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mentally I am here
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Tumblr media
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mischiefhasbeenmanaged · 17 hours ago
Sirius: *spending 2 hours styling his hair with the use of over five products and still thinking he looks awful*
James: *running his hand through his hair a single time and thinking he looks like a model*
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hogwartshousefriends · 18 hours ago
Gryffindor: That’s traumatic.
Slytherin: Come on. Trauma is my middle name.
Slytherin: Okay, that came our worse than I meant, but I’m fine.
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Tumblr media
Merope don't have many fanarts, maybe I should change that? I'm not sure about her look yet, maybe in the future I will draw her a bit differently.
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Play dumb!
Tumblr media
George: Fred! You sneaked out last night to see Y/n, don’t you?
Fred inside: play dumb!
Fred: who’s Fred?
Fred inside: NOT THAT DUMB!
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bijou-deja · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
♡︎︎ Young Severus and his patronus ♡︎
+ This makes me feel happy ☺️✨💖
+ Click on the image for better quality- rip-
• I haven’t drawn this much in months-
• Had to get this art idea onto ‘paper’
(Marauders Era)
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mischiefhasbeenmanaged · 15 hours ago
Ted: did you just curtsy for my dad when he said hello to you?
Andromeda: I’m sorry I’ve never met a boyfriend’s parents before
Ted: But..you have met humans, correct?
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Guess what I brought you?? Some drarry sketches yay🎉
I have been reading @dorthyanndrarry ‘s works and Bitter Transmutation lives in my head rent free😳 Not all sketches are 100% faithful to the fic descriptions, I was just thinking about veela Draco again! But one thing that I loove from the fic is body horror;) Also Harry with long hair is the best Harry there is I don’t make the rules..👀
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hogwartshousefriends · 12 hours ago
Hufflepuff: Okay, I pulled a Slytherin. But I couldn’t just, you know, sit back and do nothing. The son of a bitch killed my friend!
Gryffindor: It’s fine, just don’t make pulling a Slytherin a habit.
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Prof!Remus Lupin x Fem!Reader (of age)
Summary : remus fingers you dumb <3
Warnings : dom/sub roles *not explicit(?)* (dom!remus + sub!reader); fingering; pet names; reader is of ageee; innocent reader; unedited.
Word Count : ~1k (generous)
A/N : idk why but i’ve been wanting to write this kind of prompt for a bit + this is the longest thing i’ve written in a long time + this has been sitting on my drafts for fucking forever
the masterlist.
request here.
“Professor?” You asked as you walked into his office. It was nearing the end of his open office hours and you had a few questions about the upcoming test.
“Y/N?” Professor Lupin replied, almost surprised, as you stepped foot in his office.
“Am I too late?” You asked, nervous, playing with the hem of your skirt. You had changed into a small black miniskirt and button up, for lounge, and now as you played with the fabric you realized how revealing you had become.
“No, not at all,” Professor Lupin said slowly, looking your attire over before blinking and turning to file some papers. “Go ahead and sit at my desk. I just need to finish this one thing.”
You nodded as you sat, placing your hands neatly in your lap as you waited.
Lupin, unbeknownst to you, leaned against his office door simply staring at your figure. It was wrong, he knew that, to think of you so fondly. In a manner more lustful than he should. You were his student for fuck’s sake. However, as you sat innocently at his desk, he could feel a pounding in his head.
“Professor?” You asked confused, turning your head to face him.
“Right, sorry,” he replied, pressing down the ends of his coat before sitting at his desk. “What did you need?”
“I just had questions about the test that’s coming up.”
He hummed in response.
“Like for uhm- on the second page of the review sheet about the- the dementors-“ You stuttered, your words barely falling into sentences. You felt. . .queasy. . . and you couldn’t figure out why.
“I-“ you muttered before suddenly pushing yourself up from your chair, exclaiming, “I should go.”
“Why?” He asked, standing up as well, towering over you. You swallowed as he quirked a brow.
“I feel a bit- I’m not sure my stomach hurts and I can’t stop shaking-“ you rambled, getting lost as you looked up to try and meet Professor Lupin’s gaze. “I think I might be a bit tense…?”
You didn’t know how to explain the knot in your stomach and heat in your cheeks into words. All you could do was ogle upwards and bite the inside of your cheek.
“Tense?” He asked as he walked around his desk to you. He squinted his eyes down at you before gently sliding his palm from your hips to the dip in your waist. “Does this make it any better?”
