smokestarrules · a day ago
If you don't think Luz has had the biggest impact on the show, think again, because without Luz:
Eda probably would've been eventually taken captive by Lilith and petrified after succumbing to the curse.
Lilith would've never been able to break free of her abuse and would either live out her days grief-stricken in the Emperor's Coven or would also be petrified after a failed attempt at rescuing Eda alone.
King and Hooty would've been left to fend for themselves. King might’ve even been the bait to capture Eda, which he would never forgive himself for. He would probably never discover his heritage or learn to accept it. Hooty would have been desperately lonely. 
Vee would've been caught eventually, and probably killed, if not experimented on more. Either way, her life would’ve been over. 
Raine’s treachery probably would’ve been discovered in time, and without Eda’s help, there wouldn’t have been any way to stop the Day of Unity from happening. Philip would get what he wanted. 
Hunter would’ve been killed during the Day of Unity, and if not, then he would’ve lived a miserable life alongside Philip, his abuser. The one who survived, and at what cost?
Willow would've been forced to stay in a Coven that doesn’t fit her, doomed to mediocrity and never knowing her true power within. She would never had made up with Amity and would’ve lived her life bitter. 
Gus would've stayed unsure about Illusions, but with no Glyphs and no other way to study other types of magic, he would’ve felt contained with no way out, staying on the Illusions Track and never trusting that anyone really wants to be friends with him besides Willow. 
and Amity would've been crushed under the weight of her parents' expectations, probably joined the Emperor’s Coven, and then gotten drained of her magic along with everyone else, her life’s ambition amounting to nothing and having no one by her side. She never made up with Willow, wouldn’t be on speaking terms with her siblings, and she would have no one. 
Luz has changed everyone’s lives, and she has changed them for the better. 
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crystalkiseki · 2 days ago
i know season 3 likely won't deliver since we very much do not have time for that , but alador and hunter are hilarious when placed near each other and i'm tired of pretending like they aren't
Tumblr media
not an allistic in sight . what will they do
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kandelabrr · a day ago
his profile.
Tumblr media
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botabonk · a day ago
Tumblr media
Worm time baby.
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rolling-harbinger · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I’ve realized something. It is canon that Gwendolyn has some scars on her right arm, but it is only shown in the show once. Throughout the whole episode we see her arm but the scars aren’t drawn. So this basically confirms something.
Tumblr media
People always been confused about these scars on Hunter since they aren’t drawn on the show. But, I believe they are canon to his design. They just aren’t drawn. Similar to Gwen. It’ll probably just take too much time to redraw every scar. The reason the scar on his face is usually consistently shown because that type of scar is way more obvious, and it’s an important design aspect to tell us more about his character, and how dangerous his life is. To tell us this is a character with a lot of scars. The scars aren’t consistently shown on Gwen because it’s not important to her character. Even though it isn’t a lot and shes only in like one or two episodes, it still isn’t shown because we’re not supposed to see her as a character who has a lot of scars, we’re supposed to see her as a really caring protective mother who will do anything for her daughter.
These are just my thoughts on it.
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dinbeskarbaby · a day ago
Little Mr. 'Likes to judge plans.'
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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prince-arsonist · a day ago
Tumblr media
ugly sobbing over good uncle au 😔
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wild-witches · a day ago
Eda: fuck you, my child is fine
Luz, trying to eat everything she sees:
Lilith: you’re an awful parent. this is how you do it.
Amity, fainting when Luz comes into a five mile radius:
Darius: pathetic--both of you. mine is the best.
Hunter, hyperventilating in the corner:
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pabuthefirecat · a day ago
House Hunter
$0 budget. Kitty seeks playhouse close to home. Which will he choose?
Tumblr media
The bibliophile penthouse
Tumblr media
The tiny home
The mobile home
Tumblr media
The garden suite
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a-lil-perspective · a day ago
[I know it’s Soft Sniper Sunday but real quick—]
Hunter: Hey baby.
Hunter: My doctor says I’m lacking vitamin “U”. ;)
Cyare: 😏
Hunter: 😏😍
Tech: *appears out of nowhere*
Tech: *breathes*
Tech: TEcHniCaLLY—
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zoeykallus · 2 days ago
It's not really a hc, but can you do something with a game of truth or dare that turns a little- 👀
Ooooh, what do I see... I see an opportunity to finally try myself at a Bad Batch Poly thing... hehe... oh dear... (shut up inner Echo, I'm gonna do this)
The Bad Batch x fem!Reader (Poly) Smut Short Fic - Truth Or Dare Part 1 Of 3
Tumblr media
A simple game takes a spicy turn...
