It’s winter, Mr Stark. Everyone’s a little stuffy” Peter attempts to brush off before sniffing.
With Peter’s arms tightly folded and shoulders hunched, the billionaire isn’t buying it. “You got the sniffles?”
“Flu, actually.”
Tony doubletakes. “Well then what are you doing out here?” he speaks with his voice raising.
Not having the energy to be bothered talking Peter unfolds his arms and holds up the paper bag he’s been holding. Tony takes it from him and looks inside.
“You’re going to need something stronger than this for the flu.”
“I’m underage, I can’t buy anything stronger than this” Peter explains, suppressing a shiver.
“Why couldn’t your Aunt come out and get some? Is she sick too?” Tony inquires handing the bag back to him.
“She’s on a work course” Peter tells him, taking the bag back and folding his arms again.
“You’re home alone?”
Peter hums in response.
“Can’t have that” Tony states, “you’re coming back to HQ with me.”
Peter starts to shake his head but before he can say anything Tony cuts him off. “No disagreement. I can tell this flu’s getting you down. Your energy’s normally at an eleven, now it’s at a negative one.”
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
“Does your Aunt know?”
The silent car ride Peter had hoped for didn’t last longer than two minutes after they’d left his apartment for him to pick up his stuff.
“You weren’t sick before she left?”
Peter tries to ignore Tony’s eyes staring back at him through the rear-view mirror. “You know how it is – they come on pretty fast.”
For a few moments the car is silent while Tony thinks it over. “You should tell her” he says eventually.
“No” Peter denies immediately, not caring about how abrupt it sounds before he continues. “She’ll want to come home from the conference. Then she’ll miss out on the promotion which she needs for the pay raise.”
“If you’re struggling for money” –
Peter cuts Tony off with a loud sigh, followed by a couple of irritated coughs. “See this is why I didn’t want to bring it up.”
Instead of pushing the matter further, Tony reads Peter’s exhausted and defeated expression – this isn’t a conversation he should be having. He’ll leave it alone for now. So in its place he settles for a change in topic, “we’ll be at HQ in ten.”
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k1ttyadventurer · a year ago
AvA Thoughts and Ideas
Yes, this is my first blog post. I can’t believe it was Animator vs Animation that made me want to interact with people on this site.
@sammy8d257 (I’m the anon that wanted to add to your theories) and @inksandpensblog, I’m tagging you guys because I really like your AvA theory crafting and I want to share my thoughts with you. Hope you don’t mind getting tagged. (Also, I’m so down to discuss this stuff in DMs or on Discord if you want? I’m craving AvA discussion.)
Edit: Rephrased a few things to flow better or be better understood. Also added a new point I just thought of. Edit 2: Fixing things that didn't get fixed the first time.
Okay, so, AvA.
(Also, I will be calling Orange/Second ‘Orange’ because that’s what Alan calls him, unless I’m referring to “avatar-state” Orange, then I may refer to him as ‘Second’.)
((Also, also, my thoughts jump around quite a bit, sorry about that! Hope you can follow my thought process.))
(((Also, also, also, my opinions and headcanons expressed here are not set in stone. They could definitely change, which has already happened over the course of writing this.)))
1) Chosen’s relationship with Dark. - I definitely think that Chosen liked Dark (no offense to shippers, but I’m talking purely friendship here), however, I would guess that Dark considered the two of them much closer than Chosen did. - Chosen initially followed Dark’s lead when destroying things. It was all he had known, and Dark wanted to do it. But Chosen started noticing it was actually hurting others, and didn’t really achieve anything. - When they came to odds, Chosen struck first, while Dark just tried to stubbornly continue with his plan. It makes Chosen look like he immediately jumped to attacking, but I’d like to point out, in the flashback, he actively wanted Dark to stop attacking others when they were on the Newgrounds page. I think this means that this tension had been building up for some time. It wasn’t a sudden thing of Chosen deciding to attack Dark. It was likely sudden for Dark, because Chosen didn’t communicate with him (probably), but for Chosen, I think the creation of the virus was simply the last thing that convinced him that his former friend was actually an evil person. - (I would love to see a reformed Dark and Chosen being friends! But, I think trying to say he wasn’t all bad in the first place is severely glossing over the fact that he did--and was going to do--some awful, awful things.) - Chosen had no hesitance when he returned from defeating the first spider virus. He was going to beat Dark. - (I also find it interesting that Chosen knew where this second location was. From what I can gather from the AvG reaction, it was meant to be a more secret location for Dark? Did Chosen watch him from afar and discover it? Just thinking.) - TLDR: Chosen had already started expecting Dark might become an enemy before Dark revealed the virus.