“I don’t-“ You mumbled, startled, looking to and from his hand and eyes.
“Or this?” He continued, sliding his hand up the side of your body to right beneath your breasts.
“I’m not-“ You began shallowly, leaning your body into his grasp, letting your eyes fall close before forcing yourself to open them.
“If you want me stop. . .” he whispered breathily into your ear while moving his hand so his fingers pressed up against the waistband of your miniskirt. “. . .say it.”
You let your eyes flutter up to meet his, a soft moan escaping your lips before mumbling, “Please don’t stop,”
“Good girl,” he grinned before sliding his fingers into your skirt. Feeling the warmth of his fingers against your bare skin sent shivers down your spine.
You took a sharp inhale as you felt his fingers push up into your slick folds. Your body throbbed in his grasp, trembling as he pumped your heat.
“Oh my-“ you whimpered as the tight feeling in your stomach worsened.
“You like that pretty girl?” He smirked, using his other hand to hold up your chin, watching your facial reactions as you unraveled.
“Yes, professor-“
“Remus,” he corrected darkly, squeezing your cheeks and abruptly stopping his moving hand. He watched with narrowed eyes as you unconsciously rubbed your things together for the slightest bit of action.
“Remus,” you whispered back, eyes pleading him to go back to fingering you. And as soon as he did you let out a pleasurable sigh before screaming as the coil in your stomach yanked at its chain.
“Mhm, I know you like it,” Remus snickered as he moved his hand from propping up your chin down to your collarbone. He pulled back the collar of you button up and slowly licked up your neck, placing a delicate kiss behind your earlobe that tipped off the weight.
“My stomach- it-“ you tried to explain as you sight went out, seeing stars, and you could feel as your eyes rolled back.
“That’s right, poppet, make a mess on my fingers.”
And that’s all it took for your body to collapse in his arms, the knot in your stomach unraveling at the speed of your juices dropping down your thigh.
The blurry haze lingered but you’d never felt more unrestrained. Your heart pounded as you stared glossy eyed up at Remus, waiting for instruction on what to do next.
“Open,” Remus ordered, pulling his fingers out from your slick cunt, and placing them gently between your lips. His eyes gleamed as you sucked on your own cum.
Your tongue swirled around his fingers, it tasted strange, but you couldn’t stop, not when he was looking down at you like that.
“Feel better now?” Remus asked condescendingly as he brought his fingers from your wet mouth to his.
taglist : @marimorena06 @missryerye @agirlwholovescoffee @nicole198205 @siriuspvdfoot @hufflepuffflowers-blog @thatguppienamedbae @peachykeen3502 @youngblood199456 @oranee @bobbyjohnsonbeat @jasgreen101 @will-to-live-who @bellatrixscurls @krishavania @thegirlwhocriedlupin @mrsaliciamalfoy @wwweasleystan @modernvellichor @westantheweasleys @lolaperezb @zaraskyla @v4l3nt1n44 @sirisuorionblack @rinbyo @xdancinggurlx @lupinsravenclaw @hogwarts-boys @inglourious-imagines @siriuslyslyslytherin @the-abyss-gazed-back @eunoia-kth @kaqua @rudypankowisdaddy @story-scribbler @youreso-golden @natural-ikagai @auggie2000 @dontjudgemyobsessionpls @666cookies @i-love-scott-mccall
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GWB Mistletoe Exchange 2021/2022 -  Week 4 Round-Up!
Tumblr media
Week 4 of the @gwbexchange​ has given us some amazing works!
This week brought us some pining, some letters, and some sweetness! <3 
Here is the gift exchange round-up for week 4: 
This Love is Still Ours (E, 10.5k)
The distance helps with the bond. It’s not as strong as it used to be during eighth year. Distance makes it dormant, as the healers said many years ago. Ever so often when Draco comes back, it roars back to life whenever he’s near Harry. They mutually agree to stay away. Until they don’t.
Per my last letter (I hope you choke on it) (T, 10.2k)
Dear Mr Potter, The answer is, and will remain, a no.