Warning: SMUT 18 + / Nudity/ Dirty Talk /Much Filth /Strongly Suggestive
Part 1
"Take dare!" grumbled Crosshair, who had once again turned the bottle in your direction.
This game was quite funny until now you had not dared to say dare. Because some of the guys, especially Crosshair, asked you only dirty questions and you weren't sure what they would ask of you if you said dare.
You looked around, unsure and met attentive curious glances.
With a sigh, you finally said, "Dare."
Crosshair's grin unsettled you greatly, you instantly regretted saying that word.
"I know the perfect dare we all benefit from," he said confidently.
Echo raised his eyebrows, "You do?"
Crosshair nodded then flashed a predatory smile.
"You'll have to play this game with us naked for the rest of the night and not get dressed again until morning".
Your ears grew hot. Was he serious about this?
Hunter scratched the back of his head with a smile, he obviously liked the idea. Tech and Echo blushed and Wrecker grinned widely.
"Really? You can't think of anything better?" you teased him.
Crosshair laughed softly, "It's more than good enough, believe me, we're all very fond of it here, anyway."
With a sigh, you began to undress. So far your relationship with the guys had been close, you had been seen in your underwear and flirted with all day anyway, but none of them had seen you naked yet.
It was a little uncomfortable for you, so you hurried up and ignored Crosshair's complaint that you should undress more slowly. As you sat down with your legs closed and to the side, your arms across your chest, you said, "That wasn't part of the assignment, you just told me to strip and stay naked until morning."
Crosshair rolled his eyes, but then smiled and rolled the toothpick in his mouth to the other corner of his mouth.
"Okay Kitten, your turn, roll the bottle".
The boys all stared at you of course, Echo and Tech though a little blushing and a little more shy, but they stared just like the rest.
You turned the bottle and tried to cover your breasts as best you could with one arm. The neck of the bottle pointed at Tech as it lay still. Tech's datapad lay beside him, no longer in his hands as before. His face was slightly flushed.
"Truth or dare?" you asked him.
Tech blinked a few times, then finally answered hesitantly, "Truth."
You looked him in the eye and asked, "What exactly are you thinking about right now?"
Tech's cheeks, neck and ears turned red.
"I... well... well... um, I was just thinking about..." he cleared his throat awkwardly before continuing "I was just imagining putting my fingers in your pussy..." another throat clearing, "and other of your orifices."
You felt warmth rising in your cheeks and also between your thighs.
"Oh," you said softly.
The others laughed quietly.
Echo said dryly, "You don't have to laugh like that, you must be thinking similar things."
The boys fell silent and Echo smiled with satisfaction.
Tech took the bottle and spun it hastily to distract himself. The neck pointed at Hunter.
"Truth or dare?"
Hunter licked his lips and said, "Truth."
"Well what were you just thinking about?" asked Tech dryly.
A howl went around the room.
"He's got you now," Wrecker hummed, slapping Hunter on the shoulder playfully.
Hunter smirked, his gray eyes looking at you as he said, "I was thinking about Y/N sitting naked on my lap and warming my cock while I play with her clit."
You couldn't help it, you felt your arousal gathering in your cunt and slowly starting to drip onto the floor below you. You fervently hoped no one would notice, but you knew Hunter would smell it. In fact, he began to smile and said, "Seems like you like the idea."
You looked to the side, ashamed.
Crosshair murmured, "She's aroused?"
Hunter nodded, "Very much so," and turned the bottle.
The bottle neck pointed at you again.
Hunter grinned at you, "Truth or dare?"
Your heart went to your throat as you said, "Dare."
Again Hunter licked his lips and his gray eyes seemed to grow darker.
"I want you to sit down with your legs spread so we can see your little honey pot".
A touch of panic rose in you, but also further arousal, the thought of them wanting to see you like this had its appeal. Slowly you spread your legs, revealing your intimate parts to the guys.
"Damn, I really wanna eat that pussy", Wrecker muttered licking his lips.
"Oh yeah?", Crosshair grumbled "Take a number big guy"
Hunter said with a husky voice, "I think it's safe to say we all would like to have a little taste of her"
An approving nod and murmur went through the round.
Tech pushed up his googles with his index finger and said, "May I suggest we ask her if we can... have a taste?"