2) Chosen’s opinion of Alan. - Plain and simple, I don’t think Chosen hates Alan. I don’t think he even holds a grudge anymore. - Yeah, he definitely hated Alan when he was chained up. He held a grudge for a long while after he escaped. But. I think as he watched Dark’s actions and the impact his destruction had on others, he started to see what Alan saw when Chosen was destroying Alan’s PC. - When he entered Alan’s computer, and started trying to defend Alan’s PC, he was now in Alan’s shoes. He was the cursor, the anti-virus, who didn’t want or choose to have this destruction happen. - After the fight, he sees other sticks on the computer and is forced to consider it may have been his own fault he got 'tamed', since the proof of Alan getting along with, or at least tolerating, stick figures was in front of him. - It doesn’t mean what Alan did was right, but Chosen now sees why Alan chained him. After all, isn’t Chosen himself now on his way to destroy Dark? He and Alan aren’t so different. He nods to Alan, acknowledging him, even forgiving him. Alan nods back. There’s a level of acceptance that has been established between them. Alan respects stick figures significantly more, and Chosen sees Alan isn’t a heartless monster. - So, when Alan’s cursor joins the fight against Dark, they were already on the same page. Preventing needless violence with violence. Not to mention, have you seen how many hits Alan purposely took for Chosen? As soon as the black blades came out, Alan got between them and Chosen as often as he could. Alan came to help Chosen, not just to defeat Dark. - If Chosen could ally so quickly with Dark, and then turn on him when he realized Dark’s morals were wrong, why can’t the reverse be true with Chosen realizing Alan had changed for the better?
3) Chosen’s opinion of Orange. - I believe it was Inks who said that Chosen feels something along the lines of submissive towards Orange at the end. While I do agree that Chosen’s bow doesn’t seem worshipful, I don’t think it’s Chosen ‘giving up’. I think it’s simply showing respect and gratitude in a very similar sense to how the five bowed to him after dealing with the virus. He’s just... far less emotive. It’s a nice parallel.
4) The effects of the virus spiders and blades on Chosen. - Personally, I think the reason it looks like the virus has so little effect on Chosen is because of his coloring. Orange is, well, orange, so the black wounds are obviously going to show. - You can see Chosen showing weakness in both his fight with the spider virus and his fight with Dark. The weakness shows itself in hesitation, slower response, straight up laying in a crater or the water for an extended period of time. - I think at the end, when the Dark sends the virus to infect the internet, Chosen is laying there unmoving because he literally can’t move. His body language reads of someone looking up weakly, unable to do anything but wanting to. The viruses temporarily disabled him (but, notably, it took all of them to do so). Dark can’t actually kill Chosen or delete him, but he’s been successfully incapacitated, so Dark can move forward with his plan, unhindered. - I just don’t think Chosen would ever, ever give up. If he can fight back, he will. He has never backed down once, even when there seems to be no way he can win. He almost lost to a spider virus--there’s even subtle hints later that he’s afraid of fighting them--but he still attacks the whole swarm until he literally can’t anymore.
5) Dark fighting Orange. - With stabbing Orange, it becomes clear that he’s not being as quickly affected by the blade as his friends. That’s why the Dark lord raises him off the ground; he grew impatient. (Also, Chosen reacts to Orange being stabbed? Is it because he knows Orange is one of Alan’s creations as opposed to the other four sticks? Or does he literally feel something?) - Dark becomes absolutely furious at Orange’s attempts to attack him and frustrated that Orange won’t simply die. Too reminiscent of Chosen. Also, I would like to note that, before he even stabbed Orange, Dark hits him the hardest out of the four still standing.
