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#Hug: Ice Princess

Why wasn’t Ice Princess gay I’m SO MAD. Literally half the movie is Casey and Gen making eyes at each other. They go to the party together and when Casey says she’s not dressed for it, Gen basically tells her that she’s so hot with her hair down no one will even notice she’s not dressed for the party!

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Honestly Ice Princess took the “Pretty Blonde Good Skater Is The Enemy” trope and threw it out the window when they made Gen down to earth and a supportive good friend. She cheered Casey on from the start, saw her talent, and became her friend. She was never degrading to Casey on the rink AND was even really nice to Casey’s best friend. Like DAAAAAAMN. Cheesy movie still hittin hard.

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My Thoughts On Ice Princess:

  • It is one of the great Disney Channel Movie masterpieces
  • There is a lot of lesbian subtext that isnt even really that subtle.
  • I don’t ship Casey and Gen, I actually ship Gen and Casey’s best friend who Gen asks for math tutoring.
  • If you don’t believe that Tina (the coach) and Casey’s mom will end up married at some point then we clearly weren’t watching the same movie.
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