Sincerely, Draco Malfoy Accounts Manager, Phoenix Press
Or: the one where Harry has writer’s block and Malfoy isn’t helping.
love that feels like christmas day (fanart)
Draco and Harry celebrate their first Christmas together with snow, gingerbread houses, and a mistletoe
⛄ Follow our blog or join our Discord server to be sure you don’t miss anything! ⛄
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n0agranger · 9 hours ago
shattered | d.m.
pairing: cheater!Draco Malfoy x fem!reader
genre: angst, modern au
warning(s): cheating, implied sex, alcohol, unhappy ending, mentions of anxiety attacks, cursing
summary: Draco cheats on you at a party. He feels terribly guilty and has a hard time moving on after you break up with him.
word count: 2.5k
author's notes: this is the first fanfic I have ever written so I hope you guys like it! fyi, English is not my first language so apologies if there are any mistakes! <3
requested: yes/no
Tumblr media
You sighed as you rummaged through your crammed closet, trying to find the perfect dress for tonight’s party. You weren't sure if you were looking forward to the party, since parties were never your thing to begin with. Your boyfriend Draco, on the other hand, was coming as well, which made it all a lot more exciting.
Draco and you had been together for about a year and were head over heels in love. He was your entire world, and you looked forward to spending time with him every day.
No one knew this though, but occasionally, Draco had anxiety attacks. It was usually due to his secret fear of not being good enough and you were the only one who was able to calm him down when it happens. Last night was one of those moments. You stayed with him in his dorm all night, calming him down.
After searching for a while, you decided to go for a black dress that exposed your back and complimented your figure well. You looked astonishingly good if you say so yourself. When you finished your make-up and hair, you texted Hermione to see if she wanted to accompany you to the party.
There was a knock on your door not too long after she agreed. You opened up and Hermione was standing in front of the door opening in a red dress with her hair up.
"Y/n! You should wear dresses more often, you look amazing!" Hermione exclaimed as she took out her phone, ready to take pictures together.
"Thanks, Hermione” you smiled while you quickly fixed your hair for the picture she was about to take.
The two of you walked through the chilly corridors to the Slytherin common room, where the party was being held. Hermione wasn't typically a fan of going to the Slytherin common room to party, but she would use any chance she could to see her crush Ron. It was clear that they liked each other, but neither of them was bold enough to make the first move. Because of this, they just spent a lot of time together with no results.
After climbing several flights of stairs and walking through more chilly corridors, the music from the party could be heard. You came around the corner and reached the door to the common room. On nights when every house was invited, no passwords were needed, so the two of you could simply walk in.
You followed Hermione inside the dimly lit, noisy common room as she pulled the door open. The music was loud, and the place was packed with people from all the houses. It appeared like you were late since many people were already visibly drunk.
“Oh y/n, I think I see Ron, do you mind if I walk over there?” Hermione asked while pouring herself a drink.
“No, no, of course not, go for it!”
You gave Hermione a wink while she approached Ron with a nervous smile on her face. Being left alone, you scanned the room for Draco. Since he was the main, if not the only, reason you came here, you wanted to find him as soon as possible.
After searching the room for a while, you finally found him at the back of the common room, talking to a girl you didn’t know. You're not nearly as jealous as he is, but something didn't feel quite right. The girl had her hand on his shoulder and seemed to be whispering something in his ear. He didn't seem to mind that she was peculiarly close to him. You felt a wave of rage wash over you. Nonetheless, decided that you first wanted to talk to him before letting your emotions take control over you.
After pouring yourself a drink as well, you saw that he noticed you. He walked over to you with a smile and gave you a kiss.
“Hey love, I was looking for you” he said, still discreetly smiling across the room at the girl.
“Who’s that? And what was she whispering to you?” you enquired, annoyed.
“Oh, her? She’s just some Ravenclaw girl who seems to know some of my friends. She offered me to join her for a drink, which I denied because I wasn't intending on drinking tonight. Have to get up early tomorrow for Quidditch practice” Draco sighed as he took a sip of his fizzy drink.
“Right. Something just seems off with her. I don’t trust her, Draco”
“Don’t worry darling, I promise nothing will happen. You can trust me. You know that, right?”
“Yeah... you're right. Sorry for doubting you."
“No worries love. Do you want to join my friends? They asked me about you”
His words were reassuring, which was exactly what you needed at that moment. You felt relieved as you two walked over to his friends Blaise, Theo and Pansy. You got along with them very well as they didn’t just treat you as Draco’s girlfriend, but as one of their friends as well. They weren't alone, though; a couple of girls stood alongside them. You had no idea who they were until you recognized one of them as the girl who had been speaking with Draco earlier. Since you didn't recognize the other girls, you figured they must be Ravenclaw students as well.
The girl that was talking to Draco earlier was wearing a dark blue dress and she had long, dark brown hair. You didn't want to admit it, but she was quite attractive, which made you jealous even more. One of her friends was talking to Theo as he was holding her by the waist while she had her arms wrapped around him.