6) Orange’s powers. - Before I say anything about Orange’s avatar-state, I want to point out that his talents seem a whole lot more like Victim’s than Chosen's? I don’t know, if it weren’t for the fact that he has some label saying “The Chosen One’s Return,” I’d say he’s actually the ‘second coming’ of Victim. - Okay, now to his powers. Almost all of them are souped up versions of Chosen’s, with two exceptions. The whole reviving/restoring code ability, and the ability to fly/float without flames. The latter of these two abilities is something we see Dark do after he puts on his black band. The former could also very well be associated with Dark, considering Second had to go to Dark’s console to revive his friends. Food for thought. - There’s a trade off here in the power scaling. Second is so much stronger than Chosen, but obviously can’t tap into his powers whenever he wants. Not to mention, he seemingly can’t use them indefinitely. If Dark somehow managed to avoid getting blasted into the beyond, Orange would be in major trouble if his super-state has a time limit. - Then there’s the whole sleeping thing in videos that likely take place later chronologically? On the build competition video where Orange literally can’t stay awake for fifteen seconds despite punching himself in the face, there was something Alan did that always struck me as odd. He hearted a comment saying something like ‘should we be concerned about Orange’s narcolepsy?’ almost implying that we should be concerned? Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I haven’t seen him just heart “funny-haha” comments before. (I would also like to point out it is very possible for this to be planned out. These AvM video scripts were likely written after AvA’s scripts even if the videos were finished first.)
7) What next for Chosen doing things with the color squad? - I think, despite the many, many issues that will come up if Chosen ‘play-fights’ with the others (as I stated as an Anon to Sammy), it would be incredibly healthy for him once he can do it safely and have fun. He was born wanting to fight. It’s his calling. And he’s really good at it. Finding a way to do it without hurting others? That’s the best thing he could ever have. - Okay, and, what if, Chosen doesn’t quite understand why Orange doesn’t remember going super, but he decides that he’s going to get to the bottom of Orange’s powers and, in the process, starts training Orange. (It probably starts with Chosen being all, ‘come here’ and flies up, while Orange is just, ‘what? I can’t do that.’ ‘Yes you can. Do it.’ Of course, that blunt method of teaching is not going to work, so Chosen has to learn to communicate better.) Training may or may not actually be successful, but imagine him and Orange bonding. - Both the color squad and Chosen adopting each other. They both parent the other in their own ways, and just. Be cute together. Chosen learns how to people and relax, and gets, like, super attached to these weak little sticks? So, the color squad now has an overprotective higher being watching over them, and the awe they have of his power is quickly cut short when they learn he’s never played cards before? - The sticks also show off their skills to Chosen and he’s just. Confused. Why would you tap blocks just to make a sound? Make something to harvest wheat when you can do it by hand? Why are you eating that. Animals? Okay, actually, holding this cat is nice.
(I deleted my old conclusion on accident, and I don't remember what it said. I don't think it was important, though. Thanks for reading! Please share any thoughts if you have any!)
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beauty-grace-outer-space · a year ago
I have absolutely no motivation to write (even though I open my WIP docs every single day and stare at them for like an hour) so here, have this beginning of a draft that was supposed to be my NANOWRIMO 2018 project. 
“Inside every black hole that collapses may lie the seeds of a new expanding universe.” 
― Sir Martin Rees
Jim never truly got used to the feeling of still warm blood, clotting and drying against his skin as the vessel grew cold beneath his hands, their chest sunken and still and their eyes open and unseeing. He hoped he never did. 
With a swift tug, he pulled the knife from the flesh, the serrated edge catching on muscle and bone until it finally slid free with a wet, dull sound. The hilt was slick against his palm. The wound gushed fresh blood, dark and acrid, as the cork stoppering it was removed. 
With a tilt of his head, he extended a stained hand and lowered the eyelids of the deceased, closing them to the world forever. He turned his own gaze to the stars above, incanting a silent prayer for the dead as he knelt. 
Rising slowly from his crouch over the corpse, he wiped the blade clean on his trousers before resheathing it against his calf. He would tend to it properly later. 
The blood gathered, dark beneath his fingernails. 
What, will these hands ne'er be clean?
A contemptuous smile crept across his face as he stared at the stains on his skin. At times, he felt they seeped to his very soul.
He seized his communicator, flipping it open and pressing the call button. 
“Kirk to Enterprise.” 
“Captain. Am I to assume that this communication means you were successful?” 
With a glance at the body, he replied, “Affirmative, Mr. Spock.” 
“Locking on to your signal now, sir.” 