The heat inside you was about to reach the boiling point.
Tumblr media
@andyoufollowyourheart @clone-whore-99
@brynhildrmimi @kaliel2310
@misogirl828 @tech-deck
@nahoney22 @ladykatakuri
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paper-sunflower-lane · 2 days ago
I don’t know who created it, but whoever made the headcanon that flowers grow in Hunter’s hair because he’s a grimwalker, thank you.
You’re amazing and I hope you have a wonderful life.
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ladymiraclewings · 2 days ago
Hunter: I have an idea! Remember that one time Willow wore a red shirt on a Thursday about two months ago and—
Gus: Dude, I don’t even remember what I ate for breakfast.
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theashpit · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
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puppywarlord3 · a day ago
Hunter: What’s up guys? I’m back.
Luz: What the- you can’t be here. You’re dead. I literally saw you die.
Hunter: Death is a social construct.
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flapjack-hunter · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
It's not the Hexside Borrower's AU, but here's a snow leopard Hunter about to (safely) eat mouse Luz. She doesn't seem too thrilled by the whole "about to get eaten" thing though lol
Anyways! I start college in a couple days and everything is kinda hectic so I'm trying to get to asks and do doodles to go along with some if my art skill allows 🤣 So be patient with me, I am only one man /lh
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paperback-rascal · 13 hours ago
Okay okay okay okay but consider...
Crosshair, in a self-hatred fueled fit of desperation, attempting to remove his own chip and it, of course, goes wrong and he winds up with a horrific infection.
He collapses on a mission and gets left behind by his conscripted team. Luckily for him, the Batch stumbles across him—they were on the same planet, unknowing going after the same target.
Well... Specifically, Wrecker stumbles across him. He knows that the other Batchers don't trust Crosshair anymore, but... He's still their brother right? They can't just leave him behind... But, he's worried about how the others would react, so he sneaks Crosshair onto the ship and stows him away in the Cargo Hold, doing his very best to keep his presence a secret while also trying to heal him.
Unfortunately, medicine isnt Wrecker's area of expertise, which puts him in a bind: he needs to convince one of the others to help Crosshair, but who is the right person to go to? Hunter's probably a no-go, he's made his feelings towards crosshair very clear. Tech had the most medical knowledge, but he seems adamant that Crosshair is "severe and unyielding" and what if Tech doesn't want to help Crosshair because he believes the sniper is a lost cause? Omega also knows stuff about medicine, but she's just a kid, right? Besides, what if she tells Hunter? Echo is pretty compassionate, even if he doesn't know a lot about medicine, maybe he could help? But he knows that Echo doesn't like to rock the boat, so what if he refuses?
Crosshair is sick, maybe to the point of delirium, and the clock is ticking. Wrecker just wants his brother to be safe, but he doesn't know who to trust.
Wow, @ct-crosshair​​ you’re one of those people that always keep me on my toes! This is an idea that could easily be turned into a whole comics ISSUE not just a comics strip! I hope you won’t mind me... expanding your prompt more than just answering the question.
I’m not exactly sure if that’s what you expected but I hope you’ll enjoy it nonetheless!
It kind-of got longer than I though, thus the whole reply is under the cut/“read more”.
I think it would be more intense if Crosshair was subconsciously digging into the scarring at the side of his head (something akin to a tic?). He scratches the surface constantly because it BOTHERS him - it might be a feeling of tightness/itchiness or maybe he “sees”/”feels” a lump there and just dig his fingers at this spot, to kind of feel what is it, but he can never get “deep” enough to get it out.
He is kind of getting paranoid about it but every time he goes to medics, they just brush off his concerns as “Clones being weird for no apparent reason”(maybe the feeling of something alien being under their skin is a symptom ALL clones have post-Order 66?). Despite ointments, bacta patches, meters of gauze, even trimming Crosshair’s fingernails to the skin, the sniper’s fingers constantly prod at the wound.
I think the mission that kicks-starts your idea, had him being up-high on a sniper’s perch alone, per usual. During mission, Crosshair barely talks to his team (or they have to have radio silence of some sort, due to delicate nature of the mission) they don’t know the wound started to bother him more than usual (developing infection).
Since Crosshair tend to keep to himself post-mission, the team assumed he is just brooding somewhere alone, not bothering to come back just yet. So they are not alarmed by his absence also... they’re freaked out by his judgmental stares and remarks that cut just a centimeter too deep for their liking. With Crosshair gone they, themselves, can have a little breather.