“Well, I finally found her guys”
“About time!” Pansy yelled drunkenly.
“Oh, yeah, sorry, this is y/n, my girlfriend” Draco introduced you to the Ravenclaw girls as he had his arm around you.
The girls were friendly and introduced themselves to you as well, except for one of them. The girl who had been talking to Draco earlier rolled her eyes and turned annoyingly away. Once again, a flood of anger washed over you. Draco didn't seem to notice it, though. You just wanted to get away from them at this point.
“Uh Draco? I’m going to Hermione, I think I will be back later”
“All right love, I'll be here waiting for you.” Draco kissed you before you headed over to Hermione. She was chatting with Ron, Harry, and Ginny on the other side of the common room. She smiled broadly when she saw you approaching, but her smile quickly faded when she spotted your anxious expression.
"Is everything all right?" she worriedly questioned.
“Yeah…well, I don’t know Hermione. Some Ravenclaw girl has been flirting with Draco. It bugs me a lot but I don't want to seem crazy or ruin the night. I do trust him, I just do not trust her, at all”
“Hey, your feelings are valid, alright? You have every right to be upset if something bothers you. Listen, if you don't want to be around them, you can spend the rest of the night with us. I want you to have a fun night regardless of what is happening”
“Thank you so much, Hermione, means a lot to me. I’ll talk to him about it later” you gave Hermione a hug and joined her conversation with Ginny, Harry, and Ron.
You were having a great time and had already forgotten about everything that was bothering you. Just when you were about to refill your glass, Ginny abruptly tapped your shoulder, her face filled with concern.
“Y/n, I’m so sorry, but I think you might need to see this”
She pointed at Draco, his friends and the Ravenclaw girls leaving the common room. Draco was being dragged along by the girl in the dark blue dress, who was laughing as she did so. Your heart began to beat rapidly. What the fuck was going on?
“I’ll be right back” you said to the others as you gathered your stuff.
You figured they could have gone to the dorms, so you decided to check there. The Slytherin dorms were near to the common room, so you only had to walk down two corridors to get there. When you got to the dorms, you spotted Theo, Blaise, Pansy and some of the girls from before, all of whom were very drunk, standing in the hallway near Draco's dorm room. When they saw you, though, their smiles vanished and they glanced at you awkwardly.
“Uh, hey guys. I’m just looking for Draco. I guess he is in here?” you pointed at his dorm room door.
“Y/n, I don’t think you should go in there right now” Theo expressed, his face filled with worry as he looked at you.
“What? Why? He’s in there right? I haven’t seen him for a while and I just want to talk to him”
“Y/n, really, I don’t think you should go in there now. Just listen to me-“
You had enough. You just wanted to see Draco, now. You cut Theo off, opened the door and walked inside.
Oh no. This could not be happening. You started to feel sick at what you saw in front of you.
On his bed, you found Draco and the girl from earlier, both half-naked. They were kissing and she was on top of him. When Draco saw you, he immediately shoved her off him and grabbed his clothes.
“Y/n… I...I’m so sorry… please”
Your eyes welled up with tears. Your heart sank. You slowly backed out of the room, puzzled and hurt. Rushing back towards the party through the hallways, you picked up your pace. You were already intoxicated, but you needed more. With tears in your eyes, you returned to the common room and drank from the first bottle of alcohol you saw. Hermione and Ginny were the first to notice you and rushed up to you.
“What happened!?” Hermione asked worryingly.
“He…he cheated on me” you murmured, a confused look on your face as your eyes filled up with more tears.
“Oh my god, y/n, I’m so sorry. Let’s just get you out of-“
“Oh no, no, no. He’s coming over here!” you exclaimed, as you watched Draco enter the common room, heading your way. You put the bottle of liquor down and walked out of the common room. You heard him call out for you as you walked down the corridor with tears rolling down your cheek and a blurry vision.
“Y/n, please, talk to me. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to. It’s just. I don’t kno-“
“You didn’t mean to?! Obviously, you did! You weren’t even drunk, you have no fucking excuse Draco!"
“I’m so sorry, I really am. I love you so much y/n, you’re all I have, please! Listen to-”
“Fuck off Draco, we’re done. It’s over”
“Don’t, please, I... I can’t live without you... you know that” Draco was crying as well now, his eyes red and tears rolling down his cheek.
“Leave me alone!”
“Let’s just talk about it, please!”
At that moment Blaise and Theo came running around the corner, searching for Draco.