Spock stood at attention behind the panel of controls in the transporter room, half-interestedly watching Mr. Scott at his task of attempting to beam the captain back aboard following his negotiations with the Berilian council. They had agreed readily to join the Federation, and Jim’s final task has been a simple one: obtain their signatures on a treaty avowing their claim that they would never again wage war against a nearby Federation settlement. Having not been at war in several earth years, they were entirely willing. The meeting had been brief and the captain had requested beam up a mere hour after descending to the planet’s surface, assuring them of his success in their last transmission. 
“Bloody electrical storm--” Mr. Scott muttered angrily as he adjusted the controls yet again. 
Spock turned to him, critically eyeing the computations on screen and the curiously empty transporter pad. “Difficulties, Mr. Scott?” 
The engineer looked up from his duties, a sheepish expression crossing his face as he realized he had been overheard. “Apologies, Mr. Spock… this storm-- the electrical currents are interfering with the dematerialization. If I cannae lock onto his signal more firmly--” 
“Do you require assistance?” 
Mr. Scott shook his head, “No, I dinnae think so-- I just need to-- there!” With a victorious crow he slammed his hand against the button to energize. The transporter pad whirred to life, particles swirling through the air before reforming to reveal their captain. 
Their captain with blood staining his shirt. 
“Jim!” Scott cried in alarm, as Spock simultaneously moved forward to assist and ascertain any injury. 
“Captain--” he began, already reaching for his communicator to summon the doctor if necessary. 
He was not anticipating for the captain to step swiftly out of his reach and to command, voice steely and eyes hard, “As you were, Commander.” 
Spock was not often taken by surprise, but he found that he had no response to the unexpected words and unusually cold tone with which they were spoken. After several moments of silence, he found his voice and began again, “Captain, I merely wished to establish the source of your injury. Given the blood on your sleeve, I assumed-- perhaps wrongfully-- that--” 
“Exactly, Mr. Spock,” Jim replied, stepping forward dangerously, his forehead nearly touching Spock’s, his eyes narrowed. Then, gritting out each word, he repeated: “As you were, Commander.” 
Mr. Scott, hovering uncomfortably at the control panel as he watched the abnormally hostile interaction between the two, cleared his throat. 
“Em-- ‘scuse me for butting in,” he said, “but Captain, you’re wanted on the bridge.”
The captain’s gaze shifted to the Scotsman, his posture relaxing slightly as he removed himself from Spock’s personal space. “Thank you, Mr. Scott,” he replied flatly before returning his gaze to Spock expectantly. 
Spock stepped aside. 
Jim squared his shoulders and made his way from the room, the doors closing behind him and leaving the remaining officers in stunned silence. 
“I thought you said things went alright down there,” Mr. Scott said incredulously. 
Spock met his eye with concern. “It would appear I was mistaken.” 
When Uhura summoned him to the bridge, quietly and with the distinct tone of someone hoping not to be overheard, Len knew that there were only two options awaiting him when he arrived. 
The fact that she hadn’t come straight out and told him who it was narrowed his options down. So either: 
1. Spock had gone and done something stupid and gotten himself sick or injured somehow, but was being a stubborn ass about it, thus leaving Nyota-- sometimes the only one among them with any sense-- to bring it to his attention at Jim’s request, because she was much better at the batting of eyelashes and feigning of innocence than their captain was on his best day and there was less chance of Spock holding a grudge. 
2. Jim had gone and done something stupid and gotten himself sick or injured somehow, but was being a stubborn ass about it, and Spock and Uhura had exchanged enough worried glances across their stations that the communications officer had taken matters into her own hands, because batting of eyelashes aside she could knock Kirk sideways into next week and they all knew it. 
She hadn’t sounded particularly urgent, just concerned, which both sparked his curiosity and set him at ease. Had anyone been in any true danger, he would have been informed. Just the same, he quickly gathered up his medkit and made his way to the turbolift and up the levels to the bridge. 
Stepping out of the lift he scanned the bridge, gaze sweeping across each station. Nothing seemed out of the norm, aside from the fact that Spock wasn’t at his post. Feeling eyes on him, he met Nyota’s concerned stare, tilting his chin towards the science station questioningly. She shook her head minutely in reply, her own chin jutting swiftly toward the captain’s chair to their left. 
Damnit, what had the kid gone and done now? 
Jim’s familiar dirty blond hair and gold adorned collar were visible over the straight edged back of the chair. He didn’t appear to be in any visible distress; the lines of his shoulders were sharp but not rigid-- alert, but not tense. Of course he couldn’t be sure without doing a full examination, but so far nothing was ringing any alarm bells for Len. 