Clone Force 99 are on the same planet as Crosshair’s team - they have the same target but different objective. However after the mission, TBB is stranded there because either/or:
they have to lay low for few days before leaving (most likely they weren’t subtle about their mission - thanks to Wrecker)
their ship broke down (thanks Tech’s chaotic flying)
they can't leave, because Crosshair's team is waiting/searching for the sniper and don’t want their position to be compromised.
I think with Wrecker when it comes to: head injuries, burns (he is a sapper with affinity for explosions) and festering wounds, he had plenty of first-hand experience. His first gut reaction would be "it's OK, Crosshair's not THAT bad, I had it worse" and he would try to help Crosshair himself with his limited knowledge.
I don't think he wouldn't hide him on the ship, tho - Havoc Marauder is a very small vessel, too small, in fact, to have any "secret", unused spaces. Every cubic centimeter of it is there for something all day, everyday (even the unused/cleared out corner at cargo, is the leave-me-alone space and it is... frequently occupied). He would find a decent secluded area (a cave or he would build him a temporary shelter for example) to keep the sniper safe... and to cool him off as "well, he feels slightly warmer to the touch but it's not that bad".
The rest of the team would notice Wrecker disappearing and appearing at random, but the planet/weather is super nice, so no wonder they all just want to be away from each-other as much as possible to recharge.
So with all that, I can see the sniper getting gradually worse, but Wrecker is in denial about his condition. Mostly trying to excuse it with the good old saying: it has to get worse before it gets better.
The sniper never was too lucid to begin with and treated the sapper like a hallucination but one day Crosshair gets WORSE (or Wrecker finally understands how bad the sniper got) on top of that weather also gets worse, Havoc Marauder was THIS.CLOSE. to being detected AKA EVERYTHING.CRUMBLES.ALL.AT.ONCE. so Hunter orders them to leave.
Wrecker considered, as a valid option, to give Crosshair back to his Imperial squad. Empire has better medical facilities than CF99 would ever stumble across and he assumes they had better medical equipment in the ship. However seeing how unbothered the squad was with their commanding officer absence, also fever-induced/delirium Crosshair was saying stuff that just made NO SENSE as to why the sniper wanted to stay with Empire.
So... Once Hunter comms Wrecker to come back NOW, we have to leave NOW. Wrecker decided to “kriff it! I’m taking him with me. What’s the worst that can happen? If Hunter leave me behind with Crosshair, so be it! At least sarge can’t sell Lula, because Omega needs it to fall asleep.”
All the way to the ship Wrecker is super gentle - it’s definitely not his usual sack-of-space!potatoes-carry but more like a wet-space!cardboard-box-of-sleeping-tooka-kittens-carry.
Hunter had to make split-second decision what to do with Wrecker just appearing at the Havoc Marauder ramp with Crosshair in his arms, but before he could even open his mouth to give any order, Omega sprung to action forcing the sapper inside...
that was like opening floodgates, with Echo being a first adult responder. But since he has just one arm, he pulls another person to the mix.
Hunter just stared at the commotion of everyone trying to help/stabilize their estranged brother. The whole mood was so heavy it could be cut with a vibro-blade.
Then, what Hunter feared the most would happen, happened - the emotional fallout.
With Wrecker thoroughly interrogated by CF99 and chastised for poorly made decision that almost caused the sniper his life and the safety of the team/mission, whole team, one after the other (not knowing about other team members doing the same), came to Hunter in private with exact same request - they begged/reasoned with him why they can’t leave Crosshair behind again.
No matter how many times Hunter said it was the sniper’s choice, no-one accepted Hunter’s reasoning.
Omega is making childish promises on how she’d help even more around the ship and do her homework better and eat everything off her plate at dinner;
Tech announced he “rethought” the whole situation that happened during the sinking city of Kamino, and now have several theories about the chips and one of them might just be an answer to the sniper’s odd behavior;
Echo’s at the brink of a PTSD episode as he himself was “the one left behind and then found”;
Wrecker being ready to just fight his way through Empire to get Crosshair back if Hunter let him go;
It was like talking with five stages of grief personified... with Hunter being also one of them.
Because deep down inside, he knew something just made no sense... but Crosshair’s decision is his own and it should be respected... right?
STAR WARS: The Clone Wars/The Bad Batch © George Lucas/ Dave Filoni/ LucasFilm/ Disney
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