“Draco, let’s go back to your dorm room. I think it’s best if we just leave now” Blaise spoke out to Draco.
“No, no, please, y/n-“ Draco begged, crying even more than he already did. Theo and Blaise grabbed him by his arms and brought him back to his dorm room.
You woke up in a miserable state. You didn't get much sleep since you cried almost the entire night. Besides that, you were suffering from a bad headache.
Eventually, everything that had happened the night before started to sink in. You hoped it was just a bad dream, but it wasn't. How could he? You trusted him, and your relationship was flourishing. You were his world, and he was yours. You went above and beyond for him. From staying up all night to calm him down during his anxiety attacks, to helping him with his homework when you didn't have time to do your own. And for one girl, he threw it all away. She probably enjoyed this, you thought. This was exactly what she desired. Last night, you could see it in her face.
You heard a knock on your door. After some hesitation, you decided to answer it, hoping it was Hermione. It wasn’t Hermione, though. It was Draco, again, begging for forgiveness. He looked dreadful, to say the least. His eyes were puffy and red, and his hair was a mess. He didn't seem to have gotten much sleep, either.
“I’m not in the mood for this right now, please leave” you demanded, still feeling your terrible headache.
“Can we please talk? Y/n, please, I don't want to lose you”
“You should’ve thought about that before! Are you fucking stupid? Did you forget about the night before? When I was up all night, trying to calm you down. I did everything for you! Everything! And you fucked it all up. In one night, for one girl. Well done Draco, it’s over”
“I-, please, I know I fucked up! Y/n, don’t say it's o-“
You slammed the door shut. Hearing him beg made you even more furious. How could he have the audacity to beg? You knew you deserved better than this. You knew that you couldn't just simply forget about this, ever. Nothing could possibly be the same again.
Avoiding Draco was impossible, though. You had many classes with him together. Aside from that, you saw him at breakfast, lunch, and supper every day. You haven't seen him smile ever since it happened and you heard from Theo that his anxiety attacks occurred more frequently. Apparently, Theo found out about his anxiety attacks during the breakup, when Theo was the one in his dorm, comforting him.
Theo, Blaise and Pansy still spoke to you occasionally, asking how you were doing after everything. Seeing them talk to you was a horrible sight for Draco. Oh, how he wished he could just walk up to you and talk to you as well. Just like before. He knows he would make it all worse though, if he did. So he kept his distance. Which was killing him from the inside out. He was failing almost all of his classes, and he barely ate. You were the best thing that happened to him, how could he fuck it all up so badly?
After a few months, his friends did their hardest to help him move on, setting up dates with girls for him. His thoughts, though, were with you. You looked fine on the outside, but deep down he had broken you. You were shattered. Something he would never be able to forgive himself for.
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mischiefhasbeenmanaged · 8 hours ago
Alright but a huge trigger for Sirius is the tap or knock on a door. So whenever Andy comes to see him instead of knocking on his bedroom door she leans up against his frame and whispers “it’s just me.”
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harrypotter-imaginees · 4 hours ago
You helping George tie his tie
Tumblr media
You do that very often
Watch you with amazement
Kisses your forehead when you're done
Picks you up
„Thanks darling“
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Imagine: Harry coming into the common room, and finding you painting: a skill he didn’t know you could do. [x]
Harry: What are you up to- *sees your sketch book* Y/N: Oh, hi Harry. *smiles* I’m... I’m just painting. Harry: I didn’t know you could paint! Can I look closer? You’re so talented. Y/N: Aw, well thank you. I don’t usually show people... But, I’ll make an exception for you.
Want to request an imagine?
[A/N: I no longer take Harry Potter requests; please do not send any]
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yeahthatsonearthdipshit000 · 18 hours ago
Peter: Y/n has no survival skills. The need to win has replaced them
James: I don't believe that
Peter: watch this
Peter: hey Y/n, race you down the stairs!
Y/n: *throws themselves out the window*
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wolfstarluver · 8 hours ago
sirius: when's the last time you slept
remus: sleep is overrated
sirius: yes but last time i checked it keeps you alive
remus: exactly why it's overrated
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moonlightdancer26 · 2 hours ago
Snape Derangement Syndrome: When one’s negative feelings about Snape are present to such dramatic extents that it prevents one from an objective literary analysis; when reactions against Snape have little or nothing to do with what is actually truly in the books; when the mere mention of Snape is enough to send one into either forgetfulness or rage, leaving behind any balance at all.
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penmanner · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Something traditional
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