Which of course raised a red flag all on its own. 
He raised a questioning eyebrow back at Uhura, silently asking her to clue him in on why she had secretly called him up here if everything was fine, when Jim spoke. 
“Doctor McCoy,” he called without turning around or in any other way acknowledging Len’s presence, sending Chekov and Sulu turning in their own chairs, startled. “What brings you to the bridge?”
Doctor McCoy? Sure, Jim called him that occasionally-- when professionalism called for them to stumble through introductions without having to awkwardly explain the moniker the kid had adopted for him immediately after meeting in all their booze soaked and blood stained glory-- but rarely; and nothing indicated that the situation called for it. So either Jim was aware of something he wasn’t, or the kid was royally pissed off. 
Neither boded well for them. 
“Thought I’d come make sure you were still in one peace after the negotiations,” he replied with just enough snark to provoke Jim’s usual easy banter with him. 
Jim, however, didn’t rise to the bait. Without any further preamble, he asked, “Who called you up here?” 
Len blinked uneasily. Jim had never been one for placing blame, and that wasn’t a question he had ever asked of Len before, at least not in that tone. Running his tongue over his lower lip he rocked back on his heels and replied, sure to keep his tone neutral, “Can’t see how that’s any of your business.” 
Jim was out of his seat in an instant. Anger plain in his expression, he turned to face Len for the first time since he had arrived, giving Len a clear view of the rusty patches of drying blood on his command tunic-- the obvious reason that Uhura had summoned him, the captain’s odd behavior notwithstanding. 
“Jim,” he began, shocked, “there’s--”
“It seems--” Jim cut him off, “that my crew is determined to undermine me today.” 
Len frowned in confusion. Something was wrong here. Jim was acting strangely, and Len wanted to get to the bottom of it as soon as possible. The sooner he could nip a patented Jim Kirk temper tantrum in the bud the better. With a scoff he replied, “Determined to-- Jim, what the hell are you--” 
“Captain,” Jim interrupted icily. “You will address me properly on the bridge, Lieutenant Commander.” After a pause, he relaxed minutely. “Return to your post, Doctor McCoy. We’ll discuss it later.” 
Len’s mind raced; countless explanations for Jim’s odd behavior flew through his mind at breakneck speeds: alien viruses, blood infections, fever, chemical influence… 
“Sir,” Uhura cut in, “incoming transmission from Starfleet Admiralty. They’d like to get your mission report.”  
Jim tore his gaze from Len’s, waving a hand in her direction as he reseated himself in his chair, effectively putting an end to their conversation. “On screen, Lieutenant.” 
The view of the stars ahead flickered and gave way to a projection of Admiral Pike, a broad smile on his face as he greeted the captain. 
“Jim! Good to see you, son… I hear things went well down there?” 
The resulting silence stretched just a bit too long to be natural, and Len found his gaze drawn back to Jim. He had gone perfectly still where he sat, his eyes wide and focused on the screen with a frightening intensity. 
After far too long, he replied. “Yes, sir… all went according to plan.” 
Pike’s eyes flew to McCoy’s, a troubled expression crossing his face as he looked to the doctor for reassurance. Jim bit back a harsh laugh; did the two honestly think he didn’t know what they were doing? They were clearly concerned about him, which was wildly amusing considering he and the doctor had discussed specifics that morning and Pike-- well… 
“Would you like specifics on the mission, Admiral Pike?” Jim asked, folding his arms across his chest, watching the older man’s eyes widen at the sight of the staining on his sleeves; he’d taken care to wash his hands before making his way to the bridge, but hadn’t dared change his clothes. Something was off with his crew. They were acting suspiciously, and he had no intention of wasting any time with petty tasks that could allow him to be caught off guard. 
Pike blinked back to attention, stammering a bit as he answered, “Of course, my apologies, Kirk. I got distracted for a moment there--”
“Understandable, Admiral, given the circumstances,” he replied easily, shifting in his chair to lace his fingers together, resting an elbow against the arm while taking care not to activate any of the controls there. 
"Jim," Pike's expression was wary, concerned. Weak. "You’re acting a bit… you feeling alright, son?"
"Well," Jim replied, picking at a nail and smirking. "I suppose that depends on your definition of alright. You see,” his eyes snapped up to meet Pike’s gaze through the screen. “I could have sworn up and down I left you drowning in your own blood, old man."
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glitterysaladnerdduck · 12 months ago
With rising Delta pandemic- a reminder:
The new coronavirus is not a living body, how to prevent it most effectively (You may save your life after reading it ! Simple and clear, you can understand it at a glance)*
American Dr. Irene Ken, a doctor at John Hopkins University, published a summary to help people prevent the virus from spreading. Her daughter also works as an infectious disease assistant at John Hopkins University. This summary tells about "What is the new crown virus? How to prevent it? How to be most effective?" There are a total of 18 points, simple and clear, easy to understand at a glance, and very practical.
*1. The virus is not a living organism, but a protein molecule (RNA) covered by a protective layer of lipid (fat).* When absorbed by the cells of the eye, nose or buccal mucosa, its genetic code will change (mutate) and change it. Convert to attacker and multiplying cells.
*2. Since the virus is not a living organism, but a protein molecule, it will not be killed but will only degrade by itself*. The time to disintegrate depends on the temperature, humidity and the type of attached materials.
*3. The virus is very fragile, and the only thing that can protect it is the thin fat outer layer*. This is why any soap or cleanser is the best preventive method, because foam can cut fat (this is why you must rub your hands for 20 seconds or more to produce a lot of foam). By dissolving the fat layer, the protein molecules will disperse and break down by themselves.
*4. Heat can melt fat. This is why it is best to use water above 25 degrees Celsius to wash hands, clothes and everything*. In addition, hot water will make more foam, which makes the foam more useful.
*5. Alcohol or any mixture with an alcohol content of more than 65% can dissolve fat*, especially the outer lipid layer of the virus.
6. Any mixture containing 1 part of bleaching agent and 5 parts of water can directly dissolve protein and decompose protein from the inside.
7. Oxygenated water will work for a long time after soap, alcohol and chlorine, because peroxide will dissolve viral proteins, but pure oxygenated water must be used, otherwise it will harm the skin.
*8. Viruses are not creatures like bacteria, so antibiotics cannot be used to kill these inanimate things*. But through all the methods mentioned above, the virus structure can be quickly broken down.
*9. Do not shake used or unused clothes, sheets or cloth*. When the virus sticks to the porous surface, it is very inert. On fabrics and porous surfaces, it can only exist for 3 hours ; on copper, it can only exist for 4 hours because copper is a natural preservative. Wood will only remove its moisture, and will not let it peel and decompose. Virus can exist on cardboard for 24 hours ; on metal for 42 hours ; on plastic for 72 hours. But if you shake clothes or use a feather duster, the virus will float in the air for up to 3 hours, and it will also enter our respiratory tract.
*10. The virus can exist stably in the cold outside, or in the air-conditioning state of indoors and cars*. They also need darkness and moisture to remain stable, so dehumidification, dry, warm, and bright environments will degrade the virus more quickly.
*11. Irradiating ultraviolet rays on any object will decompose viral proteins*. For example, disinfection and non-reuse of masks are perfect choices. But be aware that ultraviolet rays can also decompose collagen (protein) in the skin, eventually leading to wrinkles and skin cancer.
*12. The virus cannot pass through healthy skin.*
*13. Vinegar is useless, because it cannot destroy the fat protective layer of the virus.*
*14. Drinking is not good, nor is vodka*. Because the strongest vodka is only 40% alcohol, but what we need is 65% alcohol.
*15. You can choose a sterile mouthwash containing 65% alcohol on the market.*
16. The narrower the space, the higher the virus concentration ; *the open or naturally ventilated space, the fewer viruses.*
*17. Remember to wash your hands* after touching food, locks, knobs, switches, remote controls, mobile phones, watches, computers, desks, TVs, etc., and after using the toilet.
*18. When washing your hands, be sure to use a lot of water*, because the molecules will hide in the skin crevices. Keep your hands dry after washing. At the same time, the nails should be cut short to prevent the virus from hiding inside.
*Please share it after reading it, don't hide it privately, for more people's reference!*
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side-shawty · 2 years ago
What the Tech?
Fandom: DC
Type: one-shot
Prompt/Summary: Damian Wayne with a quirky, tech-savvy girl.
Pairing(s): Damian Wayne x Reader
Requested? YES by Anon
This is an old old old request that I found in my drafts when I had a different fic account and I figured I’d share it with all of you. I was too shy to post things like this back then but now I’m more than happy to. (I couldn't find the og request so that's what it is lol)
Tumblr media
Stupid Hackers.
Technically speaking it wasn’t exactly Damian’s fault that his katana had practically sliced Tim’s laptop in half. He should have never been working so close to the training area in the first place.
So now here he was, spending his free period in the library grumbling at his laptop as he attempted to break the codes that Tim had put on it as his way of revenge.
That was when you walked in. As per usual, you were spending your free period working on a new coding program in hopes of impressing the judges at the Wayne Tech contest next month. You always impressed the judges. However, it became harder and harder to work with Damian Wayne cursing under his breath and slamming on keys.
With a sigh you stood up, dark curls swishing in your face with the speed, and waltzed over to him.
You put a hand on the desk he was working at and leaned over the back of the computer, “What exactly did that laptop do to you?” You questioned looking curiously at your fellow senior.
“And what does it matter to you?” He asked without ever looking up at you.
“It matters because I can feel your frustration from the other side of the library, Damian Wayne.”
At the use of his full name the young heir finally looked up at you. This was your first time seeing him so close since the week-long project you did together freshman year. Since then it had been distance looks from the other side of the classroom and your stupid school girl crush came back ten-fold.
He was no longer the baby-faced 14-year-old and puberty had hit him like a truck. His face was all angles, blue eyes, and tan olive skin with a head of black hair that Y/N wanted to run her fingers through.
As Y/N cleared her throat and stood up straight again she failed to realize that Damian was having the same train of thought. He thought of how much she had filled out in all the right places and how she had gone from cute to dangerously sexy in the past few years—even in the school uniform. Her dark skin stood out against the pristine white of her button-down and her curls were a casually organized mess.
He cleared his throat, throwing a playboy smirk on his face as he leaned back in his chair. “Y/N Y/L/N, just the person I need. You’re good with computers right?”
You rolled your eyes, “Well I’d hope so considering I am the head of the computer club. What do you need?”
“One of my many idiot brothers has decided to put a series of codes and viruses on my computer and on it, I have a paper that’s due at midnight. Mind lending a hand,” he asked with a voice that could have made you rob a bank if he so desired. Walt, was he flirting with you?
“I’m sure if you just apologize and ask nicely he’d remove everything,” Y/N told moving around the table and leaning over slightly to have a better took at the screen.
“You don’t know my brother,” Damian scoffed, “he’d make me grovel and I refuse to ever have to stoop to that humiliating level,” he said, nose in the air and crossed arms.
You sighed, “Well move over and let me see what the damage is,” you motioned him to switch over to the next chair whilst you took his seat and got straight to work.
As time ticked by the awkwardness that had settled in the silence was driving Y/N crazy so she stared to ask Damian questions while she worked and soon enough he began to ask too. The awkwardness was long forgotten by the time the bell interrupted Damian’s next question about animals.
“Well if you have a last period class I can finish up here. I have computer graphics but I’m excused for today,” Y/N told him.
“It’s fine,” Damian replied, too quickly before he cleared his throat and regained his composure, “I have history but Mrs. James is so old she’ll forget to take attendance again.”
“Okay, well in that case maybe we should take a little break,” you stood and stretched all of your limbs exposing just a bit more leg that the young man couldn’t help but stare at as you went back into a standing position and held your hand out to him. He took it almost instantly and felt a warm electricity in his hand and spread all through him. you gave him a warm smile before walking to the vending machines just outside of the library.
“Pick anything you want, this one’s on me,” you said with a wink and never let go of his hand as you fished a debit card from your breast pocket.
Damian got an energy bar and you got a pack of skittles, your hands were intertwined until you sat down again and Damian felt an immediate loss of warmth.
You were about to start working again when you froze, “Good lord Damian is your brother so kind of brainiac level hacker? He put like fifteen more locks on it while I left,” You gave a heavy sigh and leaned far back in your chair, silently counting to ten before pulling eyedrops from your bag, using them, throwing your curls into a messy bun and cracking your knuckles.
He sighed and closed his eyes, rubbing his temples, “Maybe I should just rewrite the paper.”
You laughed and patted his shoulder reassuringly, “Don’t worry I can help.”
And with that, you stood to get your abandoned laptop from its place at the next table over just as the bell ending the final class of the day sounded.
You and Damian looked to each other in question.
“Do you, uh, wanna finish this back at my place?” Damian asked bashfully with a hand rubbing at the back of his neck.
“No!” you answered too quickly, and it took everything for the Wayne heir not to flinch, “Um, I mean, we can just go to my house. I live closer and, uh, I wouldn’t want to intrude,” it was your turn to look sheepish as Damian smiled softly.
Not wanting to make you any more uncomfortable Damian said, “Okay, I’ll drive.”
And that’s how it started. Every day you and Damian would meet up during free period and then after last class (if either of you went) he’d drive you home. His excuse was because he insisted that the beginnings of October were much too cold to walk home in a skirt and tights.
You couldn’t argue and you didn’t really want to.
During the daily meet-ups, Damian couldn’t help but notice the little things about you, like how you never wore the uniform tie and seemed to have a different color or patterned one every day. How you loved to change up the style of your curly hair as much as you could.
One day after school you asked Damian if he could drive you to the hair solan instead of home and when he asked why you saw a glint of sadness in his eyes. Why would you want to change anything about those beautiful curls?
But when you told him you were going to get box braids he seemed much happier. He even stayed with you for all the hours it took to finish them. This was when Damian knew he was in too deep, going as far as checking on your house during patrol and never telling the others why he’d stopped coming home immediately after school (or earlier).
Damian was happier and he knew the reason was you. He was happy with knowing that fact, and he told himself being your friend was more than enough. He was wrong.
Damian usually got to the library first but he got caught up talking to Colin and Maps on his way and when he got there your attention was occupied by one of the football players. He was obviously flirting with you and Damian hated the feeling that this gave him. But some of the tension fell when he realized how desperate you seemed to get out of that situation.
So Damian sprung into action and approached the two of you. You caught his eye over the jock’s shoulder. A look of utmost relief on your face and Damian cooly slid in and put an arm around your shoulders.
“Everything alright here, Y/N,” Damian asked as you placed a warm hand on his back in gratitude.
“Fine, Wayne, I was just asking Y/N here about her plans after the game on Friday,” the jock, Brandon, said smiling at you and doing his best to ignore Damian altogether.
Damian’s back muscles tensed beneath the white button-down at his words, “I’m afraid she’ll be otherwise occupied,” Damian replied and after being friends with him since the beginning of the school year you could read him much better now. But this was something different, like a mix of anger, and annoyance and…jealousy?
But that was crazy. Right? Why would Damian be jealous, it made no sense. Unless...
“Well, that's too bad. I guess we’ll catch up some other time, yeah?” He asked and you only nodded with a tight smile on your lips before Brandon turned and left. But Damian never let go of your shoulders.
You looked up at him but his eyes were glued to the spot that Brandon once stood, glaring.
“Damian,” you said looking to get his attention.
And when he turned to you, all of the tension instantly left him and he found himself lost in your Y/E/C orbs, kind face showing nothing but concern for him. He took in all of your features, from the polka dot hair tie to the electric blue tie tucked beneath her sweater vest. He realized he’d been staring for too long, but couldn’t bring himself to stop.
“What’s wrong? Is there something on my face?” You asked and he smiled softly at you. A smile only you ever got to see.
“No it’s perfect,” he almost whispered.
Though the blush wasn’t prominent the heat worked its way into your cheeks anyway.  
“Good. Now quick question.”
“Mmm?” he hummed.
“We’re you jealous?” You asked with raised eyebrows and his eyes widened in the slightest.
He sputtered just a bit and released his hold of your shoulders in favor of standing across from you.
Damian didn’t look at you as he asked, “Does it matter if I was?”
You stood shocked for a few seconds at his earnestness before replying in a teasing voice.
“Damian Wayne was jealous over little old me? Wow wait until the papers hear about this one,” you said and he finally turned to you at that.
“I might have a better story for them,” he told you, and his sudden mischievous aura sent a tingle down your back.
“And what would that be?” You asked.
“This,” he said before unexpectedly closing the distance between the two of you in a sweet kiss. He tasted like peppermint and you were quick to melt into him as he placed his hands on your waist.
When you finally pulled back he was smiling and you couldn’t help but do the same.
“Oh yeah, Vicky Vale would have a field day with that one.”
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